The Good, the Bad, and the Torte

By Chef Torte

Chapter 26: The Moon Realm

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi walked out of the tower, which was now destroyed, holding a large golden key. The night was still young, and the moon was still not fully up in the sky. They raced back to the Shy Clan’s village. They made it and the Shy Guys were in an uproar. The interpreter stepped forward.

“That key?! You got that from the Rainbow-Haired One!” the interpreter said.

“Yes! Now can we open the gateway to the Mega Moon Realm?” Mario asked.

“Wait!” the interpreter said, grabbing the key and giving it to the chief.

The chief Shy Guy looked it over and smiled. A Shy Guy brought forth a chest. The Chief Guy opened it up with the key and grabbed its contents, a Magic Flute. He gave it to the interpreter.

“Here, for your efforts, you may have this!” the interpreter said.

“WHAT?! That’s-a what the key opened?! What about the Moon Realm?!” Luigi shouted.

“We had the key for that the whole time. We just tested your loyalty. Now we can live in peace free from the Rainbow-Haired Demon! The key is the staff the Chief Guy is holding. When Harvest Moon reaches the middle of the sky, the gateway will be opened for you!” the interpreter explained.

“Okay! We’ll wait until then! But we’re awful tired, could we get a place to sleep and have someone to wake us up a bit before the moon rises all the way to the sky?” Mario asked.

“Of course. Our hut is your hut. You freed us from the Rainbow-Haired Demon!” the interpreter said.

They followed the interpreter into a large hut. “This is Jabba’s hut. He is honored to have you in his hut. He will wake you.”

The three heroes fell asleep for awhile. In the meantime...

“Oh dear! What will we do?! The princess has been captured by that Chef Torte!” Toadsworth cried.

Toad, Toadsworth, Merlink, and Mallow were on a plane back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

“I can’t believe someone other than Bowser kidnapped the princess! It’s insane!” Toad said.

“Calm down everyone. This Chef Torte guy seems very familiar... but I probably never met him. He also seems very inexperienced at being a bad guy. First of all, who has their evil name be “Chef Torte”? It’s absurd! When he contacts the chancellor and the king of the Mushroom Kingdom, we’ll be there to negotiate with him. He might not even have an evil plan! He might just have the princess!” Mallow said.

“Prince Mallow is right. Let’s calm down and hope for the best. It’s just a shame Mario and Luigi aren’t able to help us...” Merlink sighed.

Back in Luna Land...

Mario and Luigi were wakened by a Shy Guy. He was muttering something in Shyish. The two plumbers put on their caps and woke Yoshi. The three of them walked back out to the stone altar thing.

Eight Shy Guys dressed in ceremonial outfits were dancing around the altar. The Chief Guy was holding up his staff from his throne. The interpreter walked up to the three adventurers. “If you wish to go to Mega Moon Realm, step  the center of stone altar. Quickly!” he said.

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi stepped in the center. The eight Shy Guys danced much faster now. The Chief Guy stood up and held his staff as high as he could. He stated muttering some Shyish...

“Alak chubuun ramah slavohn sheshi eentu sniolarex... Charies! Frise! OtleSoop! WISHAPOW!”

A bright light shot from the staff’s crystal. It made a keyhole opening under Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi’s feet. They were pulled in by a yellow light. The three of them felt nothingness, nothing existed to them. Slowly, very slowly a sense of reality and their senses returned to them. First they felt their fingertips, then their feet, legs, arms, and finally their entire bodies. They could, smell, taste, hear, and finally their vision was restored.

They looked aroud the realm. Everything seemed to trail... like time was slowed down in the realm. They saw Mega Moons, Cresent Moons with eyes and the moon equivalents of Power Stars, fly by leaving yellow trails behind. Inside the realm it was night. There were no stars, just Mega Moons lighting the realm. There were no trees, and no grass. This realm was a desert. They saw pyramids in the distance in front of them. They looked back and saw mountains, very, very far away.

“Mario!” Luigi said.

“What?” Mario asked.

“We will have to fight another guardian, but we don’t have any items... except for this Magic Flute. How will we win?” Luigi asked.

“I... I don’t know! We can’t leave now! And even if we wanted to... I’m-a not sure we could. We’ll just have to try our best. Maybe this one won’t be as strong as the last guardian,” Mario replied.

“I hope so,” Luigi said unconfidently.

“Wait! Yoshi have item! Put it under saddle, I forgot about it!” Yoshi said.

“Well? What is it?” Luigi asked.

Yoshi pulled out a jug of Red Essence, and a small glowing egg with a Star marking on it.

“Hey! These will be really helpful!” Mario said.

“Okay! Let’s-a go!” Luigi said, more confidently now.

