Larry's Epic

By Arim

Larry awoke to the rhythmic sound of water drops falling from the ceiling. It was probably nighttime by now. He looked out the cavern entrance to see if he was right, and he was, except that some ten meters away the electrical creature was coming his way. "Oh @$&$, he's coming to get me!" Larry backed away, then started running deeper into the cave.


"But Lord Wart, we have been informed that this cannon has the ability to create great beasts of power. The
radiation it creates forms those beasts. It destroyed ten of our own troops, and if we don't stop using it, there could be dire consequences," one of Wart's advisors told him.

"Ahh, forget the consequences! Do you think I care?!" he snapped back.


"One more bad advise and you're dead, advisor!"

"Yes sir."

"Now, let me press the button!"


The creature had indeed entered the cave, and it was chasing Larry, at an extremely slow pace though,
Larry's only comfort. He sped through the dark cave, but the creature was always visible. After some three
minutes the creature started firing beams of energy at Larry. Larry saw ahead some kind of rock spiral staircase, which he quickly ascended while the creature fired beams from below. At the end there was a door. "A wooden door in a cave? What the?"

Larry quickly opened the door and closed it behind him. Inside was a sort of balcony that overlooked a
really huge, high-tech city. "Whoa, awesome." He couldn't admire it long enough, unfortunately, as out of the sky a massive yellow-green bolt of energy suddenly hit the city with all its force, completely destroying three fourths of it. The impact of Wart's cannon shook the place and Larry almost fell down from the high balcony. The rest that wasn't completely destroyed was charred, and was then destroyed by the beasts of electrical energy that emerged from the radioactive earth. "Aw, man!" cried Larry from high above.

The beasts just stood there without moving, probably waiting for their next prey. But where had that bolt
come from? It had come from the sky, but no cannon was big enough to be that high. Then how? Larry's thinking was interrupted when from the creature that had been chasing him caught up. "Wah!" Larry backed away and accidentally fell down from the balcony. Fortunately, he managed to grab onto the edge. Unfortunately, the creature advanced. As Larry's grip loosened, the creature advanced until its feet were
extremely close to Larry's. It was then thatv Larry spat on the creature's foot. The result was a mini-electrocution around the creature's foot that made it back away a yard or two.

Larry thought for a moment until his hands reminded him he was hanging by a thread. He quickly lifted himself up the edge and crept carefully towards the now-advancing electrical creature. He immediately spat on its face, and just as expected, caused a tiny electrocution. "Sweet, water is the key!" Larry told himself. I need much more though. He quickly backed away and looked down the edge of the place. There was nothing that he could use to break his fall. "Man, these things are sort of dumb." Larry opened the door behind the creature and backtracked all the way to the start of the cave. He ran out.


"Oh, Faraghè could possibly overthrow me. Let's show them who's boss around here!" Wart told one of his advisors.

"You may push the button, sir."

"Who're you to tell me what to do?"

"Um, I thought you wanted to destroy a town."

"I did, but now that you're telling me what to, I won't, so buzz off!"



Larry quickly arrived in Boolanh. "Hehe, that thing won't resist making mincemeat out of this town." And Larry was right, for when the electrical creature neared the town, it began to fire beams at houses and wrecking havoc. "This should get Wart's attention," said Larry as he hid behind some barrels.  And it did, because at that moment, many guards came out of the base to attack the town's aggressor. The guards started firing bullets at the creature but to no avail. "Heh, don't they know it's water that they need?" said Larry to himself. He saw a full bucket of water to the left of his hiding place. "Well, I can let them die, or I can kill the electrical thing. Hmm..." Larry was thinking what to do as every guard that came got killed by the creature. The guards did not stop coming though.


"Whoa! That thing is invincible! My troops!" shouted Wart at the screen that was showing his troops die.

At that moment, another screen came down from the ceiling. "Wart! What are you doing?!" the voice from the screen asked Wart threateningly.

"Ack! Master, I can't beat that thing!" Wart defended himself. "Your cannon is defective."

"SILENCE!!!" the unknown voice boomed. "Nothing of mine is ever defective, you fool!"

"Then why does the cannon make those creatures?"

