The Good, the Bad, and the Torte

By Chef Torte

Chapter 38: Evil Rising

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi atomized in front of the Shooting Star Summit. In their possesion were the three most precious gems in the known universe. They looked at each other and smiled. Their journey had been a long and harsh one, but they had finally collected all three Cosmos Crystals. There was only one thing on everybody’s mind.

“Boy! I really need to take a bathroom break!” Mario exclaimed.

Well almost everybody.

“Let’s-a get back to the castle, I wonder how Peach is,” Luigi responded.

“Yeah. Let’s-a go!” Mario said.

The three of them walked into Toadstool Town, finding a mass riot of mushrooms and fungi greeting them. Angry and frightened Toadstools ran around every which way. Mario recognized his good friend Toad and grabbed onto his spore head and pulled the frantic Mushroomer out of the chaotic crowd. Toad looked amazed at Mario.

“Man! We thought you’d never get back!” Toad shouted.

“What’s-a happened?” Mario asked.

“Anything that can go wrong, did... at least I think it did. Quick, let’s get to the Mushroom Village and see the Chancellor and the King!” Toad wailed.

The four of them ran through the crowded streets towards the captial city of the Mushroom Village not too far away. Toad tried to explain on the way.

“Well Princess Toadstool’s been captured!” Toad yelled.

“What?? Bowser! That creep!” Mario said.

“No! Not Bowser!” Toad said, gasping for air.

“Who then?” Luigi asked.

“Chef Torte!” Toad spat.

“WHO?!” Mario and Luigi said in unison.

“Chef Torte, I don’t know, (gasp) he’s some evil Koopa chef or something...” Toad said.

“Hmm... he sound familiar...” Yoshi said.

“Also, Bowser has launched an attack on Dinosaur Land!” Toad exclaimed.

“What? Again?” Mario shouted.

“Oh no! It fruit harvest there! Yoshis must be in trouble!!!” Yoshi worried.

They arrived at the Royal Mushroom Castle. Toad ran up to the Chancellor, panting.

“What is it, young spore?” the Chancellor asked.

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi walked in.

“Mario’s back!” Toad replied.

“Thank the stars! Mario, we’re in a heap of trouble!” the Chancellor said, jumping up to greet his guests.

“Yes. Toad filled us in,” Luigi said.

“Well, you’ll need to get to Dinosaur Land right away! You do know what you are dealing with, don’t you?” the Chancellor asked.

“Right, Bowser. We have-a handled him before!” Mario replied.

“Well this time he’s got a giant robot of you, Mario! It’s huge and powerful!” the Chancellor warned.

“Wait, how are we supposed to deal with a mecha me?” Mario asked.

“I don’t know, but you’re our best hope!” the Chancellor answered.

“All right. C’mon Luigi, Yoshi. Let’s-a get some things packed. Toad, you come too, we’ll need all the help we can get!” Mario said.

“Well then, it looks like I’m just in time!” Mallow said, walking into the room.

“Mallow! Why on Plit are you here?” Mario asked.

“Well I was with Toad and everyone when Peach was captured. I decided to come down to the Mushroom Kingdom to help all I could. Now, let’s not waste any more time, we need to save Dinosaur Land!” Mallow said.


“Fire on my command!” Chef Torte yelled.

Genius Guy had his finger over the button to launch the egg bomb. A bead of sweat dripped off of Chef Torte’s pointy nose and onto the metal floor of the control room inside the Mecha Yoshi. The chef watched the Mecha Mario take off into the air. It slowly came toward them.

“NOW!” Chef Torte ordered.

Genius Guy slammed the button, and the Mecha Yoshi shot out the Egg Bomb. It flew towards the oncoming Mario robot. The Mecha Mario crew was doing its best to avoid it.

“No no no! Pull the left lever, and hold down the right button!” Iggy shouted.

“But what if I push the wrong button?” Morton asked.

“No! I mean right as in right and left!” Iggy yelled.

“Prepare for impact!!!” Wendy screamed.

The Egg Bomb hit the Mecha Mario in the chest, causing it to flip out of its flight path and plunge into Donut Plain’s central lake. The Koopalings inside fell out of their seats and against the super thick glass eyes of the Mecha Mario. Iggy, Larry, Roy, and Morton got up awkwardly. When Wendy stood up, the room erupted with laughter.

“So... you said you didn’t want to be bald anymore. Let me guess, you never had the choice to have hair!” Morton laughed.

Wendy felt confused. She looked to her feet and saw a long blond wig. She spazzed out and put the wig back on, which now looked ridiculous. After some brief laughs the Koopas remembered what a serious battle they were in. They got up and righted the machine. They shot up into the air again and blasted fireballs at the Mecha Yoshi. Lightning flashed, sending the first sign of a storm.


Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Mallow were packed with items to help them defeat the massive mechanical monster. They all were now very serious, and hadn’t said a word in five minutes. Now all packed they exited to the back of the castle, where Toadsworth, the Chancellor, the King, and the other Mushroom Retainers had prepared a plane. Merlink was there too. The sky lit up with a bright white bolt of lightning. Rain began falling down.

“All right. Let’s-a go!” Mario said.

“Not so fast!!” a voice called.

Everyone looked around to see who or what was speaking. Yoshi looked up at the castle’s top.

“Look! Up there!” Yoshi said.

Yoshi pointed to a dark shadowy figure with red eyes and a long black cloak at the top of the castle. The figure jumped high in the sky and landed in front of Mario. Mario stared into the evil red eyes and swallowed hard.

“W-who are you?” Mario asked.

The shadowy figure laughed in response. “Why, isn’t it obvious? You’d think I’d be expected, but of course I forget how stupid you are.”

Mario got angry. “Hey! I don’t-a have time for this!”

The Shadowy figure stopped laughing. “Oh but you must, I am the reason this all occurred. I am Vuljiin!”

Chapter 39: Vuljiin

Lightning streaked across the sky, followed by a heart pumping thunder clash. Rain started pouring. A sudden chill, whether it was from Vuljiin or the rain, rushed across everyone’s spines. Vuljiin was a completely black entity. His cloak that he wore was as dark as the shadows covering his hands and face. The only other feature you could tell he had was his two devilish glaring red eyes.

“Yes. I, Vuljiin have come, now that you have collected all my Crystals. I’d like to thank you for locating them all for me. Now hand over the Crystals to me, Mario.” Vuljiin demanded.

“Wait, in your message, it said we were-a going to fight!” Mario replied.

“Well, we won’t need to go through this unless you refuse giving me the Cosmos Crystals. Hand them over, Mario!” Vuljiin spat.

Luigi looked the strange being up and down. “Mario, I don’t-a think this is the kind of person who should have these things!” Luigi whispered to his brother.

“What if I refuse giving them to you?” Mario asked.

“Then I’m afraid you’ll need to be disposed of!” Vuljiin said, reaching back and pulling out a magnificent sword. The blade glowed white with an eerie presence. Vuljiin pushed some switch and the blade was enveloped in red and purple electricity. Energy just flowed off of the saber. Vuljiin lifted the sword into the sky slowly. Then he chopped down the air in front of him, which caused a lightning bolt to shoot out of the sky to where the tip of his sword pointed.

“You’re obviously evil, otherwise you’d show your face! And... uh...  you wouldn’t have red eyes!” Toad shouted.

