Larry's Rescue Mission

By Agahnim Koopa

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier


Mario is reading a book outside his house. It is a story version of the classic webgame, 3 Foot Ninja. Mario is reading of the mighty courage of the ninja, and, for the first time in Mario's life, he feels evil. The different enemy ninjas are way cooler than the hero himself. He is beginning to get an idea about what to do to defeat the Koopalings when Luigi calls to him.

Luigi: Mario! What are you doing?

Mario: Just thinking, Luigi. Just thinking...

Chapter 1

The Koopalings are lazing outside Kastle Koopa on a nice sunny day.

Larry: Hey everyone, look at my brilliant new machine!

Computer: Temperature 28 degrees. Water content 50ml. Plant A strong, Plant B ok, Plant C dieing...

Larry: Dieing?!

Larry runs off to his bedroom. While he is upstairs, Mario and Luigi enter Dark Land.

Mario: This idea was genius! Only someone with my evil capacity could think up a plan as good as this.

Luigi: Good idea, but not that good. Wait 'til it's finished before you gloat.

Morton: The Mario Brothers are here and why are they attacking us because we are supposed to attack them and...

While he is talking, Ludwig is thrust into a sack. Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy and Morton soon meet the same fate.

Mario: Now, inside!

Mario and Luigi go inside the Kastle, where Bowser, Clawdia and all the other minions who work there get captured.

Luigi: We've captured eveyone, but I don't remember seeing Larry among them.

Mario: Ah, he don't matter. Let's give him a stun dart, my arms are falling off.

Mario and Luigi enter Larry's room

Larry: Hey, what the?!

Larry is shot by the dart and falls to the floor. Mario and Luigi quickly exit the Kastle.

In Peach's castle...

Peach: Wow! How did you get all the Koopas at once. Didn't they attack you?

Luigi: We caught them by surpise.

Peach: Brilliant! You can have a castle for this! I'll have an extra-security cell made, which you can throw those troublesome Koopas in.

Mario, Luigi and Peach go to the castle and throw everyone in.

Bowser: We must have faith in Larry. He was not captured with us.

Chapter 2

Larry wakes up with his head spinning.

Larry: Where am I?

Larry runs around the Kastle.

Larry: Guys? Guys! GUYS!!! They're not here. It must have been Mario.

Larry suddenly trips over a book. He picks it up, and realizes it's the 3 Foot Ninja book Mario was reading.

Larry: Hmm, this book is quite interesting. I can get some ideas from this...

Larry goes to Wendy's wardrobe, picks out one of her black outfits, and puts it on. He then (to remain anonymous) removes his shell. He finds a Koopatrol and borrows a sword. Finally, he makes some poisonous darts from his plants.

Larry: With these ninja ablities, failure is not an option. All the residents of Kastle Koopa are counting on me!

Larry heads out of the Kastle, into the night.

Chapter 3

Bowser, Clawdia, and the Koopalings are moved into a courtroom. They are bound and gagged, so no one can say anything about their punishments.

Mario: This is the trial of the residents of the Koopa stronghold, known as 'Kastle Koopa'. They are accused of general terrorizing of general Plit. There have been several occasions of this happening. Can the defendent please stand? You have ten seconds to plead your case to the jury.

Mario gestures to the jury, Luigi, Peach, Geno, Mallow, Toad, Daisy, The King, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Wooster, and King Boo. He then removes Bowser's gag.

Bowser: Jury, you are all my enemy, but listen. We do not try to be bad, we do what comes to us. Therefore-

Mario: Bowser, your time is up. Please retake your seat.

Bowser sits back down, and Mario immediately regags him.

Mario: Jury, the defense has been laid out for you. Please stand up one-by-one and express your opinions on this case.

Luigi stands.

Luigi: I know little about this case. What I do know is that these Koopas have been terrorizing us too long not to be punished. I suggest they be sentenced to death.

Luigi sits down. Peach stands.

Peach: They may have kidnapped me, but, like King Koopa said, it is what they think is right. I suggest they have lifelong imprisonment.

Peach sits down. Geno stands.

Geno: Kill them.

Geno sits down. Mallow stands.

Mallow: Put them in prison.

Mallow sits down. Toad stands.

Toad: I have never had direct dealings with these Koopas. I only know what has happened because I'm thrown in the middle of it all. But it is bad. They should be killed.

Toad sits down. Daisy stands.

Daisy: Normally, I would be happy that someone has done damage to my sister. But, now I am neutral. A grudge is not enough. I therefore suggest imprisonment.

Daisy sits down. The King stands.

The King: My dearest daughter has been attacked by these fiends.

Daisy: Hey!

Mario: Silence to those who aren't standing!

The King: Therefore, they should be killed.

The King sits. Wario stands.

Wario: These guys have nothing to remove my money. They live.

Wario sits. Waluigi stands.

