Super Mario RPG 2

By Extreme nintendo master

Part 6: From the ground to the Sky.

Last time in Super Mario RPG 2. Mario, Mallow and Geno had just finished fighting in the Championship when Mario met his old friend Flavio. After fighting three Sea Bloopers, they boarded a boat and set sail. Their trip ended when a Giant Sea Blooper attacked the ship and sent them away to Venus Island, the Cursed Island. After searching for the cave, they finally made it into it. After some battles, they made it to Goom, and won. They made it to the Star Rod Piece, and found ????, who is ???'s assistant. ???? called out for the Giant Sea Blooper. Mario and Party defeated him. Almost losing the Piece by getting tricked, Geno made the Blooper fall on him. Now Mario and the gang have the fourth Star Rod piece. But, ??? is working to get revenge on Mario. Not only that, but Flavio seems to be missing. What has happened to him now?

Venus Island...

Geno: Well, we made it out. But where is the real Flavio?

????: *pant... pant... pant... pant...*

Mario and Mallow: Ahhhh!

???? then comes out of the cave and mountains, panting heavily after the battle and the falling of the Blooper.

????: Though... I have not fought... the weight of... the Blooper... *pant* knocked me out and... crushed me... Though being heavy... I had a hard time...  getting out of there... *pant...*

Mallow: So, what you want?

????: Well first, you may have won this time, but the next Piece is in a different location on land. I'll be getting there first before any of you! Second, you three won't be making it without a boat!

Mario: But what happened to Flavio?

????: He is in the tent... Well, I must be off!

???? then leaves.

Geno: Here he is!

Flavio is untied and gets out of the tent.

Flavio: Thank you, mates! Have you gotten the Piece?

Mario: We sure have!

Mallow: It was tough.

Geno: But we did it.

Mallow: But, how do we get off of this island?!

Mario: Warp pipe, anyone?

Geno: Mario, how on Pilt did you find a warp pipe?!

Mario: Have you ever stepped on a switch and something happened?

Mallow: Nope.

Mario: ... Just jump in, please...

And so Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Flavio jump into the warp pipe.

Mallow: Umm... Ok, but now, why didn't we see this coming?

Geno: What do you mean?

Mallow: Ok, for one thing, we stopped, and second, we have a choice of going where we want to go. And also we could've warped here in the first place.

Flavio: Ay. Well, I must be off now. See ya later.

Flavo leaves through the warp pipe. Mario, Mallow, and Geno go though the other.

Meanwhile in ??? Haven...

??? is in its, throne talking to Goom.

???: No No No! Explain it to me again!

Goom: Uhh... Mario has defeated Lord Shy, myself, and the Giant Sea Blooper.

???: Grrrr... How can this be happening to me already?! *sigh* Fine.

Goom: What do you mean?

??? chuckles, then stops.

???: You see, the next Star Rod Piece was last found in Snow Town. Where I sent our toughest group.

Goom: You mean...

???: Yes, them. Now, how is it going along now?

Goom: Nearly complete. You shall finally have your revenge now.

???: Good. Now, report this to Lord Shy at once.

Goom: Yes, Your Highness..

Goom walks off, leaving ??? by himself.

Snow Way...

*Guh Guh Guh!*

Mario, Mallow, and Geno exit out of the warp pipe.

Mario: Well, we had better start looking. And look, there is a town over there!

Mallow: (shivering) I-I-it sure i-I-isss c-c-old out h-here, g-guys. A-aren't you t-t-two cold at-t all?

Geno: No, I'm fine, really. But how can you be cold?


Geno: Ok ok, you didn't have to yell. But now that you mention it, it is getting a bit cold now.

Mario: Come on, guys. Let's-a go.

Mallow: (shivering) C-c-coming...

And so, all three go into the town.

Snow Town...

Mario: Wow, sure is cold here.

Geno: Let's get some information on the Star Rod Piece.

Mallow: (still shivering) A-a-and an inn.

Penguin: Hi. You three new here?

Geno: Wow! A penguin that talks!

Penguin: ...

Mario: Uhh... Geno, most Penguins can talk.

Geno: Really? I've never really seen one for a long while.

Mallow: (shivering) Hey, c-c-could y-y-you help us a-around t-this t-town a bit p-please?

