The Koopas Go to Camp Greenlake

By Gastlis

Part 2: Polution Peril
Chapter 11: Ouch

Koovan and Larry are sitting on a log the next day near the lake having a conversation.

Koovan: A long time ago... Camp Greenlake was a town.

Larry: Tell me about it.

Koovan: Well... Al ong time ago...


The wind is blowing and the sun is shining in the town of Greenlake. The school teacher, Miss Barlette, a white Birdo, was teaching in her schoolhouse when she heard the voice of a brown male Yoshi.

Yoshi: Getcha Fried Shrooms here! They cure the neo-flu, birdy-pox, and a bunch of other illnesses!

A big carriage is going towards the Yoshi. In it is a Paratroopa holding a Goomba in its arms.

Paratroopa: Hurry up, Yosam. He'll die if you don't give up the Fried Shrooms.

Yosam: Well then, five coins please.

They trade the coins for the Fried Shrooms and Yosam gives the Paratroopa some advice.

Yosam: Ya know, Piranha Plants hate Fried Shrooms. They have Piranha Plant in that batch of Fried Shroom. Fight fire with fire and give 'im the antidote which is the sickness!


Larry: Then w-

Larry tips off the log into the water.

Koovan: Larry!

Larry: Ouch...

Koovan: Oh my god! Are you okay, buddy?

Larry: Ow... My arm hurts.

Goombette runs over.

Goombette: What happened?

Koovan: We have a problem... I think Larry broke his arm!

Goombette: I saw... ouch...

Koovan: Yeah...

Larry: A little help here.

Lemmy runs... uh... rolls over to the situation.

Lemmy: Oh my DAD! Look at his arm!

Koovan, Goombette, and Larry take a glance at Larry's arm to see a patch of neon green hair in the injured area.

Koovan: Odd... The water is muddy... but look! No mess... Odd... We should tell the warden...

Lemmy: Ouch... looks painful.

Mr. Mik approaches.

Mr. Mik: What the-

Koovan: Get the warden, Mr.Mik! We need assistance!

Chapter 12: Miss Blananga

Mr. Mik radios the warden, who comes to check it out. A dust cloud is approaching the scene.

Larry: I hope nothing bad happens...

A car comes to a sudden hult. Then a tan female Birdo steps out of it.

Birdo: What seems to be the problem?

Koovan: Come see Larry's arm!

Larry: (What's going on? The warden is a girl? What's happening to me? I feel... woozy... aaaaaaaaaaa...)

Larry faints.

Koovan: He needs to see a doctor.

Mr. Mik: Miss B, may I tell you what happened?

Miss B: No. Koovan, you tell.

Koovan: I... uh...

Ricky pops up out of nowhere.

Ricky: Koovan pushed Larry in the lake!

Koovan: Did not!

Ricky: Did too!

Koovan: Not!

Ricky: TOO!

Koovan shoves Ricky to the ground and pounds him.

Miis B: Cut it out! Koovan! Ricky! TO YOUR CABIN!!!

Chapter 13: Henchmen

Meanwhile... somewhere...

???: The plan is going well?

Henchman 1: Yes... what else is planned?

Henchman 2: It's been one hundred years since the war of the X-Nauts vs. the Koopas, and I say we take the Koopalings down once and for all!

???: But those annoying cyborg twins are in the way!

Henchman 2: What?! I say, what could two foolish pieces of scrap metal do?

???: Nothing. They will be enhilated, and Larrison Cheasty Koopa will be mine!

Henchman 1: Why him?

???: SILENCE YOU FOOLS!!! Rickerson did a well job diagnosing him with X-600-01011010!

Henchman 1 and 2: Say what?


Henchman 1: With pleasure...

Chapter 14: Mystery Man

It's night. Henchman 1 arrives without anyone seeing him, then sneaks to the cabins...

Henchman 1: Hehehe... Time for a check-up...

Henchman 1 sneaks near cabin 1 to meet Ricky.

Henchman 1: Ah, looks like you've been doing well!

