Super Mario RPG 2

By Extreme nintendo master

Part 4: The Secret of the Tournament of Battles

After the grueling battle between good and evil, Mario and Mallow were defeated by the mysterious ????, who had stolen the Star Rod Piece. After that, Mario and Mallow were left at the inn in Starlight Town. Later ????? wanted to take the Piece back from ????, but also lost and was slashed off to the direction that
Mario and Mallow were going. Soon, ????? turned out to be Blue, a Yoshi of the color blue, and taught Mario and Mallow that they could use their magic not only for battles, but for other stuff as well. After that, they defeated the Goompa Guy that was fused together by Goombas, Koopas, and Shy Guys. Not only did they defeat it, they found the stolen Star Rod Piece. Later, after meeting with Crago of the Tadpole Pond, they made it to Star Town, where Bowyer was causing havoc and trouble. Bowyer knew that Blue was actually Geno. After the battle of the hard Arrow Storm, Mario and Party retrieved the second Star Rod Piece and Geno officially joined the party. What will happen next in Mario's adventure?

Star Town...

Mario: Well, here's a key.

Mario goes to the locked inn and opens it.

Toad: I'm free!

Inn Keeper: You meen we're free.

Mayor: Thank you.

A few minutes later, in ??? Haven...

Well, you know Star Haven. Now ??? has transported it into ??? Haven.

???: Bwahahah! Now no one, and I meen NO ONE, can stop me!!!

Eldstar: Mario is going to be too late.

Back in Star Town...

Mario, Mallow, and Geno leave, not knowing that Bowser himself is there.

Bowser: Roar!

Mario: Bowser!

Mallow and Geno: What are you doing here?

Bowser: I'm here to stop you!



HP: 32/32
Attack: Hammer
Attacks: Bowser
Smash Smash!
Bowser takes 200 damage?!

Mallow: We're going to win!
Geno: Hmmm.

HP: 29/29
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks: Bowser
Smack Smack!
Bowser takes 200 damage

Geno: Wait!
Mallow: What?
Geno: He is not the real Bowser!
Mario: What?!
Bowser: Uh, what are you talking about? I am the real King Koopa!
Geno: Fat chance!

HP: 31/31
Magic: Return Attack
Use on: Party
Mario, Mallow, and Geno are protected.

Attack: ???
Attacks: Mario and Party
Bowser gets ready to make a mega attack.
Bowser: ...
Bowser launches the attack, but the Return Attack returns to him.
Bowser takes 250 damage!!!
Bowser is defeated!

Mario and Party wins!
*End Battle!*

Bowser explodes...

Geno: I knew it! Bowser was a fake and was created to test us!

Mallow: But... by who?

Mario: Never mind tha-

Mario, Mallow, and Geno get transported to Crogo at Tadpole Pond.

Crogo: Very well done, boys. Now, I'm sorry that we had to stop short during our first conversation. Now, Bowyer was easy for you guys, right?

Mario Uh, yeah.

Crogo: Well, there is another place that you need to go. Star Town has the rest of the path that you need to go to. Now, though you are unaware of this, someone has token over Star Haven.

Geno: Oh no!

Mallow: Who is he?!

Crogo: That I don't know. But he is responsible for breaking the Star Rod into pieces. That is why you three were able to come here and find them.

Mario: So Goom and Lord Shy, they work for him?

Crogo: Ah yes. They work for him. They are the head of fusing, minions, and other stuff. Now go and find the rest!

Mario and the party transport back to Star Town.

Geno: Well, there's the pathway.

Mallow: Well, I think we should get on going.

Star Town leads to another path, right? Well, yes. Anyway, Mario, Mallow, and Geno take the path.

Battle Stardom 1...

Mario: So, this is the way?

Mallow: Wow!

Geno: This is way cool!

????: You!

Mario: You!

Mallow: You!

Geno: Who?

????: Me!

Geno: Oh. You!

????: What are you three doing here?

Mario: Uh...

????: HA! I'll be on my way back to the Haven.

???? transports to ??? Haven.

Mario: Well, where should we go?

Geno: Look, a sign!

Mallow: Yeah! Maybe that will tell us about this!

Mario and Mallow go over to the sign while Geno just stands there. The sign reads "Welcome to the 10th Tournament of the Battles! This year is a special year, this year's top prize is a thing with a part of a star which looks valuable and cool. Good luck."

Mallow: That's weird, it doesn't tell us where we are.

Geno: Of course!

Mallow and Mario return to Geno.

Mallow: What do you mean?

Geno: I mean, this is the place called Battle Stardom.

