Mario's Time Machine

By Joey McCollum

(This is not based on the game.)

Part 1

Chapter 1: Toad’s Invention

Mario and Luigi were at their house, simply relaxing in the shade. It was a hot summer day, and Bowser had not attacked or captured Princess Peach in the last few months (which, for Mario and Luigi, was a pretty nice break). But it was getting boring.

“Hey Mario,” said Luigi, “what do you say we go over to the Mushroom Kingdom to see what’s going on?” Mario was getting bored too, and he was looking forward to see Peach, so he agreed.

Halfway through Mushroom Way, Mario and Luigi were surprised to see Toad. “Toad,” said Mario, “I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Me neither,” said Luigi. “So what’s going on in the Mushroom Kingdom?”

“Well, that’s what I came to tell you about!” replied Toad. “You see, something very special has been invented in the Mushroom Kingdom, by the smartest inventor around!”


“ Me.”

“Um... okay...” said Mario and Luigi, “But what is it?”

“Come, I’ll show you!”

They followed Toad all the way into the Mushroom Kingdom until they reached their destination: The Mushroom Kingdom Future Technology Industry (strange, that wasn’t there in the games). They went inside, and Mario and Luigi were amazed at everything they saw. Then they saw a black potion. Mario picked it up. “Whoa, what’s this?” he said. Then he accidentally tipped it over on a scientist.


Toad looked back. “I’m... going to have to find an antidote for that...”

Finally they came to a special room. Inside was a black sheet over some contraption. The thing under the sheet was the shape of a car. Luigi started to talk. “Is this the-”

“Yes,” replied Toad. “This is the invention.”

“How does it work?” asked Mario very curiously.

“Well,” began Toad, “do you remember those doors that appeared in Sub-con?”

“ Yes,” Mario and Luigi replied.

“ I found out how that works here. I figured out the formula of the Magic Potions." Toad pulled out a few Magic Potions from his pockets.

“How long have you saved those?” Mario and Luigi asked.

"If you project the portal in front of a moving object going extremely fast, the object will be transported through time depending on the amount of potion used,” Toad explained.

“And if you run out this ‘potion gas’?” asked Mario.

“You most likely won’t. I’ve copied the formula several times. We have thousands of potions now.”

“So this thing is a time machine?” asked Luigi.

“Yes. You can go anywhere, that is, anytime in Mushroom Kingdom history. And even if you were somewhere completely different, well, space doesn’t matter. Only time does.”

Mario and Luigi were both amazed. “So, can we ride it now?”

“No!” said Toad. “It’s still being tested. We should be finished by tomorrow. So until then, and when anyone’s actually allowed to use it, there’s NO time-travelling here.”

So Mario and Luigi left, both very disappointed. They couldn’t even see what the time machine looked like because it was under a black sheet. Luigi sighed and said, “And just when we thought we were going to have an adventure.”

“Oh well,” said Mario, “let’s just go see the princess.”

But little did Mario and Luigi know that hidden in the bushes were Wario and Waluigi, who had heard Mario and Luigi’s conversation with Toad (except the last part, apparently).

“Waluigi,” said Wario, “are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?”

“We’re gonna get that time machine. And we’ll do it tonight. Heheheh...”

Mario and Luigi stayed at the castle and talked with the princess for most of the day. They thought that she knew about the time machine, so they never brought that subject up. But after most of the day had gone, Peach, Mario, and Luigi were all tired. Peach said goodbye to Mario and Luigi, and Mario and Luigi went back home to bed.

And it was that night that Wario and Waluigi snuck into the Industry. There were no guards in sight. They both ran to the room that the time machine was in (strange, it wasn’t locked?). “Let’s see what this thing is!” said Waluigi. He and Wario pulled the black sheet off the machine. What they saw was a nice-looking convertible with dials in the front, and up to 200 MPH speed. The seats looked very comfortable.

“It looks almost as good as my Wario Car,” said Wario.

“Come on, let’s hop in and go!” said Waluigi.