“What is evil? Is there truly a definition for the term? How can one be completely evil, yet be good to himself? Your lack of knowledge shows, foolish one!” Vuljiin snapped back.

Toad closed his mouth and stepped back.

“Mario, he can’t have dose gems! We can’t let him get ‘em!” Yoshi said.

“I know, Yoshi. But unfortuantely, like the message said, I must fight alone!” Mario replied.

“What?! You’re insane!!” Luigi yelled. “We’ll refuse to watch you stand by and get killed, Mario!”

“You can’t help me anyway! You have to go to Dinosaur Land and stop Bowser!” Mario responded. The rain and rumbling storm were the only sounds heard for a moment. Mario looked into the faces of all his friends. “Now, you all must go. Save Dinosaur Land!” Mario said. “Chancellor, you, the King, the Mushroom Retainers, and Toadsworth must-a go too. It’ll be too dangerous here!”

“Right then. Good luck, Mario! May the Stars guide you to victory! Come on, King Toadstool,” the Chancellor said.

“What?” the King asked, getting on the plane.

The Mushroom Retainers then got on, then Merlink and Toadsworth. Toad, Mallow, Yoshi, and Luigi waited outside.

“Good luck Mario... you... you will make it. I know you will!” Toad said.

“Well it was good seeing you again, Mario. I just hope this isn’t the last time...” Mallow said.

“You take care of Vuljiin, Mario! Yoshi believe in you!” Yoshi said.

“Don’t-a worry about Dinosaur Land, Mario. We’ll take care of Bowser. We just wish you were there with us. Good luck, Mario,” Luigi said.

They got on the plane and lifted off the ground. They circled the castle once, then shot off towards Dinosaur Land. Merlink shook his head inside the plane.

“What is it?” the Chancellor asked.

“I just know, that this is the end. Mario will be no more...” Marlink muttered.


The fight between Mecha Yoshi and Mecha Mario was now very intense. Each blow was horrible damage to Donut Plains. The frightened Yoshis swimming for their lives in Soda Bay watched in terror. It started raining there too.

“Hmm, peirhaps ve should try our Flutteir Kick manuveir. Engage, Genius Guy!” Chef Torte ordered.

Genius Guy pulled some levers. Mecha Mario ran towards the robotic dinosaur. Mecha Yoshi, however, jumped and Flutter Kicked the Mecha Mario square in the face. The Mecha Mario fell back on the bridge connecting Yoshi’s Island and Donut Plains.

“We’re losing to a giant Yoshi robot! This is so absurd!” Bowser roared. Watching from his castle floating in Soda Bay, Bowser was furious. He stomped around the room. Kamek tried to calm his nerves.

“Now Bowser, let’s not get cranky. We still have Plan B!” Kamek said.

“You’re right, Kammy!” Bowser shouted.

“I’m... Kamek...” Kamek sighed.

“This isn’t looking too good, they’re doing horrible out there! It is time for Plan B! Junior, get ready!"”Bowser ordered.


Mario watched the plane fly off into the storm.

“Now, hand them over, or shall I prepare for a battle?” Vuljiin said, putting away his sword and extending his hands.

“I will not, must not let you get a hold of these! I’m-a not sure what they can do, but if you want them that bad, well, you’re obviously up to something!” Mario responded.

“Whatever, either way I’ll have the Crystals within my possesion in about five minutes,” Vuljiin said. “Begin!”


“Aggah! We can’t keep taking these hits! Come on, we’ll show them!” Iggy said.

“Hey, what’s that?!” Morton said, pointing out of the machine to the far off Cookie Mountain.

Something humongous stood up on the mountaintop. It had long spikes down its back, and large claws.

“It’s GODZILLA!!!” Roy screamed.

The thing turned and faced them. Lightning flashed, revealing a gigantic, super-enhanced Mecha Bowser...

Chapter 40: Clash of the Titans

Lightning struck as the giant Mecha Bowser jumped into the Soda Bay beneath it. It looked just like out of a monster movie. Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, and Roy watched in confusion at the mysterious Mecha Bowser wading through the Soda Bay.

“Wha? What is, but who, where how?” Larry uttered.

“Gwa ha ha! Hey siblings, it’s me, your little brother you all hate, with a super mecha all to myself!” Junior taunted over the radio.

“That little punk!” Roy roared.

“King Dad!” Wendy cried.

“Sorry Wendy, King Dad told me to use it! You guys were losing!” Junior said.

“Well we’ll show you! All systems full power!” Iggy shouted.

Changling poked on the back of Chef Torte’s shell. Annoyed, the chef smashed him with his PAN OF PAIN. Then the Grand Glum Reaper floated over and poked Torte, with the same result.

“Vat ist viz eveiryone und poking me?” Chef Torte asked to himself. Chef Torte noticed out the window the Mecha Bowser coming ashore.
“Oh now ve’re in deep...” Chef Torte mumbled.


Luigi tapped his foot rapidly.  “Why did we have to leave Mario back there, all alone? One of us could have stayed! Oh, so many things are going wrong. Why would this-a happen?” Luigi panicked.

“Calm down, Luigi! We’ve seen Mario in worse spots!” Toad said.

“We have?” everyone asked.

“Uh... sure, remember when Bowser had the Star Rod and nearly killed him, then was invincible?” Toad said.

“Well yeah, but he still had some help,” Luigi said.

“Well... what about when he fought Smithy?” Toad said.

“Well, I was there, along with Geno. And Bowser’s strength, not to mention the princess was there,” Mallow said.

“Well... um...” Toad mumbled.

“Technically we don’t even know how strong this Vuljiin guy could be. We just know he has a very magical and powerful sword,” Mallow said.

“True... but I just feel that this guy is really bad,” Luigi said.

“Look! What that?” Yoshi asked, pointing out the window.

They looked to find three gigantic robots, one like Mario, one like Yoshi, and one like Bowser, all closing in on each other.

“Oh dear! It’s worse than we feared!” Toadsworth cried.

“You said that there was just a Mecha Mario. Where did these other two come from?” Mallow asked.

“I... I don’t know...” the Chancellor said.

“Well I have a plan,” Luigi said. “Since there’s more than one it’ll be impossible to defeat them by ourselves, so I say we hijack the weakest one. Now if only we knew who was in each one...” Luigi said.


“Attack!” Iggy shouted.

Mecha Mario took to the air and sent a sky of fire at the oncoming Mecha Bowser. The Mecha Bowser retaliated with a barrage of Banzai Bills, shot out from its claws. The Mecha Mario took heavy damage and fell to the ground. The Mecha Yoshi threw two Egg Bombs, one at each of it’s opponents. The Mecha Bowser fell back from the explosion and caused a tidal wave. The Yoshis swimming in Soda Bay gasped for air as they tried to stay above water. The Mecha Mario dodged the Egg Bomb, however. The egg flew into the tall mountain holding the deserted Yellow Switch Palace at its zenith. The mountain crumbled to the ground. The Mecha Mario got up and ran towards the Mecha Yoshi.

“Tongue attack!” Chef Torte shouted.

The Mecha Mario ran towards the Mecha Yoshi, which had sent out its long tongue.

“Turn back! Turn back!” Iggy shouted.

