Yoshi Heroes, or The Attack

By Tek Station and Foshi


Foshi: Hi, trusty tourists of Lemmy's Land! Today, you're going to enter a world beyond sight, sound, and Fun Fictions. You're about to enter... the Fan Fiction Zone.

Lil Cheep Cheep and Axem Leader scream, and Crazy Packers Fan turns on Ludwig's organ variation of the Twilight Zone.

Foshi: Here in the Fan Fiction Zone, our feature presentation will be a very odd one: the joint Flame Forger/Star Sword Series. Can you guess which one I did? Yes, I created the Flame Forger Series, but the Star Sword Series came first, which was made by fellow author Tek Station. Both stories presented here follow the same events, but do so from the perspective of different characters, thus providing different information. So, you have a choice of what to read first: you can read Tek's tale, or mine. Neither of them will give you the whole story, though, so it's best to read 'em both!

Yoshi Hereos, by Tek Station. Not completed.

The Attack, by Foshi. Not completed.

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