Lil Cheep Cheep's and Axem Leader's Quest

By Lil Cheep Cheep and Axem Leader

Part 3: The Strange House

Lil Cheep Cheep: I-I-I-I’m not sure if I want to g-g-g-go in there…

Luigi: Me n-n-n-neither…

Lemmy: Aww… you guys are just a bunch of sissies!

Lemmy walks into the house.


Lemmy runs back outside, and fast!

Axem Leader: What did you see?

Lemmy couldn’t really talk, his skin turned all pale…

Lil Cheep Cheep: Well I don’t think we are going to find out what it is if we just stay out here…

Luigi: Well then… l-l-l-let’s hold hands at least?

Axem Leader: Uhh… fine, let’s go…

Luigi: Whatever you guys do, don’t let go of my hand!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Ack Luigi, your hand is all sweaty!

Luigi: That’s not sweat…

Lil Cheep Cheep: Ahhh!

Lemmy seems to be back to normal now…

Lemmy: Uhh, okay, let’s go inside.

They all walk inside holding hands.

Axem Leader: Somebody turn the light on!

Lil Cheep Cheep: I can't believe I touched Luigi's hand... I don't think I will ever sleep again!

Luigi: It wasn't that bad, was it?

Lil Cheep Cheep: YES!!!

Axem Leader: Just find a light…

Lil Cheep Cheep: Ok you find the light, I'll find the bathroom and pray it has

Axem Leader: Hey, here is a light!

Axem Leader flips the light switch to “on”.

Luigi: OOF!

Axem Leader looks at Luigi and shudders…

Axem Leader: Are you purposely falling into cow manure?

Luigi: Is that a trick question?

Axem Leader: NO!!!

Lemmy: Uhh… guys?

Lil Cheep Cheep, Axem Leader, and Luigi: What?!

Lemmy: Look over there…

Luigi: *gasp*

The floor gets wet, you know why!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Eww…

Axem Leader: It’s… it’s…


Woman on the Floor: Huh? Who is making all that racket?!

Luigi: Ahh! Another zombie!

Lemmy: No you ninny, it’s Wendy! Wendy, what are you doing here?!

Wendy: Well… when we were flying off, you guys forgot to get your prize! I was trying to take Morton’s wand away but he pushed me off the side of the ship. I fell down and landed on some bushes. I found this house and decided it was a nice place to sleep in for a while. Now I have a question for you!

Lemmy: What?

Wendy: Why is the floor wet?

All eyes turn to Luigi.

Luigi: IT WASN'T ME!!!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Yes it was…

Wendy: … That makes me glad I fight Mario and not you.

Luigi: Actually, it’s me dressed in red.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Well that doesn’t matter, did you hear that gunshot just a few minutes ago Wendy?

Wendy: Yes, I heard it and I screamed “BLOODY MURDER”!

Axem Leader: That explains the shriek!

Lemmy: Yeah… so let’s explore this place a little better and find some hidden stuff!

Luigi: Ok… whoa!

A trapdoor opens under Luigi and he falls down a chute…

Lil Cheep Cheep: Ack! Luigi!

The lights turn out again.

Lemmy: Uh oh… AHH!

Lemmy seems to have disappeared…

Wendy: Uh oh… eek!

Wendy doesn’t seem to be present anymore.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Hmm… I guess it’s just you and m- WHOA!!!

Lil Cheep Cheep is grabbed by someone and is taken into the shadows.

Axem Leader: ... OH POOPY!!! Well I guess the only thing do is find them so… let’s split up gang! ... Wait, there is no gang to split up.

Axem Leader walks around, slipping on the wet floor, trying to find the light switch.

Where Lil Cheep Cheep is…

Lil Cheep Cheep: (breathing hard) Where am I?

Lil Cheep Cheep walks aimlessly through the dark and runs into something…

Lil Cheep Cheep: Hey, this is the light switch…

Lil Cheep Cheep pulls the string and sees Mario…

Lil Cheep Cheep: … Hmm… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Lil Cheep Cheep pulls again and the light turns out. He pulls again to see Bowser standing there.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Uhh… what the?!

Lil Cheep Cheep pulls the string again, then again. Lil Cheep Cheep sees himself standing in front of him.

Lil Cheep Cheep and Lil Cheep Cheep: What the?! AHHH!

The regular Lil Cheep Cheep pulls the string again, then again to see a long hallway.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Whoa…

Lil Cheep Cheep starts walking down the hallway and starts to feel dizzy.

Lil Cheep Cheep: I don’t know how much of this I can take…

Lil Cheep Cheep blacks out.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Ugh…

Lil Cheep Cheep wakes up to find himself in a box-like thing.

Lil Cheep Cheep: What in the… wait a second… this is a coffin! AHHHHHHH!!!