"Simple, because it aids our cause, to destroy all life forms!"

"But it's attacking ME!"

"Then destroy it, you simple-minded fool!"

"It's invincible, master. My whole army cannot destroy it," Wart said simply, looking at the other screen, which was still showing his troops die.

"You only have to use water," the voice said calmly.

"Water, what a great idea! I'll do that."

"You pathetic amphibian. Oh, and capture the Koopa who is hiding behind the barrels." The screen went back up the ceiling.

"Hey! I AM a Koopa! Even if I don't look like it."


"Maybe I should let the thing be," said Larry to himself, rubbing his chin. Suddenly, other kinds of troops came out, these with light blue flame-thrower-like gear. They all started using the weapons. From the weapons came huge bursts of clear water. After only four blasts the creature exploded and disappeared in a puff of smoke. "They're not as dumb as I thought," said Larry.

Suddenly he was grabbed from behind by more of Wart's troops and was dragged back to Wart's base. There, he was put into another high-tech cell, this time with no guard or keys anywhere near, and no hope for Larry to escape. He was doomed to stay there. Forever.


"What city would you like to destroy now, Lord Wart?" one of Wart's advisors asked him.

"To tell you the truth, I'm tired of small and easy targets. With this much power, I need an even HARDER target."

Immediately the screen from which the voice had come earlier lowered itself from the ceiling.  "I can help you with that wish, Wart," the voice started. "I will help you destroy King Bowser and the Mario Brothers!"

"That's what I'm talking about! But I want Bowser's kids too."

"Very well, Wart. I will get them to come here. Then you will obliterate them and take over the Koopa and
Mushroom Kingdom!"

"GWAHAHA!!!" Wart laughed maniacally.


"This lasagna is great, Luigi!" said Mario to his brother while taking another huge bite. "I can't believe you made it by yourself."

"Thanks, Mario." Luigi replied smiling. "I have been working on it for weeks."

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. The typical mailman knock. "I'll get it," said Luigi, walking to the door. When he opened the door, he saw that it was Parakarry. "Hey Parakarry, what have you got for me?" asked Luigi cheerfully.

"I have to deliver this mail to you. It says it's more urgent than any mail you have ever received."

"Wow," said Luigi, receiving the letter. "That sure is something. Thanks Parakarry."

"Don't mention it," replied Parakarry as Luigi closed the door and went to sit back with Mario.

"*slurp* What *smack* is it, Luigi?" Mario asked, evidently more interested in his meal.

"Um, it's some letter that Parakarry says is more urgent than any we have ever received," Luigi responded, ripping open the envelope.

"Mmm, that *chomp* sure is something," Mario said, still not impressed.

"Let's see. I'll read it to you," Luigi told his brother. "It says:

Dear Mario and Luigi,

This is an urgent call for your help to aid the world. The world is in great danger and needs you to build an alliance with the Koopas, to face the greater danger-"

"This must be a joke," interrupted Mario.

"You will think this is a joke. But the truth shall come from the sky.

Signed, a friend."

"What truth will come from the sky?" Luigi wondered to himself.

"Hmph, that doesn't scare me!" said Mario valiantly. Suddenly a huge yellow-green bolt came from the sky and completely eradicated Mario and Luigi's house. Mario and Luigi remained unscathed, fortunately. "Ok, I'm scared." Mario admitted.

"At-chit-che-th-at-" was all Luigi could say as two huge electrical creatures emerged from the earth behind Mario.

"What is it Luigi? It wasn't THAT scary." Luigi frantically pointed towards the creatures as they advanced towards Mario. Mario looked back and saw them. "Mama mía!" he cried. "Quick Luigi, take one of these two Hammer Brother Suits I hold in reserve!" Mario quickly used one and threw the other at Luigi, who also used it. They threw practically hundreds of hammers at the things, but the hammers went right through them. One of the creatures fired a beam at Luigi and destroyed the suit.

"WAH!" Luigi ran away with Mario behind him. They saw a lake and immediately jumped in. The electrical
beings stopped just outside of the water. "What are we going to do, Mario?"


