Bowser's Apprentice

By Crazy Packers Fan

Episode 2

From Castle Koopa's throne room…

Bowser: Welcome back to Bowser's Apprentice, or My Apprentice, or whatever the correct way of saying it is. Last episode, Tubba Blubba was fired due to poor leadership among other failures. This time, his former team, the New-School Nonsensical Novices, will hope to win in order to stay even with their rivals, the Old-School Obtuse Ones. These teams will be meeting with me within a few seconds.

The teams come out of warp pipes, with Roy and Larry following them.

Bowser: Last time, I had you complete a simple task of collecting coins, and one team managed to blow it. This time, the task is larger. My Dark Land football team, composed of me, the Koopalings, and some Chargin' Chucks, is playing the Sub-con team, while the nearby Koopa Troopa team is playing the Yoshi football team. My problem is this: both my Dark Land team and the Koopa Troopa team do not have winning records, and we want to get wins this week, but we're both playing teams that made the playoffs last season. No, no, you don't have to play football, although I know a few of you are very good at it. Instead, what you must do is figure out a way of hurting the opposing teams- in one way or another- tonight, before tomorrow's games, so that our teams have a better chance of winning. These opposing teams are staying in built-in hotel rooms in the locker rooms in the stadiums, as these stadiums are first-class stadiums with all sorts of features, and that is one feature to them. This will be a subjective challenge- after all, both of our teams could win or lose, and it may have little to do with your doings. The winning team will be the one I and these two Koopalings feel does the most to hurt the opposing team. Tonight, Roy and Larry will be watching to see what you do. Normally they and I play for our football team, but we are taking off time from the team until I get an apprentice. This challenge will prove to me that you know how to cause chaos and also be very sneaky and sly, as well as being able to break into places. These are very important skills for a minion to have, especially my apprentice. Sure, it may have to do with football, but in reality you'll be using skills that will have more to do with being a good bad guy than anything else, if you know what I mean.

Fiery: Who are the team leaders?

Bowser: You're one of them, buddy! The other one is Petey Piranha, for his team, the New-School Nonsensical Novices.

Petey Piranha: What teams will we be working with?

Bowser: Your team will be working with the Koopa Troopa football team, while the Old-School Obtuse Ones will be working with the Dark Land football team. Also, for superstitious purposes that Crazy Packers Fan has made known to me, Roy will be watching the New-School Nonsensical Novices, while Larry will be watching the Old-School Obtuse Ones.

Panser: Superstitious purposes?

Bowser: He's sick of the Packers losing, so he's doing whatever it takes to get them back to winning again, including changing up the teams you watch this week.

Roy: Oh no!

The Stupid Cameraman shows Crazy Packers Fan talking to Colette.

Crazy Packers Fan: Hey! No cameras!

Roy: He's going out with Colette again just for the Packers to start winning again! What a loser!

Crazy Packers Fan: No, no, that's not the reason why!

Roy: Yes, it is, you loser! Break up with him, Colette! Break up!

Crazy Packers Fan: Remind me to edit this out, Larry.

Larry: Sure.

Bowser: Anyway, do you have any questions about the challenge?

Petey Piranha: Where are the keys to the opponents' locker room?

Bowser looks sick.

Bowser: Can I fire you now? That's like asking someone to stand still so you can eat them. No, you're going to have to find a way in yourself, you idiot! You expect to become my apprentice just by me doing all the work for you! You're on your way to being fired! Any real questions?

Petey Piranha: Was that a bad question to ask?

Bowser: You tell me.

Petey Piranha: I think so.

Bowser: Now one thing I have provided is warp pipes to the stadiums. Here's the pipe to Koopa Troopa Stadium, Petey Piranha, and here's the pipe to Mario Pinball Land Dark Land Stadium presented by Mario Tennis for the Nintendo GameCube, Fiery. No, they don't get you inside the stadiums, but at least outside them. Now get going!

The characters jump in their respective pipes, as do Roy and Larry.

Old-School Obtuse Ones

Fiery: Alright, the first thing we do is to figure out a way into this stadium.

Panser: I refuse!

Fiery: Why?

Panser: I'm not sabotaging my Sub-con pals!