The three of them walked forward to the pyramids. After what seemed like an eternity, they reached the first pyramid and examined it. It was much smaller close up. Most of it was probably buried by sand. They touched the pyramid, hoping to find some secret switch. Yoshi grasped the top of the pyramid with his tongue and pulled off the top spike. Luigi held it up and tossed it at the pyramid, considering it useless. But the spike punctured the pyramid and created a large opening. The three of them jumped in. They found themselves looking at a huge mural. It had a drawing of the Crystal Moon on it.

“Hey look!” Yoshi said.

Several Mega Moons appeared and shot into one. They formed a large humanoid figure with four arms, holding a sword in each...

Chapter 27: Mecha Mario Lives

Bowser, Iggy, and the rest of the Koopa Kids stared at the computer screen, saying "Image lost due to interference". Bowser slammed his fist on the table, causing it to break. “Those Mario Brothers! I can’t believe it! Lemmy never even got here! I’ll destroy them! AH!!!”

“Calm down, Bowser! We can still get them!” Kamek said.

“NO! The entire plan’s ruined! I can’t get Peach! I can’t get Lemmy! I can’t get anything! This just isn’t my day at all!” Bowser roared.

“Poor Lemmy... I hope he got away again,” Iggy said.

“Of course he did! We Koopas always manage to get away! We just probably won’t see him again for awhile,” Morton said.

“You’re right, Morton!” Bowser shouted.

“I am?” Morton asked.

“Yes! Us Koopas are always getting pushed around by those pesky plumbers! Now it’s time to take our revenge! Iggy, finish the Mecha Mario ASAP. We need to show Plit who’s really in charge!” Bowser roared.

“There’s the King Pop we all know!” Wendy said.

“Oh yes! We are going to crush Plit! No survivors will be taken! Our machine must destroy them all! Get to work, Iggy! The rest of you, follow me to discuss the plan of attack!” Bowser ordered.

Everyone left the lab to Iggy and his assistants. “Let’s finish this beast!”

Iggy and everyone in the lab worked their hardest to finish the machine of chaos. Meanwhile Bowser, Kamek, and the rest of the kids discussed the best location to launch their attack.

“Perhaps Toadstool Town is the best place?” Wendy proposed.

“Nah, they’d expect that,” Morton said.

“But, they don’t even know we’re planning anything! They’re too busy with that Chef Torte freak!” Kamek said.

“Well I think we should attack at the Mushroom Kingdom’s capital, the Mushroom Village. That way we could take the king and the chancellor for ransom!” Larry said.

“I wish we could steal Peach...” Bowser mumbled.

“Well we can’t, Bowser! Chef Torte has her hidden at his secret base! And we don’t know where that is!” Kamek said.

“Maybe attacking a lesser area would be best?They might not even realize that they are dealing with us, they may think it’s a plan of the chef wacko,” Junior said.

“But where would dat be?” Roy asked.

They all thought silently for a moment.

“Dinosaur Land!” Morton said.

“Dinosaur Land? We tried that once!” Bowser said.

“Yes. But this time we’ll have a metallic monster of a Mario on our side! And we all know Dinosaur Land has defenses even worse than the Mushroom Kingdom. That’s why it was so fast and easy to conquer the first time we did. It’ll be a good place to start, we can set up base their too, and-”

“OKAY MORTON!!!” everyone else yelled.

“Dinosaur Land is a good place to start! Let’s go tell Iggy the good news!” Bowser said.

They walked into the lab and found Iggy nowhere in sight. They called out his name and looked if he was high up on the machine. They didn’t find him. Suddenly the Mecha Mario’s arms moved up and entered a fighting position. Then Iggy’s voice was heard.

“Mecha Mario online! All systems go!!!”

Chapter 28: Plenty Pathetic Perils of Poor Princess Peach

Genius Guy looked over his specimen, or patient in this situation, Princess Toadstool. Her condition seemed to be better at the time, but only slightly better. If she was to make a recovery, she would need that antidote soon, so Changling and the other had better hurry it up. He left the room and headed for the lobby. He got himself a cappicino, sat down, and read one of his favorite books, “How to Eat Anything and Everything, a Biography of and by, Ryan-oshi”.

“Vat do you zink you are doing?! You can’t take break until ze Mecha Yoshi ist finished!” Chef Torte yelled.

“Okay... fine.” Genius Guy said, before even sipping the froth of his cappicino.

Genius Guy got out of his chair and walked back to the laboratory. Chef Torte sat down in the now empty chair, drank the cappicino, and started reading the book. “Hey! Vhy ist zheir a picture of me in zis book?!” Chef Torte wondered.

Meanwhile, deep in the subconcious mind of our favorite princess...

“I didn’t know I was in the story!” Daisy said.

Uh... I meant Peach...

“Oh...” Daisy whimpered.


Peach sat up from her bed. She was alarmed because it was her own bed, in her own room. Her own castle. Though she didn’t know how she got to the hospital, now she was more confused about being in her castle. “Maybe that hospital stuff was just a dream...” Peach said.

