Paper Mario: Evil's Rising

By Dark Boo

Chapter 1
Part 1: Twilight Town Assault

Dopple and Boomer had just gotten introductions out of the way, and decided to head to Twilight Town to stock up. Bad move. Anyway, Doopliss had been kidnapped by the rogue Kaztran and three others. He is now a prisoner of the voice in the shades. You may be thinking, this all seems too original! Where is Mario? But that is yet to come, when- wait, no spoilers.

"Yeah, or the producer will get mad again!" said Dopple. (What? Why did he get mad before?)

"He was mad about the long prologue." (Ugh... everyone makes a deal about a long prologue.) Back to the story...

As the two were about to enter Twilight Town, a strange-looking man dashed out, flailing his arms and screaming.

"GIANT TURTLE!!!" screamed the psycho Twilighter. Then he sighed. "Oh, what's the point...?" Then he skidded to a halt, and started trudging. Dopple had never seen a Twilighter because he had never left the Steeple before, but they were just as his original described: gloomy, ragged clothes, oddballs. Yep, a perfect match.

"What's he talking about?" asked Boomer.

"How should I know?! Do I look like I get out often?!" cried Dopple.

"Okay okay! Geez... I was just asking," said Boomer. As they entered the town, both were instantly shocked at what they saw. Houses were burning, screams filled the air, and some people were just lieing on the ground, out cold.

"Woah..." murmered Dopple under his breath. When our heroes (yeah right) ventured further in, they saw the cause of the problem. A giant Koopa was running around, breathing fire, and smashing stuff. It had spikes on its shell, and red hair. Boomer backed up a little bit, but Dopple thought otherwise. He jumped up into the air, moving a little slowly.

"What are you doing?! He'll cream us!" yelled Boomer, now looking serious. Dopple ignored him. Then with a mighty force, he dashed into Bowser. Although it didn't do much, considering the Koopa King's size.

"Huh? Who has the nerve to ram into King Bowser?" said Bowser, finally stopping his reign of destruction. He turned around, and saw a little Duplighost, getting up off the ground. "YOU?"

"Yeah, it was me... I demand you stop this madness, or... or... else," stammered Dopple. Bowser stared at him vacantly, then began to laugh his head off.

"YOU? Yeah right! This is a joke! There's no way a little... freak-sheet..." As Bowser said these words, Dopple heard only "freak-sheet" for a while. His blood became heated. Dopple was taught that "freak-sheet" was an offensive term to him and his father. When he came back to reality, he finally heard, "...and that is why you can never defeat me!"

"I can so take you! You're nothing but a big bully! And it's time I taught you a lesson!" Dopple said, going red in the sheet- I mean face. He then went into a battle position, and didn't realize he was embarrasing himself. Boomer chuckled a little.

"Heh heh... okay! Bring it!" said Bowser, about to bring down a sharp claw. A hit like that would fell Dopple in one blow. He awaited the worst. "It's bedtime!" finished Bowser. All of a sudden, cackling was heard, and out of nowhere, Boomer had enlarged himself in front of Bowser, causing him to fall down.

"Did you see the look on his face?!" laughed Boomer. Dopple didn't care. He just smirked.

"Now it's two-on-one! You can't win!" said Dopple. Bowser got up, and chuckled a bit.

"One, I can still defeat you, and two, whoever said I was alone?" said Bowser. Boomer and Dopple's hearts sank. "KOOPALINGS, ASSEMBLE!" With a quick reaction, seven Koopas showed up, looking tough.

"Now you're gonna get it!" said Larry.

"Prepare to feel pain from us, because it is time for us to hurt you, and hurting causes pain, which will be directed at you!" said Morton.

"Hold on!" said Wendy.

"That looks-" started Iggy.

"-Like Doopliss!" finished Lemmy.

"He wrecked our place! Now it's payback time!" said Roy.

"But he looks different..." said Ludwig.

"That's because I'M not Doopliss!" yelled Dopple.

"You must be!" yelled Bowser.

"No, I'm his son! Well, technically, I'm his clone," responded Dopple.

"Did...  did... you say CLONE?" asked Ludwig. "That might explain why my cloning machine fell out of the attic a year ago!"

"He's telling the truth," said Boomer.

"We still have to pound you," said Bowser.

"Oh phoo," said Dopple. The battle was about to begin, until a female Magikoopa came flying in.

"Your Ugliness! We have an emergency! One of the Bob-ombs set off a chain!" cried Kammy.

"So?" said Bowser.

"Well, the chain ended up in the room where you keep the inactive Bob-ombs," explained Kammy.

"What's your point?" asked Bowser.

"Well, let's just say that half of your castle is missing, and a bunch of minions are rioting," said Kammy.

"So?" asked Bowser.

"YOUR STUPIDNESS! Goombas and Koopas are robbing the vault! Among other things that are worth a lot of coins," finished Kammy.

