Triple Trouble: Return of the One-Timers

By Double D

Prologue: World Chaos

It was a bright and sunny morning, and after Mario and Luigi finished eating their breakfast of pasta and pancake syrup (they eat pasta at every meal, except once in a while when they eat pizza), they set out for Sarasaland for the annual tennis championship. Mario and Luigi were finalists in the Doubles tournament, and they would be competing against Daisy and Peach. Although they could see dark clouds in the distance, the MWB (Mushroom Weather Bureau) said that there was no rain due until tomorrow. Mario and Luigi were a little uneasy about that dark cloud, but they soon forgot when they started the tennis match.

Mario served, and Daisy hit back. Mario reached out and hit the ball to the other side, but Peach was able to get it and hit it in Luigiís direction. Luigi hit right down the middle with a power shot, and Luigi scored the first 15 points. Mario served again, this time in Peachís direction. Peach hit back, and Luigi hit it to Daisy. Daisy hit to Mario, and Mario hit it to Daisy with a slice. Daisy hit a power shot back, and scored 15 points.

This type of playing went on for several hours, until each team had won 2 sets, and in the tie-breaker, the teams were neck and neck at 6 points. Daisy was serving. By now, the dark cloud was just about over them. Daisy hit the ball. It started going far off to the side. Only Mario could get it. Mario heard the roar of the crowd and saw the ball, almost about to go out of his reach. Time seemed to freeze. After what seemed like ages, Mario leaped and was just about to hit the ball when there was a noise. Mario forgot about the ball and fell down. He looked up to see the dark cloud right above them and Exor, the sword of Smithy, falling down, about to hit the court. There were screams, followed by an ear-shattering crash. Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Peach, and all the crowd went flying in all directions.

As Mario and Luigi flew away in the direction of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario got a good look at Exor. Exorís body was crudely glued together and he was missing one eye. After that, clouds got in the way and Marioís view was blocked. The last thing Mario saw was the grass below them, then he blacked out.

In Smithyís dimension, there was a conference going on. Yaridovich, Mack, and all the rest of Smithyís followers were having a meeting. Yaridovich was the self-proclaimed leader, and was speaking to the others about the plan.

Yaridovich: Everybody, settle down! Although putting Exor back together is a triumph, weíre not nearly finished.

Axem Red, whom Yaridovich had selected as his assistant, spoke up.

Axem Red: Exactly! Weíre lucky that Shyster found Yaridovich and put him back together. As a matter of fact, weíre lucky Yaridovich put us back together!

Yaridovitch: Was that an insult?

Axem Red: Yes!

Yaridovich got ready to attack.

Axem Red: No! Just kidding!

Axem Pink: Really, you two. You should stop fighting and start planning for putting Smithy back together!

Mack: You guys havenít put Smithy back together get?!

Yaridovich: No. I want to wait for the perfect moment. Donít you guys think thatís a good idea?

Axem Green: Yes!

Axem Black: Me too!

Axem Yellow: Anybody have some cake?

All the others: Yellow!

Axem Yellow: SorryÖ

Yaridovich: Anyway, before we can put Smithy back together, we have to figure out where each one of us will rule.

Mack: Here; I have a map of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Yaridovich: Actually, since Mario, Bowser, and those other weird people attacked us last time, we are putting our base in Sarasaland.

Red (from now, on the Axems will be called by their color): I donít think thatís a good idea. That Mario is pretty smart, unlike BowyerÖ

Bowser: Like you I donít! Nya!

Red: Quiet! Anyway, from what Iíve heard, Sarasaland is not very far from the Mushroom Kingdom. What if Mario and those other goons show up again?

Yaridovich: Donít worry, I thought of that. If Mario shows up, weíll be ready for him.

Yellow: Are you sure you donít have any cake?

Everyone else: YELLOW!

Yellow: Geez, touchyÖ

Mack: How will we be ready for him?

Yaridovich: Iíve worked out a brilliant plan to stop Mario if he shows up again.

Black: What is it?

Yaridovich: Youíll see it if we need to use it.

