Mario Madness

By Crazy Packers Fan

Round 3 (Sweet 16): Part 2

Crazy Packers Fan: Welcome to the second half of Mario Madnessís Sweet Sixteen round! After receiving some fan support, and some particularly wild voting for characters, itís become clear to me that there are
certain characters no one likes and certain ones everyone likes, and maybe a couple of tough choices for match winners. And about that fan support, it may or may not have an effect on the matches today.

Roy: Weíve got a line of angry players who lost and are filing protests!

Crazy Packers Fan: Ignore them. I want to actually have some contests. Letís go to match number one: #1 Roy vs #13 Mario!

Roy: What a mismatch!

Mario: You want to miss the match?

Crazy Packers Fan: Like last week, these will all be Mario 3 levels. The level this week: World 7-7!

Roy: Which one is that?

Ludwig: It happens to be the field of Munchers! You must collect four Starmen along your journey towards
the exit pipe-

Crazy Packers Fan: Shh! This is there contest!

Ludwig: Itís ďtheirĒ, not ďthereĒ!

Crazy Packers Fan: How did you- never mind you. Ready, go!

Roy and Mario jump into a pipe and find themselves looking at another warp pipe dead ahead.

Roy: Iím going to get a big lead early like this!

Roy grabs Mario and enters the pipe. Then he carries Mario to the Munchers, tosses him into the munching Piranhas, then hits a block.

Roy: Now to wipe Mario out!

But instead of a Starman popping out, a Fire Flower comes out!

Roy: Oh no! Packís gone crazy again and decided to make this level hard.

Back at Wario Stadium, Crazy Packers Fan, Larry, and Mr. Game & Watch are sitting at their usual table.

Crazy Packers Fan: I really rigged this course to test Royís patience. I knew heíd kill Mario if I didnít.

Larry: But look at Mario! He might get killed anyway!

The screen switches to a close-up of Mario getting mauled by Munchers.

Crazy Packers Fan: You know, if I didnít know that was Mario there, Iíd actually get worried about those Munchers killing someone.

Larry: But whatís so different about Mario?

All of a sudden, Mario jumps into the air, leaping all the way back to the beginning of the field of Munchers.

Crazy Packers Fan: Mario always gets himself out of trouble. Now letís see if Roy uses his noggin...

Roy: This is impossible! I canít get across that field if there arenít any Starmen! Come on, Roy, use your head!

Roy jumps and hits an invisible block. Out comes... a Starman!

Roy: YES!!!

Mario grabs the Starman and starts to race off, across the field of Munchers.

Roy: NO!!!

In desperation, Roy starts chasing Mario while jumping continuously and hoping that the Munchers wonít
chomp off his feet.

Roy: Iíll never catch that loser if he gets another Starman!

Mario hits the next ? Block, and a Starman comes out. With absolutely no contest whatsoever, Mario grabs the next Star and keeps going.

Roy: ARRRRRGH!!! How did I let him do this to me?

Larry: You wouldnít do this to Roy, would you?

Crazy Packers Fan: Hey, Iím not picking the winner for this one. If Mario wins this one, thatís going to be too bad.

Mr. Game & Watch: BEEP! BEEP!

Crazy Packers Fan: Whatíd he say?

Larry: Look! Look!

Roy has hit an invisible block by accident, and a Super Leaf has come out.

Roy: Well, this may not be as good as I wanted, but I can work with this.

Roy jumps as high as he possibly can. Of course, Roy canít jump that high, so he doesnít get very far.

Roy: If I could only jump onto that invisible block...

Roy tries jumping to the very right of the block, but he ends up hitting another block. Out comes a Hammer Brothers Suit.

Roy: This is ridiculous!

Crazy Packers Fan: Letís check Marioís progress, because watching Roy is useless.

Mario has just grabbed the third Starman and is still running fast.

Larry: You think Marioís going to win, or choke?

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep beep.

Larry: Me too.

Crazy Packers Fan: I wish I could understand Mr. Game & Watch...

Roy is jumping up and down like mad. As he moves from one Muncher to another, heís hitting his head and
hurting his feet constantly, but he canít catch a break. Although he wants a Star, he keeps getting other things, ranging from good (Tanooki Suit) to bad (Magic Feather).

Roy: If I could only get a Star... arrrrgh!!!

Crazy Packers Fan: I wonder if Marioís ended this madness yet...

Mario grabs the fourth Star and appears to be home free.

Larry: Uh, CPF, you wouldnít let Mario win, would you?

