The Good, the Bad, and the Torte

By Chef Torte

Chapter 6: Shadow Mario Meets the Koopalings

Larry, Iggy, Wendy, Morton, and Roy grew a sinister smile on their faces after hearing the evilness coming from their father. Bowser looked around and was so happy. He had missed seeing his Koopa Kids grow up, just because of that terrible argument that caused the split up over seven years ago. Larry was now sixteen and his hair had grown out, he had a larger shell, eyebrows, and horns. Morton was now seventeen and also had horns as well as three more strands of hair for a total of six, a much larger body, and some eyebrows. Wendy was eighteen, she had gotten much taller, her claws were now painted, didn’t wear a bow, had short blond hair, wore a lot of lipstick, and had small tiny horns growing (female Koopas don’t grow as big of horns). Iggy, now nineteen, had the same pair of glasses, larger horns, a bigger body, and his hair was now limp, but still the same crazy colors. Roy, at age twenty, was much, much bigger due to being vastly overweight, his horns were smaller than Iggy’s but bigger than the rests’, and he wore a bigger, better pair of shades.

Now all of the Koopalings could take off their shells because they were grown up, though it was not likely that all of them would do it. Wendy was the most likely because it was common for female Koopas to wear clothes instead of their shell to look more atractive to mates. That was now known to be one of those instincts as it started before the Koopish language was even created, though some did not take off their shells, which was perfectly acceptable and sometimes preferred. Seeing Wendy still wearing her shell made Bowser feel a lot less nervous.

Iggy had a question on his mind. “Um, hey King Dad, where’s Lemmy and Ludwig?”

Bowser was silent for a moment. “Well, as for Ludwig, I got a letter from him declining to come, he said he still hated me and always would. But Lemmy, well he was too busy to make it over here in person, but luckily...” Bowser explained, turning to the computer, om which the progress meter was now almost filled,. “we got a video phone thingamajig so we can hear and see him, and he can hear and see us.”

The meter finsished filling and the spitting image of an older Lemmy popped up on the screen. “Hey guys! Long time no see!” Lemmy said excitedly.

Everyone cheered and began talking again. Lemmy was now twenty-one, his hair was as wild as ever with more colors and his body was about the size of Morton’s because he was the smallest Koopaling of the bunch, despite his age. On the screen it looked like the camera was moving up and down slightly, but it was really Lemmy still riding on his ball.

“Okay! Now before we discuss our new plan, their’s someone else you should meet. If you notice besides Ludwig’s spot, there is another spot next to me,” Bowser said.

“Who’s that for?” Wendy asked.

“Kamek?” Morton said, laughing.

“Did you get back together with Mom?” Lemmy wondered.

“No. But, well, you’ll see. OKAY! Come in!” Bowser shouted.

A door opened on one side of the room. Everyone looked over to the door, but nothing could be seen inside it because it was so dark. Slowly someone walked out. It was a dark, liquidy Mario with red glowing eyes.

“It’s MARIO! GET HIM!” Roy said.

Every Koopaling besides Lemmy and Roy jumped at the intruder. Bowser yelled, “NO!” but it was too late, they had already crushed Shadow Mario.

“We got him, King Dad!” Iggy said, smiling.

They stood up, but no crushed body was underneath them. They heard a small snickering. Thet looked up to see Shadow Mario holding onto the wall. He smiled, jumped down, and punched all of them on their snouts. Then he jumped up on the table, Roy couldn’t reach him though because he was too fat. The Koopalings snorted at him and were about to attack.

“Don’t! It’s time.” Bowser nodded.

Shadow Mario spun around in place, slowly changing form. Then the color returned to a small Koopaling’s body that looked just like Bowser. He pulled off his mustache mask and smiled.

"Hey, I’m your new little brother!” the Koopa squeeked.

“WHAT?!” the rest all yelled in unison.

“Meet the newest member of the family, Junior!”

Chapter 7: The Island of Soshi

After leaving the graveyard, Chef Torte and his newfound evil employees were riding in their helicopter. The mastermind’s apprentice looked around at the new motly crew: a skilled Magikoopa with no magic because he lost his wand, a mad scientist Shy Guy with an identity crisis, a freaked out Boo wearing a cloak and sporting a long sith who hadn’t spoken a word, and for some reason a Whomp.

Currently Chef Torte said they were headed for their secret base, but nobody else knew nothing about it. They were flying across the South Shitake Sea but the only thing in that region was Dinosaur Land, and everybody was pretty certain that Torte didn’t want to go there.

“Ok, Chef Torte! I can’t stand it any longer! WHERE is our base?!” Changling asked.

“Alright, I suppose I can tell you now,”  Chef Torte said. “Our new base ist hidden in a very little known area souz of Dinosaur Isle. It ist an island chain known as ze Souz Tropacine Isles. Our base ist on ze Isle of Soshi. Sure zheire ist some crazy story about a raavenous dragon living on ze island, but please, it’s not like za Czar Dragon vas real!” Chef Torte said.

“Um, master Torte, the Czar Dragon, WAS real,” his apprentice informed him.

“Oh... I knew I should haf gotten zat propeirty at Kitchen Island...” Chef Torte mumbled. “But still, I’m sure if zheir ist a Dragon, he vill leave us alone if ve leave him alone.”

They landed on the island and finally the storm was over. It was still dark though, being the wee hours of the morning. They walked with their supplies, mostly carried by Whomp and Changling.

“I told you zheir vas a use for him,” Chef Torte said.

“Who? Whomp?” Apprentice asked.

“No, I ment Changling,” Chef Torte replied.

The band of evildoers ended up at a large inactive volcano. Chef Torte moved a rock to reveal a panel of buttons and a small screen. Chef Torte punched in the word “sequel” and a boulder moved, inviting them to climb a staircase. It was much warmer inside the volcano.

