Koopalings’ Quest: Kidnap at all Kosts

By Crazy Packers Fan

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Friendly Fire?

The crazy Koopalings decide to try Larry’s insane idea. “Go ahead, take your best shot at me,” says Larry. The Hammer Brother happily tosses a hammer at Larry, but it goes over Larry’s head. Larry goes to pick up the hammer as the Hammer Brother starts throwing more at him. With some fancy footwork, Larry avoids the flow of hammers and is able to throw the hammer at the Hammer Brother.

POOF! Larry gets a direct hit on the Hammer Brother, and the cloud disappears. Ludwig dives to catch the Kuribo’s Goomba, while a strange cloud appears around the Hammer Brother for a moment. Then the Koopalings see a familiar face: ...

What will happen to the Koopalings next? It’s your choice, as you help the Koopalings try to pull off their biggest kidnapping ever!

Dear Game Player:

You are about to guide us through a great adventure. As you read this story, you will help us decide where to go and what to do. Whether we succeed or fail is up to you.

At the end of every chapter, you will make choices that determine what happens next. Special puzzles will help you decide what we should do- if you can solve them. The chapters in this story are in a special order. Sometimes you must go backward in order to go forward, if you know what we mean.

Along the way, you’ll find many different items to help us with our quest. When you read that we have found something, such as a spiked ball, you’ll see a message like the one below:

*The Koopas now have the spiked ball.*
Go to chapter 3.

Use chapter 75 to keep track of the things you collect and to keep score.

Good luck!

Mario-lessly yours,
The Koopalings

Chapter 1

It is another usual day at Castle Koopa. Larry is watering the plants, Morton is ranting and raving, Wendy is putting on jewelry, Iggy is being beaten up by Roy, Lemmy is pulling a joke on Susan (who is visiting), Ludwig is making a new invention, and Bowser is sitting on his throne, steaming. Of course at no time in his history has he accomplished his goal of taking over the entire Mushroom Kingdom and kidnapping Princess Peach for good, and he is puzzled. How can he win? Finally, a thought comes to him. He says, “Maybe all I need to defeat the Marios for good is to get my children and that Susan to be motivated enough that they would want nothing more than to kidnap Peach and those Mario Brothers, so the plumbers could not save her. After all, if they only cared enough about my cause and not their own stupid hobbies, they could have easily defeated Mario and his pals long ago.”

The next morning, he brings all the Koopalings to his throne room. He says to them, “Enough is enough! Either you kidnap Peach AND the Mario Brothers, or-”

Roy breaks in. “You buy us pizza!” he laughs. The other Koopalings join in laughing.

Bowser answers them, “No. You get a one-way ticket to my dungeon, for good. And you won’t be getting any pizza there!” The Koopalings hear his seriousness and agree to kidnap Peach and the Mario Brothers- at all costs.

Of course, Roy has another stupid remark. “When? Next year?”

Bowser now screams, “Next year?! How about by this time tomorrow!”

Roy asks, “What about you?”

Bowser responds, “I’m going to be back here in the castle in case you only get Peach and Mario comes looking for her. Besides, do you REALLY want me to come along with you?!” Bowser breathes some fire, enough to singe Roy’s shoulder, making him jump in surprise. “Now go!” Bowser yells.

Now the Koopalings (even Roy) realize Bowser REALLY means business. But Lemmy has a real point, “Who’s going with me right now? Two Koopas can come with me to get my doomship, while the rest of you head to Peach’s Castle on foot, or by any other faster means of getting there.”

Larry asks, “Doomship? Why?”

Lemmy answers, “We need to get some backup support so when you guys capture the Marios, we can make a quick escape with this doomship, complete with new cannons and more propellers. Since it’s so slow, you guys will get there faster. Now who’s coming with me?!”

Roy rushes to Lemmy’s side. As Lemmy waits for another volunteer, he bends down to pick up some coins, 20 in all. Then Bowser says, “Well?! Who else?!”