The tongue burst through the Mecha Mario’s stomach and popped out the other end. The Mecha Mario used this to its advantage, though, by performing a Mecha Mario Tornado. The Mecha Yoshi flew high in the sky and landed hard next to the Mecha Bowser. The Mecha Bowser charged up its flame breath and let out a burning storm on Torte’s machine.


“Well let’s see, we know that Bowser’s kids are in the Mecha Mario, because Bowser said so,” the Chancellor said.

“Then maybe that means Bowser is in the Mecha Bowser,” Luigi said.

“But then why are the Mecha Mario and Mecha Bowser fighting?” Mallow asked.

“Wait! Bowser Junior must be in Mecha Bowser!” Yoshi said. “They’re fightin’ cause of sibling rivalry! And don’t forget he already used a Mecha Bowser in last adventure on Isle Delfino!”

“Of course! Great thinking, Yoshi!” Toad said.

“But then who would be in the Mecha Yoshi?” Luigi wondered.

“Wait! Would it be that Chef Torte person?” Toadsworth asked.

“Yeah that must be it! If they all belonged to Bowser, they wouldn’t be fighting... at least I don’t think they would,” Mallow said.

“Hmm, well I think it’s obvious that we should-a try to take control of the Mecha Yoshi then, as the chef’s had the least experience being evil!” Luigi said.

“Okay, I’ll tell the pilot to land then. We’ll drop you off on the Vanilla Dome, then the rest of us will fly to safety on Cookie Mountain,” the Chancellor said.


The Mecha Yoshi finally escaped the inferno of Mecha Bowser’s breath. Mecha Yoshi got up and Flutter Kicked the robokoop. Mecha Bowser almost fell, but caught itself. Then it was knocked down by a flying punch from Mecha Mario. The Mecha Yoshi then shot acid out of its mouth and corroded the Metal Mario’s wing cap, causing it to fall on Mecha Bowser’s spikey shell. Mecha Bowser  sprang up and Koopa Clawed the Mecha Yoshi, yanking it close. It took several bites out of the Mecha Yoshi, ripping it’s top spike thing off. Then the Mecha Yoshi was thrown far onto Yoshi’s Island. The Mecha Mario stood up and rampaged with the Mecha Bowser.

"I can’t believe it! They’re fighting! Those stupid kids!” Bowser roared.

Kamek sat by, reading one of his favorite books, Day of the Devastator, featuring him adventuring with Smash Sumashi.

“Kamek, what are you doing? Get over here so I can take my anger out on you!” Bowser ordered.

“Okay... fine,” Kamek groaned getting up out of his chair.

Meanwhile, Luigi, Mallow, Yoshi, and Toad stepped out of the plane.

“Good luck, may the Stars be with you!” Toadsworth said, shutting the plane door as it flew away.

“Toadsworth is such a Star Wars junkie... ha ha,” Luigi laughed.

“Let’s go. We must save Dinosaur Land!” Yoshi said.


Peach felt something squishy rub against her leg. She slowly opened her eyes and could see nothing at first. Finally most of her vision came back to her. Things were just a bit blurry. She looked down at her feet and gasped. She saw a large Blooper washed up on shore that had its tentacle on Peach’s leg. She screamed and lifted her leg away. Then she screamed again seeing how injured and red her leg was. A huge cut from her foot had dried blood all over. She didn’t feel any pain though. She tried standing up, but fell down on her injured leg. She got up and hopped on her one good foot on the beach, not knowing where she was going. She looked out to sea and saw the Mecha Bowser and Mecha Mario fighting on Donut Plains. Peach fell to the ground and teared up in her eyes. She was so confused, and had no idea what was going on. Then she heard some noise from above and saw a Yoshi with wings flying at her. Then everything went dark again.


“Come on you fools! Get up! Ve must get back in zhere und fight!” Chef Torte yelled.

Genius Guy got up from the floor and tapped some of the controls to make the Mecha Yoshi stand up again.

“Hmm, zis may spell bad stuff for us. Ve vill begin phase two of ze plan a little early. Grand Glum Reapeir, fly out of ze Mecha Yoshi, und prepare your spell for deaz und decay all oveir Dinosaur Land!” Chef Torte ordered.

The silent poltergeist flew down the stairs and out of the hatch on the Mecha Yoshi’s shoe. He flew high into the sky above Yoshi’s Island, and raised his sythe. Energy rushed towards him.

“Okay! To ze battlefield!!!” Chef Torte shouted.

The Mecha Yoshi returned to the fight as the Mecha Bowser and Mecha Mario were heated in battle. Taking a defensive strategy, Chef Torte had the Mecha Yoshi move behind them more towards the Vanilla Dome. Then the Mecha Yoshi started throwing Egg Bombs and its acid spit. Mecha Mario and Mecha Bowser were locked in battle.

“C’mon! We gotta show this little punk that we’re the best Koopalings, not him!” Larry said.

“I just wish Lemmy and Ludwig were here to help!” Morton said.

“They think they’re the best? Well I’ll show them why Nintendo picked me over them returning!” Junior roared.

The Mecha Mario Super Jumped over the Mecha Bowser and grabbed it’s tail. Then miraculously, it began spinning it like Mario would spin Bowser. Then the Mecha Mario let go and sent the Mecha Bowser flying across the Soda Bay, where it sank down far. Then the Mecha Mario spun around and gave the peace symbol.

“Okay, now let’s take care of that Mecha YoshI!” Roy said.

The Mecha Mario slowly walked toward its opponent.

“Okay! Now’s our chance to get in while the Mecha Yoshi is-a stationary!” Luigi said, walking up to the Mecha Yoshi’s massive foot. He tried opening the door. “Darn it’s-a locked!” Luigi said.

“Step aside, I came prepared!” Toad said, walking up with a Bob-omb. With an explosion, the dorr burst to pieces and the four of them walked up into the Mecha Yoshi.

“Now once we get rid of this twerp, we’ll be the best for sure!” Wendy said.

“Not so fast! You didn’t even come close to taking me down!” Junior said.

The Mecha Bowser jumped out of the water and back onto the land of the Donut Plains. The Mecha Mario turned around and charged the Mecha Bowser.

“Mwah ha ha ha! Zose fools, zey vill tear each ozeir apart und ven ze victor comes forz, ve vill be zhere to finish him off!” Chef Torte laughed.

Just then the door to the control room in the Mecha Yoshi burst open, and Luigi, Yoshi, Mallow, and Toad walked in.

“All right Torte, it’s time to give yourself up!” Luigi said.

“Not a chance! Get zem, Changling!” Chef Torte snapped.

Changling morphed into a big rock monster.

“Geez we were hoping you had more than that to offer!” Mallow said, grabbing an item. “I’ll just cut you down to size with this ROCK CANDY!”

The Rock Candy sliced and diced Changling easy. He reverted back to his normal form and fell to the ground.

“Changling! I zought you said you vere a high class Magikoopa ven you veirked for Bowseir!” Chef Torte asked.

“I... was. I was high class in covert operations. I used my morphing abilities for stealth, not strength,” Changling replied.

“Genius Guy, your turn! Beat ze fungus out of ‘em!” Chef Torte ordered.

Genius Guy walked up and signified the Shy Guy stance for their acrobatic fighting attack. Genius Guy flipped, and fell on his head.

“GENIUS GUY!!!” Torte steamed.