“Okay, remembeir ze passvord ist sequel, und don’t tell anyone!” Chef Torte ordered.

“Hey Master Torte, how and when did you find the time to get this secret base?” Apprentice asked.

“Vell it vas luck I guess. I vent online to my search engine und typed in "secret bases". Ze first five sites vere about famous bases belonging to Bowseir und such. But along ze line I came across a site called LVK’s Base Building. I told zem my demands, und for a reasonable price, ze built it for moi heir! Ze even hooked up ze generator to be poveired by geotheirmal eneirgy! I just vish I could’ve met zem in peirson to zank zem,” Chef Torte replied.

“Oh, I thought it was more corny special effects,” Apprentice responded.

“Zat’s CHEESEY special effects,” Chef Torte corrected.

After a long walk, they reached the lobby for the base. “Our base has a lobby?” Changling shouted.

“Yeah, nice touch, huh? Makes it seem more ordeily und just makes you despise us more for hafing good taste,” Chef Torte replied.

In the lobby there was a cappicino machine, a payphone, a service desk (with no employees), two comfy couches, a fireplace, and an elevator. “WHY DID WE WALK UP ALL THOSE STAIRS WHEN WE COULD’VE TAKEN THE ELEVATOR?!” Changling spazzed, still carrying most of the heavy stuff.

“I forgot ze passvord for it. Heir, let me check. Ah! Now it comes back to me, ze passvord for ze elevator ist 'elevator',” Chef Torte informed.

“WHY is it elevator?” Genius Guy asked.

“So I wouldn’t forget it,” Chef Torte responded.

“Oh okay,” Genius Guy answered.

“Now let’s get on ze elevator und up to ze main chambeir!” Chef Torte said.

They boarded the elevator and Chef Torte pushed the Main Chamber button. The elevator music was almost hypnotizing:

Wap do wap do wappa do wap a wap do wap do wappa do wap a wap do wap a wappa do wap a! Wap do wap do wappa do wap a wap do wap do wappa do wap a wap do wap a wappa do wap a! Wap do wap do wappa do wap a wap do wap do wappa do wap a wap do wap a wappa do wap a! Wap do wap do wappa do wap a wap do wap do wappa do wap a wap do wap a wappa do wap a!

Hypnotic, no?

At the fifth floor, a Podoboo got on.

“How’s it going? Oh! You must be the new guys that moved in here! I’m Embert, one of your neighbors. I live in the volcano. I have an important job. I work for Nintendo Writer’s Paradise.”

Chef Torte whispered to his apprentice, “Oh yeah! Zat’s a REAL important job.”

“What do you do?” Embert asked.

“Me Whomp. Whomp like to Whomp stuff!” Whomp answered.

“Imbocile!” Chef Torte said, kicking Whomp in the knee. “I am Chef Torte, masteir of evil und of ze culinary arts!”

“Oh yeah! I thought I recognized you! You’re that loser chef from the TV!” Embert recalled.

“I DID NOT LOSE! TAYCE T CHEATED!!!” Chef Torte roared.

“Sorry buddy, didn’t mean to upset ya. Well I gotta go, good luck with that whole evil thing. Call me if it works out!” Embert said, getting off the elevator.

“I like our new neighbor!” Genius Guy announced.

After a few more rounds of “wap do wap do wappa do wap a”, the gang reached their destination. “Velcome to ze main chambeir!” Chef Torte said.

The team began unpacking and set up most of the stuff. Everything was working. They all sat down at the table in the main chamber. Chef Torte sat at the head of the table, looking at all of his new controls and buttons to play with. He saw a panel of buttons with everyone’s names on it. It was titled the Panel of Punishment. Chef Torte pushed the button marked "Changling", and the floor under Changling opened up, causing him to fall in the lava. “My bad!” Chef Torte yelled down.

After Changling got back up and healed from the burns, everyone was in the main chamber and the sun was rising. Chef Torte walked in the front of the room. “Eveiryone! Our phase one of our evil plan ist complete! Now, eveiryone join moi in laughing maniacally!” Chef Torte announced.

Everyone began laughing evily.

“Mwah ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Mwah ha ha ha ha! Mwah- huh?” Chef Torte’s apprentice looked up at the sky window and noticed some strange creature flying above the volcano. It came down and crashed into the room.


Chapter 8: Perilous Prophecy and Poisoned Peach

The strange ghostly figure floated in the window for a few moments. Mario and Luigi approached it slowly. It suddenly shot across the room, causing an entire bookcase to fall over. Toad was almost squished but Yoshi grabbed him with his tongue.

“C’mon Luigi! Let’s get this fool, he obiviously means business!” Mario yelled.

The Brothers chased the unknown creature for a bit, causing more shelfs to fall over and almost kill Toad, but the thing was so fast that Mario and Luigi couldn’t catch it. It raised to the center of the room and began gathering energy in its hands. A purple sphere formed and the thing shot it. It went straight at Mario, but he jumped out of the way, leaving the sphere to hit Peach. Peach was blown far back into a pile of books. Just then the Sun shined its first light and the creature flew away. Mario and the rest ran to Peach. They dug through the pile of old books and found Peach unconscious underneath. They rushed her to the hospital immediately.

“Mamamia! It has been an hour and they still-a haven’t told us anything!” Mario complained.

“Calm down Mario! The princess will be fine. Let’s start worrying about this new adventure we have to go on. Now, once we start looking it can only be-a you and-a two other people. Who were you going to pick?” Luigi asked.

“Oh, you and-a Yoshi.” Mario answered.

“Really? It has been so long since the three of us went on an adventure together!” Luigi said happily.

“Yeah. I hate to leave Peach but you’re right, we have to-a do it. Toad and Toadsworth will take-a care of her,” Mario said, now a little more confident.