When they jumped in, Wario spotted a remote. “Must be to the garage door,” he said. He pushed one of the buttons. Immediately, a door leaving the Industry opened. “ All right, let’s go!” said Wario, and he pushed hard on the accelerator. “Haha!” he said. “We’re gonna be filthy rich! We’re gonna go to Ancient Mushroom Kingdom! HAHA!”

Wario and Waluigi’s laughing was so loud that it woke Toad up. When he looked out his window, he saw Wario and Waluigi driving away in the time machine. The last he saw of them was disappearing into thin air in a bright flash. “Oh no!” he said. “I better get to work.”

Chapter 2: The Problem

The next morning, Mario and Luigi were awakened by none other than Toad.

“Mario! Luigi! Get up!”

“ Wha? Toad, it’s 5:00 in the morning...”

"I know! I know! But you have to follow me! We’re all in danger!"

So Mario and Luigi got up and quickly followed Toad to the Mushroom Kingdom again. Soon they were in the Industry. Toad brought them back to the room where the time machine was kept. Before showing Mario and  Luigi the machine, he told them what was going on. “You see,” said Toad, “I brought you here because the Mushroom Kingdom is is terrible danger.”

Toad told Mario and Luigi what happened over some coffee. “You see,” he said, “last night, two people snuck into the Industry. I was asleep at the time, but I figured it all out after it happened.”

“Wow, really?” said Luigi.

“Well, no, I just saw it all on surveillance. Anyway, these two people broke in through the door and stole the time machine. That was what woke me up. I looked out the window and saw the time machine being flown away. And I heard a voice saying something that had to do with ‘Ancient Mushroom Kingdom’. This obviously told me where- I mean when that time machine was headed. Later, when I saw the surveillance, I figured out that these people were none other than Wario and Waluigi!”

Mario and Luigi nearly choked on their coffee. “What?!” they said.

“Yes,” said Toad, “and they have the time machine! And they’re going to be back to this location in just a  few minutes, I’m sure!”

“But I thought they were still in the Ancient Mushroom Kingdom,” said Mario.

“That was then. No matter how far back in time they are, if they stayed for years, it wouldn’t even be a second now! But they’re probably a few miles away. They’re in this time now, but they have to drive all the way here. And once they take the short road to their house, they’ll go back to the past and change things even more!”

“That’s terrible!” said Luigi.

“We have to go after them!” said Mario. “ But, Toad... we don’t have a time machine!”

“ Well, you two are sure lucky to have me!” said Toad. “Last night, I used the blueprints for the time machine to make another one! Follow me!”

So Mario and Luigi followed Toad into the room where the time machine was held. Mario and Luigi got into the same type of car Wario and Waluigi did.

“Now, remember,” said Toad, “Number 1: You can only go up to 5,000 years in the past or future. Number 2: Do not do anything that will affect the future, just stop Wario and Waluigi and try to fix anything that they’ve done. Number 3: Always buckle up! ^_^ ”

Remembering this, Mario opened the “garage” door and zoomed out. “ Mario,” Luigi said, “we don’t even know what year those two went to!”

“Don’t worry, Luigi,” said Mario, “Wario is simple and predictable. It’s obvious that he went back exactly 5,000 years. January, Week 1, Day 1, 1:00 AM!”

“We’re in trouble.”

Mario entered the time coordinates, accelerated to 200 MPH, and blasted into time! “WAHHHHOOOOOOO!!!”

 Toad looked out the window and said goodbye to Mario and Luigi. Then he noticed something terrible. Buildings were starting to vanish from the Mushroom Kingdom! “Oh no!” he said. “Oh no...”

Chapter 3: Trouble in Time

 Mario and Luigi stopped so hard that the tire skids must have been three feet deep. “Alright, Mario, next time, I’M driving,” said Luigi.

“Yeah, whatever,” said Mario, “at least we’re here. Now let’s go find Wario and Waluigi.”

