A Bed to Die For

By Teela Yoshi

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

July 15, 2006

This is a story! No wait! It’s an elephant!

Teela: Stupid narrator.

Teela peers over in the corner to find the narrator in chains. She then sees Mario as the narrator. Teela then drags Mario away.

Narrator: Now then. On with the story.

One day… too common… Ok! WE’ll START IT A DIFFERENT WAY!



“ROY!” Larry yelled as he stared at his mattress. The mattress had brown dirt stains, sweat stains, and a lot of other stuff he didn’t want to know about. It was also torn and ripped in many other places. Roy walked into his room munching a candy bar.

“What’s up, pipsqueak?” Roy said as he talked with his mouth full of chocolate.

“You’ve been using my mattress.” Larry glared at him as he watched Roy roll his eyes.

“Yep. Me and the boys needed something for football practice.” Roy smiled as he remembered how he had tied the mattress to the tree, and he and the entire football team had practiced tackling. Larry was playing a video game at the time and hadn’t noticed.

“DAD!” Larry called King Koopa as Clawdia came instead.

“What do you- OH MY GOSH! LARRY! WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR BED?” Clawdia's mouth was hanging open in shock. Larry pointed to Roy, and Clawdia left the room.

“So? Whacha gonna do, pipsqueak?” Roy said snottily as he saw Wendy walk in.

“Roy did it.” Wendy sighed, as she had seen them carry the mattress out of the castle. She was wondering what they were going to do with it, and then she decided she’d rather go swimming.

“KIDS!” Bowser shouted as he walked into the room. He too stared at the mattress.

“Roy tore my mattress apart!” Larry sat down and cried.

“It’s alright, Larry,” Clawdia, said patting Larry on the head. Bowser stared at Roy.

“Roy. What did I tell you before? Larry is going to get your mattress, and you get to sleep in the basement.” Bowser started to walk out of the room as Roy realized something.

“I ruined my mattress last week,” Roy admitted. Clawdia remembered she had seen that ad on TV about beds.

“Hey, honey. I remember this mattress on TV, and it looked really comfy. I think we should get Larry one.” Clawdia knew Roy would be jealous. She wasn’t going to get him one until he learned his lesson. Bowser rubbed his head, and figured it was a good idea.

“Alright. Sure, we’ll get Larry one.”

“What about me?” Roy feared he wouldn’t get one.

“You can get a new bed when you’ve learned your lesson.” Bowser turned, and gave him the “you’ll learn your lesson” look.

“Alright.” Roy growled as he headed off to beat Lemmy and Iggy.

So they called the Serta mattress company, and ordered a bed for Larry. Roy would get to sleep in the so-called haunted basement.


The mattress came the next morning. They set it up in Larry’s room, and he immediately jumped into it. He felt so comfortable.

“Wow! This is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever felt!” Larry lay down, and pulled a blanket over himself. “I’m gonna try it out. Good night. Even though it’s only morning.” Larry lay there as everyone left the room and closed the door behind them.

“Hehehe!” the mattress said evilly. Larry didn’t hear it, as he was fast asleep. It was going to launch its plan, but not immediately. It remembered what the Serta mattress company had told it exactly, and when to carry IT out.

The mattress couldn’t carry the plan out immediately because then they’d send the mattress back. Then the Serta company would turn the mattress into charcoal. Yet if the plan succeeded, the mattress would get to do more of the dirty work instead of being charcoal in a jar. So now it needed to carry its plan out.

Another freaky event in Kastle Koopa…


Larry peacefully slept until he awakened. Not noticing anything suspicious, he left the room to go eat lunch. He looked very well rested, and his parents were happy to see that. Yet Roy was very angry.

“Good... er... morning, Larry.” Clawdia smiled as she handed him a bowl of raviolis. He gladly ate them while Roy sat there mumbling.

“Hey Lemmy,” Larry said as Lemmy walked into the room, bags under his eyes.

“Hey Larry.” He yawned tiredly as he sat down at the table beside Larry.

“Up late with your website?” Lemmy turned to look at him, and Larry cringed. His face had bags that were almost completely around his eyes. Larry could tell he hadn’t much sleep. Lemmy then turned to look at Clawdia.

”Uh... son… May I suggest you get more sleep?” Clawdia handed him a bowl of freezing cold spaghetti O’s.

“I wasn’t working on my website. My bed wasn’t very comfortable. I felt like I was sleeping on a pile of rocks.” Lemmy then fell facefirst into his food. He was snoring very loudly as well.