She looked around, got up, and went downstairs. She reached the dining room, where all of her friends were having breakfast. But then the castle walls vanished, and a dark red storm cloud filled the sky. Mario got up out of the chair and stood in a fighting position. Then Yoshi got up and challenged Mario. Then Mario and Yoshi began to fight each other.

“Stop! You’re best friends!” Peach yelled.

Mario and Yoshi tore up the place while fighting. Then Luigi turned into a Magikoopa wearing gold bracelets. Yoshi then roundhoused Mario and shattered him into a thousand pieces.

“NO!!! MARIO!!!” Peach screamed.

Then Bowser appeared and blew fire everywhere, destroying everything in his path. Soon Peach could see nothing.

“AHHHHHHHH!” Peach screamed, sitting up in her bed.

Chef Torte got startled and fell out of his chair.

“What? Where am I? Was that all a dream?” Peach asked.

Peach looked at the unconcious chef lying on the ground. Now this place had no recognition. She slowly got out of her bed, and detached all the wires on her. She opened the door and looked around. She saw a large table in the middle of the room, with many chairs by it. A Whomp was snoring on top of the table. Peach ran out into the room, quiet as a mouse, barefoot without her highheels. She tiptoed to a door, peeked inside, and saw a huge metal Yoshi. A Shy Guy was using a crane on some device, lowering the Yoshi’s legs. She ran to the other side of the room with the large table and opened another door. Inside was a Koopa Troopa in chef’s garments, reading some book titled “The Reign of King Bowser”.

Peach tried another door and opened a room to a lobby, with a cappicino machine and an elevator. She walked in as silently as possible. Suddenly a Podoboo popped up out of nowhere. “Hi! I’m Embert T. Podoboo! I haven’t seen you around, pretty lady, what role do you play in Chef Torte’s plan to rule Plit?” Embert asked.

“Oh... I suppose I’m the... uh...” Peach stuttered.

“Oh, you’re the hostage? It’s all right. I won’t tell, I’m just the neighbor paying an uninvited visit,” Embert exclaimed.

“Okay thanks, um, which way do I go if I want to leave this place?” Peach asked.

“Take the elevator... I think you’ll need to steal a boat though! Unless you can swim really good!” Embert said.

Peach got on the elevator, and rode it down to the main floor. Wap do wap do wappa do wap a wap do wap do wappa do wap a... and so on.

Then the elevator stopped and Peach got out at the foot of the volcano. She walked around in the grass towards the beach. She looked around for some dock or a boat but she couldn’t find any. She stepped in the sand and it felt soft and smooth against her foot. She looked up at the night sky and wondered where she was, and whether or not Mario was trying to save her, if he even knew she was gone. Peach was so confused it frightened her a great deal. Scary thoughts passed through her mind. What if that Vuljiin guy already destroyed the world and this is all that is left? What if Mario, Luigi and all my friends are dead? What if I never find out what happened to them, so they’d be considered dead anyway?

Peach then panicked and for some reason started running across the beach. She looked back, as if someone was chasing her. Then she felt a sharp pain in her foot. She fell to the ground in pain, and examined her foot. It had been cut by a broken bottle in the sand, and was bleeding badly. She stood up very awkwardly, and limped forward. She fell once again. She tried to get up again, but was unsuccessful. She cried in pain but was not heard. She couldn’t even scream because she was so weak. She lay on the beach feeling the pain of her foot and the gentle sweeping of the tide. Her foot was washed over and over again by the brushing of the ocean. She began silently sobbing for this all to be a bad nightmare. She then felt a horrible pain in her head and blacked out once again...

Chapter 29: Moonraker

The room they currently occupied spinned around the four beings. When it stopped, they were in the same battlefield they had fought the Shine Creature in. Mario and Luigi ran to one side of the stage, Yoshi ran to the opposite. The moon monster with multiple machettis looked at each of its three challengers. The monster was fairly sized, about as tall as the last one was long. It was about two feet higher than Bowser when he had the Star Power in him from stealing the Power Stars in Peach’s Castle. The monster’s face had three eyes and its mouth was small with tusks reaching out. It charged Mario and Luigi. The two plumbers ran opposite of each other. The monster pursued Luigi.

“Mamamia!!!” Luigi cried.

The monster’s glare frightened anything in its path it was so evil. Luigi kept ahead of the four-armed beast barely, and was slowly losing ground. When it was almost on top of Luigi, it drove it’s four swords into the ground and raked them backward, attempting to shread Luigi down to size. Luigi was cut on the shoulder, but not badly. He ran again as the monster yanked his swords out of the ground. He threw one into each corner, nearly spelling the end for Yoshi. They magically cut through the ground returning to it, causing large quakes in the ground. Yoshi lost his balance and dropped the vile of Red Essence. It rolled toward a large canyon in the ground made by one of the swords. Yoshi reacted quickly and shot his tongue at it, but instead of catching it he pushed it into the air, over the gap and onto the other side. The moon monster shot its sword toward the jug. Luigi ran for the vile, dived at it, and rolled as fast as he could. The sword missed him, but he almost fell down the canyon; he grabbed on with one hand to the edge. Yoshi and Mario ran toward him.