“You’re still going?” a voice said.

“Who’s that-a?” Mario asked.

Merlink, the town fortune teller, walked in. “You’re still leaving after that ghost thing harmed the princess, aren’t you worried it will return?” Merlink asked.

“Yeah, but- Hey! We didn’t-a tell anybody about the ghost!” Mario said.

“Um... uh... well, you know I’m psychic!” Merlink said.

“It was you! Why, Merlink?” Toad asked.

“Alright, alright, it was me! I did try to hurt you, Mario, I never wanted the princess to get hurt. But the reason is, I saw a vision of you leaving. Soon you’ll meet a great evil and perish. These words spoke to me, Mario will be no more! Mario, my visions only say something when they’re certain! Like that time I did find my laundry at Kamek’s house...” Merlink said.

“I’m-a sorry, but we still have to go. I’d rather save the world and sacrifice myself than see the entire world be destroyed and know I had a chance to-a save it!”

With these words, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi walked out of the hospital and into their biggest adventure ever...

Chapter 9: The Plan

“When did THIS happen?” Larrry shouted, staring at Bowser Junior on the table.

“Oh, not too long ago... but I made Kamek age him to seven years old, like I did with you guys,” Bowser replied.

“How come you didn’t tell us?” Wendy screamed.

“Well, I was too proud to contact you, since we haven’t spoken since the arguement. Plus I didn’t mention him in the letter because I thought it would be a nice surprise!” Bowser answered.

“THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!” the six Koopaling yelled.

“Okay, maybe I should have told you about him beforehand, but I made a mistake. How about we all go to our rooms and sleep it off? We’ll think up our master plan tomorrow,” Bowser said.

Bowser left the room and everyone got quiet. Junior hopped off of the table and held his head down. “I’m sorry, I just wanted you to like me...” Junior said, following his father.

“Oh no! He’s not gonna pull one of those on me! I invented that sad look to get whatever I wanted!” Wendy snorted.

“I remember you screaming and kicking and throwing tantrums to get what you wanted...” Roy said.

“SHUT UP!!!!” Wendy yelled.

Kamek walked into the room. Larry walked up to him. “My goodness, how you’ve aged, Kamek!” Larry said bluntly.

“What’re you talking about? I look exactly the same as I did when you left! I put on a spell to keep me younger, or at least that’s what Nintendo told me to say...” Kamek explained. “I’ll show you to your rooms. Nice to see you guys again.”

As they were leaving the room, Lemmy asked, “Uh... a little help guys? I can’t move the computer...”

Iggy grabbed the computer.

After everyone was in their rooms, it was almost daybreak, but since they were up the last night they decided to get a little shuteye. In Larry, Iggy and Lemmy’s cabin, everyone was asleep. Well, the computer broadcasting Lemmy was turned off, and the other two were asleep. Someone knocked on the door. Iggy got up and answered it.

“Can I sleep in here with you guys?” Morton asked.

“It’s too crowded already!” Iggy snapped.

“But... Roy REALLY smells bad! It’s like I wanted to puke and-"

“If you shut up now you can stay!” Iggy said, walking back to his bed.

“Thanks,” Morton said, falling on the floor.

Bowser was still awake. Kamek came into his room. “What’s wrong, sir? Are you upset because they’re mad at you again?” Kamek asked.

“Nah, I expected they’d be enraged about it. I just wanted to test them and see if they would completely hate me again since the last argument. I’m up now trying to think of a new evil plan we can start when everyone wakes up again,” Bowser said.

“Oh... well what ideas do you have so far?” Kamek asked.

“I have this idea of getting rid of all the fruit in the world... but... that’s the STUPIDEST evil plan ever!” Bowser laughed.

Kamek held back his laughing for a moment. “Is there anything else you’ve planned?”

“No. It seems like I’ve done EVERYTHING,” Bowser answered

“Wait, maybe that’s it!” Kamek replied.

“Huh?” Bowser grunted.

“Maybe, just maybe if you do ALL of your previous plans together it would work!” Kamek said.

“YEAH! Here, I’ll check my evil plans diary for ones I’ve done. Let’s see... captured Peach, captured Peach, captured Peach, captured Peach, captured Peach, YOU captured Luigi, stole a tree, captured Peach, captured Peach AND her castle, captured Peach, captured Mario, disrupted time, captured Peach, and OH! captured Peach,” Bowser said sarcasticly.

“Well, maybe you need more originality to your plan. Maybe build a weapon, or something...” Kamek trailed.

“Nah, let’s just capture Peach again,” Bowser said.

“You’re the boss!” Kamek said. “I’m going to bed.”

Bowser turned off his light and stared awake, thinking of the fight they'd had seven years ago...


It was a chilly day in winter at Bowser’s third castle on Koopa Rock, though it wasn’t as close to Mario’s house now because of continental drift and such. Inside the castle, a great meal was being made for the feast. Chef Torte was head chef at the time, though nobody ever noticed or cared. The royal Koopa family was celebrating their new plan to destroy the Mario Brothers once and for all, since their last plan about Iggy building robots really didn’t work out. But THIS plan was perfect. It would definitely work this time. Just then the food came in.

“Heir ist your meal, enjoy!” Chef Torte said.

Bowser unveiled the main course, a nice big juicy steak. Everyone’s mouth’s watered. “Now let’s eat to our greatest plan ever!”


Bowser jumped out of bed and immiediately began writing.

The next morning, everyone gathered in the meeting room and awaited Bowser. Everyone was staring at Junior, making him feel very uncomfortable. Bowser stormed in. “I’ve got it! The best plan ever! Here’s what we’re gonna do! Remember the plan we thought up before the argument? Let’s finally do it! Let’s engage, MECHA MARIO!!!”