Fiery: One million coins or your pals being mad at you?

Panser: Remember, I'm immune this episode.

Fiery: No!

Panser: Yes!

Chibobo: This isn't morally right.

Fiery: You're Mario's enemy! You're not supposed to be worried about morals!

Croco: What about your team?

Fiery: My team let me have off for this contest. I'd rather be second-in-command of Bowser's kingdom than getting tackled like crazy.

Koopa Troopa: Hey, I wanted to see my favorite team play!

Fiery: Too bad, Troopa!

Sumo: Stop complaining and help Fiery find a way into this place! Maybe we can break through this gate!

Croco: As if it will actually-


Croco: -break open! Good job, Sumo!

Sumo: That's the last time I pretend to be a Chargin' Chuck… but at least we're in the stadium.

Chibobo: Why didn't an alarm go off?

Koopa Troopa: I don't know, but I'm glad it didn't.

Chibobo: So am I. I don't want to get caught by the Koopolice!

Fiery: You idiot! Who's higher in command: Bowser, or his Koopolice?

Chibobo: Bows-

Fiery: That's right! Now help us find this Sub-con locker room! Hey, where's Panser?

Panser: I'm not going!

Fiery: You know, you're only immune one time.

Panser: Yeah, but after this one time, I'll work hard enough so Bowser won't fire me.

Fiery: Fine, do whatever. We're going to win this episode, and make Sub-con lose just to spite you.

The five working Old-School Obtuse Ones and Larry walk into the stadium, watching as a few security guards simply stare at them and do not do anything. This is because they, like their Koopa Troopa Stadium counterparts, were told by Bowser not to arrest the contestants, as the tons of security guards would easily take down the contestants. The contestants do not know this, however, and this is why Fiery has his teammates and Larry hiding behind columns and walls, sneaking around the stadium. Bowser did not tell them to remove gates and locked doors and the like, however, so those are still in place, as the Old-School Obtuse Ones find out.

Fiery: Great! Another gate!

Sumo: You don't expect me to rush that gate too, do you?

Fiery: No, you don't have to charge it this time.

Sumo: Thank you.

Fiery: Croco?


That sound was not Croco breaking down the gate but Fiery and Croco throwing the woozy Sumo through the gate.

Sumo: You're lucky I weigh so much.

Fiery: Yeah, we are. Now see if you can find a map on a wall somewhere that shows us where their locker room is.

Koopa Troopa finds a map, but there's no locker room marked.

Koopa Troopa: Why no locker room on there?

Croco: Uh, maybe because they don't expect fans to go locker room-hunting?

All the players look at each other.

All players: Nah!

Sumo: They must have just forgotten it by accident!

Koopa Troopa: That's it!

Larry shakes his head, trying to hold back from laughter.

New-School Nonsensical Novices

Petey Piranha: I wish Tubba Blubba was here right now.

King Boo: Why is that?

Petey Piranha: He could easily break into this stadium.

King Boo: Watch this!

King Boo floats right through the gate.

King Boo: Now I simply unlock it!

King Boo unlocks the gate, allowing his teammates into the stadium.

Fawful: King Boo is a bonafide genius.

Whomp: No, he's just a ghost.

Tap Tap: He's a genius of a ghost, at least!

Petey Piranha: Whatever. Let's go!

The New-School Nonsensical Novices, along with Roy, walk into the stadium, finding some security guards sitting around doing nothing.

Petey Piranha: Mmmm! Some Koopatrols!

Petey Piranha goes over to eat the Koopatrols, but Fawful stuns him with his gun before he can do so.

Fawful: Do not fight if you do not have to!

Petey Piranha: Aren't they going to fight us?

Fawful: It does not appear that they are going to do so. Just keep on moving!

Fawful unstuns Petey Piranha with his gun with a special button. The five characters and Roy start walking down a hall.

Whomp: Tell me again why we're walking this way?

Petey Piranha: Oh, I smelled some pizza down here, so I was going to buy some.

Tap Tap: Who'd be selling pizza at this hour?

King Boo: No one would be selling pizza, but…

King Boo points to Red Yoshi, who is walking down the hall with a pizza.

King Boo: ... they're eating it! Follow him!

