Lil Cheep Cheep's and Axem Leader's Quest

By Lil Cheep Cheep and Axem Leader

Part 4: The Axem Rangers!

The group starts heading down to where the fork in the road is again…

Lemmy: Well we didn’t get anything out of that!

Wendy: Well you found me…

Lemmy: Not good enough.

Wendy: Grr…

Lil Cheep Cheep: Please don’t start fighting, tomorrow is another day! Let’s just find a cheap hotel and sleep, it’s already nighttime!

Luigi: Yeah, and I need to change my overalls…

Axem Leader: Ew… what about your undies?

Luigi: Eh… I never change those, because it’s the only pair I got!

Everyone: EWWWW!!!

The group makes it back to the fork in the road when they find…

Axem Leader: *gasp*

The Axem Rangers!

Axem Black: Oh no! It’s boss… and some other dudes!

Axem Pink stares deeply at Axem Leader.

Axem Pink: Yes… he’s so dreamy… er! I mean let’s kick his butt and get our fair pay!

Axem Yellow: SNACKY CAKES!

Axem Green: You always say that!

Axem Yellow: Well I’m hungry…

Axem Red: Then chew on your tongue.

Axem Yellow chews on his tongue.

Axem Yellow: Hey this tastes good!

Luigi: He is almost as dumb as me!

Axem Leader: Not really…

Lil Cheep Cheep: Hey! You jerks wrecked my house and now you’re gonna pay!

Wendy: And Lemmy and I are going to beat you up too, just because we’re bored.

Lemmy: Yeah!

Axem Red: Team! Attack!

All Axem Rangers: Yeah!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Uhh… team attack?

Luigi, Lemmy, Wendy, and Axem Leader: Yeah!

Both teams charge at each other with weapons drawn! Axem Leader draws his steal magic axe and throws it. He knocks all of the axes out of the Axem Rangers’ hands!

Axem Pink: Wow! Did you see that? He’s so-

Axem Pink smacks herself.

Axem Pink: I have to stop doing that!

Axem Red picks up his axe and throws it at Luigi.

Luigi: Wha!

Luigi ducks and the axe hits a tree. Luigi turns around to see his hat on the tree where the axe is.

Axem Green: Hey, why did the grass get wet?

Axem Leader: Don’t ask…

Wendy takes out her wand and Lemmy does the same.

Wendy: Time to show you freaks what TRUE Koopas are made of!

Wendy fires her wand and hits Axem Green. Axem Green is sent flying and hits a tree. There are little swirls where his eye is.

Luigi: Ok red boy, you’re gonna pay for that!

Luigi starts acting like Jackie Chan and starts beating the crud out of Axem Red!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Whoa! Look at him g- *clunk*

Axem Yellow: Cool! I got him!

Lil Cheep Cheep falls to the floor. Axem Yellow whacked Lil Cheep Cheep from behind with a crowbar!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Why am I always being knocked out?

Lil Cheep Cheep falls on his side. Lemmy takes out a ball from nowhere.

Axem Leader: Where did you get that from?

Lemmy: I have my ways…

Lemmy starts rolling on his ball and runs into Axem Yellow. But Axem Yellow is too fat and Lemmy bounces back and gets shot backwards into the sky. He yells something about Peanuts…

Axem Leader: Well that was strange.

Wendy shoots her wand at Axem Pink and she gets stuck in a big aquarium with no air!

Axem Red: Agh! *whapack* Noo! *biff* Ugh… *CRACK*

Axem Red falls down.

Luigi: That’s what you get you son of a- *clunk* *thump*

Wendy: Luigi! Who hit yo- *clunk* *thump*

Axem Leader: Uh oh… Axem Black! *whiff*

Axem Black: Agh! Why did you move?

Axem Leader: Why you little!

Axem Black: This is the end of the line for you!

Axem Leader: Bring it on!

Axem Black slices at Axem Leader with his axe but Axem Leader jumps and avoids it…

Axem Leader: Take this!

Axem Leader throws his magical steel axe and Axem Black barely manages to duck and avoid it. Axem Black kicks Axem Leader to the floor and is about to deliver the last blow!

Axem Black: DIE!!!

Axem Leader covers his face and closes his eyes. He waits for the strike but it never comes. He opens his eyes to see Axem Black just standing there frozenwith his axe in the air. He looks behind him to see Lil Cheep Cheep flashing baby blue and red.

Axem Leader: You saved me!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Axem Leader, hit him! I can’t hold him much longer!

The magic steel axe returns to his hands but Lil Cheep Cheep stops flashing.

Axem Leader: Uh oh…

Axem Leader looks up to see Axem Black’s axe speeding towards him. Axem Leader blacks out.

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