Mario: So, who do we get battle?

Geno: We have to sign up.

Mario: Kinda like Glitzville?

Mallow: Yeah.

Geno: Let's go!

Mario and Party go inside.

In ??? Haven...

???: So, what do you know?

????: Blue is really Geno.

???: Geno?! Give me a description of him.

????: Well, he's blue.

???: And...

????: He's like a doll.

???: Oh, him!

????: Yes.

Inside Battle Stardom...

Mario: Wow. This is like Glitzville.

Mallow: Uh, excuse me, but we would like to join this tournament.

Guard: Uh, sure, just go right through there.

Mario: Thanks.

*Knock Knock*

Nello: Come in!

Mario, Mallow, and Geno enter.

Mario: P-P-Punchnello!

Mallow: N-n-not you again!

Nello: No, it's not me.

Nello reveals himself to be Tubba Blubba.

Tubba: There we go.

Mario: Tubba Blubba? What are you doing here?

Tubba: Well, after I ran away from Gusty Gluch, I decided to be like my cousin Grubba. So, I made this here in the Starlight Kingdom. So, are you three here to sign up?

Mario: Yes. We three are all entering as a team.

Tubba: Ok then, I'm going to ask you guys to sign a contract.

Mallow: Easy enough.

Mallow signs.

Geno: I don't know, but I will too.

Geno signs also.

Mario: Wellll, ok then.

Mario signs.

Tubba: Ok then. Let me get my assistent, Jolene.

Mario: But-

Tubba: She decided to come here because ol' King K. decided he wanted to take charge of Glitzville.

Jolene: Hello, Mr. Tubba.

Tubba: Ah, Jolene! You remember Mario, don't you? Or, Mr. Gonzales.

Jolene: *gasp* Mr. Mario! Oh, and who else do we have here? Mallow and Geno?

Mallow and Geno: But how...?

Jolene: Mario told me about some of his past adventures.

Tubba: Well, I guess we should give it to them.

Mallow: Give what to us?

Tubba: Why, your locker room. Which is the Minor Room.

Geno: So Tubba Blubba, how many are in this tournament?

Tubba: 32.

Mario Let's-a go!

Tubba: Ok, Jolene, show them the stuff.

Jolene: Yes, Mr. Tubba. Right this way, boys.

Tubba: Wait!

Mario: What?

Tubba: I forgot about your name! Hmmmmm. Ah! Here we go, The Three Gonzales Pals. Now, get going.

Jolene and Mario leave, while Geno and Mallow look around.

Jolene: See here, Mr. Gonzales?

They get a view of the fighting match being held. Two competitors are fighting for practice.

Jolene: As you can see, the Champion is fighting someone else.

Mario: Champion?

Jolene: Yes, he has won nine tournaments held here.

Mario: Who is the Champion?

Jolene: Why, it is that guy right there called Roy.

Mario: You mean, Bowser's son?

Jolene: Yes. He has won all of the fights and tournaments. And there is that guy in the black cape.

Mario then sees ????.

Mario: Who is he?

Jolene: He is a Magikoopa called Black Koopa. Now, let's go to your locker room.

Mario: Hey, you two are already here?

Geno: Yeah, this place is cool.

Mallow: I'm liking this already!

Jolene: Come with me, Mr. Mario.

Mario: Wow.

Jolene: This is, of course, the Champion's room. You remember this from the Glitz Pit, right?

Mario: Yeah.

Jolene: Now, let's get back to your locker room.

Mario: Ok then, what can we do now?

Jolene: Oh yes, while you're waiting, you can go to the tournament locker room, where all the competitors chat, get stronger, and other stuff.

Geno: So, what do we do now?

Jolene: Well, it's already nighttime, so I think you three should go to your locker room.

Mallow: Ok then.

Mallow zooms back to the locker room.

Geno: Wait for me!

Geno follows Mallow.

Jolene: Mario...

Mario: Yeah?

Jolene: Please take this. It is very important.

*Jolene gives Mario an Extra Blocking!*

Mario: What is-a this?

Jolene: Since you have an Action Command, you need something a Blocking Command.

Mario: How does this work?

Jolene: It is the same as when you block an attack in a RPG battle, but you should figure it out.

Mario: Well, good night.

Jolene: Good night, Mario.

After the competitors leave and get back to their locker rooms and get to sleep, something happens...

????: Ha! I shall definitely win this and get the Star Rod Piece!

Jolene: Black?

Black Koopa: Huh?!

Jolene: You should be getting some sleep.

Black Koopa: Sleep THIS!