Crazy Packers Fan: I wouldnít, but...

Mario runs into the last warp pipe.

Crazy Packers Fan: ... the fans would.

Larry: Unbelievable. Just totally outrageous. I mean, itís just... unspeakable. Unheard of.

Roy finally catches a break by getting a Switch Block to appear.

Roy: Yes! This could help...

Roy hits the Switch Block and all the Munchers turn to coins. Seeing a last chance, Roy uses every bit of
running speed he could ever possibly use, and gets all the way to a tight squeeze beneath a low pipe and
coins, collecting them, but afterward the coins suddenly turn to Munchers.

Roy: ARRRRRRGH!!! My only chance at winning!

Mario is still running towards the card.

Mario: Was-a that supposed to be-a hard?

Mario jumps toward the card, then hears someone yell, ďNope!Ē

Mario: Wha?

Roy comes shooting out of a pipe straight above the card and touches the card first.

Roy: I win!

Larry: How did that happen?

Crazy Packers Fan: Roy jumped up in frustration and went through the pipe, which shot him out there. I set
up certain pipes to warp ahead, and that was one of them. Roy wins!!!

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep BEEP!!!

Larry: I guess Mr. Game & Watch was cheering for Roy.

Crazy Packers Fan: Either that, or he was afraid of getting beat up by a sore loser.

Roy (from the screen): I heard that!

Crazy Packers Fan: Anyway, Roy wins that match, bringing us to the next one: #3 Daisy vs #7 Yoshi! Any comments, Larry?

Larry: Well, here comes the true conflict. While Yoshiís a fan favorite, Daisyís a Packer favorite. And since I donít know which one of these two has the advantage physically, itís too hard for me to guess.

Crazy Packers Fan: So you arenít giving either an edge?

Larry: No, Iíll just watch and see what happens.

Crazy Packers Fan: All right. Now, you two, youíre going to race through Pipe Landís second fortress. You
know, the hard one?

Daisy: I wasnít ever in to that NES and SNES stuff.

Yoshi: Yoshi no care. Yoshi want to win. So say go!

Crazy Packers Fan: Then go!

Daisy and Yoshi take off, jumping into the warp pipe. They come out on the first staircase of the fortress. Yoshi makes a long leap and lands on the Piranha, bouncing off it and onto the next pipe. Daisy makes a jump, but comes nowhere near landing in the pipe.

Daisy: Why do these challenges have to be so- ouch!

Daisy bounces off the lava, as you always see the Mario Party characters doing in those games. For once, this works to her advantage, as she lands on the first pipe.

Daisy: For once. I wonít get that lucky again!

Yoshi, with his great jumping ability, gets all the way to a stretch of five pipes in a row before Daisy can even jump off the first pipe.

Daisy: This is so unfair! Iím sitting down and quitting!

As Daisy sits down, she goes down the pipe, coming out one pipe ahead of Yoshi.

Yoshi: Daisy cheater!

Daisy: Itís all part of the game!

Larry: You did that on purpose, didnít you, just like Royís warp thing?

Crazy Packers Fan: Iím not saying anything...

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep, beep...

Yoshi jumps, bounces off Daisyís head, and lands on a pipe a little bit ahead of Daisy.

Daisy: I hope no one out there is thinking ďthatís using her headĒ. Ouch...

Yoshi keeps on going through the fortress getting a bigger and bigger lead.

Daisy: Iíve had it. Maybe Iíll go down a pipe and come out further ahead again.

Daisy sits down, and suddenly she is warped to a different pipe!

Daisy: It worked again!

Unfortunately, she is back at the first pipe of the level.

Daisy: Arrrrrrgh... wait, this one takes me ahead.

This time, she cannot go down the pipe.

Daisy: Whatís this note... one-time use only!

Yoshi jumps into the final pipe of the upper floor, entering the lower floor with Roto Discs and Dry Bones.

Yoshi: Yoshi love to eat Dry Bones!

Yoshi eats the boned turtle.

Larry: Thatís gross!

Crazy Packers Fan: So are vegetables.

Larry: This isnít even a race!

Crazy Packers Fan: Yeah, some suspense would be nice, wouldnít it?

Larry: You wouldnít. You just wouldnít. Come on, now, you canít pick favorites.

Crazy Packers Fan pushes a button.

Larry: Cheater!

Just as Yoshi enters the Boom Boom chamber, Boom Boom clones appear and start running and jumping at Yoshi.

Yoshi: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Attack of clones!