“Wow. Maybe he should try a nap in my bed.” Larry knew that would make him feel better.

“Roy, carry Lemmy up to Larry’s bed.” Clawdia gave him a look  that made him obey. He knew he’d get in trouble if he didn’t listen. So Roy carried Lemmy to Larry’s bed.

“That should make him feel a lot better.” Larry smiled as he left his room. He then closed the door behind him. Roy had already left, so Larry didn’t have to worry about getting pounded for him not getting a new bed.

“So. A new one has entered my wrath, eh? Then he will be my fist victim.” The bed said that a bit too loudly, causing Lemmy to awake. The bed then started to suck him in.

“HEY!!! AHHHHH!!!” Lemmy was sucked in as his screams were heard echoing throughout the entire castle.


“Where’s Lemmy? All that is here now is my mattress!” Larry looked under the bed, but all that was there was a pair of moldy gym socks. Not surprisingly, they were Roy’s.

“Wow. What a nice decoration to your room.” Roy laughed as he left the room, not caring what had happened to Lemmy.

“Where could he be? Perhaps he just wants attention. Maybe he’s playing a joke on us.” Clawdia then left the room, and everyone else but Larry followed.

“I don’t think he’s playing a joke. His scream sounded like he was being eaten or something.” Larry then walked out of the room and shut the door. Still not aware of the mattress, he began to help the others look for Lemmy.

“Haha! FOOLS! YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME?” The mattress was laughing so hard, it looked like it was going to explode. Sadly it didn’t. Inside the mattress, Lemmy was pounding the insides, screaming for help. “HEY! Quiet down in there!” Lemmy sat down, wondering what to do next. He thought it was hopeless. Even worse, his website update was tomorrow!

What to do next?


Everyone was looking around the castle for Lemmy. It seemed as if the trouble at Kastle Koopa was a never-ending brew. Once you enter Kastle Koopa’s territory, expect to be cursed for all eternity…

“LEMMY?!” Larry called, searching throughout the castle. He was currently in the kitchen. Lemmy was like a friend he'd never known. So he really did want to find Lemmy.

”What happened?” Iggy, without his glasses, walked into the room.

“LEMMY! I FOUND YA! I FOUND 'IM!” Larry shouted as Iggy slapped his forehead in disbelief.

“No. I’m Iggy. I lost my glasses.” Larry looked on the counter, and there was a pair of glasses. Larry picked them up, and placed them on Iggy’s face. Iggy smiled, and pushed his glasses all the way on his face. “I’m sorry I confused you.” Larry then continued to search the cabinets. All he saw were pots and pans. Yet no Lemmy.


“Hmm… I have this feeling. A vague, yet a strong feeling,” Roy said to Wendy as she turned to look at him.

“It’s called you miss Lemmy.”

”No. *BURP* Oh… Never mind.”

”I had to be the only girl.” Wendy sighed as she left him in the huge main hall. Roy then headed for the kitchen to get a can of soda.


”Um… Mr. Bed, bad guy?” Lemmy said childishly inside the bed that was currently listening for all the noise outside. It was so peaceful, you could hear Bagel’s footsteps all the way on the other side of the castle.

“WHAT YOU BRAT?” The bed yelled as Lemmy sort of shrank inside the bed.

“When are you going to let me go?”


”Oh…” Lemmy said as he still sat in the same place, moping.


”Hmm… Lime, or cherry?” Roy asked no one as he was trying to decide which one had the most burps in it. “Maybe just soda would work.” Roy picked up a can of ChocolaCola, and flipped the top of with a *clink*.

Roy headed up to his room, and opened the door to find Larry sitting on the floor where the bed used to be. There were piled up comic books everywhere, and punching bags protruded from the ceiling. Larry was reading a Koopa comic book called “ Mario’s Big Feath Funeral”.


“Uh… R-Roy.. I-I-I was looking for Lemmy…” Larry said as he hid the comic behind his back.

“NICE TRY, FUNNY GUY! Hey! That rhymed! GRRR!” Roy tried a tackling charge, but Larry jumped over his shell and ran out of the room screaming.

“AHH!!! MOM! MOM! MOM!” Larry yelled as he ran down the stairs like his life depended on it (And it probably did). Clawdia, for once actually hearing his son’s screams of terror, raced up the stairs to find Roy catching up to Larry. Roy tried to jump on Larry, but his overweight muscles slowed him down as Larry dodged.

