Kooky von Koopa’s Inventions

By Jingo Koopa

Deep in Kooky's laboratory, Karma and six Koopa Kids were waiting patiently- Who am I kidding? They were waiting impatiently for Kooky to stop laughing long enough for him to explain what his new invention did.

Roy: Will he stop laughing soon?

Iggy: ...

Lemmy nudged Iggy, who had fallen asleep.

Iggy: I'm awake! The answer is twelve!

Roy: ?!

The laughing, not to mention proud Kooky got a hold of himself.

Kooky: Is every person whom I have called present? I shall conduct a roll call. Lemmy?

Lemmy: (singing) Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala...

Kooky: Iggy?

Iggy: Huh?

Kooky: Roy?

Roy: I aint here.

Kooky: Ven-

Karma: We're all here. Sheesh. Just what does your invention do?

Rather grandly, Kooky removed the cover from his invention, which looked remarkably like a make-up kit.

Kooky: How do you all like it?!

All but Kooky: Wow! It's great!

Roy: What is it?

Kooky: ... Can the rest of you tell vat it is?

All but Kooky: Um...

Kooky: Ignorant fools! As allvays, my genius is vasted on these fools.

Roy: I aint not gonna not do nuthin taday ifen he doesn't get on wit it.

Kooky: Please refrain from using double negatives, Roy Karl Koopa. Now, my invention vill shoot a\ tranquilizer dart at Mario vhen he attacks us as usual, vhich vill render him immobile for a rather short period of time. During that time is vhen I press this other button that vill shoot a Shrink Shroom, decreasing his size for easy transportation to the dungeon.

Morton: Wow! B-b-b-brilliant! That's Koopactular! Amazing! Wonderful! Spectacular! Absolutely-

Wendy couldn't stand Morton's coments any longer and ran out of the room screaming. Confused, Morton could think of only one thing...

Morton: Wedding cake?

Karma: Well, have you tested it?

Morton: Oh yes, wedding cake is very good. It's the b-b-best!

Karma: I was talking to Kooky.

Kooky: I'm about to...

Kooky grinned malevolently at Iggy. Iggy started to run but the tranquilizer dart hit him first, then the Shrink Shroom.

Kooky: (casually) It verks.

Karma: Um...

Meanwhile, in the ballroom of Peach's castle...

Mario: It's-a me, Mario!

Peach: Isn't he cute?

Yoshi: Yoshi cute too...

Luigi: Speaking of which, why havn't we-a attacked Bowser and his-a kids?

Mario: Because of-a me, Mario!

Peach: He's dreamy...

Yoshi: Yoshi had a dream... once.

Toad: *sigh*

Mario: It's-...

Peach: He's...

Yoshi: I'm...

Luigi: What's...

Mario: ... a...

Peach: ... so...

Yoshi: ... really...

Luigi: ... going...

Mario: ... me...

Peach: ... dreamy.

Yoshi: ... cute.

Luigi: ... on?

Mario: Mario!

Toad: Enough! Mario, Luigi, go raid Bowser's castle. Peach, Yoshi, prepare a party for their arrival.

Everyone stared at Toad.

Toad: Come on. Tick tock, tick tock! Chop chop. GO!!!

All but Toad: Huh?

Mario: What's-a tick tock and-a chop chop-a mean?

Toad: It means hop to it.

Mario: ...

Toad: Do what I said, and hurry up about it!

All but Toad: Oh... We can do that.

Toad: I need a nap.

Meanwhile, in Bowser's council...

Bowser: Well, we've all heard Fry Guy's story, and he wants to defect from Wart's army. Shall we accept his offer? Goomba!

Goomba: Huh?

Bowser: Hand the ballots to the royal family.

Goomba handed out the ballots. Everyone voted.

Bowser voted yes. He would like to have a big ball of fire as an underling.

Kooky voted yes. Same reason as Bowser.

Lemmy voted no. Random vote.

Iggy wasn't there?

Roy forgot to vote.

Wendy voted maybe. She wasn't paying attention.

