Mario Madness 2

By Crazy Packers Fan

Round 2 (32)

Crazy Packers Fan: We're back here at Mario Madness for the second round of competition. We've eliminated half of the players already, and 16 more are going home today. Here are today's matches:

#8 Bob-omb vs. #16 Tweeter
#4 Fry Guy vs. #12 Shy Guy
#3 Triclyde vs. #6 Wart
#2 Snifit vs. #10 Birdo

"New" Wild Cards
#1 King Boo vs. #8 Toadsworth
#5 Tanoomba vs. #13 Cackletta
#11 Goober Bloober vs. #14 Professor E. Gadd
#2 Petey Piranha vs. #10 Fawful

Paper Mario
#1 Tubba Blubba vs. #8 Gourmet Guy
#4 Kooper vs. #12 Goombario
#3 Bombette vs. #6 General Guy
#2 Tutankoopa vs. #7 Lava Piranha

"Classic" Wild Cards
#8 Tap Tap vs. #16 Maple
#5 Game Guy vs. #13 Geno
#3 Metal Mario vs. #6 Angry Sun
#2 Morton Koopa Jr. vs. #10 Koopa T. Quick

Crazy Packers Fan: Roy and Larry are with me again, and I want to know what they think about today's

Roy: Fan favorite #10 Fawful of the "New" Wild Cards bracket is the one to beat. The fact of the matter is,
everyone likes him, and not only that, but he's so powerful that even I would be afraid to go up against him! He will easily defeat #2 Petey Piranha, though I still think that he will eventually be beaten by #1 King Boo when we get to the "New" Wild Cards championship.

Larry: I think we've got to watch out for #5 Game Guy in the "Classic" Wild Cards bracket. It always seems
that if a character somehow squeezes by in the first round, he really picks up steam the rest of the way and keeps on going. #12 Mallow just couldn't beat him last time, and I think his pal #13 Geno is not going to be able to defeat Game Guy this time.

Crazy Packers Fan: This time, all four brackets will be in action, instead of only two of them. We will start
out with my favorite gang of characters, the Sub-con SURFers!

Tweeter: Who says we're still part of SURF?

Crazy Packers Fan: I just said so, so don't fight me or I'll find a way to eliminate you.

Tweeter: The way you tried to eliminate me last time?

Crazy Packers Fan: Exa- I mean, Roy gave you that win, so you're on thin ice already. Now let's see if you,
#16 Tweeter, can defeat #8 Bob-omb!

Bob-omb: Bob-ombs will surely defeat the Koopas and take over the Mushroom Kingdom! It is pointless to
resist, Bowser!

Crazy Packers Fan: I'm sure. Anyway, save that attack for later, because you first need to beat Tweeter for
me and Panser. You're going to both attempt to avoid Wart's bubbles, as Wart will shoot them at both of
you. The loser will be the one who gets touched by a bubble first. Is this understood?

Tweeter: Yes, yes.

Bob-omb: Of course.

Crazy Packers Fan: Go ahead, Wart!

Wart shoots a bunch of bubbles at the players. The players easily avoid all of them.

Crazy Packers Fan: Come on, Wart!

Wart continues blasting bubbles, but since they come down slowly, the players easily avoid them.

Bob-omb: Why does this have to be so easy?

Wart shoots more bubbles, this time on target, heading towards both players.

Tweeter: Uh oh.

Bob-omb avoids the bubbles again, but Tweeter is unable to do so, being touched by one of the bubbles,
losing the match.

Crazy Packers Fan: Bob-omb is the winner!

Bob-omb: Just another win for Bob-ombs everywhere. Soon enough, we'll achieve our biggest victory!

Crazy Packers Fan: We now move on to our next match, which is #4 Fry Guy vs. #12 Shy Guy!

Larry: These characters are very different for both being "Guys".