"WHAT?!" screamed Bowser, causing the Koopalings to cover their ears. He then turned to Dopple and Boomer. "You got lucky this time, but we'll be back! Kids! Get in the family-size Clown Car!" All the Koopas then jumped into the copter, and were about to take off.

"Oh no you don't!" said Boomer. He flew up to the car and began slapping the Koopas.

"Hey! Stop that!" yelled Larry. After a few jabs, Larry lost his balance, and fell out of the car.

"Larry, shut up," said Roy. They didn't notice that their brother was missing. In fact, they wouldn't notice until they got back.

"Wait! WAIT!" screamed Larry, but he couldn't be heard over the noisy propeller of the Koopa Clown Car. He finally gave up. "Great. Just great." Larry then took a look at Dopple and Boomer.

"He could be useful to us, ya know," whispered Dopple to Boomer.

"Yeah, but how do we get him to join?" whispered Boomer. Since Larry was an expert spy, he easily overheard the two talking.

"Don't worry. I have no way to get home alone. So I will give you the honor of taking me back to Koopa Castle," replied Larry.

"Yeah... sure... but you have to do something for us!" said Dopple.

"What's that?" asked Larry.

"You have to join our party for the rest of the story," said Boomer.

"What?! No way!" cried Larry.

"It's either that, or stay here to get mauled by angry villagers when they awake," finished Dopple.

"Grrr... Fine, but I'm not happy about it!" said Larry.

"Perfect!" said Dopple.

Larry, of the Koopa Troop, has joined Boomer and Dopple! (What do you think this is? An RPG?)

"By the way... my name is Dopple," said Dopple.

"And mine is Boomer!" said the guy who said his name.

"Grumble... grumble... Larry..." grumbled Larry. The three companions then decided to rob the store that was on fire before it collapsed. The supplies they stole were three Mushrooms, two Fire Flowers, one Super Mushroom, and two Lightning Bolts. They were all troublemakers, so no one cared about the moral wrongness of stealing. The three jumped into the warp pipe, and finally began their quest.

Chapter 1
Part 2: The Shadow Elder

Doopliss had finally awoken from his long coma. At first, he felt dizzy, but then he remembered what had happened. Quickly getting to his feet, Doopliss examined the room he was in. It looked similar to the room where the Shadow Queen had been defeated, except instead of a coffin, there was just an endless darkness.

"Hello, doppleganger," said a raspy voice. Doopliss jumped at the words.

"W-who are you? And where are you?" trembled Doopliss.

"I... am the Shadow Elder..." replied the voice. "And I... am nowhere."

"WHAT?! That doesn't make any sense!" said Doopliss.

"Well, actually, it does. I have no body, so I remain within the darkness to keep my essence hidden," said the Shadow Elder.

"Where am I?" asked Doopliss.

"You are in the Shadow Palace, beyond the Thousand-Year Door. While the entrance has been opened, this secret altar is sealed. Only the seven shadow keys can unlock this room. Nothing else," replied the Shadow Elder.

"There had to be seven," moaned Doopliss. "So cliche. So why am I here?"

"That... I cannot tell," finished the Shadow Elder. "Soon, but not now."

"Sigh..." sighed Doopliss. "Cliche."

Chapter 1
Finale: A Spitting Image

"So THIS is Rogueport?" asked Dopple. He'd only heard stories of Rogueport. Now that they were finally there, he was a little disappointed. "This place is a dump."

"Well, what did you expect? Everyone is rich and fancy, and everything is all pretty?" said Larry sarcastically.

"Yes," replied Dopple. Boomer nodded as well. Then Dopple turned his attention to the Boo. "So how do we get to the Mushroom Kingdom?" asked Dopple.

"I think there's a ferry..." said Boomer. The three looked around, and finally noticed the docks. Heading down, a ship was entering the harbor.

"I wonder who just got off that boat?" asked Dopple.

"Why would we care?" asked Larry.

"You have to pay close attention to the small things in stories like this," responded Dopple. Once the boat had left, they could see a man in overalls, wearing red, and a hat with an M. Beside him was a man in green, wearing a hat with an L on it. Dopple began to proceed forward, but someone grabbed him by his sheet, er, skin, and pulled him behind some boxes and barrels.

"Moron!" said Larry.

"What?" asked Dopple.

"Don't you know who that is?" yelled Larry. Dopple shook his head. "That's Mario MARIO! The one who repeatedly saves the world!"

"Oh yeah!" said Boomer, remembering now. "That's the guy we're looking for."

Larry:  0_0

Dopple headed over to Mario and Luigi, expecting nothing to go wrong. Boomer followed, and Larry didn't budge. Boomer went back and started dragging Larry. But since this story is so crazy, of course something went wrong. Dopple stepped up to the Brothers.

"Hello, I'm-" started Dopple.

"Mamamia! It's-a Doopliss!" cried Mario.

