Super Mario RPG 2

By Extreme nintendo master

Part 3: Ponds, Battles and Star Rod Pieces

After making it to Starberry Town in the Starlight Kingdom, Mario and Mallow had to fight the Mega Fusion Goomba in the Berry Woods. Almost defeated, Mario and Mallow defeated the Mega Fusion Goomba, though they almost lost. Before the battle, Goom mentioned knowing about the Star Rod pieces. The chase had begun. Mario and Mallow are on the hunt for the second Star Rod Piece!

Berry Forest Entrance...

Mario: We did it!

Mallow: Yeah!

?????: Hey you!

Mario: What are you doing here at the Berry Forest entrance?

?????: I'm here to take that Piece!

Mallow: I don't think so!

?????: Maybe I didn't make it clear enough; I want that Star Rod Piece!

Mario: Who are you?

?????: I'm Lord Shy!

Mario: Lord Shy?

????? reveals himself to be a Shy Guy like other Shy Guys but a bit taller. He is black, white, and yellow, and also has a hat like General Guy, only in a much grayer color.

Mallow: Are you with that Goom guy?

Lord Shy: Yes! So give it up!

Mario: Never!

Lord Shy: Ok then, fine with me. This does mean you will be fighting me!

Mario: Bring it on!

Mallow: Yeah!

*Enter Battle!*

Lord Shy

HP: 32/32
Attack: Hammer
Attacks Lord Shy
Lord Shy takes 70 damage

HP: 29/29
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks Lord Shy
Lord Shy takes 67 damage

Lord Shy: Ack!

Lord Shy
Magic: Shy Twirl
Attacks Mario and Mallow
Mario takes 2 damage
Mallow takes 5 damage

Lord Shy: ?

HP: 32/32
Attack: Hammer
Attacks Lord Shy
Lord Shy takes 70 damage

HP: 29/29
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks Lord Shy
Lord Shy takes 67 damage
Lord Shy is defeated!

*End Battle!*

Mario: Let's go!

Starberry Town...

Mario: Let's go back to the mayor of Starlight Kingdom,

Mallow: Ok.

Star Way...

Mario: How are we going to get across now?

Mallow: I've got to think.

Mario: There's a pathway there.

Mallow: You mean there was a path all along?!

Mario: Oh well.

Starlight Kingdom...

Mayor: Did you find the Star Rod Piece?

Mario: Yes, and it was hard to get.

Mallow: Where should we go next to the next Star Rod Piece?

Mayor: Hmm. Did you check the map?

Mario: But it isn't like the map from Paper Mario 2.

Mayor: Yes, but I need you to do a favor for me. I need you to go see a person for me.

Mario: So, then what?

Mayor: I just would like you to meet him.

Mallow: Where is he?

Mayor: He is at Tadpole Pond.

Mario and Mallow: Say what?!

Mayor: Yes, there is a Tadpole Pond in the Starlight Kingdom. So, go see him, and good luck.

Mario: Bye.

Mallow: Bye.

Mario and Mallow leave the mayor's place.

Mario: So, where should we go then?

????: Nowheres!

Mario and Mallow: Huh?

???? appears. He is in a black and blue robe, and his face and hands cannot be seen.

????: Are you the two that hold the Star Rod Piece?

Mallow: What's the deal with these guys that know about the Star Rod Piece?

Mario: Yeah, so what about it, Blackie?

????: So, you are. Hiiiiyaa!

Mario: Woah!



HP: 32/32
Attack: Hammer
Attacks ????
???? takes 4 damage

HP: 29/29
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks ????
???? takes 1 damage

Mario: Oh no-a!

Mallow: Our attacks are useless!

????: *chuckles* You two are useless! No wonder you almost lost against the Mega Fusion Goomba!

Magic: Mega Slash
Attacks Mario and Mallow
????: Ahhhh!
Mario: Noooooooo!
Mallow: AHHHHHH!
A great blinding light appears.
Mario: ...
Mallow: ...
????: I won!

*End battle! Mario and Mallow lose!*

Starlight Kingdom...

????: That was too easy. I'll just collect the Star Rod Piece.

???? takes the Star Rod Piece.

????: Now that I have that, I'll return to the boss' place in Star Haven.

