Bowser Makes a BIG Mistake: A New Foe

By Crazy Bowser

Chapter 1: Bowser’s Secret Weapon

It was a bright, sunny day. Mario and Peach were sitting outside in the backyard of the castle, having a barbeque along with Toadsworth, Luigi, Yoshi, Daisy, and Birdo. Mario and Luigi had just defeated the evil Cackletta and restored peace to the Beanbean Kingdom. There was now very few wrongdoers left to fight. Birdo had teamed up with them, Smithy had been destroyed long ago, Wart had been sent back to Nightmare World (the land he lived in that is parallel to the Koopa Kingdom, since Sub-con is the parallel of the Mushroom Kingdom), Bowser was stewing in his half-rebuilt castle, and Cackletta was dead. There was nothing to worry about, so all there was to do now was to chill out until Bowser tried his next move…

Little did they know Bowser was preparing to make his move right now...

King Bowser Koopa stormed into his castle, while the Goombas and Koopas were finishing one of the towers that had crumbled after the Bowletta incident. He was so angry at that moment that he squashed a Goomba, who ran squeaking into the Emergency Room. “Why did my castle get blown up?” yelled Bowser. “I don’t even REMEMBER doing anything wrong! Why should I have to suffer at Mario’s hands? It’s a good thing Bowletta and Mario didn’t discover my ULTIMATE plan that’s hidden in the basement!”

Morton, at that moment, ran up to his dad and said, “What is this ultimate plan of yours? And wasn’t your Koopa Cruiser your ultimate plan? And that crumbled after a few hits from Fawful’s headgear too! And…”
Apart from a large scream, nothing more was heard from Morton as Bowser had just thrown him out the window…

Muttering about the Koopa Cruiser being his ultimate weapon, not plan, Bowser headed down to the basement, where Ludwig and Lemmy were watching over things. The secret staircase to this secret room was located behind the throne, so that he could make sure the Mario Bros. never got into it. He pushed a button and watched as the throne slid sideways. The room he entered was circular, with computers lining the walls and a huge black cylinder in the middle of the room. Various Koopas, Shy Guys, and Goombas were walking back and forth, working like no other creatures could. They knew their motive: “Work hard, you fit in fine; hardly working gets you torched by the royal breath.”

Bowser stood on top of a staircase next to his two sons and watched the work, his mood lifting since no one had discovered it yet. He turned to his sons. “Is it ready?” asked Bowser excitedly.

“Not yet, King Dad,” said Lemmy.

“Yeah, according to my calculations, after the final piece of Deoxyribonucleic Acid has been added to the cellular structure of this new organism, we will only need to wait a period of 720 hours,” said Ludwig very fast.

Bowser and Lemmy just stared at him. “Son, that did NOT make any sense at all!” said Bowser, getting angry again.

“What he meant was that we are nearly done, we just have to do a bit of the old cell merging and then we just have to wait a month,” said Morton with a missing tooth.

“How did you get back in so quickly?” said Lemmy in disbelief.

“I ran,” said Morton, strangely not resorting to his usual method of talking.

Shaking his head, Bowser yelled, “How is it going?”

“Shouldn’t take long now,” yelled a Goomba wearing thick glasses and a white wig.

“We should have it finished by the time we return to the Koopa Kingdom,” said a Shy Guy.

“Excellent! The castle should be ready to fly tomorrow. Keep up the work!” said Bowser, suddenly in a cheerful mood, and with that, he left for his bedroom.

Back in the garden, Peach said to Mario, “Don’t you think Bowser might try to attack us again?”

“Again?” scoffed Mario. “He’s too busy trying to keep the Koopa Kingdom from falling apart. He won’t bother trying to attack us. Besides, I can beat him like that.” Mario snapped his fingers together.

“I don’t know, Mario, I have a bad feeling about something that’s going to happen, something very, very scary. It feels like Bowser has been holding back for a while now. Notice how he hasn’t tried to attack the kingdom yet?” muttered Peach.

“I expect he feels embarrassed by the entire Bowletta episode,” said Mario, watching the sun set. Suddenly, his hand fell onto Peach’s; they both looked at each other and turned away, embarrassed.

“Peach, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you,” ventured Mario.

“Yes, what is it?” said Peach. She knew what it was, but was playing hard-to-get.