Crazy Packers Fan: Yes, and both will have different tasks in this next battle. Shy Guy will try to make it
through this maze of Mushroom Blocks while Fry Guy spits fireballs at him. If Shy Guy makes it through
without getting fireballed more than two times, he wins, but if not, Fry Guy wins. Also, Shy Guy may pick up a Mushroom Block and throw it at Fry Guy if he so wishes, in order to stun Fry Guy. However, if he hits Fry Guy with the Mushroom Block, that also is one extra time that Shy Guy cannot get hit by a fireball. So Shy Guy may slow down Fry Guy this way, but also end up hurting his own chances this way. Do you both understand?

Fry Guy: Yes.

Shy Guy: I guess, but I don't like that rule that will take away the number of times I can be fireballed.

Crazy Packers Fan: Too bad! Go!

Shy Guy starts running through the maze, with Fry Guy hovering overhead. Immediately, Fry Guy hits Shy Guy with a fireball.

Shy Guy: Ouch!

Crazy Packers Fan: Two more strikes, and Shy Guy's out!

Shy Guy is making progress through the maze, but Fry Guy is getting dangerously close. Shy Guy decides that he will toss a Mushroom Block at Fry Guy and hope to sprint to the finish before Fry Guy can recover.

Shy Guy: Take this!

Shy Guy's toss misses, and Fry Guy hits him with another fireball.

Shy Guy: Ouch!

Crazy Packers Fan: Shy Guy must not get hit by another fireball, or he loses!

Shy Guy starts running as fast as he can, and Fry Guy is unable to keep up. Fry Guy hopes that Shy Guy will
get lost and have to turn around, but Shy Guy finds the right path and reaches the finish line!

Crazy Packers Fan: Shy Guy wins!

Shy Guy: That rule didn't stop me from winning!

Crazy Packers Fan: It is now time for #3 Triclyde to take on #6 Wart! Thanks for helping earlier, Wart, by the way.

Wart: You're welcome. Now where's my 1,000 coin bonus?

Crazy Packers Fan: You'll get that bonus if you continue to win. You may even get a million.

Wart: Okay, okay.

Crazy Packers Fan: You guys both seem really slow, so this race might be really challenging for both of you.
You will have a potion to begin the race. You must toss it past a certain line. If the potion does not
cross the line, you automatically lose. Once it does cross the line and become a door, you must then go
through the door, enter Subspace, and grab the Mushroom that you see. If you get your Mushroom first,
you win. If not, you lose. Here are your potions.

Triclyde Head 1: It's impossible to hold this potion!

Triclyde Head 2: What are you talking about? I can easily grab it and toss it!

Triclyde Head 3: I don't care about whether it's impossible or easy, just make sure that potion crosses the line!

Wart: I can't imagine losing this battle.

Crazy Packers Fan: Go!

Both players toss their potions. Wart's goes much farther than Triclyde's. Both players race to their doors, and Triclyde easily makes it to the door first. Both players find that their Mushrooms are back where
they started. Triclyde has a shorter distance to travel again, and he reaches the Mushroom first, picking it up.

Triclyde Head 1: We win!

Triclyde Head 2: Only thanks to my toss!

Triclyde Head 3: Who cares about whose toss it was? We win!

Wart: Wait! His potion didn't cross the line!

Crazy Packers Fan: It was close, so let's look at the replay to decide. Larry, turn on that TV monitor!

Larry turns on the TV monitor, and Crazy Packers Fan looks to see if Triclyde's potion crossed the line or

Crazy Packers Fan: Triclyde's potion did not cross the line! Wart is the winner!

Triclyde Head 1: It's your fault we lost!

Triclyde Head 2: You couldn't even grab the potion!

Triclyde Head 3: Who cares whose fault it is? We lost!

Crazy Packers Fan: It's time to finish off today's Sub-con action with #2 Snifit vs. #10 Birdo!

Larry: This is the first match today between two characters with hands.

Crazy Packers Fan: Thank you for your expert analysis, Larry. Now as for the serious business, here is how
the match will go. Each of you has five keys, which unlock the doors that have the same letter as the keys
have, and you must unlock all five doors before your opponent does. That's the easy part, but the hard part
is that Phantos will chase you every time you pick up a key.