Ricky: Hush! We can't blow our cover!

Henchman 1: Right.

Meanwhile, Ludwig is taking a midnight stroll... near cabin 1.

Ludwig: La la la la la... Who are those two?

Ludwig pulls out his Binoculistiner 5000, equipped with the ability to see and hear things over long distances. Let's not get into details...

Ludwig: Looks like, Ricky?! And who's that?

Henchman 1: Since nobody is watching...

Henchman 1 pulls off his cloak and reveals himself to be a blue monkey-like creature. The creature holds a ice staff in the shape of a mace. A bandana covers its eyes, leaving a space for the eyes to see through. The monkey-like abomination wears blue gloves. It is clearly a robber of some sort.

Ricky: I knew you were Valin the first time I saw you.

Valin: I shall take down every Koopaling in Camp Greenlake!!! By the way, is the serum working?

Ricky: Yes, yes, it is. Look.

Ricky and Valin peep into the cabin to see that Larry's green spot (the injury) has grown in size.

Valin: Perfect! Soon, he wi-

Ludwig runs up.

Ludwig: Don't hurt my brother!

Valin: Sorry Einstein, you're first!

A beam comes out of Valin's staff and freezes Ludwig.

Ricky: Cool!

Valin: Yes... Now, scurry back into the cabin... I have work to do.

Ricky: I'm out.

Ricky steps back inside the cabin.

Valin: Oh, ho ho... My master will be pleased!

Valin puts Ludwig behind a stone. Then a series of menical laughter, followed by a puff of eerie, purple smoke, leaves Valin out of the picture...

Chapter 15: Larry's Dilemma

It's a bright sunny morning in Townsvi- wait a minute... in Camp Greenlake... or so they thought...

Goombette: AHHHHHHH!!!

Larry falls out of his bed.

Larry: Huh... what is it?

Ricky is still slumbering.

Koovan: What's going on?

Koovan slides down his ladder and lands on Goombella.

Goombette: Get off!

Koovan: Sorry... hey, Larry?

Larry: Yeah, Koovan?

Koovan: Look... at... your... arm...

Larry checks to see his injury has grown. His elbow is doused in neon-green scales.


Goombette: Probably the water you fell in... isn't really water?

Larry: I blame the log...

Koovan: I blame Ricky.

Ricky is still sleeping.

Koovan: What an idiot...

Larry: AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa!!! I'M A FREAK SHOW!!!

Goombette: I thought you looked weird before you changed...

Larry: You'd better find out what's going on here!!!

Goombette: I'll take a look... Koovan will keep everyone busy.

Koovan: I will?

Goombella: You will... for the good of another.

Koovan: Okay...

Koovan steps out to see Iggy in the bushes.

Koovan: Uh... Iggy?

Iggy: I'm not here! Okay, you got me...

Koovan: What are you doing back there?!

Iggy: Nothing!

Koovan: Come on, what is it?

Iggy: It's... it's... her...


Iggy: Well sit down and I'll tell you... just don't tell anyone!

Koovan: Okay...

Iggy: Here I go...

Chapter 16: Lovestruck

Cut to a scene of Iggy walking in his school

Iggy (in voice over): Well, it was long ago back in first grade... that's when I met her. The blonde hair, her coal eyes, and her love for reading. Ah... I remmember when we first met...

Iggy gets pushed by a Clubba while walking on his way to class, losing his glasses. Everyone starts making fun of him. Then Goombette steps in...

Goombette: Don't make fun of my fwend!

Iggy: Wat?

Clubba: Wookie! A baby! Coochie, coochie...

Goombette kicks the Clubba right in the gut.

Goombette: I'm no baby!

Goombette gives Iggy his glasses.

Iggy: Thank you.

Goombette: Teehee... Yowr welcome...

Iggy (voice over): And that was it. I was lovestruck! I loved her like a taco... but a couple days later...

Goombette and Iggy are sitting next to each other in their first grade class, drawing. Goombette draws a flower. Iggy draws a Koopa eating a taco.