“I’ve wanted to ask you since I met you, and now seems the perfect time to ask it. Peach, will you…” began Mario.

“Yes…” said Peach.

“Will you…” said Mario; he seemed to be having trouble getting the words out.

“Yes…” said Peach, getting excited.

“Will you… marry me?” Mario exclaimed at last.

“Of course I will!” shrieked Peach, and they fell on each other, hugging and kissing and goodness knows whatever else.

A few weeks later, after Bowser had arrived back at the Koopa Kingdom, he went back down to the secret lab and stood looking into the gigantic black cylinder in the center of the room. This was it, he thought. He had given this one everything, he had had his own brain cells infused with this, he had gone out and found brain cells from every villain he recalled and had added their DNA to this one. Now, he just needed to wait. Tomorrow morning, he would announce the plan to release his ultimate weapon onto the Mushroom Kingdom.

That night, he went to bed very excited. The plan was getting so good he could barely sleep! Then, at one point, he realized that he was thirsty and went down to the kitchen for a glass of blood juice. Rain lashed against the window, there was a thunderstorm raging. It looked like tomorrow’s weather wasn’t going to be very good... Along the way, he heard a loud bang from his throne room. Running along the corridor, he heard the bang again, from beside the throne, in the secret room! Tearing his throne from the wall, Bowser ran downstairs and found something he had not been expecting. The glass had cracked and all the computer screens in the room were flashing. “What’s going on here?” yelled Bowser.

“Sir, the weapon has awoken!” screamed the Goomba from before. “The temperature of the tank is increasing at an alarming rate! We must evacuate immediately or risk utter destruction!”

This was too much for Bowser to take in, until the entire room started shaking as though from an earthquake. Screaming, Bowser and the others ran out. Remembering how he was supposed to act tough and everything, Bowser ran back in and saw that the glass tube had been broken. The shaking stopped and he started looking for his creation, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Suddenly, he heard a hideous, inhuman (or in this case, in-Koopa) scream, and then a more Koopa-like scream split through the air!

Running towards the scene, Bowser saw both Iggy and Wendy lying unconscious on the ground. A few Hammer Bros. that had come running towards the scene were staring at something in the window in horror. When Bowser looked, on the windowsill of the smashed window, a hideous black shape stood watching them, silhouetted against the lash of the thunderstorm outside. Its eyes were angry red slits and it was growling in an animalistic way. “W...what are… you w…waiting f…f…for?” stuttered Bowser to the Hammer Bros. “Attack it already!”

One of the Hammer Bros. stepped forward boldly and threw a hammer at the shape. A minute later, the hammer disappeared in a flash of black flame. When the flames were extinguished, the hammer had been replaced with a small pile of ash. The Hammer Bros. looked at Bowser in fear, and then looked back at the creature. Lightning struck somewhere close outside and the figure was lit for a moment, revealing a long, lolling tongue, mean razor sharp teeth, and claws that were sharp enough to put Giga Bowser himself to shame, and those eyes… oh they were worse if that was possible. Those eyes were not normal, they were not just a little mad, like Iggy’s eyes, but absolutely insane. They showed an enormous evil appetite that could not be stopped or filled, and a creature which would go almost anywhere and do anything to try and fill it.

The last thing Bowser heard that night was the otherworldly scream of his worst and biggest mistake.

All he had wanted to do was create an unstoppable weapon that couldn’t be defeated by mere jumping, and he had succeeded.

…only too well…

End of Chapter 1

A Spiny appears from under the rug

Spiny: Wow, dat was really scary. What happens after that? What was dat big scary monster?

Goombs: I’m afraid it hasn’t been written yet, you’ll have to wait until then. But I was just as scared as you guys.

Spiked Yoshi: Well, I’m not afraid of big nasty monster. Me will beat them all!

Goombs: You might be surprised at what happens next, in Chapter 2: A Wedding to Remember!

Spiny: Does a wedding get gatecrashed?

Goombs: It might, it might not. More likely it will, but stop trying to give away the ending!

Spiny: Yeah, but…

Spiny is silenced as he is eaten by Yoshi and trapped in an egg.

Chapter 2: A Wedding to Remember!

It was raining.

That’s right, Bowser hadn’t attempted to gate-crash the wedding, and it was raining. They had originally planned to do the wedding outside, but now it was raining. All the Toads were running around trying to get the wedding rearranged to take place inside the castle. Mario and Peach were sitting in separate rooms; after all, the bride was not supposed to see the groom on the big day. It was the worst from of bad luck that anyone could think of.