Solve this puzzle to figure out who should go:
Write down the first letter of each Koopaling’s name (including Susan). Now cross off all that are female Koopalings, and also cross off the three letters that are the same. Also cross off the one who already volunteered. Of the remaining letters, the correct choice is the one whose letter appears the most in this familiar phrase:
Yoshi still hungry!

*The Koopas collect 20 coins.*
If Morton should go, go to chapter 10.
If Iggy should go, go to chapter 3.
If Ludwig should go, go to chapter 12.
If Larry should go, go to chapter 4.

Chapter 2

Lemmy uses the controls to get the doomship flying. Since it is such a large ship, it takes a long time to go from place to place. This gives the three flying Koopalings some time to relax.


On the ground, the five other Koopas (Larry, Ludwig, Morton, Wendy, and Susan) are walking from Dark Land, trying to find the quickest way to Peach’s Castle. With warp pipes to Pipe Land, Ice Land, and Sky Land ahead of them, they are confused which one to enter. Ever since Bowser shut down all other warp pipes thanks to the Marios getting easy transportation to all kinds of secret places, transportation has become a difficulty. These are the only working warp pipes, because they are the first to have a security code lock on them. Only the Koopalings know the code, and Morton punches it in as the others think of which way to go. Ludwig looks at a map that is posted nearby, while Wendy picks up coins that are sitting on the ground underneath the sign.

“I’m telling you guys, the easiest way to get to Peach’s Castle is to go from Pipe Land to Water Land by boat, and from Water Land we can walk to Peach’s Castle easily,” the smartest Koopaling says.

Wendy disagrees. “I think that we can take a shortcut through Ice Land to Giant Land. From there, it is even a shorter walk to Peach’s Castle.”

Larry breaks in, “You’re both wrong. It’s much easier to go to Sky Land’s ground level, then go to Desert Land. Desert Land is next to Grass Land, which is extremely close to Peach’s Castle.”

Susan breaks up the whole argument. “I’ll put it this way,” she moans. “We’re lost!”

Solve this puzzle to decide where to go:
Morton happens to be carrying the sports page of the newspaper with him. It has the scores of three ice hockey games played the night before. From the names of the teams, you can figure out a basic idea of which land each one is from. Then figure out which land’s team did not play the night before. Then choose the path that goes through that land.
Pyramids 6, Giants 4
Piranhas 5, Swimmers 2
Flyers 1, Icers 0 (overtime)

*The Koopas collect 10 coins.*
If the Koopas should go to the Pipe Land pipe, go to chapter 6.
If the Koopas should go to the Ice Land pipe, go to chapter 9.
If the Koopas should go to the Sky Land pipe, go to chapter 15.

Chapter 3

Iggy runs over to Roy and Lemmy. “I’ll come along,” he says.

“Great,” answers Roy. “Now all we get is two useful Koopalings and a punching bag.” But Iggy ignores Roy’s remark and starts walking down a path with the other two, towards the very well-placed doomship, the one belonging to Lemmy. The three Koopalings watch their siblings take off towards Peach’s Castle on foot.

As they begin to approach the doomship, a Spike bumps into Iggy. “Hey, guys,” he says. “I got a great deal for you guys. Give me five coins, and I’ll give you this spiked ball, absolutely free.” The Koopalings look at each other, then start arguing with each other over whether to buy the ball or not. Finally, a decision is made, the Spike runs off, and the Koopalings reach the doomship and board it. They prepare to take off.

*If you think the Koopas should buy the spiked ball, they lose 5 coins and get the spiked ball.*
Go to chapter 2.

Chapter 4

Larry raises his arm. “I’ll go with you!” he says excitedly. Larry runs along with Lemmy and Roy on the path to Lemmy’s doomship. As the others start walking towards Peach’s Castle, Larry takes out a watering can and starts to water every plant in sight. He sees a small fungus and decides to water it too. But even when it grows larger, he keeps on walking along.

“Yikes!” yells Lemmy as the fungus turns into a large, live mushroom. “Bowser told me about these guys. This is one of Peach’s fighting spies who disguises as a small fungus but, if you just add water, turns into a ten-ton... uh oh.”


