Star Koopa

By Foshi

Episode One: Enter, Star Koopa


Somewhere out there, there's a galaxy, far away, watching Plit. No one really knows, however. Well, not everyone. They are watching... watching an enormous castle... an enormous castle ruled by the King of Koopas...

Part 1: The New Koopa

POUND! SMASH! You hear that all the time in the Koopa Coin Flattening Room (KCFR). A green-shelled Koopa and a daisy-shelled Koopa(an orangish-yellowish shell with daisies bordering it) worked side by side, hammering coins and hoping for any to stick on their mallets, for that was their salary.

The green-shelled Koopa took a coin off his mallet as he spoke to the Koopa beside him: "Gee, I'm ready for a break, aren't you, Tullie?"

Tullie looked at the bag of coins she had already gotten and turned back to the green-shelled Koopa. "I've gotten my share, Kooposhi. Yeah, I could use a break," she said.

At that moment, Lemmy came in. A hush fell over the room. This was rare, since Lemmy, his father, or any Koopaling never really came in to check how the Koopas were doing.

"Guys," he said, "King Dad said that you guys have a new worker! And here he is!"

A black-shelled Koopa walked in. He was about the same age as Kooposhi and Tullie, a middle-age Koopa. The noticable difference was that his shell was metallic black; before he came into the room, his shell was purple.

"This is Kamo!" said Lemmy. He turned to Kamo and murmured something, then pointed to the conveyor belt Tullie and Kooposhi were working with. Kamo nodded and walked over to their conveyor belt.

"Resume working, please! Thank you for your attention!" said Lemmy, and as soon as he left the room, the room's din resumed.


"This job is really easy," said Kooposhi. "All you have to do is hammer coins flat, and your salary is whatever gets stuck to your mallet."

"Do you have a hammer?" asked Tullie. "We bought ours. But you can rent one from Sky over there." And Tullie pointed to a desk where a light blue-shelled Koopa sat, with piles of wooden hammers behind him.

Kamo spoke, for the first time. He said, "No thanks, I have my own." And the two Koopas gasped; Kamo's hammer was made of solid gold!

"Whoa!" Kooposhi exclaimed. "Where the heck did you get that thing?!"

Kamo turned to Kooposhi. "I was born with it," he explained. "My father was a Koopa, a true hero, an airborne pilot. My mom was a Hammer Sis (female Hammer Bro), and so they gave me this."

With that, Kamo began to work. Kooposhi and Tullie tried to focus on their job, but they couldn't help but notice that every coin Kamo flattened got stuck on his hammer. By the time the whistle blew, Kamo had 30 more coins than Kooposhi and Tullie combined.

The Koopa trio walked down the hallway as they spoke. The hallway looked like most of all the other rooms in the castle; the walls were made of dull grey bricks. The floor had a scarlet carpet on the ground, bordered by a fancy, golden design.

"Where did you come from?" asked Kooposhi. "It must've been a wealthy place."

"No, just my mother and father," said Kamo. "I came from Koopearth, a planet far from here. We were at war with another planet, Darkmark. Bowser came and got me, although I was pretty sure I could knock them out single-handed. I think they're out to get us next."

"Does Bowser know?" asked Tullie, who sounded a little worried.

"I don't know," said Kamo.

"I sure hope so," said Kooposhi. "Not much exciting stuff has happened around here!"

"Bowser would tell us," said Tullie. "And since he hasn't said anything-"

At that moment the intercom sounded off, then it said in Bowser's voice: "WILL KOOPOSHI, TULLIE, AND KAMO PLEASE REPORT TO THE TOP OFFICE? NOW!!!"

Part 2: Bowser's Mission

The trio quickly changed pace as they hurried to the elevator. Bowser hardly ever called mere Koopas up to his office. Kooposhi thought they were about to be promoted because of their hard work. Kamo thought that Bowser was watching him and was going to take away his hammer. And Tullie thought that Bowser had kidnapped Daisy and that Tullie would be able to get her autograph ('cause Bowser knew her!).

Questions ran in their heads. 'Am I actually getting a better job?' Kooposhi thought.