Black casts a spell that ties Jolene up, and throws her into his locker room.

Black Koopa: Now, neither she nor that Mario will not be able to stop me!!!

Meanwhile, that same night...

Tubba Blubba: Hmmm... I wonder where Jolene is. She was supposed to meet me here at 11.

Black Koopa: Oh, don't worry, she'll come.

Tubba: Black, is that you?

Black appears.

Black Koopa: You don't need her, do you?

Tubba: Welllllllll...

The next day...

Grubba: Welcome to the Tenth Annual Tournament of the Battles! This year's prize is... this star thing that fell only three days ago! So, let the Battles, begin!


Mario: Are you guys ready?

Mallow: Yep.

Geno: Yes.

Mario: So let's go and win!


Mario: It's that Gameboy Advance thing.

Mallow: How do you know about the Gameboy Advance?

Tubba (onscreen): Hey there, boys, just want to tell you guys that it's time to start your next match! Your first fight is against The Fuzzers.

Mario: Isn't that The Fuzz?

Tubba: No, it's a new group of Fuzzies. They're hard to beat. So good luck. Jolene will be here to take you there.

Mallow: Doesn't a guard do that?

Tubba Blubba: No, Jolene is the only one. The guards only do that for the other opponents. So, Jolene will also give you an item. Meet you at the ring.

Jolene comes.

Jolene: Hello, boys. Here is the item that Mr. Tubba wanted to give you guys.

Mario: What is it?

Jolene give Mario and Party a Triple Mushroom Drink.

Geno: What does this do?

Jolene: You'll see when the time comes for the hard, the grueling, the tough, and the time when he comes.

Mallow: Who's he?

Jolene: You'll see. Please come with me, boys.

At the Ring of Battle Stardom...

Tubba Blubba: AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome to the first match of the Tournament! Where these opponents match off for the next matches! And now, here come the first- Hey look, here comes the first
opponent, The Fuzzers!

The Fuzzers come into the arena.

Tubba: Well, the Fuzzers are here! Now, what do you think of this incoming match against the Three Gonzales Friends?

The Fuzzer Leader: Meork! These guys don't even know what they're up against! They might as well give up and go home!

Mario, Mallow, and Geno come.

Tubba: And lookie here! It's the main three guys, it's The Three Gonzales Friends!

Mario and Party come into the arena. Tubba walks over to Mario.

Tubba: Now, let me explain about the rules of the-

The Fuzzer leader goes to attack.

Mallow: Huh?

Fuzzer Leader: Take this!



The Fuzzer Leader (A normal Fuzzy)
The Flower Fuzz (A Flower Fuzzy)
The Jungle Fuzz (A Jungle Fuzzy)

The Fuzzer Leader goes to attack Mario.
Mario blocks.
Mario takes no damage.

Geno: That-that was cheating!
Mallow: You cheater!
The Fuzzer Leader: Heh. That was just a welcome.
Mallow: Some welcome.

HP: 32/32
Attack: Hammer
Attacks: The Fuzzer Leader
*Smash! Smash!*
The Fuzzer Leader takes 44 damage!

HP: 29/29
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks: Flower Fuzz
Flower Fuzz takes 40 damage!

HP: 31/31
Attack: ???
Attacks: T Jungle Fuzz
Geno jumps and slashes down at Jungle Fuzz
Jungle Fuzz is defeated!

Fuzz Leader
Attack: Bash
Attacks Mallow
Mallow blocks
Mallow is unharmed

Flower Fuzz
Magic: Flower Spin
Attacks Mario, Mallow and Geno
Flowers appear and attack Mario, Mallow, and Geno
Mario takes 1 damage
Mallow takes 1 damage
Geno takes 1 damage

Flower Fuzz: *cries* Whh-wha-what? Waaaaaa!

Fuzz Leader: This can't happen!

HP: 31/32
Magic: Hammer Smash!
Attacks all enemies
*Smash Smash!*
Both enemies are defeated!!!

Mario and Party win!

Mario Levels up!
Attack goes up by 6!
Def goes up by 10!
HP goes up by 12!
Speed goes up by 5!
Mario learns a new magic attack! Magic attack is Flame Smash! Flame Smash can attack only three enemies!

Mallow Levels up!
Attack goes up by 9!
Def goes up by 10!
HP goes up by 9!
Speed goes up by 6!
Mallow learns a new Magic attack! Magic attack is Mallow Blast! Mallow Blast can attack only three enemies!