Meanwhile, in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser was having his own problems. Today, Bowser was in a very bad mood, and although Kamek tried to soothe him, Bowser could not control his temper.

Bowser: I still canít figure out why I canít beat Mario! Iíve tried everything!

Kamek: Perhaps you should try an ambush attack.

Bowser: Iíve tried that already!!!

Kamek could see that Bowser was very angry, so he did not speak for a few seconds.

Kamek: Perhaps you should send a large amount of forces out against Mario at once.

Bowser: HmmÖ You may be on to something. Who can I send? My Koopa and Goomba army would be too slow and Mario can beat them too easily, and the same goes for Cheep Cheeps and Boos, and of course, there arenít enough Magikoopas to send, so thereís nobody.

Kamek: What about your children?

Wart: That would not work.

Both turned around to find Wart, plus twenty of his minions behind him.

Wart: I told you that some day I would be back. Now Iím here, and thereís nothing you can do about it. Kamek, give me your wand.

Kamek: Lord Bowser, should I do it?

Bowser: With twenty minions, youíd better.

After Kamek had given it to him, Wart whispered something to Kamek, and Kamek whispered something back.

Kamek: Iím sorry my lord, but I had to do it.

Bowser: Do what?

Kamek did not have time to answer. Wart waved Kamekís wand a few times and a beam shot in Bowserís direction. Bowser dodged it, but Wartís minions kept him busy while Wart charged up the spell again. Bowser was hit this time, and he dropped to floor in a deep sleep. Wart had Kamek chained up in the dungeon.

Wart: Now Bowser will pay for what he did to me; and that Mario too.

Within an hour, Wart had taken over the Mushroom Kingdom and had minions heading for Marioís Pad.

The Land of Dreams, Sub-con, was not so peaceful either. A strange force had taken over the land, seeing as the King, Wart, was gone. All creatures that were sleeping at the time were now trapped in this horrible nightmare that they could not escape from. This force had been seen before by some sleepers in the real world, and the leader was unmistakable. It was Tatanga. All Wartís minions had tried to stop him, but a strange force seemed to keep them away. All that did get close suddenly disappeared, and all others that saw this steered clear. Tatanga had no problem taking over with this force he now had, and he was making everyone that he saw his slave. Everything had suddenly gone horribly wrong, and Tatanga was taking over. Before long, all things went black for dreamers, but Tatanga was just getting them out of the way. There was another motive, everyone was sure, but none had the time to think about it. There seemed to be no hope. Suddenly, there was light again, but the land was horribly changed. They were marched off, and all dreamers were left wondering if they would ever see the real world again.

In this line of prisoners was Luigi. Because there was chaos, the guards were busy, and Luigi was able to see a gap in the force that Tatanga was using. Luigi slipped through this gap and found himself in the Sub-con he remembered. He had escaped from Tatangaís force.

Luigi: I hope I can wake up now.

He knew it would not last for long, so he found a cover to hide behind. Although he should have been thinking about what happened, he found himself thinking about food. He had no idea why, but he just whished he would wake up soon so that he could have lunch.

Chapter 1: Invasion!

Mario woke up. After hitting the ground, he had gotten quite a bruise, but thankfully, nothing was broken. He examined himself, just to make sure he was alright, and stood up. He was a bit wobbly, but he could walk nonetheless.

Mario: Weíd better rest up, and then get over to Sarasaland to get Smithy out of there.

Luigi was still unconscious, so Mario dragged him into the house while Luigi muttered something about Pasta Supreme. Mario saw that Luigi was fine, and since they were both tired, he set Luigi in his bed and crawled into his own. This relaxation did not last for long, because Mario heard footsteps outside. They were far away, but Mario could hear them. It sounded like an army was headed for the house. Quickly Mario got some cold water and doused Luigi. Luigi got up.

Luigi: Mario! Am I glad to see you! Tatanga took over Sub-con and-

Mario: That hit must have made you delirious. Come on, we have to get out of here. Thereís something fishy going on out there.

Luigi: But MarioÖ

Mario: Now!

