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A Koopa-riffic or Kooptacular site! I LUV LEMMY! I am LEMMY!

  Another spectacular award from Lardlad

Lemmy's Land won The Nintendo and More! Web Ring Site of the week                                           Award!

Yup, I got a great site, and Ball Rider, my Blastoise, proved it! Thanks Sandslash!

Lemmy's Land
Click on me to go into my land! I dare ya!
My award goes
to Lemmy's Land,
the #1 Koopa site
on the web!!!

Thanks Latisha Banks!

Yay! Thankies!

From Crazy Packers Fan

From Teresa

Thank you Misty Koopa!

From Rachelle, thanks!

From mathgrant!

Chris Wario's annual Mario site award

Thanks mariobros17

Thanks GeneralBleck666

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