Ruler of Ice Land, the Vanilla Dome, and Lemmy's Land, and


Having made your decision, you approach the Lemmy on the right. Immediately the other two Lemmys disappear, leaving one, which you assume is the real Lemmy. He shows a huge grin in response to your having guessed correctly.

"So, you're here for my badge, huh?" he asks. "I have to warn you, I don't lose easily. But I respect your bravery. Win or lose, I hope we both have fun!"

That said, Lemmy quickly rolls away backwards on his ball, out of your eyesite. Then you hear some whirring, and a Pokeball comes out of a hole in the floor. You throw one of your own, and the battle with Lemmy for the Warped Badge is underway!


/Battle with Lemmy!

/Jump into Ludwig's Time Machine: If you're not yet ready to battle Lemmy then jump in here and teleport back in time two minutes. You'll reappear back in the castle just before you entered the throne room.

/If you beat Lemmy, go here! Please, only if you earned the Warped Badge.

/Lemmy's Land: Get out of the city and escape the cold, as well as a lot of embarrassment. Or, just go to enjoy the great Fun Fiction! It won't get you away from Lemmy though.

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