Paper Mario: Evil's Rising

By Dark Boo


It was an average day at Creepy Steeple. Boos were pranking each other, Doopliss was watching his TV in the bell tower, having dropped the "evil act" a year ago, and twilight filled sky. As always. Duh, it's Twilight Town, what do you expect?

About five years had passed since the opening of the play Paper Mario, which was directed by Flurrie. Doopliss had the starring role of Mario, and was also the partners Mario had during his quest except for Flurrie, who played herself. Two months after the play was first shown to the public, it was made into a full length movie and put on DVD. People felt they could watch the movie all they wanted at home, and no longer came to watch the play live. Because of this, the show was shut down, and Doopliss was forced to quit. Angered by the Mushroomers who put him out of business, Doopliss turned back to evil-doing. However, four years after his return to a life of crime. For no good reason he decided to attack Koopa Castle in Dark Land, where he was accidentally cloned. But it would be better to describe it in detail, so it's time for a flashback.

"Awww!!! Those things hurt my head!" whined Doopliss, who finally took his eyes of the TV.

Too bad! You got a contract! So here we go!

"Fine, fine..." groaned the Duplighost.


It was a calm night at the Castle of Koopa, which was a first. The siblings that were known as Koopalings were minding their own businesses throughout the castle. In one room, tending to the plants he loved so much, was the youngest of the seven. He had a lot of blue hair and combed it into a mohawk, unlike his older brother. Usually he was sneaking around the castle, but on this night, Larry was taking great care of his prized plant, the Silver Piranha, an extremely rare but valuable plant that was roughly twice the size of a normal Piranha Plant. It glimmered in the moon because of its foil-like skin.

"Okay, you're about fully watered, so I'll go get you some food!" declared Larry. The Silver Piranha loved meat. The young Koopaling exited the room to get his plant some meat from the kitchen. While he was gone, however, a shadowy figure climbed through a conveniently opened window. It chuckled to itself lowly, and tiptoed over to the Silver Piranha. It lit a match, as the room was pretty dark, considering all the plants covering the room, not letting in light. The dim fire revealed the introduer to be the doppelganger, Doopliss. Reaching into his bag of tricks, he found exactly what he was looking for. In his hands he held a Bob-omb disguised as a meatball.

"Ahhh... The use of paint and cotton," Doopliss whispered to himself. He held the Bob-omb out to the shiny plant. Taking the bait, huge jaws snatched the fake meatball out of Doopliss' grasp. The Duplighost grinned. Sudddenly, footsteps filled the air. Taking advantage of his ability, Doopliss stole a different Piranha Plant's body. Larry entered the room, finding everything the way he'd left it. He promptly fed the Silver Piranha a Koopa Steak. As he offered the steak, though, a rumbling could be heard coming from his prized possesion. Larry didn't ever think what happened next could ever... well, happen. After a few more moans and groans from the rare Piranha, it suddenly combusted. Larry jumped back instantly, shocked.

"What could've done this?!" pondered Larry. He then smelt... gunpowder. "Or who could've done this...?" Frustrated, the young Koopa left his room to find his siblings.

"Nyuck nyuck nyuck..." chuckled a Piranha Plant as it reverted back to Doopliss. He looked around the room, and quickly got sick of the environment around him. After all, plants can be vegetables, and the only food Doopliss eats is junk food. Speeding around the castle to find another person to make angry, Doopliss put his ear up to one particular door. Inside he could hear loud talking that went on and on. He peered through the keyhole and saw a big ghost and another Koopaling. This one was a talker, and loved to give speeches. He had but only three strands of hair, and a star over his left eye. The ghost was a Big Boo who had nothing better to do than listen to Morton's speeches, seeing as how he was dead.

As another Boo was floating by in the hallway, he noticed Doopliss. "And who are YOU?" questioned the ghost. Doopliss turned around and gave him a smirk.

