Mario Madness

By Crazy Packers Fan

Round 3 (Sweet 16): Part 1

Crazy Packers Fan: Weíre finally back here for Mario Madness, as it's seemed like forever since last week.
Here are the third round matchups:

#1 Roy vs #13 Mario
#3 Daisy vs #7 Yoshi

SMW Minions
#1 Charginí Chuck vs #13 Porcu-Puffer
#3 Banzai Bill vs #2 Sumo Brother

SMB3 Minions
#1 Tony vs #5 Boom Boom
#3 Fiery vs #7 Thwomp

Super Koopas
#1 Misty Koopa vs #5 Rachelle
#3 Lord Seth vs #10 Sandslash

And letís begin with the-

Lemmy: Hold on, hold on! Iím filing a real protest!

Crazy Packers Fan: Protest? Protest what?

Lemmy: I was the rightful winner of my race with Yoshi, because if youíll recall, I was in first when we both fell to the ground.

Crazy Packers Fan: True, very true. Letís have my judge panel here decide. They are very intellectual Koopas who will contemplate this decision wholeheartedly.

(Crazy Packers Fan points to Roy and Larry, who are having a food fight at their table.)

Crazy Packers Fan: Well, whatís the decision?

Roy: What decision?

Crazy Packers Fan: Let me explain.

After the explanation...

Roy: Yoshi is the definite winner!

Larry: Lemmy wins for sure!

Crazy Packers Fan: I knew it. All right, I have one other board member, where is he?

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep, beep, beep!

Crazy Packers Fan: Please stop. Now from what Iíve said about this argument, who wins, #2 Lemmy or #7

(Mr. Game & Watch uses his Judgement attack, and a #7 appears, as well as some food.)

Larry: All right, more food!

Crazy Packers Fan: Yoshi wins!

Lemmy: Oh, sure, youíre making this choice from these two morons and a flat guy!

Crazy Packers Fan: Well, thatís whoís on the panel, and I canít change it now! Yoshi remains the winner!

Yoshi: Yay! But Yoshi want food.

Crazy Packers Fan: Thatís not how to say it!

Yoshi: Oh! Yoshi forget! Now Yoshi remember! Yoshi still hungry!

Crazy Packers Fan: Now weíre going to go in a little bit of reverse direction here, by starting with the Super Koopas. First up is, #1 Misty Koopa vs #5 Rachelle! To have some analysis of this match-up, I need some assistance from Roy and Larry.

Roy: From watching the previous matches, I can easily see that Rachelle has the edge in this battle.

Larry: Your thoughts betray you, Roy. You know that Misty will win. You can feel it, and so can I.

Roy: Stop trying those stupid mind tricks! They only work on stupid morons.

Larry: Why else would I try them on you?

Crazy Packers Fan: The matches of this round will be races through Super Mario Bros. 3 levels, with a few
ďextrasĒ added to them, and they will be transported to the levels through warp pipes. This match will be in World 3-8, the horrible second Boss Bass level!

Misty: You always pick the hard ones just because Iím in it!

Crazy Packers Fan: Actually, this is one of the easier ones in this tournament. Seriously!

Rachelle: Any special rules to it?

Crazy Packers Fan: No. In fact, take advantage of any power-ups you can collect along the way, as they may
be your only hope of surviving. The first to hit the card wins! Weíll all watch from the big Jumbotron here at Wario Stadium to see who wins! Are you ready?

Rachelle: Sure.

Misty: Not really, but I canít do anything about it.

Crazy Packers Fan: Go!

Rachelle and Misty jump into the warp pipe, and they come out in World 3-8. They jump over the first high
platform onto one with a Troopa between two blocks.

Misty: I remember how to do this.

Misty kicks the shell so it hits the block with a vine inside. The vine sprouts and Misty starts to climb. Rachelle tries to follow, but the tide pulls her into the water, with Boss Bass swimming by.

Rachelle: This entire tournament is flashing before my eyes...

The Boss Bass swims closer...

Rachelle: Wait a minute... this isnít a shark attack! Itís only a pathetic fish.

Rachelle spits a fireball at the Boss Bass, defeating it. Just then, the platforms start to rise out of the water again.

Rachelle: That was quick thinking.

Misty jumps off the vine, but she finds herself now trailing Rachelle in the race.

Misty: I play the way itís supposed to be played, and it gets me behind in the race! Maybe I can use one of
those tricks to my advantage this time...

As the two racers jump on to a platform with a 10-Coin Block over it, Misty catches up to Rachelle, then she
ducks into her shell and knocks Rachelle off the platform.

Rachelle: What was that?

Fortunately for Rachelle, she was knocked onto another platform, putting her farther ahead.

Misty: How come all of the tricks are backfiring on me?

Both racers charge forward as the water subsides.

Rachelle: This time Iíll get the vine!

Rachelle jumps underneath a brick and makes a vine appear. Then she climbs up it as the tide gets high

Rachelle: That might clinch the race for me!

Rachelle looks over to her left to see Misty on a different vine, just one platform behind.