Red Yoshi tries to run, in fear of a giant ghost and some others chasing him. However, he does not want to ruin his precious pizza, so he jogs slowly enough that the team members are able to follow him. Roy is hyperventilating trying to catch up.

Petey Piranha: I want that pizza!

Tap Tap: We want to find out where his locker room is!

The team members catch up to Red Yoshi right as he enters the locker room. Surely enough, he closes the door and locks it right as the team members arrive there.

King Boo: Rats! There goes the contest! It's all over! What are we going to do now?

Whomp: Are you being sarcastic or serious?

King Boo: Oh… right.

King Boo floats through the door, scaring all the Yoshis.

King Boo: Hello, guys!

Green Yoshi (the Yoshi we all know and love): What is King Boo doing here?

King Boo: Uh... to... uh… to…

*vacuuming sounds*

Yellow Yoshi: Yellow Yoshi guess that's why they had vacuum in here.

Orange Yoshi: Hey, what does strange-looking machine do?

Orange Yoshi hooks up the vacuum (a Poltergust 3000, of course) to the machine and pushes a button. Out comes a portrait of a stupid-looking King Boo.

Purple Yoshi: This looks so realistic.

Pink Yoshi: Forget about it. We study our plays before going to our rooms.

Green Yoshi: Right. Now here's best trick play.

Old-School Obtuse Ones

Fiery: All right, where's this stupid locker room?

Sumo: I don't know. In fact, I don't know much of anything right now, because of those stupid… GATES!

Fiery: Come on, Sumo, break down this gate too!

Sumo: Not this time! You're doing it without my help!

Fiery: Fine. Chibobo, can you squeeze through there?

Chibobo: Yes.

Fiery: Well, get going!

Chibobo: No!

Fiery: Oh, come on, you're not going to get in trouble!

Chibobo: It's not right to break into these places!

Croco: Why do you think we're doing it?

Fiery: Come on, you idiot!

Chibobo refuses again, causing Fiery to start spitting fireballs at the gate. This starts to melt the gate VERY slowly.

Fiery: If Panser were here, we could burn this down faster.

Croco: If Chibobo would help, we could get through even faster.

Koopa Troopa: If Sumo would break this down, we could break this down the fastest!

Sumo: Hey, why don't you throw Koopa Troopa over? He can get in his shell, and you can toss him over the gate, then he can open it up from that side.

Fiery: Good thinking. Troopa?

Koopa Troopa: Nope!

Fiery: Oh, come on! Someone's got to be willing to help!

Croco: I am, but I can't figure out a way to pick this lock!

Fiery: I guess I'll have to spit fireballs until it finally melts down.

As the players wait for the gate to melt, they fail to think of the possibility that the locker room could possibly be in another direction (which of course it is).

New-School Nonsensical Novices

Petey Piranha: What is taking that egghead so long?

Whomp: We're going to have to break this door down soon if he doesn't get out.

Tap Tap: Oh, come on, he's probably doing our work for us. Let him sabotage those members by scaring them half to death, then he'll be sure to let us in.

Two hours later…

Tap Tap: Okay, where is that idiot?

Fawful: Let me blast the door down!

Petey Piranha: Go right ahead.

Fawful blasts the door. It blows up, revealing a room with no Yoshis and one King Boo painting.

Whomp: Uh oh.

Petey Piranha: Well, King Boo just painted us a big problem.

Tap Tap: Look, there are some hallways down here, with lots of doors. These must be their rooms.

Fawful: Are we going to do this without our beloved team member King Boo?

All team members: Yes!

Fawful: Good!

Old-School Obtuse Ones

Fiery: Okay, any decade now.

Croco: You think we might lose this challenge?

Koopa Troopa: Well, it won't be my fault! I'm not refusing to crawl through the gate or break it down!

Croco: No, but you're refusing to be thrown overboard!

Koopa Troopa: Alright, alright, I will!

Koopa Troopa gets into his shell.

Fiery: Here comes my best quarterback throw.


Fiery: I meant to do that!

Croco: Get him over the gate this time!

Fiery, who caught the now-petrified Koopa Troopa after his first errant throw, tosses the Troopa over the gate this time. The only problem: Fiery throws Koopa Troopa too hard, so the Troopa goes bouncing off walls, sliding down halls, and ends up knocked out cold who knows where.