Chapter 5

“Let’s play it safe,” says Wendy. “This guy is too innocent to let him get killed all over trying to save some money. Here you go, Hammer Brother.” Wendy tosses the Hammer Brother ten coins, and he tosses Kuribo’s Goomba down to Ludwig, who catches the Goomba. Then the Hammer Brother flies away.

“Are you okay, little buddy?” asks Ludwig.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” says the Kuribo’s Goomba. “I was hopping around, and this Hammer Brother scooped me up with his cloud and grabbed me. I’m too scared to go jumping around in this Shoe anymore, so why don’t you take it? I’d be glad to let you have it, because you saved my life.”

Ludwig takes the Shoe off the Goomba and thanks him, and the Goomba runs off. As he leaves, the Koopas start walking to Desert Land.

*The Koopas collect the Kuribo’s Shoe but lose ten coins.*
Go to chapter 18.

Chapter 6

“Come on, guys, I’m the genius here!” Ludwig pleads.

“Oh, all right, go ahead,” Wendy concedes.

The five Koopas jump into the Pipe Land warp pipe and find themselves in Pipe Land, surrounded by a bunch of Munchers.

“Well, Mr. Smarts,” Susan says. “Look what you got us into!”

“It’s okay,” Ludwig says. “All I have to do is tell them that King Ludwig is here. Hey, Munchers! King Ludwig is here!”

The Munchers just chomp more and more. “We ain’t getting out of here anytime soon!” yells Larry.

“Hold on,” says Ludwig. “According to my calculations, there is a way out of here, by jumping at that point over there. We all get a running start, then we make a long jump over the Munchers!”

“I don’t know,” says Larry, looking at the hungry Munchers. “I think it’s much safer just to go back in the pipe to where we came from and choose a different route.”

Solve this puzzle to figure out whether to jump or not:
Each Koopaling has his/her own maximum jumping length and some jump farther than others. That length is measured in Munchers. The number of Munchers each can jump over is as follows:
Heavyweights: 2
Middleweights: 4
Lightweights: 6
Roy, Morton and Ludwig are heavyweights, and the females are middleweights, while the rest are
lightweights. If all the distances of the 5 Koopalings here are combined, can they jump over 20 Munchers, or should they turn around? Remember, their combined distance must be higher than 20 to make it over.

If the Koopas should jump, go to chapter 8.
If the Koopas should go back in the pipe, go to chapter 13.

Chapter 7

The crazy Koopalings decide to try Larry’s insane idea. “Go ahead, take your best shot at me,” says Larry. The Hammer Brother happily tosses a hammer at Larry, but it goes over Larry’s head. Larry goes to pick up the hammer as the Hammer Brother starts throwing more at him. With some fancy footwork, Larry avoids the flow of hammers and is able to throw the hammer at the Hammer Brother.

POOF! Larry gets a direct hit on the Hammer Brother, and the cloud disappears. Ludwig dives to catch the Kuribo’s Goomba, while a strange cloud appears around the Hammer Brother for a moment. Then the Koopalings see a familiar face: Mario’s!

“I was close to getting you guys, but that’s okay. Now I’ll go warn Peach that you five are on the way!” Mario laughs as he runs away. As he runs off, Morton picks up the Hammer Brothers Suit Mario was wearing and stuffs it into his pocket.

“Are you okay, little buddy?” asks Ludwig.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” says the Kuribo’s Goomba. “I was hopping around, and this Hammer Brother scooped me up with his cloud and grabbed me. I’m too scared to go jumping around in this Shoe anymore, so why don’t you take it? I’d be glad to let you have it, because you saved my life.”

Ludwig takes the Shoe off the Goomba and thanks him, and the Goomba runs off. “Well, that was exciting,” says Wendy, as she picks up some coins Mario left behind.

Susan is hugging Larry, who is desperately trying to avoid her. “You did such a good job, as always,” Susan says to him.

