Super Mario RPG 2

By Extreme nintendo master

Part 7: The Cave of Mysteries

Last time on Super Mario RPG 2, Mario and the gang had made it to a Snow Village, where five cloaked people were causing trouble. Soon then, they were climbing the big hill, and all fell down but made it to the top. Mario bounced Mallow and Geno to the top and found Valentina making trouble. Finding out about the Princess Vanilla, they went into the castle and found Valentina and Dodo, who fled from battle. Soon, the cloaked figures revealed themselves to be none other then the Axem Rangers. After defeating them, Axem Red stalled for some time and the others got up. Axem Red made Mallow cry by calling them chumps, allowing the Axem Rangers to get away.  After releasing the Princess Vanilla, she then gave them the fifth Star Rod Piece. But, meanwhile, ??? has been plnaning something for Mario and the others. What will happen now on Super Mario RPG 2?

??? Haven...

??? and the others are having a secret meeting, but...

???: WHAT?!

Goom: (starting to sweat) Uhhh, your loyal, err I mean-

???: SILENCE!!!

Lord Shy: I TOLD YOU not to send them to get it.

Axem Red: How was I to know that Mallow was that sensitive?


Axem Pink: We said we were sorry!

???: I can't believe it!!! How were we fooled by those three?! It's unbelievable!

????: Yes, but what should we do now then?

???: Ok, now listen up...

The scene goes back to outside of the Haven.

??? (voice): I'm a genius!

Outside, Cloud Village...

Mallow: You what?!

Mario: But, we have no choice though.

Princess Vanilla: Yes, I do want to come with you.

Geno: Come on now, we can just give her a chance now, Mallow.

Mallow: *sigh* Fine.

Princess Vanilla: Oh yes, thank you!

*The princess of the clouds, Princess Vanilla has now joined the Party.*

Mario: There are four in our Party, we only need three to battle. So... we only need to choose three for battle, while the other rests.

Geno: Exactly.

Mallow: So, where to now?

Princess Vanilla: I hear that there's one in a cave below here. It's called Star Cave. There is supposed to be a big treasure there, so they say.

Mallow: So, let's get going then!

Geno: We need to go back down.

The four then walk towards where they came from when Geno trips and  begins to fall down.

Mario, Mallow, and Vanilla: GENO!!!

Luckily, Geno lands on a cloud.

Mario, Mallow, and Vanilla: Phew.

After coming down from the clouds and the big hill, they return to the snow nillage.

Snow Town...

Mallow: Brrrrrrr!

Mallow puts on his scarf.

Mallow: Ahhh, much better.

Vanilla giggles.

Mario: Come on, guys... and girl.

Vanilla: Let's take a rest, it's already night.

Mallow: Good idea.

They walk into the inn. All is quiet, and the innkeeper is nowhere in sight. It is dark as well.

Geno: This is... odd... It's just like it got destroyed.

Vanilla: Let's get out of here!


Mario: What the?

Axem Red: Hey hey, it's me again!

Axem Black: And me.

Axem Red: We're just both here together!

Axem Black: Not only that, we're both the toughest!

Geno: I'll stay out of this one.

Princess Vanilla
Axem Red
Axem Black

HP: 72/72
Attack: Super Hammer
Enemy: Axem Red
*Ker Smash, Smash Smash!*
Axem Red takes 122 damage!

HP: 69/69
Attack: Froggie Mace
Enemy: Axem Red
*Ker...Scratch Scratch!*
Axem Red takes 144 damage!

Princess Vanilla
HP: 69/69
Attack: Princess Mace
Enemy: Axem Black
*Ker Ker Scratch Scratch!!!*
Axem Black takes 249 damage!!!

Mario and Mallow: !

Axem Black: Ogh.

Axem Red: ... You can't be beaten up by this girl!!!

Axem Black
Magic: Flaming Axe
Enemies: Mallow and Vanilla
*Woosh! Scratch!*
Mallow takes 49 damage!
Princess Vanilla takes 48 damage!

Axem Black
Attack: Black Axe
Enemy: Mario
Mario takes 50 damage!

HP: 23/73
Magic: Super Jump
Enemy: Axem Black
*Ker Smash, Smash, Smash!*
Axem Black is defeated!

HP: 20/69
Attack: Froggie Mace
Enemy: Axem Red
*Ker, Scratch Scratch!*
Axem Red is defeated!

Mario and Party win!

Level up!

HP- Up 17!
Def- Up 19!
Att- Up 15!
Speed- Up 17!
New Magic Learned! Mario learns Fire Rain! Mario can damage all enemies with this new Magic attack!