"Why, I'm the one who will be stealing your body now," said Doopliss. Before the Boo could respond, he became a purple shadow. Using the abilities of a Boo, Doopliss was able to sneak into Morton's room and stay invisible. Ignoring the Big Boo and the big mouth, the body thief went into Morton's closet, where the Koopaling had stored some of his favorite speeches. After closing himself in the closet, Doopliss took a jar filled with black ink out of his sack and dumped it out over Morton's speeches. The jar emptied quickly, and the speeches were ruined. Knowing he was done here, Doopliss vanished through the wall. After placing himself back in the hall, he returned to his normal form. Shouts could be heard from inside Morton's room.

"Ahhhh! What happened here, my speeches are ruined, destroyed, no good, and I need them, well, I don't need them to live but they are a nice addition to my other stuff, and I don't have all my speeches memorized, one of my siblings must have done this how could they do that and what's wrong with..." If we let Morton finish, you'll be here 'til next June!

Doopliss repeated these actions for the next four Koopalings, with results such as: "Who stole my makeup!" "My glasses! Someone smashed them!" "Someone gonna get a pounding!" and "Tampering with my website is NOT cool! Doopliss' Land? Yeah right."

"Six down, one to go!" laughed Doopliss, with his smile even bigger than before. Doopliss began to sneak to the final room he wanted to see, although he instantly had to retreat to the shadows, as the final door crashed open and the seventh and eldest sibling exited. He had wild blue hair he didn't like to comb, and one pointy tooth sticking out. Ludwig had to get a few tools in order to create his newest machine, which was destined to explode anyway, so we're not gonna get into that. This was perfect for Doopliss, who dashed into the room. He was almost blinded by the bright lights given off by the machines Ludwig had invented that didn't explode. Taking out his bag 'o tricks, the doppelganger pulled out a computer's worst enemy: magnets. Placing one on each machine caused them to sputter and spew gas. Sparks were also given off.

Eventually, each machine was scrambled, and Doopliss was ready to take his leave. However, he tripped over his own feet while turning from the last machine, knocking it down. The fallen computer started a chain reaction. It's way too complicated to explain. However, it ended up causing a machine to fall from the attic. The machine had a dial on it that currently pointed to a blurred number 13. Apparantly Doopliss isn't as smart as he seems, as he decided to reach out and touch the fallen invention. Upon contact, Doopliss received an extremely painful shock. His body flashed many colors, and the machine had taken all it could, so it burst in a huge explosion. Doopliss was thrown back against a wall. He wasn't unconscious, however. He quickly regained self control. He scanned the room, seeing some things on fire, pieces of metal scattered on the ground, and a few wires. Then he took a look at himself. His "sheet", as some call it, was charred black and gray in many spots, and was no longer resembled pale chalk. His hat was slightly burnt, and his bowtie was half missing, the ends of it ripped and black.

"Ohhh... Ow..." moaned Doopliss, who was struggling to get off his feet. He stumbled out of the room, but he still didn't feel quite right. There was a peculiar feeling in his back. Then he cleared his mind. Finally realizing he had to get out quick, Doopiss began rushing through the corridors, his heart pounding. When he finally opened the doors to the foyer, he felt a pit in his gut. Sitting right there, in the entrance hall, were the Koopalings, arguing with each other. This includes the others I was too lazy to describe (Wendy, Iggy, Roy, and Lemmy). Morton and Wendy were yelling at each other, Roy was punching Iggy, and Larry and Lemmy were staring each other down. Ludwig then rushed in, looking more angry than the others.

"WHO DESTROYED MY LAB?!" boomed Ludwig in an earth-shattering roar. The other Koopalings were instantly startled, even Roy. Then they noticed a burnt Duplighost standing in the doorway, frozen in fear.

"Eh? Isn't he that Doopliss guy?" asked Larry.

"Wait... He was behind all this! I can tell! Only he would write Doopliss' Land!"  figured Lemmy.

"Pound da freak with da bump on his back!" screamed Roy. A bump? Doopliss wondered what he meant by that. But there was no time to think, seeing as how seven young Koopas were rushing him.