Geno Levels up!
Attack goes up by 12!
Def goes up by 10!
HP goes up by 11!
Speed goes up by 7!
Geno learns a new magic attack! Magic attack is Geno Away!

*End of battle!*

Tubba: Woooweee! What an exciting combat from The Three Gonzales Friends!

Mallow: Oh yeah!

Geno: We rock.

Back at the locker room of Mario and Party...

Jolene: Good job, boys! You three have a good chance of working your way up to the top and being Champion.

Mario: Uh, thanks.

*The Three Gonzales Friends' rank goes up to 7!*

Jolene: Oh yes, every time you three win a battle, your rank rises up by one. So, I'll see you until the next battle starts.

Jolene leaves the locker room.

Geno: Let's go to the tournament locker room.

Mallow goes ahead.

Geno: Wait for me!

Mario: Let's go!

In the tournament locker room...

Mario: Wow, I'm beginning to like this place now.

Roy: Hey!

Roy appears.

Roy: I heard of some three guys named Three Gonzale Friends! If they want to beat me once they make it, give up!

Roy leaves, but Tubba Blubba appears.

Tubba: Great fight, boys. Now, your next match is against the Flying Clefts!

Geno: What kind are they?

Tubba: They're Moon Clefts that can fly. Or, Para-Moon Clefts.

Mallow: Sounds easy.

Tubba: Well, you three should make it there. Good luck.

Mario: Let's go to our locker room.

In the locker room...

Mario starts it up.

Tubba: Well well, howdy there. You all ready for the next match?

Mallow: Yeah.

Tubba: All right then, good luck again.

Jolene comes.

Jolene: Ah, follow me, boys.

In the arena...

Tubba: Our next match will leave you shocked, it's a fight to the finish, yep, it's The Three Gonzales Friends! And a terrifying match, that will be tough, The Fyling Clefts!

Leader Moon Cleft: You're going down!

Tubba: Get ready to fight!!!



Moon Cleft Leader (Para)
Para-Moon Cleft

HP: 44/44
Attack: Hammer
Attacks: Leader
Leader takes 40 damage!

HP: 38/38
Attack: Froggie Staff
Attacks P.Moon Cleft
P.Moon Cleft takes 60 damage!
P.Moon Cleft is defeated!

Leader: He was always weak.

HP: 42/42
Attack: Finger Shot
Attacks Leader
Leader takes 52 damage

Leader Moon Cleft
Attack: Mega Bash
Attacks: Mario and Geno
Mario takes 10 damage
Geno takes 12 damage

HP: 34/44
Attack: Hammer
Attacks: Leader
Leader takes 70 damage!!!
Leader Para Moon Cleft is defeated!

*Mario and Party win!*
*End of battle!*

Tubba: And there goes another match against The Three Gonzale Friends!

Geno: Too easy.

Mallow: That was.

Back in the locker room...

Jolene: Great job, boys, here's something for all three of you.

*Jolene gives Mario a Spiked Shell! Jolene gives Mallow a Froggie Mace! Jolene gives Geno a Star Shot!*

Jolene: Equip those. The items I gave you will be able to help.

Mario: Thanks.

Jolene leaves.


Geno: Again!

Tubba: Sorry to disturb you three, but we have a problem! The next fighter that you were supposed to fight against is missing! His name is The Boo Guy.

Mario: Where was he last-a?

Tubba: Over by the pool in the tournament locker room.

Mallow: Come on, guys, let's go!

Tubba Blubba signs off.

In the tournament locker room...

Geno: There! There's a note!

Geno grabs the note.

Geno: It says, "I have been taken from the fight by someone named Black Koopa. ~The Boo Guy".

Tubba Blubba: Have you found...?

Mario: We found this note!

Tubba Blubba reads the note.

Tubba: Well, I guess I'll have to promote you guys to Rank 5.

Mario: Woohoo!

Tubba: Now, your next fight is against The Para Bros. Good luck!

In the arena...

Tubba: Aaaaaaaaannd for the next match, it's the only match for the fight to the finish, yep, it's The Three Gonzale Friends! And going against them, it's the team with the wings, The Para Bros!

Paratroopa: We're not going to lose against you three!

Geno: We'll see about that!

Tubba: Get ready to Baaaaattttle!!!


Para Spiked Goomba
Para Goomba
Para Gloomba

HP: 34/44
Magic: Flame Smash
Attacks: Para Bros.
Para Spiked Goomba: AAAHHHH! I'M ON FIRE!!!
The Para Bros are defeated!

*Mario and Party win!*

Tubba: Aaaand there goes the fight!

Mario, Mallow, and Geno: ...