“BOYS!” Clawdia yelled as they both stopped to look. Larry’s expression was one that looked relieved, but Roy looked like he was going to explode. “ROY! THE REST OF YOUR DAY WILL BE IN THE DUNGEON! Larry… come here, baby,” Clawdia yelled, and then motioned Larry to come to her. Larry walked over to her, and Clawdia hugged him as he turned to Roy and stuck his tongue out. “Get going, Roy!”

“Yes, Mom,” Roy said. His shoulders sagged as he walked away.

“Larry. What were you doing to make Roy so mad?”

”I was reading his comic book. He never lets me, Mama!”

”Alright. Next time, ask me, and I’ll get you a whole lotta comic books. More than Roy will ever have. Ok?”

”Yes, Mom.”

”Now go on, and go find Lemmy. Although I still think he’s joking.”


“What are you planning to do with me?” Lemmy asked plainly.

“Well. If I told you now, it’d spoil the surprise!” the bed replied coldly, and yet coolly at the same time.

“Er… Great. I love surprises.” Lemmy said, unimpressed.

“Hehehe. So do I. So do I,” the bed said in a sinister voice that sent chills up Lemmy’s spine.

“Right,” Lemmy said as he slumped down, shoulders hunched.


”Well, I’ve looked here three times in the last five times,” Karma said tiredly as she walked down the aisles of the library.

“Not over here.” Wendy replied to her.

“Perhaps he is playing a joke,” Karma added.

“I’m not sure anymore.”

”Neither am I.” Karma sounded unsure of whether or not to give up.


"I hate the dungeon," Roy said as he was trying to think of a way to bust out. "Hey, Mr. Guard?"

"Yeah?" the guard said sleepily.

"I'd like a soda please."

"Wha? Oh, um... sure," the guard said as he got up from his chair in which he had been sleeping. Roy watched him walk away as he picked up a pipe in the back of the dungeon. He stuck the pipe through the bars and picked up the keys.

"Way too easy," Roy mumbled as he fumbled with the lock clumsily.

Roy grabbed the pipe, and snuck behind the guard's chair. The guard came down and looked at the open cell.

"He still hasn't succeeded in bending the bars..." the guard noted as he looked around. Wonder where he went." The guard sat down in the chair and opened the soda. Roy brought the pipe down on the guard's head, which slumped down.

"Again, too easy." Roy sighed as he went up the stairs. "Now to find Larry." Roy laughed sneakily as he grasped the pipe in hand.


"I'm bored."

"Want something to eat?"

"Yeah! I'M STARVED!"

"TOO BAD! HAHA!" the bed scoffed at Lemmy as he got really enraged. He started to try to punch the bed as his fists bounced off with the recoiled energy from the spongy material.

"You're pathetic." The bed sighed. It seemed to be breathing because the vent under the bed was suddenly turned on.

"How come you didn't eat Larry first?"

"Wouldn't that answer be obvious?"


"Well, to a simple mind such as yours-"

"I can sue!"

"They’d think you're insane! You'd go to the nuthouse for trying to sue a bed...  Now, anyway, it would be way too obvious if your victim gets taken on the same day as the bed arrives, right?"

"Yeah... it would be suspicious..." Lemmy commented truthfully. "Yeah, pretty suspicious..." Lemmy's face then curled up evilly as he had an idea. "My one good thought of the day..."


"Nothing. I was thinking of my website..."

"Ha! You're never gonna see the light of day again! So you'd better forget about your stinking website!!!" The bed laughed as Lemmy then realized his idea would surely work. After all, it only required a little attention...


"We've spent hours looking! And the sun is going down..." Karma commented as everyone gathered at dinner.

"Lemmy is never late for his cold pizza!" Clawdia commented as she joined everyone.

"Still think he's joking?" Larry asked, a worried yet angered look on his face.

"I can't cover for Lemmy and myself!" Iggy said, a ball in his claws. He then tried to put one foot on top of it without wearing his glasses. He slipped and fell flat on his face.

"Hmm... Should I call a detective?" Bowser asked as the lights suddenly flickered. A figure stood in the doorway, bunches of blue hair sticking out from what looked like an authorized detective hat.

"The name's Ludwig. Ludwig von Koopa. Detective Ludwig von Koopa to you people," Ludwig said in a low voice that was odd, considering the difference from his normal high-pitched voice that was distinct among male Koopas.