???? leaves. Mario and Mallow are unconscious while someone that worked for ??? has stolen the Star Rod Piece. Will Mario and Mallow stay on the ground not even moving? Who will help Mario and Mallow?

Star Haven...

???: (over walkie talkie) So, did you get the Piece?

????: Yes. It was sooooooooo easy.

???: Good, come to Star Haven immediately!

????: Yes.

???: This is your boss, smashing off!

???? hears a smash.

????: Not again.

Starlight Inn...

?????: I found them lieing there, so I decided to take them into the inn.

Inn Keeper: Thank you.

?????: Whoever did that to them, he must have been one of them.

Mario: ...

Mallow: ...

?????: Well, I guess I'll be going.

????? leaves.

Mario: Where... are we?

Mallow: What... happened?

Inn Keeper: You were lieing unconscious when this person took you two to this inn.

Mallow: Mario, check if the Star Rod Piece is with you.

Mario: It's gone!

Mallow: Oh no!

Tadpole Pond Way...

????: Heh heh, no one will ever be able to get this!

?????: Hold on!

????: Huh?

?????: Give that back!

????: This?! Come and get it!



HP: 31/31
Magic: Flying Kick
Attacks ????
???? is unharmed

?????: Huh?!
????: You are useless!

*Pause battle*

Starlight Kingdom...

Mario: We got to get going!

Mallow: Come on.

Mario: Where is Tadpole Pond?

Mallow: I think I saw Star Way with a way to get there.

Mario: Let's go!

Star Way...

Mario: Here it is.

Mallow: Let's go!

Tadpole Way...

Mallow: Wow, the trees are so green and cool, the grass is so green, and there are two rivers beside us.


*Cotninue battle*

Attack: Super slash
Attacks ?????
????? takes 14 damage

?????: I'm... not going to... give up.
????: Go away! I'm stronger then you!

*Pause Battle*

Tadpole Way...

Mario: Hey-a, there's a cave-a up a head.

Mallow: Wonder where that will lead us to.

Mario and Mallow keep walking until they reach the cave.

Mallow: It's blocked!

Mario: Not for long.

Mario smashes the rocks that block the way, but it doesn't work.

Mario: Darn.

Mallow: Hmm. Mario, use your Hammer Smash!

Mario: Okay, but how? It is only used for battling.

Mallow: You're right.


*Continue battle*

????: Away with you!!!

Attack: Mega Slash
Attacks: ?????
????? takes 50 damage
????? is defeated!

*End Battle! ????? loses!*

????: That was *Pant* a bit... *pant* hard.

?????: ...

????: Take this!

???? hits ????? with a Mega Slash that sends ????? flying off.

????: That should be the last of him.

Tadpole Way Cave Entrance...

Mario: Huh? Here comes someone-a.


Mallow: Who is he?

?????: Where am I?

Mario: Are you the one that took us to the inn?

?????: Yes.

Mallow: Who are you?

?????: My name is Blue.

Mario: You're a Yoshi?!

Blue: Yes. I went to search for the Star Rod Pieces, but then saw your battle. I was wondering who you were battling against, but I couldn't make out who it was.

Mallow: But... why didn't you help us?

Blue: I wanted to see of how you two could battle, but you two easily lost.

Mario: Then, how did you get here?

Blue: I was battling the same person you were battling, Mario.

Mario: How did-

Blue: And you too Mallow.

Mallow: !

Blue: He is on his way to Tadpole Pond, so we must go. I'll explain even more once we get to Tadpole Pond.

Mario: Ok.

Mallow: Ok.

Blue: Mario, you need to use your Hammer Smash to break the rocks and boulders that are in the way.

Mario: How?

Blue: Ok, you need to learn it then. Ok, so, you have the Hammer Smash, you need to learn how to use it outside battles.

Mallow: How?

Blue: It's power that only people like you can learn. You guys can learn it. You mostly need to concentrate on your power so you can use it right. But for Hammer Smash, you have to concentrate, along with your powers too, Mallow. Try it out, Mario.

Mario: All right.

Magic: Hammer Smash
Use on: Rocks and Boulders
Hammer Smash!

Smash Smash Smash!

Blue: Very good, Mario. So do you understand now?

Mario and Mallow: Yes.