“Sorry, I’m not very nimble, it’s why I went into being a genius in the first place!” Genius Guy muttered.

“Mon dieu! Vhy did I leave all of my good fighteirs back at ze base? I’m such an idiot!” Chef Torte shouted.

“Yes, you are,” everyone said.

Torte’s head blew with steam, causing his chef’s hat to shoot off his head. “SHUT UP YOU FOOLS!!!”

“Okay Torte, now let’s have you surrender,” Toad said.

“Aww... do I haf to?” Chef Torte asked.

“Yes. Now come here, big guy, and let us tie you up,” Toad said.

“But...” Chef Torte whimpered.

“Come on.... the rope’s not gonna bite,” Toad said.

“Vell all right...” Chef Torte said, walking over.

They grabbed the rope and neared him when they all got a face full of PAN OF PAIN.

“Mwah ha ha ha ha ha! You didn’t zink I’d let you get avay zat easily, did you?” Chef Torte asked. The maniacal chef ran down the stairway.

“Aww, he’s such a cute villain, do we have to catch him?” Toad asked.

“Nah, let’s just let him go and have him think he’s a good badguy,” Luigi said.

“Wait! He still has Princess Toadstool!” Mallow said.

“OH NO!!!” They all cried.

“Yoshi will go stop Torte. You stay here and save home!” Yoshi said, chasing after the evil Koopa.

When Yoshi caught up with Torte, he was already in the escape pod bay, opening the hatch to fly out. Yoshi jumped in one of the egg-shaped escape pods and turned it on. The saddle on the Mecha Yoshi opened up, and Chef Torte shot up and flew off. Yoshi followed.

After disposing of the two remaining crew members, Luigi took the helm of the Mecha Yoshi and quickly learned the controls.

“How did you get so good at that so fast?” Mallow asked.

“Well you know I’m not in many adventures anymore...” Luigi said.

“Yeah...” Mallow replied.

“Well whenever Mario goes out I play videogames.” Luigi laughed. “So I guess it’s because I sit on my butt playing videogames all day!”

“Look out guys, Mecha Mario and Mecha Yoshi are coming towards us!” Toad said.

“Hmm, what does-a this button do?” Luigi said, pushing a red button.

The Mecha Yoshi jumped into the air, huddled up in a small circle, and had a metallic sphere shield surround it, then it landed on the ground with a bang.

“Okay, now let’s-a ram ‘em!” Luigi said.

The Mecha Yoshi in egg mode shot off and made contact with the Mecha Mario, causing it to burst into several pieces. The arms flew off into the sea, the legs fell to the ground, and the head shot up and landed in the deep catacombs of the Vanilla Dome. Luigi pushed the button again and changed back to Mecha Yoshi’s normal mode. He closed in on the Mecha Bowser.

“WHAT was that?!” Iggy asked.

A huge pack of Yoshis that were taking cover in the Vanilla Dome walked over and saw the five Koopalings step out of the massive Mario head. The Koopa Kids looked up at the pack of Yoshis. The rainbow of dinosaurs started growling.

“Hey um... do these Yoshies seem angry?” Larry asked.

“Uh... yeah.” Roy responded.

“What are we going to do?” Wendy asked.

The Yoshis closed in on them.

“Listen to me,” Morton said quietly. “Smile, always smile. Okay, slowly, slowly step back, keep going and... RUN!!!”

Chapter 41: Vuljiin, The Invincible

Mario felt the cold rain drip on him. The storm roared with anger. He faced his opponent, and stared into his demonic crimson eyes. The freezing air swept past Mario, and a shiver ran down his spine. Mario saw Vuljiin’s cold breath hanging in the air, it was truly a disturbing image.

“Come on Mario, give it your best shot!” Vuljiin spoke, in a rather raspy and evil voice.

Mario clenched his fist, and thought about his first move. He knew it was important, because it could determine the complete outcome of the entire fight. He took one step forward, then stopped. He reached for one of his items. Mario pulled out his Ultra Hammer. Mario then ran for his opponent, and when he got in range for a swing, Mario Super Jumped instead of attacking with the hammer. He shot down and landed hard on the concrete of the courtyard. Mario felt the pain of his foot and looked around in confusion. He saw Vuljiin standing on top of the castle. Somehow he had been able to predict Mario’s attack, or perhaps he was just lucky.

Vuljiin laughed. “Mario, I’m not that pathetic Koopa that you’re used to fighting! I’m much more conscious about your decisions and tactics! Now fight me, with all your abilities!”

Mario shot a Fire Orb up at Vuljiin, then jumped up onto the castle’s top. Vuljiin had dodged the flame attack, then Mario ran at the creep with his hammer flying. Vuljiin merely jumped over the oncoming attack, and landed on the other side of the castle. Mario turned and threw an Ice Bomb. Vuljiin was unaffected, however. Mario looked puzzled, but didn’t have time to figure anything out. He ran at the monster again and performed some of his best jump and hammer combos, but Vuljiin blocked or dodged all of them. Mario couldn’t land a single hit, and already he would have trounced Bowser twice. Mario, now enraged with fury, attacked in a frantic manner, which unfortunately left him very susceptible to attacks. Vuljiin kicked Mario in the side once, and sent the poor plumber in red flying against a tower on the castle. Mario brushed off the bricks and dust. He stood up, a little disoriented.

“You can’t be serious, you know you cannot stop me by merely attacking. You must fight with a plan! You must try to outsmart me!” Vuljiin yelled.


“Okay... now, what do we-a do?” Luigi asked.

“Um... destroy the other robot?” Toad suggested.

“Should we try the Egg Roll thing again?” Mallow asked.

“No. Let’s give this a try!” Luigi said, pushing a lever.

The Mecha Yoshi’s cheeks expanded, and its mouth closed into a small circle shape. Luigi pushed the button on top of the lever, and the Mecha Yoshi shot out plenty of large Bullet Bills. They were supposed to represent Yoshi spitting out watermelon seeds. The Bullet Bills punctured the hide of the massive Mecha Bowser, but only slightly. Inside his great machine, Bowser Junior lowered his eyebrows in anger. He pushed a big red button. The Mecha Bowser slowly transformed its shape entirely, and ended up being a giant spikey shell, like Bowser’s Fortress attack. The Mecha Bowser span fast at the Mecha Yoshi. Luigi reacted in time and made the giant metallic dinosaur hop over the Koopa bowling ball. Bowser Junior snorted in anger and made the shell go in full reverse. This time the Mecha Yoshi was hit, and it was hit hard. The giant robotic eating machine flew through the sky and landed in a mountain range, which was now crumbled.

“Now for something else!” Junior said.

 The Mecha Bowser switched back to its original form, and faced backward at the Mecha Yoshi. Damaged, the dynamic dinosaur bot stood up. The spikes on Mecha Bowser’s shell rocketed off and homed in on the Mecha Yoshi.

“Run!!!” Mallow screamed


Chef Torte nearly was hit by a lightning bolt in his escape pod. The crazed cook saw his island base in the distance. Humongous waves splashed on the island. The storm had turned from worst to.... even worse. It was hurricane conditions. The Chef looked back at the pod following him. He opened his hatch, and used his PAN OF PAIN’s powerful laser cannon to shoot down his follower. Torte flew safely into his base.