Mario was sitting on a stool, all dressed in his outfit for the wedding. Luigi sat beside him, encouraging him and telling him everything was going to be ok. Suddenly, Mario realised something: “Have you got the wedding ring?”

Luigi shook his head and patted him on the back and said, “Like I’ve said 50 times already, YES, I have the ring!”

Mario just looked more nervous at this and began trembling again.

Peach, in a different room and going through the same case of nerves, said, “Is everything ready?”

Shaking her head, Daisy said, “Everything’s ready.”

“The guests are all here?”

“That’s right.”

“The cake is ready?”

“If it isn’t, I’ll walk around naked for the rest of the day.”

“I hope no one heard that…”


“Because there are some people who wouldn’t mind seeing that!”

At this, Daisy and Peach burst out laughing.

Bowser awoke on the floor of his castle. It was still raining outside. He shook his head and got up. He then realiszd two things. One, he had a huge headache! The second one was that his creation had escaped! With a loud groan, he started back to his bedroom. When he got there, he realized that today was the day of Mario’s wedding! Groaning, he got out of bed and walked to the hangar. “Prepare the Koopa Clown Car!” yelled Bowser. The Koopas in the hangar immediately began running around, getting the Car ready as Bowser rubbed his head. Kind of a crummy day for flying, he thought, but, there was no tomorrow about this problem. Climbing into the car, he set off into the dull day towards the Mushroom Kingdom.

Several hours later, as Bowser was flying over the border between the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdom, the scream from the night before split through the air. Bowser looked around in horror and spotted it. The black shape was sittting on a tree in the forest on the border. The evil, demonic eyes were looking straight at Bowser. Suddenly, it shot a black fireball straight at him, which hit the car, leaving a huge black mark. The car shook from the impact of the fireball and Bowser looked back after regaining control to glare at it. But the shape had disappeared! After looking around a bit more, Bowser continued his lengthy flight to the Mushroom Kingdom…

But this time, he wasn’t aiming to gate-crash it…

This was it; Mario was waiting at the bottom of the aisle. All of his friends from his various adventures were there. Then, a Lakitu began playing on the organ, while another one with a camera zoomed over to the door.
The door opened and in came Peach with Birdo and Daisy as the bride’s maids. Luigi was best man, but both were staring at Peach.

She wore a white dress and a veil over her face. Her hair was hanging loose down her shoulders and she held a bouquet of white flowers. Peach walked slowly down the aisle, and when they got to the end, the Toad who was acting as priest began, “We are gathered here today…”


Everyone turned, and the doors were smashed open by Bowser! He walked in and fell to the ground, exhausted.

“M…Mario… something… went wrong…” said Bowser… and passed out.

Three years later…

“Man, we’re STILL not married!” yelled Mario.

“All because Bowser told us that it was not the best time to get married,” muttered Peach.

They were sittting at a table in a bar. Bowser had warned them that something was out there, biding its time, and it had the power to beat Mario and cancel all wedding preparations.

“I should’ve seen through Bowser’s plan the whole time,” declared Mario. “He just wanted to gate-crash the wedding, and he used some imaginary monster to do it!”

“If that was an act, it was very realistic,” said Daisy. “I had the whole of Sarasaland on red alert for a week, but nothing happened, apart from one of the Koopalings getting a bit big-headed, so we had to deflate him a bit.”

“Yoshi angry at Bowser! Wedding was good, 'til Bowser made it bad,” declared Yoshi.

“I think we should start planning the wedding first thing tomorrow,” said Luigi.

“Yeah, I don’t think anything too bad is going to happen,” said Mario.

After the meal, they headed back up to the castle and settled down for a good night’s sleep.

In the middle of the night, a Spiny entered the castle. This itself was a rare occurrence, since Spinies were relatives of Koopas and were therefore not very welcome in the Mushroom Kingdom. But this one sneaked in. It sneaked into the kitchen and gobbled up some food. Then it went into the corridor and sneaked up some stairs. Eventually, it pulled out a small walkie-talkie and said “Red Bug to Papa, Red Bug to Papa, come in Papa.”

“This is Papa here, what do you have to report?” said the voice on the other end.

“I’m in the third floor corridor, where am I supposed to go now?” whispered the Spiny.