Snifit: What's so hard about that?

Crazy Packers Fan: You'll find out. Go!

Snifit and Birdo each run to his or her keys, picking out the first one they can grab and running to the doors. Phantos appear. but not just any Phantos!

Snifit, Birdo, Larry, and Roy: AAAAHHHH!!!!

Gigantic Phantos, ten times larger than normal ones, chase after Snifit, Birdo, Larry, and Roy.

Roy: Why us?

Phanto 1: We don't like Koopas!

The Phantos have such power that all four characters are stunned for five minutes after getting attacked by
the Phantos. It takes the players an extremely long time to be able to unlock two of their doors, as every
time they even pick up the keys, the Phantos are right there to attack.

Larry: Enough already!

Crazy Packers Fan: Okay, okay. Phantos, go away!

Phanto 2: We refuse!

Crazy Packers Fan picks up an extra key, not part of the competition. He tosses it to a Paratroopa standing
nearby, who flies out of the stadium with the key, with the Phantos hot in pursuit. The Paratroopa tosses the key away, and the Phantos are gone for good. The Paratroopa then comes back to tell Crazy Packers Fan
that the coast is clear.

Crazy Packers Fan: Go ahead!

Now the race is all about speed, as each player had two doors unlocked and needs to unlock three more. They each get two more doors unlocked at about the same time, but Birdo drops her key running to the final door, allowing Snifit to win the race- and the match.

Crazy Packers Fan: Snifit is the winner!

Snifit celebrates as the "New" Wild Cards head over to Crazy Packers Fan, Roy, and Larry.

Crazy Packers Fan: It is now time for the "New" Wild Cards, but first a word from our sponsor.

Mario: It's-a the ultimate showdown! A plumber who-a has only lost once in his-a gaming career, going up
against an overgrown ape who-a couldn't beat a girl in a golfing match even with-a Roy's help, and was-a
pretty much a waste of-a space in Mario Kart 64, and certainly-a of little use in Mario-a Tennis on the
Nintendo 64, and-a-

Roy: Transmission ended. I'll sum it all up: buy Mario vs. Donkey Kong today!

Crazy Packers Fan: Thank you. Now #1 King Boo will take on #8 Toadsworth!

King Boo: I have to beat this waste of space?

Crazy Packers Fan: He's no more of a waste of space than that idiot Bowser Jr. in your last match. Anyway,
Toadsworth will have one minute to try to vacuum you with this vacuum. If he vacuums you, he wins, but
don't worry, King Boo, I've made it so that the vacuum will not hurt you or put you into picture form if you do get vacuumed. Of course, if he doesn't vacuum you, you win. Understand?

King Boo: Yes.

Toadsworth: Sure!

Crazy Packers Fan: Go!

Toadsworth tries to vacuum King Boo, but the vacuum is too weak. The minute goes by without Toadsworth coming even close to vacuuming King Boo.

Crazy Packers Fan: King Boo wins!

Toadsworth: What?! Why doesn't this vacuum work very well?

Professor E. Gadd: Here's the problem: it's not made by me! It's made by some Ludwig character! If you want
to vacuum ghosts, try the brand-new Poltergeist 4000, set to hit stores next month!

Toadsworth: That's not fair!

Crazy Packers Fan: It's too bad for you, but we didn't have enough money to buy one of those expensive
vacuums, so I had Ludwig make you one. Blame it on Ludwig!

Toadsworth: That Ludwig cost me a fortune!

Crazy Packers Fan: Now #5 Tanoomba will take on #13 Cackletta. This time, Tanoomba will attempt to fly to
that floating platform and its finish line, while Cackletta will stay here and shoot Bullet Bills at  him, hoping to hit him with one before he reaches the finish line.

Cackletta: I prefer Missile Bills.

Crazy Packers Fan: Those would have cost too much. Anyway, on your mark, get set, go!