In the locker room...

Jolene: Good fight, boys.

*Mario and Party goes to Rank 2?*

Mario: Rank 2? How? We should be Rank 4.

Jolene: All of the other fighters are missing. Unless they are found, the tournament will be cancelled.

Mallow: Oh no!

Mario and Mallow leave while Geno and Jolene stay in the room.

Mallow: Let's ask Roy.

Mario: But he'd never listen to us!

Mallow: He should. Now come on!

Mario and Mallow find Roy's room. Mario knocks.

Mallow: No answer.

Mario: Spiked Shell it is!

Mallow: Noooo!


Roy: Huh? Hey, who told... wait a minute! You're in this tournament?!

Mario: Yes. Now, tell us where you saw the other players.

Roy: I seen them by Black's place, why?

Mallow: Thanks!

Mario knocks on Black Koopa's door.

Mallow: Nothing.

Mallow uses the Froggie Mace on the door, and the door breaks.

Mallow: Holy froggies! Everyone is in here!

The Boo Guy: Thank you for saving us!

The Para Bros. Leader: Black is evil! He trapped us here and wanted to win!

Moon Cleft: But, now that you're here, break that door right there!

Jolene comes in.

Jolene: Yes, break it. You'll see what is inside there.


Mario: J-J-Jolene?!

Real Jolene: Yes, Mr. Mario. I was trapped here by that Black Koopa. I wonder why.

Black: Ah! You're here! You broke into my locker room and found out!

Real Jolene: Yes. I hearby pronounce that Mario, Mallow, and Geno will go to the finals!

*Mario (or should I say The Three Gonzale Friends) have made it to Rank 2!*

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mallow: Yeah!

Back in Tubba's office...

Tubba: Well, now that we got the fake Jolene out of the way and got rid of that Black Koopa, the next match will be, The Three Gonzales Friends vs The Tough Koopaling! It's going to be a blast!

Jolene: Unless...

Tubba: Unless what?

Jolene: Unless something bad happens.

Tubba: Don't worry. I know Mario, and Mario would not give up.

In the locker room...

Geno: I can't believe that we're going against the Champion.


Tubba: Howdy, boys! You guys ready for the Champion Match?

Mallow: Yeah!

Tubba: Now, for this, the real Jolene will appear. So good luck!

In the arena...

Tubba: AAAaaaannnnd welcome to the Champion Match! Where our Champion will battle it out with a competitor!

Roy appears and enters the arena.

Tubba: So, are you ready for the Champion Match, Roy?

Roy: I don't know who The Three Gonzales Friends are, but they'd better not mess around with me!

Mario, Mallow, and Geno appear and enter the arena.

Roy: MARIO?!

Tubba: Yes, did you not know? Anyway, let the final match of the Tenth Annual Tournament BEGIN!!!


*Enter Battle!!!*


HP: 44/44
Attack: Spiked Shell
Attacks: Roy
Roy jumps, makes a rebound, and hits Geno and Mallow out of the arena to where Tubba Blubba is.

Roy: Mario, only you and me!

Attack: Fury Slash
Attacks: Mario
Mario blocks the attack
Mario takes 22 damage!

Mallow: OH NO!

Tubba: Lookie here, folks! It seems that Roy will not let Mario win that easy!

HP: 22/44
Attack: Spiked Shell
Attacks: Roy
Roy takes 200 damage!

Roy: You want to fight, eh?

Magic: Power Up!
Roy powers up for the next attack

Geno: I can't look!

HP: 22/44
Mario defends

Geno: Now I can't look!

Magic: Flame Ball
Attacks: Mario
Roy launches a fiery flame ball

Tubba: Wow! Now this fight is really getting better!

The Flame Ball targets on Mario and attacks him. Smoke then rises up.

Tubba: It seems that Mario is going to be toasted.
Mallow: Oh no!!!

The smoke goes off.
Mario takes 21 damage!

Tubba: WOW! Now Mario has blocked the attack and sent it back!
Roy: What?!

Roy is smashed out of the arena.

Tubba: Mario is the victor!

Roy is defeated!
*Mario wins!*
*End Of Battle!*

Tubba: Unbelievable! Mario has won even though he was almost fried by Roy and had no help! Mario is the Champion. Here's the prize, Mario.

The Star Rod Piece then floats up above Mallow and Geno and goes to Mario. The Star then heals Mario. The Star spins and "I've got a Star Piece" plays.

After the battles with many competitors, Mario has recovered the third Star Rod Piece. He has come a long way, but he still needs to recover the last four.

Read on!

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