Misty: Iím not out yet!

The tide goes down again, and both charge ahead as fast as possible. Rachelle is able to make it to the lower level of a split platform, while Misty is on the top, the safer and faster route.

Rachelle: Uh oh...

Misty starts running as fast as possible. Unfortunately, a brick wall stands in front of her, and she canít stop!

Misty: Oh no!

Just then, Rachelle hits the Switch Block below, not knowing that if she would have not hit it, Misty would
have been surely knocked out. Misty is able to run through a newly-formed wall of coins and make it into the exit pipe, just ahead of Rachelle.

Misty: Wow! A win... for me!

As she climbs out of the pipe, Rachelle comes up underneath her and knocks her over. Rachelle then jumps over Misty and hits the card first.

Rachelle: I win!

Crazy Packers Fan: Rachelle is the winner!

Misty: Cheater!

Rachelle: Itís all in the game!

Crazy Packers Fan: Rachelle becomes the first member of the Elite Eight, and she will challenge the next
match-upís winner for the Super Koopas championship! Of course, that next match-up is a beauty, being...

Roy: #3 Lord Seth vs-

Larry: #10 Sandslash!

Crazy Packers Fan: And this is one that will need heavy analyzing to correctly predict the victor of the
competition, right?

Roy: Easy pick! Lord Seth!

Larry: Look, I know Iíve been wrong for the last five times, dating back to last week, but I just know Sandslash will pull it out, because heís got that charisma... that strength... that character... that-

Roy: You have no excuse for that poor pick! Get the battle on!

Crazy Packers Fan: This race will be aboard Royís doomship! The first one into Royís cabin wins!

Lord Seth: Sounds pretty simple... no rules, right?

Crazy Packers Fan: Right.

Sandslash: Iíve been waiting for this moment for all my life... well, at least a few months, ever since I got kicked off the Super Koopas team in The Mushroom Games and this guy took my place!

Crazy Packers Fan: Are you ready?

Lord Seth: Yes!

Sandslash: Letís go!

Crazy Packers Fan: Go!

The two racers hop in the pipe and appear on the front deck of Royís doomship. They start running as fast as possible, jumping over the first cannon and Rocket Engine.

Lord Seth: My teleporting isnít going to get me very far, and it may drop me off in a bad place. But I know a way to get a quick lead on this guy.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt hits Sandslash.

Sandslash: Ouch! Ow! What a hit!

Lord Seth: That might win it right there!

Sandslash: Ha ha ha! Iím a ground-type, so electricity doesnít hurt me!

Lord Seth: Oops...

Sandslash takes a small lead, climbing up past two metallic cannons part of a metal wall. Lord Seth follows closely behind.

Sandslash: Now for something more!

Sandslash hits a ? Block and a Fire Flower appears. He grabs it and starts tossing fireballs... at Lord Seth!

Lord Seth: Time to start trying... Iíll just use my invincibility for protection!

With Lord Seth invincible, he starts dashing through the ďGauntletĒ part of Royís doomship, the part with eight metal cannons and two Bullet Bill Blasters.

Sandslash: Rats! Wait, whatís that?

A new ? Block is set up in front of the ďGauntletĒ part of the doomship. Sandslash jumps to hit it, and a
Starman appears.

Sandslash: My only hope!

Sandslash dramatically and desperately dives for the Star, but it bounces past him and lands right on Lord

Sandslash: Arrrrgh! What a bad break!

Lord Seth: Iíve got double invincibility!

A Bullet Bill heads right for Lord Seth, and he runs as fast as possible right into it.


Lord Seth is knocked over by the Bullet Bill.

Lord Seth: Ouch! What happened to my invincibility?

Sandslash runs past Lord Seth laughing, and he jumps into the pipe to Royís cabin.

Sandslash: At last I have revenge!

Crazy Packers Fan: Sandslash wins!

Roy stares at the big screen, stunned. Heís so shocked, in fact, that he canít even talk.

Larry: Didnít you know that a Starman will cancel out invincibility if your previous invincibility wasnít from a Starman?

Roy just stares, shocked as ever.

Crazy Packers Fan: How about this big upset? Sandslash, wanting revenge for The Mushroom Games, has
finally found it on the hardest doomship of all! Somehow he finds himself in the Elite Eight up against Rachelle!

Larry: Finally! A correct pick! How about that, Roy?

Roy continues his blank stare at the Jumbotronís screen.

Crazy Packers Fan: This sets up for a huge match-up in two weeks, but next week weíll continue this third
round. I will have the popular choice for this roundís winners finalized on Tuesday, when the poll ends. Then the picks will be sealed.

Larry: I canít wait for more of these races! How about you, Roy?

Roy, as youíd guess, doesnít say a word. He just stares at that huge screen.

Crazy Packers Fan: Hmm... Ludwig forgot to provide warp pipes for those racers to get back here, as
always with him. Well, theyíll find their way back here some way. Until next time, so long for Mr. Game &
Watch, Larry, Roy, and I, and weíll see you here next week for the second half of round three of Mario Madness!

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