The Koopas Go to Camp Greenlake

By Gastlis

Part 1: You Are Now Entering Camp Greenlake

Chapter 1: The Ad

Bowser is in his throneroom reading the newspaper when Iggy and Larry walk in.

Larry: Hi King Dad! Watcha readin'?

Bowser: The newspaper, what else?

Iggy: Anything... new 'round the castle?

Bowser: No. Go away.

Larry: Aw...

Bowser: Wait! I found an ad for some camp!

Larry and Iggy scurry over to the newspaper and read:

"Want your kids to have some fun? Whether Koopas, Shy Guys, or Clubbas, you name it! Come on down to: CAMP GREENLAKE!!! No money needed, just your kid.

Iggy: Wow! We gotta tell the others, Larry!

Larry: I'll tell Ludwig, Wendy, and Morton!

Iggy: I'll do Roy and Lemmy!

The two run off. Later, they come back with everyone. Clawdia comes in to see what's going on.

Clawdia: What's all the commotion about?

Lemmy: Some ad-

Iggy: In the paper-

Lemmy: About-

Iggy: Some Camp Greenlake!

Clawdia: What? Honey, what's thi-

Bowser: All our kids want to go to this Camp Greenlake place! Fun and excitement all the way!

Clawdia: I guess they can go. (And I'll get time to myself with honey-bunny!)

Roy:Thanks Ma! I wonder what's there...

Roy has a vision of beating up Iggy and everyone falling for him.

Ludwig: I can't vait!

Morton:I can't, not able, notta gonna, never, ever wait like Ludwig, my pal, friend, bro, elderling, pers-

Roy punches Morton.

Roy: Close to what I thought...

Clawdia: Everyone to the car!!!

Chapter 2: On Da Road

The Koopalings are in a giant car in the middle of the desert.

Larry: Too... hot...

Iggy: You are-

Lemmy: Right!

Morton: Ha ha! Can't stand this heat? I love it!

Roy: Shut up!

Ludwig:I agree with Roy, Morton; will you please shut your mouth?

Morton: Sure.

Larry: Odd... Usually Morton isn't this quiet...

Bowser: Say somthing, Larry?

Larry: Nothin'.

Up the road, Bowser sees somone... or something... unusual...

Chapter 3: Gastlis and Ivanna

Ivanna: Do we have to go to this camp, Gastlis?

Gastlis: Yes we do. We've already arrived! Do you want to walk back?

Ivanna shakes her head back and forth.

Gastlis: Good... Hey look!

Gastlis points to an oncoming truck.

Ivanna: Who's that?

Gastlis: Whoever it is, time to take 'em to the camp!

The car stops in front of Gastlis and Ivanna and the door opens.

Bowser: Where is that camp in the ad?

Gastlis: Ah, you must be King Koopa, also known as Bowser. I am also going to this camp, but the pipe is further away; we have to walk.

Bowser: Oh, I'm not going, it's my kids. They wanted to come here. They saw the ad and...

Ivanna: May we see them, these kids of yours?


The seven Koopalings come out of the car.

Gastlis: Ah, Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, AND Ludwig Koopa... a pleasure.

Ivanna: Welcome! We have been to Camp Greenlake before, so we were assigned to take you to the pipe there!

Larry: How'd you know our names?

Gastlis: Councelers told us.

Morton: *gulp* C-C-Councelers?

Ivanna: Oh, Mr. Ox and Mr. Mik? They're cool.

Iggy: You sure?

Gastlis: We've been to this camp before. We WORK there.

Lemmy: You do?

Gastlis: Ok... Time to walk.

Chapter 4: The Race

Gastlis and Ivanna walk with the Koopas folowing

Roy: How 'bout a race?

Gastlis: Sure... Let's have fun.

They start the race lickity-split. Ludwig is in first until Morton passes him.

Morton: Hahaha!!!

Morton trip, allowing Ludwig, Roy, and Gastlis to pass him (in that order).

Gastlis: Ha!

Gastlis charges in front of Roy.

Roy: Hey!

Meanwhile at the back, Larry, Wendy, and Ivanna are 7th, 8th, and 9th with Ivanna in the lead.

Larry: Ouch... My feet...

Wendy: Aw! I wanna be in first! WAAAAAA!!!

Ivanna: Shadup. Just a little further...