Blue: Good.

Mario: Thanks a lot!

Blue: No problem. But, can I come along with you guys? I want to help you guys out.

Mallow: What do you say, Mario?

Mario: Sure!

Blue: All right.

Blue, who has taught them that they can use magic outside battles and is also looking for the Star Rod Pieces, has joined the party! Though, he sort of seems reminiscent of someone... Mario does the "I've got a partner" dance from Super Mario RPG.

Mario: Let's go!

Tadpole Cave...

Mario: Very dark.

Mallow: Mario, it's a Buzzy Beetle!

Buzzy Beetle: Go away!

Lord Shy: Where is he?! I know he came through here, so where is he?

Buzzy Beetle: I don't know!

Blue: Lord Shy!

Lord Shy: Blue!

Mallow: Do you two know each-other or what?

Blue: What are you doing here?

Lord Shy: I'm here with Goom.

Goom: Blue!

Blue: Goom!

Mario: Mamamia!

Goom: Me and Lord Shy were just about to leave and go to Tadpole Pond. Adios!

Lord Shy and Goom leave.

Blue: They are here with that guy too.

Mario: Come on, let's keep going.

Mario, Mallow, and Blue make it to the end of the cave.

Tadpole Way...

Blue: We're almost to Tadpole Pond.

Mario: Looooooook!

10 Goombas, 5 Shy Guys, and 20 Parakoopas are blocking the way.

Blue: Darn. Well, we're trapped. They're blocking the way and the river still comes here.

Mallow: So basically, we have to fight them.

Blue: Yep.

Goom: Well, well, well. It seems that we have trapped them.

Lord Shy: NOW!


The exit of the cave is now blocked once again.

Blue: We can still fight you though!

Lord Shy: Don't be so sure.

Goom: Part 3 of our plan is now ready. FUSE!

Mario: Oh no!

Mallow: Not again!

The Goombas, Shy Guys, and Parakoopas fuse up into one big minion.

Goom: Now we will make sure that you three never bother us again!

Lord Shy: Let's go Goom!

Mario: Cowards!

Blue: We've got to be ready!

Mallow: For-for-foooooooooooooooor...

Once fused, the creature has a Koopa's shell and arms, a Shy Guy's mask, and Goomba's feet and wings. It's name is Goompa Guy!

Goomba Guy: ...

*Enter battle*

Goompa Guy

HP: 32/32
Attack: Hammer
Attacks Goompa Guy
Goompa Guy takes 64 damage

HP: 29/29
Attack: Froggie staff
Attacks Goompa Guy
Goompa Guy takes 60 damage

HP: 31/31
Magic: Flying Kick
Attacks Goompa Guy
Goompa Guy takes 62 damage

Goompa Guy
Magic: Inferno Blast
Attacks  Mario, Mallow, and Blue
Blue takes 30 damage
Mallow takes 28 damage
Mario takes 30 damage

Mario: He's way too strong!
Blue: He must have one weakness.
Mallow: But what?

HP: 2/32
Magic: Hammer Smash
Attacks Goompa Guy
Goompa Guy recovers all HP

Mallow: Huh?
Blue: No way! If someone attacks him with magic, he recovers!
Mario: But you used some, didn't you?
Blue: Yes, but why did he not recover?

HP: 1/29
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks Goompa Guy
Goompa Guy unharmed

HP: 1/31
Item: Eggy Recovery
Uses on Mario, Mallow, and Blue
Party recovers 30 Hp

Goompa Guy
Magic: Attack Up!
Uses on himself
Attack goes up by 80

HP: 32/32
Attack: Hammer
Attacks Goompa Guy
Goompa Guy takes 100 damage

HP: 29/29
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks Goompa Guy
Goompa Guy takes 99 damage

HP: 31/31
Magic: Return Attack

Goompa Guy
Magic: Ultra Mega Inferno Blast
Attacks Mario, Mallow, and Blue
Goompa Guy gets ready to launch the attack...
Goompa Guy: This is too easy!
Goompa Guy lets go of the blast

*End battle?*

Another bright, blinding light appears. It seems almost lmost certain that Goompa Guy will defeat the three.

Star Haven...

After hearing of what happened with the Star Rod Piece, ??? is waiting for the person with the Star Rod Piece.