“Give me the bottle, and give Yoshi your hand!” Mario said. Luigi climbed up out of the gap. “MAMAMIA!!!” Mario screamed. The monster threw all of its swords at once down at them, now that they were all in one area. The three quickly swigged down the Red Essence evenly and were protected from the swords. The monster retrieved it’s weapons, and looked perplexed.

“Now’s our time to attack! Yoshi, use the Star Egg while me and Luigi attack it with our Super Jumps!” Mario said.

Yoshi shot the egg straight at the monster. It hit him with great force, then cracked open. Three Power Stars shot out and performed a strange dance. Mario and Luigi hurt the beast minimally, but their main attack was the Star Egg. After the Stars finished dancing, a gold bird flew by them, causing them to explode, with the force aimed at the moon monster. The monster fell backward to the ground, causing each of his swords to fly away. Then the monster righted itself and jumped into the air, safe from attacks. It floated in the air with each of its swords circling it. One by one the swords shot down at Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. They, of course, took no damage, and the monster pulled the swords back to him magically and landed on the ground, sending out a shockwave.

“Okey dokey! Let’s-a go!” Mario said.

Mario and Luigi kicked, punched, and stomped on the monster, while it defended with its swords. Then Yoshi shot the reconstructed Star Egg again. It hit the monster critically, as he was knocked down on his behind. He jumped back up and continued defending against Mario and Luigi, keeping its eyes on the Stars. The Stars danced, the gold bird flew by, and they exploded at the moon monster. It flew back again in pain. The monster reared it’s ugly head and roared in anger.

“Okay! Let him attack again.” Luigi said.

The moon monster jumped and floated in the air for a second time. After attacking with the swords, it pulled them back and landed on the ground.

“Okay! Our turn!” Yoshi said.

Mario and Luigi did their jump routine to distract it. They landed more hits on it this time, as if it wasn’t concentrating on blocking them. Yoshi picked up the Star Egg and looked at the monster. He squinted his eyes and threw the Star Egg with full force. But before reaching the beast, it slashed the egg with one of its swords, throwing it to a far wall opposite Yoshi. The Stars got out and performed their attacks, then exploded. Obviously, no damage was dealt to the monster. It jumped up and did  attack once again, failing. Mario and Luigi ran up to the monster again, but stopped as they felt the transparent shield the Red Essence gifted them with dissolve.

“Okay! Time for some safer manuvering!” Mario said. The two plumbers rushed back to Yoshi, who was about to throw the Star Egg. “Wait! We need some better plan to confuse it!” Mario said.

“I’M A GOT IT!” Luigi shouted.

“What was that?” Mario asked.

“Yeah. Dat sounded confusing...” Yoshi mentioned.

“Uh... nevermind. But I got a plan! Yoshi, we’ll confuse it by using your eggs, that way he will-a never know when we’ll throw the real Star Egg,” Luigi said.

“Good idea!” Yoshi said.

Yoshi popped out some eggs, and the three began throwing them. But alas, with four arms and four swords, you are pretty much defended at all sides.

“Hmm, this isn’t working... wait! I know how to get him!” Luigi said.

"How?” Mario asked.

“Keep throwing these eggs, I’ll take the Star Egg and run up close. I don’t think he’ll notice me,” Luigi said.

Luigi ran off as fast as he could. Luckily the monster was too busy defending itself from the other eggs to notice the plumber in green creeping under it. Luigi crawled by its legs, and threw the egg upward. The monster jumped in pain. Luigi ran for cover as the Stars began dancing. The monster finally realized what was going on when the Stars exploded.

“Here we go!” Mario shouted.

The monster got up from the last blast and was furious. It threw all of its swords at everyone, but none made contact. Drawing the swords back to him, the monster lifted them into the air, where they circled fast and eventually shot into one sword, which the monster bended into a crescent shape. It tossed it like a boomerang, knocking everyone down. Mario and Yoshi stood up again but were only knocked down by the blade flying back. Mario and Yoshi were too hurt to get up. Luigi stood up slowly and watched the monster’s swords break up into four straight ones again. Luigi lifted Mario and Yoshi up.

“C’mon! I can’t win alone!” Luigi said.

Mario got up. Yoshi did the same. “Okay... but we’re going to need a lot of rest after this!” Mario said.

“Okay! He’ll probably expect me to do the same thing again, so this time I will,” Luigi said.

“What?” Mario and Yoshi asked.