Cheatsy voted yes. No reason to vote no.

Morton was still down in Kooky's lab commenting about the invention, not noticing that everyone had left.

Goomba tallyied the votes.

Goomba: Fry Guy... you're in!

Fry Guy: ... I think I'm gonna cry...

Bowser: What job would you like?

Fry Guy: I'd like to be a... singer.

Goomba: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Fry Guy roasted Goomba in a large ball o' flames.

Bowser: Um... okay, sing for us.

Fry Guy pressed a button on a remote he had and several minature Fry Guys burst through the door of the council chamber, all of them with instruments. They started playing to the tune of...

Fry Guy: (singing) Goodness, gracious, GREAT BALLS O' FIRE!


Peach and Yoshi were putting together the party for Mario, and Yoshi was getting on Peach's nerves.

Peach: (singing) Oh, I wish I was in Dixie... away from Yoshi. In Dixieland I'd be away from nasty old Yoshi. Away, AWAY FROM YOSHI!

Yoshi couldn't hear what Peach was singing.

Yoshi: Yoshi think Peach good singer.

Peach: Why thank you! That was nice!

Yoshi: No... it was diplomatic.

Peach: Grr...


Mario: There's-a Bowser's a castle! Let's-a go!

Luigi: Yay!


Luigi: What's wrong?!

Mario: I haven't eaten in ten minutes!

Luigi: NOOOOOO! I haven't either! We must stop and-a eat!

Meanwhile, back in Kooky's lab...

Kooky: Vell, um...

Karma: Please?

Karma and Cheatsy were trying to get Kooky to allow them to borrow his invention. Cheatsy pulled Karma towards him and whispered something in her ear. Karma moved to Kooky with a sad look on her face and  brushed his cheek.

Karma: Pretty please?

Kooky: Okay...

Karma backed up a few steps and grins malevolantly.

Karma and Cheatsy: Thanks!

Kooky: *sigh* I can't believe my personage was so easily manipulated.

Cheatsy started toying with Kooky's invention.

Mario: It's-a me, Mario!

Kooky, Karma, and Cheatsy: Not again!

Luigi: And-a Luig-

Mario: Talk-a less, fight more Luigi!

Kooky: Mario actually said something sensible...

Karma: That's scary.

Kooky wrenched his invention away from Cheatsy, aimed it at Mario and presses the first button. BOOM! And all went dark...

Three days later...

Kooky awoke in a bed at Bowser's castle. He opened his eyes to see seven worried faces. They belonged to his siblings, Karma, and Bowser.

Kooky: *moan*

Karma hugged him for joy of seeing him awake.

Kooky: OWW!!!

Karma: Ooops...

Kooky: Vat happened?

Bowser: Well, the air intake in your invention must have caught a whiff of Mario's breath and... expooded... no... plodexed... it-

Lemmy: Exploded, King Dad?

Bowser: Yeah! It explowedod... it went boom.

Everyone started talking to Kooky at once. Then... there was a flash of light! And Kamek appeared.

Kamek: Quiet, all of you! Kooky... just rest. You're injured.

Two days later...

Kamek had just finished examining Kooky.

Kamek: Well... you're as fit as a fiddle. Kooky... nice to see you well again.

Roy walked in.

Kamek: I must be going...

Kamek, in a puff of smoke and a flash of light... vanished.

Roy: How's da genius doin'?

Kooky: My personage is physically vell once again, my dear sibling.

Roy: Speak some English, bro.

Kooky: I am quite vell, Roy.

Roy: Good...

Kooky: I vould enjoy it greatly if you acted like this recent incident never occured.

Roy: Huh?

Kooky: Act like it never happened. I'd like to get back to every day life.

Roy punched Kooky.

Kooky: Vhy did you damage my cranium?

Roy: Ya asked ta have everyting back ta normal... so I punched ya like I do every day kiddo.

Kooky: Please refrain from doing so in the future.

Roy: Um... why?

Kooky: Because if you repeat that again I vill refrain from assisting you with my inventions and brawn in terrorizing our siblings.