Croco: Are you sure you play quarterback?

Fiery: Oh no! I play wide receiver, cornerback, punt returner, kick returner, punter, and kicker.

Croco: With all those skills, you still ought to be able to throw better than that.

Chibobo: You know, I'm starting to think that we'll be better off not doing anything and just hoping for Dark Land to win.

Sumo: Chibobo's right. This is useless.

Croco: I hate to admit it, but Chibobo's got a point. If Bowser wins, he won't care that much about whether we did stuff.

Fiery: I agree. In fact, let's do something after all, which is to get seats to this game and make a lot of noise, cheering and booing at the right times. That's what a normal fan would do, and it helps the home team. If we do it, Bowser will have to be even happier.

Chibobo: We should have just gone with Panser the whole time... not!

Sumo: Hey, what about Koopa Troopa?

Croco: What about him?

Sumo: Aren't we going to find him?

Fiery: First of all, we can't get over there to find him. Second, who cares about Troopa? He'll find us eventually.

New-School Nonsensical Novices

Tap Tap: What are you doing, Fawful?

Fawful: I'm trying to get some popcorn out of this popcorn machine.

Tap Tap: It's no time to be eating!

Whomp: Yeah, let's not eat right now. Anyway, how are we going to sabotage them, team leader?

Petey Piranha: Instead of us trying something like breaking down their doors and splashing them with water and annoying them, let's try something sneakier than that pitiful plan.

Tap Tap: (Why are my ideas always rejected?)

Petey Piranha: Yoshis love food, don't they? This popcorn machine Fawful was using might help us out. These Yoshis will eat whatever, so if we mix something into that popcorn that would make them sick to their stomachs, maybe we could hurt them for the game.

Whomp: What could we use, though?

Meanwhile, Fawful is trying to shoot innocent Micro-Goombas with his gun.

Petey Piranha: I've got it!

Old-School Obtuse Ones

The four Old-School Obtuse Ones (along with Larry) are sneaking through the stadium, still afraid of the Koopatrols lurking around.

Fiery: How long until morning?

Sumo: It's getting to be around 3AM.

Fiery: Three o'clock?! We still have ten hours to waste until kickoff. What can we do?

Croco: Let's look down these halls. Maybe we'll find our way to some sort of press box and be able to take a nap up there.

The team members agree to do this, but of course they find gates at every twist and corner, or locked doors blocking their way. However, due to the fact that they are so desperate to find somewhere to sleep, they start wandering down a hallway that leads down to the locker room- one that is not blocked off, ironically, unlike so many other hallways. A few minutes later, quite a bit down this hallway, Chibobo speaks out.

Chibobo: I'm ready to quit! It's got to be close to 4:00 by now. I'm going to sleep here on the ground.

Chibobo finds that he is talking to no one in particular- in fact, no one at all. The others already have collapsed on the ground, asleep. Only Larry is still awake, due to the fact that he and Roy slept until only a few minutes before the episode started.

Chibobo: Maybe I should just go a little bit farther.

Chibobo finds a door.

Chibobo: I wish this door was open.

Chibobo opens the door.

Chibobo: It's open! I can't believe it!

Chibobo finds a room with lots of equipment, as well as halls with lots of doors.

Chibobo: These must be the rooms that they are staying in. Hmm... Maybe I can do something to them after all, something that wouldn't be morally wrong, just something that's a joke. Yeah, that's it, a joke! It's not wrong! It's a joke! It's only a practical joke! I'm doing nothing wrong!

Chibobo opens a door that looks like it is a closet door, and in fact it is. He finds some grease in a can.

Chibobo: I'll play a joke on them by putting this grease on their uniforms and their shoes. This ought to make things interesting.

Chibobo spends enough time smearing the grease on that the grease is not easy to see.

Chibobo: Perfect! They won't be able to see it, but it's still slippery! I'm a genius, and this is only a joke! I'm not doing anything wrong! And maybe we'll win the challenge because of my joke! Ha, ha, ha!

Chibobo puts the grease can away, then leaves the locker room. He then falls asleep in the same hallway his teammates are sleeping.