Penguin: Sure. Please come with me.

Penguin leads Mario and Party over to an inn.

Penguin: Ok, it is getting kind of late, so I'll just let you sleep for now.

Geno: Thanks!

Mario: Yes, thanks.

Penguin: Welcome.

The Penguin leaves.

Mario: Let's go in, then, shall we?

Mallow nods since he's too cold to answer.

Geno: Yeah, let's go in.

They all go inside the inn.

Mallow: (shivering a bit) Ahhhh... This f-feels a bit b-better. I'm getting all w-warm now.

Mario: Yep. What could go wrong now?

Red: Hey!

Geno: You just HAD to ask, didn't you, Mario?

A person with four other guys cloaked in different colors are by the innkeeper.

Red: I said give us it now!

Innkeeper: Give what?

A guy cloaked in black comes by Red.

Black: Listen, you big Penguin, either you tell us, or we'll get rough on everyone here, thoseeeeee... t-t-three...

Yellow: What the?

Pink: Not them!

Green: Boss told us about them. He told us about those three.

Geno: (whispering to Mario and Mallow) It seems that they've heard of us. (normal) Ok, what and who are you five?

Red: No one important. Well, we should leave now.

The five do so.

Penguin: Phew! It's a good thing you three came. So, how about you three stay for the night?

Mario, Mallow, and Geno: Sure.

And so, they all sleep for the night, getting their rest. Soon, morning comes.

Mario: *yawn* Let's go!

Mallow is still sleeping.

Geno: He's too tired.

Mallow: Uh... What?

Geno: Well, you're awake.

Mario: Come on, guys.

Mario, Mallow, and Geno exit the inn and see the same Penguin from last night.

Penguin: Here, a scarf for the frozen guy in your party.

Mallow gets the Warm Scarf.

Mallow: Ahhh... That sure is warm.

Mario: Ok, so have you seen any sign or heading of the Star Rod Piece?

Penguin: Wait, YOU'RE the ones that those five were talking about?

Geno: We are?

Penguin: Yep. Five of them. Each cloaked in different colors. Red, black, pink, green, and yellow.

Mallow: Have we met them before?

Penguin: They claim that they have met you.

Mario: Hmmm... Well, can you just tell us anyway?

Penguin: Why yes, I can. Over there, you can see the Snow Trail, which leads you into Cloud Village. There, there will be a castle. Go inside it and take a look for yourselves.

Mallow: Gee, thanks. Come on, guys!

????: Woah woah woah! Hold up, you three!

???? appears.

Mario: What do you want this time?

????: I wanted to warn you that the boss has bigger plans for you three.

Geno: What are you talking about?

????:  The boss sent in our toughest group.

Mallow: What toughest group?

????: Oh come now, you must have met them. They were here... finding information and looking for you three!

Mallow: Uhhhhh... Not really. *anime sweatdrop* Heh heh.

????: (a bit angry) Uhg! Never mind. Listen, you'd better give up quickly and soon now, you're not going to get that Piece very easily.

With that, ???? disappears.

Mario: It must have been those five guys!

Mallow: Uhhhh... Well let's get going, shall we?

Geno: I'm with ya.

Soon Mario, Mallow, and Geno are heading for the entrance to Cloud Village. After walking for about one minute, they see a sign that reads "This way to Cloud Village."

Geno: Well, how do we get up then?

??? Haven, Peach's Room...

We return to where Peach is, only outside. Peach is walking back and forth, wondering about Mario and Mallow but not knowing about Geno helping them.

Peach: *sigh* I wonder how they are doing...

Soon, the door opens and in comes Lord Shy.

Lord Shy: Uhg! I can't believe it!

Peach: Huh? What is it?

Lord Shy: Mario and two other guys took the fourth Star Rod Piece. And now there's three left.

Peach: Other... two?

Lord Shy: Never mind about that, I must be going. I just came to tell you that pretty soon the boss will be wanting you, in a few days. Well I must be off.

While Lord Shy leaves, Twink comes in.

Twink: Hmmm... This seems to be even more serious now. I'll be back later if I hear anything, Peach.

Peach: Ok then, Twink.

Back at Snow Town...

Geno: Ok, according to the map, we go up this hill, then jump on the clouds to make it there. Sounds a bit easy.