It was a normal day, Lemmy playing with Iggy, Ludwig stuck in his lab, Roy pounding Iggy, Wendy stuck on
herself, and Morton giving speeches to anyone who would listen, which was... nobody. Larry was nowhere to be seen. It was normal, anyway, until Bowser received a letter from an unknown correspondent. "Kids! Get down here, now!" Morton came running to Bowser first, then Lemmy and Iggy, followed by Roy. After a while Wendy came. "Ludwig, GET DOWN HERE!" screamed Bowser, and sure enough, Ludwig came through a warp pipe. "Listen, kids. This is a SUPPOSEDLY an urgent message for us eight."

"We're seven, King Dad," Ludwig corrected.

"Whatever. Anyway, I'll read it to all of you," said Bowser to his kids.

"This had better be important. I was just about to finish my finishing touches!" Wendy cried.

"Ah, shaddap!" snapped Roy.

"ROAR, QUIET!" Bowser shouted. "It says:

Dear King Koopa and Koopalings,

This is an urgent call for your help to aid the world. The world is in great danger and needs you to
build an alliance with the Marios, to face the greater danger-"

"This has got to be a joke," Iggy interrupted.

"You will think this is a joke. But the truth shall come from the sky. Go to Lake Fungi, and help your future alliance."

"Who is the correspondent of that mail?" asked Ludwig.

"Uh, signed, a friend," said Bowser plainly.

"Truth from the sky? What's that supposed to mean?" asked Wendy, intrigued.

"That dumb letter doesn't scare me! I'm the mighty Roy Koo-" Roy was suddenly interrupted as a huge
yellow-green bolt hit the castle and completely destroyed Bowser's, Ludwig's, Morton's, and Larry's rooms.

"MY ROOM!" cried the first three of those Koopas in unison.

"Alright kids, we'd better do what this letter says, if we don't want any more chaos in here," said Bowser.

Unexpectedly, three huge electrical beasts came out of the earth and started firing beams of electricity at the Koopas. Morton used fire against them with his wand, but it went right through the creatures. Ludwig and Bowser breathed fire but to no avail. Then Wendy shot powerful blasts of water with her wand and destroyed the trespassers. "So, these bizarre creatures are only crippled by water," concluded Ludwig.

"I say we go to "ake Fungi," said Iggy.

"I don't know, Iggy, this looks suspicious," said Lemmy thoughtfully.

"I totally, completely, entirely, fully agree, concur, and have same opinion," said a Koopaling who will
remain nameless although we all know which koopaling it is.

"Then it's decided," said Bowser. "We're going to Lake Fungi. Ludwig, you stay here and make us some water spewing thingamabobs."

"I don't have a lab anymore, King Dad," Ludwig reminded him.

"Then use Kamek's," Bowser ordered.



"I don't know how long we can stay here, Mario."

"I say we fight them!"

"No, wait!" cried Luigi grabbing Mario's arm. "They're invincible, remember?"

"Then what do you suppose we do? Run?"

"That could be a good idea."

"Ahh, they'll just catch up with us!"

Abruptly the creatures exploded in a puff of smoke. Behind them, Wendy lowered her wand. "The Marios!" roared Bowser. "You made the letter to make us come here!"

"No way!" shouted Mario, jumping out of the lake. "You made the letter to trap us here!"



All of a sudden, a piece of paper popped out from a warp pipe. Iggy caught it. "Hey look!" he called out to the others. "It says:

Now that you are together, you must battle the most important enemy. Wart has trapped King Bowser's
youngest son and intends to assassinate him. You must go to Boolanh and stop him."

"I have the weird feeling that we're being watched," said Luigi.

"Were is Boolanh?" asked Mario.

"No idea," Bowser admitted.

At that moment Ludwig came running up to them with a bunch of gear. "Yes, yes, I know you'll tell me I'm the fastest genius there vill ever be! Oohoohoohooheehee!"

"Shut up, Ludwig. Where's Boolanh?" Bowser inquired.

"Uh, a small coastal town in the main island of the Koopeg Islands, it's main source of income is-"

"Alright, we're going there," Bowser interrupted Ludwig. "To the doomships!"


"My letter delivery plan worked perfectly. Now they're all yours, Wart."