Morton is talking to a blade of grass, at least until Ludwig kicks him. “Come on, let’s go,” the oldest Koopaling commands. The rest of the Koopalings follow Ludwig on the road to Desert Land.

*The Koopas collect the Hammer Brothers Suit, the Kuribo’s Shoe, and 5 coins.*
Go to chapter 18.

Chapter 8

“I’m telling you guys, just jump over the Munchers and it’ll be all right,” says Ludwig. The others stare at the hungry, chomping Munchers with fear. The ten-foot jump over the field of Munchers seems more like ten miles. They all wait a minute, then Larry has a suggestion. “Since it’s your idea, Ludwig, you jump first.”

Ludwig frowns, then he gets a running start. He makes his jump confidently, but, in mid-air, he finally realizes that he should have been watching his weight. He barely makes it over one Muncher and lands in the mouth of another. The other Koopalings jump into the field of Munchers to try to save him, but they all end up in Munchers’ mouths.

“Hmm, maybe my calculations were a little off,” sighs Ludwig as the Munchers have lunch.


Chapter 9

The five Koopalings jump into the Ice Land pipe one after another. Each comes out on an iceberg. This iceberg they are landing on is very weak, and by the time Ludwig comes out, it cracks into small pieces. The Koopalings frantically swim to shore.

“Ice Land: the coolest place on Plit,” Larry sighs.

The Koopas freeze as they walk through Ice Land, going through many of the strange and crazy environments. After a lot of walking, the Koopas find a bridge that carries them to Giant Land. By the time they finish their long walk through Giant Land, most of them are near collapsing, as they have been walking for nearly five hours. Ludwig, about to faint, sees a Kuribo’s Goomba nearby and thinks he is a pillow. “Ah, a nice place to relax,” Ludwig says, and he rests his head on the Kuribo’s Goomba. The Kuribo’s Goomba scurries away, hopping in his Kuribo’s Shoe.

“Rats,” says Wendy. “We could have used that Shoe for something.”

Morton adds, “Yeah, and we could've jumped up and down and up and down and up and down and-”

Susan slaps Morton in the mouth, and the Koopalings continue on through Giant Land until they find the road to Peach’s Castle. They start to walk down that path.

Go to chapter 19.

Chapter 10

Morton steps forward. “I will come along with you, and we will win. We shall be victorious! No one shall defeat us!” he says.

“Okay, okay,” Lemmy answers. “Now let’s go to my doomship.”

The three walk along a path to Lemmy’s doomship, which is conveniently located about half a mile ahead. They watch the others start to walk on foot on the long road to Peach’s Castle just as Morton starts a rant.

“How far is it to the doomship? I want to know! I can’t walk forever, you know! I have to take a break at times. My legs get too tired. Have you ever got that tired? I have. In fact, it’s been only a week since I last got that tired, exhausted, weary, and burdened. In fact, there are more words to describe how tired I am. Do you like to use long words? I do. How about short ones? You do?! Wow! You know, I kind of like someone like you. You-”

POW! Roy’s fist hits Morton in the chin. “Shut up!” Roy yells. “Anyone else would have been better than you! Go to the others and bring back someone else.”

Morton, unable to talk for a couple of minutes, sends Iggy over to Roy and Lemmy. “Finally,” Lemmy says. “We’re here.” Roy smiles evilly and jumps on the doomship. Lemmy boards as well just as Iggy comes running to get on.

“Just in time for my punches!” Roy says. “Let’s go!”

A Spike starts waving his arms, but it is no use. The Koopalings passed him up while Morton was talking, which has made him mad, so he storms off. As he does, the Koopalings prepare for take-off.

Go to chapter 2.

Chapter 11

“We’re bankrupt,” says Roy.

“We’re also Shoeless,” says Larry.

“Then let’s just wait out here,” replies Lemmy.

The Koopalings are standing outside of the castle moat, thinking of a plan. Ludwig has an idea. “Roy and I have good arms, so we can just start throwing you guys into the castle through a window. Then you kidnap Peach and the Mario Brothers and run out.”