Mallow: Well, better start going up then.

Soon, the three start going up the hill. (Like in Mario RPG, Booster's Hill.)

Geno: Just like the good old days, huh?

Mario: Yep.

Mallow: Sure is. All that is missing is Booster.

Mario: Well... *pant* It's not too late for him to come, now, is it?

Geno: No, not really.


A bolt of lightning comes down and nearly hits the three.

Mallow: Woah! Nearly hit-



Geno: Mario, this is getting more dangerous the more we get up the hill.

*Crash Crash Crash!*

Mario: You're right! We need to get out of here, and now!


Geno tries to dodge them, but fails and falls down the hill.

Mario: O.O  Wow, that's a looooong way down.


Mallow: Yikes!

*Crash Crash, Crash!*

Mario: Mamami-

*Ker Ka crash!*

Mario: Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Mario then falls down as well, tumbling down, rolling, and getting hurt, just like what happened to Geno.

Mallow: ...

*Crash, Crash Crash Crash!*

Mallow: Yikes! Ouch!

Mallow then trips. He looks on the top of the hill, which is still a ways up, and sees a figure with a big Axe. It then disappears and the storm goes away. After waiting for Mario and Geno, they keep continuing to climb
up the hill. Soon, they finally make it up.

Mallow: I've seen him!

Geno: Seen who?

Mallow: The guy who was causing all of this!

Geno: Either that or you took a bad shot from the head from the lighting.

Mario: Anyway, we need to keep going! To the clouds!

Cloud Way...

Mario: What a name for a location. Look, this is just like that beanstalk thing, only we have to jump... again.

Jumping would sound easy to Mario, right? Well, not this. These clouds are very far apart and so it it hard to jump from cloud to cloud. (This is sounding like Lemmy's Awesome Race.)

Mallow: Well, you'd better Super Jump.

Mario: But, its reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllly high up.

Geno: Wooooooooooooowwww! You can see the whole kingdom from here. Well, almost.

Mallow: Mario, you should get us up there one at a time.

Mario: Okey dokey.

Geno: He means now...

Mario: Yippee!

Mario grabs Mallow and starts jumping from cloud to cloud.

Mallow: O__O

Geno: Wow, that sure is high up.

Red: Hey! What are you doing here?!

Geno: Uh oh...

Pink: Red, I though they weren't going to get up any higher because of the thunder and lightning!

Black: Shush up.

Yellow: Well, time for us to get going.

Red: Hold up, we should let them go up there first.

Green: RED! What are you, mad?!

Geno: What do you mean?

Red: Well, you ARE trying to get up, and it is a loooooooong waaaay dooowwn. So, you shall get up above the clouds there first. Kinda like a... present for helping out.

Mario then comes down.

Mario: Ok Geno, you're turn to come up now. Hey, it's the five guys!

Geno: I'll tell you what happened.

Mario and Geno then go up above the clouds.

Red: See you there...

Cloud Village...

As Mario and friends make it up to the Village, they see some of the people there. They are just like the Nimbus!

Mallow: My mom and dad told me about this place. They told be this place is far away from Nimbus Land and is bigger then over there as well.

Valentina: Tut tut now.

Geno: What the?! It can't be!

Just then, most of the people are crowding around the castle. (Like in Mario RPG.)

Nimbus Person 1: Oh great queen!

Mallow: ... Queen?

NP2: How is the young princess Mallette?

Mario and Geno: ... Princess Mallette?

NP3: And when will the Prince Mallow return for her?

Mallow: Me...? They know me here as well?

Valentina: The princess is still sleeping in her room, waiting for the return of her prince.

Mario: Mallow, have you ever heard of this princess before?

Geno: He must have.

Mallow: I do remember my father telling me about a princess, but I forget her real name.

Mario: So that can't be the real name!

Valentina: Silence everyone, he should be around here today. Well I must be off now.

Valentina goes off into the castle, while everyone goes back to where they had been.

Geno: *sigh* Well, better start looking for a way to get in then.

As they walk toward the castle entrance, however...

Guard: Halt!

A bird guard, like from Mario RPG soon halts them.

Guard: You are not allowed to enter.

Mario: ... Why?