Meanwhile, Yoshi tried to control his crashing ship. He could barely see through the storm. He landed with a thud, and flew out of the pod entirely. He got up and shook his head. He saw the vessel half buried in the shore of the island. A massive wave fell on Yoshi. He gasped for air, and felt cold all over. He needed to get inside quick, before he was flushed away in the toilet known as the sea. Yoshi stood up and ran farther inland. He searched for some kind of dwelling that Torte would have his base in. When Yoshi saw the volcano, he remembered how many times Bowser had used one to hide in. Also there was large metal stuff sticking out of it that kind of gave it away. Yoshi hopped over to the foot of the mountain. He searched for some kind of entrance and found the small door and control panel that opened the stairway. Yoshi tried several passwords he had heard before, but with no luck. Then Yoshi was surprised when the door was opened from the inside. A small little Podoboo looked up at the tall dinosaur.

“Well hi there! I’m Embert T. Podoboo! I live in this volcano, my neighbor is that chef guy. He’s a little wacky, but always fun to have around. Did you know he has his own lobby complete with a cappicino machine?” Embert said.

“Cappicino machine, you say? I mean, I don’t got time for this!” Yoshi said.

“Oh, right, where are my manners? We haven’t even become acquainted yet. Well you know me, what’s your name?” Embert asked.

“Sorry I can’t stay, I gotta save Princess Peach!” Yoshi said, rushing into the volcano and up the stairs.

“Well... how rude! He did seem like he was busy though... I guess I shouldn’t count it against him,” Embert said to himself. “Now, why did I come outside? I’ll catch a cold in this weather! I guess it’s back to lava bathing.”

Embert floated over to the door. When he tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge. The door was locked.

“Uh oh, I don’t know the password! I’ll be stuck out here in the storm!” Embert said in a worried voice.


The Mecha Yoshi was now dangerously damaged. The pilots panicked as they watched Mecha Bowser prepare another round.

“What are we-a gonna do?!” Luigi shouted.

“If only there was some way to send the missles back at him!” Toad said.

“Yeah. Wait, isn’t that what this button would be for?” Mallow said, pointing to a button marked "BLOW".

“Well it’s worth a shot!” Luigi said.

“NOW’S A GOOD TIME TO TEST IT!!!” Toad yelled.

Another pack of spike missles rocketed towards the Mecha Yoshi. Luigi, Toad, and Mallow all punched the button with great strength. The B.A.S.S. was turned on, and a whirlwind of force shot out of the Mecha Yoshi’s mouth towards the missles. The missles couldn’t stand the force of the mighty breath of the Mecha Yoshi’s B.A.S.S. They plunged back at the Mecha Bowser. Bowser Junior screeched in fear and tried to dodge the missles, but that wasn’t the case. The Mecha Bowser shot back from the missles’ attack. Bowser Junior fell out of his chair, and pulled a switch to get back up. That switch, unfortunately, activated the Mecha Bowser’s spike bomb shooter, which had Mecha Bowser shoot three spikey bombs. Of course they were shot in the air because currently the Mecha Bowser was on its back on the ground. Then a force known as gravity acted on the spikey bombs, and sent them flying back down towards the Mecha Bowser.


Mario took out a Rock Candy and ran at Vuljiin. Mario jumped before reaching him, keeping an eye out to make sure he hadn’t moved. As Mario came down to land on him, Vuljiin zapped to the other side of the castle, where at the exact same moment Mario threw the Rock Candy. Mario saw a twister of stars fly around Vuljiin, but the crafty enemy formed a shield around him to deflect all of the Rock Candy. Mario was furious now. It was impossible to hurt this guy.

“Okay, ‘Super’ Mario. I’ve had my fun, but now it’s time for me to take my crystals, and for you to die!!!”

Chapter 42: From Bad to Torte to Good to Worse...

Luigi watched the massive spheres of spikes crush onto the Mecha Bowser. The explosions were huge. Luigi, now convinced they had won, turned around, smiled, and high-fived Mallow and Toad. Bowser Junior, now very angry and with a pounding headache, sat up and rubbed his poor cranium. The emergency red lights were the only lights left in the cockpit. Junior hopped to his feet and walked over to his damaged control panel. Most of his systems were offline or too disembowered to work. He looked around. The only assails he had left were the spike missles, which served no use, and the windshield wipers. Not ready to accept his defeat, Bowser Junior rumaged around the room, hoping to think of someway to do in the Mecha Yoshi. He ran around and finally tripped. Now since the Mecha Bowser was lying on its back, indented in the ground, the control room was sideways, so Junior landed face first on one of his few control panels. He opened his eyes and his vision slowly came back. In front of him, he stared at a glass-covered small red button. Above the button was the words, “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY”. Junior saw no better time, so he smashed through the glass with his fist and slammed the button. If he was more sane and less stressed at the moment he would have lifted off the glass.

“All right! Now, let’s-a finish off Bowser’s-a castle, and then go check on how Mario’s-a doing!” Luigi said.

“Wait, what’s happening to the Mecha Bowser?” Mallow yelled, pointing out the window.

A glass-shattering explosion was heard and seen, pushing the Mecha Bowser up into the sky. It landed on its feet.

“Oh no! It can’t STILL be going!” Toad said.

“Wait, something’s-a happening to it!” Luigi said.

The Mecha Bowser started falling apart, small explosions happened all around it’s body. Chunks of metal and mass fell to the ground. In the control room, Bowser Junior held onto his seat during the huge rumbling. Smoke and dust rose up from the fallen debree, crushing into Donut Plains. Luigi, Mallow, and Toad stared at the cloud of smoke, wondering what it would reveal...


Yoshi climbed up the last stair and entered the lobby. Yoshi fell to the ground, and let his long tongue unravel on the spotless ground. Yoshi wiped his forehead, as if Yoshis sweated, and then rose to his feet. His long, ardorous task of ascending the staircase was finished. Yoshi felt his poor, empty stomach roar in anger. “Yoshi hungry! Yoshi better find food, or stomach will get really mad!” Yoshi said to himself, as he often did.

The curious green dinosaur looked around the welcoming yet silent lobby. He sniffed around the counter, only finding some vanilla, sugar, and other powdery substances mixed with coffee, which Yoshi disposed of in a matter of seconds. Yoshi then turned his head and his face lit up with joy when he saw the glorious sight, a cappicino machine. An overhead speaker was turned on and stopped Yoshi in his tracks.

“If you touch zat cappicino machine I svear you vill pay for it viz your life! Yoshi... leave it alone! YOU FOOL!!!” Chef Torte spazzed.

Yoshi ate the entire machine, and now was so high on caffiene he could walk up five more staircases. Yoshi slammed into the elevator and rode it up. The usual elevator music had been replaced by a familiar tune, the Booster’s Tower music from the entrance and the Elder hallway.  The elevator stopped and the green dinosaur peered into the main chamber. There was very little light, but luckily Yoshis have great night vision. Yoshi walked up to the main table and engulfed the fruit platter left out. A sudden noise stopped the dinosaur from licking his chops and he turned his head. He squinted to see something in the darkness. Suddenly, Yoshi was kicked in the head and knocked down to the floor.

“Ha ha ha! Stupid ground Yoshi! You is no match for Soshi!” Soshi snickered.

Yoshi shook his head and turned around. “Hey! It not nice to disturb someone while they are eating! Wait, Yoshi remember you! You’re dat flying Yoshi from the beach!”