'Does Bowser think I'm cheating?' thought Kamo.

'Will Daisy like my shell?' thought Tullie.

The elevator was already occupied by a neon yellow Bob-omb, one of many Bob-ombs (not neon yellow, of course) accepted into Bowser's castle. Kooposhi turned to her and asked if she would mind, and the Bob-omb said no. Kooposhi pressed a button, then his eyes widened. He turned around back to the Bob-omb, as if he just realized who she was.

"Fizzly!" he exclaimed.

Tullie joined in. "Hey, Fizzly!" she exclaimed.

"Hi, guys," Fizzly said timidly. "I-I-I was just o-on my way t-to B-B-Bowser to t-tell h-him I'm back." Fizzly turned toward Kamo, then toward Tullie. "Who's h-he?"

Tullie turned to Kamo. "That's Fizzly, a friend of ours," said. Then she turned to Fizzly. "Fizzly, this is our new friend, Kamo. He's from Koopearth, which was at war with another planet, Darkmark. Now he says they're after us."

Fizzly jumped. "REALLY? W-W-WHOA!" she exclaimed. She started to run around the room and let out a "FISSSSSSSS". Kooposhi grabbed her just as she...

"KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMIE!" Fizzly rocketed upward, then plopped back down, ash-covered.

"S-Sorry," said Fizzly, softly. "But when I get all excited, I just g-go boom!"

"It's okay," said Tullie amidst her giggles. The whole elevator broke into laughter at ash-covered Kooposhi and Fizzly. Even the Paratroopa carrying the elevator broke into laughter. In fact, he was in so much laughter that he dropped the elevator a little. The sudden change stopped the rucus.

"W-W-Well, K-Kamo," started Fizzly. "y-you s-see, I was going to B-B-Bob-omb school and I fell into a big puddle of neon yellow paint. A-A-And since i-i-it couldn't come off, w-w-well, that''s how I g-got my color.

"Th-th-then I met Tullie and Kooposhi at th-their job. Th-they brought me to Lavalava Island, wh-where w-we met my ow-ow-owners, who were the same color as me! S-so, I live with them sometimes, and I a-also live here sometimes."

"Well, it's nice to meet you," said Kamo. He shook fuse with Fizzly. At that moment the elevator stopped.

"Last floor, Bowser's office!" the Paratroopa exclaimed. "Will everyone please get out of the elevator, this is the last stop!"


The four entered Bowser's office. They walked around Bowser's lava pool, which happened to be right in front of the door. The walls were grey brick, just like the rest of the castle. The floor, made of concrete, just like the rest of the castle, had a crimson carpet leading up to a stone desk. Bowser himself sat behind it. His desk had a pencil holder, a microphone, and a button(the one you press), and some paperweights, including real minute Koopa shells.

Bowser saw them come in. "Ah, Tullie! No, we don't have Daisy here, but I'm working on it. Kooposhi, I don't have a promotion for you yet, but you're working real hard at your job and I appreciate that. And Fizzy! It's good to have you back." Everyone looked happy, except for Tullie, who looked a little disappointed.

"But, Bowser," started Kamo, "why'd you call me?"

Bowser's face turned serious. "Well," he said, "it's for all of you. And Fizzy... since you're here, you'll be with them too. You see... I am aware that Darkmark is closing in on us next. I hadn't worried about it, though, until I rescued Kamo. They destroyed Koopearth. their power can easily eliminate us. And since you four are probably the only other ones who know about Darkmark, I am sending you on a mission- to find Darkmark and defeat them. Kamo, because you have the experience of being in war and you know where Darkmark is, you will be leader. Fizzly, with your knowledge of enemies and their defense and offense, it will be your responsibility to identify enemies for the others. Tullie, Kooposhi... maybe Kamo will have a job for you."

Bowser stood up from his chair. He pulled a lever on the wall that before had been hidden. The wall to their right opened up like a door and revealed a staircase leading up. "Follow me," said Bowser.

Part 3: The Koopalings Find Out

Lemmy rolled into the elevator. He pressed the down button, then sat down on his ball. He remembered that new Koopa he introduced to the KCFR.