Roy: Does dat mean ya won't help me?

Kooky: That is vat I implied.

Roy: Fine...

Roy stomped out of the room. Kooky left the room towards Cheatsy's tower. He started to think of more ideas for inventions... he sighed... Too bad Mario wasn't exactly opposite the person he actually was... He arrived at the door to Cheatsy's tower and knocked. Soon he heard Cheatsy's unmistakeable shaky voice.

Cheatsy: Who isssss it and what do you... hehehe want..t..t?

Kooky: It is I, your eldest sibling, Kooky vo-

He never finished his sentence. Karma was walking down the hall when she noticed Kooky and tackled/hugged him. Cheatsy opened his door.

Karma/Cheatsy: How are you? Glad to ssssee/see you well!

After a few minutes of talking they were seated in the living room of Cheatsy's tower, Cheatsy leaning in his recliner, Kooky sitting on the sofa with his arm around Karma.

Cheatsy: Ssssssso... Nothing much hasssss happened sinch you have been immobile. If only Mario were... different...

Kooky: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I have an idea for an invention! Thank you Cheatsy, my favorite sibling. Hahahahahahaha...

Kooky ran out of the room towards his lab.

Cheatsy: What did I sssssssay?

Karma: ... Search me...

Cheatsy: I guess things will get back to normal now.

Karma: Yeah... he'll bar himself up in his room.

Cheatsy: And never come out... excsssssept...t..t  for meals.

Karma: Always working on his inventions. *sigh*

Cheatsy: He ssssssshould lighten up. Hehehe...

Karma: You're a genius!

Karma ran out of the room towards the twins' tower.

Cheatsy: I wonder what I said thisssssss time?


At Peach's castle in the party room, the party for Mario and his bro. had been raging for hours.

Luigi: (continuing his speech) ... and we shall... "We" consists of Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and yours truly, be taking a camping trip to the Shroomless Prairies.

Mario: And-a me, Mario, and the-a others will return in (holding up eight fingers) four days.

Peach: Mario's brilliant!

Yoshi: Yoshi not sure if Yoshi smart.

Toad: Do I havta go?

Peach: Yes you do Toad.

Toad: Why?

Mario: Because of-a me, Mario!

Toad: Figures...

Peach: Exactly. Mario needs you to cook his usual twenty-four meals per day, and you are the only one who knows what a tisp (tsp) is.

Toad: You mean a teaspoon?

Peach: No. A tisp. Anyway, everyone... EAT!

Mario dived headfirst into a bowl of pasta.

Mario: I'm a noodle!

Toad started crying.

Toad: I can't stand it! Waaaaaaaaa! I'm going to turn into a Mario if I don't get a break.

Mario: I'm not Mario? You're Mario? Waaaaaaaa!

Peach: Toad! Look what you've done!

Toad: But-

Peach: *gasp* Don't speak of things like that in public! And go apologize to Mario, and tell him that he is the one and only Mario.

Toad: Mario... you are Mario and I'm sorry.

Mario: It's okay, sorry. But I thought you were Frog!

Toad: No, my name is Toad.

Yoshi: And Yoshi is Yoshi!

Toad: That's nice.

Mario: It's-a m- (I won't bother typing this sentance. You know what he was going to say.)

Anyway, everyone but Toad started explaining why they are who they are. Toad continued crying.


Cheatsy and Karma had arrived at the twins tower. Cheatsy knocked on the door.

Lemmy: Who's there?

Cheatsy: It'sssssss me. Hehehe...

Lemmy: What brings the almighty Cheatsy to me and Iggy's tower?

Cheatsy: Where issss Iggy anyway?

Lemmy: Um... anyhoo... What brings you here?

Lemmy opened the door.

Lemmy: Oh... hi Karma.

Karma: Look, we've got a job to do, so we'll get to the point.

Lemmy: You aren't going to pound me... are you?

Karma: Of course not! What gave ya that idea?

Lemmy: Because that's what you always do.

Karma grinned sheepishly.

Cheatsy: Okay people, let me exsssplain why we're here. Kooky is well.