"Thank you, master. I will destroy them!"


Soon, seven Doomships were heading to Boolanh. Mario and Luigi were told to go on Bowser's doomship. An hour later, they were closing in on the small town. When they were within firing range of the town the earth split up and out came five more doomships. Then Bowser received a communication from Wart over his intercom. "Let's see if you can defeat me. brother! GWAHAHA!!!"

Abruptly, Bowser's doomship shook violently from the impact of an enemy doomship's fire. "Koopas, ATTACK!" roared Bowser over his intercom.

Immediately the skies were lit with firepower from twelve doomships. "We'll beat 'em, Dad," Lemmy told everyone over the intercom.

"Ah, but that is were you are wrong!" cried Wart triumphantly. "You still have to experience my... SECRET

At that moment, a yellow-green bolt split the skies and struck Morton's doomship with all its force,
completely obliterating the doomship. Morton fell from the sky to the ground below.

"Marios!" shouted Bowser. "Help Morton against the beasts that will come up where he's about to fall! Here, take these water guns!"

Mario and Luigi grabbed two water guns and two capes. They swiftly flew down to where Morton fell.
Many plasma blasts from the doomships hit the town, which was reduced to rubble in mere seconds.


Wart's base shook horribly. Larry even hit the ceiling in an exceptionally powerful shake. Suddenly electricity surged through the whole cell. It reached Larry and electrocuted him for a few seconds, then the cell door started opening and closing rapidly. Larry gathered strength and ran out of the cell when the door opened. Outside, the whole base was complete chaos. Guards fell from the catwalks, security cameras spun at incredible speed, and not one door was closed.


"King Dad!" Ludwig called through the intercom. "There is a massive-" Ludwig was suddenly interrupted as a yellow-green bolt came from the sky and destroyed Wendy's doomship. She fell to the ground and the
Marios flew to her aid quickly. "There is a massive satellite dish coming out of the ocean two miles from the town! It controls the unknown bolt that comes from the sky!"

"Lemmy, Roy!" shouted Bowser as he destroyed the fourth enemy doomship, "destroy that satellite dish!"

"I'm on it!" shouted Lemmy.

"No problem!" Roy shouted. Both doomships sped off towards the satellite dish.


Larry ran, trying to find the exit. He went inside a huge room that could hold ten doomships. In the middle was a gigantic rocket-like spaceship. "Wow..." Larry marveled at the rocket. The door to the rocket was open. Suddenly he saw Wart and about two dozen guards coming his way. Larry quickly hid himself inside the rocket. The guards positioned themselves military stle and Wart pressed a button on the wall. The rocket's door closed, trapping Larry. Inside, there was a big glowing glass container. "Fire!" Wart cried suddenly. The ceiling above them opened up and the rocket blasted off at incredible speed towards space.


Bowser had just destroyed the last enemy doomship when suddenly the earth opened up and out blasted a rocket. "FIRE!" called Bowser. The doomships prepared to fire at the rocket, but it rose to the air so quickly that they didn't have a chance to fire until the rocket was already above them. "$·&%!"


Larry looked out from a window and caught a glimpse of some doomships before he rose above the clouds. In mere seconds the rocket was in outer space. Larry saw Plit become smaller and smaller. He ran to look
through another window and saw that he was getting closer to a titanic satellite that had a cannon-like hole in the bottom. As he got closer to the satellite, the cannon-like hole lit up and fired a yellow-green bolt-like beam towards Plit.


"Can't you go faster?!" shouted Bowser. "We have to destroy that satellite dish!" Suddenly a yellow-green bolt came from the sky and destroyed Iggy's doomship. "ROAR! NO!"


The rocket Larry was in connected itself to the satellite. When it was fully connected, eight small holes opened on the walls surrounding the container and eight thick wires the exact size of the newly opened holes came out of the container. The wires extended and inserted themselves inside each one of the holes as the container glowed violently.


"The extra Aroocyan supply to increase the cannon's power has already been put to work, master," said Wart
to the unknown voice.



"Roy, the satellite dish is in firing range! Let's destroy it!" Lemmy called out through the intercom.

"Let's do it!" Both doomships fired at the satellite dish and destroyed it completely.