Mario ran for the door. Luigi, seeing that he could not persuade Mario to believe him, ran with Mario. Mario opened the door, and his eyed widened at the sight. An army of Sub-con creatures were already in sight of the house. If they ran out, they would be captured for sure. Mario dashed the other way, forgetting to close the door.

Mario: Come on Luigi, weíll have to use that secret compartment where you keep your diary.

Luigi: How did you know about that?!

Mario: Just run!

Mario and Luigi dashed to the back of the house and spin-jumped into the secret compartment, just as the first of the enemy forces entered from the front.

Porcupo 1: Search the house!

Birdos, Porcupos, and other creatures scattered about the house, tearing up everything they saw. They overturned couches, broke the TV, threw everything in the refridgerator away, and destroyed everything else they saw. When they had practically turned the house upside-down, a Porcupo spoke.

Porcupo 13: The door was open when we came in, so maybe they heard us and ran away.

Porcupo 1: In that case, we should split up. All Birdos, go out and search the left part of the kingdom, all Porcupos search the right side of the kingdom. Everyone else, report to King Wart. Iíll stand guard at the door. Letís move!

The army flooded out the door while Porcupo 1 stood guard.

Luigi: (whispering) Letís get out there and defeat that Porcupo and then get out of here!

Mario: Okay. I guess itís safe now.

Mario and Luigi jumped out of the secret compartment and saw the Porcupo standing there surprised. Mario and Luigi started throwing fireballs. Porcupo 1 saw it and curled up into a ball. The fireballs hit him, but they did not do much damage.

Porcupo 1: You guys have no idea what youíre getting yourselves into. Just back away and get out of here. My army will find you soon enough.

Mario: Are you kidding? Why would we back away? Youíre just a Porcupo, and weíre the Super Mario Brothers!

Porcupo 1: That is where you are wrong.

Porcupo 1 suddenly curled himself up and started spinning like crazy. When he stopped, he had metal armor on, and his spikes were made of diamond.

Porcupo 1: Bring it on!

Mario: Youíre still no match for us!

Porcupo 1 spun around and shot at Mario. Mario jumped to avoid him, but Porcupo 1 shot up in the air after him. Mario collided, and was hit for heavy damage because of the diamond spikes.

Mario: How can you be so good at this? All the other Porcupos were weak!

Porcupo 1: Why do you think my troops obey me?

At that, Porcupo 1 took another shot at Mario, but Mario did a rolling dodge. Porcupo 1 followed, and Mario squeezed under his bunk. Porcupo 1 could not fit under there and was thrown back. Mario came back out, and Luigi shot fireballs. The fireballs made black marks on the metal armor, but nothing else. Porcupo 1 shot at Luigi. Luigi was backed into a corner and tried fireballs as a last resort. To his surprise, this made Porcupo 1 stop. Porcupo 1 looked like he was surprised that it stopped him. He shot his spikes at Luigi and Mario at the same time. Mario and Luigi ducked and the spikes made dents in the wall. This gave Luigi an idea. Luigi grabbed a spike and threw it at Porcupo 1. Porcupo 1 could do nothing and was thrown back into the wall. The metal armor disappeared and the spikes became normal again. Porcupo 1 slid down to the ground and did not get up.

Mario: I guess we showed him.

Luigi: We?! It was me that defeated him!

Mario: I helped!

Luigi: No you didnít!

Mario: LoserÖ

Luigi: WimpÖ

There was silence for a long time as Mario and Luigi stood in opposite directions trying to give each other the cold shoulder. Finally, Mario spoke up.

Mario: Somebodyís got to get rid of that Porcupo.

Luigi: Iím not touching him.

Mario: Oh, come on Luigi! You have gloves on!

Luigi: I donít want to get them dirty.

Mario: *groan* Fine, Iíll get rid of it.

Mario tossed Porcupo 1 out the window while Luigi tried to look busy eating the leftover pizza from a month ago.

Mario: Now can we go? An army of Porcupos and Birdos could only mean that Wart has taken over.