Chapter 10: Mecha Yoshi

Relaxing in the lava was Embert T. Podoboo, but he wasn’t in Chef Torte’s shoes. The dragon of Soshi had crashed inside.

“Do you haf to rhyme now?” Chef Torte cried.

The monster looked like a Yoshi, this dragon of Soshi.

“I SAID STOP!” Chef Torte yelled.

Okay... but instead of looking like a nice fun-loving dinosaur, this monster had a long tail and claws and a mighty roar.

“Vat did I say?”

I’m union you fool! The dragon had wings to soar. Across it’s back was long rigid spikes.

“Hmm, rhyming narrator, what does dat taste likes?” the dragon said, launching his tongue at me and AHH!

Filling in for the currently deceased, I’ll finish describing this nasty beast. Oops... sorry. It also didn’t wear shoes, and had long claws and excellent feet for jumping. It had one large horn on it’s head.

“MON DIEU! Soon ve’ll all be dead! Oh? Did I rhyme zat one? Sorry, my bad.” Chef Torte said.

The dragon’s color was blue, it’s wings were like bats’ wings, not like the usual feathery ones you’d see a Yoshi with. Replacing the Yoshies’ cute noises, the dragon of Soshi had snarls and growls.

“Vait! Please don’t eat moi!” Chef Torte pleaded.

“Why should I not?” the dragon asked.

“Because... I neveir got a chance to try my masteir plan! WAHH!” Chef Torte began crying.

“What is that?” the dragon questioned.

“My masteir plan? *sniff* Vell, I vas going to eliminate all fruit und-”

“GET RID OF FRUIT? REALLY? If you really mean it I’ll help you do it!” the dragon interrupted.

“Huh? But you look like a Yoshi, I zought you’d love fruit,” Chef Torte said.

“Nope, not dis Yoshi-thingy... I hate dat stuff!” the dragon said.

“Velcome aboard zen... uh, do you haf a name or do I just call you Dragon?” Chef Torte asked.

“Da island is called, Isle of Soshi. I’m Soshi!” Soshi explained.

“Okay Soshi! Velcome aboard!” Chef Torte greeted. “Okay eveiryone! Gazeir togezeir und ve vill discuss how ve vill go about replacing ze vindow... oh! Und discuss ze masteir plan.”

Everyone gathered at the table. Chef Torte’s apprentice got a cappicino for everyone.

“Okay. Let’s go around ze table for ideas,” Chef Torte spoke.

“On fixing the window?” Changling asked.

“NO! On our masteir plan!” Chef Torte yelled.

“Well I don’t know. Um, maybe if I can transform into coins and we can go to each fruit stand and you can pay me to buy all the fruit, then I’ll re-transform into me and run off. And we do that for all the fruit stands,” Changling said.

“Zat’s a dumb idea, vherie’s za evil?” Chef Torte asked. “Okay, your turn, Genius Guy.”

Genius Guy looked up. “Uh, we, uh, could, um, oh I know!”

“Yes?” Chef Torte asked with excitement.

“We could invite Embert over and have a party!” Genius Guy yelled.

“NO!” Chef Torte shouted. “Grand Glum Reapeir, vat are your zoughts?”

The Grand Glum Reaper floated in his spot, looking at Chef Torte.

“Zis ist hopeless!” Chef Torte cried.

“Whomp have idea!” Whomp said.

“No Vhomp, ve are not going to vhomp all fruit!” Chef Torte sulked.

“Aww... wait! Whomp have other idea! We get Yoshi to eat all da fruit!” Whomp said.

“Zat’s a horrible idea!” Chef Torte yelled.

“Wait, Master Torte, maybe he’s on to something,” Torte’s apprentice said.

“Okay, humor moi,” Chef Torte concurred

“What if we do have some kind of Yoshi to eat all the fruit, except we could make it a giant robot Yoshi?” Apprentice said.

“Hey! Zat’s not a bad idea! Ve could haf Genius Guy build it, und haf Changling und Vhomp help him, vhile you, moi, za Reapeir, und Soshi devise an attack plan!” Chef Torte said in his confident evil voice. “Let’s get to verk! Let’s engage: MECHA YOSHI!!!”

Chapter 11: Through the Shine Gate

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi walked out of Toadstool Town’s hospital, and began their new adventure.

“Mario! Let’s-a stop at our house for some things before we-a leave, okay?” Luigi asked.

“Good idea!” Mario agreed.

After reaching their home, Mario and Luigi put on backpacks and filled them with some useful items.

“Hey you guys? Where is dat first gateway? We got no idea!” Yoshi said.

“He’s-a right Mario. We have to find a gateway for the Power Stars, Mega Moons, and the-a Shine Sprites!” Luigi said.

Mario thought for a moment. “My goodness! It’s-a so obvious! The gateway for the Shine Sprites is the Shine Gate!”

“I can’t-a believe we didn’t think of-a that before! We need a ride to Isle Delfino, and a quick one!” Luigi said. “But it’ll take so-a long to ride a plane there-a!”

“Not to worry-a, Luigi. I have something that might help us out,” Mario said pulling out a Magic Whistle from his pack.

“All right Mario! Good-a job! I didn’t know you kept one of-a those for this long!” Luigi exclaimed. “Why did you-a keep it?”

“I thought it was a candy bar... well anyway-a! Let’s-a go!” Mario said, blowing on the Whistle. The enchanting music came out and summoned a tornado to whisk the three of them away. They ended up in Delfino Plaza. Everything was bright and shiny since Mario’s last adventure here. They walked forward into the center of town and stared up at the great gateway.

“Well, we already have two out of-a three to get in. All we need to do is awaken the gatekeeper!” Luigi said.

“THAT could take forever-a!” Mario cried.