Before they knew it, the race was over. Here are the standings:

1st: Gastlis
2nd: Ludwig
3rd: Roy
4th: Morton
5th: Lemmy
6th. Iggy
7th: Ivanna
8th: Larry
9th: Wendy

Everyone is standing in front of a big blue-green pipe that says "Camp G.L." on it. Gastlis and Ivanna jump in, followed by the others.

Chapter 5:The Camp

The Koopalings, Gastlis, and Ivanna come out a pipe in a campground.

Gastlis: Koopalings, Camp Greenlake.

Iggy: Wow...

Lemmy: Cool!

Wendy: Yay! We are FINALLY here!

Ludwig: Spectacular!

Morton: Amazing!

Roy: Sweet...

Larry: Yay! Plants!

A pink Boo flaots in front of the team.

Boo: Hello, and welcome to Camp Greenlake! You must be Bowser's kids! (to Gastlis and Ivanna)  Gastlis! Ivanna! Good job!

Gastlis: Not like we haven't done it before, Mr. Mik.

Ivanna: Ya.

Mr. Mik: Aha... Let's go to the lunch hall. Gastlis! You and Ivanna find some empty cabins!

Mr. Mik leads the group to the lunch hall and flings the doors open with everyone staring at him.

Mr. Mik: Kids, we have some new campers! Meat Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig!

Everyone goes back to eating.

Mr. Mik: Now... you seven, go get ya lunch!

The seven Koopalings walk into line and get their food. Larry sits down with a Goomba girl and a Koopa boy wearing glasses.

Koopa: So, *munch* ya new here?

Larry: Y-y-ya...

Goomba: Don't be shy! Koovan wont hurt nobody here!

Koovan: Right.

Goomba: I'm Goombette! You?

Larry: Larry...

Koovan: Sooo... Larry, eh? Well Larry, it will be so much fun with somebody *munch* like you 'round here! *sip*

Goombette: He likes new guys.

Koovan: Right again.

Larry: Are some people mean h-h-here?

Koovan: Not much, just a Clubba, a Chomp, and a Heavy Koopa that are a bit rough... but they keep their cool most of the time.

Larry: Most?

Goombette: Not really... They mind their own busseness. I just recommend not annoying them... I remember poor Charles...

Koovan: Don't bring it up!

Larry is realy concerned. Then Morton walks over.

Morton: Hi, aloha, gutan tog, hello, haldo, hallo, ello!

Koovan: Who's that?

Larry: Morton, one of my brothers. *munch*

Goombette: Weird...

Koovan: Darn you, Goombette... You are ALWAYS right!

Goombette: Haha...

Larry: ?

Koovan: She is TOO smart...

Lemmy and Iggy walk up to Larry, Koovan, and Goombette.

Lemmy: Find some-

Iggy: New friends?

Lrry: Yeah... Koovan, Goombette, meet my two other brothers, Lemmy and Iggy.

Koovan: Pleasure.

Goombette: Hi.

Iggy has hearts in his eyes and is staring at Goombette.

Goombette: Uh... er...

Lemmy elbows Iggy.

Larry: Thanks.

Lemmy: Come on, Iggy.

Lemmy drags Iggy out. Gastlis slams the doors open and crushes a poor innocent Mushroomer.

Mushroomer: Medic...

Gastlis: Please rise for Mr. Ox!!!

Chapter 6: Mr. Ox

An important-looking Boom Boom walks in.

Boom Boom: Good evening, campers... I, for those of you who don't know, am Mr. Oxafordis. Call me Mr. Ox.

Koovan: (whispering) Psst! Larry!

Larry: (loudly) What?

Koovan: Hush! Larry, I must warn you, Mr. Ox is a meanie if you make him mad. Watch out for him.

Larry: Ok, Koovan.

Mr. Ox: Ah... Roy! My guy!

Roy: Old Oxy!

Roy gets up to Mr. Ox.

Mr. Ox: Long time no see, Mr. Bully.

Roy: God... Oxy, dont call me dat!

Mr. Ox: Time for your first class!!!

Chapter 7: Clubs, Chompster, and Tiny

Mr.Mik is outside next to the lake with Larry, Wendy, Iggy, Lemmy, Koovan, Gastlis, and two other guys. Larry is standing next to Koovan.

