The Mysterious Kid

By Lems Big Bro

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Dinner was served. Koopas came and surrounded the table with food.

Peach: What's the soup of the day?

Koopa #1: Cream of pumpkin, ma'am.

Peach: Oh... Not my favorite...

Daisy: Cream of pumpkin? ALL RIGHT!!! Three bowls of that, please.

Luigi: Why not one bowl at a time?

Daisy: HA! I know I'll eat it, I just don't want to have to get those Koopas here and back three separate times.

Mario: Well it leaves less soup for us.

Daisy: You'll live.

Koopa #2: Dig in.

Mario: Yuuuuuuuuuuuum!

Peach: Mario! Where are your manners? Wait for E. Gadd!

Just then, Gadd ran in in a panic.

Mario: What's the matter?

Gadd: Remember that time machine I was working on?

Peach: Yes. It still doesn't work.

Gadd: Right, it's acting funny! I didn't touch it today and yet it keeps vibrating!

Daisy: What's happening?

Gadd: Beats me.

Luigi: Let's go down and check.

In Gadd's lab, the gang saw that the the machine was indeed vibrating stangely.

Mario: What the...

There was a flash of light. The vibrating stopped. Gadd cautiously went over and opened the door. Out came a boy, in his early teens about. He fell on the floor.

Mario: What the?!

Peach knelt beside the boy.

Peach: Excuse me, are you all right?

He slowly got to his feet. He was quite tall, had black spikey hair, and was wearing a black shirt and jeans.

Boy: W...Where am I?

Gadd: You came through my time machine...

The boy held his head.

Luigi: You gotta headache?

Boy: Uh-huh...

Mario: Who are you?

Boy: I... uh....

Daisy: Well?

Boy: I don't... remember...

Mario: That's a load of good...

Gad: Amnesia... TYPICAL! Someone comes who can tell me about the future and now it turns out he has amnesia!

Peach: Go easy on him, Gadd.

Boy: Frankie...?

Daisy: Wha?

Boy: Frankie... That's it... Frankie.

He shook his head, indicating he was certain.

Gadd: His name must be Frankie.

Daisy: Nice to meet you, handsome!

Peach: Daisy!

Frankie: Who are you people?

Mario: Pfft! Who're you?

Frankie: I don't know...

Peach: Well we should try to get your memory back, eh?

Frankie: Thanks....

Peach: Daisy, show our guest upstairs.

Mario: Guest?

Peach: Yes, guest.

She smiled at the boy. Daisy took him upstairs.

Mario: There's something about that boy...

Peach: Yes, I agree. When I felt his shoulder, something came over me.

Mario: Really?

Peach: Yes... I want to get to know him.

Mario: Hmm... Keep your distance.

The gang were at the dinner table once again, all looking at Frankie.

Peach: You're not eating a lot...

Frankie: Sorry...

Daisy: Don't worry about it. Still gotta headache?

Frankie: Yes.

Peach: Well you'd better get to bed! And we don't have a spare room so I think you should go stay with Mario!

Mario: Whaaaaaaaaaa?

Peach: Don't be rude, Mario.

Frankie: But... Uh...

Peach: It would be his honor, WOULDN'T IT, MARIO?!

Mario: Pfffffffft!

Peach kicked his leg under the table.

Mario: Well I guess so...

Back at his house, Mario wasn't amused.

Mario: You okay sleeping on that couch?

Frankie: Yup... Sorry to intrude.

Mario: S'okay. I'm gonna go out with Luigi. Peach thinks you should sleep now... get your memory fixed a bit.

Frankie: All these names are so familiar. Luigi, Daisy, Gadd...

Mario: Lucky it's not Bowser.

Frankie: The second?

Mario: What'dya mean?

Frankie: Bowser... second...

Mario: Just sleep and I'll cya tomorrow.

Frankie: K.

Mario left before Frankie could say good night. Frankie looked at the roof.

Frankie: What am I doing here? Why am I here?

He slept on it.

The next morning, Frankie could here Mario's snores.

Frankie: Another familiar sound... Argh! I'm so confused.

He gazed out the window.

Frankie: Such a beautiful place.

The teenage boy looked around the room, and opened Mario's drawers. He saw Mushroom-shaped pens, pencils, a Yoshi rubber, and a notepad. He looked at the notepad. It said "Dear Diary"...

Mario: You lookin' through my stuff?

Frankie: Sorry, I...

Mario grabbed the pad from him.

Mario: So not only do you eat our food and sleep on my furniture, but you also have to invade my privacy?

Frankie: Mario, I...

Mario: You have no right to do that! Get out you little worm!

Frankie ran out the door.

Mario: Geez... No one wants to speak to me in the morning...

Mario returned to Peach's Castle.

Peach: Morning, Mario. Where's Frankie?

Mario: Uh... I thought he'd come here.

Peach: Why?

Mario: I told him to go away, so.... Uh, I thought he'd come here.

Peach grabbed Mario by his dungarees.

Peach: Mario! A young boy is lost in a place he doesn't know!

Mario: He'll cope.

Peach: Why are you so negative to him?! You've been like this since he came!

Mario: Because...

Peach: Because what?!

Mario: I feel something about him...

Peach: Me too... But that's no reason to be so mad. Go find him and bring him back, Mario. He could be important to us.

Mario: But Gadd says it's gonna rain soon!

Peach: I don't care! Go!

Mario ran out.

Meanwhile, Frankie was sitting by some rocks at the far side of the kingdom.