They walked along, very quietly and cautiously. If anyone woke up, something terrible could happen! They continued their walking. It was not long until they spotted Wario and Waluigi walking out of an ancient mushroom pyramid carrying big bags of treasure. Just then, they spotted Mario and Luigi!

“Stop right there, Wario!” cried Mario.

“Yeah, don’t move or I’ll pound you inside-out, Waluigi!” said Luigi.

“Not on your life, plumber jerks!” said Wario. You’ll never catch us! HAHA!”

Then he and Waluigi jumped into their time machine car and sped off to the next pyramid, louder than they ever had. This apparently woke some guards. The guards looked Mario and Luigi over. Then they tied Mario and Luigi up! They dragged them along until a large, golden palace was in sight.

“Mario,” said Luigi, “something’s wrong about those guards.”

“I know,” said Mario, “they aren’t Mushroom guards, they’re... Koopas!”

“Mario, they know we aren’t Mushroom People... they know that we’re different! And now they’ll burn us at the stake or something!”

“Luigi, calm down!”


Finally they reached the palace. They were taken up several staircases until they were at the top of a small tower. The guards pushed Mario and Luigi into a room and followed them in. Inside the room was...

“Bowser!” cried Mario. “How did you get here?” The guards poked Mario with their spears. Then they began speaking in a different language with Bowser.

“Hey, Mario,” whispered Luigi, “I don’t think that’s Bowser. Look at what he’s wearing!”  Luigi had certainly pointed something strange out. Bowser was wearing a suit just a little different than what a pharaoh would wear.

“So, then, this isn’t our Bowser?” asked Mario.

“No,” replied Luigi.

Pharaoh Bowser stopped talking with the guards, then nodded his head. The guards pulled Mario and Luigi away. And Mario and Luigi ended up in the dungeon.

“Great,” muttered Mario, “now we’re stuck alone in prison while Wario and Waluigi are off stealing treasure! We can’t even stop them!”

“Not to worry, Mario,” said Luigi with a grin, “for I have...”

What Luigi held out almost made Mario throw up.

“Poison Mushrooms?! Not in a million years!”

“Well, that could be arranged...”

“Oh, shut up! I’m not eating one!”

“I can’t go without you. What will I say to Peach?”

“You have a point there, but I’m still not eating one, and you can’t make me!”


“I cannot believe I’m actually doing this.”

“Oh, just eat it already! I have Mushrooms in my pocket that will grow us back.”

“ But... it’s just... ugh!”


And so, at the same time, Mario and Luigi put the Poison Mushrooms in their mouths.

“Ooohhhh...” groaned Mario, “it tastes like old beets lodged between an old man’s toes for three weeks without-”

“Yuck! Be quiet, you’re making me sick, Mario!”

Finally, they both swallowed their Poison Mushrooms. Soon, they began to shrink. They shrank more and more and more and more, until they were the size of mice. They looked around until they found a hole in the wall, just their size. They ran through. They came back out the other side. They were out of Pharaoh Bowser’s fort. Mario and Luigi ate the Super Mushrooms that Luigi had and grew back to normal. Now they could continue their journey to save the Mushroom Kingdom!

Now let’s see what’s going on with Wario and Waluigi...

Wario and Waluigi had just brought out another load of treasure from another pyramid. Now they were heading for the next one, not far away.

“So, Wario,” said Waluigi, “what are we gonna do with all this treasure when we get back to our house?”

“Simple, Waluigi,” replied Wario, “I'll use it all to build me a castle made of treasure! Wahaha!”

“Hey,” said Waluigi, “what do you mean ‘you’ll use it all’? Half that treasure is mine!”

“Not when I’m in charge!” said Wario. Then he laughed greedily.

“Why you- the treasure’s mine!”

“No way! That treasure is all mine!”

“It’s MINE!”

The two fought with each other so much that Wario stopped the car. He jumped up, grabbed Waluigi, and threw him out of the car. Then he sped off into the distance.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” yelled Waluigi. “ WARRRRRIIIIOOOOO!!!”