"And Larry too!" yelled Luigi.

"Wait, hold on-" started Dopple.

"Come to-a fight me again, eh Doopliss?" said Mario.

"And you brung along a Boo and-a Larry!" said Luigi.

"But I don't wanna fight!" said Dopple.

"Yeah right!" cried Luigi. Before Dopple could respond, Mario jumped in the air. Larry screamed. One-two-three hits! Larry passed out. Luigi ripped out his Poltergust, and sucked up Boomer. Dopple looked around, frightened to death. Before Mario could strike, however, an explosion was heard.

"What was that?" asked Mario. The three turned and saw a cloaked figure, hovering around and throwing bombs. While the Mario Bros. dashed to the scene, Dopple released Boomer (Luigi left the Poltergust lieing around) and used a Mushroom on Larry.

"Huh... What's goin' on?" asked Larry.

"C'mon! We gotta help them!" cried Dopple. Meanwhile, the fight between the rogue (for the record, this isn't Kaztran, but one of his flunkies) and the Mario Bros. had already started. Mario and Luigi felt weak because the figure had hit them with many bombs.

"Give up already, Mario fools!" said the rogue. "Either way, I, Shrindo, server of the Shadow Elder, will be victorious!"

"Never!" yelled Mario.

"Very well then. You shall now die," said Shrindo. He began to fuse his own energy with a bomb, causing it to emit a mysterious black energy. He was about to throw it, and emerge victorious.

"NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!" boomed Dopple. Shrindo looked around, wondering who opposed him. Then...


The rogue was knocked out of midair, and stumbled to the ground.

"Why you little..." groaned the rogue. Before he could get up, Boomer had slapped him silly. "Owowowowow!" He was now fuming. And yet, Larry had dashed forward and slashed Shrindo. He got up and saw five instead of two.

"Doopliss? Boo? LARRY?!" said Mario astonished.

"I'm Dopple! Not Doopliss, who is my father!" explained the doppleganger.

"I'm Boomer!" screamed the Boo.

"And I'm... wait, you already know me." said Larry. Shrindo was weakened, but he noticed his opponents were off guard.

"So long, losers!" yelled Shrindo. He released the shadow bomb straight at Luigi.

"MAMAMIA!" screamed Luigi. Fearing for his younger brother, Mario took a dive, and the blow. An immense explosion happened, and all Shrindo could see was smoke.

"Got 'em," sneered Shrindo. But when everything was clear, four of the five fighters were still standing. "What?!" The rogue was shocked, and too surprised to respond when Dopple rammed him, Boomer slapped him, and Larry slashed him. Luigi took out his hammer, and with a big WHAM!, Shrindo was gone. He went flying into the sky, and dropped a blackish key on his way up. But this wasn't the last they would see of Shrindo.

"What's this key thing?" asked Dopple. The item Shrindo dropped was completely black, with razor teeth. "It looks important, though."

"Yeah, you'd better get it." said Boomer.

"Am I supposed to talk every time after Boomer speaks, or what?! I mean, geez!" complained Larry. Dopple moved forward, and grasped the key within his arms.

Dopple has acquired the first Shadow Key! (What did I say earlier about RPGs?)

"First?" asked Luigi. Uh oh. They know now. Too early! (Just don't say anymore.)

"... Anyway, I guess I should introduce-a myself. I'm Luigi," said the green plumber. "You see, me and-a my brother came here with a map the princess sent us. She was so sure it was for treasure this time!" He examined Dopple. "Wow. Mario told-a me about your father. You're a real spitting image of him, from the way he was described. So, why is Larry Koopa with you?"

"We made a deal. He got separated from his family, so he joins us for the rest of the story, and we take him back to Koopa Castle," replied Dopple. "The real reason I'm adventuring, though..." Dopple explained the whole incident to Luigi. "...and that's how we got here."

"You three won't make it far on your own. Which is why I'm-a joining you!" said Luigi.

"Sweet! The more help the better," said Boomer.

"... Don't look at me," said Larry.

Luigi, the plumber in green, has joined Dopple, Boomer, and Larry. (... I give up...)

"Mario can also help- wait a minute! He took-a the explosion!" cried Luigi. The four looked around frantically, and noticed Mario, lieing on the ground unconscious. The four rushed over to him. "Quick! We gotta get him to the hospital!"

"I don't think this place has one!" cried Boomer.

"Yes there is! Truth be told, Mario didn't look hard enough during the game! To the hospital!" commanded Larry, who seemed to know where he was going. The other three followed, Luigi carrying Mario.



"He must have fallen out of the copter when we left that dump," said Ludwig.

"Well, my children, we'll find Larry, and once we do, we'll kill anyone who might be with him! We won't let anyone get any ideas about changing Larry's beliefs!" responded Bowser. "Kammy, you sort this mess out! Kids! Car! NOW!"

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