Frankie: Why am I here? And Mario hates me... I need to go home! But... how?

Junior and Bowser were watching from a few feet behind.

Junior: Oooooooooh! A Mario-hater! Let's take him!

Bowser: Patience, Junior! Let's wait a while and see if he enters our base a couple of miles from here.

Frankie sat there in the pouring rain, his head on his knee caps.

Frankie: I have to remember... something? I feel as though... I need to remember something important...

Bowser and Junior were still behind the rock.

Junior: I'm bored! Can't we just go now?

Bowser: No! We have to wait for him to make a move, then invite him into our base.

Junior: Grrrrr. I hate the rain...

Mario used the communicator.

Mario: Peach... Do you read me?

Peach's face appeared on the screen of the device. This Gadd invention was one of his best!

Peach: Yes... Found him?

Mario: No... and I'm freezing. Can't I come home?

Peach: Mario, he could be anywhere, look for him!

Mario: Grrr.

It was getting late. Mario decided to go to the rocks and find a cave to sleep in for the night, hoping that Peach wouldn't find out.

At the rocks, Mario found a cave, not knowing Frankie was above him.

Junior: There's Mario! We gotta get him!

Bowser: No! He'll be weaker in the morning.

Junior: So what're we gonna do until he gets out tomorrow?

Bowser: I'm gonna sleep in my shell. You're on guard!

Junior: What?! I hate my life.

Bowser Night night, Junior.

The next morning, Junior saw Mario come out of the cave and stretch. Junior shook his dad.

Junior: Dad! Wake up...

Bowser: Too... many... Paratroopas... *snore*

Junior: I gotta do everything around here!

Junior jumped and grabbed Mario by the head, making the plumber fall over. Junior then got rope from his shell.

Junior: Welcome to the Koopas' side, buddy.

A shadow covered Junior. He looked up, seeing a body had jumped and was blocking his view of the sun. It was Frankie.

Frankie: Quit it, slimeball!!!

Frankie held his hand out, and out came a large fireball heading straight for Junior. It was faster and much stronger than Mario's. Once it hit Junior, the fireball almost exploded.


Bowser: What's all the noise?

Junior: Ruuuuuuuuuuun!

Junior and Bowser ran for their lives.

Mario: Wow... YOU did that?

Frankie landed quite safely next to Mario.

Frankie: Yeah...

Mario looked at the ground and scratched the back of his neck.

Mario: Y'know... thanks... for what you did...

Frankie: No problem. I dunno how I did it... but...

Mario: That's weird... I can do something like that as well.

Frankie: All night I've been trying to remember... something... but I... can't.

Mario: Don't worry about it, it will come around.

Frankie: You think so?

Mario: Let's go home.

Back at the castle, Peach was waiting on a chair in the main hall.

Peach: Mario! Frankie! You found each other! That's brilliant! How is everything?

Frankie: Not bad, thanks.

Peach: You're soaking, dear, I'll see that Toadsworth makes you a nice long cozy bubbly bath, okay?

Frankie: Thanks, ma'am.

Peach: Peach, Frankie, call me Peach.

Frankie: Yes ma'am... I mean... Peach.

Peach: That's better.

At their base, Junior and Bowser were discussing what happened earlier.

Bowser; That kid's strong...

Junior: He could ruin our whole mission!

Bowser: Not in my view. I've got an idea... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Frankie came out of the bathroom.

Peach: Have a nice bath, honey?

Frankie: Yes... Thank you...

Peach: Don't worry!

Luigi: Hey hey, Frankster!

Frankie: Hey.

Peach: That reminds me, Frankie; Toadsworth has some new clothes for you, very smart indeed, I must say!

Frankie: Cool, thanks a lot.

Suddenly a huge BOOM came from Gadd's lab.

Luigi: Is Gadd down there?

Peach: He's in the kitchen.

Luigi: This could be another person in the time machine!

The gang rushed down, including Gadd, Mario, and Daisy. When they reached the lab, they found no new person in the machine... but they did see Junior and Bowser in the room.

Junior: I told you to keep it down!

Bowser: Shush!

Mario: What d'you think you're doing?

Bowser: Looking for your brain machine.

Junior: SHUT UP!

Bowser: Whoops...

Peach: Why'd you want something like that?

Junior: Talk's cheap, pretty girl.

Junior charged at Frankie, making him slide into the cupboard. Frankie held his head tight.

Mario: You okay, Frankie?!

Frankie: I... remember...

Peach: What? Frankie?

Frankie: I remember everything...

Luigi: Take it easy, Frankie..

Junior: Remember what?

Mario: Keep outta this, midget.

Bowser: Shut up, Human. The boy is ours.

Mario and Luigi both stood in front of Frankie.

Luigi: Not without going through us first.

Junior: Got the machine, Dadio?

Bowser: Sure do!

Junior: Then we'll be back without wasting precious energy on you sad humans!

Mario: Looks like a sign of fear.

Luigi: Uh-huh.

Junior: Well it isn't worth risking the machine.

With that, Bowser threw a smoke bomb.

Peach: I can't see anything!

Daisy: Everyone all right?! Frankie?

Frankie: Yeah.

As the smoke faded, they could see that everyone was safe.

Gadd: Argh! My brain machine!!!

Bowser and Jr. were gone as well.

Mario: Frankie! Frankie, you okay?

Frankie looked at Mario hard.

Frankie: Dad... It's... you...

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