"He looked pretty suspicious," Lemmy said thoughtfully. He rubbed his chin. "Could he have come from another planet or something?"

Lemmy looked up. The Paratroopa called, "First floor, the lobby! Everyone out!"

Lemmy rolled out. "Not possible,"he said.


"Has anyone seen Lemmy?" asked Iggy nervously. He was in the lobby. "I'm afraid somebody switched his real ball with a decoy that'll explode in (glances at watch) five minutes!"

Roy looked away from Iggy and snickered. "Like we'd worry about that," he said slyly. Then, suprisingly, he was grabbed by the neck. It was Lemmy, who now choked Roy. Iggy taped Roy to a pole. Lemmy let go and taped the ball to Roy.

"I didn't do it!" Roy pleaded. "Look, you get me off this pole or... or... or I'll kick you so hard you'll be blown off this side of Plit!"

"How?" mocked Iggy and Lemmy. They laughed evily and strided off.

Wendy walked in. She completly ignored Roy, still taped to the the pole and with four minutes to go. She seemed worried.

Wendy walked into the hallway. Lemmy saw her. "What's up, Wendy?" asked Lemmy.

Wendy held up a box and opened it. It was her bow box, but there weren't any bows inside. "I'm running out of clean bows to wear," she explained. "Do you think Bowser will let me have more bows?"

Lemmy peered into the box. "You could give it a try," said Lemmy.

"Okay," she said.

Lemmy watched Wendy walk off. "I need to see King Dad, too," Lemmy realized. "Roy lost my ball." So, Lemmy followed Wendy.

Lemmy was walking when he noticed a secton of the wall pushed out. Lemmy stopped. The section moved over to the right, revealing Larry. "Hiya," said Larry.

"Hey, Larry," said Lemmy. "What are you doing here?"

"This is the quickest route to the throne room," explained Larry. "I've got to see if King Dad can find me a new wand. Ludwig took mine for an "experiment". He said he was "borrowing" it, but I don't think he's going to return it."

"Ah, I see. Well, Roy took my ball, so I'm going to see King Dad, too. And Wendy ran out of bows, so she's going to the throne room as well. What a-"

At that instant, a blood-curdling, ear-piercing scream was heard. Wendy ran torwards Lemmy and Larry.

"King Dad's not there!" she exclaimed. "And Mom isn't there either!"

"Calm down, Wendy!" said Lemmy. "Perhaps they're both just busy..."

"Then let's find out," said Larry confidently. And he ran up the way he came, closing the wall behind him.

Larry had been crawling through these secret passageways since he was a tiny baby. He knew that they were origanally made because of a long time ago, when several... good guys came to invade the castle and Koopas needed secret ways to escape. Larry knew where every tunnel led to. He searched each way. First, though, were the most likely areas: the kitchen, the Koopalings' rooms, the dungeon... mostly everywhere on the first floor. Not there.

Then, at the top floor, Larry noticed a different tunnel that he never noticed before. Suspiscious, he followed. He poked his head out, unnoticed.

Larry saw Bowser, all right. He was showing three common Koopas and a neon yellow Bob-omb to some cool-looking spaceships. They were, you know, not as big as a mothership, but a combat ship. The Koopas had white, sleek ships that had a colored, see-through glass dome on top of them, each ship having a different colored dome- one green, one orange, one purple. The Bob-omb had a round, white ship with a yellow, see-through glass dome. On the side of each ship was, in green letters, the words STAR KOOPA.

Bowser escorted each minion into their ship. He pulled a lever on the wall, and the wall in front of Bowser opened, revealing an enormous mothership. It looked a green-shelled Koopa, with the legs as the wings, and the eyes as windows. The back was shown, revealing the tail, which was the docking bay for the ships. The ships' engines started up, and their jets heated up. Larry's eyes eyes strangely turned red as the ships blasted off and soared into the docking bay. Larry came out, angered. He strangely did not return the way he came.

When Larry came back, he saw everyone (even Roy, who seemed covered in ash), surrounding Ludwig. Lemmy saw Larry come in.

