Legend of Plit

By AqPy-SoHy


Plit; a world of light and darkness, a strange place with fights between mushrooms and turtles. But the weirdest is this Legend, of a gem. The Silver Diamond. It was guarded by some of the strongest forces known to all kind. But it was just a myth, or so they thought. A stranger, not of Plit but of another world was in search of it and his journey was a success. He gained access through defeating all the protectors and used the gem to create trouble in the universe. One single living soul stood up to him and put a stop to his reign of terror by separating the gems into two, one of light and one of darkness. He used the light to cast away the stranger and placed the darkness on the other side of Plit. It is now known as Dark Land. The light is now Mushroom Kingdom. The stranger still survived the fall but has no traces of life now. Plit has no proof this has happened so it illiminated the whole thing down to a legend, or so thought...

Chapter 1: Myths aren't real, right?

Kamek: -or so thought...

Larry: That didn't really happen, right?

Ludwig: According to reality and by the stength of the gem which was by the fourth power and the ratio which is doom by the angle of 177 which is a factor of 354 which is that many gems would be equal to it never happened.

Everyone Else: ...

Ludwig: Well it's true on by rea-

Iggy: What he's saying is it's not possible and only a myth.

Kamek: Yes, young Iggo-

Lemmy: Iggy.

Kamek Whatever, young IggY is correct and i believe it's time for my nap, now shoo.

Roy: Ha ha ha, you believe that junk, huh Larry? Be careful or the light will absorb you! Bwa HAHAHAHA!

Larry: Waaa,  stop it, you're scaring me!

Larry ran off to his bedroom.

Wendy: I bet that the one who defeated him was at least stylish!

Lemmy: Ya, you would-

Iggy: -Give him a makeover if not.

They both started laughing. At the same time Wendy turned red with anger.

Morton: Look! Wendy looks like her lipstick, except if anyone wore her, she  would make them look uglier!

Wendy: UH, this is dumb, I'm leaving!

That night...

Bowser: Really? Really? Is it really that bad?

Kamek: Yes sire, the world is in jeopardy, as a strange mist is trying to  take over the castle.

Bowser: So this mist, what's causing it and how are we in danger?

?????: Heh, I'm suprised at you, once Prince of Light. You don't know my strength when you see it? It's the gem once again that i found, only small chips of it though. It's now only creating small mists that will turn any creature under my control. But, not people like the mushroomians or Kamek, just you and your children. The best part is when the mist touches a creature, it can attach itself to one who cannot be controlled and control them. So the world is mine!

The creature known as ????? disappeared into nothing.

Kamek: We need to evacuate! The guards outside have keys to inside! The mist can come in and conquer! We must leave, wake the children!

As said, they evacuated the castle, only taking weapons, coming upon the mist as it filled the castle. The only reason is the controlled gain extra strength. As everyone exited the castle something happened.

?????: I'm back! Only because I'm tired right now, i'll let my little friend here destroy you. Have fun.

????? raised his hand and sent out a beam, revealing a person.

Zeto: I... I... I'm here boss. Leave now, I can destroy them.

?????: Before I go Zeto, take this bottle. It can hold most of them, at least their powers and spirits. Kill and bring back the knights, remember the prophecy!

Enter Combat  (aka  EC)
7 kids- fainted
Bowser-30 HP
Kamek-5 HP
Kamek-return fire
Zeto- 610 HP
Zeto- dark energy
***Zeto's Victory***

Zeto: Heh heh heh, guess I won. Now, who to take...

Zeto opened the bottle.

Zeto: Bowser, Kamek, Morton, Iggy, Roy, huh?  Uh oh, the bottle is filled. I'll just take the rest to the mountain dungeon.

Chapter 2:  Trapped Damaged, Need Help

In ?????'s realm...

?????: What? You didn't take the knights? God, ooops, I mean devil. What kind of servant are you? Bowser and Kamek were no challenge for you, I mean they hardly hurt and they're so weak they even lost to you!