“Just trust me. Here Yoshi, keep this until I say so,” Luigi said with a wink.

Yoshi clutched the Star Egg in his hand, and felt confused. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi began throwing regular eggs again, which the moon monster blocked easily. Then Luigi grabbed a regular egg and ran to the monster. He got under the monster but it saw him this time and knocked him to the ground, glaring at him. Luigi showed him the egg and smiled. “Now Yoshi!” Luigi yelled.

Yoshi threw the egg instinctively at the moon monster. It was too late when it realized what happened. He was hit and then hit again by the Star Egg. The monster melted down into a smaller object as the room returned to its normal condition.The creature eventually melted down into one Mega Moon, which shot out the other Moons that helped form the beast. They disappeared. Then Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi looked forward at the mural of the Crystal Moon. It slowly started spinning but then got really fast and sucked Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi in. They were shot out in a room which held the Crystal Moon, in all its glory. The three of them walked up to it and smiled.

“Well, now we’re two thirds of our adventure completed!” Mario said.

“Well, WE are. You are only half done,” Luigi said.

“What do you mean?” Mario asked.

“You still have to fight that Vuljiin guy...” Luigi mumbled.

“Oh... right. Well, anyway... Hee hee! We go it!” Mario said happily.

They grabbed the Crystal Moon with the mechanical claw and placed it in Mario’s backpack. They all did a victory dance, and vanished out of the realm...

Chapter 30: Dinosaur Land Doomed

“Report, Mr. Jagger?” Bowser asked.

“We’ll be heading into the center of Dinosaur Land in about twenty minutes, Captain Koopa,” General Jagger reported.

“How fast are we going, Ms. Kammy?” Bowser questioned.

“Fourteen knots, Captain Koopa!” Kammy answered.

“You know, let’s just drop the whole captain thing. It feels to weird. I don’t want to look like that idiot K. Rool, always changing his title! What a horrible bad guy! I feel sorry for Donkey Kong...” Bowser said.

“Right. Anyway, what will be our first objective after our location in Soda Bay is confirmed?” Kamek asked.

“Well, I’m leaving that up to my first mate, Bowser Junior! What area do you think we should take over first?” Bowser asked.

“Um... well since the Valley of Bowser is closed, and Ludwig isn’t here, we have six spots for one of us Koopa kids to rule. That's enough for all of us, since Lemmy isn’t here either. How about this, everyone has their old spot except Larry, you get the Vanilla Dome because Lemmy is gone, and I’ll take Ludwig’s spot on Cookie Mountain,” Junior said.

“Hey, how did you know all that and get to be so smart about these evil plans?” Iggy asked.

“Oh, ever since I could read I’ve been studying you guys’ old plans and strategies. I think it’s plain old good reading!” Junior replied.

“And another thing, how are you able to transform from this form to Shadow Mario?” Larry asked.

“Well there used to be a shapeshifting Magikoopa that worked for Poppa. He showed me the basics of shapeshifting and I chose the Mario form because he always seemed stronger than anything else. I never learned how to fully transform or turn into something else because Poppa fired that Magikoopa for his incompetance,” Junior explained.

“Okay, so we have our plan! But I was really asking for our first wave of our domination, not our entire plan you nit-wit!” Bowser yelled.

“Sorry Poppa...” Junior whimpered.

“Anyway, what we will do is send out the Koopalings in Mecha Mario to Yoshi’s Island. That’s the most heavily guarded area. We will conquer it easily, then move to the Donut Plains, and so on,” Bowser said.

“King Koopa, sir!” Jagger said.

“Yes?” Bowser asked.

“We will be arriving at our destination shortly...”

Chapter 31: Battle With the Bros.

Changling wiped his forehead. He looked around in the thicket of the woods for his prey. He heard a voice from his left.

“Hey Changling, I found one!” Soshi whispered.

Changling walked over holding his net. He saw where the dragon Yoshi pointed to. Sure enough, a rare white Fuzzy was floating around. Changling only needed it to get a bit closer to snatch it. Finally, the Fuzzy got curious and floated over. As it stared into Changling’s glasses, the Magikoopa moved as swiftly as a cat and snatched the puff. Then he tied the net so it couldn’t get out.

“Yes! Hey Reaper, we found one, let’s get out of here!” Changling said.

They walked back towards their helicopter, which was at Luna Land’s beach. “Finally we’ll get out of this dump and back home!” Soshi snarled.

Changling looked back at Soshi and nodded. Then a look of fear melted on his face.

“What’s wrong, Changling?” Soshi asked.

“M-M-Mario! He’s right over there!” Changling said, pointing out the plumber.

He was followed by Yoshi and Luigi. The three of them noticed the creeps. “HEY! I know you! You are one of Bowser’s hench-a-men!” Mario shouted at Changling.

“No! No! He fired me! I don’t work for him anymore!” Changling panicked.