Luigi: Alright. Letís go.

Mario and Luigi dashed out the door, and after defeating a few stray Birdos and Porcupos, they reached Peachís Castle which was, surprisingly, perfectly normal. Peach came out to greet them.

Peach: Hello boys! What a nice surprise! Come in, come in.

Mario and Luigi followed Peach into the throne room.

Peach: That sure was something at the tennis court, wasnít it? What was that thing that crashed anyway?

Mario: Weíve got more important news. Wart is taking over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Peach: Ö

Peach fell over. Mario and Luigi shrugged, and turned around just as a Royal Mushroom Guard came running in.

Mushroom Guard: Mario, weíre under attack by some frog-like creature with an army of other strange creatures.

Mario and Luigi: Wart!

Mario and Luigi rushed out and saw Porcupos shooting spikes everywhere while Birdos threw a constant barrage of eggs. There were so few Mushroom people left that it looked like each Mushroomer equaled about 100 enemies. Mario and Luigi rushed in, shooting fireballs everywhere. This kept the Porcupos on the defensive side, while the Mushroomers took the Birdos. Mario and Luigi were kept quite busy with all the Porcupos because every once in a while they got hit and that paralyzed them for a split-second. Finally, Mario and Luigi had beaten enough Porcupos so that Luigi went over to help with the Birdos. The Birdos were soon gone, and the Porcupos fell quickly after that.

Mario: Whew! Finally!

Luigi: I thought maybe they were cloning each other or something!

Peach stepped out and almost screamed when she saw the battle site. She did not have time to speak, because Wart came down on them. Peach must have remembered something, for she rushed back into the castle. Mario and Luigi fended off Wart as best they could, but they couldnít quite beat him. Then Peach came rushing back out with a veggie in her hand.

Wart: No! Not a veggie!

Peach threw the veggie at Wart, and Wart screamed. Peach threw at least twenty veggies, and then Wart fell to the ground, and then got back up.

Wart: Stop! You win! Iíll go away.

Wart summoned a warp pipe labeled ďSub-conĒ and jumped into it.

Mario: Hey, Luigi, that reminds me. What did you say about Sub-con earlier?

Luigi: Oh yes! Tatanga took over Sub-con and trapped everyone with a strange force.

Mario: Holy portabellas! Weíd better get over there.

Mario and Luigi then jumped into the warp pipe.

Chapter 2: Progress

In Smithyís dimension, the robots were hard at workÖ well, not quite. Letís just say they werenít lying around.

Mack: Iím stronger!

Bowyer: Wrong you are! Stronger I am!

Mack: Me!

Bowyer: Me!

Red: Would you two be quiet for once?! Iíve had enough of this bickering.

Mack: What are you going to do about it?

Red: Me and the other Axems are going to pulverize you! Isnít that right guys?

Green: Youíre fat!

Yellow: I am not!

Black: Who cares? I look better than all of you.

Pink: Not better than me!

Red: 0_0

Yaridovich: Stop, everyone.

Bowyer: Ö

Mack: Ö

Green: Ö

Yellow: Ö

Black: Ö

Pink: Ö

Red: Ö How did you do that?

Yaridovich: It helps when youíre stronger than everyone else combined.

Red: Oh yeah. You have a point.

Yaridovich: Now then, how are we coming on Smithy?

Red: Um, well, you see, uhÖ

Yaridovich: You mean you havenít even started?!

Red: Well, no.

Yaridovich: Ö Get to work you slackers!!!

Everyone else: Yes, sir!

Mario and Luigi stared at what Sub-con had become. Everything was dark and gloomy, and in the middle, there was an especially dark region covered in a force field of some sort. Mario and Luigi could see many people being marched.

Luigi: That was the prisoner line I was in!

Mario: Then weíd better get in there and try to investigate.