Guard 2: The queen is patiently waiting for the Prince Mallow to return.

Geno: Oookayyy... Well here he is.

Guards 1 and 2: Hmmmmm...

Guard: Well... He does look like him.

Guard 2: What is your name?

Mallow: My name is Mallow. I come from Nimbus Land from my parents the King and Queen.

Guard: Well... He does sound like him. I say he is.

Guard 2: But, show us the rain.

Mallow then looks at Geno and the Mario. Then he looks at the two guards again.

Mallow: What rain?

Guard 2: THE RAIN!!!

Mallow: *sniff* You didn't... have to... yell... *sniff*

Mallow begins to cry, causing rain.

Mario and Geno: *anime sweatdrop.*  -_-'

Mallow stops crying, causing the rain to go away.

Guard: Well we'll go tell the queen now. You two stay here!

The two guards go into the castle.

Geno: Well that sure worked. Now what should we do? We haven't had any battles for awhile.

Mario: Yeah, I'm going into the inn. You coming, Mallow?

Mallow: Huh? Oh yeah, sure, I'm coming.

Soon all three go into the inn and get some rest. What they don't know is that five mysterious people have gpme into the castle. Later, Mario, Mallow, and Geno wake up and go to the castle entrance ,where the guards are there again, waiting.

Guard: Ahh, we have been waiting for you.

Guard 2: Please come on in.

Geno: Aren't you two coming with us?

Guard: Nope.

Geno: ...

Mallow: Wait, I remember now! Her REAL name is not Mallette! It's Vanilla! Princess Vanilla!

Mario: Well, we'd better find Valentina and the princess.

They soon come across a door.

Mario: That was quick.

The open the door and find...

Mario: Never mind.

Everywhere in the room, Jawfuls are sleeping. And you DON'T want to wake them up or else, they'll charge at you. Mallow gulps while Geno tries to move quietly without walking up the Jawfuls. Mario is ahead of the other two, and makes it across the room. Mallow then trips and almost hits a Jawful. Geno, however, is having a hard time making it across. Soon, both are across. They soon open the door and close it, making the Jawfuls awake.

Jawful: Huh, what the?! Oh, never mind. Zzz...

They come across a room with a door on the left which is not even close to the other door. The door on the left is about half of where the other door is.

Mallow: Talk about a pathway.

Geno: Look!

Geno points to the left door, which bares a note. The three go to go check it out.

Mario: What does it say?

Mallow: It says, "Princess' room. No one is allowed in. That means NOBODY. Signed Valentina".

Geno: Figures...

Mario: Well, what should we do then, check around and say that the prince is here? *giggle*

Geno: Heh.

Mallow starts to blush. Mario and Geno start to laugh hard, and Mallow starts to really blush.

Meanwhile, however, Valentina is making plans for them...

Valentina: So, Mallow is here... How delightful. Probably Mario and Geno are here as well, Well, I do hope that they know that I shall have my revenge on them soon.

Dodo comes into the room.

Valentina: Dodo! Have you done what I told you to do yet?

Dodo shakes its head.

Valentina: You idiot! You were supposed to do it before they made it into this castle!

Dodo: ?

Valentina: *sigh* Never send a bird to do a job... HEY! What's in that sack?!

Dodo then takes the sack and drops it on the floor. Inside, something is squirming.

Dodo: ...

Valentina: Or, maybe not. Very good, Dodo.

Now, back to where Mario and the gang are. After Mario and Geno stop laughing, Mallow stops blushing. Then, Mario tries to turn the handle, but it doesn't seem to open.

Mallow: It's locked!

Geno: You know what to do, Mario.

Mario then hammers the door, and the door falls down.

Mallow: Anyone in here?

Geno: Hmmm, that's strange. There's no one in here.

Mario: Well, we'd better keep going.

After walking and walking they make it to the door. In the next room, there is lava everwhere. Geno starts to sweat along with the others. Mallow even takes off his scarf.

Mario: What does she think she's doing?

Mallow: Trying to kill us, that's what!

Geno: Come on, guys, there is a bridge over there.

They make it onto the bridge, when flame balls come up after them.

*Enter Battle!*
3x Ember

HP: 73/73
Attack: Super Hammer
Enemy: Ember One
*Ker Smash Smash!*
Ember One loses 112 HP!