New-School Nonsensical Novices

Petey Piranha: Breakfast is served!

Green Yoshi: Breakfast? I smell popcorn!

Green Yoshi comes out of his room.

Green Yoshi: Popcorn? This is 5AM, but Yoshi still hungry, so Yoshi eat it!

Tap Tap: It's Micro-Popcorn! Get it, Microwave Popcorn! Ha, ha, ha!

Green Yoshi: (eating the popcorn) Wake up others! Others will love it!

Petey Piranha and Fawful wake up the other Yoshis, passing out the popcorn to them, while Whomp whispers something to Tap Tap.

Whomp: You're lucky about that Microwave Popcorn joke, you know.

Tap Tap: I'm sorry… fortunately, Yoshi didn't figure out I meant popcorn mixed with Micro-Goombas, still alive.

All the Yoshis eat the popcorn. Due to the fact that they are tired, they all go back to sleep before noticing any difference in how their stomachs feel.

Petey Piranha: Alright, let's go somewhere else!

Whomp: Where to?

Tap Tap: On the way here, I saw staircases that led up to press boxes.

Fawful: Off to the press boxes!

The four team members, along with Roy, leave the locker room and head up the staircases. Petey Piranha brings King Boo's portrait in his mouth.

Whomp: The door's locked.

Fawful: Never fear, Fawful is here!

Fawful blasts the door down with his gun. Once inside, the team members and Roy find comfortable chairs to sleep in.

Old-School Obtuse Ones (11:00 AM)

Fiery: What's that noise? I'm trying to sleep!

Sumo: It's the sound of fans! They're entering the stadium!

Chibobo: Let's follow some of these fans and see if there are spare seats somewhere.

The four team members and Larry follow some fans into the seats. They keep on sitting down in seats, getting told to get up by fans coming in. After about an hour and 45 minutes, Fiery, Sumo, and Croco find three seats in a row of which they are not kicked out, and Larry and Chibobo find two seats in a row in which they can stay.

New-School Nonsensical Novices

A whole bunch of people arrive at the shot-down door of the press box.

Petey Piranha: Who's this?

Troy Troopa: I'm one of the announcers for today's game. You're sitting in our press box.

Whomp: We're sorry.

Joe Troopa: If you just sit in the back there and don't make any noise, you can stay. But if you make any noise, we'll first charge you 100,000 coins and then force you to have a lava bath.

Tap Tap: Okay, we won't make any noise!

Old-School Obtuse Ones

The game gets underway, with Snifit of the Sub-con team receiving a kick. He starts running downfield. He is about to be tackled by a Chargin' Chuck, but he slips from the Chuck's grasp. More players on the Dark Land team try to tackle him, but Snifit seems to be too slippery. His shoes are even helping him slide past defenders. He scores an easy touchdown.

Snifit: Boy, my skills must have improved overnight!

In embarrassment, Chibobo turns blue, then gold (the colors of pitiful college football team Pitt). Larry is laughing his head off. The other team members are stunned and upset, but have no idea why this has occurred. Bowser is watching the game in anger, seeing his team get down early.

New-School Nonsensical Novices

The Yoshi players have butterflies in their stomachs. Actually, that's what they think, but in reality it's the Micro-Goombas that are bothering their stomachs. With them all feeling awful, they can do hardly anything on offense, while on defense they have a hard time stopping the Koopa Troopa team.

Joe Troopa: It looks like the Yoshis are sick.

Troy Troopa: Yeah, you wonder what's the matter with them today. Most of the time, this is a team with a whole bunch of confidence, but today, it's as if they're worried sick about this game.

Cris Troopa: I've never seen a team look like this before. You sure they didn't get food poisoning?

Joe Troopa: Don't make jokes like that on air. That's first of all ridiculous, and also an insult to all the good cooks here at Koopa Troopa Stadium.

Cris Troopa: Sorry.

The final scores of the games:
Sub-con 56, Dark Land 17
Koopa Troopas 38, Yoshis 0

All the contestants find warp pipes back to Castle Koopa, including the now-conscious Koopa Troopa, the rebel Panser, and the framed King Boo (by way of Petey Piranha's mouth). They enter the meeting room.