This starts an argument. “You won’t ever throw me!” says Wendy.

“You want to make a bet?” asks Ludwig. The other Koopalings try to hold Ludwig back, but he is able to grab Wendy and throw her into the castle through a window. She slides right into a wall and is knocked unconscious.

Go to chapter 26.

Chapter 12

Ludwig speaks up. “It would be an honor for me to join your cause,” he says. Lemmy and Roy lead Ludwig down a path, heading straight towards Lemmy’s doomship, about half a mile down the road. Halfway there, Ludwig sees a Spike.

“Would you like to buy a spiked ball?” the Spike asks.

Ludwig replies, “A spiked ball?! This is probably Toad in disguise offering us a bomb! No way!” Ludwig kicks the Spike, who drops four of his balls, which roll away. Then he realizes his mistake. “I guess you are for real. Sorry about that.” He helps the Spike to his feet. The angry Spike asks for five coins per ball, totaling to 20 coins. Lemmy concedes and gives him the coins, and then the Spike runs off.

“Nice going, genius!” says Roy

Ludwig replies, “I’d rather walk to Peach’s Castle than go with you two! I’ll go get someone else!” Ludwig runs off and sends Iggy to Roy and Lemmy, and Ludwig joins the other Koopalings on their walk on foot to Peach’s Castle. As the others start their walk, Iggy, Roy, and Lemmy board the doomship and prepare to take off.

*The Koopas lose all of their coins.*

Go to chapter 2.

Chapter 13

Ludwig looks down at his feet and realizes he can’t make the jump. Why not? He can’t even see his feet! “Let’s go back, guys,” Ludwig suggests, and the Koopalings hurry back into the pipe.

The Koopalings exit the pipe and take a look at the two remaining pipes. “Which one?” says Larry.

Morton replies, “There’s Ice Land and Sky Land and Ice Land and Sky Land and Ice Land and-”

“Shut up!” says Susan, who gives Morton a light punch.

“I’ve got a coin,” suggests Wendy. “Let’s toss it up and see where we should go.”

Flip a coin and choose which pipe to go in by what side comes up.
If the coin is heads, take the Ice Land pipe and go to chapter 9.
If the coin is tails, take the Sky Land pipe and go to chapter 15.

Chapter 14

Roy remembers the spiked ball that he and the other two bought off the Spike. He pulls it out and throws it at Luigi’s balloon.

POP! “Direct hit!” Roy yells, as Luigi’s balloon breaks open and he starts to fall towards the ground. The Bob-ombs pour out of his vacuum, but they all badly miss the doomship. “Ha ha!” Roy laughs. “Luigi’s going to be a pancake when he hits bottom!” But Luigi hits a button on his vacuum and a parachute comes out, giving him a nice, soft landing on the ground side of Sky Land.

“That was close,” says Lemmy as he watches Luigi scurry away and the spiked ball hit the ground. “We almost got cooked by that goose.”

The doomship continues on until it finally reaches Peach’s Castle. “Let’s land,” says Iggy. The doomship starts to slow down and come towards the ground, and it finally lands, about half a mile away from the palace. The other Koopalings run over to the doomship to meet up with their brothers.

“Yes, yes, we’re here,” says Lemmy. “Now how are we going to get into that castle?”

The Koopalings think for a moment, then Larry suggests, “Just go through the front door.”

“It’s locked, moron!” says Roy.

“But wait!” says Larry. “We could bribe a guard to open it.”

“Like that’s going to work!” replies Roy, getting angrier by the minute. “Let’s try to get in through a window.”

“How?” asks Larry.

“If we could jump high and far enough, we could,” says Roy.

“We’re getting nowhere,” says Lemmy. “If you guys have the money or item to do one of those things, we can, but if not, we’ll just wait out here and think longer.”

If the Koopas have the Kuribo’s Shoe and you think they should follow Roy’s plan, go to chapter 20.
If the Koopas have ten or more coins and you think they should follow Larry’s plan, go to chapter 17.
If the Koopas don’t have either the Kuribo’s Shoe or ten or more coins, or they do have them but you think they should lie about their possessions and follow Lemmy’s plan, go to chapter 11.

