Koopas in the Outer Region

Chapter 1: Is it the Ghost?

By Celestial

It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. That's about as plainly put as it can be. The sweet smell of spring rain on the now warm green grass sparkled in the light of the bright sun. The sky was so blue that a person visiting the world for the first time would know not what a cloud was. Butterflies danced freely from flower to flower, and the sound of the water rippling in the castle moat was so tranquil that the busiest Toadstool just had to stop to take a deep breath and listen for just a second, before returning to duty. Speaking of duty...

Toad: You CAN'T be serious!

Mario: Toad.., try:a to be rational..

Toad: You're endangering our lives!

Chancellor: As chancellor of the Mushroom Kingdom, I highly advice against this decision, your majesty.

Peach: Listen guys. Kamek may have worked for Koopa before, but he's different now. He- he even helped me and Mario work things out! He has this gentle side no one can really understand unless you witnessed all things that we did.

Mario: It's-a true, bambinos. Kamek is a kind-a-hearted Koopa.

Toad: Kind-hearted Koopa's don't exist!

At that moment everyone turned at the sound of stopping footsteps. They all looked up to see Kamek standing at the foot of the castle steps. His face's emotions was undetectable due to the fact that his mirror shield glasses hid his eyes, but everyone could sense his pain.

Kamek: Sorry... to interrupt... gentlemen.

Kamek then stormed out of the front door, slamming the large decorative door behind him. Everyone flinched at the sound, then Mario's brow furrowed.

Toad: I… I was just-

Peach: Go apologize to him, Toad!

Toad: (grumbling) But Princess... sigh... right..

Toad, muttering to himself, went to look for Kamek.

Toad: Why do I have to apologize to HIM?! When did he ever apologize for being the influence of the Koopas’ armies, attacks, kidnappings, lootings, and badgering since day one?!

Irritated, Toad kicked a pebble into the moat and watched it quickly disappear and ripple in the water. He stared at his tiny reflection, his beady black eyes blinking back at him. To his surprise and horror he saw someone behind him in Garnet Robes.

Toad: (spinning around) What the? Who? AHHHHHH!!!

The two disappeared into thin air, Toad's screams evaporating at the departure. Kamek, who had been picking plants for spell components, heard the cry and ran over to see what the commotion was. When he saw no one where he had heard the noise, he took off his glasses, cleaned them with his robe sleeve, and looked around again.

Kamek: Funny... I swore I heard-

Yoshi: What you do with Toad?! Yoshi see whole thing!

Kamek: Oh ho! What?! You stupid dinosaur! I was over at the garden!

Yoshi: Kamek?! I know you! You try kill Mario's when they were widdle babies.

Kamek: I... what? You! You're that miserable Yoshi that foiled what could have been the most powerful empire to exist!

Kamek and Yoshi (at same time): DIE SCUM!!!

The two began fighting, thrashing, and kicking, with an occasional tongue lashing by Yoshi and magic spell by Kamek, but mostly just down to earth rage. By now everyone inside had heard the ruckus, and all ran outside to see the carnage.

Peach: Stop it! Both of you! STOP!

Mario: What's-a going on? Yoshi? Kamek?

Chancellor: Gracious!

The two suddenly stopped as they both noticed the crowd forming. This included Luigi, who was just walking up the castle path with a batch of beautiful flowers and a smile on his face, and Princess Celeste, who, being a late sleeper, came trotting down to see the commotion in her pajamas.

Celeste: What.. what's going on? Why are you picking on Kamek?!

Yoshi: Yoshi no-

Celeste, looking irritated, grabbed Kamek by the waist and held him in her arms like a stuffed animal. Kamek, grinning, stuck out his tongue at Yoshi. Yoshi growled and came at the two of them. Mario put his hand on Yoshi's head, making Yoshi stop.

Yoshi: Why you siding with evil?! He try kill you, remember? Yoshi save you, and your brother, and this thanks Yoshi gets?! Yoshi may be young in dinosaur years, but Yoshi live longer than you and Yoshi knows right from wrong!

Luigi: Wh- what's this? That little guy tried to kill us? Since when? I don't remember that!

Yoshi: Course not! When you little babies Yoshi rescue you. Yoshi save you from Kamek, but babies not remember things.

Kamek (looking up at Celeste nervously) : I-

Celeste: Don't worry, Kamek! I won't let them hurt you. I don't believe it one bit!

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