“Hmm, maybe not you guys! Maybe if we just look around and talk to people something will have happened to someone that everybody knows about and if we just find dat person, he’ll probably be da gatekeeper!” Yoshi said eagerly.

“What are the chances of that-a happening?” Mario complained.

Suddenly a group of Nokis and Piantas swarmed the three heroes. “Oh Mario! We’re so glad you came back to see us again! I’d like to say thanks again for what you did,” one Pianta said.

“Mario! Did you hear what happened to II Piantissimo? He disappeared into Corona Mountain! Nobody followed him because, well, it’s a volcano!” another said.

“Okay! Okay! Can you-a move so we can-a get outta here?” Mario said.

Yoshi ate a pineapple and sprayed juice over everyone.

“Good work Yoshi, good thing we weren’t-a making a bet about how we’d find the-a gatekeeper!” Mario said.

“Um, Mario. We did.” Yoshi said.

“Mamamia!” Mario complained.

“Just kidding.” Yoshi laughed.

They ventured up to the volcano and inside the fiery pit. The course Bowser had made to stop Mario was still there except the fires weren’t lit, so Mario and Luigi took turns with Yoshi jumping from each platform. When they reached the boat they got into a problem.

“Hold on-a! Stop-a the music! We can’t jump that far!” Luigi yelled, pointing over the lake of lava.

“A Mario Brother never says can’t, Luigi!” Mario reassured Luigi.

“Hey wait! Did you bring anything for flying in your backpack?” Luigi asked.

“Oh, let’s-a see... I only have one Magic Feather,” Mario answered.

“Okay, I’ll wait-a here, you ride Yoshi and-a fly over-a there!” Luigi responded.

“Okay Luigi! See ya in a bit!” Mario said.

Mario crossed the fiery lagoon and made it to safety with Yoshi at the end. Mario started flying again, from cloud to cloud, until he reached the top of the volcano and shot up to where Bowser’s bathtub had been reconstructed. Mario and Yoshi looked around. In the tub was only a giant rubber ducky.

“Hey Mario! Look!” Yoshi said, pointing out to one of the penninsulas.

A small Pianta was curled up, floating in the air, with his eyes closed. Mario walked forward slowly. “II Piantissimo?” Mario asked.

The Pianta landed on the ground and stood up, smiling. Sure enough it was II Piantissimo. “Ah ha ha! I am II Piantissimo, you have awakened me as the gatekeeper of the Shine Sprites! But, before I let you in, you must prove yourself worthy by racing me. The goal is the Shine Gate! Good luck!” II Piantissimo said, shooting off of the tub and flying down the volcano.

“Yoshi, go down that-a way, use your flutter jump and you’ll-a be fine. I’ll go get-a Luigi!” Mario said, pulling a Koopa shell out of his pack and jumping on.

Yoshi jumped and started free-falling after II Piantissimo, while Mario was shell shredding through the lava. He grabbed Luigi and shot out the entrance. “Luigi! I can’t-a see!” Mario shouted, flying out of the volcano.

Mario fell off of the shell, dropped Luigi, and began rolling down to the Shine Gate. The shell bounced off the Shine Gate, flew through the air, and knocked II Piantissimo in the face. Yoshi did a ground pound and landed on II Piantissimo, who was still falling in the air, while Mario banged his skull into the Shine Gate’s wall.

After clearing up some minor head trauma, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi followed II Piantissimo up to the platform next to the giant Shine Sprite statue. “You have beaten me, ah ha ha! Now I’ll open the gateway for you! Ah ha ha!” II Piantissimo laughed.

He took out the magic brush and painted a keyhole. He placed the brush into it and turned it to the right. A bright light came out of the keyhole, and pulled the three of them in...


“Doctor, she’s still not getting any better! We should move her to a better hospital,” one of the nurses working on Peach said.

Pacing around in the waiting room was Merlink, Toadsworth and Toad. Everyone was worried. “Oh dear, I never ment to hurt her, especially this much. I’m so sorry,” Merlink said.

“It’s not your fault, Master Merlink!” Toadsworth blabbed. “You were just looking out for Mario’s best interest, though I still am dreadly worried about the princess...”

“She’ll be fine! Don’t worry!” Toad squeeked with obvious doubt.

The doctor and one of his nurses walked out into the waiting room. “Okay, here’s our situation, Peach has fallen into a very critical condition, and we’re going to move her to the best hospital in the vicinity, the Nimbus Land Hospital,” the doctor said. “Okay, nurse. Prepare the chopper, make all the decisions, and get one fourth of my salary for your work. We’ll get a second chopper ready for you three to get there.”

Merlink stared in horror. “What have I done?”

Chapter 12: Setbacks and Delays

“Okay! Let’s get to work!” Iggy yelled.

The Mecha Mario Project was being put into effect, and Iggy was put at the head of designing the behemoth bot of the pathetic plumber. He had a bunch of Koopas and Goombas working as his builders. “It doesn’t even make sense, Lemmy! Goombas don’t have arms!” Iggy complained.

Lemmy, still just an image on the computer, woke up from sleeping. “What? Huh? Oh yeah, those Goombas sure need arms.”

“I don’t know how King Dad expects me to do all this within such a short smount of time!” Iggy sighed. “I wish Ludwig was here.”

“Yeah, you and him were always the smartest ones of all us Koopalings,” Lemmy replied.

“I agree! Not saying that you and the others are stupid,” Iggy commented.

“I know! I know!” Lemmy answered.

“Yeah, I miss Ludwig, I wish we could all be together again, causing evil, pulling pranks, it’d be so much fun. But now King Pop has that stupid Junior, and he’s not as cool as he used to be,” Iggy said.

“Yeah, I hate him! Let’s shun him and pretend he doesn’t exist!” Lemmy said.

“Well I don’t think we need to go THAT far, Lemmy,” Iggy said.