"We did it!"


"NOOO!!! They destroyed the satellite dish!!! It's over, master. I failed! $%&/!" cried Wart, aggravated.

"Imbecile! You shall pay for your incompetent mind! ... No matter. I shall operate the cannon manually from
the satellite!"


Larry was completely bewildered. He had left Plit's stratosphere in less than a minute. After regaining his composure he studied his situation. "What is that glowing container?" he asked to no one in particular. Suddenly, an automatic door behind Larry opened. From the newly opened door entered the real mastermind behind the whole plan. Larry turned immediately, and with widened eyes saw who it was. "Who are you?!"

The thing in front of Larry was something that looked like a heavily armored robot. Its shining metallic arms were long and its fingers were extremely sharp razors. The head was a metallic helmet with a dark visor in front. The robot had no legs; it only hovered above the floor. However, the most interesting part of the robot was the torso, there was a glass visor there too; inside the torso Larry saw a pyramid-like artifact violently pulsing with electricity.

"I am Cruelex, and I am the physical form of your worst nightmares!"

Larry remembered Cruelex. He was Culex's evil brother who had threatened the Koopas before. Fortunately
Lemmy, with the help of Kamek, Culex, and an incredibly powerful sword that was to later bring them trouble managed to trap Cruelex inside a small magical pyramid that they found in Cruelex's castle. Unfortunately, when Cruelex was being sucked into the pyramid, with his last breath he managed to trap Culex in the pyramid too. (For the full story see The Crystal Bane of Cruelex.)

"No, it can't be!" cried Larry in disbelief, but Cruelex's voice was unmistakable.

"You have lived long enough, Koopa. Prepare to meet your doom!" Cruelex advanced towards Larry, who ran around the container. "Do not try to run, for there is no escape!"

As Cruelex chased Larry his arm transformed into a laser cannon and he began firing at Larry; the Koopa Kid had to jump, roll, and sidestep to dodge the lasers. He saw that the door Cruelex had entered through was still open, so he quickly entered. Inside there was a long hallway that led to another door. Beside the open door there was a green button that read OPEN. Larry pressed it and the button turned red and read CLOSED. Unexpectedly there was a very loud bang on the door and a part of it caved in. Cruelex was trying to get in! Larry knew that it was a matter of seconds until the door was brought down, so he ran through the hallway. He pressed the button to open the door and then quickly closed it after entering. Inside it was like a small cockpit with a plethora of buttons and switches. From the cockpit Larry could see Plit. If only he could find a way to disable the cannon.


Meanwhile, Bowser's doomships had Wart's base completely and totally obliterated. "Let's get Wart," Bowser announced through the intercom.

Four doomships landed on what was once Boolanh and the four Koopas made their way to what was once Wart's base.


"Where can I hide?! Where can I hide?!"  cried Wart, terrified.

When Bowser, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig entered the base, they saw a place of extreme turmoil but they immediately recognized Wart's big green bulk. They quickly went to where Wart was. Bowser roared and Wart cowered in fear. "You will pay, Wart!" Bowser roared.

"Wait!" cried Wart. "If you do anything to me, you'll never know where Larry is!"

"You have him!?!" shouted Bowser. grabbing Wart by the throat.

"Augh! He's in cell 276!"

"Ludwig, go find him!" ordered Bowser.

"Yes, King Dad." Ludwig replied running off.

"I told you, so let me go now! Please?" Wart implored.

Bowser only tightened his grip. "If you're lying to us, Wart, you will wish you were dead when I'm finished with you!"

Minutes later Ludwig arrived. "King Dad, he's not there."

"ROAR!!!" bellowed Bowser as he choked Wart with tremendous strength.

"GASP! He's not... there?! It can't be! Gasp! Can't breath!

"WHERE IS HE?!" cried Bowser, shaking Wart violently.

"I *gasp* don't know! ... I swear!"



Larry didn't know what button to press until he saw a radio communicator. Perhaps someone on Plit could hear him! He hurriedly grabbed it. "A-anybody there?"


"A-anybody there?"

"What was that?" asked Bowser, looking around.

"It's the radio communicator!" cried Lemmy.