Bowser: Welcome, six idiots and five friends!

Fiery: Uh oh.

Bowser: It's almost too easy for me to know who failed me and who succeeded, but I guess I'll ask my assistants anyway. Roy, what happened over there?

Roy: Petey Piranha had the bright idea of mixing Micro-Goombas with popcorn, then feeding it to the unsuspecting Yoshis. They got sick to their stomachs and played horribly.

Bowser: And Larry?

Larry: First, Panser quit on his teammates, as he refused to hurt Sub-con. Then Chibobo was afraid that sabotaging a team would be morally wrong. Then Sumo refused to break down a gate, Chibobo refused to sneak through it, and Koopa Troopa initially refused to be thrown over it. He eventually gave in, but Fiery's throws were so terrible that Troopa first didn't make it over the gate, then he went off who knows where. Eventually, these guys quit on the challenge, but Chibobo went off and put some effort into it after all, without the knowledge of his teammates.

Fiery: You did? I'm proud of you, Chibobo!

Larry: He put grease all over the uniforms and shoes of the Sub-con players, making them almost impossible to tackle and faster runners.

Fiery: What?!

Bowser: Hmm. I'm having a hard time choosing which team won. I might need some help here... not! The New-School Nonsensical Novices easily win! Petey Piranha, you deserve immunity from the next special meeting your team is eligible for. You guys can go… wait, first for your gifts!

Whomp: Oh, brother.

Bowser: Here are tickets to tonight's Desert Land-Mario football game. I guess the picture gets a ticket, too.

Tap Tap: Yippee.

Bowser: Now get out of here! What's taking you so long?!

The New-School Nonsensical Novices exit out warp pipes, including the framed King Boo (with Petey Piranha's help, of course).

Bowser: Now for the fun… it's only too bad I can't fire several of you at once!

Bowser's Meeting Room

Bowser is in his throne again, with Roy and Larry in their cool-looking seats. The others all are in their pitiful seats, looking pale, blue, green, turquoise… all sorts of colors.

Bowser: Let's begin at the start of this flawed mission. First, we had Panser quit on you guys almost immediately. What was that about, former favorite in this competition?

Panser: You know I'm extremely loyal to Sub-con, and I couldn't betray my home. I couldn't hurt my home team and my friends. I thought that you would admire my loyalty under such pressure.

Bowser: You're right, I am amazed at what you did, Panser. You made a highly risky decision, but even under the pressure, you didn't back down.

Panser: Thank you, Bowser.

Bowser: I am amazed at your stupidity, you idiot! The ones you must be loyal to are your own teammates! This isn't Survivor! You have to defend your teammates, not your Sub-con pals! You made a highly risky decision, and boy, did you lose! You're so lucky you have immunity this episode!

Panser: Phew.

Bowser: But I won't forget this!

Panser: Rats.

Bowser: Then, there was Chibobo being too scared of getting caught and doing something morally wrong. What was with that, buddy?

Chibobo: I want to do the right thing.

Bowser: The right thing is to do what I tell you to do! If you're too scared to carry out my missions, how can you become my apprentice?

Chibobo: Well, I, uh-

Bowser: That's right, you can't! Of course, Sumo didn't help matters any by refusing to knock down that third gate.

Sumo: I wasn't feeling well!

Bowser: You have to play through the pain! You play football, hockey, sumo wrestling- sports that require you to play through injuries! Why all of a sudden can't you break down the gate, when you can play those sports?!

Sumo: Uh…

Bowser: Something to think about, isn't it? How about you, Troopa?! You refuse to be thrown over the gate at first, then get your deserving punishment when you finally decide to be tossed overboard.

Koopa Troopa: Hey, if these guys refused, why couldn't I?

Bowser: Good answer, moron! These guys are on the chopping block, and you want to join them! You're brilliant! Now, Fiery, how come you agreed to go along with Chibobo when he made the ridiculous proposition to give up?

Fiery: I felt that was the best way to go.

Bowser: Well, guess what? It wasn't! It may have been better than Chibobo's idea to help out the Sub-con team by putting grease all over the Sub-con players' equipment, but it still wasn't good! Croco, you haven't done anything to annoy me- yet!