???: Gahhh! Where is he?!

Meanwhile, Peach is trapped in a room that no one can get in. There is a nice bed suited for Peach, and there is a balcony that leads to the outside like in Paper Mario.

Peach: *sigh* I wonder how Mario and Mallow are doing searching for the Star Rod Pieces.

Twink: I know.

Peach: Twink!

Twink: Hi Peach. The Star Rod Piece? I think the guy at Tadpole Pond in the Starlight Kingdom knows.

Peach: Let's hope.

Tadpole Way Exit...

*Return to battle!*

After the blinding light, Mario, Mallow and Blue are still alive. Why? Blue cast a magic barrier that made Goompa Guy's attack return to him.

Mario: Are we... still ok?

Blue: I... think so.

Mallow: Look!

The Inferno Blast hit Goompa Guy, who is now defeated. The Goombas, the Parakoopas, and Shy Guys are flying everywhere.

Mallow: We did it!

*End Battle! Mario and party win!*

Blue: Mario, the Star Rod Piece!

Mallow: Goom and Shy must have given it to Goompa Guy.

Mario: Here we go!

*Mario and Party get their Star Rod Piece back!*

Tadpole Pond...

Finally, they have made it to Tadpole Pond. The river still doesn't stop, but there is a waterfall with a sign that says "Welcome to Tadpole Pond! Population: Tadpoles."

Mario: So, where is this person?

Blue: Follow me.

Blue takes them to the Frpgfucious's counterpart.

Blue: This is Crogocies.

Mallow: (What a weird name...)

Crogocies: Thanks Blue. Just call me-

Mario: Crogo, where's the cheese?

Crogocies: Ah, a cheese lover.

Mallow: So, do we just say Crogo for short?

Crogocies: Yes.

Mario: So, Blue, you said you would explain more to us. So, explain.

Blue: Well-

Crogo: Yes, I know he said that.

Blue: Crogo, we are looking for the Star Rod Pieces.

Crogo: Yes, I also know that. You need to go to a place called Star Town. Star Town is in need of help.

Mario: How is it in trouble?

Crogo: Remember Bowyer?

Mallow: Yeah.

Blue: He returned?

Crogo: Yes.

Mario: Let's go!

Mario and the Party leave.

Crogo: Hmm. But do they really know?

Star Falls...

Mario: What do we dooooooooo- Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mallow: AHHHHHH!

Blue: Ahhhhhhhhh!

Mario, Mallow, and Blue go down a waterfall.

Mario: Whooh!

Mario, Mallow, Blue have gone down waterfall. The pathway they took is the way, but a wet way. You see, to get to Star Town, they need to go through the Star Falls to get to Star Town. After the falls, they'll come across land and the rest will be up to them.

Star Haven...

???: Ah yes, Bowyer. He will be able to defeat them and make them not get the rest.

????: Uh-

???: Good, you're here! Where is it?

????: Well, they defeated the Goompa Guy and-

???: They found his weakness?!

????: Uh yeah, but I don't have the-

???: WHAT?! You left it to him?!

????: Uh, yes.

???: Grrrrr. Bowyer should defeat them and take back the Star Rod Piece!

????: But, why do you-

???: It is too important to tell.

????: Yes sir.

???? leaves.

Star Town...

Mario and Party have made it to Star Town. All the houses are like the ones in Rose Town except a lot bigger, and the inn is beside another house. There is also a statue of... Bowyer?

Mario: Huh? A statue of him?

Mallow: Unbelievable!

Blue: But true.

Bowyer: Nah!

Mallow: There he is! Let's hide!

Mario and the rest go on the top of a house and watch.

Bowyer: Nah! Boss shall happy will he be. Took over town did I. Arrows I have more of!

Arrows: Yeah, be happy Bowyer will be!

Mallow: Mario, there's twice as many as last time.

Blue: Shhhh. He will hear you.

Bowyer: A Toad must I have.

Arrows: But someone locked everyone in town in the inn! Not us or you.

Bowyer: Tied are they?

Arrows: No.

Bowyer: Though name might be different, but wondering I shall be not.

Blue: We've got to stop them.

Mario jumps off.

Mallow: MARIO!

Mario: Stop this nonsense!