HP- Up 18!
Def- Up 23!
Att- Up 16!
Speed- Up 17!
New Magic Learned! Mallow learns Thunder! Mallow can damage all enemies with this Magic.

HP- Up 16!
Def- Up 22!
Att- Up 16!
Speed- Up 20!
New Magic Learned! Geno learns Geno Quake! Geno can attack all enemies with  this new attack!

Princess Vanilla
HP- Up 18!
Def- Up 19!
Att- Up 18!
Speed- Up 19!
New Magic Learned! Princess Vanilla learns Princess' Rain! This Magic can  only recover one member of you party!

*End Battle!*

Axem Red: Ouugggggggg... Hey, why did we lose?!

Axem Black: Ow, that girl can lay a hard hit!

Axem Red: Well, better get out of here, let's go!

Both Axem Red and Black leave and Geno turns on the switch. After finding the innkeeper under the desk, they are allowed to sleep for the night.

Morning comes and they all go outside. They find a pathway that leads them out of Snow Town.

Star Hill...

Mario: ... Where are we?

Geno: This is just like the Star Hill in the Mushroom Kingdom, only, there are no Stars here.

Vanilla: It can't be! There used to be Stars around here!

Mallow: But, if they did used to be here, then where are they?

Mario: Come on, we need to get going quickly.

There is a sign by Geno that he reads quickly. It reads "Star Hill's been under attack by evil underlings from somewhere."

Geno: (Hmmm, so it's been attacked. Goom is probably here...)

Mario: Geno!

Geno: Uh, sorry, Mario.

Geno follows the other three and they see another sign by a big star, also seen in Mario RPG.

Mallow: It says, "This way to the Star Sea."

Geno: Star Sea?

Mallow: Oh wait, it says "Star Volcano", sorry.

Vanilla: Star Volcano?! That's where the cave is!

Mallow: Uh oh, this is going to be WAY serious.

Geno: Well, we'd better get going if we're going to stop Goom and the rest.

Mario: How do you know?

Geno: I read a sign that said Star Hill is under attack.

Mario: Well, let's go through it then.

The big star then opens up, and the four go through it. It warps them to another big star, and they then see two more big stars.

Mallow: Oh great, two stars.

Vanilla: I choose this one!

Princess Vanilla goes over to the left one and goes in it.

Mario, Mallow and Geno: NO!

Nothing is heard.

Mario, Mallow and Geno: ?

Mario follows Princess Vanilla, along with the other two.

Meanwhile in Star Haven...

???: (angry)  HOW... COULD... YOU... TWO... LOSE?!

Axem Red: Uhh, err, well you see-

Axem Black: The Princess Vanilla made it out and is with the three main enemies: Mario, Mallow, and Geno, and-

Axem Red: We lost to them.

???: (still angry) I KNOW THAT! What I didn't know was that Princess Vanilla  was with them!!! Do you two know how serious this is getting?! I'm holding mostly nothing, while they have a total of FIVE!!! We're down a lot!!! We can't let them get the other Pieces!

Lord Shy: Maybe, but you do have all of the power, don't you?

???: Ahh, Lord Shy, how nice of you to drop by. Anyways, I do have the power of the Star Rod, the full, ultimate and extreme power of the Star Rod. But, those Star Spirits did cause me a lot of trouble. Too bad I had to lock them up into the Star Cards. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Axem Red: But, according to your brilliant plan, Master, how are you able to do it?

???: Simple, Axem Red and Black, I chose you two because you were stronger and more powerful then any of my minions. I decided to let you two do it.

Axem Black: ... Very well, Master.

???: Good, now come here...

Star Hill...

Back to where the other four are. They had came out of the right star, but found those Flower Stars from Mario RPG.

Vanilla: Hey, it's those flowers. If you touch all of them, the star will open up.

Mario touches a star, and it lights up.

Mallow: That was easy. Hey look, over there!

Geno: It's Goom!

Goom is seen over by two flowers.

Goom: Ha! You think you can make it to the cave, huh? Well then, in that case, you're not. And with that, I'm off.

Goom leaves, while Geno and Princess Vanilla touch the other two flowers, and the big star opens up. They all go through it.

Star Volcano...

Vanilla: Well, here it is, guys, Star Volcano. Where the Star Cave is.

The volcano is a bit of a yellowish color, but it has an opening at the top, just like in Mario RPG.

Mario: Well, at least we should get some equipment before we go in there.