Mario and Luigi were able to sneak into the line of prisoners. They were marched off to a castle with the emblem of Tatanga on it. Inside, the prisoners were being marched into a dark room out of which came strange sounds. The prisoners struggled so much that Tatangaís soldiers were pointing strange objects, probably alien guns Mario and Luigi reasoned, at the prisoners to keep them moving. When it came their turn, Mario and Luigi rolled away from the aliens. Mario and Luigi were surprised at how quick the alienís reflexes were. They were barely able to avoid the large blasts from the alienís guns. Mario and Luigi got up, dodging a blast and firing fireballs. When one hit, the alien immediately vaporized.

Now the other aliens saw this and started firing. Mario and Luigi were overwhelmed by all the aliens. They were barely able to dodge all the blasts, much less attack them. Mario suddenly came up with an idea. He started spinning. Luigi caught on and started spinning too. When a blast hit them, it was sucked into the tornado they were making. Once there were about 20 blasts in total for both of them, they stopped. Blasts were flung in all directions, and most aliens were hit. Now there was just one left. This alien looked at them with a surprised face, then a stern one. A crown suddenly appeared on his head, and he warped out.

Mario: ThaÖ that was Tatanga himself! Boy, he must've gotten lucky or something not to get hit by those blasts.

Luigi: UnlessÖ he was protected in some way.

Mario: Itís certainly possible. Anyway, we canít worry about that now. There are probably countless more in here, so letís get going.

Luigi: Hey, look Mario! Everyone could escape now. Theyíre gone.

Mario: Well, thatís one good deed done with.

As Mario and Luigi ran down a hallway, a familiar character was watching them on a tracking screen.

Tatanga: Drat them! Well, itís not over yet. Theyíll see plenty of me soon. Hehehehe!

As Mario and Luigi reached a room, they looked in. It seemed to be empty, so they proceeded inside. Just as they had gone into the room, about a hundred aliens appeared. They all had that familiar crown on their head. As Mario dodged a blast, he spoke.

Mario: They must be faking Tatanga. Weíd better destroy them all if we can.

Mario and Luigi both threw a fireball at an alien. The fireball passed right through him. As Mario and Luigi stood in shock, an alien pointed a blast at Luigi and fired. Luigi looked around just before it struck him. Luigi gaped at what happened. The blast went right through him! Mario saw this and started running toward the end of the room, running right through the aliens. Luigi followed.

Mario: Just as I thought! Holograms!

Luigi looked up and saw a device projecting light into the room. Mario shot a fireball at it, and instantly the aliens were gone. As Mario and Luigi proceeded into the heart of the castle, Tatanga looked on in rage.

Tatanga: No! Those guys are smarter than I thought! Oh well, nobodyís ever gotten past me personally in my castle.

Chapter 3: On to Smithy!

As Mario and Luigi entered the heart of the castle, there was a light shining up above them.

Mario: That must be the headquarters.

Luigi: Letís check it out.

Before they made a move, there was a loud noise that broke the quiet. Above them, the glass was lowering down, Tatanga and a high-tech weapon on it.

Tatanga: Prepare to meet your maker!

Tatanga fired a huge blast at them. They ducked and the blast was absorbed by the wall. They shot a few fireballs which made black marks on the gun. Tatanga threw a switch and fired a liquid at them. It made a sizzling noise, and when it was gone there was a small dip in the floor.

Mario: Acid!

Tatanga fired this for a while, but when it didnít work he threw another switch. This time, Tatanga rapidly fired energy blasts. Mario got hit by one. He got back up. Luigi breathed a sigh of relief, but it didnít last long as Tatanga fired more energy blasts at them. This didnít work either, so Tatanga threw a switch and fed in some Amps. He fired one and it followed Mario. Mario threw a fireball and it dropped to the ground, causing a wave of electricity to be thrown out. Mario and Luigi jumped but Tatanga was hit by it. The gun turned off and let out a puff of smoke. Tatanga levitated and summoned some troops Mario and Luigi quickly fried with fireballs, and Tatanga pulled out a machine. A force field came around him. Mario fired a fireball, and it was absorbed. Luigi had an idea. He started whirling around and created a tornado. It picked Tatanga up and smashed him against the wall. Tatanga was paralyzed for a second. Mario and Luigi threw fireballs but they were deflected by the force field. Mario rushed up and threw Tatanga into the air. Then he did a tornado, which threw Tatanga up and crashed him back down. Tatanga took out his ray gun and hit both of them, paralyzing the plumbers. They were thrown back, and Tatanga kept firing at them. They were quickly running out of health.