"Ludwig, dear, you want to look for your brother? That's so sweet!" Clawdia commented as she then took the lox that Bowser was just about to stick his fork in. She handed the plate of fish to Ludwig as he smiled greatly.

"I begin vorking tomorrow morning," he said in his odd accent he only used once in awhile to make his point.

"Vi Vee Vear," Clawdia was trying to talk like him, but that only made Ludwig scrunch up his face in embarrassment.

"Mom, stick with your normal voice. I like it better..." he called as he sat down and began to eat the fish. The smell drifted lazily through the vent that aired throughout the entire castle.


"OH! IT SMELLS SOOO GOOD!" Lemmy said of the smell of the food coming through the vent, his mouth drooling with saliva.

"Shut up!" the bed answered quickly as Lemmy smiled once more, remembering Ludwig's lessons on forming theories.

"Hehe..." He then laid down on the comfy bed materials as he went to sleep.


After dinner, everyone got ready for bed. Ludwig had asked everyone questions on where they last saw Lemmy. Other than that, there was no more significant action before everyone crawled into bed.

"*yawn* I'm so sleepy. Looking for Lemmy today made me tired," Larry complained as he walked into his room, his blue pajamas dull in the light. He then looked at the bed expectantly. "Looks so comfy..."

Larry crawled into the bed as he suddenly heard something.

"LARRY!!! DON'T GET IN THE BED!!!" Lemmy screamed as he remembered his plan to act like he had fallen asleep.

"Wha-" Too late. The bed began to suck him in before he realized it. By then, it was too late for him to scream...


Wendy woke up from hearing a scream through the walls. She scrambled out of the bed quickly, and shoved her door open. She saw that Iggy, Clawdia, and Ludwig had awakened as well.

Slowly, but surely, they opened Larry's door to find the bed empty. Clawdia looked shocked, knowing Larry may have been a spy but he'd never play a joke on them. At least not with Lemmy, who would always inform Iggy.

"Alright. Something is wrong here! Two of my sons have gone missing!" Clawdia groaned as she started to cry. Bowser sleepily walked in and quickly realized what was going on.

"AGAIN? LARRY! LEMMY! GET YOUR SHELLS OUT HERE!" he called as Ludwig suddenly clapped his hand over his father's mouth. "WHAT IN BLAZES ARE YOU DOING?"

"SHHH!!!" Ludwing exclaimed as he put his hand to his head to listen to the nearly inaudible noise they couldn't hope to hear with all the commotion going on.

"LEETTGGGGHHTTTT MMEEEEEYYYYY OOWWWUWUTTTA!!!" Larry and Lemmy were screaming, no one able to understand.

"What is that noise?" Ludwig asked as Iggy tried to listen. No one else could hear anything though Ludwig was sure he had heard something. "Can't you guys hear it?"

"I don't hear anything..." Clawdia replied as she then turned to Bowser.

"Son, you must be tired. Why don't we persue this.. kidnapper tommorrow?"

"Can I sleep here tonight?" Iggy asked as Clawdia got a weird look on her face.

"Um... Alright, but... why?"

"I have a strong feeling that Lemmy is here somewhere," Iggy stated truthfully. Clawdia nodded her head as everyone turned to walk away. As soon as they closed the door, Iggy smiled an evil smile. "Hey Lemmy? If you and Larry are joking, come on out! It's all right, I won't tell!"

"That's right. You won't!" the bed said evilly as Iggy stared blankly, wondering who had said that.

"Hah... V-Very funny Lemmy! This is cool and all, but the fun's up!"

"Oh, but my fun is just beginning!" the bed replied as Iggy was starting to shake.

"All right you guys! You got me scared... Time to come out!"

"Who's playing? AHAHAHAHAHA!!!" The bed let out an insane laugh as Iggy started to cower as he backed away. The bed then did what a normal bed could never do, no matter what you did to it. It got up and started towards Iggy.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!" Larry and Lemmy started to scream as Iggy realized that they must be inside the bed.

"Hehe... So my secret is up with you? My food here is so dang talkative... Geez. Too bad I'm still hungry!!!" The bed got closer and closer to Iggy, who did the best thing he could think of. He jumpd towards the bed and scrambled up it clumsily.

"NO WAY YOU CAN GET ME!" Iggy yelled as the bed started to move around wildly. The room was becoming a wreck, with toys and things all over.