Tanoomba starts to run and takes off. Cackletta starts firing Bullet Bills his way. Her early shots are very
inaccurate, but the closer Tanoomba gets to the finish line, the closer the Bullet Bills come to hitting
Tanoomba. However, Cackletta continues to miss, with Tanoomba getting close to the finish line, when-

Tanoomba: Oh no!

Tanoomba starts to descend, as he was unable to fly far enough to reach the finish line. On his way toward
the ground, Cackletta hits him with a Bullet Bill, clinching the match.

Crazy Packers Fan: Cackletta is the winner!

Cackletta: That was closer than I had wanted, but I'll take it.

Crazy Packers Fan: The next match is between #11 Gooper Blooper and #14 Professor E. Gadd, being the
only match between two double-digit seeds. These two will relive a moment in Super Mario Sunshine, as
Professor E. Gadd will try to defeat Gooper Blooper the same way Mario did, or in any other way he wants to, but in only one minute. Does this make sense?

Gooper Blooper: How will you know when I'm defeated?

Crazy Packers Fan: Oh, we'll know. Ready, set, go!

Professor E. Gadd starts using FLUDD on Gooper Blooper, spraying him in his face. As Gooper Blooper is distracted, Professor E. Gadd grabs one of his tentacles and starts pulling on it. It eventually comes out. Then Professor E. Gadd takes the tentacle and starts slapping Goober Bloober with it.

Roy: Not exactly the same way Mario did it, that's for sure.

Larry: Not even close.

Gooper Blooper: Stop it! Stop it!

Crazy Packers Fan: Are you giving up?

Gooper Blooper: Sure!

Crazy Packers Fan: Professor E. Gadd wins!

Larry: Well, it worked, although that's not exactly the way I thought it would work.

Gooper Blooper regenerates his tentacle.

Gooper Blooper: If I ever see that professor again, I'll make sure I'm the one who defeats him!

Crazy Packers Fan: Let's move on to the match most of you have been waiting for: #2 Petey Piranha vs. #10
Fawful, who-

Everyone else in the stadium: HAS FURY!!!

Fawful confidently walks in, acknowledging the crowd.

Crazy Packers Fan: Fawful certainly comes in as a big favorite, despite his #10 seed. However, Petey Piranha has a #2 seed, and he's certainly a worthy opponent.

Fawful: Worthy opponent? You shall see that his efforts will be futile!

Crazy Packers Fan: Just like your last battle, Fawful, you will both have a one-on-one battle, and whoever gets taken down first loses. Ready, go!

Fawful jumps into his dome again. He starts charging up an energy ray. Meanwhile, Petey Piranha spits out a
whole bunch of mud at the dome, which does absolutely nothing.

Fawful: 3, 2, 1.


Petey Piranha swallows the dome whole, leaving Fawful sitting there with no defense.

Fawful: Nevertheless, I will still defeat you!

Fawful pulls out a laser gun, charging it up. Petey Piranha, meanwhile, still is digesting the dome, unable to spit up mud or chomp Fawful.

Fawful: 3, 2, 1.


Everyone but Crazy Packers Fan and Petey Piranha: Oh no!

The gun malfunctions, knocking Fawful over.

Fawful: That knockdown shall not keep me down! You will fail in your futile efforts, pitiful Piranha!

Crazy Packers Fan: The match is over, as you have been knocked over, Fawful. Petey Piranha wins, in maybe the biggest upset yet, perhaps even bigger than Maple's win over Donkey Kong!

Everyone Else: *gasp*

Roy looks faint.

Larry: What now, Roy?

Roy: I made a double-or-nothing bet with Boom Boom on Fawful to win this match. I thought Fawful needed no help. Now I've lost another year's salary!

Crazy Packers Fan: (snickering) Time for a... for a... *laughs hysterically*

Larry: Commercial break.

Bowser: I am Bowser Koopa, and I support this message.