Bowyer: Huh? Here Mario is, trouble Mario is in.

Mario: What are you-

Bowyer: Silence be you must. Arrows, fuse you must!!!

Msllow: Uh oh.

Blue jumps off.

Bowyer: Huh? Yoshi in blue remind Bowyer of someone.

Blue: Huh?

Bowyer: You are Geno, correct?

Mario and Mallow: GENO!

Blue: Grr. How did you know?

Bowyer: Easy. You three are here to stop me, so you ARE Geno.

Mallow jumps off the roof.

Flunkie: I found this somewere.

Bowyer: Ah... Another star thing.

Blue: Give it back. It belongs to us and the Star Spirits!

Bowyar: HA! You are Geno!

Blue: .... You got me.

Blue lights up and another light shines, but only on Blue. Then, Blue turns into Geno.

Geno: Do your worst, Bowyer!

Bowyer: Worst Bowyer will do!

Funkie: FUSE!!!


Bowyer: Fuse?

Nothing again.

Geno: Stupid Bowyer. Do you know nothing? I have stopped your fuse.

Bowyer: Grrrrr!!! Attack!!!



Bowyer: Nya! Remember switches you must, made by Bowyer! Nya!


Bowyer: A is Attack, M is Magic, and I is Item. Nya!

The switches appear.

HP: 32/32
Attack: Hammer
Attacks Bowyer
Bowyer takes 50 damage

HP: 29/29
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks Bowyer
Bowyer takes 45 damage

HP: 31/31
Magic: Geno Blast
Attacks M Switch
M Switch takes 199 damage
M Switch is defeated!

Bowyer: Nya? Broke switch you did! Two left only.

The power from the M switch goes into the A and I Switch.

Attack: Claw
Attacks: Mario
Mario takes 12 damage

HP: 20/32
Attack: Hammer
Attacks A Switch
A Switch takes 128 damage
A Switch is defeated!

HP: 29/29
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks Bowyer
Bowyer takes 100 damage

Mallow: You know, it's weird those switches can easily be defeated.
Geno: I wonder why we didn't think of that when we first went against Bowyer.

HP: 31/31
Item: Egg Bomb
Attacks I Switch, Bowyer
Geno throws the Egg Bomb.
I Switch and Bowyer take 200 damage
I Switch is defeated!

Bowyer: Nya! Defeat you three I will.

Magic: Arrow Shower
Attacks Mario and Party
Bowyer: Face the wrath of Bowyer!!!
Flunkies appear.

*End battle?*

Bowyer: FUSE!

The flunkies all fuse together onto Bowyer.

Geno: Brace yourselves!

Mallow: Geno, use the Return Attack!

Geno: All right!!!

Wind now picks up and blows hard.

Bowyer: NYA!

Thunder clashes onto Bowyer.

Magic: Return Attack
Uses on  Mario and Party
Mario and Party are now guarded against enemy attacks

Bowyer: Now that Bowyer is fused with arrows, take this!
A lot of Flunkies appear above Bowyer. The wind goes even faster
Bowyer: Perfect!

Magic: Arrow Storm
Attacks: Mario and Party
Bowyer: Nya!
Arrows are attacking Mario and Party
Mario: We're not hurt.
Mallow: Yet.
The arrows rebound and attack Bowyer
Bowyer takes 1000 damage
Bowyer is defeated!

*End of Battle! Mario and Party win!*

Bowyer: I'll... be back!

Bowyer disappears.

Geno: Mario, there it is. The second Star Rod Piece. Go and get it.

Mallow: Yeah!

Mario goes to the Star Rod Piece. The Star Rod Piece goes up and spins above Mario. Then, it stops and Mario grabs it. The "I've got the Star Piece" theme from Super Mario RPG plays.

Mario now has  2 of the 7 Star Rod parts. Where is the next Piece?

Geno: Now that I'm me again, I'll join your party.

*Geno joins Mario and Mallow. "I've got a partner" plays.*

Flunkie: I must go inform the boss.

Flunkie goes away to Star Haven.

Mario now has two Pieces. Who is ???, and who was that ???? guy? And who is Crogo? It's just another mystery for Mario, Mallow, and Geno to solve. Along with that, Geno has joined the party.

Read on!

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