"Right. STAND STILL!" the bed yelled as Iggy jumped off the top of the bed after holding on so tightly.

Iggy started to run around the bed in a complete circle as the bed swerved around as well. Iggy kept trying to punch it, but his punches just bounced off the bed with no effect at all.

"Pathetic," Iggy stated as he then started to bounce around the walls.

"How do you do that?" the bed asked, the deep and dark voice sounding a bit demonic as Iggy cringed.

"Easy: you take lessons from Lemmy!" He then jumped over the bed and to the door. He opened it and left. Iggy slammed it shut as he ran to Ludwig's door and started to pound on it.

"WHAT IS IT?" Ludwig called sleepily as Iggy started to talk in rambling sentences, rather like Morton.

"LARRY'SBEDISALIVE!ITEATSTHINGS!ITHINKTHE BEDISALIVEFORCRYINGOUTLOUD!!!" Iggy screamed, taking his brother by the shoulders when the door slid open swiftly.

"What are you talking avout, you vidiot?" Ludwig mumbled with an accent, his eyes still full of sleep. He was obviously tired, but working on something in his room.

"LARRY'S BED CAN SPEAK, AND MOVE AND EVERYTHING!!!" Iggy yelled hoarsly. Ludwig slapped his brother in the face, trying to knock some sense into him.

"Look, just vecause you are tired, doesn't mean you can vo around acting vrazy."


"You're crazy," Ludwig said simply as Iggy stared blankly and quietly for a few moments.

"I'M SERIOUS! COME AND LOOK!" Iggy yelled as he grabbed Ludwig's arm and led him down the hall to Larry's room.

Iggy opened the door slowly as he peaked in. The bed was back on the rail, and the room was just a mess.

"See? There is nothing to vorry avout." Ludwig growled as he started to walk away.

"B-BUT IT TALKED! AND! IT... MOVED!" Iggy shouted as he followed his brother down the hall. Ludwig just turned around and stared at him for a moment again.

"You really need some rest. Go to bed!"

"All right.. I'm sleeping in my room though." He then began back to go close Larry's bedroom door.

He shut it without thinking, and then opened it and gasped. The bed was gone.

"OH MY DAD!!!" Iggy screamed shrilly as Wendy emerged from her room, some green gunk on her face. "MONSTER!!!" Iggy yelled as Wendy screamed too.


"On, it's just you Wendy. LARRY'S BED IS GOING TO GET US ALL!!!" He screamed as Wendy rolled her eyes and headed back into her room. "Nobody believes me? Fine, when you're all gone, I told you so..."

Iggy headed to his room. It was dark and creepy without Lemmy, and he knew that something felt odd there...


“I don’t know why that… thing… is after us! What is up with that bed? I need to know something before I can just go looking for it!” Iggy looked down at his feet. They seemed further away from the ground than usual… It was odd… it was as if… there were… two beds here. In sudden realization, Iggy’s face froze. He didn’t move for a second. He sat there, a look of horror on his face. Iggy felt dizzy from fear as he jumped off the bed and ran to the other side of the room.

“I know you’re in here!” Iggy yelled creepily as he stared at the bed. “I know it…” he repeated to himself, a slight crack in his voice from fear; his throat felt parched as he just stood there staring upon the bed. It made no moves, no noises whatsoever…

He finally picked up a cup that sat on the dresser he stood poised by. With a swift adjustment of his glasses, he drew back his arm and made a hard throw at the bed. The cup bounced off of the bed harmlessly as it hit the floor with a small thud. Iggy’s breath seemed louder as he heard small plopping noises outside his window.

He noted it had begun to rain as a quick flash of lightning belted across the sky, seen broadly outside, reflecting freakily in his glasses. Thunder boomed across the sky outside, and seemed to reverberate even more within the room. Iggy begun to shake, knowing the enemy was right there in the same room as he!

“I know you’re in here. Right in front of me, just a few feet away.” Iggy straightened his glasses again, standing straight now. He glared at the bed; it still didn’t do anything. “And I’m not afraid,” He clarified, trying to comfort himself with his words more so than to threaten the bed. He wasn’t shivering as much as he smiled a broad and goofy smile that seemed more scared and unsure than intimidating.

“And so what of it?” He heard the voice crawl through the air as it struck his ears with a cold feeling. He couldn’t quite see straight now because, for some reason, his glasses were now fogging up. He could’ve sworn he saw his breath right in front of him… And with all these coincidences, he began to shake more, wiping his glasses.