Chapter 15

The five Koopalings hop into the Sky Land pipe and land on the ground side of the land. “Good thing we’re here and not at the sky half,” Susan says.

“Why not?” Ludwig remarks.

“With your weight, the clouds would collapse and we’d crash to the ground,” she replies. Ludwig gives an annoyed look to Susan, but then he continues on.

Just as the Koopas are about to enter a bridge, they notice that a Hammer Brother is floating in a cloud above holding a Kuribo’s Goomba hostage. “Help! Koopas!” the Goomba yells.

“Put him down,” says Wendy.

“No!” Ludwig screams. “If he does that, he might get squashed upon hitting the ground. Just float down here and hand us the Goomba, Hammer Brother!”

This particular Hammer Brother is stubborn, and he starts tossing hammers at the Koopalings. “Give me ten coins, and I’ll put down your buddy here,” he replies. “If you don’t, then I’ll hammer him and then you guys.”

Ludwig’s face turns red with anger. “How is Roy training these Sky Land minions? This guy’s obviously turned on the Koopas.” The Goomba starts to shriek madly as the Hammer Brother pulls out another hammer.

“Wait a minute!” Larry yells. “I’ve got a plan!”

“You’ve got one minute before your friend here gets the hammer,” replies the Hammer Brother.

The Koopas make a huddle. “Well?” asks Wendy. “What’s your plan?”

“Don’t be harsh on him!” Susan says. “Go ahead, Larry.”

“Well,” says Larry, “I can ask him to throw a hammer at us. Then, we’ll dodge it, I’ll pick it up, and I’ll give it right back!”

Ludwig replies, “What if you miss, or if it hits one of us? Let’s just give him some coins and free our friend.”

If the Koopas should try Larry’s idea, go to chapter 7.
If the Koopas should try Ludwig’s idea, go to chapter 5.

Chapter 16



Chapter 17

The Koopalings look at the window of the castle, and then look at the door. “Uh, jumping isn’t that good of an idea,” Ludwig says. “Especially with my weight.” Roy gets quite upset over Ludwig’s suggestion, but he reluctantly agrees with the rest to go bribe a Mushroom guard.

“Here, Roy, take these ten coins and go tell that guard to open up,” says Larry. Roy walks over to the guard. He shakes his head in disgust over the idea right before he asks the watchman.

“What do you want, Troopa?” the angry sentry says.

'Troopa?' Roy thinks to himself. 'This guy must have poor eyesight, so he thinks we’re innocent Troopas.' “Uh, here’s ten coins for my Troopa brothers and sisters and I to go tell Princess Peach about Bowser’s terrible plan,” Roy lies, and he hands over the coins.

“Go ahead, Mr. Troopa, and your brothers and sisters,” the guard replies.

Roy holds himself back from snickering, as he had actually only given the sentry five coins, but the watchman’s double vision made him see ten coins. “Come on, Troopas!” yells Roy to the other Koopalings.

“Troopas?” asks Susan. Roy starts making tons of motions with his hand to tell Susan to shut up, and she does promptly. Then the Koopalings run into the castle, through the newly-opened doors.

Inside, the Koopalings are shocked to see that there are hardly any Mushroom guards anywhere, but no sign of the princess either. The doors shut behind them, smacking Morton right in the back. “Ow! Pain! Torture! Agony! Yeow!” yells Morton. Roy and Wendy slam Morton to the ground and jump on top of him to make him shut up. Then they let him back up. “Much better!” he says.

“No more of that or we’ll be caught!” commands Wendy.

“All right,” says Ludwig. “Let’s go upstairs and find the princess somewhere up there.”

“Are you crazy?” is Iggy’s response. “The princess would be somewhere on this level of the castle. There’s no reason she would be up there.”