“In da scales! Now, I’ll show you why us dragon Yoshis were always the ones to rule over Dinosaur Land, and not you stupid land lubber Yoshies!” Soshi growled.

The blue dragon took to the air and snorted in anger. Yoshi looked determined, he was ready and willing for a fight. Soshi took position, then swooped down and chopped the poor green one. Yoshi fell to the ground. Getting up he rubbed his sore, bitten nose.

“You land Yoshis can’t compare to us sky Yoshis! We much better! Take this!” Soshi said.

The evil eating machine shot off like a missle at Yoshi. Yoshi tried to outrun Soshi, but was unsuccessful. Falling to the ground, Yoshi watched the blue dragon fly back up then descend towards him again. Yoshi rolled out of the way, but was slashed by Soshi’s claws when Soshi made a quick turn. Yoshi got up and now was drowning in animosity for Soshi. Yoshi tried to pop out some ammunition, but was unable to. Yoshi had noticed that since his last battle with the same enemy, he had not been able to lay any eggs- something he must have eaten perhaps screwed up his digestive system. Nevertheless Yoshi attacked in another form, by spitting his stomach acid. Soshi felt the burn of Yoshi’s assail, and hissed in his pain.

“AGGAH!!! It burns!!! I won’t let you do that again so easily!!!” Soshi said, flying higher into the main chamber.

Yoshi stared up at the very top of the blackened room, where Soshi was out of range.

“Okay Torte! NOW!!!” Soshi said, closing his eyes.

Yoshi tilted his head in confusion, and was blinded by the lights being activated. Yoshi held his hands over his eyes. They watered and felt as if they were burning. Soshi laughed in his snakey voice and prepared for his next strategy. Yoshi held up his head and opened his eyes. Though he could see next to nothing, they gave some extra help. Yoshi’s eyes were red, watery, and swelling, but would heal quicker than most other species. Soshi landed on the ground, folded his wings onto his back, kicked up on the floor, and charged Yoshi at ramming speed. Yoshi heard his footsteps and jumped over the dragon. Soshi stopped before slamming into a wall, and turned. He charged Yoshi once more. This time Yoshi was more alert and prepared. For some reason he was used to his enemies doing the same technique for countless times until finally they saw it as useless. Instead of jumping, Yoshi spat his powerful acid at the oncoming attacker. Soshi met with the floor and winced in pain. Fortunately for the green dino, Soshi’s eyes were now damaged.


Mario stared at Vuljiin, frightened of what his first move would be. Vuljiin raised his hands into the sky, and lightning shot into them. Now his hands were glowing, and Vuljiin teleported next to Mario. Mario ran fast from the villain, but Vuljiin pushed out his hand as far as it could go, and released the bolt of lightning. Except for possibly one special hedgehog, no one could have dodged the attack. Mario was burnt to a crisp. Smoke rose from all over the charred plumber. With one hit, Mario already felt ready to lose. Mario made himself get up though. He ran in another direction, still farther from Vuljiin, but with Vuljiin’s magical teleportation, the great evil appeared in front of the poor plumber and attacked once again. Mario, now taking two of Vuljiin’s awesome attacks, was gasping for air, and was fighting to stay standing. Vuljiin laughed in an evil manner.

“So Mario, are you ready to give in? Hand over the Cosmos Crystals!” Vuljiin demanded.

Mario managed a meek, “Never!”

Vuljiin shook his head, though it was barely visible due to his head being shrouded in darkness by his long dark robes. The great sorcerrer once again summoned lightning to his hands, and was flowing with power and energy. Mario stared at his opponent, then lowered his head.

“Mamamia... I’ll-a never make it out alive...” Mario gasped to himself.

Vuljiin raised his hand to the sky, and let out the lightning bolt. The weak plumber looked up and saw the bolt vanish into the clouds. He turned his head back to Vuljiin, who lowered his hand in a swift motion. Several smaller lighting bolts descended on the plumber. Mario knew he needed to use his only vial of Red Essence to protect himself. He swigged it down, and was comforted by the red shield surrounding him.

“Oh, some Red Essence, eh? This will take a bit longer than usual!” Vuljiin said.

Vuljiin took the energy of the lightning bolt in his other hand, and placed it between his hands. The energy grew into a large orb when Vuljiin shot it into the sky, lifting both hands above his head. Mario munched on a Max Mushroom or two, to replenish his health. He still was very worried about Vuljiin’s next move. It seemed to have a lot more effort in it than his previous attempts.


Luigi, Mallow, and Toad were aghast at what they saw. The smoke cleared to reveal a smaller, newer robot: a Mecha Bowser Junior. The Mecha Junior charged the Mecha Yoshi. Luigi and Mallow ran back to the controls to avoid the oncoming attack while Toad fell backward and down a flight of stairs. Mecha Yoshi jumped to the side, avoiding a very damaging blow. Mecha Junior stopped abruptly and swiftly. What the Mecha Junior lacked in size from its predecessor, it definitely made up for in speed. The Mecha Junior shot off some finger missles, and injured the mighty mechanical Yoshi.

“Luigi! We cold have blown those missles back at him!” Mallow said angerily.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t run and deflect them at the same time! That robot’s too fast!” Luigi yelled.

Junior smiled happily and pushed the lever for another ram attack. Luigi tried to dodge it, but Mecha Junior was too fast and kicked the Mecha Yoshi in the gut, nearly destroying the B.A.S.S. The Mecha Junior then slashed the Mecha Yoshi’s back, releasing its finger missles at the same time and causing critical damage. Toad was unfortunately in the region of the Mecha Yoshi’s back. The explosions caused the pitiful fungus head to fly out of the machine and land in the lake. He would have complained about getting wet if he hadn't broke his spine falling on the ground. Toad tried to get a safe distance from the monstrous machine mayhem. He climbed to the rocky leftovers of the Vanilla Dome. He climbed as high as he could, and watched them fight. Toad then was mortified at seeing a massive orb of energy hovering over the Isle of Yoshi. Unknown to the colossal combatants, the Grand Glum Reaper continued powering up for his magical spell of death and decay over all of Dinosaur Land. His attack was now visible, as it took the shape of a purple and red sphere, with green electricity all over it. It was only a matter of time untill its completion...


Yoshi’s vision was restored little by little. Now he was almost seeing perfectly. He watched the blue blur of Soshi ascend back to the sky, to recover from the last attack. Yoshi hopped and hovered up to the dragon Yoshi, and handbanged him back to the uninviting floor. Yoshi landed on the ground and rubbed his head. Soshi got up and hissed. He didn’t know where Yoshi was, so he just started attacking frantically. Soshi puked up gobs of gelatin-like acid blobs. They melted about five inches into the floor. Yoshi tried to evade the mess of upchucked gobs, but was hit. This was much more painful than Yoshi’s acid, as it was more condensed and concentrated. Yoshi ran around the room, patting his singed stomach. Soshi flew into the air and attacked from a distance. Yoshi and Soshi allocated their stomach acids. Yoshi landed more hits, though few they were, because his eyesight was much better than Soshi’s at the moment.

“MON DIEU! Ve are losing out zhere!!!” Chef Torte said, watching from a secretive room where he monitered the base.