Everyone's head turned to the radio communicator in expectation.

"I said, anybody there?!"

"It's Larry's voice!" Lemmy said excitedly.

Bowser let go of Wart and picked up the radio as Wart exhaustedly gasped for air. "Larry?!"

"King Dad!!!" Larry cried in relief.

"Where are you?!"

"I'm in this strange satellite that fires those beams down to Plit!"

"Where is that, you freak?!" Roy demanded, kicking Wart.

"Up in space, idiot!" Wart shot back.

"Yeah, but how do we save him, you ignorant piece o' junk?!" Roy kicked him some more.

"Help me, Cruelex is gonna get me!" Larry pleaded, extremely frightened.

"Cruelex?!" everyone except Wart cried.

"It can't be!" Lemmy's mind filled with painful memories.

"I don't know how he escaped his confinement in the pyramid thingy, but he's back," Larry said nervously. "He'll be here any minute." As if on cue, they all heard a loud banging sound. "It's over," whined Larry, tears streaming down his face. "I'm a failure. You were right King Dad. I can't take care of myself."

"No, Larry-" started Bowser solemnly, but was abruptly interrupted with a loud crash. Cruelex's voice came high through the radio communicator.

"Hahahaha!!! It'll all be over soon, Koopa."


Cruelex triumphantly raised his arm to sever Larry. "No. I will not let you do any more harm!" Culex's voice suddenly came out of the robot weakly. Cruelex/Culex's arm never descended unto Larry. Instead, the arm shook and then the other arm grabbed it. The robot fell to the floor, seemingly wrestling with itself. Larry only stared, dumbfounded.


"Larry!" Bowser called. "Are you alright?!"

But there was no answer.

"Arghh! You... cannot stop... me!" came Cruelex's voice.

"How did Cruelex come back?!" asked Lemmy, a very worried look on his face.

"He just asked you a question, fatso!" Roy kicked Wart some more.

"What makes you think I'll tell you- OOF! Fine, fine! I found this weird pyramid thingy one day in Sub-con. It looked so valuable, I couldn't help but keep it. From that day onward I was haunted by voices, one voice telling me to release him, another telling me not to. The voice telling me to open it was clearly Cruelex's. The other I'm not familiar with, but it looks like I heard it from the radio communicator- OOF!"

"Make it shorter, you fat toad! Do you think we have time for this?!"

"After being offered infinite power, I did what the voice told me. I ordered the construction of a special armor. Just like the voice told me, I placed the pyramid inside the torso."


"G-get out of here!" Culex ordered.

Without, giving it a second thought, Larry ran back to the hallway. This time he ran through another passage. He didn't know where he was going, but he didn't care.


"We have to go up there and help him. Take me to one of your rockets, Wart. NOW!" Bowser ordered threateningly.

"Fine, fine. Follow me." Wart led them to another rocket. "Get in, I'll push the lift off button."

"Alright, hurry up!" Bowser said, entering the rocket.

"Yes, yes, don't worry. 3, 2, 1, LIFT OFF!!!"

The rocket went up in the air and disappeared in seconds.

"GWAHAHA!!! Idiots!! Maybe I can make this thing go to the sun."

Soon Bowser, Lemmy, Ludwig and Roy had left Plit and were heading at high speed to... THE SUN?!

"ROAR!!! I can't believe that $@?# tricked us!" Bowser yelled, stomping his foot.

"I should've known that good for nothing freak had something up his sleeve!" Roy growled in anger.

"We'll burn up in the sun! Wart is controlling the rocket's destination," Lemmy said, frustrated.

"This could be very bad," Ludwig concluded with a stern look on his face.

"Could?! Waddya mean COULD?!" shouted Bowser.

"Ludwig!" said Lemmy, "You could reprogram the rocket so that we can control its destination ourselves!"

"Of course I could, I am a genius! But I shall need to egress this vessel, and I will also need another one of you to assist me."

"Roy, you go with him," Bowser ordered sternly.

"Huh? Where?"

"I don't know where, but he said he needs someone to help him."

"I said we need to exit the ship. We must rush, sibling."

"Out in space?! I'll pound your face in if you make me go!"