Croco: Thank you, sir!

Bowser: So, who would you fire if you were me, Croco?

Croco: Chibobo. He did almost everything wrong.

Bowser: Fiery?

Fiery: Chibobo, because he's scared of doing something morally wrong, when he's supposed to be a minion.

Bowser: Troopa?

Koopa Troopa: Chibobo, for messing us up big time.

Bowser: Sumo?

Sumo: Chibobo, for the same reasons.

Bowser: Panser?

Panser: Chibobo, because everyone else picked him.

Bowser: Well, Chibobo, you're out on a limb. Who are you going to hope takes your place?

Chibobo: Fiery, for many reasons! He gave up, but I at least put in the effort to do something! I overcame my fear of doing something morally wrong and took a chance! Fiery was going the wrong way the whole time anyway! He tossed Koopa Troopa terribly, and couldn't melt down that fence. He couldn't force Sumo to break down that fence, either.

Bowser: Interesting points. Fiery, pick two players to come with you to be on the borderline of being fired.

Fiery: I pick Chibobo and Sumo, both of which deserve firing before me!

Bowser: Okay, the rest of you leave!

Panser, Koopa Troopa, and Croco jump into a warp pipe.

Bowser: Larry, you had the honor of watching a team miserably fail again. What's your take on this situation?

Larry: Chibobo betrayed his team big-time by being all scared about morals. I'll admit that he tried to redeem himself by doing something while the rest slept, but he failed terribly in trying to do so.

Bowser: Chibobo, you use this idea of you putting in extra effort as part of your defense. When this extra effort ends up hurting your team, what do you have to say?

Chibobo: I at least tried!

Bowser: But you were the one who told your teammates NOT to try!

Chibobo: Fiery didn't have to listen! He's the team leader!

Fiery: That was his idea, though!

Bowser: Why did you listen, Fiery? Really!

Fiery: I really did feel that was the best way to go! Nothing else was working at the time!

Bowser: Stop using that same answer, because it's a pitiful one! If you truly thought that Chibobo's advice was best, despite the fact that you previously disagreed with him and think that he's so stupid, how come you then listened to him?

Fiery: I was lazy.

Bowser: Ha! That's it! My apprentice can't be lazy!

Fiery: But you're missing the point! Chibobo told us to sleep, so we do, and then he goes off and acts like a hero! We were all wrong to listen to him, but it was his idea, and he then acts like his idiotic idea was heroic or something like that! What's heroic about running away from work, then going and doing it after you convince everyone else to quit? He could have gotten help from his teammates and not made that horrible mistake!

Bowser: Fiery makes some excellent points, Chibobo. What do you say to them?

Chibobo: He's the team leader!

Bowser: Stop putting the blame on Fiery! You can't accept any responsibility yourself, and you're the one who made the most and biggest mistakes!

Chibobo: But- but-

Bowser: Furthermore, my apprentice must commit crimes, kidnap princesses, attack plumbers, steal coins, and do other immoral things! I'm not the good guy! I'm the bad guy! If you're worried about being immoral, go join Mario and his pals! This job is not for you!

Chibobo: But it's not for Fiery either!

Bowser: It may not be for Fiery either, but that's besides the point. You're fired!

Chibobo is silent, not having any more excuses.

Bowser: Fiery and Sumo, you may leave.

Fiery and Sumo hop into a warp pipe.

Bowser: Roy will lead you to your dungeon cell.

Chibobo: Dungeon cell? What?!

Bowser: That's right, your dungeon cell! You seem to be more of one of Mario's minions than one of mine, so you deserve to go to the dungeon for a year, until you decide that you are going to be a bad guy and not a good guy!

Chibobo: I'm a bad guy! I'm a bad guy!

Bowser: You're a bad apprentice, but not a bad guy! To the dungeon!

Roy leads Chibobo to his dungeon cell.

Bowser: Wow. He was a phony the whole time.

Larry: Yeah, that's for sure.

Bowser: It's good that he's going to be safe and sound in his dungeon cell for the next year- at least. Heh, heh, heh! Until next time, this is Bowser saying goodbye for Roy and Larry! Remember, Eating Nippers love Emerald Nuts! So long until next episode!

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