All ten of the Boom Booms, nine being clones, jump at Yoshi at once. BOOM!!!

Larry: Gruesome. Absolutely horrifying. Thatís the most violent scene Iíve ever seen.

Crazy Packers Fan: Itís all part of the game.

Larry: And with that, I guess it wraps up the match.

Crazy Packers Fan: You bet! The winner is... Yoshi!

Yoshi: Yay! Yoshi win!

Larry: How did he hear you?

Crazy Packers Fan: Look! All the Boom Booms, nine of them clones, jumped into each other. Nine exploded and the tenth got knocked out. So Yoshi knew he won! Heís not stupid!

Daisy: *sigh* I hate all those Yoshi fans making me lose...

Larry: How did she know she lost?

Crazy Packers Fan: Uh, I donít know that. But it doesnít matter, as #7 Yoshi will move on to the Elite Eight to take on #1 Roy!

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep! Beep!

Crazy Packers Fan: On to our next match, which no one expected: in the SMW Minions bracket, #1 Charginí
Chuck vs #13 Porcu-Puffer! For a really fun match, you two will be in the Desert Land Desert level, complete with the Angry Sun and whirlwinds!

Angry Sun: Iím really angry because I got left out of the tournament!

Crazy Packers Fan: Sorry, I just realized that I left you out, Angry Sun.

Larry: Uh, Pack-Man, he canít hear you.

Crazy Packers Fan: Quiet! And another thing, Angry-

Charginí Chuck: Go!

Both Charginí Chuck and Porcu-Puffer jump in the warp pipe and land in the desert.

Charginí Chuck: Time for your playing days to end!

Charginí Chuck pulls out a baseball and throws it at Porcu-Puffer, who flops into the quicksand and starts
to sink.

Charginí Chuck: That ought to make his spirits sink! Ha ha ha!

Charginí Chuck charges ahead, making it all the way to a lone Koopa Troopa.

Charginí Chuck: Whatís this guy doing in my way?

Charginí Chuck hops on the harmless turtle and punts the Troopa over the incoming whirlwind.

Charginí Chuck: Time to get going!

Charginí Chuck charges right into the whirlwind, only to get blown back and tossed into the quicksand, right
beside the still-sinking Porcu-Puffer.

Porcu-Puffer: Great for you to join me.

Charginí Chuck: Oh, be quiet!

Porcu-Puffer struggles to get out of the quicksand, and finally does, but he promptly falls in the next quicksand pit.

Larry: This is pathetic!

Crazy Packers Fan: I know. I wish I could get them out of this, but theyíve got to show their true talent.

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep beep.

Crazy Packers Fan: What did he say?

Larry: That should take a while.

Suddenly, Charginí Chuck bolts out of the quicksand, hopping over the again-sinking Porcu-Puffer, running
towards the Troopa, and jumping on the poor turtle.

Charginí Chuck: This time, Iíll do it right!

Charginí Chuck carries the Troopa to the whirlwind, but by the time he gets there, he decided to stop.

Charginí Chuck: I forget what comes next... do I kick the Troopa into the whirlwind?

Charginí Chuck boots the Troopa into the whirlwind, and he quickly gets swept up in the wind and carried
back a bit, this time landing right on the Porcu-Pufferís back.

Charginí Chuck: YEOW!!!

Porcu-Puffer: Come on, Chuck, you can find a better place to sit!

Charginí Chuck: Iíll agree with you there!

Charginí Chuck rolls off Porcu-Pufferís back, into the quicksand.

Charginí Chuck: Hey, how come you havenít sunk yet?

Porcu-Puffer: I keep barely swimming in the sand to keep myself afloat. Why havenít you?

Charginí Chuck: Oh, same reason, thatís all.

Larry: Please end this madness.

Crazy Packers Fan: What am I supposed to do?

Larry: Hit a button so a warp pipe appears to take them to the end of the level. Iím getting so bored with this.

Crazy Packers Fan: So am I, but none of these buttons do that.

Larry: What about this button?

Larry pushes a button with the Angry Sunís face on it. Instantly, the Angry Sun starts chasing after the two
sinking competitors, who have no way of escaping his fiery wrath.

Charginí Chuck and Porcu-Puffer: YEE-OWCH!!!

Crazy Packers Fan: Some help that was!

Larry: Then how about this one?

After Larry presses another button, tons of Piranha Plants start to spring up from the quicksand. They all
start to bite the competitors.

Charginí Chuck and Porcu-Puffer: YEE-OWCH!!!