HP: 69/69
Magic: Thunderbolt
Enemies: All
*Kerrr... Zap Zap Zap!*
Flames are defeated!

*End Battle!*

Mario: Well that was easy.

Making it to the door, they make it into another room. This room is an ice room with a bridge, but cut off. Mario then jumps over it, Mallow jumps over it too but ends up hanging on to the other side of cliff. He pulls himself up. Geno makes it across as well. The next rom has three doors. One leads to Valentina's room, while the other two lead to danger. They choose the door on the right. Surprisingly, there is a Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro: Hey hey hey, what do you think you're doing here?

Mallow: I'm Prince Mallow! Who are you?

Hammer Bro: I'm a guard here. Prince, you are going to have to leave.

Mallow: Fat chance.

Hammer Bro: I will let you through if you can defeat me.

Mario: *sigh* Fine.

*Enter Battle!*
Hammer Bro.

HP: 73/73
Attack: Super Hammer
Enemy: Hammer Bro.
*Ker Smash Smash!*
Hammer Bro takes 72 damage.

HP: 69/69
Attack: Froggie Mace
Enemy: Hammer Bro.
*Scratch Scratch!*
Hammer Bro takes 52 damage.

HP: 72/72
Attack: Star Shot
Enemy: Hammer Bro.
Hammer Bro takes 75 damage!

Hammer Bro: Hmmm. Not bad, but let's see you deal with this!

Hammer Bro.
Magic: Hammer Time!
Enemy: Mario
The Hammer Bro. throws lots of hammers at Mario.
Mario takes 47 Damage!
Magic: Deadly Hammer!
Enemy: Geno
*Ker Smash... BOOM!*
Geno only has 1 HP left and is not able to use any magic!

Mallow: I hate to say this, but we're doomed...

HP: 26/73
Magic: Super Jump
Enemy: Hammer Bro.
*Boing Boing Boing!!!*
Mario jumps on Hammer Bro's head, paralyzing him
Hammer Bro. takes 120 damage!

HP: 69/69
Magic: Thunderbolt
Enemy: Hammer Bro.
*Kerrrrr...  Zap Zap Zap!*
Hammer Bro. takes 112 damage!
Hammer Bro. vanishes like in Mario RPG.
Mallow: Or yet again, I could be wrong.

Mario and Party win!

*End Battle!*

Hammer Bro. is now lying on the ground, not even moving. The three then spot a treasure chest that he had been guarding. It contains five Mushrooms, four Super Mushrooms, and two Pick-Me-Ups, along with three Max Mushrooms, which Mario and Geno use.

Mario: Well, we got what we needed.

The other doors they didn't go through disappear, leaving just one path, which leads them to a surprise...

Mario, Mallow, and Geno: Valentina!

Valentina: Well well, if it isn't the heroes who bothered me from last time, how nice of you to join us.

Mallow: But, there's only you and Dodo.

Red: Hey, don't forget us!

The five cloaked figures come from the door.

Black: You CAN'T forget about us now.

Valentina: Now, time for me and Dodo to defeat you! This time shall be different!

Geno: Just give us the Star Rod Piece! It doesn't belong to you!

Valentina does that laugh thingy, then stops.

Valentina: You possibly think you can get this back? We shall see!

*Enter Battle!*

Mario and Party

Hp: 73/73
Attack: Super Hammer
Enemy: Dodo
*Ker Smash Smash, Smash!*
Dodo takes 112 damage!

HP: 69/69
Magic: Thunderbolt
Enemies: Dodo and Valentina
*Kerrrrr... Zap Zap Zap Zap Zap!!!*
Both enemies takes 122 damage!

HP: 72/72
Attack: Star Shot
Enemy: Valentina
Valentina takes 99 damage!

Attack: Peck
Enemy: Mallow
*Peck Peck!*
Mallow takes 12 damage

Magic: Queen Slap
Enemies: Mario, Mallow, and Geno
*Slap slap, Smash!*
Mario takes 19 damage, Mallow takes 14 damage, Geno takes 15 damage

Valentina: WHAT?! They aren't even getting hurt much! Dodo, we shall leave now!

Dodo looks at her stangely, but then listens to her and flies off with her again.