It was not very long until some Koopa soldiers spotted Waluigi. Then they began to chase him. Waluigi hoped that he could outrun the soldiers and catch up with Wario. He didn’t want to be stuck in the Ancient Mushroom Kingdom forever. “Ohh,” he mumbled, still running, “I could use help from just about anyone now... even from that Luigi!”

Suddenly, Mario and Luigi drove over in their time machine and knocked the soldiers out. They stopped next to Waluigi. Waluigi slapped his forehead. “ Well, if it isn’t Waluigi, stuck in the desert! ^_^ ” said Mario and Luigi, laughing.

Waluigi’s sad frown went so low it nearly slid off his face. “Um,” he said, “well-I-um-kinda-well-um-I... PLEASE, I BEG YOU, TAKE ME TO WARIO!!!”

“I don’t know,” said Luigi, “there were those times where you stole my coins in Mario Party...”

“Well... sure, but... uh... that was Boo!”


“It was only 21 coins! Please, I’ll pay you back!”

“I’m still not sure... what about when you taunted me in Mario Tennis?”

“I, um...I was jealous of how good you were? Hehe...”

“Oh whatever, we’ll take you back to Wario... but no tricks, or we’ll throw you off. Got it?”

“Oh... thank goodness... safe...”

Meanwhile, Wario and his treasure bags were heading for the last pyramid. Once Wario was finished with this, he’d go back to his house. It wouldn’t be as fun without Waluigi, but he didn’t care. Who needs him, he thought. Well, maybe I’ll come back for him when I’m finished with my new castle of treasure. And he’ll say, ‘ Oh Wario, help me, I can’t live without you.’ And I’ll say, ‘Well, okay, I’ll show you mercy today.’ And he’ll say, ‘ Oh, thank you, Wario, you’re too kind.’ And then I’ll be like-

“Hold it right there, Wario!” cried a familiar voice.

“What the- Mario! How did YOU get here?”

“I’m not alone!” said Mario. Waluigi stepped forward. “Alright, Wario,” he said, “you’re not leaving me behind! And you won’t get away as easy as before!” Then he jumped onto Wario’s time machine car. He climbed in and sat next to to Wario.

“Alright, Waluigi, now let’s leave these losers!” Then, laughing, they zoomed off and left Mario and Luigi in the dust.

Chapter 4: The Desert Chase!

“Oh no!” said Luigi. “After them, Mario!”

“Don’t worry, Luigi. We’ll catch them!”

Mario stomped on the accelerator. It was as if they were flying, but on the ground. The speedometer was moving over to 200 MPH. “I knew we shouldn’t have trusted that Waluigi,” said Mario.

At the speed they were going, It was not long until they caught up with Wario and Waluigi. But they were going so fast that they just zoomed past them. “Mario,” said Luigi, “we have to slow down!”

“That isn’t my job now. Luigi, take the wheel.”


“Just take the wheel!”

Luigi jumped over to the driver’s seat and took hold of the steering wheel. Mario moved over to where Luigi was sitting and looked back. Luigi began to slow down the car until they were parallel with Wario and Waluigi’s car. Mario stood up and got ready to jump. He looked back at Luigi. “Good luck, Mario,” said Luigi, still driving. Then, Mario made a leap into the other car. But he missed! Mario held tight onto the doorknob. Wario looked over at him, laughed, then hit hard on Mario’s hand. Mario’s hand slipped!

“Oh no,” whispered Luigi.

“HAHAHA!” laughed Wario. “Now what do ya think of that, Walui-" Wario stopped. Waluigi was knocked out. “Huh?”

Then, Wario got hit over the head with a bag of treasure. He fell back, unconscious. Mario climbed up, and jumped back over to Luigi. Luigi stopped the car. “Mario,” he said, “how did you-”

“It’s all in the skills, bro.”