Lemmy: YAY! I'll go visit him.

Lemmy tried to head towards Kooky's tower, but Cheatsy grabbed the top of his shell, successfully restraining him.

Lemmy: HEY!

Cheatsy: You'd be lucky if he said hi.

Lemmy: Oh. Working on a new invention. He should have some fun in his life.

Karma: That's why we're here.

Lemmy: So... you wanted help from da master of fun and games!

Cheatsy: Oh brother...

Karma: More or less. Any ideas?

Lemmy: Perhaps...

Cheatsy: I wonder... if Kooky considers working fun?

Lemmy: Nah... even he isn't that crazy.

Cheatsy: Well... I don't think this isssssss right. Go on without me.

Meanwhile, on the Shroomless Prairies...

Peach: (singing to Mario) Oh marry me noooow on the lone prairie...

Yoshi and Luigi: (also singing to help Peach... she paid them.) Yodalayheehoo!

Mario: Uh oh...

Toad: Don't worry Mario... we don't have a minister.

Mario: Whew...

Peach pulled out a cell phone.

Peach: Hello? Instant marrage service?


Peach: Um... the phone died. I'm sorry... you'll havta wait. *sigh*

Mario grinned broadly.

Peach: He can grin in the light of disaster... what a guy- HAAAAAALP!

Peach was overcome by some Shy Guy thieves, but her cry was in vain; the others were overcome before she ever yelled.

Meanwhile, in Bowser's throne room...

Bowser was dancing on the seat of his throne to...

Fry Guy: (singing) Goodness, gracious, GREAT BALLS O' FIRE!

Goomba: You know, this tune is kinda catchy.

Kooky walked in and saw his father "dancing".

Kooky: Hello my king, mine own parental guardian.

Bowser: !

The music, singing, and dancing stopped.

Bowser: I eeehhh... I was...

Kooky: Never mind your usage of your upper and lower limbs in a frenzy... othervise known as "dancing". I have a request for a rather expensive part... that part being a three-four-one gasket and lever for a motivator for my latest invention... costing three-thousand five-hundred and thirty Koopa Coins.

Bowser: NO!!!

Kooky, without missing a beat, continued talking,

Kooky: If you pay for the part vhich I verbally mentioned just a moment ago... hahaha... I might not mention your "dance". (Yes, this is a running joke :-))

Bowser: Fine.

Bowser retrieved the money for Kooky.

Kooky: Danke shen. (German)

Kooky left the room. Goomba grinned malevolantly.

Goomba: Speaking of blackmail... mine being exactly like Kooky's... I want a raise in my salary...

Bowser glanced around the room at Fry Guy, Goomba, and twelve others.

Bowser: This is going to be a looooong day.

Meanwhile, at a Shy Guy camp on the Shroomless Prairies...

Mario and the others were tied up in a tent with three ecentric Shy Guys.

Shy 1: We got lot's o' junk from the "Princess"! Hahahahaha a princess... yeah right.

Shys 1 and 2: Hahahahahahahaha!

Peach: But... but I am a princess...


Shy 1: Alright, calm down folks. We got a plenrgu fro-

Mario: It's-a me, Mario! And that's a plunger!

Shy 1: Sue me. Oh forget it... let's eat 'em now.

Toad: No! Wait, what if we gave you secret plans to a gold wagon coming through here that you could rob... would you let us go?

Shy 1: Who has them?

Toad: The secret papers are hidden on Mario.


Shy 1: Secret papers... with that face?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Toad: Fine! Let us go and we'll-

Shy 1: FORGET IT!!! Set the kettle on to boil.

Shys 1 and 2 set to getting the water boiling in a "kettle" the size of  a really big... something.

Shy 1: Any last requests?

Mario: Will you let us-a go?

Shy 1: No.

Toad: Will you let us perform for your Shy Guys?

Shy 1: Huh?

Toad: We wanna put on a show.

Shy 2: What kinda show?

Toad: Myself and the others will put on different shows, excerpts from other shows, et cetera.