Vanilla: Oh, that reminds me, you guys should take these.

Mario has the Super Masher as his Attack!
Mario has the Hero's Shirt for Armor!

Mallow has the Prince Froggie Mace as his Attack!
Mallow has the Prince Scarf for Armor!

Geno has the Hard Shot as his Attack!
Geno has the Star Cape for his Armor!

As for items, there are a total of five Mushrooms, three Super Mushrooms, five Maple Syrup, and five Pick-Me-Ups!!!

Mallow: Wow! Thanks! Hey, where did YOU get these from?

Vanilla: I had these in my room, hoping that you would come into Cloud Village and give you this stuff, along with you giving these to Mario and Geno.

Geno: Ok then, but how are we going to get up there?

Everyone looks at Mario.

Mario: ...? What? Why are you guys looking at me like that for?

Mallow: Mario, we all know that you can jump up to there, right?

Mario: *sigh* Fine...

Vanilla: Thanks, Mario!

So, after about ten minutes or so, Mario and the others make it up to the top of the volcano.

Geno: There, now that wasn't that bad, now was it?

Mario: It took 3.3 minutes for each one of you, but it took 3.1 for the princess.

Vanilla: Ok, now let's get-

Axem Red: Going anywhere?

Mallow: As a matter of fact, yes, we were.

Axem Black: Hey, we're here to stop you four!

Geno: And what, what are you going to do?

Axem Red: Allow us to show you.

Axem Red puts on a pair of shades and Axem Blacks causes a big huge flash that blinds Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Princess Vanilla.

Mario and Mallow: Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Geno: I can't see!!!

Vanilla: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Soon, the four fall down into the volcano, and can't see.

Axem Red: Wow, these shades really do work. Where do you get these from anyways?

Axem Black: Oh, these? I make them, they're a bit hard to make though.

Axem Red: Anyways, we need to get into there.

Axem Red and Black both go into the volcano, following the others. Inside is just like Barrel Volcano, but it's more of a brownish color. Mario wakes up, followed by Geno, then Mallow and Vanilla.

Mallow: W-w-where are we? And I'm taking off this scarf, not the Prince one though.

Geno: Hmmm, it seems we're inside the volcano.

Mario: Nice, now we need to find the cave. Hey look, it's a bridge!

A bridge is right between the two cliffs. They all cross it and the bridge collapses.

Vanilla: Uh oh, now we won't be able to make it out of here.

Geno: Forget about that, look!

Another bridge is there, but on the other side, there is a pathway to another area of the volcano. But, to make it over to there, they need to cross this loooooooooong bridge.

Mario: Well, we'd better get over to there.

On the other side, however, Axem Black is ready to cut the bridge when he sees them. Mario and the gang soon make it when they see Axem Black.

*Slice Slice!*

And the side falls down. Axem Black throws bombs to the other side of the bridge.

*Bang Bang!*

And the whole bridge falls down, making the four fall down along with the bridge.

Axem Black: Heh. Won't be seeing you four. Well, better start looking for that Star Rod Piece in that cave.

Axem Black rushes off, while our four heroes are still falling down.

Mario: Well, there can't be any way that we can all survive this!

Vanilla: I don't think so!

Mallow: Geno! Use your Quake attack!

Geno: ... Why?

Mallow: Just do it!!!

Magic: Geno Quake
Geno uses Geno Quake.

The inside of the volcano starts to rumble, while big huge boulders come down, making it easy for them to jump across.

Geno: We have to keep going up if we want to make it up!

All four jump up high to a boulder, then the next, and the next.

Mallow: Left!

They all jump to the left.

Mario: Left!

Again to the left.

Vanilla: Higher!

They all jump even higher.

Geno: Right!

And they all jump to the right, making it up to the other side.

Mallow: That... was... nice... But anyways, we need to get that Piece before they do!

Mario: Well, let's continue...

So, they continue on to the pathway to see a BIG hill, which contains platform edges (like from Mario RPG).

Mario: Well, better jump it.

Geno: Look, the cave is up there!

Mallow: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get going!

Meanwhile in ??? Haven...

???: Are you sure they are dead?

Goom: Yes, we are pretty sure they are.

??? They better be. Now, we shall wait for the two Axems to come.

Back inside the volcano, they have made it halfway when they all step on a switch, triggering...

Vanilla: Oh my! Look!

Lava begins to rush up, making the four go even faster. The lava however seems to be going up even faster than the others.

Mario: Ahhh! We have to hurry!

Vanilla: Oof!