“Calm down, Master Torte! Soshi will win! He’s got... wings!” the apprentice said.

 Chef Torte rolled his eyes. “How vill zat guarantee his victory?! You are idiot!”

His apprentice sighed and looked to the corner of the room where he saw a curiosity clinching burlap sack. He hadn’t remembered it before, but he didn’t really expect to as his memory wasn’t that good. Suddenly, the bag started moving. The surprised apprentice widened his eyes and felt nervous. He walked up to his evil chef master.

Poke! Poke! Poke!

“Ouch! Vat? Vat?” Chef Torte responded.

“Chef Torte, that bag’s, MOVING!” the apprentice said.

Chef Torte stared at the bag and saw nothing happen. He sighed and rolled his eys again. “No ist not! Back to verk!” Chef Torte said, annoyed.

“I KNOW it was moving...” the apprentice said to himself.

Soshi’s vision returned and so had Yoshi’s. The two dinos attacked each other with much force. Now Soshi flew down and tried to slash the green one with his feet claws, as Yoshi defended and punched and kicked the flying freak.

“You’re too slow for me!” Soshi said.

“Yes, but you’re too dumb for me!” Yoshi spat back.

“So, we’re agreed! ... Wait! Are you making fun of my intellgence?!” Soshi roared.

“Well if you can’t figure it out on your own I tink it’s pretty obvious!” Yoshi chuckled.

“Huh?” Soshi asked. “HEY!!!”

The angered blue dragon flew in a spastic way, like a raging hornet. Though very out of control, Soshi was landing lots of damaging hits on the green one. Yoshi waited for the right time to strike, and then shot his tongue at the dragon-like Yoshi. He was pulled into Yoshi’s mouth. The green dinosaur chomped and chewed his opponent. Soshi spun around and was too much for the mouth of Yoshi to keep in. Drenched with saliva, Soshi spun about in the air, launching Yoshi’s spit across the room. They continued attacking each other.

“Heir Soshi! Take zis to help you!” Chef Torte said.

A red watermelon appeared on the main chamber’s table. Soshi slurped it up with his sticky tongue. Yoshi recalled what the item did, and got out of the way as Soshi belched out some fireballs. Yoshi rolled under the table to avoid the flaming attack. Remembering the items he packed before leaving the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi pulled out a Fire Flower and ate it. Now Yoshi turned red and heaved slightly smaller fireballs back at the airborne creature.

Back in the room where Chef Torte and his apprentice were monitoring their fight, Chef Torte pounded his fist on the desk. His apprentice looked back at the burlap sack. It moved again.

Poke! Poke! Poke!

“Ouch! Vat? Vat?” Chef Torte asked, annoyed.

“Chef Torte, that bag’s, MOVING!” the apprentice answered.

Chef Torte once again looked at the stationary bag, with of course no movement seen.

“Speak no more of zis!!!” Chef Torte yelled.

“But it was moving! Why would I lie?” the apprentice asked.

“Because you are... IDIOT!!!” Chef Torte shouted.

The burlap sack moved again.

“See, ze bag still has not moved!!!” Chef Torte said.

The confused apprentice saw his mistake. “Oh, sorry Chef Torte! I meant that the burlap sack was moving, not that grocery bag you were obviously drawn to,” the apprentice noted.

 Chef Torte looked at the burlap sack moving.

“Ah, so it vas moving!” Chef Torte said.

“Yeah! I told you!” the Apprentice said.

“No, you said ze bag vas moving! Zherefore you vere wrong, und get only second prize!” Chef Torte said.

“Ooooh! What’s second prize?!” the apprentice asked.

Chef Torte pulled out his PAN OF PAIN as the apprentice started crying...

Chapter 43: Game Over

Chef Torte's apprentice waddled out of the room where he and his master were secluded, and watched the current battle between their dragon and the green dinosaur. Chef Torte walked up to the slowly moving burlap sack. He opened it up to find Princess Toadstool, tied and gagged. Unbeknownst to Torte, earlier, before the chef had lost his mecha fight, Soshi had taken a scavenger flight across the island. He then discovered the princess on the east side of the island. He captured her, bandaged her wound, and hid her in the closet of the hideout. Chef Torte, no longer having any emotional feelings for Peach, walked up and grew a sinister smile. He took off the gag.

"Let me go! I hate it here! I'm always blacking... out..." Peach yelled before slipping into subconciousness.

"You vill be useful," Chef Torte told the passed out princess. "Apprentice! Get back in heir! I haf somezing you must do!"

Soshi felt a hard kick to the jaw as Yoshi flutter jumped at his adversary. Soshi licked the blood from his chaps, leaped into the air, and belched out another round of fireballs. Yoshi rolled out of the way and spewed some of his own flaming spheres. Soshi, the swift one he is, evaded all of Yoshi's attacks. The blue dragon stopped his flight and took to a corner of the arena. He then rotated at an alarming rate in the air, hacking up fireballs everywhich way. The light-of-foot Yoshi dodged the bulk of his opponent's assail, but was fried numerous times. Soshi stopped hurling flames and fell to the ground, winded by his own attack. Yoshi ran for the fallen Soshi and attacked with much of his velociraptor ancestory techniques.


Luigi and Mallow slammed against the wall of the control room to the Mecha Yoshi as Mecha Junior dealt out another dangerous assault. Mallow hopped up and helped Luigi to his feet. The two quickly ran for the control panel, and were fortunate enough to engage in dodging the next attack. Luigi pulled as fast as he could to release the acid breath attack towards the oncoming robot. The Mecha Junior's handsome metal frame was eaten away by the attack, exposing its rough interior.

"Bah! I have only begun to fight! Watch this!" Junior yelled to himself.

The crazy Koopa mashed some buttons in an organized manner, and the Mecha Junior stopped in its tracks. Luigi stared at the surprising move. Mallow quickly snapped him out of the semi trance. "Luigi! NOW's our time to attack!" the prince of the sky shouted.

"Oh! Right!" Luigi said frantically.

He pulled out a couple of Egg Bombs, and launched them. The eggs flew towards the pint-sized monster robot, but the Mecha Junior reacted by reaching back and pulling out some kind of weapon, and deflected the projectiles.

"What is it? A sword?" Luigi asked.

The Mecha Junior held up a metal paintbrush, though it couldn't really paint, the tip of the brush was really a high-intensified laser cannon. A green orb of energy enveloped the brush's end. The Mecha Junior did some fancy twirling, then aimed the cannon at the unprepared Mecha Yoshi. A massive wave of energy rushed out of the cannon and busted the right arm of the Mecha Yoshi clear off. The shattered pieces flew out towards the sea. Emergency red lights flashed inside the Mecha Yoshi's hull. Luigi and Mallow had been completely knocked out of their socks. The two struggling heroes righted themselves.

"You're just lucky I missed!!!" Bowser Junior shouted.

"Luigi, we CAN'T take a hit like that again!" Mallow shouted.

"I KNOW THAT!!!" Luigi spat back, annoyed.

The metallic brush was once again raised into the sky, and charged its mighty power. The Mecha Junior twirled its omnipotent weapon around in a kung fu style. Luigi tried all the weapons. The brush served as a perfect shield to all outside attacks. Luigi pounded his fist against the control panel.

"We can't touch him!!! It seems the only weapon strong enough to defeat him is HIS attack!" Luigi said.