Goombette: Teehee, yowr pictuwe is funny!

Iggy: Yeaw...

The Clubba from before comes over with a picture of a marraige. Not just any marraige, Goombette and Iggy's. The Clubba sings the wedding song that might go as blah, blah, blah sitting in a tree... you get the picture.

Iggy (voice over): I was so angry. In fact, I was as angry as Goombette! We tackled that dumb excuse for a Clubba and brought him down! But, alas, Goombette was the naughtiest of the class and got kicked out of the school.

Goombette is about to be brought home on a bus.

Goombette: Byebye *sniff* Iggy.

Iggy: No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!

The bus rides off.

Iggy: No... no.... no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o...

Cut back to Iggy and Koovan sitting on a stone.

Iggy: I think this Goombette may be the one I've been searching for all my life. I hope...

Koovan: Why don't you just tell her?

Iggy: I-I can't...

Koovan: 'Course you can! I'll be glad to help out after I help Larry!

Iggy: Why?

Koovan: No reason!

Iggy falls backward, startled by Koovan yelling, to land on...

Iggy: Wha- LUDWIG?!

Ludwig is lieing there, ice cold. The Koopas are stunned by their amazement.

Koovan: You get the warden! She won't trust me!

Iggy: I'll get more than that... I'll get my revenge on who did this...

Iggy pulls out of his shell the picture of the Koopa eating a taco.

Iggy: My revenge on... Clubs.

Chapter 17: The Mysterious Gift

It's time to check on things back in the Mushroom Kingdom... or, to be more specific, Benjamin's house. It's Benjamin's birthday today and his friends are playing his new game.

Jazzman: Woohoo! Get that plumber, daddy-o!

Karma, Benjamin, Yoshi, and Jazzman are playing a nice game of Super Koopa Bros.

Karma: Get the Fire Flower, Ben!

Benjamen: Okiedoke!

Benjamen gets the Flower, turning into Super Fire Koopa Bro.

Yoshi: Oh yeah!

Ben: This game is the bomb! Thanks Jazzman!

Jazzman: No prob, bro.

Karma: More like "Koopa Bro"! Haha!

Ben: Look! It's Peach! And there's Mario!

Benjamin takes one shot at Mario and scorches him.

Ben: I find this game somewhat offensive... Gee, I hope Mario doesn't find out...

Yoshi: He won't. Mario is a lead-weight. You should've seen how many times he lay his butt on me! Man, my back still hurts!

Ben's Mom: Kids! Cake!

Everyone but Ben: Yay, Ben's Mom!

Ben: Thanks Mom! This is the best birthday ever!

Ben's Mom: Just one more present...

Ben's mom hands Benjamin a big wrapped box covered in sparkly ribbons.


Benjamin opens it to find a toy robot. A pink robot with gray, springy legs, a white X across the front, and yellow shoulder protecters.

Ben: Wow! A... what is it?

Ben's Mom: I have no clue, honey. I found it on the doorstep with a card saying "enjoy" on it. It didn't say who it was from, though... Well, go along and eat your cake.

Ben: Okay then...

Benjamin goes to eat his cake.

Chapter 18: Back at the Base

The secret base somewhere... that is...

???: Perfect job, Valin!

Valin: My pleasure, master.

???: And our second trooper is out?

Valin: He has been sent to the target's lair... hopefully.

???: What do you mean?!

Valin: Woah, calm down. What I mean is he could've been sent to another location. You know the troop has been messing around with the locator...

???: Ah, yes... Well, it's close to my arch-enemy's residence, correct?

Valin: Y-yeah. (I hope.)

???: Well, I hope the creation is functional.

Valin: Functional it is, your evilness.

???: Evilness?

Valin: Whatever.

???: So...the serum works? Did Rickerson deliver it succesfully?

Valin: Well, he told me that he was watching it. He put  X-600-01011010 in the water the night before. Well, some Koopa was talking to him and *snicker* he fell off the log!

Hearing this, ??? bursts out in laughter, slamming its fist on the edge of its throne.