Vanilla then trips, not able to move. Mallow comes after her while Mario and Geno are at the top.

Geno: Come on Mallow!

With the lava behind them, Mallow decides to carry Princess Vanilla.

Mario: Almost there, Mallow!

Mallow: It's getting hot in here!

With the lava almost touching Mallow, they both make it to the top just in time.

Vanilla: Thanks, Mallow. ^_^

Mallow: Heh. Yeah, no problem.

Mario: Come on, let's get in, guys. And girl...

Inside Star Cave...

Inside the cave is all shiny and bright, like the stars at the Night of Plit. However, the pathway seems short. After making it inside and going to another area of the cave, they come across bridge.

Mario: Hmm? Who is that over there?

????: What?! I-i-it can't be!

???? is seen on the other side of the bridge.

????: I thought that you four were long gone by Black!

Mallow: Shows you.

????: I don't need any lip from you. I'm here to stop you now!

Geno: What now? Battle?

????: Close, Geno, close.

???? shoots a beam of light on the other side of Mario and Party's bridge. The side falls down, leaving ????'s side still on.

Vanilla: How was THAT even close?

????: It's very clear, you see, I'm here to stop you before you four can make it over to the Star Rod Piece. Not even Stupid Mario can jump that high and that far across to here. And with that, I'm off.

???? leaves, leaving Mario and the gang stuck.

Mallow: I know!

Magic: Thunderbolt
At: Inside

Soon, a thunderstorm begins, making the water rise. The side of the bridge rises up, allowing everyone to cross it.

Mario: How do you do it?

They begin to move on once again. The next area contains platforms like in the Barrel Volcano, only they're blue instead of white. Mario and the gang begin to jump them, but when the last person to get on them, Vanilla, the first platform falls. They all keep jumping, one by one, making the platforms fall in order. When they all make it across to the other side, there is no way to get back to the other side. They go on to the next area, which contains lava and a pathway. Once they make it halfway across, the lava shoots up into the air, not stopping.

Geno: W-w-w-what's going on here?

Vanilla: They say that there's a mighty dragon here inside this cave called Zee Star Dragon.

Mallow: K-kinda reminds me of the Czar Dragon that we defeated.

Vanilla: What?! You mean you're the three that defeated him?! Star Dragon won't be happy to hear that.

The lava shoots up even harder now. Right in front of them now is a dragon that looks just like Czar, only more bluish and blacker and with three eyes and two arms.

Vanilla: THAT'S his brother!

Star Dragon: Who are you four, and what am I hearing about three people killing my brother?!

Mario: That's Czar's brother?!

Geno: He doesn't seem to happy with us now, Mario...

Star Dragon: So, it is you three who have killed Czar. But it cannot be true... though the rumors say it, five people were able defeat him.

Mario: So? We can take you on!

Star Dragon: So let it be, fools!!!

*Enter Battle*

Star Dragon

HP: 89/89
Attack: Super Masher
Enemy: S.Dragon
*Ker Smash...Smash!*
S.Dragon takes 49 damage!

HP: 87/87
Attack: Prince Froggie Mace
Enemy: S.Dragon
*Ker ker ker scratch!*
S.Dragon takes 43 damage!

HP: 88/88
Attack: Hard Shot
Enemy: S.Dragon
*Bang Crash Bang!*
S.Dragon takes 46 damage!

Magic: Flame Wall
Enemies: All
The same Flame Wall from the game appears, then stops.
Mario takes 19 damage! Mallow takes 20 damage! Geno takes 17 damage!

HP: 70/89
Magic: Fire Rain
Enemy: S.Dragon
Mario creates fireballs and throws them up into the air, causing it to rain fireballs.
S.Dragon takes 49 damage! Arm One takes 100 damage! Arm Two takes 100 damage!
Arm One and Two are defeated!

HP: 67/87
Magic: Thunder
Enemy: S.Dragon
*Ker Ker Crash!*
S.Dragon takes 200 damage!!!
S.Dragon is defeated!
Mario and Party win!

*End Battle!*

Soon, the lava stops shooting up in the air after the defeat. Star Dragon falls into the lava.

Vanilla: That... was easy... but it said that he would be hard, though...

Mario: Yeah. Well, come on, we got a Piece to find.

After going to the next area, the Star Rod Piece is on the floor.

Geno: Hmm... This is odd once again. Just like last time when the Axem Rangers came and stole it...

Axem Red: Well well, if it isn't the heroes who were supposed to be dead. Anyways, you're too late!

Mallow: Red!

Axem Black: And me!