Mario and Luigi left their rivals in the desert, along with the treasure. Mushroom People from a nearby town brought the treasure back to the pyramids, and soon enough, as Mario and Luigi expected, several Koopa guards came over and brought Wario, Waluigi, and their car back to Pharaoh Bowser’s palace. While most of this was happening, Mario and Luigi were zooming through the desert in the other direction.

“Ok, Luigi,” said Mario, “are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

And so, Mario and Luigi zoomed off into the future, where Toad was waiting.

Mario and Luigi told Toad everything. “But what we don’t understand,” said Mario, near the end of the conversation, “was why there was a Bowser Pharaoh, and why all that treasure was so important to the future.”

“It’s like this,” said Toad, “I did some research about this before you left. About 5,100 years ago, the Mushroom People were very abundant in resources: gold, silver, ore, wood, you name it... to put it simply, they were in paradise! But over in another kingdom, the Koopa Kingdom, things were not going so well. Their stockpile was very low, and getting lower. When the Pharaoh (Bowsarukham II) heard of an abundant kingdom not far away, he immediately sent in his troops to conquer the kingdom. Fortunately, the Mushroom Kingdom got word of this, and in the case that they would be defeated they placed their resources inside the pyramids, a place the Koopas would never look.

"The Koopa soldiers came in and claimed the Kingdom as their own. For about a century, the Mushroom People were slaves to the Koopas. The Royal Princess’ mother and father were killed. The princess and the prince went into hiding for most of their life, as did their children, and their children, and so on, and so forth (that’s probably where some of us may have come from). Until one day...

"The Mushroom People had multiplied greatly. Now there were many more of them than the Koopas. And, realizing the situation, the Mushroom people began a Civil War. It ended up that the Mushroom People won, and the small remainder of the Koopas scattered( although many went back to the Koopa Kingdom). The new Mushroom King took the resources out from the pyramids and repaired and rebuilt the Mushroom Kingdom. Nothing serious happened between the Koopas and them for many, many years. The Kingdom developed into what it is today. And the Koopas, now under King Bowser’s rule, have become much more aggressive than before.”

After Toad had finished, Luigi spoke. “So, the Mushroom  Kingdom would not be what it is today if Wario and Waluigi had gotten away with that treasure?”


“Well,” said Mario, “bye for now, Toad! Thanks for the info!”

And with that, Mario and Luigi left the Industry. It was getting late in the evening. “That was a nice adventure,” said Mario.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t very long...” said Luigi.

“Oh well,” said Mario, “let’s go home.”

And the two Brothers walked back down to their house.

Chapter 5: Wario and Waluigi Strike Again!

Toad was fast asleep when suddenly a loud noise woke him up. He jumped up and got out of bed. He looked out his window. And he saw a terrible thing: he left his underwear on the clothesline! “*GASP!*” But that wasn’t all! Wario and Waluigi were driving down the road in their car! Fortunately they weren’t carrying any treasure, so nothing bad had happened. Wario and Waluigi were heading for their house.

“Well, that was creepy,” said Toad, and he went back to bed. Then he flew up off the bed and hit the ceiling. After a minute, he slid off. “ Oh NOOOOO!” he cried.

“Oh, shuddap!” cried a neighbor.

“Nooooo!” Toad whispered. “They still have the time machine!”

The next morning...

“Toad, not again! It’s 6:00 in the morning!”

“Marioooo, Luiigiiii, please! Something terrible’s happened!”

“What now?” grumbled a tired Luigi.

“I’ll tell you when we get to my house!”

So, Mario and Luigi had breakfast, brushed their teeth, got into their overalls, and followed Toad. They followed him all the way to the Mushroom Kingdom, where Toad’s house was. Toad opened the door for them and followed them in. Inside, he told them all of what happened the last night.

“You may need an advantage to get through the woods and to their house,” said Toad. “I’ve been in the woods before, and Wario made things really hard for me then. Yes, you really will need an advantage.”

“And what, exactly, do you have for us?”

Toad pulled out three chests.

“Pick a box. It’s contents will help you on your way.”