Zeto: HEY!

?????: I mean it, now look! You have to track them down and destroy them before they mean up and gain the POWER!

Author: Bum Bum Baaa.

?????: ... Ok... well, I say you track them down or I'll-

Zeto: NO master, I already have them in the mountain dungeon. And plus, they're just kids.

?????: Warrior kids you mean. If just one of their kind takes me down with the complete crystal, think of just chips of it along with against four now!

Beserker: Sire, you must have control of yourself. I mean Caruban can take care of himself and the prisoners.

?????: Well... you must be right. Zeto, I want you to keep an eye on Caruban and don't underestimate those little things, their kind is very tricky...

In the mountain dungeon...

The Koopalings were still unconscience when coming to the dungeon in the middle of a mountain.

?????: Good observation.

It was still mid morning in the drafty dungeon. It was only a five-room dungeon with bunkbeds, one bathroom (torture of waiting) and of course, never cleaned, so there was mold, fungus, and all the household appliances. The Koopalings were not alone in the mountain...

Elder: Careful, they're not like us. They could be evil.

Goomba-pa: No, they're just Koopalings. They're not evil, only to enemies.

Trooper: Ssssshhhhhhhh, don't wake them. Look, your loud voice woke them.

At that very moment, there was some sturring in the Koopalings' shells.

Wendy: AAAAAhhhhhhhh, I'm still tired King Dad, just five more minutes.

Larry: HM, I must tend to my plants now it's morning.

Lemmy: Why is everything so dark in here? It's normally lighter in-  HUH?

Ludwig: Why, this isn't the castle. It appears to be some kind of strange dwelling.

Wendy: Whaaaaaa- NO! I need a clean bed with a nice room and my make-up. I need some lipstick!

Trooper: You need a doctor and plastic surgery, not lipstick.

Koopalings: ...

Elder: So these are Bowser's offspring eh? Kinda spoiled...

Lemmy: SPOILED? Are you talking to Wendy? Who are you anyway?

Goomba-pa: We are prisoners from different towns.

Mei: That's right. Oh, my name's Mei. I'm sure you know Goomba-pa, then here's the Elder from Jerimi like i am. Then there's Trooper from Koopa Town, and we have Kariko and her father from the Cresent Shores town. They own an item shop and an inn. One more is this hooded fellow that refuses to take any food, talk to us, or even move from over there.

Kariko: So, how did you get causght? Resistance? Foolery? Anything?

Ludwig: King Dad would not tell us. All he said was "wake up, grab a weapon, let's go or the mist'll get you".  Then when we made it outside, someone ambushed us and some Zeto captured and called something about us being knights.

Hooded Sorcerer: Knights? You are the Royal Knights? We don't have much time, show me how you fight.

Larry: Ok, c'mon brothers and sister, let's show him who's boss.

Hooded Sorcerer: Let's see how strong you are..
Fight-Arts-up 9er
critical hit- Ludwig 79 dmg
1/80 HP
Larry-plant shake
one person
Ludwig heal
57/80 HP
Wendy-anger strike
one person
97/108 HP
Lemmy-frosted shell
one person
73/108 HP
Larry- Pirahna's devour
one person
72/108 HP
Wendy- chilling scream
return strike
HS confused
72/108 HP
Wendy fainted
Lemmy-ice pik
one person
60/108 HP
skipped turn
fight-Arts- final ending
***HS victory***

HS: That's how you fight? How pathetic. No wonder I won. Here, I'll teach you how to fight. Now there are four choices in battle, sprit, fight, item, and magic. You cannot use magic yet, but spiriting up increases defense and other moves when you attack. Item is using original items like always, and last is fight. Fight is nothing but two choices of Arts and Command. You learn Arts by a certain Command, like punch punch kick uppercut. Each person has different Arts and by selecting Arts, you can choose already known Arts you performed. Command allows you to learn Arts but you can't learn special Arts like Super or Hyper Arts yet.  They have to be thought to be used. All an Art is is an attack but only certain moves can activate an even stronger more powerful attack called Arts.