The two plumbers ran up, followed by Yoshi. “Look Mario! That Fuzzy must be something Bowser needs!” Luigi said.

“Let’s-a get ‘em!” Mario said.

The three do-gooders ran after Changling, but the Grand Glum Reaper appeared in front of Luigi and knocked him to the ground. “Mamamia...” Luigi mumbled.

Mario kicked Changling down, causing him to throw the net in the air. “I got it!” Yoshi called. He went for a dive of the net, but Soshi flew down from the sky and snatched it. “Huh?” Yoshi said.

Soshi flew down and slammed Yoshi. Yoshi got up and looked angry. He glared at the dragon-like Yoshi. Soshi smiled and flew back at Yoshi, but Yoshi jumped over the dragon this time and attempted a ground pound, but missed. Soshi flew back into the air, smiling his sharp teeth. Meanwhile, Changling had transformed into Bowser and was faring pretty well against Mario. Mario, however, was not impressed. When the opportunity came, he ran around the Bowser clone and grabbed his tail. Then he swung him in circles and threw him Changling into the sea. During this, Luigi was having more troubles with the Grand Glum Reaper. The Reaper raised his mighty sythe and sliced Luigi with it, but the plumber in green retaliated with a jump kick in the face. The Reaper went flying and sank his sythe in the ground to stop himself.

“Ha ha ha! You foolish Land Yoshi! I am a much superior breed!” Soshi laughed.

“No one make fun of me!” Yoshi growled.

The green dinosaur popped out an egg and threw it at the cocky blue dragon. Soshi was hit hard and fell to the ground, dropping the net with the Fuzzy. Yoshi looked at the net fly through the air. Changling saw it and turned into a Lakitu, catchng it with his fishing pole. Mario jumped up and squashed the Lakitu, causing Changling to toss the net and revert to normal form. The Grand Glum Reaper saw the net and used his sythe to grab it, but Luigi uppercut the cloaked spirit and watched the net fly. Changling, Soshi, and the Reaper hopped in their chopper and flew to get the net. Yoshi thought quickly and shot his long tongue at the net, yanking it from the baddies’ grasp. Unfortunately, he ate the net and Fuzzy when his tongue returned.

“You fools! Fine, I don’t care if the princess dies, let’s get out of here!” Changling ordered.

The three villains escaped in their chopper. Down on the shore Mario, Luigi and Yoshi were confused. “What? What do they mean Peach will-a die?!” Mario asked.

“You guys... I tink dere was sometin funny in dat Fuzzy I ate...” Yoshi said, with spiral eyes.

Meanwhile on the Isle of Soshi...

Genius Guy flipped a switch, pushed a button, pulled a lever, and turned a key. All systems were go. The Mecha Yoshi was completed. He flipped the mechanical monster off and left the room to tell Torte the good news. He looked around the main chamber, not finding the chef. He went to his room and looked through the open door. Nobody was in it. Then Genius Guy walked back into the main chamber. He headed for the lobby, but then noticed that the door to the room containing Peach was open. He peered in to see an empty bed, and Chef Torte standing near it.

“Chef Torte, where’s the princess?” Genius Guy asked.

Chef Torte breathed deeply. “She escaped. Now she vill most likely die vizout medical attention. It ist all my fault.”

“Well, that’s too bad. I forgot why I came down here though...” Genius Guy said.

Chef Torte sighed again. “Vell it doesn’t matteir, I zink I am going to give up zis evil buizness. I’m just not cut out.”

“Oh yeah! I came to tell you the Mecha Yoshi is finished!” Genius Guy interrupted.

Something evil in Chef Torte that was slowly dying sparked up again. Then it became a roaring fire again. “YES! NOW IT VILL BE MY TIME!!! MWAH HA HA HA!” Chef Torte shouted.

“But weren’t you just saying something about giving up evil?” Genius Guy said.

Chef Torte laughed. “You... just... don’t get it, do you?”

Chef Torte banged the ignorant Shy Guy on his noggin and left the room. Helicopter propellers were heard. Changling, Soshi, and the Grand Glum Reaper entered the main chamber.

“Sorry Chef Torte, but we ran into Mario, and Yoshi ate the Fuzzy Genius Guy wanted,” Changling said before flinching.

“It does not matteir, ze princess escaped anyvay. Let us move on! Ze Mecha Yoshi ist complete. Now our plan to rid ze vorld of fruit und eventually take oveir ze vorld vill begin. Apprentice! Vhomp! Get your lazy behinds out heir so ve can all laugh in an evil manneir!” Chef Torte called.

Then everyone was in the main chamber, Chef Torte, his apprentice, Changling, Genius Guy, the Grand Glum Reaper, Soshi, Whomp, and even Embert T. Podoboo. They all laughed. MANIACALLY...