"Okay! Let's play!" threatened Doopliss. He glared at the group for a second, and then there was a poof of smoke. In his place was a purple shadow that seemed to be Iggy.

"What in the?" muttered Wendy. The Koopalings skidded to a halt. Then they shrugged and leaped onto the shadow, who they believed was Doopliss. But Iggy ran. He dashed out of the castle, and exploded into a purple cloud. Doopliss was out. Back inside, however, the Koopalings were still pounding the real Iggy. Then they noticed it WAS Iggy.

"Owww...." groaned Iggy. Lemmy looked surprised, and sorry.

"Sorry sorry sorry!" said Lemmy. Roy smirked.

"Why did I stop again?" Roy asked himself. He instantly started pounding Iggy again. The other five, however, desperately wondered what had happened to the fiend who'd infiltrated their castle.

That fiend was currently outside the castle, wandering around. "Ohh... Why does it feel like my back is getting sorer and sorer every minute?" said Doopliss. It was true. While he was stumbling around, trying to find his way back to Twilight Town, an odd bump was swelling up near the back of his head. It didn't hurt too much, and he didn't think too much of it. Eventually, he made it back to Creepy Steeple. Feeling tired from a night's work, he turned in early. Of course, he fell like a rock onto his bed. Snoring ensued.


During the night, the small portion that had connected Doopliss and his bump was getting smaller smaller. The Duplighost tried to turn over, but couldn't. In a few minutes, the bit of skin, or sheet, holding the two together couldn't hold the bump any longer, and snapped! Of course, Doopliss felt THIS. He woke up with a shock, and almost cried because of the damage done to his back. After he got over the little bit of pain, however, he felt lighter. Nothing felt sore anymore. Turning around, expecting a Boo to be there, he got an even bigger surprise. What he saw caused his jaw to drop lower than it had ever before. Yes, before him was...

"Get to the point!" screamed a random Boo.

Yes, well, what Doopliss saw was like a miniature version of him, about two-thirds his own size, to be precise. It also looked just like him, except he wasn't wearing a bowtie or party hat. It also had some black hair. Leaning forward, expecting it to bite him at any moment, Doopliss was about to poke his little doppelganger.

"Hi!" said the mini-Doopliss, unexpectedly. This caused Doopliss to jump back, trip, and do a flip into his bathtub. Doopliss spit a few drops of water out of his mouth.

"And who are YOU?" asked Doopliss.

"Well, I'm kinda your clone. I was set at the age of thirteen when I was created. So in a way, I'm your son! And I need a name!" concluded mini-Doopliss. Doopliss pondered for a moment.

"A son, eh? Sounds like trouble," said Doopliss. His minature version looked a little frightened for a moment. Then Doopliss grinned. "But hey, that's always welcome at Creepy Steeple!" His son sighed in relief. "Now I, your father, am named Doopliss. And a name... a name... AHA! I got it! Doppel!"

"Doppel?! What kinda name is THAT?!" said Doppel in frustration.

"It's your name, as in doppelganger." declared his father.

"Oh... all right..." said Doppel, looking a little disappointed. Doopliss wondered how he knew all that stuff, like how old he was or that he was a clone, but didn't bother asking. Seeing as he now had a son, he had to give up evil. For good.


And so, now you know the truth behind what happened to Doopliss.

"I demand you not do any more flashbacks!" said Doopliss.

We don't have anymore anyways.

"Oh... Okay then."

So now, here we are, back in the present, a year later. Doopliss resumed TV watching, and ghosts were still pranking each other. I know, you're probably thinking, where's Doppel in all this confusion? Well, read on!

As a Boo was flying around the Steeple, a purple shadow Boo was chasing him. Doppel had stolen a Boo's body. It seems that aside from just looking like his father, Doppel had also received all the abilities Doopliss had.

"GET BACK HERE, YA CRAZY FREAKAZOID!" screamed the angry shadow. Doppel stalled for a second, and began laughing at his victim. He was instantly rammed. Falling to the ground, Doppel felt pain.