"Ahh, you're here," said Lemmy. "Did you find King Dad?"

Strangly, Larry smiled. "No," he said. "He's nowhere in in the castle. It's nothing to worry about, though."

Lemmy looked confused. Larry would normally be worried, but he wasn't. That was odd...

"He's not here?" said Lemmy. "We should-"

"Start a search party," finished Iggy.

Lemmy glared at Ludwig. "Ludwig, you'll have to come, too... just don't take someone else's wand!"

"According to my memory, I accurately was not using our youngest sibling's wand in my latest invention!" exclaimed Ludwig. "I never would have any purpose for it, either, for the chemicals inside it would completely ruin my latest creation!"

Ludwig was quite normally truthful. "I trust you're speaking the truth," said Lemmy. "But if you're lying, then..." He turned around. Larry had vanished. "Something corny's goin' on here," he realized. "And it's not the fact that Morton's silent, either..."


Kamo came out of his ship. He saw his friends do the same. The inside of their mothership, the Kamek Koopa, was black, and fairly dark.

A voice then filled the ship: "Welcome, members of Star Koopa! I'm the pilot of Kamek Koopa, the proud Paratroopa known as Koopright. I will assist you wherever you may go, and, well, back you up from here. I know where we're going, don't worry. Our first stop will be the Training Grounds, a dome in space that will train you to be top pilots. It'll be a while, so lean back and relax 'til we get there. Thanks for listening! Now just hang on!"

So, Star Koopa is now plummeting higher and higher into space. But, what's up with Larry? Did Ludwig really steal his wand? Where is Clawdia? Is Bowser okay? Is-

Morton: Shut up you annoying senseless stupid announcer You're as chatty talkative annoying as brilliant wonderful awesome neato me and I don't like being out-talked because I don't like having a rival in chattiness you see so shut up 'cause I talk much more than you do so-

Roy: Shut up yourself, Morton.

Morton: Ok.

Episode Two: Investigation Below!


The Kamek Koopa now soars through the starry infinity of space. It's been traveling for two days, and yet, still hasen't reached its destination- Bowser's training course. Everyone has thier own room in the mothership's large lobby. It will take a while for them to finally reach there, but... last time, many suspicious stuff happened down at Plit. Hmmm...

Part 1: The Case of the Disappearing Koopas

Lemmy gathered all the Koopalings in the lobby. Lemmy stood atop a couch and spoke to his fellow siblings.

"Guys," said Lemmy. "I am aware that, since Larry reported his wand missing, important Koopas such as our mom and dad have also been missing. I don't think this is just luck, either. I have a feeling these crimes are linked." Lemmy looked around the room. "I wish to question everyone," he continued. "And if no one gives me any answers, I will do some investigation myself! So, I'd like everyone to get in one of those chairs."

Everyone sat down in a chair. Lemmy fell off the couch and onto his ball, face first. He got up, onto his ball, then rolled over to each Koopaling. Lemmy asked them questions in order of age. He first rolled up to Ludwig.

"Where were you yesterday, 7:00 PM?" Lemmy asked.

"Where else could I have been?" Ludwig replied. "I was in my room, inventing. I never stole Larry's wand. Too busy." He thought for a second. "Wait... yes, too busy. To prove it, I'll show you my invention. I got it done, all because I didn't take a break." He hurried out of his chair.

Lemmy sighed. He walked over to Roy. "What were you doing, Roy, yesterday, at 7:00, before I tied you up?"

"I was just in my room, punching my punch bag, but I got bored, so I went to the lobby. I noticed the door to Larry's room was open, so I walked in. He wasn't there, which was weird. I know Larry's in his room at that time."

"I am not!" said Larry, standing up in his chair. "I'll tell you where I was! I was... out for for a walk, I was, when... when LUDWIG came out..."

Ludwig entered the room, pushing a table with something on it. No one could tell what it was- there was a white cloth over it. "Did someone call me?" he said. "I'd like to prove my innocence by showing my complete invention."

Roy was in an outrage. "I know your schedule, Larry!" he yelled. "You're in your room at that time, watering your pathetic plants!"