Lemmy: That's how Zeto attacked us!

HS: Of course, the only way to beat them is to use the same tactics. There is much more to be learned that I don't know but first you must get out of here. You are the Knights and therefore must defeat the holder of the gem.

Wendy: What gem? Why do we have to?

Mei: They don't know? Why your own father's ancestors stood up to the evil of the Kariko: Silver Diamond.

Koopalings: ... Now, what about this prophecy?

Elder: It is one I know, that after many years, four knights of the same family will revive the four fallen protectors and regain power of the diamond. The rest is beyond my knowing, I cannot remember.

Goomba-pa: So it's up to you to save us!

Larry: I'm shocked at all this but we'll do what we can. First let's all escape this dungeon.

Everyone stood up and used all their strength to bust open the cage door and when it snapped open two guards came and attacked.

Ludwig Lv2
Fight-Command- left jab/right punch/kick
New Art! Composed Defeat
Guard 1
Larry Lv1
Wendy Lv 1
Item- lip smacker lipstick
Guard 2
20/50 HP
Lemmy Lv2
Fight-Command- high kick/low kick/right punch/left punch
New Art! Miraged Blizzard
Guard 2
***Koopalings won***

Now that nothing was holding them back, they went off into the dark corridor of the mountain.

Chapter Three: Flower of Weathered and Bloom

It took not long after the Koopalings entered the corrodor for them to get lost. The light from the dungeon  had faded in a long hallway.

Larry: This is taking longer than waiting for the bathroom! It's to dark anyways. How do we know where we're goin?

Ludwig: Well the darkness isn't THAT dark and we should be able to see any obstacle in our waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! YOUCH! That hurt! Why would anyone leave a big ol' box in a dark corrodor?

Larry: Told ya it was dark. What's in it anyways?

Wendy went over to open it but upon touching it a loud piercing noice came from the dungeon.

Lemmy: That sounded like it came from over there, down the hall, from where we were, where we came from, to where we won't go back, to-

Everyone: QUIET!!!

Larry: That sounded like a monster! I'm scared! Even Wendy is and she's always nagging about her nails; now she's trimmed them with her teeth.

Slam! The chest opened upon a book inside. It had the water crest on it.

Wendy: Wow! I love water arts, let's see... ooh! Magic and even a hyper art, stronger than regular old arts.  To bad I  don't have anything to help me use it.

Screech... Crak!

Larry: Let's get outta here! I'm getting scared!

Lemmy: Right you are, you are right, come on slowpokes!

While running for their lives they finally came across intersections but they were too scared to go search them. They shortened this story and went straight forward until they came across a giant icy door.

Ludwig: It's frozen shut. Here, lemme heat things up a bit!

Ludwig sent a heated firebreath at the door and defrosted it.

Ludwig: There we go, now let's go in.

When the warriors entered the room they saw a giant waterfall, and in front of it was a geyser acting as a fountain. The lighting came from deep sea creatures under the great pools of water, and crystals in the water reflected against each other to make rainbows. Lemmy, Larry, and Ludwig were astonished by this apperance but Wendy had her sights only on one thing, a distingushed flower on top of the fountain.

Wendy: (to herself) It's as if it's weathered, yet blooming. It's a life between death flower, so amazing. (aloud) Let's go swimming!

Larry: I can't swim, plus my powers of plants be powerless.

Lemmy: My powers would defrost.

Ludwig: Mine would go out.

Wendy: Come on! It's just water, plus it's too beautiful to be evil.

Others: Fine.

They all jumped in the pool. Wendy, the only one uneffected by the water, swam like a dolphin. As she neared the fountain, something spoke to her and only her.