“Meh,” Lemmy said.

Meanwhile, Bowser was having another meeting with Kamek and Kammy. “Okay, so even if Mecha Mario doesn’t work we always have Plan B! Now let’s move on to the next item to discuss,” Bowser said.

“All right, Bowser, Mecha Mario has been delayed, Lemmy’s flight was cancelled, and Princess Toadstool is now in Nimbus Land,” Kammy said.

“Fungah! We’ll have to reschedule everything! Not to mention we’ll have a harder time getting Peach now that she’s in Nimbus Land. The Mushroom Kingdom’s defenses might be easy to get by, but Nimbus Land has much better defenses, along with its prince. We’ll probably have to wait until Mecha Mario is complete to get her. Well, anything else to discuss? Kamek?” Bowser said.

“Well, from a current Internet survey, it shows that giant robots of people are very popular for evil masterminds now, so we’re not being completely original...” Kamek trailed.

“Yeah, what’re the odds we’ll meet another evil genius with a mecha monster?” Bowser laughed.

Chapter 13: Torte's Team of Terror

Changling, Whomp, and Genius Guy were working hard on the huge metallic mess that would eventually be mecha monster. They had the framework done and were working on the head. For only having three people working on the thing, it was getting done faster than expected. While Mecha Yoshi was being built, Chef Torte was demonstrating his plan to the rest of his employees, using a Yoshi plush toy as Mecha Yoshi and a small tomato tree as the world’s supply of fruit.

“Vell I zink you get ze main idea now,” Chef Torte said. “Unfortunatley, fruit DOES grow back, right? Ha! You all zought I vas stupid enough to forget zat, didn’t you!”

Everyone in the room said yes.

“Vell zat brings moi to my next point! Everiyone in zis evil organization has an important part. I am ze masteir of it, und vill lead us to vorld domination. My apprentice, ist my apprentice. If I can no longeir continue my duties as evil masteirmind, he vill take my place. Changling ist my top advisor und if he eveir gets a vand (I ordeired one on ze Inteirnet for him) he’ll be helpful in za magic department. Genius Guy, zough stark raving mad, ist very intellectually advanced und vill create all of our veapons und such. Soshi, who recently joined, ist ze new guy. Finally ve come to ze mysteirious Grand Glum Reapeir, who seems to haf no real importance to my plan at all. Until recently, you vere right. But now I remembeir vhy I resurrected him. He IST ze Grand Glum Reapeir. He can influence life und deaz. If ve take all ze fruit, he can place a spell oveir all ze planet to stop ze growz of fruit! See, eveiryone on my crew has an important job,” Chef Torte explained.

“Okay. Hey master, then what importance is Whomp?” Torte’s apprentice questioned.

“Vhomp? Oh... uh.. eveiry evil masteirmind needs one static characteir who just looks tough,” Chef Torte answered.

“Okay, hey, where did you find Whomp then?” Torte’s apprentice asked.

“In ze dumpsteir at zat Seven Eleven ve stopped at.”

Chapter 14: The Shine Realm

As II Piantissimo thrust his magic brush into the keyhole, the brightest white light shot out at Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. It nearly blinded them. The light pulled them in.

After the bright light faded a touch, a beautiful magnificent paradise was seen. Mario looked around. Shine Sprites were flying around everywhere. He looked up into the sky, but saw no sun. The light was coming from each of the one-hundred-twenty Shine Sprites. The gentle humming of the Shine Sprites was the loudest noise heard, of course it was still very soft. The only other noise was a trickling of water in a nearby pond.

Mario suddenly remembered his comrades and turned around to see them. He saw Luigi and Yoshi still taking in the raw wonder of the realm. Each of the three intruders was slightly faded in color, but it didn’t seem to affect them otherwise. They began walking around, watching Shines wizz through the air chasing each other like birds. All the Shine Sprites were acting like playing children. They were too busy to notice the three strangers to their realm.

Mario felt a tapping on his back. He turned and saw Luigi pointing. He pointed toward a large winding tower, with the brightest light in the realm. They walked over to the tower but found no stairway. The tower’s top was acting like a light house, the brightest flux of the light was focused on a circling motion. When the light crossed their paths, an invisible pathway was revealed. Climbing up the incredibly tall tower, they didn’t lose much energy or even break a sweat. It felt comforting to them.

They reached the summit, but instead of seeing the full capacity of the light, blocking their treasure was a group of Shine Sprites, seven to be exact. Mario tried to push through them, but they just pushed back. The seven Shines circled them with incredible speed until only a golden color was seen.

The Shine Sprites reappeared, but with an angry look on their face. They formed one giant mass of light. It didn’t take long for Mario and the others to realize they'd been transported to a battle arena. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi ran away from the Shines in different directions. The light mass of Shine Sprites took on a form; four legs popped out, two claws, and a long tail. The head emerged last, half the length of the tail with many rigid spikes popping out of the top. No features could be seen on the monster because it was completely white. It began attacking, heading for Yoshi.

“YOSHI!” Mario yelled.

A large claw swiped at the dinosaur, but Yoshi jumped in time and continued running from the beast. Mario and Luigi looked for something in their backpacks quickly. The first thing Luigi saw, an Ice Bomb, he used in an instant. The bomb exploded in a cold fury, the Shine creature was frozen in place.

“Now what do we-a do?” Luigi yelled.

Mario ate a Super Mushroom from his pack and grew in size. He ran to the beast and punched it. The creature shattered and pieces fell to the ground. The pieces floated up and reformed in seconds. The Shine monster shot a wave of light at Mario, knocking him down and reverting him to normal size.

Luigi retaliated with some Rock Candy. The monster was greatly injured. Yoshi tossed some eggs at the beast, doing little damage. Mario grabbed a yellow shell out of his backpack and threw it to Yoshi. Yoshi ate it, turned yellow, and started pounding the beast.