“Hold on,” said the voice. A moment later it replied, “Good, everything is going smoothly. Pink Lady’s room should be at the end of the corridor, on the right.”

“Right,” said the Spiny. “Papa, who is this Pink Lady anyway?”

“Just get into the room, you’ll figure it out when you get there. Is the potion still ok?”

“It is. I’m supposed to give it to Pink Lady and then get out of there?”

“You’re supposed to bring her with you, remember,” said the voice.

“Affirmative, Red Bug out,” said the Spiny, and began walking towards the end of the corridor.

When it got there, the Spiny looked left and right. There were doors at either side. It had forgotten which one it was looking for, so it looked in the lefthand room.

Inside, the Spiny saw what it thought it was searching for. A woman was in the bed. Moving closer, he saw she had brown hair. This wasn’t the description he remembered; maybe she had dyed her hair?

Regardless, the Spiny jumped onto her bed and made her drink the potion he had hidden in his shell. Suddenly, the castle shook like mad! The girl in bed sat up so suddenly that the Spiny was sent flying into the wall. There was an explosion and the castle shook again,

“What’s going on in there?” yelled the walkie-talkie.

“I don’t know!” screamed the Spiny.

Daisy overheard this and stood over the Spiny. “What do you mean?” she demanded. Then, suddenly, she began glowing and… shrinking?

“Bowser’s Castle has declared an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom!” yelled Toadsworth as he toddled down the hall.

“Did you get that?” said the Spiny into the walkie-talkie.

“I did, Red Bug, grab the girl and then get out of the castle, I’ll take care of Bowser’s Castle!” commanded the voice. The Spiny nodded, put his walkie-talkie away, and looked back to Daisy (who he still thought was Peach). She had disappeared and, in her place, was a yellow Spiny egg.

Excellent, thought the Spiny. He grabbed the egg and jumped out of the window into the bushes. He looked out and saw the terrifying form of Bowser’s Castle floating above Toadstool’s Castle. Suddenly, Bowser’s Castle began floating away… Something had stopped it from attacking!

Inside the castle, Bowser had been eagerly awaiting this attack. Steal Peach and then marry her, while the Mario Bros. were kept busy in the castle! Suddenly, the castle started shuddering. “What’s going on?” yelled Bowser into a walkie-talkie that was attached to his wrist.

“We don’t know! Some kind of invisible force has begun to push the castle back towards the Koopa Kingdom!” yelled another voice.

“Aaargh! What could be ruining my most brilliant plan yet?! Cackletta was defeated, King Boo has no real physical strength… Who could it be?!” roared Bowser. “Send in the Ninjis and tell them to grab Peach, but in the meantime, increase the engine power to full!”

“Will do,” said the voice.

Peach was standing at her window, watching as Bob-ombs and Bullet Bills were swapped between the castles. Suddenly, from behind her, she was grabbed by some short, purple, star-shaped men, the Ninji. She was gagged, bound, and carried off by three Ninji. Mario came rushing up the stairs to her room only moments too late. Swearing, he set off towards Bowser’s castle. As he went past Daisy’s room he leaned in to check that she was ok. When he saw that she was gone too, he was absolutely seething. He ran off to Bowser’s castle (which at this point is being pushed back by an invisible force) and grabbed Luigi along the way.

At the side of the river, the Spiny breathed hard, trying to get his breath back. Spinies were not made for swimming, he thought to himself as he stood by the yellow egg.

He rolled the egg into the forest and came to a clearing. He sat on a tree stump and listened to the muffled cries from inside the yellow egg. He should be here any minute now, thought the Spiny, He’s going to be so pleased… I can’t wait!

Suddenly, a black shape entered the clearing. It was savoring its moment of victory. “You have done well!” he said. “Now, the pink lady will be able to answer some questions for me!”

He came closer to the Spiny, and in doing so, came out into the moonlight. His face was that of Bowser, but that is where the similarities ended. His teeth were sparkling white and razor sharp, his arms were quite long, unlike Bowser’s, who had very short arms. These arms came down to his waist and ended in wicked claws. His horns were much longer then Bowser’s too, about twice the size. His tail was slightly longer and thrashed like a cat’s when he was angered. His chest, unlike Bowser’s, was blue, as was his shell, although his skin had a light-green tinge to it. The spikes on his shell were roughly the same size as Bowser’s. Although I say his face was of Bowser, his tongue was long and had fallen out of his mouth when he had finished talking. His eyes were of pure madness. There was nothing that even resembled sane thought in those eyes, merely the look of someone who was just itching to go on a shotgun rampage.