Chapter 32: Musical Number

(Note: This chapter will be in script format. This is to not interfere with the rhyming and singing. Sing along if you like. In fact, you MUST SING ALONG!!! If you don’t you’ll get a PAN OF PAIN in the face!!! Also, for details and such, they will be written within parentheses such as this note. This is also to not interfere with the rhyming and such. Now SING!!!)

(We’ll begin with our companions, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. These three are still on Luna Land’s beach.)

Mario: Now we must move on to find the Crystal Star!

Luigi: We can find it with the Magic Whistle, near or far!

Yoshi: Where will the Crystal Star be residing?

Mario: There’s-a no way to tell where it’s-a hiding!

Luigi: Well the others were hidden in monuments...

Yoshi: Dis is absurd! A singing document.

Mario: Wait, that’s it! The Star Statue it’ll be!

Luigi: Let’s-a go, play the Whistle, Yoshi!

Yoshi: All right! All right! Now hold on tight!

(Yoshi plays the Magic Whistle. The three of them are teleported to the foot of Shooting Star Summit. At the top they see the Star Statue, created centuries ago.)

Mario: Let’s-a go to the top!

Luigi: But first we need to make a quick stop!

Mario: To where might this stop be?

Luigi: To the gatekeeper Twink you see!

(Twink, the Star Kid from Star Haven flies down from the sky.)

Twink: I’m the gatekeeper now, follow me!

Yoshi: I thought we needed to pass a test or Quizzie?

Twink: I think this annoying song is just as rough...

Mario: Yes! Now let’s-a go! I’ve had enough!

Luigi: Now now, Mario, let’s-a not be hasty!

Yoshi: Hmm, Twink. Is that tasty?

Twink: No joking Yoshi, let’s make it stop.

Mario: Hurry! Hurry! To the top!

(The four of them run up the hill. Once they reach the top their singing continues.)

Twink: Now here’s the Gateway, this Statue of a Star.

Luigi: But where’s your key, little Star?

Twink: My golf club’s a key... though I’m always over par...

Mario: Enough! Enough! This singing’s gone too far!

Yoshi: Now open the gate so we can go in!

Twink: Hold on! In a min!

(Twink pushes his golf club into a secret hole in the statue. A rainbow lights the statue and begins drawing the three adventurers in.)

Luigi: All right! Here we go!

Yoshi: Our adventure’s nearly done you know!

Twink: Before you go in I’d like to say, see ya!

Mario: We’re being pulled in! MAMAMIA!!!

(Now we’ll check up on Bowser and his brat pack, nearing the center of Soda Bay. They are all gathered on the castle-ship’s bridge.)

Jagger: Not much longer, my Koopa King!

Bowser: Why did I sign that contract? I hate to sing!

Wendy: I adore it, it really is rad!

Larry: Yeah, except you sing really bad!

Wendy: I do not! You’re just full of jealousy!

Morton: No, your voice is just stinky!

Iggy: I agree!

Kammy: Be quiet you! I’m trying to think!

Kamek: Yes. Oh, and Wendy, you do stink!

Wendy: It’s not true! You're just deaf of tones!

Roy: Hey, is it safe to take off my headphones?

Larry: Not if you want to listen to Wendy flap her jaw!

(Meannwhile, beyond the moon...)


(Back at the castle...)

Iggy: If I were Lemmy, I’d agree!

Bowser: Are we almost there? The anticipation’s killing me!

Jagger: Just a moment, it’ll take some more time...

Morton: I’m getting pretty sick of this rhyme!

Kamek: Well stop singing, you little brats!

Larry: We’re not little, as Iggy is and Roy is fat!

Roy: I’d zip it if I were you!

Bowser: Shut up! Shut up! All of you!

Wendy: Sorry Daddy, but it’s not my fault!

(Junior bursts in.)

Junior: Poppa, they locked me in the vault!

Kammy: They’re mean punks you see!

Junior: Don’t tell me you started the musical number without me!

Morton: We sure did, because you are a loser!

Iggy: I must say, I concur!

Junior: You guys are so mean! I’ll show you!

Roy: Oh really? Well what are ya gonna do?

Junior: I have a plan, just you wait! It’ll make you seem dumb, and me seem great!

Wendy: Look at me! I’m shivering with fright!

Bowser: Shut up, kids! Don’t start a fight!

Junior: Okay Poppa, we will stop!

Larry: Don’t throw us in the dungeon, King Pop!

Jagger: I’d like to say, we’re nearly there!

Bowser: Boy those Yoshies are in for a scare!

Kamek: Don’t forget, we’ll eventually need to deal with Mario and Luigi!

Bowser: Kamek be quiet and scrub the ship with this squeegy!

Roy: We better be done, I hate to sing!

Iggy: Yeah, it’s more of a nerdy Junior thing!

Junior: Shut up! You stupid freaks!