Iggy: Bowser Koopa has led us through difficult times. When the Fortress foes invaded Dark Land, it was
Bowser who defeated them and brought peace to the land. When the Bob-ombs tried to destroy the Koopa
Troopas' home, it was Bowser who led his own army against them, defeating them and once again rescuing
his Troopas. Bowser is also very much concerned about the environment, with a perfect record when it comes to protecting the environment. Yoshi? He has eaten apples off your trees, spit Troopa shells all over the place, and broken many blocks. He has also hurt the economy much by collecting coins for Mario, leaving poor Troopas begging while he eats his gluttonous meals. Vote for Bowser this November as president of Plit. This message brought to you by the Koopa party.

Crazy Packers Fan: Thank you. Now it's time for the Paper Mario bracket, as #1 Tubba Blubba takes on #8
Gourmet Guy!

Roy: This is the biggest battle yet! Get it? Biggest! Ha ha ha!

Larry: I don't get it.

Crazy Packers Fan: Okay, Roy. Anyway, this will be an eating contest. Can Tubba Blubba swallow ten ghosts
before Gourmet Guy swallows ten cakes? Let's find out. Let the gluttony begin!

Tubba Blubba and Gourmet Guy start grabbing their items of choice and eating them. Gourmet Guy is a
faster eater overall, but the cakes are a harder to swallow than ghosts, thus making the battle really close. Each eats nine of his item, with a very close race on the tenth item, as each swallows the item at the same time!

Crazy Packers Fan: Another replay?! This is outrageous!

Larry turns on the TV monitor, and Crazy Packers Fan watches to see who swallowed the item first. He can
see that one character is very slightly ahead of the other.

Crazy Packers Fan: And the winner is...

Tubba Blubba: Just say it!

Crazy Packers Fan: Tubba Blubba!

Tubba Blubba: Alright!

Gourmet Guy: The replay is wrong! The replay is wrong!

Crazy Packers Fan: Sorry, but you lose, Gourmet Guy. Tubba Blubba wins, bringing us to the battle between
#4 Kooper and #12 Goombario!

Larry: This is a Koopa Troopa-Goomba matchup here, which is a huge rivalry.

Crazy Packers Fan: That's right. Here's how this will work. Each of you will get three attempts to hit Mario. Whoever hits him more times in those three attempts each wins. But, it does not count as a hit if Mario jumps on you. Understand?

Kooper: Yes.

Goombario: Of course.

Crazy Packers Fan: As the higher seed, Kooper, you may choose to go first or second.

Kooper: I'll go first.

Crazy Packers Fan: Then go ahead.

Kooper uses his Fire Shell attack. Mario is unable to get out of the way in time, getting hit by the attack.

Crazy Packers Fan: One hit for Kooper! Your turn, Goombario!

Goombario tries a Headbonk, but he misses miserably.

Crazy Packers Fan: Your turn, Kooper.

Kooper tries the Fire Shell attack again, but this time he zigzags in his shell, giving Mario a hard time
trying to avoid him. Kooper scores a direct hit.

Crazy Packers Fan: Two hits for Kooper! This is it, Goombario. You must get a hit here to stay in it.

Goombario tries Headbonk again, and...

Goombario: Ouch!

... he misses badly.

Crazy Packers Fan: Kooper wins the match!

Kooper: Yes!

Crazy Packers Fan: It is now time for #3 Bombette to take on #6 General Guy!

Roy: I'm making sure there is no cheating for Bombette.

Crazy Packers Fan: Don't worry about it. Bombette and General Guy will both attempt to break down a wall,
and whoever does so first, wins. Are you ready?

General Guy: Let me get in my tank first.

Crazy Packers Fan: Go ahead.

Bombette: What?! You're letting him cheat, and against me! I thought I was your favorite character remaining
in the tournament!

Crazy Packers Fan: Don't worry, his tank won't be enough to defeat you.

Bombette: Are you sure?