Waluigi: These guys, especially the one on the ball, likes to make fun of me because of my name. They die.

Waluigi sits. Yoshi stands.

Yoshi: Bowser bad to Yoshi, but others not bad. One bad not enough to kill all. Live.

Yoshi sits. Wooster stands.

Wooster: They horrible creatures dirty the place. Kill them!

Wooster sits. King Boo glides into better view.

King Boo: This big one kicked me out! Just because I couldn't beat Mario once! He's lost about 50 times. They should die.

King Boo glides back down.

Mario: The jury have voted, and they have decided. By a margin of two, the residents of 'Kastle Koopa' are sentenced to death. It was decided that, in the case of a death sentence, the method would be hanging. On Friday the 13th, the accused will be hung by the neck until dead. Today is the 6th. You have seven days to live. Take them away.

Bowser, Clawdia, Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, and Morton are dragged away into their cell. When they get there, Bowser speaks.

Bowser: Family meeting!

Everyone gathers around.

Bowser: I won't bother calling about who's here, since we know. I'll get to it. Larry was not captured. He is not here. He is probably coming to free us right now. However, one young Koopaling can't stand against the Mushroom Kingdom. We will need a distraction. Ludwig: you must make something which is a good distraction. This, together with Larry, will get us out of here. Meeting over.

Bowser walks off into a corner, and starts to cry.

Chapter 4
The 7th

Larry walks across a barren patch of land, towards the castle.

Larry: Hang on, everyone. I will save you.

He carries on walking, but quite soon he comes to a measuring dial ahead. He checks the distance.

Larry: Mushroom Kingdom 200 miles! Not good. Better keep going.

He walks along when suddenly a mighty foe appears out of the ground. It is a massive soldier with a sword, gun, laser, and massive fists.

Larry: What?! Fight!

Larry starts to sneak towards the mighty warrior. It notices him, though, and fires his laser directly into him. Larry starts to bleed.

Larry: No fair!

Warrior: Give up now. I am King Minter, lord of these parts and master of all weapons. Trespassers will be shot. Come, my legions!

Larry watches in horror as tens of warriors rise from the earth.

King Minter: The ranking system. We all have big fists. The normal soliders have swords. The elite soliders have guns. The king has a laser. Now you know who you are dealing with. My soldiers, kill him!

Instead of all attacking him at once, they form a line and move towards him.

Larry: Huh?

King Minter: We are civilized. We line up, you fight us one at a time. The weak go first. You will be tired. Then the stronger soliders will attack you. We always have 50 fighters, including me. We judge your strength when you die on how many of us you killed. The record is 49, but that one died against me. Let's go!

The first soldier darts forward. He has massive fists and nothing else. He is big, and looks just like a typical grunt. Larry sticks a sword into him, which immediately kills him. 15 more of him come. Larry kills them all, but is starting to grow weary. Then a sworded warrior comes. His eyes have a differnet gleam in them. Larry can tell he is a true soldier. They fight, but the soldier is killed. 15 more sworded warriors come. He kills them all, but is starting to grow very weary. A gunned one comes forward. Larry seems to forget about his sword, and just shoots at him. The soldier is killed, along with 16 others. Then King Minter comes forward.

King Minter: Wow! You're good! But now to die.

Larry and King Minter have an epic battle. Both are tired. Suddenly, Larry throws out a poison dart. King Minter is caught by surprise, and falls to the ground, never to rise again. Larry looks at him.

Larry: Minter, I have a new record.

Then he walks off towards the castle.

Chapter 5

Mario is waiting in his room. A television in the corner crackles to life. Luigi appears on the screen.

Luigi: Mario?

Mario: Yes? How are our prisoners doing?

Luigi: They're talking about Larry coming to rescue them before the trial is over. Maybe we should send someone out to meet him...

Mario: I'm way ahead of ya. I've already sent out some of my own warriors. Mario Land did have some bodyguards, and I used them. Can you track them?

Luigi: Sure. What weapons do they have?

Mario: Umm, big fists, swords, guns, lasers, the works really. How ya doing?

Luigi: Almost there... Wahhh!

Mario: Luigi?!

Luigi: I just saw Larry walking towards our castle. He's in a bad state.

Mario: Keep going. See how my guards are.

Luigi uses his spy camera to go ahead.

Luigi: 50 people are laying dead straight ahead. One has a crown and a laser.

Mario: That's the leader, King Minter. So, little Larry, you're playing the game well. Do a scan on how they died, Luigi.

Luigi scans them.

Luigi: 49 of them have died from a sword to the chest. King Minter, or so you call him, has died to a poison dart to the chest. It's still there.

Mario: Killing them has provided us with invaluable intel on our enemy. He has a sword and poison darts on him. How about you send some of your legions to attack him?

Luigi thinks.