Mallow smiled slyly. "THAT'S IT!"

"What's it?" Luigi asked.

"Well we- AHHH! LOOK OUT!!!" Mallow screamed.

Luigi was quick enough to dodge the entirety of the blast, but lost a large portion of the Mecha Yoshi's side. Lightning lit up the sky as the Mecha Yoshi slammed into the muddy area surrounding the lake. As the Mecha Yoshi rose to its hind legs, the Mecha Junior had its cannon nearly fully charged again. The large metallic brush was covered with bright green glowing energy. Suddenly, a lightning bolt sliced through the black sky and came in contact with the brush. The Mecha Junior sparked with electricity, smoke rose. Bowser Junior was thrown up and down inside the control room. All the lights were turned off besides the back-up power lights. Luigi and Mallow stared at the now eerily dormant Mecha Junior. It was charred black and a cloud of smoke sizzled to the sky. All of the energy that had been gathered was lost. The Mecha Junior had no power.

"YIPPEE! LET'S-A GO!!!" Luigi yelled.


Mario had been watching his enemy for what seemed like an eternity. Vuljiin's nightshaded hands were still aloft in the air. He was concentrating all of his force. Mario felt the comforting warmness of his Red Essence shield soaking into him. It made him feel less stressed, but he was still worried as the attack had taken such a long time to charge. Mario looked to the sky and gasped. All this time, above Mario's head, massive quantities of electricity had been powering up and gathering energy. Mario couldn't move, he was scared stiff. He heard Vuljiin laughing.

"So, you thought I wasn't going to do something big? Don't try running, it'll only make you lose your strength more quickly," Vuljiin threatened.

The sky erupted with lightning. Mario dashed out of the way as an enormous bolt cratered into the now smoldering ground behind him. Another bolt rocketed out and hit its target. The shield was neutralized, and Mario fell to his knees. Another five lightning bolts drilled into the plumber's back. Mario felt his skeleton
burning, that's how intense the pain was. Mario clecnched his teeth together, but that just created another conductor and heated his mouth extremely. The back of Mario's shirt was melted off, and his skin began to bubble. Mario was pounded onto the ground, his entire body smoking. His attire was now charred, ragged, and had next to none of its original colors. Mario reached out his shaky arm and gripped the ground, slowly pulling himself along the concrete floor of the Mushroom Castle's courtyard. Mario felt as if he was swimming, but came to realize that only his left foot was swimming, swimming in a shoefull of his own blood. Mario desperately tried to get as far away as possible. About two inches farther, the rest of Vuljiin's awesome attack was unleashed. Mario, now completely crisped, had burnt off many layers of skin, and lost much blood. He heard footsteps closing in on him.

"Ha ha ha ha! Look at you now! The great, Super Mario, reduced to nothing more than an overcooked, worthless pile of smoldering flungus!" Vuljiin striked.

"You evil monster. Who are you?" Mario retorted.

"That need not concern you. All you need to know is that I will now be taking the Crystals belonging to me!" Vuljiin answered.

Mario, showing a miraculous increase of life, slowly stood up, and put up his fists.

"I will not let you have them!!!" Mario shouted.

"Fine, I've wasted enough time in this lousy kingdom anyway. It's time for me to finish the job methinks!" Vuljiin said.


Soshi felt his rib cage get pounded into his spine. The dragon Yoshi was caught on the floor, being beaten savagely by Yoshi. Chef Torte watched in anticipation. His apprentice entered the room.

"Master Torte, I put Princess Toadstool in the-"

"Zhere you are!" Chef Torte interuppted. "Soshi ist doing horrible out zhere. I need you to give him a hand, heir's ze plan..."

"LOOK!" his apprentice shouted.

The master of evil and culinary arts looked to the monitor and saw Soshi back up on his feet, and dealing out all the damage he had taken in double proportion.

"How does it feel to be one getting kicked around?" Soshi barked.

"It make me want to puke!" Yoshi yelped.

"Huh?" Soshi asked.

Yoshi barfed some more acid at Soshi, but Soshi, who had now caught on to defensive manuvering, stopped the sizzling saliva with the hard outer shell of his wings, using them as a shield. Yoshi ran head down at Soshi, but Soshi hopped up and grabbed Yoshi by the shoulders. The blue dragon took flight and started speeding up, moving in a circle. Soshi released his digging claws, and let Yoshi fly. The green dinosaur broke through the main chamber's window and started plunging to the bottom. Yoshi thought quickly though and used his long tongue as a grappling hook, grabbing onto a bittersweet ledge near the window. He climbed up his tongue and stood up on the cliff. He brushed the glass off of him and leapt back into his arena. Soshi roared in anger.

"WHAT?! You are dead! Land Yoshis can't fly!!!" Soshi screached.

"No, but we gotsa good tool to help us climb!" Yoshi said.

Yoshi shot his tongue up and wrapped it around the catwalk above the main chamber, flung himself across the room, and launched at Soshi, tackling the winged freak. They wrestled on the ground.

Secretly, the apprentice and Whomp had just stepped out onto the catwalk. Chef Torte's plan was to squash or whomp out Yoshi, when they had a clear shot. They crept along quietly. Well the apprentice did anyway, Whomp clodded his feet around as usual. They stepped above the two prehistoric punks, and awaited until they got farther apart. Then Soshi whacked Yoshi across the room with his wings. Whomp and the apprentice ran across the catwalk, trying to catch Yoshi in time, but the green one was too quick for them. He ran back at Soshi with great agility, smashing into him, flying the both of them across the room. They fought in close combat again.

The apprentice was angry. There never was a good time to attack Yoshi.  "Drat!" he said, throwing out his arms.

He knocked Whomp on the side. The rather unbalanced stepping stone began wobbling back and forth. By the time the apprentice realized what was happening, Whomp flipped over the rail of the catwalk and
slammed face-first into one of the combatants. Yoshi looked at a twitching blue wing sticking out from under the big brick. Soshi's tail and one of his arms stuck out too. Yoshi looked up at the nervous apprentice.

"OH NO!!! MASTER TORTE WILL HAVE MY SHELL FOR THIS!!!" the apprentice screamed, running away like a coward...


Mario ran at Vuljiin, with all his strength. Vuljiin grasped a bolt of lightning in his hand. Vuljiin shot his mighty electric blast as Mario collided with the demon. Vuljiin fell to the ground, and Mario flew across the courtyard. Vuljiin stood up, mostly unaffected. He walked slowly to the ominous plumber on the ground. His pack had been ripped open, and the Crystals revealed themselves. Vuljiin took out a bag, as black as the rest of him. He used a levitation spell to lift up one Crystal at a time and insert them into his bag. As he lifted
the last one, the Crystal Star, Mario used his last ounce of strength to clutch the Crystal in his hand. Vuljiin backed away and laughed.

"You imbecile!!! You have ended your own life by touching the Sacred Star!" Vuljiin hissed.

Mario felt a wave of energy flood through him, the Crystal then released its holy powers and shocked the poor plumber. Mario shook violently, all the while keeping the Crystal Star in hand. A tear of pain crept down Mario's cheek, then an explosion of pure chaotic energy ignited within the plumber. It made Mario's body jump into the air; he looked down and as he hit the ground, everything went black. Mario was dead. Vuljiin laughed again.

"Game over!"

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