“You’re both wrong!” Lemmy answers. “Peach would probably be hiding down here in the bottom level of the castle, down those stairs over there.” The Koopalings start to argue, just as some Mushroom guards (with much better eyesight) see them bickering.

“Yikes!” Susan says. “They see us, now let’s go somewhere fast!”

Solve this puzzle to see what happens next:
Peach is in a secret room, and there is a sign that is written in code that tells which level she is in. The
Koopalings see this sign. This is the message:
For Mario Kart: Super Circuit: add Bowser’s number of stars in the “Speed” category to Peach’s number of stars in the “Weight” category. Then move every letter in that message forward in the alphabet that number of letters. (For example, if the number is 2, and the letter is V, the letter becomes X.)

*The Koopas lose 5 coins.*
If the Koopas should go upstairs, go to chapter 25.
If the Koopas should stay on the middle floor, go to chapter 27.
If the Koopas should go downstairs, go to chapter 22.

Chapter 18

The Koopas enter Desert Land on an empty stomach. By this time, they have been walking for five hours, and their stomachs are all growling, wanting some food. Of course, the best place for food and water isn’t Desert Land. Mirages start to appear, and the only way the tired and hungry Koopalings make it through Dry Dry Desert is by running to imaginary ice cream stands. Finally, they see Grass Land.

“Ah, my home!” says Larry. “There’s no place like home, you guys know, right?” The Koopalings ignore Larry because they are looking at Peach’s Castle. It is not far off, just across a bridge from the Grass Land fortress. “Forget about Grass Land, let’s go to Peach’s Castle!” Larry yells. The Koopas go across the bridge and head down the road to Peach’s Castle.

Go to chapter 19.

Chapter 19

The Koopalings finally reach the road outside of Peach’s Castle! The only problem is that Lemmy’s
doomship is nowhere to be seen, and they need the doomship to make a quick escape with the princess, or the Mario Brothers, or both, if possible. Morton goes as far as climbing up a tree to try to see an approaching ship, but he sees none.


Up in Lemmy’s doomship, Lemmy, Roy, and Iggy are relaxing, and Roy is even sleeping. It is very relaxing up on the doomship, because there are no opponents who could be up this high, as they float through Sky Land.

BOOM! All of a sudden, there is a huge explosion on the deck of the doomship. “A Bob-omb!” Iggy yells, as he recalls the small bomb with feet hitting the deck.

“Wake up, Roy!” shouts Lemmy. Roy looks up and sees a green balloon. Then he notices who is holding on to the balloon.

“Luigi!” Roy screams.

“Number one!” is Luigi’s response.

“Look,” says Iggy. “He’s carrying a vacuum!”

Another Bob-omb goes flying, but it misses the doomship. “He’s using the vacuum to spit out Bob-ombs!” yells Lemmy.

“How are you floating like that?” asks Roy loudly.

“This balloon is full of very hot air,” replies Luigi just as loud. “Now enjoy a fireworks show!” Luigi pushes a button on his vacuum ten times quickly.

If the Koopas have the spiked ball, go to chapter 14.
If the Koopas do not have the spiked ball, go to chapter 16.

Chapter 20

“Hey, Roy!” says Wendy. “We have a Kuribo’s Shoe, so maybe that will work.” Wendy pulls out the Shoe that the Koopalings collected off the Kuribo’s Goomba.

“Hey, this is perfect,” says Roy. “I’ll jump all the way into the castle window, then I’ll throw the shoe back out the window so we get in one at a time.”

The plan works. Roy lands inside the open window and, with his good arm, throws the Shoe over the moat to Larry. Larry, who had first doubted this idea, now happily jumps right up to Roy. Roy keeps tossing the Shoe back until all of the Koopalings are in the castle.

“That was a great idea!” says Larry to Roy. “I should have thought of that myself.” As the Koopas stare at their surroundings, Roy stoops down to pick up some coins lying on the floor. They are at the balcony of the castle. They see a ton of rooms down the hallway, so they decide to head down the hall quietly to try to find Princess Peach.

*The Koopas collect 5 coins.*
Go to chapter 23.

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