Luigi: I managed to persuade King Boo to come here, if only with a Poltergust. I might be able to 'persuade' him to lend me several Boos.

Mario: Excellent. Go see him now.

Luigi nods and the television flickers off.

Mario: So, our little, sneaky Koopa has managed to beat my guards. He is truly a force to be reckoned with. However, that was a mere taste of my power. Those guards were weak, worn down by ages of not being used. Larry will obviously be a thorn in this hanging if I don't stop him.

Giving a swift nod to himself, he picks up the phone.

Chapter 6

Larry is walking along a dirty track when he stops for a break. He takes out a family picture, featuring Bowser looking menacing, Clawdia with her arm round Bowser, Ludwig working on a test tube, Lemmy and Iggy with their arms round each other, Roy beating up Iggy, Wendy with a makeup kit, Morton with tape over his mouth, and himself hiding from the camera.

Larry: Oh guys. When will I see you again?

???: Oh, I dunno. How about never!

Larry jerks round, and sees several large Boos waiting there.

Boo: Our master, King Boo, dispatched us to kill you. He did seem a bit bothered, come to think of it. No matter, he'll be happier once your blood is spilling onto the grass here.

Larry: Who is King Boo working for?

Boo: Mario.

Larry: Oh boy. And, do you know anything about a previous attack on me before?

Boo: You mean the one launched by Mario? Oh yeah, he didn't have high hopes for them, though. I think he found their deaths liberating. Less chit-chat, more killing.

Larry: Oh yeah, when you are only five Boos who can't look me in the eye?

All the Boos merge and form a large human with a Boo for a face. He is pale white, and is absolutely massive.

Larry: Prince Boo!

Larry sees that the mystical Boo form has a sword and several guns on him. He realises this will be quite a hard fight.

Prince Boo: Yep, the lesser form of Boos who are next to take the throne. We're all princes, so we can take the shape of this legendary form. Fight!

Prince Boo charges with the sword out in front. Larry dodges, thinking hard. Evidently, all his attacks would simply go through him.

Larry: (How problematic.)

Larry tries to stab him: after all, one of the main Boo traits, not being to look people in the eye, had gone, so maybe...

But it doesn't work. The sword goes straight through him.

Prince Boo: Ha! Your feeble attempts at damage do not work against me!

Larrry throws a poison dart at him. It goes straight through too.

Prince Boo: Ha, prepare to die!

Larry: Sorry guys, I failed you.

Suddenly, a flash of fire comes from behind him, igniting Prince Boo.

Fire Chomp: Ha! If you couldn't beat Prince Boo, you have no hope against...


Prince Fire Boo charges at Larry, expelling great heat. Larry quickly dodges. Prince Fire Boo gets out some of his guns.

Larry: No!

Larry throws a dart at Prince Fire Boo.

Prince Fire Boo: Arrggh!

Prince Fire Boo keels over.

Fire Chomp: What?!

Larry jumps on Fire Chomp.

Larry: So, now I have time to think. Luigi and King Boo are teamed up, I am being constantly monitored, and people are trying to kill me every other minute. OK. MARIO! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! I WILL NOT FALL TO YOUR TRAPS AND TOADIES! I WILL MAKE IT TO YOUR CASTLE, FREE MY FAMILY, AND GET OUT AND WHUP YOU!

Chapter 7

Mario: So, I was expecting you to beat my twin's Boos, but not for you to work out thier weakness so quickly. And you have quickly revealed your plans to me.

Mario turns and shouts into a microphone next to his desk.

Mario: LUIGI!

The television in the corner flickers on and Luigi's face appears.

Luigi: Yes Mario?

Mario: Your Boos were defeated.

Luigi: Yes, tell me something I don't know next time. I'm the guy with the tracking equipment, after all.

Mario: Ahh, yes. Did you pick up our fiery little friend's message?

Luigi: Yep. Revealing his plan to us was brilliant. He's a little gem, isn't he?

Mario: Sure. Raise security on the Koopa's cell. Also raise security on the gallows. I don't want any chances to be taken with the proceedings of the hanging.

Luigi: Understood.

The TV flickers off, leaving Mario alone in the room

* * * * *

The cell deep in the dungeon is oddly quiet. There is some quiet chatter, and even the metallic sounds do not stir anyone.

Bowser: Ludwig, how are you doing?

Ludwig: Vell, I have managed to make a small vachine which will release some sleeping gas when I push this button. We Koopas have a natural immunity to it, so it won't affect us at all.

Bowser: Very good, Ludwig. We just have to hope now that Larry does make it.

A noise suddenly comes from outside. Lemmy looks out and sees several guards putting extra bars onto the door.

Lemmy: What are you doing?

Guard: That's not for the likes of Koopa scum to know.


Guard: Ummm, we're putting extra security on your door. Duh!

Bowser: Hmm, they are smart. We are smarter. Larry'd better rescue us. Or else!

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