???: Wendy, Nightress of Water, I am the flower of Weathered and Bloom. I'm no ghost but I can help you upon your journey to stop Qorte (pronounced Cort) and his evil mist. Please go to me and open up your mind and accept me.

Wendy, doing as she was told, floated to the top of the fountain through the water.

Flower of Weathered and Bloom (FOWAB): I will accompany you on your journey, and now you can use magic and hyper arts.

The water book became a normal blank book used up of power.

FOWAB: You may also call me Hydros.

Hydros became a part of Wendy by being a flower attached to her wrist.

The room began to rumble with fury and anger.

Lemmy: What's going on? Let's leave this place!

All the koopalings got out of the water except for Wendy, who was still floating in the fountain.

Ludwig: Get out Wendy! It's going to blow!

But Ludwig was wrong. It didn't blow, but a dead giant Bloober with tears, blood stains all over, and one really big suction cup on the right arm arose from the waterfall. It had almost concealed Wendy in a deadly grasp, but she awoke from the loud arising.

Wendy: Ah! I gotta get back with the others! This is beyond my strength and it's ugly, needs a make-over!

30 dmg
78/108 HP
Wendy-Magic Aqua Geyser
205 dmg
Lemmy: Time to freeze this fish!-Blizzard Blow (semi magic)
Nothing happened
Ludwig: Your power! It doesn't work! Ours won't either due to the water now! Wendy, it's all up to you now!  We're useless!
Deadhead-Smelly Waters
Wendy-Hyper Art
Hydros: Inniciate power up! Art/Magic journal end battle Frosty waters
222 dmg
25 dmg
0 dmg
recovered all HP
Deadhead-Evil Glare
prepare for strong attack next turn!
magic defence up
Deadhead-Dead Eye *** Special
103 dmg
19/121 HP
Wendy- Iced Combo
critical hit 673 dmg

Gained glass eye and ink jet.
Wendy won! New Skill: Ink jet, summons Deadhead to spray ink on all enemies. May poison or paralyze foe.

Hydros: Well done. I may be a flower but I know a warrior when I see one.

A door appeared through the waterfall when Deadhead died.

Lemmy: You really had the advantage there. Good job!

Ludwig: I'm impressed at your accomplishments!

Larry: Now let's get those prisoners and get out of here.

A familiar figure watched from above as the Koopas rescued the prisoners...

Chapter Four: Unveiling Mysteries

Lemmy: Hey Wendy, before the monster attacked us, what were you doing up in that fountain?

Wendy: I met Hydros up there, she's a flower of weathered and bloom.

Hydros: Yes, but that is not exactly what I am.

Ludwig: What do you mean?

Hydros: Well I am one of four guardians needed to destroy the silver diamond, the one that Qorte stole and is using to create the mist to control creatures.  That is what caused the darkness here in the corrodors. Look now, it's light again.

Larry: Was the Bloober controlled by the mist too?

Hydros: Yes, I was the one who gave Wendy power to defeat it. There are three more guardians out there to help you warriors. Isuggest you find them and then gain control of the mist and destroy it.

While the rest took the prisoners outside of the dungeon through the waterfall, Wendy stayed behind with Hydros.

Wendy: Why did you choose me to be your partner, Hydros?

Hydros: I chose you because of your water abilities. All I could do was strengthen them or I would've created a water power with normal strength.

Wendy: So about you, why are you here?

Hydros: As I said before, to destroy the evil mist and to help you.

Wendy: There's just something wrong about this though. Why do you feel slightly evil?

Hydros: Because my powers are connected to the diamond too. It's my second power source. Wait, I feel something, a crystal is nearby! I don't know what but it's near. Let's go look for it.

So Wendy and Hydros looked around for this presence, even climbing the waterfall to its height.

Wendy: What's that? That glowing thing, it's a big old rock that glows. Let's take it for luck anyways.

Wendy gained a mysterious rock. She then caught up to the rest of the group. They never noticed she was gone.