“W-where are they? My brothers? What did you do with them?!” Iggy asked, his voice beginning to sound paralyzed. His body felt dizzy, his head feeling cold.

“They’re here,” the bed replied coldly, Iggy beginning to watch it squirm a little. Iggy felt as if he were being frozen, his glasses becoming almost impossible to view out of. He couldn’t move… he wanted to belt towards the door, but he couldn’t move… he felt so cold, so lost, and his head was swirling around in circles… And at that moment, the bed stood up. Iggy wanted to yell, wanted to move, wanted to do something… his head was lost… his body seemed not even in existence… Iggy collapsed onto the floor, his last fading view of the bed coming towards him…


The next morning, the entire Koopaling family was concerned. Bowser no longer believed this was a joke; he called it Koopanapping. Clawdia did nothing but cry in her room, knowing three of her boys were missing; her babies were missing. Two other Koopalings, Wendy and Morton, were searching high and low. Roy had been sneaking around in the basement, mainly crawling through the vents of Kastle Koopa, hoping to find Larry. He really hadn’t noted that his three brothers had gone missing; he probably didn’t care enough to notice. He was, however, frustrated that Larry was out of sight.

Ludwig stood in his lab, Karma sitting on the bed irritably behind him. Ludwig stood, putting on a weird coat. Karma started to laugh when she saw him put it on.

“What are you laughing at?” Ludwig asked snidely as Karma put her hand on her head, laughing crazily.

“YOU! Y-you look so stupid!!! She laughed some more as he glared at her.

“And I have to marry you someday?! I hope you go missing, you ugly little…” Ludwig said angrily as she glared at him.

“I’m as cute as you are,” she grinned, knowing he wouldn’t dare insult himself, leaving him no choice but to either give up and walk away, or compliment her. Ludwig threw his detective hat on the ground and stalked away. A minute later, he returned and snatched the hat off the ground. Karma scoffed at him as he glared at her… He would have to go look at the place he supposed the three crimes to have taken place: Larry’s bedroom. He would have to go looking there, and search the place first, look for anything suspicious.


“Nice to see you joined us…” Larry somewhat scowled as Iggy rolled his eyes.

“Right… How do we get out of here then?” Iggy asked, hoping they’d know something.

“I’ve got nothing,” Larry stated. Iggy shook his head.

“Me neither… and I’ve only been here a few hours… Lemmy actually fell asleep in here?”

“It’s a bed, whadya expect? I was tired…” Lemmy seemed a little offended, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“We need a plan,” Larry stated with boredom.

“...” Lemmy gave them a look, his smart look. “One Thought of the Day.”

“… Mr. Bed?” Larry stated. The bed didn't seem to be paying them any mind.

“What?” it hissed. Iggy cringed.

“You get-“

“Used to it after a while,” Iggy finished, knowing what his brother was going to say. It was sort of obvious.

“Why won’t you let us go?”

“SHUT UP!” the bed yelled as it suddenly paused. The door to the bedroom opened… It was Roy. The bed seemed to stare upon Roy, knowing it hadn’t seen this one before…

“Hm… That bed seems comfortable… be fun to practice tackling with the guys! Too bad… I can’t…” Roy had a look of pity on his face for a few seconds before it turned into a snide grin at the thought of the look on Larry’s face if he did.

“YELL!!!” Lemmy screamed from within the bed.

“SOMEONE LET US OUT!” the Koopalings yelled from within the bed. Roy rubbed his head.

“I think I hear dorks… Oh well. They must be outside or something…” He eyed the crow bar he held in his hands. He smiled, and decided he’d sneak outside. Larry was going to get payback…


Ludwig was on his way up to Larry’s room, Karma following him soundlessly.

“Do you have to follow me?” Ludwig asked as she just looked at him, her eyes somewhat filled with sorrow that he was pushing her away.

“I…” She could have said a smart remark. “Do you want me to leave?” she asked gently. Really, he was looking for his three brothers, a glint of kindness in him somewhere, and she was really only getting in the way by making him angry. Ludwig was somewhat shocked and caught off-guard by the question.

“Um… no, Karma, I guess… uh… you could help.” Ludwig waved his hand as she stopped following far behind and stood by his side. “Have you ever done detective work?”

“Um… no…”

“Well, I guess today is your lucky day… you get to help.” Ludwig opened Larry’s door, ready to find something…if there was anything to be found at all…

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