Shy Guys 1, 2, and 3: YAY!

Shy 1: Well... allright...

Mario Gang: YES!

Yoshi: That was easy.

Mario: Yay! I think we a should act out The Sound of Mario-a Music.

Toad, Yoshi, and Peach: No.

Mario: I'll-a do it myself.

Mario pulled a potato chip out of his pocket.

Mario: NO!!!

Toad: Huh?

Mario: Well...

Toad: Wha-

Mario: OKAY!!!

Toad: Mario, what was that all about?

Mario: Mr. Potato-a Chip wants to act with-a me, Mario!

Shy 1: Come on guys, actors need their privacy while planing a show. Guard the door, buddy.

Toad: The Shy Guys just left.

Mario: They can't have-a Mr. Potato Chiop!

Peach: What's a "chiop"?

Toad: Uh... Princess, that's not a "chiop" or a chip.

Peach: What is it?

Toad: A... TYPO!!!


Toad: *sigh*

Mario: What's a "TYPO"?

Toad: A "chiop".

Mario: What's a "chiop"?

Toad: A "TYPO".

Mario: And what are these little lines that appear with "chiop" and-a "TYPO"?

Toad: What lines?

Mario: These. (")

Toad, Mario, and the others wondered about that for a long time.

Meanwhile, back in Kooky's lab...

Kooky: Almost done...

There was a a pounding at the door.

Kooky: Who is it? And vat do you vant?

Morton: It is I, B-b-b-b-big Mouth Koopa, your sibling, brother, and-

Kooky: You may enter.

Morton: What are ya doin'?

Kooky: You mean vat I vas doing. I have just completed my newest invention!

Morton stared at what looked like a remote control in Kooky's hand.

Morton: What does it do? What's it's function? Wha-

Kooky: I call it the Reverseotron. It... it's supposed to reverse peoples' personalities. It can make Mario change from a fighting fool to a sophisticated gentleman.

Morton: Nifty, cool! We'll finally get those p-p-pesky p-p-p-p-plumbers! Have you tested it?

Kooky: No... vhere's Iggy? I need to test this.

Morton: Nobody's seen 'im.

Kooky: You'll have ta do.

Morton: You wouldn't do this to your favorite little b-b-b-b-brother... would ya?

Kooky grinned, aimed the Reverseotron at Morton, pressed the fire button, and... his vision started to blur. He then realised he was laying on the ground. The Reverseotron had backfired and he had shot himself.

Morton: Are you okay?! MEDIC! Someone! HAAAAAALP! Kooky's b-b-b-been hit!

For Kooky, all went dark.


Karma and Lemmy were on their way to the lab to convince Kooky that he should "have more fun in his life" when three medics, carrying Kooky on a stretcher, and Morton rushed by.

Lemmy: What's going on?!

Karma: I hope he's okay.

Lemmy: Let's go find out what happened.

They arrived in the emergency room to see Kooky sitting up straight without a scratch on him.

Kamek: I don't understand it.

Karma: What happened?

Kamek: Well... an invention backfired... and he was bruised and damaged.

Morton: And now he doesn't have a scratch on him.

Morton: Probably a side effect.

Kamek: Speaking of side effects... he's acting kinda weird.

Kooky: Hey! Anyone wanna play a game?

Morton fainted, while Karma, Kamek, Lemmy, along with Cheatsy and Roy, who had just walked in, stared at him.

Roy: Ya wanna rest Kook?

Kooky: Nah. I wanna go play a game o' cards.

Lemmy: Um.... Karma.... I don't think we need to do any convincin'.

Karma: I believe you're right. But.... why don't we take advantage of this situation?

Lemmy: Yeah! Hey, Kookster! We'll play wit' you.

Kooky: Goody. Rummy?

Lemmy: Sure.

Roy: Um.... what's da goin's ons heres?

Cheatsy: Who knows?

Two days later....

Karma was talking to Lemmy and Cheatsy.

Karma: Alright, Kooky plays games...

Lemmy: Helps me with my school work...

Cheatsy: And doesn't even think about inventions.