Larry: Well, at least there werenít any Venus Fire Traps... I take that back.

Charginí Chuck: Stop the torture!

Porcu-Puffer: We surrender!

Crazy Packers Fan: That button-pressing got us nowhere!

Larry: Well, maybe one last button will solve the matchís problems...

After pressing yet another button, whirlwinds fly through, just as Porcu-Puffer springs out of the quicksand. Instantly, he is dropped off back at the beginning of the level. A few seconds later, Charginí Chuck jumps out of the quicksand, and a whirlwind takes him the whole way to the end of the level, dropping him off on the card.

Charginí Chuck: Iím the winner!

Crazy Packers Fan: Charginí Chuck wins!

Larry: Finally!

Crazy Packers Fan: So we know that Charginí Chuck will now join the Elite Eight, along with Rachelle,
Sandslash, Roy, and Yoshi! Who will be our sixth member?

Larry: One of the following two, who will participate in this match: #3 Banzai Bill vs #2 Sumo Brother! I
should point out, Sumoís the only #2 seed remaining, which is a big surprise.

Crazy Packers Fan: Yes, it sure is, but letís get a move on! This match shall be held at the Dark Land Fortress!

Banzai Bill: Oh-

Sumo Brother: No!

Larry: You guys arenít twins or related or anything like that, are you?

Banzai Bill: Why would-

Sumo Brother: You think that?

Larry: This jokeís not funny anymore!

Crazy Packers Fan: Ready, go!

The two racers get into a humongous pipe and enter the Dark Land Fortress.

Larry: This looks like it could be an epic battle, with each competitor fighting back and forth, fighting tooth-and-nail, neck-and-neck, down to the wire...

At the same time Larry is saying this, Banzai Bill just coasts right through the fortress, destroying everything in his path. Sumo Brother is sitting on his back.

Banzai Bill: That Sumo Brother will never find the exit now!

Sumo Brother: Hello!

Banzai Bill: Get off me!

Sumo Brother: No!

Banzai Bill: I said, get off me!

Banzai Bill goes crashing out the back end of the upper floor of the fortress. He leaves Sumo Brother
behind as he continues to coast onward.

Sumo Brother: Now that Banzai Billís gone, this race should be a cinch!

Banzai Bill: Where am I going? I wish I could turn around! Wait, maybe I can go in reverse...

All of a sudden, Banzai Bill shoots backward, right into Sumo Brother.

Banzai Bill: AAAAHHHH- why am I screaming? Sumo, you should be screaming!

Sumo Brother: Oh yeah, I forgot. AAAAHHHH!!!

Sumo Brother opens a door and enters it. He finds himself very near the Switch Block which opens up Boom Boomís door.

Sumo Brother: Good thing that Banzai Bill canít open doors!

BOOM!!! Banzai Bill goes crashing downstairs, which is where Sumo Brother is and also where Boom Boom is. He enters Boom Boomís room and simply blows the fortressís guardian away.

Crazy Packers Fan: Banzai Bill wins!

Banzai Bill: Is that a win? I guess it is!

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep beep beep beep, beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep!

Crazy Packers Fan: What was that?!

Larry: The F-Zero X end-of-race music.

Crazy Packers Fan: Time for the Super Mario Brothers Three bracket matches! First up, we have...

Larry: #1 Tony vs #5 Boom Boom!

Crazy Packers Fan: Your match will be a race through Ice Landís Third Fortress!

Boom Boom: What, am I to beat up a Boom Boom?

Crazy Packers Fan: Whatís wrong with that?

Boom Boom: I am a Boom Boom!

Crazy Packers Fan: All right, I give in.

Boom Boom: So we can go somewhere else?

Crazy Packers Fan: No, I give in to letting you race against #1 Tony in this match!

Boom Boom: What? Oh, forget it.

Crazy Packers Fan: Thatís right. Now go!

The two racers jump in the pipe and get going.

Tony: Hey, Boom Boom!

Boom Boom: What is it?

Tony: Want a hammer?

Boom Boom: Sure!

Larry: Boy, is he dumb.

Crazy Packers Fan: Yeah, I didnít think heíd be that stupid to actually say yes to wanting a hammer.

Tony: Here you go, buddy.

Tony hands Boom Boom the hammer gently.

Tony: Now make sure you donít get hurt, you hear me?

Larry: This canít be happening.

Crazy Packers Fan: This is one of the most shocking moments Iíve ever seen. In that case, Tonyís supposed
to throw the hammer at Boom-Boom, not hand it to him! What is this, a G-rated movie?