Geno: What are you to doing here, and where are the other three?

Axem Red: The boss told us to stop you four, since we're the strongest of the two, So, prepare to be amazed!

Axem Red and Black begin to both flash red and blue, and get closer and closer to each other. Soon they both fuse together. And, remember Star Dragon? Well, he reappears, coming into the fusion.

Vanilla: What? But it can't be! It only says that it is powerful!

Mallow: But, it also holds the power of fusion. If I remember it well, "If this monster is fused together with another fusion, it will create a powerful monster."

With a bright light, a big red and black Zombone Monster is created.

Vanilla: S-StarBone!

Mario: Correction, Axembone!

The monster stares at our heroes angrily with red eyes. It attacks Princess Vanilla into a wall. The monster laughs to himself.

Mallow: VANILLA!!!

Geno: We can't let him or it do that to her!

Mario: All right, guys, let's go and defeat them!!!

*Enter Battle!*


Everyone's HP is Maxed out, lost all Mushrooms.
Start Battle.

HP: 89/89
Attack: Super Masher
Enemy: AxemBone
*Ker Smash Smash!*
AxemBone takes 94 damage!

HP: 87/87
Attack: Prince Froggie Mace
Enemy: AxemBone
*Ker scratch.....Scratch Scratch!*
AxemBone takes 84 damage!

HP: 88/88
Attack: Hard Shot
Enemy: A.Bone
AxemBone takes 95 damage!

Magic: Arrow Bones
Enemies: Mario, Mallow, Geno
AxemBone summons bone-like arrows at the three, damaging them!
Mario takes 39 damage! Mallow takes 40 damage! Geno takes 44 damage!

HP: 50/89
Magic: Fire Rain
Enemies: AxemBone, Side Red, Side Black
AxemBone takes 39 damage! Side Red takes 104 damage! Side Black takes 600 damage!
Side Black disappears, replacing it with blue.

HP: 47/47
Magic: Thunder
Enemies: AxemBone, Side Red
*Ker ker ker.....CRASH!!!*
AxemBone takes 49 damage! Side Red takes 609 damage!
Side Red also vanishes, replacing it with yellow.

*End Battle?*

The scene exits battle, with StarBone moaning, then both Axems hit the wall hard.

Axem Red and Black: Oug!

Mallow: Wow, that was easy... Well, better get Princess Vanilla and get the St- WAIT? WHERE IS THE PIECE?!

Vanilla: I have it, silly.

Geno: Well, that seemed TOO easy. Wait, it's still alive!!!

*Re-Enter Battle*

Mario: Hey Geno, you never told us or used your Geno Away yet since you got it from that level-up.

Geno: Hmm, let me try it out.

HP: 44/88
Magic: Geno Away
Enemy: StarBone
Geno shoots a beam of light at the enemy, making the bone-like dragon go up into the air. It comes down painfully hard.
StarBone takes 1,000 damage!!!

*Mario and Party Win?*
*End Battle*

Geno: WOW!

The monster moans even loader, then collapses hard.

Mallow: Who knew that Magic would be so powerful?

StarBone: You have proven yourselves well.

Mario: W-who said that?

StarBone: I am still alive. You see, these two were already here before you four, making me even weaker. It is true about the fusions coming into me, but I couldn't control anything. However, I do get control when some people fuse into me, but I was yet too weak. But I must do this, take this Star Rod Piece, and I'll take you outside of here. Mario, you have earned it well.

Vanilla lets go of the Piece, making it go around Mario again. It spins, Mario catches it, and that music comes on again.

Vanilla: Wow, that's SIX Pieces already!

Geno: Yes, but I have a feeling that the last one will be even HARDER to get.

???????: M-m-m-m..a..r..i..o... M-m-m-m..a..l..ll.o..w... G-g-g-g..e..n..o... V-v-v..a..n..i..l..l..a... Can... you.... four... hear m..e?

Geno: Wait, Eldstar? Is that you?

Vanilla: Wait, I've heard of him before, but why is blurring out?

Mario: Oh no! Last time this happened, there was trouble in Star Haven!

Eldstar: Mario... you... must... com...e... to... Star Haven... quickly...

Mallow: But we only have the six Pieces!

Eldstar: But you... don't... under...stand...! The... last... one... is... at... *fades out*

Mario: Eldstar!

Mario and his group have finally gotten the sixth Star Rod Piece, but now, Eldstar has faded out once again. Where is the last Piece of the Star Rod? And will our heroes get it? Find out next time, on Super Mario RPG 2!

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