"We shall utilize spacesuits, sibling of mine, you need not concern."

"Listen hotshot, if you think you can make me do this, you're very wrong! I'll smash that sweet tooth of yours!"

"SHUT UP AND GO WITH HIM!!!" Bowser broke up the argument.

"Yikes, fine."

"It's really hot in here," said Lemmy as Ludwig and Roy went to get space suits.


"GWAHAHA!" Wart laughed, controlling the rocket. "This is better than playing Galaga!"


Ludwig and Roy walked down the hallway to the spacesuit room. "When this is all over, you're gonna pay. Big time!" Roy threatened.

"Yes, I'm certain. When we get out, do exactly as I tell you and do not try anything. Our life is at stake here."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."


Larry had run a great deal and finally arrived at the Aroocyan supply room for the sixth time. "This place is like a labyrinth! Well if I'm here, I might as well do something constructive." He quickly cut all the wires that were providing the extra Aroocyan to the cannon. "Uh oh, maybe that wasn't such a good idea," Larry said as the room began to fill with a blue-green poisonous gas. He ran through a door and closed it behind him.


Roy and Ludwig were hard at work outside the rocket. After a few minutes the rocket was back on its way to Cruelex's satellite.

"I... will... never... do... that... again!" Said Roy.

"What's the matter Roy?" Lemmy asked playfully. "Scared? OW!"

"Shut up, runt!"

"At least we won't burn up," said Bowser with a sigh of relief. "But now we have to concentrate on saving Larry, before it's too late."

"We shall be arriving at the satellite in a minute," Ludwig announced.




Larry had arrived at the cockpit once again. There he met up with Cruelex, only this time he wasn't fighting with Culex. He had won, for the time being.

"Ah, how nice of you to come by, Koopa. Just in time to experience the death of your family." Sure enough, the rocket with Bowser, Ludwig, Lemmy and Roy was approaching rapidly.

"Gasp! What are you gonna do?!"

"Behold, the true power of the Aroocyan cannon!" As Cruelex said this, he cranked up the cannon's power from LOW to MID to MAX to UH OH, TOO MUCH. Then, without further ado, he pressed the FIRE button.

But nothing happened.

"WHAT?! Aroocyan supply low!? You! You did something to the Aroocyan supply! You shall regret this, Koopa!"

However, Culex used this time of shock to recommence his fighting for control of the robot. The robot again
fell to the floor in a maniacal wrestle with itself. By this time the rescue rocket had already connected itself to the satellite and the rescue party was on their way to the cockpit. When they arrived, they saw Cruelex on the floor.

"What's that?!"

"It's Cruelex and Culex!" Larry replied. He was relieved to see them.

"If we can get the pyramid out of the armor, we can defeat it!" Ludwig announced.

"Glass? This'll be a piece of cake!" Roy jumped and smashed his fist into the glass with all the strength he could muster. However, he only succeeded in breaking his knuckles. "Yee-ouch! That ain't no ordinary glass!" Roy told everyone, rubbing his knuckles.

"Hrrgh, you cannot even hope of defeating me!" Cruelex said with a fake laugh.

With a grim look on his face, Ludwig ran behind Cruelex. He placed his finger on the emergency exit door's
button and grabbed onto a steel pipe to his side with his other arm. "Everyone grab on to something!"

Everyone did so, except Cruelex. "Excellent!" Culex cried with a voice of triumph. The instant the door was opened Cruelex, Culex and Lemmy's ball got sucked into space.

"NOOOoOoOoOoOoOo!!!" was Cruelex's last scream as Ludwig pressed the button to close the door. Everyone gave a great sigh of relief.

"It's finally over," Larry sighed with greater relief than anyone else.

They all walked back to the rocket, but not without first setting the self-destruct mechanism timer.

"But what about Wart, Dad?" asked Larry.

"I don't care about him, he is in the middle of nowhere without any servants. It'll be a long walk home."

As the rocket entered Plit's atmosphere the satellite exploded in a brilliant flash, never to be seen again.
Lemmy, always the joker, said, "Man, that was my favorite ball you got rid of."

They laughed.

"I'm serious!"

The End

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