The creature’s claws clutched Yoshi and tossed him to the ground. Yoshi fainted and became green again. Mario and Luigi, both on opposite sides of the monster, watched it try something new. It started flashing its total brightness to a more faded color. Then it let out a retina-burning explosion of pure white light, completely blinding Mario and Luigi. Mario fell to his knees and a melon fell out of his pack and rolled over to Yoshi. The dinosaur ate it automatically and was healed.

“Mario? What happen?” Yoshi asked.

“Yoshi? Can you see?” Mario asked.

“Um, yeah.” Yoshi replied.

“When the monster flashes, look away, the attack will-a blind you!” Mario said.

“Okay Mario,” Yoshi said.

The monster was still recovering from its last attack. Yoshi knew the time to attack was now. He tried his best, but was unsuccessful. He saw the monster flashing and turned around. He saw a green box poking out of Mario’s backpack. With some quick thinking, Yoshi grabbed the box with his tongue, burst it open, and became Metal Yoshi.

Closing his eyes, Yoshi turned to the monster. The explosion of light was greatly magnified and heated on Yohsi’s metallic hide, though Yoshi felt no pain. The light was reflected back at the creature, causing its eyes to go blind, and the monster was burned severly. Yoshi opened his eyes and saw the monster flailing on the ground. He attacked it with his best and the monster was defeated. The seven Shine Sprites reformed and spun around the room, causing it to fade away and reappear at the top of the tower.

Before Mario and Luigi’s vision was restored, Yoshi got some sunglasses for the three of them. Their vision returned, Mario and Luigi stared into a slightly less bright light. The three of them walked into the center of the tower. The light was now not circling the realm like a light house but was dormant, pointing out into the sky.

“Mario! Maybe if we-a shine the-a light in the correct position, it’ll reveal the Crystal Shine to us!” Luigi said.

“Okay, but how are we going to find that point?” Mario asked.

“Look!” Yoshi said, jumping.

Yoshi pointed to a large stone circle embedded on the wall of a mountain. Mario and Luigi turned the light’s focus into the center of the circle. The light’s force dissolved the mountain’s wall and opened a new room. The Shine Sprites below the tower formed into a stairway up to the hole in the wall.

The three heroes walked up the Shine stairs and into the cave. The light focused on the Crystal Shine, which made the room look like a disco with lots of light specs moving across the walls. Mario reached for the Crystal Shine, but Luigi stopped him. “Mario, it might not be safe to touch, grab it with-a this!” Luigi said, handing Mario a mechanical claw device.

Mario grabbed the Crystal Shine with it and put it into a chest Luigi was carrying. When the Crystal Shine was removed from its place, a rip in the realm opened up and they were transported outside the Shine Realm.


Toad, Toadsworth, and Merlink walked up and down the room. They were now in the Nimbus Land hospital, and still were in the waiting room. The elevator doors opened and Prince Mallow came in.

“Hey guys! How’s the princess doing?” Mallow asked.

“Oh, not too good, I’m afraid. That’s why we’re here,” Toadsworth said.

“Oh well, I guess I knew that. I know she’ll be fine though. The Nimbus Land hospital is the best on this side of Plit,” Mallow reassured.

A Nimbian doctor walked out. “Well we can tell two things. One, the attack you hit her with isn’t the reason she’s in this condition. It is something else that we don’t know, it might even be a psychological problem. We’re currently investigating it. The second thing we know is, if she doesn’t show any improvement soon, Princess Toadstool, might die...”

Chapter 15: Bowser’s Battle Room

Iggy was hard at work on the Mecha Mario project, with Lemmy’s real time computer image played cards with a Shy Guy and a Bob-omb.

“Lemmy, where do you live now anyway?” Iggy asked.

“Some secret little island nobody knows about. That’s why it’s so hard to get a flight out of here,” Lemmy answered.

Just then, a Paratroopa flew in and dropped a letter on Iggy’s head. Iggy opened it up and read it.

“What does it say?” Lemmy asked.

“It’s a note from King Dad, he wants us to meet in some room,” Iggy responded. “Goomba over there!”

The Goomba looked up. “Me?”

“Yeah, you’re in charge until I get back! DON’T mess it up!” Iggy ordered. Iggy picked up Lemmy’s computer and left the room. Inside the meeting room, Roy, Wendy, Morton, and Larry were playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. Another Paratroopa flew in and droped the same message to them.

The six Koopalings met at the door and walked in. Inside was a large room, it was lit by torches and had some platforms and obstacles in it. Bowser appeared from the darkness in his Koopacopter. Beside him was Bowser Junior.

“Gwa ha ha!” Bowser laughed. “Welcome to my battle room! You’ve grown older, and now I want to see how much stronger you have become. Junior will be your first challenger, who do you want to fight him?”

The Koopa Kids laughed at the challenger. “We’ll let Larry take care of him!”

Larry stepped forward, flowing with confidence, a little unusual for him. Junior walked up with a big grin on his face.

“Okay! The rest of us will watch from the stadium seatng!” Bowser said.

After everyone was in the correct place for viewing or fighting, Bowser spoke up again. “All right, before we let these two go at it, arena, change into the lava pit!”

The arena where Larry and Junior were standing opened up and only a few floating platforms remained. The area below was a lava pit, obviously.

“The only rules are don’t hit me, and no low blows. Fight!” Bowser roared.

“I’d like to let you know, you little punk,” Larry said, “that you’re a new brand of lousy Koopa! I’m a classic Koopa. What I’m trying to say is, they don’t make ‘em like they used to!”

“Really, big brother Larry? Well you should know that the new Koopa brand has been tested for almost all situations and got a five star crash test rating!” Junior said.

“Wha? I don’t understand what you’re saying!” Larry yelled.