“Now,” he said, “after I find out what Pink Lady knows, I’ll be able to resume my plans… Stage 2 will commence, and then… I shall defeat Mario, showing that I AM THE STRONGEST!” He let the sentence hang, as if daring the world to question him, then he let out a growl and continued. “Afterwords, I will move out of Bowser’s shadow into the light of full-blown individuality, finally fulfilling my biggest goal!” His eyes went wild. “Then, the world will cower at my knees and then neither good nor evil will prevail, for madness will have its day, and the poor world of Plit is going to crumble into a thousand and one pieces, and then, I win!” He pulled out a remote, pressed a button, leapt into the Spiny Copter that appeared, grabbed the Spiny and the yellow Spiny Egg, and flew up into the horizon, yelling, “I will finally gain recognition, I will be out of my creator’s shadow, I will destroy Plit, no more Super Mario Bros, no more Bowser, no more Mushroom Kingdom, no more Lemmy’s Land, no more anything, the Mario Bros will lose, Bowser will lose, and then THE CRAZY BOWSER WILL WIN!”

He then sped back to his fortress, where his queen and his plan was waiting, letting out an inhuman scream on the way…

End of Chapter 2…
What will happen in the third Chapter: Castles and Koopas?

Spiny: Wow, Crazy Bowser? Doesn’t that remind you of someone?

Goombs: Crazy Bowser is also the guy who wrote this.

Spiked Yoshi: So… what happens next?

Goombs: You’ll be very surprised, I’m sure, especially as Crazy Bowser is much more intelligent then regular Bowser.

Spiny: But… how many chapters are in dis story anyways?

Goombs: I think, that there are at least… four parts to it.

Spiked Yoshi: I just checked the story; we’re not in here at all!

Goombs: Yes, I know, that’s because Crazy Bowser couldn’t think of any roles for us.

Spiny: So… who does appear in da story, if anyone?

Goombs: There’s gonna be some old enemies, and some new enemies. Crazy Bowser’s Fortress is in an unexplored area of the planet Plit.

Spiny: Where?

Goombs: He says that the Mushroom Kingdom is in the middle, Sarasaland is to the west, Koopa Kingdom is to the east, and Beanbean Kingdom is to the South. He says the only place Mario and Luigi haven’t been is NORTH of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Spiked Yoshi: What's up there?

Goombs: No one knows, so it's allowing him to be more creative with the enemies that Mario and Co face. The only thing he has let on is that Luigi is gonna have a big part in this, Peach is gonna have a micro-adventure of her own, and Daisy is gonna be a hostage!

Spiney: Stop leaking bits of the story, or I’m calling D.G.!

Goombs: You mean the Mew Princess?

Spiney: Exactly! D.G.!

(D.G. comes in and freezes Goombs with an Ice Beam.)

D.G.: Goombsicle!

Part 3: Castles and Koopas

Mario arrived in the Throne Room of the castle, where Bowser sat on his throne. He stood up and walked forward towards Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi and showed off the might of his flamebreath, and then…

“Where are they?” shouted Mario.

“Peach is currently in the dungeons, but I think you’re not going to get there in time,” said Bowser happily.

“Why is that?” said Luigi.

“Because, this time, I’m not going allow anything to topple in either guy's favor!” said Bowser, pulling on a lever. A vertical barred cage sprang up around Mario and Bowser, separating Mario from Luigi and Yoshi.
“Now, I’m doing things fair and square, we’re only allowed to use our physical abilities against each other, no Fire Flowers, no Koopa Troop, no friends, no kids, no nothing! Now, I’m going to beat you using my own bare claws!”

Mario, setting his hat on straight, leaped at Bowser.


A flash of lightning; the storm was getting worse. The shape floated through the air until it reached a very large gloomy fortress. The drawbridge lowered very slowly, with a creak that echoed throughout the night, though it was barely audible through the thunder. As he floated in, the drawbridge drew back up; it floated past a Magmite in a wheel that operated the drawbridge. As it came into a very dark garage, a tall shape with a glowing sphere was awaiting it. As the lights slowly glowed on, the Crazy Bowser leaped out of his copter, holding both the Spiny and the Spiny egg. He set the Spiny down, and it scuttled away. He walked towards the now dimly lit figure. The figure was… human!