Valin: And, guess what? I got Ludwig Kooky von Koopa! He snuck up saying (in whimpy voice) "Oh, don't hurt my brother because I'm a weak little turtle! Blah, blah, yak, yak, dribble, dribble, dribble!" (normal) Ha ha ha!


Valin: Teehee, we will... I'm sure our troop will handle the second Koopa!

Chapter 19: Iggy's Preparation

Iggy: Do I need to wear this stupid suit?!

Koovan: Yeah, sorry.

Iggy: I look like a Bumpty Penguin dyed black!

Koovan: Come on out!

Iggy comes out behind a bed in cabin 4 wearing a tuxedo.

Iggy: I feel stupid... is this realy your dad's?!

Koovan: Yuppers.

Iggy: Yuppers? Uh... well, I'm not sure if I should ask Goombette out... She may think I'm a freak!

Koovan: You look good. Don't kid me!

Iggy: Uh-huh... Are you sure it will work?

Koovan: Yes! For the one-hundreth time, YES!

Iggy: Whatever...

Koovan: Go, ugh, on!

Koovan is pushing Iggy out of the cabin door toward cabin 1.

Iggy: Ack!

Koovan: Lay off the tacos, man.

Iggy: Blame the Fun Fiction "Iggy Piles Up"!

Koovan: Who was to know you would get hurt by a- ugh!, plumber?!

Iggy: You don't go to Lemmy's Land often, do you?

Koovan: Look, you only have one shot at this!

Iggy: *gulp* Here we go.

Koovan: Oh, and don't forget.

Koovan gives Iggy some roses.

Iggy: Fine.

Iggy knocks at the door.

Goombette: Yeah?

Iggy: May I come in?

Goombette: Sure...

Goombette watches the door slowly open to the sight of Iggy.

Goombette: Oh, it's you, from the first day.

Iggy: I-is that you, Goombette?

Goombette: How do you know my name? And why are you wearing that tux?

Iggy: Well. Come here.

Goombette walks over. Iggy pulls out the picture of a Koopa eating a taco.

Iggy: Here.

Goombette looks at the picture, her coal black eyes staring. Staring into a different world. Goombette stares back at Iggy.

Goombette: I-Iggy?

Iggy: Yes. It's Iggy. Iggy Hop Koopa.

Goombette jumps with joy.

Goombette: Ever since that bus ride home I've been wondering when we would meet again!

Goombette pulls out the picture of the flower she drew in first grade.

Goombette: I remember it so... Iggy?

Iggy: Yeah?

Goombette: I remember you.

Iggy and Goombette give each other the pictures and start jumping and crying in joy, with Koovan staring through the window.

Koovan: Great job, Iggy. Great job.

Chapter 20: Grab the Ox by the Horns

Roy and Mr. Ox are walking through the rows of cabins.

Roy: Ya know, I thought I'd never see ya again, Oxy!

Mr. Ox: I remember when you were just a toddler in my gym class. Waddling around, lifting weights, I was surprised you could lift a one-pound weight at that time!

Roy: Yeah, now I can lift up to fifty-pound weights!

Mr. Ox: Nice! I could use your assistance for something.

Roy: Yeah?

Mr. Ox: Weird stuff has been going on here. I think you need to take my little contraption to the bottom of the lake!

Roy: Contraption?

Mr. Ox: I've built a submarine of old junk. It's been tested and I need you to find out what's going on down there. I'll show ya.

Mr. Ox takes Roy to a big room near the lake with a big pool. Mr. Ox lifts a latch to make something massive rise from the water.

Mr. Ox: I call it, the Master Ox! Armed with torpedoes to last enemies to-

Roy: When can I start?

Mr. Ox: Soon boy. Very soon.

So it has been said, so it shall be done. But there are more things to worry about then just the lake. Like Valin's plot, Larry's injury, and Iggy and Goombette's past. But there is one thing to be most concerned about... who is the Clubba? Could it be... nah...

Anyway, wait for....

Read on!

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