Crazy Packers Fan: I'm positive. In fact, I could bet-

Bombette: Don't bet! Don't bet! If you bet, I'll lose!

Crazy Packers Fan: Okay, okay. Are you ready, General Guy?

General Guy: Yes.

Crazy Packers Fan: Then go!

Bombette starts blowing up, floating back to the ground, and blowing up again. General Guy is blasting
cannonballs at his wall (his tank got an upgrade since Paper Mario). Bombette's blasts take away more of the wall than General Guy's blasts, so General Guy starts getting desperate, hitting the "fire" button in his tank many times in a row. Many cannonballs start coming out and he starts to comeback, making it very even. However...

General Guy: I'm out of cannonballs!

General Guy's wall still is 1/8 intact and he tries running it over with his tank, but it is too late. Bombette blows up the remaining part of her wall.

Crazy Packers Fan: Bombette wins!

Bombette: Alright!

General Guy: You fixed it so my wall was tougher to destroy!

Crazy Packers Fan: I honestly didn't do that.

General Guy: I know you did!

Roy: You must have!

Crazy Packers Fan: I didn't do that, so stop whining about it and let's move on to our final match, between
#2 Tutankoopa and #7 Lava Piranha!

Larry: If Tutankoopa wins, then this Paper Mario bracket will be the only bracket that has its top four seeds in the third round.

Crazy Packers Fan: That's right. In this match, Lava Piranha will be trying to fireball Tutankoopa, who will have three Buzzy Beetles. If Tutankoopa can get one of those Buzzy Beetles into Lava Piranha's mouth before he gets fireballed or before he runs out of Buzzy Beetles, he wins, but if not, Lava Piranha wins. Of course, when Lava Piranha tries to fireball Tutankoopa, his mouth will open, so a precise throw is necessary.

Tutankoopa: Sort of like Mario vs. Wart, Super Mario Bros. 2.

Crazy Packers Fan: That's right. Go!

Lava Piranha immediately tries to fireball Tutankoopa, closing his mouth immediately after spitting the
fireball. Tutankoopa uses a Buzzy Beetle as a shield, as it absorbs the fireball.

Tutankoopa: I'm going to have to guess when he's going to open his mouth.

Lava Piranha shoots a fireball at Tutankoopa, closing his mouth immediately again. Tutankoopa was unprepared, but he dodges the fireball in time.

Tutankoopa: I'll get this right!

Tutankoopa and Lava Piranha stay there, waiting for each other to make a false move. Tutankoopa tosses a
Buzzy Beetle, thinking Lava Piranha was about to open his mouth. He was incorrect, however, as the Buzzy
Beetle harmlessly bounces off Lava Piranha.

Tutankoopa: Come on, I know you're going to open it soon... now!

This toss is a failure as well. Lava Piranha is just standing there, still having spit only two fireballs.

Tutankoopa: You're a moron!

Lava Piranha: It's really stupid to- urp!

As Lava Piranha responded to Tutankoopa's stupid taunt, Tutankoopa tossed a Buzzy Beetle in his mouth,
winning the match.

Crazy Packers Fan: The top four seeds in the Paper Mario bracket are intact, as #2 Tutankoopa survives! It will be time for the "Classic" Wild Cards after this commercial break.

Toad: Yoshi is the clear choice for president of Plit. He has saved the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi's Island, and Princess Peach numerous time. While Bowser attacks Yoshi, claiming him to be an attacker of the
environment, in reality Bowser is the real environmental hazard. He has built numerous tanks and airships, allowing them to be fired nonstop and really hurting the air quality. Plus, Bowser has started countless wars and caused Koopa Troopas more harm than help. Vote for Yoshi in November, not that big bad Bowser.

Crazy Packers Fan: Aren't there three other candidates besides those two?

Roy: Yeah, but they don't have a chance.

Larry: Oh no! You just jinxed King Dad!

Crazy Packers Fan: Let's start the "Classic" Wild Card matches. First, the most unlikely first-round winner,
#16 Maple, goes up against #8 Tap Tap!