Mario and Party win!

*End Battle!*

Mario: Well, we'd better get the Star Rod Piece then.

Geno: Mario, you're forgetting one thing though.

Pink: Make that five.

Mallow: Just who are you five?

The five reveal themselves to be the Axem Rangers.

Axem Red: We come for the Star Rod Piece, so give it now! Rangers, attack!!!

*Enter Battle!

HP: 54/73
Attack: Super Hammer
Enemy: Axem Pink
*Ker Smash Smash, Smash!*
Axem Pink takes 113 damage!

HP: 43/69
Attack: Froggie Mace
Enemy: Axem Green
*Scratch Scratch!*
Axem Green takes 112 damage!

HP: 57/72
Magic: Geno Recover
*Recovering noise.*
Mario, Mallow, and Geno's HP is maxed.

Axem Red
Magic: Red Flame
Enemy: Mallow
Red creates a Flame Ball from his Axe, and causes it to attack Mallow.
Mallow takes 24 damage

Axem Pink
Magic: Recover
Target: Herself
*Recovering Noise*
Pink recovers herself.

Axem Yellow
Attack: Body Slam
Enemy: Mario
Yellow slams into Mario
Mario takes 14 damage

Axem Green
Magic: Recover
Target: Himself
*Recovering noise.*
Green's HP is maxed out.

Axem Black
Magic: Small Bombs
Enemy: Mario
Mario takes 24 damage

HP: 35/73
Item: Super Mushroom
Target: Mario
Mario recovers himself

HP: 45/69
Attack: Froggie Mace
Enemy: Axem Pink
*Scratch Scratch!*
Axem Pink takes 112 damage!

HP: 72/72
Attack: Star Shot
Enemy: Axem Pink
Axem Pink takes 114 damage!

Axem Pink: Hey Red!

Axem Red: What now?

Axem Pink: I'm out of makeup.

Axem Red: ... Take a break.

Axem Red
Attack: Axem Axe
Enemy: Mario
Mario takes 34 damage

Axem Green
Attack: Green Axe
Enemy: Geno
Geno takes 14 damage

Axem Black
Magic: Small Bombs
Enemy: Geno
Geno takes 34 damage

Axem Yellow
Magic: Body Slam
Enemy: Mallow
Mallow takes 14 damage

HP: 39/73
Attack: Super Hammer
Enemy: Axem Green
*Ker Smash Smash, Smash!*
Axem Green takes 125 damage!

HP: 54/69
Magic: Thunderbolt
Enemies: Axems
*Kerrrrrr... Zap Zap Zap Zap Zap!
Axem Red and Black both take 114 damage, Green takes 112 damage, Yellow takes 99 damage!

HP: 34/72
Magic: Geno Recover
*Recovering noise*
Mario and Party are all recovered.

Axem Red
Magic: Charge up!
Target: Himself
Axem Red is all powered up

Axem Yellow
Attack: Yellow Smash
Enemy: Mario
Mario takes 15 damage

Axem Green
Attack: Green Axe
Enemy: Geno
Geno takes 24 damage

Axem Black
Magic: Black Boost
Black boosts his attack and defense

HP: 58/73
Attack: Super Hammer
Enemy: Axem Yellow
*Ker Smash Smash, Smash!*
Axem Yellow takes 98 damage!

HP: 69/69
Attack: Froggie Mace
Enemy: Axem Black
*Scratch Scratch!*
Axem Black takes 29 damage

HP: 48/72
Attack: Star Shot
Enemy: Axem Red
Axem Red takes 84 damage!

Axem Black
Attack: Black Smash
Enemy: Mallow
Mallow takes 14 damage

Axem Red
Magic: Charge up
Axem Red is STILL charging up.

Axem Yellow
Item: Ultra Mushroom
Axem Yellow recovers 101 HP.

Axem Green
Attack: Green Smash
Enemy: Mallow
Mallow takes 13 damage

HP: 58/73
Magic: Super Jump
Enemy: Axem Green
Mario jumps on Green about 7 times, causing 140 damage

Axem Green: Hey Red!

Axem Red: What?!

Green: I'm tired.

Axem Red: ... Get some shut eye!

HP: 48/72
Magic: Geno Recover
Mario and Party are all recovered.
Geno has run out of Magic Points!