Echo scream while going to where Lemmy is…

Lemmy: Hey, that sounded like Lil Cheep Cheep... hmm… I wonder where that spooky music is coming from... it’s so... spooky.

Lemmy wanders around a little bit, then hears Lil Cheep Cheep scream again.

Lemmy: I wonder why Lil Cheep Cheep is screaming... better go check it out.

An hour passes.

Lemmy: (while pounding on a door) Dang door, why won't it open?!

Lil Cheep Cheep on other side of door: Is that you Lemmy?!

Lemmy: Yeah... any idea how to open this door?

Lil Cheep Cheep: Try turning the doorknob!

Lemmy: Uh…

Lemmy turns the doorknob and the door opens.

Lemmy: Thanks!

Lemmy starts walking away, then stops.

Lemmy: Why was I trying to open the door again?

Lil Cheep Cheep: TO SAVE ME!!!

Lemmy: Oh yeah!

Lemmy walks over to the coffin and opens it.

Lemmy: Hi Lil Cheep Cheep, what are you doing in a coffin?

Lil Cheep Cheep: Well I will explain later, we have to find-

A loud shriek is heard.

Lil Cheep Cheep: That sounded like Wendy! Let’s go!

Lemmy: Right!

Lil Cheep Cheep and Lemmy walk down a few hallways and find a door. As they approach the door, the doorknob starts to rattle!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Think we should go in?

Lemmy: I guess…

Lil Cheep Cheep slowly opens the door and another shriek is heard.

Lemmy: That sounds just like how Wendy shrieks! She must be inside.

Lil Cheep Cheep & Lemmy run in ready for battle! But they only find Luigi in the corner with a big yellow puddle around him screaming his head off at a small dead bug.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Luigi, you idiot, it’s dead... and wet.

Luigi: Yeah but he bit me!

Lemmy: I would bite you too if you wet me!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Can you say that in a Scribble?

Lemmy: No.

(The real Lemmy: Write, you can't say that! That's why I edited it down.)

Lil Cheep Cheep: Well then edit it out!!!

(The real Lemmy: Already done! Hey, I still have to decide if this is a Scribble or a Fun Fiction.)

Luigi: HELLO! I’m still here!

Lil Cheep Cheep and Lemmy look at Luigi, disgusted.

Lemmy: And I wish you weren't!

All of a sudden a trapdoor opens beneath Luigi!


Lil Cheep Cheep: Uh, should we go find him?

Lemmy: No, he's just a stupid plu-

A trapdoor opens beneath Lil Cheep Cheep and Lemmy…

Lil Cheep Cheep and Lemmy: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

The three land outside in a bush…

Lil Cheep Cheep: Now that was wild!

Luigi: Let’s do it again!

Lemmy: … Help me gawd! I’m surrounded by idiots!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Hey, what about Wendy and Axem Leader?

Luigi: Oh yeah, almost forgot about them.

Lemmy: Let’s just stay out here and wait for them for about a day or two. If they don’t come out, we leave!

Lil Cheep Cheep and Luigi: Alright!

Five minutes later…

Luigi: Got any 16’s?

Lil Cheep Cheep: Luigi, there is no card that says 16 on it.

Lemmy: Idiot!

Back where Axem Leader is…

Axem Leader: Hey, I think I found a light switch.

Axem Leader flips the switch, then a door opens beneath him.

Axem Leader: Oh poopy, that’s not the liiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhht!!! OOF!!! Wow, that was as good as a roller coaster... except for the sudden stop at the end. Where the heck am I? Doesn't look familia- ... EWW! Well I can tell Luigi has been here. *shudder* I'm going to watch where I step from now on.


Axem Leader: Wow, that was Wendy... better go help her.

Back outside…

Lemmy: HA! Blackjack!

Lil Cheep Cheep: OH POOPY!!! Ok, no more betting real coins!

Lemmy: Oh darn!

Luigi: it doesn't matter. You already got all my clothes!

Lemmy throws Luigi's clothes to him.

Lemmy: And I wish I didn't either!

Back inside…


Axem Leader walks into the room…

Axem Leader: Hey Wendy... what’s wrong?

Wendy points down.

Wendy: I think Luigi has been here

Axem Leader: Well I think we need to find a way out of here.

Wendy: Ok.

They walk around a little bit and find a door…

Axem Leader: I hate doors without doorknobs!

Axem Leader chops the door down…

Wendy: LIGHT!!!

Wendy runs outside.

Axem Leader: Wait!

Axem Leader runs after Wendy but falls.

Axem Leader: WAHHHHHHHH!!! OOF!!! Hey this didn't hurt as much this time, I wonder wh-

Wendy: GET OFF OF ME!!!

Axem Leader: Oops, sorry.

Axem Leader gets off Wendy.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Hey guys, where were you?

Axem Leader: What?! You guys were here the whole time and you didn’t come and rescue us?!

Lemmy: Nope…

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