Mr.Mik: Welcome to swimming class! Today, the swimming race. I'll go get the supples!

Koovan: Wuh-oh.

Larry: What? This race should be a breeze!

Koovan: No, *gulp* look.

Koovan points to a Clubba, Chain Chomp, and Heavy Troopa.

Clubba: Hey four-eyes!

Iggy: What? Four-eyes?

Chain Chomp: Yeah, you... and that weirdo Koopa on that ball! How will he swim on that?

Gastlis: Now now, Chompster... Don't get rough!

Heavy Troopa: He don't listen to you, Gasty.

Larry: Gastlis, who are these people?

Gastlis: Clubs, Chompster, and Tiny... or so they call themselves...

Larry: What about their real names?

Gastlis: Can't tell...

Wendy: That Clubba looks so... handsome...

Clubs: Hey you, girl koop! Ya like me?

Wendy: I doooo.

Clubs: Er...

Tiny: Oh lookie lookie! Clubs has a girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlfriend!

Chompster: Clubs and Wendy sitting in a tree...

Tiny: K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Clubs: Shaddup!

Wendy: You don't... *sniff* like me?

Clubs: Welllll.... yeah.

Wendy bursts out in those anime tears that spread all over the place while everyone else gets an anime sweatdrop. Koovan is talking to Lemmy.

Koovan: Hi Lemmy!

Lemmy: Ya know I own a website? This story is on there! They're reading all you say...

Koovan: You're ruining the plot!

Lemmy: I'll stop! I'll stop!

Tiny: Oh look! A wittle baby Koopa... Look at his tiny wittle blue hawy wawys! HAHAHA!

Larry: Me?  =(

Clubs: Yeah you, baby! Babay baba baby baby!

Koovan and Gastlis: Shaddup!

Chompster: Oh... Look, he's got two bodygaurds!

Gastlis: Shadup, you pile of dung!

Koovan: Yeah, all of you are just giant rotting piles of dung!

Gastlis and Koovan hi-five.

Clubs: That so?

Larry: YEAH!


Chapter 8: The Fight

Clubs: RAR!!!

Clubs charges at Koovan but Gastlis blocks the attack. Larry is riding on Chompster.


Chompster: Oh god...

Larry drives Chompster into a solid tree.

Chompster: I need a medic...

Larry: So much for the ride...

Koovan uses Shell Shot on Clubs.

Clubs: Ow!

Gastlis tosses Tiny into the lake.

Tiny: Help! I'm drowning!!!

Tiny notices the water he is in is just knee deep.

Tiny:  0_0

Mr. Mik comes back.

Mr.Mik: I see you guys are having fun!

Gastlis: Sure... hehe... fun...

Chapter 9: The Cabins

Koovan: Hey, quit it, Larry man!

Larry is splashing Koovan.

Larry: Tee hee.

Koovan: Oh, you're gonna get it now!

Koovan pushes a big wave at Larry.

Gastlis: Boys! Time to go to your cabins!

Here are the cabin results:

Cabin 1:
Ricky (Shy Guy)

Cabin 2:
Mitch (Mouser)
Patrick (Pokey)
Rob (Bandit)

Cabin 3:
Yoshalina (Yoshi)

Cabin 4:

Cabin 5:
Roxy (Swooper)
Marcus (Birdo)

In Cabin 1...

Ricky: Hey Larry?

Larry: Yeah?

Ricky: You dont look like a Koopa... Are you a Koopa?

Koovan: Ricky! Larry doesn't need to answer questions... Let him rest...

Ricky: Night.

Goombette: Night.

Koovan: Night.

Larry is already asleep.

Chapter 10: Ricky's Mission

Late at night...

Ricky: They will never know that I work for Cackletta... So do more of the campers... Haha... Bowser won't have his goodie-goodie kids no more!!! HAHAHA!!!

Ricky sneaks out of his cabin.

Ricky: Time for Plan A...

Ricky pulls out a giant FLUDD... or is it?

Ricky: With this MUDD... I will pollute the lake!

Guess not...

Ricky: Hehehe... They have to swim tomorrow... Haha... They will die... Bwahahahaha!!!

What will happen in Part 2? Will the Koopalings die? Will Ricky mess up? And what is going on here?! Part 2 coming up!

Read on!

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