HP: 69/69
Attack: Froggie Mace
Enemy: Axem Black
*Scratch Scratch!*
Axem Black takes 114 damage!

Axem Black: Hey Red!

Axem Red: (getting angry) What now?!

Axem Black: My shades broke!

Axem Red: (still getting angry) ... Go steal another pair!

Axem Red
Attack: Axem Smash
Enemy: Geno
*Ker Smash!*
Geno takes 68 damage

Axem Yellow
Attack: Yellow Smash
Enemy: Mario
Mario takes 29 damage

HP: 44/73
Attack: Super Hammer
Enemy: Axem Yellow
*Ker Smash Smash, Smash!*
Axem Yellow takes 114 damage!

Axem Yellow: Hey Red.

Axem Red: (angry) WHAT IS IT NOW?!

Axem Yellow: I'm hungry.

Axem Red: ... Just bite your tongue.

HP: 69/69
Attack: Froggie Mace
Enemy: Axem Red
*Scratch Scratch!*
Axem Red takes 109 damage!

HP: 4/74
Item: Super Mushroom
Geno is fully recovered.

Axem Red: Well, it's about time for you three to defeat us all now.

*End Battle?*

Mario: What are you talking about?

Axem Red: You can't defeat us all, Stupid Mario. Even if you did, we'd still come back at you.

Mallow: But I thought you got killed that day, along with the rest.

Geno: Yeah, how did you escape?

Axem Red: After you defeated us twice, we were hanging on to our ship while it was coming even closer and closer to the lava. We were then able to escape thanks to Axem Black's bombs, since he still had some. He shot the bombs onto the boulders and we jumped from boulder to boulder. We then made it out of it, barely after the volcano erupting. We soon tried to make it down the volcano while lava was chasing us. I'm still surprised that we made it out ok.

Mario: Well, that does explain all.

Axem Pink: Uhg...

Geno: Huh? What the?

Axem Black: Ok, I'm up.

Axem Yellow and Green: So... are we...

Mallow: Hey, they're getting up!

Mario: You stalled for time!

Axem Red: And just in time, too. Don't forget, as long as we're here, you're not going to get anything done.

Mario: Oh really?

Axem Red: Oh yeah, let's see you try to get it now, "chumps".

Mallow: *sniff* Chumps? Who said I was one?

As soon as Mallow begins to cry, rain begins to fall. Thunder then comes and hits the Axem Rangers.

Axem Yellow: YEOCH!

Axem Green: We're toast! Even though the four of us were defeated, we're down again.

Axem Red: Idiots... Anyway, you won't be getting the Star Rod Piece now, you three!


Geno: Moron...


Axem Red, along with the other Rangers, go flying off, probably off to ??? Haven, but oh well. The rain stops and Mallow stops crying.

Mario: No offense or anything, but you can get offended or get your feelings hurt easily like that.

Mallow: ^.^  Yeah, I know. Now, to open up that moving bag.

Mario unties the bag, to reveal...

Mallow: Princess Vanilla?!

Princess Vanilla is in a purple and blue shirt, with pink pants. She is the same height as Mallow, only with longer hair.

Princess Vanilla: Hmmm? You seem to have forgotin me so quickly, huh silly?

Mario: Wow, so this is the princess.

Geno: Hmm, she seems to be just like Mallow.

Princess Vanilla: Of course, Mallow was called Prince in Nimbus land when Valentina tried to takeover.

Mallow: So that's why she wanted revenge this time.

Mario: Uhh... I hate to interrupt, but I think that we should get that Star Rod Piece.

Princess Vanilla: Oh, that thing over there? We found it one day when it hit me on the head. Here, you should three should take it.

The Star begins to float up in the air and then Mario goes and catches it and the "I've got a Star Piece" music plays.

And so, Mario and Party have been through many tough things, including going to the Starlight Kingdom, beating the Fusion Goomba, defending against and returning Bowser's attacks, Winning a Piece from Roy, beating the Blooper, and now this. What will happen next in the adventure? What will ??? do now that Mario, Bowser, and Geno have tricked their way into getting another Piece? Not only that, who IS ??? and how is Peach doing? Find out next time in Super Mario RPG 2!

Read on!

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