"Hey, hey, hey!" said Lemmy, getting in between Roy and Larry. "You two, cut it out! Maybe Larry isn't normally in his room at that time."

"But he is!" said Iggy, standing up. "I know he is, I one day helped him-"

"Water his plants, I know. I-" Lemmy quickly stopped.

"Helped him water, too?" finished Iggy cooly. "You and I both know Larry is wrong!"

"Maybe he was only in his room that day," suggested Wendy. "Just because he's in there that day doesn't mean he's in there every day at that time."

"That just cannot, cannot be!" said Morton, standing up. "Larry is in there every, every, EVERY day! I know because I hear him every, every, every day talking to his green, smelly, rotten, yet so very beautiful plants! I know, I really do! I-"

"Shuddap already!" yelled Roy.

Lemmy whistled. "Stop, everybody!" he said. He turned to Larry's chair. He was not there.

"I'll investigate."

Part 2: Lemmy Investigates

Ludwig wheeled the table back to his room. "No one wanted to see my new invention," he said. He opened the door, entered his room, and closed it. When he put the table in the corner of his lab, he heard a knock on the door. Ludwig turned around and opened the door. It was Lemmy in a trench coat and black glasses.

"Lemmy, what-" started Ludwig.

"Name's Lemmy Koopa, FBI," Lemmy said. He sounded like a policeman on Earth. He showed Ludwig a FBI's badge, then handed Ludwig a piece of paper. "I have a permit to search the place." He didn't even look at Ludwig when he handed him the paper; once he handed Ludwig the "permit" he walked into the room.

Lemmy examined the area. He noticed the table in the corner. "Ludwig, what WAS your secret invention?" he said in his normal voice.

"I'd be happy to show you!" said Ludwig. He dashed to the table and pulled off the white hankerchief.

The invention was a large, red box with a funnel attached to it. On the side of the box was a black screen.

"I call it a Locato-matic!" explained Ludwig. "What you do is say who you want to track down into this funnel, and it will show where that person is on this screen. I origanally made it to track down Mario, but I think it will help you in your investigation."

"Wow, thanks!" said Lemmy. He leaned into the funnel and said, "Larry." The Locato-matic whirred and clicked and soon showed a color picture as if it were a camera. There was Larry, in a dark room. He was in chains, and he was in a dungeon.

"That isn't our dungeons," realized Ludwig. "King Dad doesn't have us in chains..."

Before Lemmy and Ludwig could get a closer look, the screen turned off. Ludwig scowled.

"It only lasts for a couple of seconds," he said. "I'll have to work on it so that you can tell it to stop."

"You go and do that," said Lemmy. "But I've got my answers. Wherever the real Larry is, the one here is a fake!"

Ludwig put the hankerchief back on the Locato-matic. "I wonder who this 'fake' is, then," he said. "I think it's probably a clone... either that, or it's a spy, who can transform into Larry's body..."

"A spy!" exclaimed Lemmy. "That's it, Ludwig! I'm going to get the dirt on that new Koopa I hired! I bet he's on duty now!"

Lemmy ran out of the room. One of his elbows knocked over a vile full of some potion. The potion spilled into a glass tank containing a small Goomba. The potion spilled into its water. The Goomba drank it...


Susan B. Koopa opened the door. She knew what day today was, and she wasn't going to miss it... THIS was the day she was going to finally seal her love with Larry and give him her favorite diamond ring... this would prove thier love.

Susan walked into the throne room. Bowser was not there. "Uncle Bowser?" she asked. "Is this a joke?" All of a sudden, she saw Lemmy on his ball. "Susan!" he exclaimed. "I've got some bad news... Larry won't be able to recieve your ring..."

"WHAT?!" she exclaimed. "He knows...!"

Lemmy grabbed Susan and took her to the lobby, where she sat down. The other Koopalings were there, too... except for Larry. Lemmy rolled over to the middle of the room, where Ludwig stood with his Locato-matic. Lemmy and Ludwig explained the Locato-matic and its purposes. Then they showed where Larry was. Susan screamed.

 "Does that really work?" asked Roy.

"I'm convinced," answered Lemmy.