Roy: That Maple caused me a lot of trouble. I ought to do something. Hmmm...

Crazy Packers Fan: This time, Maple is going to stand here at this golf tee, while Tap Tap is 50 yards away.
There will be a Yoshi egg on the tee, and Maple must hit Tap Tap with one of three Yoshi eggs, by hitting
the Yoshi egg with her golf club, of course. Tap Tap may not move. If he does move, he automatically loses.
Is this understood?

Tap Tap: Yes.

Maple: Okay.

Crazy Packers Fan: Go ahead, Maple.

Maple shoots her first Yoshi egg. It hooks to the left, missing Tap Tap by a lot.

Maple: That's only one. I'll get him with one of these two Yoshi eggs.

Maple's next shot goes just over Tap Tap, missing the top of Tap Tap's head by several feet.

Maple: This one has to hit him!

Maple's final shot is straight ahead, heading right toward Tap Tap. However, it comes up short.

Tap Tap: I win!

Maple: Not yet!

The Yoshi egg starts to roll toward Tap Tap. Tap Tap watches as the Yoshi egg is about to end his
tournament run, when it stops only one foot short of touching Tap Tap.

Crazy Packers Fan: Tap Tap wins!

Tap Tap: I... I... I don't believe it!

Crazy Packers Fan: To face Tap Tap in round three will be either #5 Game Guy or #13 Geno. You two will face off in a round of tennis.

Both Players: Tennis?!

Crazy Packers Fan: That's right. Whoever wins one game of tennis is the winner. To win you must score at least 4 points and win by at least 2. Actually, the scoring system in tennis is different, but that's the same thing. Do you understand?

Game Guy: Yes.

Geno: Sure.

Crazy Packers Fan: Game Guy has his choice of serving or not serving, with his higher seed.

Game Guy: I'll serve.

Crazy Packers Fan: Go ahead.

Game Guy and Geno walk over to the tennis court and begin the match. Game Guy's first serve goes right
into the net.

Crazy Packers Fan: That's one fault. One more and Geno scores a point.

Game Guy: Don't worry; I'll get better with practice!

Game Guy's next serve does not hit the net. In fact, it doesn't even hit the court, as it sails far right out of bounds.

Crazy Packers Fan: One point for Geno, or for those of you that know tennis, 15-0!

Game Guy's next serve goes over Geno's head and out of bounds, never hitting the ground in bounds.

Crazy Packers Fan: Fault one!

Game Guy: Can Geno serve now?

Crazy Packers Fan: Not now. You had your choice before!

Game Guy: *sigh* Fine, then.

Game Guy's next serve makes it over the net, but not over Geno's head. Unfortunately for him, it lands on
the left half of the court, and it needed to be on the right half of the court.

Crazy Packers Fan: Double fault! Geno's up by 2 points, or 30-0!

Game Guy's following shot hits Geno in the noggin.

Crazy Packers Fan: That's a point for Game Guy! 30-15 is the score now!

Game Guy: Alright, a point!

Game Guy's next shot is in bounds, and Geno hits it back... right into the net.

Crazy Packers Fan: It's tied at 30-30 now!

Game Guy hits his next shot right as well, and Geno is unable to return it, giving Game Guy a service ace.

Crazy Packers Fan: 40-30, Game Guy! Score a point here, Game Guy, and you win!

Game Guy's next shot is in bounds as well, but Geno hits it back, and Game Guy cannot return it.

Crazy Packers Fan: It's tied up 40-40, or Deuce! You must win by two to win this game and this match!

Game Guy's next shot is in bounds. Geno hits it back into the net, giving Game Guy a point.

Crazy Packers Fan: Game Guy has the advantage. One point, and he wins!

Game Guy hits the ball over the net. Geno does not return it.

Game Guy: I win! It hit the line!

Geno: It didn't hit the line!

Crazy Packers Fan: Replay again. Larry?

Larry turns on the TV monitor.

Crazy Packers Fan: The ball...