Lemmy: Just a bit further, I can see light up ahead.

There was light, but coming out of a small hole only big enough for a hand to go through. Mist was seeping through.

Ludwig: Here, let me see what's on the other side of this hole.

Ludwig looked through the hole but it was only large enough to see light.

Wendy: Now how do we get out of here? Wendy sat on a rock poking out of the wall, causing it to move downward and open up a passageway where the rock was.

Mei: Good job Wendy! Your big butt opened a ... secret slide?

Wendy: MY big butt? Look at yours, it sticks out like you stuck coconuts in there.

Mei's face turned red.

Mei: Coconuts? Now that's going too far there missy little freaky face. You act like a stuck-up, two timing dork who only cares about your make-up. No wonder you wear it, to hide your hideous face.

Wendy: Say that here you lil-

HS: Will you two shut up? Let's just get out!

The two quieted down and they all one by one slid through the passage down into a small cavern containing a pool.

Wendy: My secret pool chamber! And we slid through my water filler. I wondered where it opened up from.

Ludwig: You have your own swimming pool?

Larry and Lemmy: And you held out on us on that hot dry season!

Wendy: You'd absorb it with your big spongy head. Plus, this is under Water Land so it's mine!

???: Hehehe, so you found out about the passage way and escaped Deadhead. Well you won't escape me! Hahahaah!

Everyone: What a weirdo...

???: Anyways, my name is Caruban and you just escaped my dungeon. Time to die, you!

Caruban: Let's see if you can escape this!
Caruban-Crystal Light-Power Up
Caruban power greatly rised
HS: Crystal light? That's no move, HUH?
HS- Orbion
0 dmg
Lemmy-Airborne-Semi Magic
0 dmg
Hydros: It's not working! Try a Power Up.
Combind strength or attack on count
attack Caruban
0 dmg
Larry noticed that the crystal he used was glowing.
Larry-Piercing Plant
Larry: Gotta aim, targeted! Gotcha!
Crystal 9999 critical hit
Caruban fainted
End Battle!
Everyone earned three levels
Ludwig learned Symphonic steel Magic unusable
Lemmy learned Sonic Barrage Magic unusable
Larry learned Cutter Shot Magic unusable
Wendy aquired magic from Caruban: "Call Caruban",  call Caruban's energy to send an enraging frost that can cause status change, either freeze or burn.

As Caruban disappeared, a shard of the crystal fell to the ground.

Wendy: Hey, that looks like the one we found, huh Hydros? Look, they even fit together!

Lemmy: Lemme see that. Hey look, it's the one Caruban used. It might give you power! OUCH!

Lemmy fell into the pool.

Zeto: Pathetic that Caruban is, Bezerker was wrong, extremely. Well i guess I have to destroy this group again! Alawanzanko Anawonzanako Anawonzanko Anawan Zan! Gizmo Gia Gias form casing!

A dark barrier appeared around the three warriors and the villiagers. Lemmy climbed out of the water still not knowing what had happened.

Lemmy: Uhh, that fall was a wet one. Hey, what are you all doing in that box? Get out, we have work to do.

Zeto: You! You will die first! Talon Tackle!

A giant talon appeared and scratched Lemmy. He was hurt badly. Lemmy injured, Zeto closened for the final blow.

Zeto: Die now Lemmy! Hahahahaah!

Jade: I don't think so!


A ghostly-like form approached Zeto from behind and sent a light beam at him.

Zeto: You, I trapped you away, how are you here?

Jade: None of your business, now let the kid go, or I'll blast you like last time.

Zeto: I'll come back for you warriors, you wait!

Who is this mysterious Jade, and is he an enemy or foe? Find out next chapter!

In the next chapter...

Jade: Im Jade. Here, I'll let you out of that cage.

Lemmy: REALLY? So that's what's been happening.

Ludwig: I don't trust him.

Hydros: I can't believe you! That... that was my job!

Read on!

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