The girl had blue hair and wore a blue robe. She had a blue tinge to her skin contrasted very well with her green eyes. She also had blue, scaly wings. She was holding a pale blue crystal ball and her scaly tail was swinging on the ground very lightly. She had a small circlet of gold on her head, with a single red jewel. She watched him climb out of the red, spike-lined vehicle and stride towards her. “We have her,” he said simply, and she nodded, her emerald green eyes flashing ominously. Taking long strides behind him, she followed him into their own throne room. He put the Spiny egg in the middle of the room and they stood back. He pulled out a small control and pointed the antenna towards the egg. As soon as he pressed the button, a tiny dart shot out and hit the egg, causing it to fall apart instantly. Out of the egg popped a yellow-shelled Spiny with brown spikes. The Spiny blinked for a minute and looked around, and then it noticed Crazy Bowser and the girl watching her. Squeaking, the Spiny took off, or, at least, it tried to. It ran straight into a door and stopped. It looked at Crazy and stood, shaking like mad. “Welcome to the Spiny Kingdom!” said Crazy.

Bowser and Mario were very evenly matched, Bowser’s shell prevented Mario from getting him from behind, and his flamebreath kept Mario moving. Mario was constantly moving and jumping, dodging both flames and spikes but unable to actually get to Bowser himself. Luigi looked worried: Mario was good, but even he would be getting out of breath before too much longer.

The Spiny squeaked: “Who are you, where am I?”

“You are in Crazy Bowser’s Fortress!” cried Crazy Bowser.

“Crazy Bowser? But I thought there was only one Bowser!” said the Spiny.

“I am a super-powered clone of Bowser,” said Crazy. “I came here to the Spiny Kingdom after their king and queen died with no heir, so, they had to decide on a king and queen. Do you know how the Spinies choose their rulers?”

The Spiny shook her head.

“The Spinies haven’t been known for their intellect, so they had to pick the easiest way they knew how: they had a tournament. When I discovered this information, I entered and won, easily. I was then the king, but there was still one problem: there was no queen, so I had to find a queen,” said Crazy. “And that’s where Krystal here comes in.” The last bit he said while motioning towards the blue girl.

“Yes,” said Krystal, “I come from a different dimension to this. I come from a dimension where dragons and other mythical beasts roam free across the lands. I am not an unusual occurrence,” she pulled back a lock of blue hair as she said this, “I am from a tribe of part-humans, part-dragons. My mother named me Krystal, because of my blue skin. After a while I grew up, and then I set out on my own to find a future for myself. One day, I found Crazy Bowser, and he brought me back to this dimension. Here, I am queen over the Spiny Kingdom; my crystal ball showed me that I will find happiness with him, and I did. Oh, and for the record, we’re not married, just good friends!”

“But one thing troubled me, I had dreams…” muttered Crazy, “about fighting… red and green figures… endlessly… and the only reason they were fighting me was for the sake of a Pink Lady. This Pink Lady was recognized by several of my subjects as Princess Peach. Which is where you come in.” His eyes gleamed as he said, “Now, Princess Peach, you will answer some of my questions so that I may sleep soundly, and after my first ever night of proper sleep, the world will end!”

“But I’m NOT Princess Peach!” squeaked the yellow Spiny. “I’m Daisy of Sarasalaland!”

Crazy Bowser looked at her for a moment, suspicious, and then he turned to Krystal, “Is this true?”

Krystal closed those jade green eyes for a moment and concentrated. “Yes,” she answered after what had seemed like forever, “this is indeed Princess Daisy, you’re troop failed, and they captured the wrong princess!”

Crazy just stood there, jaw on the floor. He daren’t tell her that…

“I know; you only sent ONE SPINY, when I quite clearly said THREE!” said Krystal, becoming very angry. “I told you, one Spiny on his own will mess this mission up, three will be able to do the job much easier, but did you listen? NO! You had to do it your own way!” She stopped and sighed deeply. “If your plan is to become successful, we must take EVERY precaution to ensure neither Bowser or the Mario Brothers discovers what is going to happen. They will not notice the disappearance too quickly, but eventually, they will ask for her, only to find that she is here! That was going to happen anyway, but I suppose that it couldn’t have been prevented.” She sighed again. “You wish to end everything, yet you constantly make it easy for your enemies to catch up with you. How do we catch Princess Peach now if she’s in Bowser’s Castle?”