Kammy: Watch for rocks! Or we might spring leaks!

Larry: I don’t like the water, I can’t swim!

Wendy: I love the water, you’re just dim!

Morton: I’m not a fan of lots of water!

Jagger: We have reached our destination, sir!

Bowser: Yes! Great! Our plan begins!

Iggy: We’ll take everything of those dinos, leave ‘em in their skins!

Roy: I can’t wait to rule my own kingdom again!

Larry: The last time I did I believe I was ten!

Wendy: Don’t mess with the Koopas, we’ll mess you up good!

Junior: We’re the baddest of the bad in the hood!

Kammy: Every Koopaling, to Mecha Mario quick!

Jagger: Those Yoshis’ butts we will kick!

(Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, and Roy are now in the Mecha Mario.)

Iggy: All systems go, let’s take a ride!

Roy: We’ll whup Dinosaur Land’s hide!

Larry: I’m glad Junior isn’t going to come!

Wendy: Yeah, he’s just way too dumb!

Morton: All right guys, we’ll tear this place apart!

(The Mecha Mario rises up out of the castle.)

Junior: Sorry, I can’t rhyme, stupid art.

(On the shore of Yoshi’s Island, two Yoshis see the massive robot.)

Koshi: Oh no! What’s that big thing out in the sea?

Ryan-oshi: Doom, doom for all us Yoshis!

(Finally let’s join Chef Torte and the gang back at their base on Isle Soshi!)

Chef Torte: Yes, now my quest for vorld domination begins!!!

Apprentice: No matter what, we will win!

Changling: Honestly, who else has a giant robot?

Genius Guy: It’s our most original thought!

Grand Glum Reaper: ...(dead silence)

Soshi: And all of Plit will be ours to stomp!

Whomp: Whomp like go WHOMP!!!

Chef Torte: Deaz vill come to my sworn enemies, zose dinosaurs!

Apprentice: Doom to all, when we walk up on their shores!

Changling: We’ll steal all the fruit galore!

Genius Guy: And it’s all thanks to my brilliant brain!

Chef Torte: Don’t make me hit you viz ze PAN OF PAIN!!!

Genius Guy: Sorry, my bad, you’re the best, Chef Torte!

Soshi: Judging from his character, Genius Guy’s life will come up short!

Whomp: Whomp like go WHOMP!!!!

Chef Torte: Ze entire planet vill be ours to romp!

Apprentice: How will we celebrate our victory, ride a horse?

Chef Torte: No ve’ll make a cake, but of course!

Changling: Let’s hope that cake won’t come to life!

Genius Guy: You think if I ask, the Mecha Yoshi will be my wife?

(BANG! This indicates the PAN OF PAIN hitting Genius Guy or in other words... DUH!!!)

Grand Glum Reaper: ... (dead silence)

Soshi: If we get injured, we’ll get paid with workmen’s comp!

Whomp: Whomp like go WHOMP!!!

Chef Torte: Now let’s rush to my metal monsteir!

Apprentice: I’ll stay here, master Torte, take care!

Changling: I wish to stay but I must go...

Genius Guy: Ow!!! I stubbed my toe!

Grand Glum Reaper: ... (dead silence)

Chef Torte: Being quiet doesn’t mean you can stay!

Soshi: I’ll stay here, okay?

Chef Torte: Fine! Fine! All I vant ist Changling, Genius Guy, und ze Reapeir to help ze Mecha Yoshi chomp!

Whomp: Whomp like go WHOMP!!!

Embert T. Podoboo: Hey! I made it in the song!

Chef Torte: It ist shame you von’t stay long!

(BANG!!! And Embert is shot out the window.)

Apprentice: So it’s decided! Let the fun proceed!

Changling: Let’s go steal all of the Yoshies’ special feed!

Genius Guy: And we’ll be the masters of Plit!

Soshi: So make like a banana and split!

(A UFO flies down and opens the ceiling.)

Invader Zim: Can I help you take over Plit, oh Master Torte?

Chef Torte: No you fool! Zheir vill be nozing of ze sort!

Gir: Let’s go back to Earth and get a taco from Taco Tomp’s!

Whomp: Whomp like go WHOMP!!!

(Zim and Gir leave.)

Chef Torte: I vill prove to Plit I am ze best!

Apprentice: Then we can get some rest!

Changling: Come on now! To the Mecha Yoshi, and be hasty!

Chef Torte: I cannot vait to torture Tayce T!

Genius Guy: The machine is on! So let’s go!

Soshi: Soon we will be the number one foe!

(Genius Guy, Changling, the Grand Glum Reaper, and finally Chef Torte get on the Mecha Yoshi, and begin the trip to Donut Plains.)

Chef Torte: Right! I’m on my vay to being Plit’s leadeir!

Whomp: Whomp like go WHOMP! ERR ERRR!!!

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