“Um, I mean... I have been training since I was a tot! You might have been too, but I think you stopped once the family split up!” Junior called.

“Ha ha! I laugh at your assumptions! I’ve only improved my attacks and fighting skills!” Larry called.

“Yeah, your old stinky skills. But I can do this!” Junior said. He jumped, spun around, and transformed into Shadow Mario.

“Just because I’ve never beat Mario before, doesn’t mean I can’t beat you!” Larry yelled.

The fight was on! Junior shot at Larry, but Larry grabbed his legs, spun around, and threw him across the room, causing him to land hard on the edge of a platform. “HA! I’m going to take you out, old-school style!” Larry shouted.

“I agree!” Iggy said from up in the audience.

Junior stood up, still in Shadow Mario form, and looked back at Larry. He stuck out his huge tongue and started jumping over to him. Larry watched the Shadow Mario bounce up and down.

“Look out, Larry! He’s going to do a triple jump!” Wendy yelled.

Larry dove out of the way just in time to avoid the triple jump. They began using hand-to-hand combat, exchanging punches ad kicks. Though inexpierienced, Junior was holding his own, and Larry, though quite fine, was breathing heavily.

After a few minutes of close range fighting, Junior jumped back on another platform. Larry and Junior breathed slowly. Junior performed a Super Jump, attacking Larry with great fury. After attacking, Junior returned to his spot and laughed.

“Have you had enough?” Junior laughed.

“Is that all you can deal out?” Larry said, wiping some blood from his mouth.

Larry breathed in and shot a large fireball at Junior. Junior barely dodged and jumped to a farther platform.

“I didn’t know you could do that!” Junior said.

“Yeah! But since you’re still a little brat, you can’t breath fire!” Larry snickered.

“True, I can’t BREATH fire. But I am Shadow Mario! I have all of Mario’s abilities!” Junior said.

“SO? Mario can’t breath fire!” Larry called.

“GEEZ! You’re such an imbecile! I’m ending this fight now!” Junior yelled. The image of a spade surrounded Junior. Larry was confused, having never seen this move before. Junior pointed his fist at Larry.


“His what?” Larry said.

Junior shot several fireballs at Larry, each knocking him back further until finally pushing him over the edge into the fire pit. A Lakitu came and pulled him up to safety. Junior reverted to his normal form and chuckled. Larry was yelling that he was offguard and the others were saying Junior cheated.

“Dat’s it, Junior!” Roy said, jumping down, nearly crumbling the platform with his massive girth. “I’m showing youse what a REAL Koopa can do!”

Chapter 16: Changling’s Wand

Chef Torte slurped up his frothy cappicino and sat down in the lobby, reading the paper. When he saw that Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi had left the Mushroom Kingdom, he spit out his cappicino and ran for the main chamber. He burst in to see the Grand Glum Reaper and Soshi playing ping-pong on the main table.

“What is it, Chef?” Soshi asked.

“I haf great news! Currently Mario ist out of za country, which means ve’ll be able to engage our plan vizout zheir trouble! Oh! I haf to tell Genius Guy to hurry up!” Chef Torte said, running into the lab.

Genius Guy was painting on some buttons when Chef Torte ran into the room. “What’s up Torte?” Genius Guy said, hiding the paint.

“You must get zis done fasteir! Mario ist out of za Mushroom Kingdom, vhich means it’ll be ZO much easieir to attack! But only if you finish zis robot!” Torte yelled.

“Okay, okay. Take it down a notch. I’ll work on it faster,” Genius Guy said.

Changling fiddled with a nail gun, trying to nail down some framework, when the nail gun went off and shot wildly. He fell down from the ladder he was working on, and landed hard on the ground.

“YEEEEEEEOUCH!!!” Chef Torte screamed, after getting three nails in his shell. He walked up to Changling. “YOU ARE IN ZO MUCH TROUBLE! BURNING YOU VIZ LAVA IST ONLY BEGINNING!” Chef Torte shouted.

“I’m sorry! I’d heal you with my wand if I had one!” Changling screamed.

“Vand? Oh, right! Come viz me, Changling!” Chef Torte said.

They rushed to the lobby, where a delivery Paratroopa was. He was holding a case marked "FRAGILE". Chef Torte grabbed the package from the Paratroopa’s clutches and kicked him down the elevator. Chef Torte held the box up in the air.

“Finally!” Chef Torte said. “Heir ist your new vand!”

Changling opened the box and found a sparkler. “THIS is my wand?!” Changling spazzed.

“NO! Zis ist!” Chef Torte said, pulling up a high quality Magikoopa wand from under the fireworks.

“YES! Now, if you’ll turn around, Master Torte, I’ll heal your wound,” Changling said.

“Vat vound? OH! Yeah. I forgot, heh heh,” Chef Torte said.

Changling healed the evil chef’s wounds. “Does this mean my punishment is removed?” Changling asked.

“Vell now zat you remind me, NO!” Chef Torte replied.

“Aww, wait! If you don’t know who I am, you can’t punish me!” Changling said.

Changling pulled out his magic wand and transformed into Genius Guy. He ran into the lab.

“Get back heir YOU FOOL!” Chef Torte yelled.

Chef Torte stormed in the lab and saw two Genius Guys.

“Vhich one do I blast?” Chef Torte said, holding up his, PAN OF PAIN.

“Does it really matter?” Soshi asked.

“Good point!”


Changling reverted to his normal form, and Genius Guy turned into Whomp.

“VAT?!” Chef Torte yelled, stupified.

“Gotcha!” Genius Guy said.

The real Genius Guy walked in from a corner with a projector.

“Ha ha! I fooled you, Torte,” Genius Guy laughed.

“No, I believe you are ze fool in zis situation,” Chef Torte said, smiling.



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