“Now where have I seen this before?” asked Mario sarcastically.

“I’ll pick the left one. That always has something good in it,” said Luigi. He opened it. Inside was a Hammer Bros. Suit. “Cool!”

Then Mario went over and picked the middle one. Inside was a Tanooki Suit... without a tail. “No tail?” Mario said. “ That stinks!”

“Well, Mr. Complainer, I didn’t have any good ones. This thing is old.”

“Whatever. So, where’s the time machine?”

“To the Industry!”

When they were in, Toad told Mario and Luigi a few things. “Now, don’t forget: You’re only using this car to drive through the woods, not to mess up time. And when you find the other car, have one of you drive that one. Once you bring both cars back to me, I’ll destroy one, lock up the other, and eat the key. Got it?”

“Got it.”

Toad then opened the garage door with the remote. Mario (who was driving again) stepped on the accelerator. They drove all the way through the Mushroom Kingdom. They were entering Wario’s Woods.

It was dark under the giant forest canopy. Rocks were covered with moss. Fallen trees and logs were infested with bugs. “Man, this place is creepy,” said Luigi.

The farther Mario drove, the darker the woods got. But after several minutes, he and Luigi began to see light. The end of the woods was near! As they continued on, the woods got less dark and something was coming into view. It was a house! “That must be it,” said Mario, “their house...”

Mario drove on until they got there. He looked upwards a bit and looked in a window to see what Wario and Waluigi were doing. They were sitting down, watching TV, and picking their noses. “Gross!” said Mario.

“Well, is the coast clear, Mario?”

“Yeah. Go get the car, Luigi. And be quiet!”

Slowly, Luigi opened the door and crept outside. He slammed the door behind him. Mario slapped his forehead. Luigi crept along until...


Luigi tried to run for the car, but Wario and Waluigi blocked his path and threw him aside. They jumped into their time machine car. Luigi threw hammers up in the air at the car, but Wario put the convertible cover on.
“We really wanted that treasure,” said Wario, “but you had to come along and take it from us! Well, we’re going back in time to destroy your car. So then we’ll have the treasure, and you won’t be able to stop us! HAHAHA!”

Wario accelerateed the car and flew into a time portal. “We have to stop them!” said Mario. “Get in the car, Luigi!” Luigi jumped into the car as it was accelerating.

“But Mario,” said Luigi, “we don’t know what time they travelled to!”

“No, but we can follow their door back!” Mario was pointing to the time portal Wario and Waluigi went through. It was quickly vanishing.

“Hurry, Mario! It’s closing!”

Mario stomped on the accelerator so hard, it nearly broke. They sped up and made it through the portal, just in time.

Mario and Luigi were now falling through the time portal. “Mario,” said Luigi, “do you think Wario and Waluigi have already done everything, in one second?”

“While we’re here, I don’t think time even matters,” said Mario. When we get back in time to when we’re headed, we’ll find out."

Mario and Luigi appeared back where they were. But they obviously were in some other time (well, obviously, Wario and Waluigi wouldn’t not go to another time... um, anyway...). Mario began to slow down, but then went back up to 200 MPH. Soon Wario and Waluigi were in sight, and getting closer. “They’re heading into the woods, Mario!” said Luigi. “Quick, after them!”

Mario followed into a little dirt road in the woods. Everything began to get dark again. Mario kept on turning away from logs and large rocks, but he was getting closer to Wario and Waluigi. Wario looked back, shocked to find Mario and Luigi back in the same time as them. He sped up to 200 MPH, but it was too late, Mario was already right behind him. Wario turned to the right. Mario followed. Mario looked forward and saw a huge log, and he was heading its way! “Hang on, Luigi. Here we go!”

Wario and Waluigi’s car, followed by Mario and Luigi’s car, flew up in the air through the log.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” BANG! The two cars landed just out of the woods near Mushroom Kingdom. Wario and Waluigi ran off first, heading for the Industry. Mario and Luigi ran after them. They all ran into the Mushroom Kingdom.