"What are we going to do?" questioned Wendy, who was giving Susan tissues because she was crying.

"Investigate," replied Lemmy.

"But I can never figure out your Quizzies!" whined Iggy.

"This is WAY different than Quizzies, Iggy," said Lemmy.

Part 3: Meet the Marios

Morton walked out of the lobby. "I just do not, do not think that's real. It's a stupid, Ludwig invention and it doesn't work. It can't! Or-" At that instant Roy punched him in the face.

"If it didn't work, it would have blown up," he said.

"It has a really hidden timer, it does! It-"

Kick. "Just shuddap." Roy walked off. He bumped into a wall before being out of sight.

Morton watched him, and heard him murmur, "Stupid carbo-copy." Morton got up. "It's just gotta be a big fakie," said Morton. He walked off, continuing to talk. Yeah, the Koopalings say that you'll always know when Morton approaches ya- unless you're Ludwig, of course. That may be true...

Mario and his brother, Luigi, walked up to Bowser's castle.

"Word-a has it that-a Bowsa isn't home," Mario said.

"It-a will-a be an easy victory for-a us!" said Luigi joyfully.

Morton walked out the door. He noticed Mario and Luigi were coming. He actually stopped talking. Morton dashed back inside. He went over to the button on the wall beside the door and pressed it. Outside, Mario knocked on the door.

"It's-a locked!" exclaimed Luigi.

"Don't-a worry," said Mario. "I-a know how to-a handle this-a situation!"

"Ha ha, you stupid, idiodic plumbers, you!" laughed Morton. "You'll never, ever, EVER get in here! You-" Morton then heard a bigger knock. "Now what are you trying to do? That's not a fist..." At that second, Mario and Luigi barged in, carrying a large tree. They knocked down Morton.

"I-a told you there-a was a way-a into-a the-a castle!" Mario said to Luigi.

"Now-a what?" asked Luigi.

"Nothing!" said a voice. Mario was then frozen.

It was Lemmy. He was accompanied by Iggy and Wendy.

"Ack!" cried Luigi. Then he got an idea. "Hey-a, Morton! Aren't you-a going to-a hit-a me?"

"Don't fall for it, you moron Morton!" yelled Wendy, but it was too late. Morton shot a lava beam from his wand. Luigi ducked behind Mario's frozen statue. It defrosted Mario.

Ludwig quickly came in with his wand. He shot a lightning bolt from his wand. Mario ducked and the person behind him, Wendy, got shocked.

"BG!bagbzbzbagbuzbag!" went Wendy. Lemmy ran off. He quickly got Ludwig's Locato-matic and located Larry's clone. Instead of showing where the clone was, it showed a map of twisting tunnels and a green dot going through them. Lemmy memorized the maps before the map disappeared (Ludwig hadn't improved it yet).

"I have to take this secret door right here," said Lemmy. He pushed on a segment of wall and it slided to the right. Lemmy crawled through. He grabbed Larry's clone and rushed him to the battle scene.

"I told you, I don't have a wand!" LC whined.

"I know you're not Larry," said Lemmy.

Lemmy pushed LC into the fray. Mario jumped on him and he was knocked out. Susan came in and used her wand to shoot rocks at Mario and Luigi.

"I'll-a go get-a help!" said Luigi. He started to run off, but a boulder from Susan's wand stopped him.

"I'll-a go and-a get help," corrected Mario. He ran out the door. The successful Koopalings grabbed Luigi's body.

"I don't know about the rest of you," said Iggy, "but I now believe Lemmy was right."

"Me too," said Wendy.

"I still think it's not working," said Roy boastfully.

"That invention is a real smartie!" exclaimed Morton. "I think it works now, I do. It's a wonderful, beautiful, awesome, neato invention, the real McCoy! I-"

"I'm glad you agree," said Ludwig.

"But where's the proof?" asked Roy cooly.

"Enough of that," said Lemmy. "Let's bring this body to Ludwig's lab."

"Susan, do you think my invention works?"

"It had better, or else I'll get you, Lemmy, for killing my fiance!"