Karma: It's like he's a whole new person.

Cheatsy: I liked 'im better before now.

Karma: That's crazy talk. What was his invention, the Reverseotron, supposed to do anyway? Kamek never explained that.

Cheatsy: Oh, it was supposed to change a person to the opposite personality.

Karma: That would explain it. I'm glad he has more fun though. But how did you know?

Cheatsy grinned sheepishly.

Lemmy: Ah, spying as usual.

Cheatsy: Well I-

Organ music started playing. It's the Phantom of the Opera's theme, which until then was nonexistant on Plit.

Cheatsy: Who'ssssss playing that?

Lemmy: Look, I know he's never composed a good song, but... considering recent events...

Karma: You aren't suggesting that... Kooky?!

Lemmy: Well, he owns the only organ in the castle. And it's coming from the direction of his tower.

Cheatsy: Only one way to find out.

The three walked towards Kooky's tower. Morton was in the kitchen, his fork raised to his mouth with wedding cake on it, thinking that nothing would stop him from eating, when the music started playing. He set his fork down after coming to the same conclusion as Cheatsy had and started towards Kooky's tower. When he got there the other Koopa Kids and Karma were pressing their ears to the door, listening in. Abruptly as it had started, the music stopped and the door swung open, causing the Koopalings to fall into the room.

Kooky: Hello. I was expecting you all sooner or later.

Two hours later...

Karma: Cheatsy... I agree with you, I like the old Kooky. It was fun, him like he is now... but... we need that invention... and we've got to change him back.

Cheatsy: Alright, let's find the Reverseotron.


Bowser: You sure this plan'll work?

Kooky: Of course King Dad. The Mushroom Kingdom vill be ours.

Bowser: Alright, I'll mention it at the next council meeting.

Meanwhile, back on the Shroomless Prairies...

Toad: So.... we all escape when the Shy Guys applaude. Got it?

Mario: (singing) The hills are alive, with the sound of Mariooooooo!

Luigi: I'll make sure he comes with us.

Toad: Good.

Shy 1: Come on, time for your performance!

Toad: We're ready.

Mario: WAHHH! My maskara's-a running!

The Mario crew followed Shy 1 to the back of the stage.

Shy 1: Um... look, I don't wanna boil you. It wasn't my idea.

Toad: What? And who are you?

Shy 1: Keegan Joshua Sam Kervin Luke Skywalker Percival Mario Mario Luigi Mario the one hundred and thirtieth.

Mario: Hi Joe! I'm-a Mario!

Toad: So wha-

Joe: Just call me Joe.

Mario: Okay James!

Toad: So what do we do to escape?

Joe: I know an old path that goes out of camp. Nobody uses it any more.

Toad: When do we make a break for it?

Joe: After the performance.

Meanwhile, on the Shy Guy stage...

Shy Guy Announcer: Welcome to... to... the performance? *shrug* First up issss... *drumroll* Mario Mario's performance!

The anouncer stepped offstage while Mario entered.

Mario: (singing) The hills are alive... with the-a sound of Mariooooooo!

Mario pulled Mr. Potato Chip out of his pocket and set him on the stage. They both started dancing (otherwise known as the flailing of the upper and lower lims) wildly. After a few minutes they stopped.

Mr. Potato Chip: (singing) The Frito Lay chip of the opera is there inside your mind.

Toad (offstage): ...

Peach: I agree.

Yoshi: Chip look yummy...

Luigi: I'm not related.

Mario danced again untill... CRUNCH!

Mario: Mr. Potato Chip!!!

Mario hugged the stepped-on remains of Mr. Potato Chip. The audience, touched by this dramatic performance, started crying.

Toad: ...

Peach: (through tears) I... *sniffle* love tragedies...

Yoshi: ... WAAAAAAAAA!!!

Luigi: *sigh* So touching.

Toad: Fruitcakes... I'm surrounded by fruitcakes...

Announcer: What a touching performance... but next we have a comedy routine, performed by Luigi Mario and Toad.