In the kingdom there were several different roads to go down on, perfect for Wario and Waluigi to hide in or run through. Mario and Luigi could follow them, but they had one dangerous problem.

“Mario,” said Luigi, “we can’t let ourselves see us down there!”

“Don’t worry Luigi,” said Mario, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

“Our past selves could mistake us for some identical robot assassins from the future and kill us!”

“Luigi, how much TV did you watch last night?”

“Oh, who cares about that! Wario and Waluigi are probably at the Industry right now! We just have to go get them without seeing ourselves!”

Mario and Luigi had run into the first branch of streets. “Go right!” said Luigi. They ran down a street. Luigi thought he caught a glimpse of  Wario walking down a street to the left. He ran that way. But when he got there, Wario was nowhere in sight. So, he and Mario continued down the same road. Then, Mario thought he saw Wario and Waluigi walking straight ahead. He was about to go, but then he saw a Mario and Luigi walking down their way. They were most likely headed for Princess Peach’s castle. Mario grabbed Luigi and pulled him behind a few garbage cans. They waited for the other Mario and Luigi to pass by. Then, they got up and ran straight forward. They continued running after Wario and Waluigi.

Soon enough it was dusk. Wario and Waluigi were hiding right behind a scientist’s car. Mario and Luigi were still off looking for them. “Alright, Waluigi,” said Wario, “here’s what we’re gonna do. Later tonight, when our past selves go back with the time machine, that moron Toad will make another time machine for Mario and Luigi. When he leaves to go get them, we sneak in and destroy the time machine. Alright?”


Mario had been searching for Wario and Waluigi for a long time. Two hours had passed. Mario and Luigi had no choice but to look at the Industry. They were about to walk off when Princess Peach saw them. “Hi Mario and Luigi. Nice suits! I wish I could talk, but Toad was going to tell me about some invention at his house. Well, it was nice seeing you!” Then she left, with her bodyguards following her. Mario and Luigi shrugged, then ran off for the Industry.

Night was coming fast, and Mario and Luigi were still not at the Industry! “We’re almost there...”  said Mario. “I hope that’s where Wario and Waluigi are hiding,” said Luigi. They continued running until they reached the Industry.

They made it just in time. The future Wario and Waluigi were still hiding, but Mario and Luigi didn’t know that. Then the past Wario and Waluigi ran inside the Industry, about to get the car. Mario and Luigi ran in after them.

“Hey Wario, Waluigi!” cried Mario, “Get outta this place, now!”

“Wha- we’re not gonna listen to you!” snapped Wario.

Just then, the future Wario and Waluigi came in.

“Huh?” said past Waluigi. “Oh no, robot assassins from the future, exactly identical to us!” Mario and Luigi looked at each other and smiled. The past Waluigi ran over and jumped on his future self and began beating him up. The future Wario would have helped him, but he was attacked by the past Wario! Mario and Luigi smiled at each other again.

“Well, it looks like our job here is almost over,” said Mario.

As the fight ended, the future Wario and Waluigi threw the past ones out the window. “F-fine!” choked the past Waluigi. “W-we won’t t-take that stu-pid time machine! W-we’re leaving!”

And when they left, something strange happened. Future Wario and Waluigi began to disappear. So did Mario and Luigi. “What’s happening?” asked Luigi. But there was no time to answer this. Because in the next second, everyone in the Industry disappeared.

Mario and Luigi awoke to find themselves in bed. And their minds were cleared of everything that had happened, because… it never happened at all.

Read on!

Preview of Part 2: When King Bowser discovers the time machine in the Mushroom Kingdom, he decides to take it and go far back in time... back to when Mario was rescued by the Yoshis. Will Yoshi’s Island be destroyed? What will become of Mario?

Stay tuned for Part 2: Chaos on Yoshi’s Island!

None of the Nintendo characters, places, or things in this story are mine. They all belong to Nintendo or their respective companies. And this story was not created to copy the game.

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