“How did you know she was in Bowser’s Castle?” said Crazy, awestruck.

“I was watching your Spiny, and Bowser had launched a full-scale attack on Peach’s castle. It was kind of inevitable!” she said dismissively, then she grew stern again. “Well, how are we to capture her?”

Crazy thought for a minute… then: “I’ve got it!”

Bowser leapt back to avoid the Super Jump Punch and tried a Koopa Claw, but Mario jumped on the claw to avoid it.

“HALT!” demanded a voice.

Bowser, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi looked startled for a minute and looked around to find the source of the voice. Then, a screen appeared; on the screen was a shadowy figure, surrounded by mist.

“You seem to have what I’m looking for,” said the figure. “Bring Princess Peach to the Spiny Kingdom! I have many questions for her! And if you don’t, Daisy here gets turned into Spiny Stew!”

The figure gestured behind him where a yellow Spiny was hanging upside down over a tub of boiling water.

“How do we know that that’s Daisy and not some regular Spiny?” said Mario.

“Quite simple,” said the figure. Pulling out a remote it tapped a button, lowering the Spiny towards the pot.

“Guys! Help me! This guy’s crazy!” yelled the Spiny.

“This is Daisy, and if you don’t come and collect, she’ll find out what it’s like to be an ingredient!” said the figure.

“Who are you?” shouted Bowser angrily.

“Don’t you recognize your own creation?” said the figure. A spotlight came on and there he stood, like Bowser but madder. “I am Crazy Bowser!” yelled the deranged Koopa.

“Where are you?” growled Bowser.

“Just head to the Spiny Kingdom,” rumbled Crazy Bowser’s voice. “I’m in my fortress, you can’t miss it!”

Turning away from the Crystal Ball, Crazy said to Krystal, “Ok, they are on their way!”

“I have to ask, what was the point in luring them here? Why not just send a few more Spinies to kidnap her?” exclaimed Krystal.

“I’m bored with being sneaky,” said Crazy. “Besides, I’ve decided I want a few witnesses to the end of the world!”

Shaking her head, Krystal just went to sit on the throne, while Crazy removed Daisy from her position and hung her from the ceiling above a platform.

“Now, we’ll wait,” said Crazy.

And so they did…

“Your Ugliness,” said a Koopatrol, “we are about to cross the borderline between the Mushroom and Spiny Kingdoms. We are preparing for the assault on Crazy Bowser’s Fortress!”

“Excellent, have Peach brought up here, we’re going to need her for this,” said Bowser.

The Koopatrol ran off and Bowser looked at Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. They had just flown a temporary flag of truce, and then, Bowser would kidnap Peach again at the last minute and leave before Mario knew what had hit him!

“What I suggest we do is, me and Bowser will head for Crazy Bowser’s main room; Luigi, you and Yoshi storm the castle and look for Daisy!” said Mario.

“Oh no, we’re all going to Crazy Bowser’s room,” said Luigi.

“Fine,” said Bowser. “Apparently it's safety in numbers too, so we’ll take Peach with us into the castle, to ensure she isn’t kidnapped again!”

This was agreed, as Bowser had told them about his creation and that it was extremely powerful, so they had to wait until they were there, to see how it unfolded…

End of Part 3…

Spiny: How many parts are there to this?

Goombs: From what I’ve been told, there’s five, but this is a temporary number, so don’t hold me to that.

Spiked Yoshi: So, why do we do this at the end of every part?

Goombs: The main reason is that the author wants us to be consistent, so we have to do this every time.

D.G: Right, but why am I here?

Spiked Yoshi: Well, since you were in the last ending… and we’re supposed to be consistent…

Goombs: From what I’ve been told, you’re probably not going to have a big role in the next part.

D.G: What happens in the next part?

Goombs: Well, Crazy Bowser will reveal his plan in the next part of the story, and that’s all I know…

D.G: Cool. See you then, and I know the title for the next part!

Goombs: Wow, something I don’t know!

D.G: It’s called: Manners are important!

Goombs: Seriously?

D.G: Yeah!

Spiney: That stinks.

Goombs and D.G: Bah…

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