Suddenly, they heard a noise. The door to the room slammed open, and in rushed Wart. He started yelling at Tatanga and took out Kamekís wand. He waved it and a bolt of lightning came down on Tatanga. It was absorbed by the force field, but Tatanga still looked scared. Wart waved the wand again and the force field disappeared. Tatanga fired a blast at him. He was hit back a little, but hardly hurt. Wart pointed the wand in front of Tatanga, and there was an explosion which threw him back. Tatanga took out a Sub-con-made Bob-omb and threw it at Wart. It walked around and exploded, sending Wart flying. Wart was still determined. He threw plenty of explosions at Tatanga, and Tatanga answered back with Bob-ombs. After plenty of this, Wart powered up the lightning spell to full power, just as Tatanga released a King Bob-omb. It exploded, and Wart was hit full force. He hit the wall and slid down, defeated. As Tatanga was about to start firing at Mario and Luigi again, Wartís hand went down, releasing the lightning. It came down with a blinding flash of light, and when the smoke cleared, Mario and Luigi saw that Tatanga was down.

Tatanga woke up after some time, and Mario questioned him.

Mario: Why did you want to take over Sub-con?

Tatanga: After you defeated me the first time, my troops turned on me. I had to get them back, so I came up with a plan. I told them that I would take over Sub-con so they stopped leaving. It took years to plan out, but we kept watching Wartís every move, and when he left, we took over.

Mario: So you didnít just do it because you wanted revenge on me?

Tatanga: Of course not!

Luigi: How does that force that kept everyone imprisoned work?

Tatanga: After Mario beat me, we discovered a metal that can be found in very small deposits in space. It is hard to find, but it has amazing electrical properties. By using lasers we were able to create a electro-magnetic force field in any area we wanted to. It also had a strong effect on the brains of said victims, which prevented them from waking up as long as we kept them in the force field.

Mario: How did you find all this out?

Tatanga: Experimental research, and Chemistry 101.

Mario: Since you did many bad things to everybody, Iím afraid weíll have to get rid of you.

Tatanga: Please donít! Iíll help you in any way if you donít do that.

Mario: Should we do it?

Luigi: I think so.

Mario: May we have the wand?

Tatanga: Take it. I donít want the wretched thing around here.

Mario picked up the wand, but Luigi disapproved.

Luigi: You donít know how to use it. What if you do something bad to yourselfÖ or me?

Mario: Relax, Luigi. How can a wand hurt its owner?

Mario and Luigi left the castle and saw that there was light again in Sub-con, and it was peaceful.

Luigi: Iíd say a job well done.

As everyone else looked on, Red got ready to unveil the finished Smithy.

Pink: I hope heís gorgeous.

Black: I hope heís cool.

Green: I hope heís understanding.

Yellow: I hope heís obese.

Mack: I hope he can jump high.

Bowyer: Nya! Me hopes he good at archery! Nya!

Yaridovich: I hope you guys didnít screw up.

Red: Relax everybody. Smithy looks great, and stronger than ever.

Red pulled the cover off of Smithy. He was missing his hammer, there was rust everywhere, his crown was glued on, and he was missing an eye.

Everyone: BOOOOOOO!

Yaridovich: What did you do to him?!

Red: I rebuilt him, since a few others were too lazy to work.

Yaridovich: If you canít do something this simple right, then youíre out of the club.

Red: ButÖ

Yaridovich: Out!

Yaridovich did a Water Blast.

Red: Yeow! Why did you do that?

Yaridovich: OUT!

Red: Valor Up!

Yaridovich did another Water Blast, but it hardly hurt Red. Red walked out and exited that dimension. As he appeared, people started to scream and run away. Red scowled and kept walking.