Geno: Well?

Crazy Packers Fan: ... hit the line! Game Guy wins!

Game Guy: Yes!

Crazy Packers Fan: It is now time for #3 Metal Mario to take on #6 Angry Sun!

Angry Sun: I don't like this Metal Mario character.

Crazy Packers Fan: Then beat him. Metal Mario will jump across these Note Blocks resting on the ground
while you try to set on him. If you touch him or if he falls off the blocks onto the ground, you win, but if he makes it across without you touching him, he wins. Does this make sense?

Metal Mario: Yes, but I think it's too hard.

Angry Sun: Yes, and I think it's too easy.

Crazy Packers Fan: I guess that means Metal Mario will win. Go!

Metal Mario runs toward the first of ten Note Blocks, jumping onto it and right onto the next one. He makes
it halfway across when Angry Sun gives him a real challenge. Metal Mario decides to jump straight up,
causing Angry Sun to miss. Metal Mario then makes it to the eighth Note Block before Angry Sun comes at him strongly again. He uses the same strategy, jumping straight up, and Angry Sun misses again. Metal Mario  then crosses the remaining Note Blocks, winning the match!

Crazy Packers Fan: Metal Mario wins, as I figured!

Metal Mario: Your overconfidence was your weakness.

Angry Sun: Your metal is yours.

Crazy Packers Fan: It's time for our final match of the second round, between #2 Morton Koopa Jr. and #10
Koopa T. Quick!

Morton: I can't wait for this match, for this game, for this-

Koopa T. Quick: Enough!

Crazy Packers Fan: Thank you, Koopa T. Quick. For this match, you will each toss vegetables at these Shy
Guys, which are in two separate areas, one for Morton and one for Koopa T. Quick. Whoever hits all ten Shy
Guys with vegetables first is the winner! Are you ready?

Both Players: NO!!!

Crazy Packers Fan: Why not?

Morton: Where are the vegetables?

Crazy Packers Fan: Vege- oh no.

Yoshi: Yoshi was hungry!

Crazy Packers Fan: Yoshi is going to be paying me a lot of coins!

Larry: Don't worry, I have a bunch of spare vegetables over- Yoshi!

Crazy Packers Fan: Now what are we going to do?

Larry: I'll be back.

A few hours later...

Larry: Here are your vegetables!

Crazy Packers Fan: Thank you. Now are you ready?

Both Players: NO!!!

Crazy Packers Fan: Why not?

Koopa T. Quick: No reason.

Crazy Packers Fan: Then go!

Morton and Koopa T. Quick toss their vegetables at the Shy Guys, hitting their first seven at about the same  time. However, Morton pulls away late, hitting his final three Shy Guys while Koopa T. Quick misses badly.

Crazy Packers Fan: Morton wins! And with that, round two of Mario Madness 2 is over!

Roy: Not after I lost a lot of coins again.

Crazy Packers Fan: Let's look at round three's matchups, with the player's percentage of votes received in parantheses. Remember that all ties are broken by me, as I pick the player I want to win in that case.

#8 Bob-omb (75%) vs. #12 Shy Guy (88%)
#2 Snifit (64%) vs. #6 Wart (73%)

"New" Wild Cards
#1 King Boo (58%) vs. #13 Cackletta (71%)
#2 Petey Piranha (56%) vs. #14 Professor E. Gadd (57%)

Paper Mario
#1 Tubba Blubba (77%) vs. #4 Kooper (100%)
#2 Tutankoopa (63%) vs. #3 Bombette (56%)

"Classic" Wild Cards
#5 Game Guy (50%) vs. #8 Tap Tap (67%)
#2 Morton Koopa Jr. (92%) vs. #3 Metal Mario (70%)

Crazy Packers Fan: These are the third round's matchups, as we are down to 16 players remaining. Thank you all who voted, and please vote again as we narrow the field down to eight! Until next time, for Roy and Larry, I'm Crazy Packers Fan saying so long!

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