Luigi and Toad, with a bag of trash over his shoulder, walked on. Toad glanced nervously offstage at someone selling rotten tomatos and slingshots in the audience.

Toad: Hi Luigi!

Mario: Hahahahahahahaha!

Luigi: Hi. Taking out the trash I see.

Toad: Yeah, the highest authority in the land gave me this job.

Luigi: The King?!

Toad: No, my wife.

Audiance: ... Boooooooo!!! Get off the stage!

Luigi and Toad ran off the stage under a hail of rotten tomatos.

Anouncer: Next up, all of the prisoners will sing a song.

A band appeared onstage.

Peach: Do you all know what to do?

Mario, Luigi, and Toad: Yes.

Peach: Yoshi?

Yoshi: I know what to do... hehehe.

The band started playing I'm a Believer while Luigi, Toad, and Mario sang and Peach did model poses as if they were singing about her.

Singers: And I saw her face...

Yoshi: Ewwwwww!

Peach glared at Yoshi.

Singers: Now I'm a believer!

Yoshi: Yeah, I never believed anything could look that bad.


Singers: Without a trace, of doubt in my mind! I'm in love, oooooooooh, and I'm a believer, and I couldn't leave her if I tried.

Yoshi: Oh yeah? Just watch me.


Peach pulled some Bob-ombs out of her purse and threw them at Yoshi. The audience started singing along with the song. Yoshi ran around the stage dodging the Bob-ombs.

Singers/Audience: And I saw her face!

Yoshi: (while running) Ewwwwwww!

Front Row of the Audience: (chanting) Yoshi, YOSHI, YOSHI...

The song ended and Peach ran out of Bob-ombs.

Audiance: YAY!

Meanwhile, on the doomship Kooky's Wrath...

Kooky: Captain?

Captain: Yes sir?

Kooky: Secure a connection to the Minitaur.

Captain: Connection secured.

Kooky turned to the view screen as a picture of Bowser appeared.

Bowser: What is it Kooky?

Kooky: Confirmation that the Marios are taken care of is vat I request.

Bowser: They've escaped.

Kooky: Vhen?

Bowser: An hour ago... but it's a long walk to Peach's castle, we should get there first. And even if they beat us the Marios will be too tired from the journey to defeat us.

Kooky: You need to intercept the Marios anyvay.

Bowser: Might I remind you that I'm the king here?

Kooky: I jus-

Bowser: Shut up! Make sure you signal the other two doomships and see that they're ready. Oh, and remember your personality's been changed.

Kooky: No, I've informed everyone about that except for Karma, Cheatsy, and Lemmy.

Bowser: You sure that'll keep 'em out of the way?

Kooky: They von't muddle this plot. They're to busy trying to fix my personality machine so they can turn me back to normal to ruin yet another one of our plots.

Bowser: Those three are too clumsy to assist in any plans to take the Mushroom Kingdom....


Cheatsy slammed his fist down hard on his radio.

Cheatsy: Too clumssssy huh? I'll show you King Dad, just wait.

Cheatsy severed the connection on which he was evesdropping on Kooky and Bowser's conversation.

Cheatsy: I don't think Lemmy and Karma'll like it either.


Mario: I'm-a so glad to be back home.

Toad: For once I agree with Mario.

Peach: I'm bushed. I'm even too tired to marry Mario right now.


Yoshi: Yoshi hungwy.

The King: I'm glad you're back. Wanna watch some golf?

Peach: Too tired.

An explosion shook the castle.

Toad: What was that?!

Mario: I'm a noodle!


Bowser turned the switch on his radio to broadcast to all the doomships.

Bowser: This is the Minitaur, repeat Minitaur to Kooky's Wrath, Crusher, and Great Speech. Do you hear me?

Kooky: I am able to interpret vat you are verbally broadcasting.

Roy: He ain't speakin' English.

Morton: I read you loud and clear, King Dad, Daddykins, King Koopa, Lord B-b-b-bowser. An-

Bowser: Shut up! Land all troops, I've blasted the gate to Peach's castle!


Iggy: Help.

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