As Mario and Luigi emerged from the Sub-con pipe, they noticed that there was something fishy in the clouds. Then Mario spotted Exor in the skyline.

Mario: Of course! I forgot all about Smithy.

Luigi: Weíd better get going if weíre going to stop him.

Mario and Luigi made it to Sarasaland and decided to stock up at the store.

Mario: Ahem. Iíd like two pairs of Ultra Boots, a Kerokerokola, a Pick Me Up, and um, letís see hereÖ

Shopkeeper: May I interest you in a rare, imported, Yoshi Ade?

Mario: Yes! Iíll take one of those.

Shopkeeper: That comes to 462 coins.

Mario: 0_0 Just a sec.

While Mario fished for his wallet, Red wandered by. The shopkeeper turned pale.

Shopkeeper: MaÖ MaÖ Mar-rr-io?

Mario: What?!

The shopkeeper pointed to the door. Mario looked back and saw the unsuspecting Red. He motioned to Luigi to follow him and do a sneak attack. As they crept up, they got ready to shoot a fireball, but then the shopkeeper screamed. Red looked back.

Red: Valor Up!

Mario shot his fireball, but it didnít do any damage. Red swung his ax, hitting Mario. Mario went flying, and Red swung his ax again. Luigi ducked, making the ax hit the wall of the shop. Luigi tried to stomp Red, but Red held the ax up and Luigi took damage. Red sliced down toward Luigi on the ground. Luigi jumped out of the way and hit Red in the back. The shopkeeper tossed Luigi a hammer and Luigi pounded Red. Now the Valor Up wore off. Red swung with the ax only to be hit by a barrage of fireballs.

Red: Shoot! I wish I had that ship with me for the Breaker Beam.

Luigi hit Red with the hammer, and Mario finally got back. Mario did a tornado and sent Red flying.

Red: Vigor Up!

Red threw the ax. It hit Luigi and Luigi flew up into the air and then back down. Luigi tossed Mario the hammer and Mario threw it at Red. Luigi also threw fireballs. Finally, Red gave up.

Red: Alright! You win!

Luigi: Mario, give him the finishing blow.

Red: No! Iíll tell you how to beat Smithy if you donít!

Luigi: So you want to worm your way out of it? Donít even try. Mario!

Red: No! Iíll get you for this, you-

But Red was silenced as the hammer knocked him unconscious.

Yaridovich: Finally, Smithy is done right.

After everyone had finished putting together the workers, like Cloaker and Domino, Black, who Yaridovich had appointed his new assistant, had unveiled Smithy for the second time, and this time, he actually looked good.

Yaridovich: Okay, put in the AA batteries.

Black: Smithy runs on batteries?!

Yaridovich: Do it!

Black was handed batteries, and he put them in. Smithyís eyes opened.

Smithy: NO! Spear Rain!

Everyone else: Yeowch!

Smithy: Oh, itís you.

Everyone else: (silently) Yes!

Smithy: Whereíd that plumber go?

Everyone else: Well, um, we donít know.

Smithy: Well, donít just stand there, get to work.

Everyone else: Yes, sir!

Mario: Now, how much did that come to again? 462 coins?

Shopkeeper: Youíre awesome! You can have them for free! You can take a nap in my bed too, if you want to rest up.

Mario: Wow, sure!

After Mario and Luigi were in tip top condition and had equipped their weapons, they set off to defeat Exor. When they reached him, Exorís eyes widened and he opened his mouth so they could enter the other dimension.

Mario: I wonder why heís doing that?

Exor: Iíll let you in if you want. Just donít hit me with that Geno Whirl thingy again.

Mario: Whoa, youíre talking!

Exor: Itís a one time thing.

Luigi: Genoís not here.

Mario: Luigi!

Exor: In that case, youíre dead meat!

Mario: Yeah, right.

Mario powered up a jump while Luigi distracted Exor with fireballs. Mario jumped on Exorís eye, and then shot a fireball. Exor, being crudely out together, fell apart with that fireball. The mouth dropped down, and they entered Smithyís realm.

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