Mario ran quickly. Peach's castle was in view. He'd enlist the help of anyone possible there. They had better listen... Mario approached the bridge. He walked up to the door. He turned the knob. The door didn't open.

"What's-a going on-a?" Mario said to himself. He knocked. No one replied. Mario slowly turned around and walked over to the bridge. He thought, then got an idea. He jumped into the cannon outside and aimed at a window. He fired and crashed right into the window.

Mario landed safely inside the castle. He was in a room he hadn't seen before; it had yellow walls and a pink and purple checkered marble floor. There was pictures of some strange, Koopa-like monsters on the wall.

"This-a is-a not the-a Koopas," Mario said to himself. He then heard footsteps. He had to hide! But, there was no door here... how could someone reach here? Mario looked up. There was a dangling chandelier, leading to a place on the ceiling where the wall stuck out. Mario got the idea...

The center tile rose up. It was the top of a glass chamber. Inside it were two Koopa-like monsters with spiked shells and fangs. They had red spiked collars around thier neck, arms, and legs. Claws were coming out of their shoes. One had blue skin, a black shell, black sunglasses, and dark blue shoes. The other had green skin, a purple shell, red eyes, a metal cap with one spike on it, and orange shoes. The glass chamber opened. The two Koopa mutants were holding unconscious bodies- one held Yoshi's, the other held Peach's.

The monsters laid the bodies in front of them, then looked at each other.

"I've never done this before," said the purple-shelled one. "I'd rather be a Koopant than a stupid princess! You've got the good one, Koolkill!"

"Nah, I don't got royalty," said Koolkill. "Besides, it looks so... so... uncool!!! You get to take over the kingdom, Guardbody!"

"At least you can defend yourself," moaned Guardbody. "I'm the... INNOCENT one!"

"What? DEFEND? Har! All I got to... to... DEFEND, if that's whatcha call it, myself with is my tounge! That's all! You could call servants to defend you."

Claws came out of Guardbody's hands. "Or, I can stay like this and be the baddest Redspike in Darkmark!"

Koolkill did the same. "Har! If you were, you'd be a Goldspike! But noooooo, you mess it up for us and we're never even gonna be promoted to Blackspike! Let's see who's really going to be promoted!"

At that instant, they charged into each other and started attacking each other. Guardbody tried to headbutt Koolkill, but Koolkill guarded using his claws. He threw Guardbody back once his headspike got entangled with Koolkill's claws. Koolkill charged at the fallen Guardbody. Guardbody bit into Koolkill with his fangs once he got close.

The two Koopants moved back into the center (Hey, remember, this is supposed to be for all ages, so there's no blood, kay? There's just a lotta big boo boos :->). Both panted heavily. Mario looked down at them from his spot, sitting on the wall. But, like a donut block, that section of wall couldn't hold Mario very long. Mario (and that segment of wall) plummeted downwards.

"Yi-eeeeeeeeeee!" screamed Mario. He fell onto the top of the glass chamber, which pushed it down. When Mario awoke from the fall (biiiiiig boo boo), he saw he had pushed the chamber very far- he was now in an underground cave. Mario jumped off. He looked up. It was a loooooooong way up.

Koolkill and Guardbody looked down. It was a loooooooog way down.

"Who was that guy?" asked Guardbody.

"Whoever he was, he was very uncool," said Koolkill. "I mean, red shirt and blue overalls? Is that what all the beings like him wear here?"

"Whoever he was, he was an INTRUDER!" yelled Guardbody. Then they looked down again. "But it's a loooooooong way down," he realized.


Kamo looked out the window of his room. It was an infinity of space, and somewhere out there was Darkmark and its civilians, or Koopants. They were all designed to destroy. And there were millions of them, billions of them. And there were only five of Star Koopa, including Koopright.

Koopright was a light blue-shelled Paratroopa. He was sitting at the cockpit of the ship, in a gray, leather chair. He took a small, boxed, gray walkie talkie on the dashboard in   front of him and spoke into it.

"Father Koopa to King K, come in, King K," Koopright said into the walkie talkie. There was no response. "King K? King K, please reply! King K?"

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