Larry: Even G movies have some violence...

Tony and Boom Boom take out lots of enemies with their hammers. Tony keeps handing Boom-Boom hammers to use.

Tony: All right, Iíve got something important to tell you, Boom Boom.

Boom Boom: Whatís that?

Tony: I didnít kill your father.

Boom Boom: You are my father!

Tony: No, no, no. Iím not your father either.

Boom Boom: Then who are you?

Tony: Oh, just some Sledge Brother!

Boom Boom: Oh, thatís all!

Larry: This is really scaring me.

Crazy Packers Fan: I know, Iíve never seen this before.

Tony: Now just because Iím paying you to throw this match doesnít mean you canít try, Boom Boom. At least
make it look like youíre trying.

Crazy Packers Fan and Larry: So thatís their evil plan!

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep?

Crazy Packers Fan: No wonder heís being so kind. They should both be bounced from the tournament!

Larry: But whoís going to be the winner?

Crazy Packers Fan: I guess if theyíre both cheating, and there are no rules against this kind of cheating in Mario Madness, then Iíll just let them go and see what happens. I have something, or someone, they arenít expecting...

The two competitors walk side-by-side into the first door, entering a room with three Boos.

Boom Boom: Enough of Mr. Nice Boom Boom!

Tony: Huh?

Boom Boom: I was planning to let you win for a large sum of money, but itís nothing compared to the one million coin prize! Iím winning this match!

Tony: What?

Boom Boom enters the door first, followed by Tony. They race down the hall towards... Bowser!

Boom Boom: What are you doing here?

Bowser: In case you two decided to cheat, Pack-Fan wanted me to be here and give you a big beating. But
since you arenít, the winner has to beat me!

Boom Boom starts swinging his fists at Bowser. Tony watches and waits, then tosses one hammer towards Bowser.

Bowser: No! Not that! I quit!

Bowser dodges the hammer.

Bowser: That Sledge guy wins!

Crazy Packers Fan: It looks like Tony wins!

Larry: Which leaves us with only one match to play here in the third round, the Sweet Sixteen, which is...

Crazy Packers Fan: #3 Fiery vs #7 Thwomp!

Fiery: All right!

Thwomp: Oor!

Crazy Packers Fan: This match will be the hardest level ever... Grass Land, Level 1!

Fiery: What?!

Thwomp: Oor?!

Crazy Packers Fan: Go!

The two enter the warp pipe and land in World 1-1. Fiery runs ahead of Thwomp, fireballing everything in sight.

Thwomp: Oor! Oor! Oor!

Fiery: Whatís he ďOorĒ-ing about?

Thwomp crushes the ground to make an underground pathway. Slowly but surely, he catches up to Fiery. Since Thwomp can move over gaps, he passes over the pits with no problem. Fiery can feel the ground
shaking underneath him, but he has no idea what it is.

Fiery: This is scaring me... some kind of earthquake...

Fiery now stands directly underneath the card.

Fiery: One jump away from a win!


Thwomp: OOR!!!

Thwomp comes up from the ground, crushing all the way into the card!

Crazy Packers Fan: Fiery wins!

Larry: Huh?

Crazy Packers Fan: Look and see! Thwomp came up underneath Fiery, pushing Fiery into the card. Thwomp
thought he had a victory, but instead, he comes up with an embarrassing loss.

Larry: Oh. I see.

Mr. Game & Watch: Beep!

Fiery: Yes! Victory is mine!

Crazy Packers Fan: Now we know whoís in the championship games, for every bracket:

#1 Roy vs #7 Yoshi

SMW Minions
#1 Charginí Chuck vs #3 Banzai Bill

SMB3 Minions
#1 Tony vs #3 Fiery

Super Koopas
#5 Rachelle vs #10 Sandslash

For those of you who keep score, here are the final vote totals:

Roy 5-0
Yoshi 5-0
Charginí Chuck 3-2
Banzai Bill 4-1
Tony 3-2
Fiery 3-2

Iím also leaving the option open for next weekís matches, that you may vote again for winners. For the final time, youíll be able to vote for the winners of three of the four games, just not the Super Koopas one. Those
votes will determine who gets to the Final Four!

Larry: I canít wait for next week.

Crazy Packers Fan: Next week is the Super Koopas championship, followed by the other championships in two weeks. Until then, this is so long for Larry, Mr. Game & Watch, and I, hoping to see you again the next two weeks for the Elite Eight!

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