"Ow! I was just trying to have a little fun!" whined Doppel. He then sighed, and returned to normal. He looked like he had that year ago, except he had got himself a tophat and a small bowtie, similar to his father's.

The purple shadow received its body again. "Well next time, don't go around stealing an innocent Boo's body!" said the spectre. Doppel let out a very heavy sigh. He was bored now. Then, he got an idea. He would explore every nook and cranny in the Steeple, looking for anything that might be worth something, so he could get a bit of money.

"Heh heh... I'm gonna be rich!" thought Doppel, overexagerating. To his fortune, he found a room filled with many items he could sell for a few coins each. He gathered as much as he could in a burlap sack, and decided to head out.

"Can't wait to get to Twilight Town! I'm gonna be rich!" repeated Doppel. He never knew the value of a coin. Literally. But before he was even a few steps out of the steeple, he noticed something. In the distance, moving towards the Steeple, were four cloaked figures. Doppel thought they could be a threat, so he instantly dropped his sack and bolted to Doopliss.

"Dad! There are some hoods headin' here!" said Doppel.

"What? What do they look like?" asked Doopliss, who seemed to get serious real fast.

"Well... um...  couldn't really tell, because they were completely covered in robes. But they look REAL menacing!" responded Doppel.

"This could be a problem," said Doopliss.

"Really?" asked Doppel.

"Yeah... really."

"Can I come?"

"No. It sounds too dangerous."

"Awww... c'mon!"

"Well, okay..."

"Yes!" finished Doppel. The two of them left the bell tower and entered the main lobby. One of the Boos came up to Doopliss.

"Yo, you rarely leave the tower. What's the occassion?" asked the Boo.

"Yes, you've got a sense of humor, don't you?" said Doopliss sarcastically, rolling his red eyes. "Me and my boy are going out to teach a few unwanted visitors a few manners."

"Ooooooh! Sounds like fun! Can we come?" asked the Boo.

"Sure. The more the merrier," responded Doopliss with a shrug. The ghost gave a slight cheer, and called his companions. So now Doopliss, Doppel, and hundreds of Boos were off to a fight they would soon regret. Strutting out the front door, the group then noticed the four cloaked figures who had just arrived.

"I don't know who you are, Slicks, so let's get down to buisness. Why are you on OUR property?" asked Doopliss as calmly as he could. One figure stepped forward.

"Now, now, calm down. We just want to ask a few questons," said the figure. Doopliss gave him a smirk.

"Yeah, I bet!" yelled Doopliss. He then snapped his fingers, almost as if in a command. Apparantly it was, for the army of ghosts had started to form into one. Two of the robed figures backed away a bit, but the apparent leader called them back. And then there it was, Atomic Boo. Already starting a fight, it leaped into the air, ready to crush the figures.

"What do we do, sir?" asked one of the cloaked ones in the back. No response. The leader had leapt into the air, ready to clash with Atomic Boo. It pulled a sabre out from its robes at the last second, and slashed the massive ghost. This attack was stronger than it had looked, because the Atomic Boo was instantly felled. Separating into many ghosts again, they all retreated into the Steeple, some in tears. Now only Doopliss and Doppel were left. Seeing how easily they handled Atomic Boo, however, Doopliss began to fear for his son. He picked up Doppel and threw him into some nearby bushes.

Doppel looked angry after getting a few leaves in his mouth. After spitting out the plants, he started fuming. "What was that for?!" screamed Doppel.

"Stay there! I'll handle them!" responded Doopliss, sounding rather serious. Doppel knew when he was serious, he was SERIOUS! Obeying his orders, Doppel dived deeper into the bushes.

"Oh ho ho! So, you and me, one on one, then?" asked the leader.

"You got it," responded Doopliss. The Duplighost thought to himself that they didn't know what was coming to them. The leader rogue had rushed forward, trying to slice Doopliss. Instead, he was able to leap up and dodge the slice, and took the advantage to Air Dash his foe. Upon impact, the rogue was sent back a little, but not much was done.

"Now for my SPECIAL ability!" said Doopliss. He then glared at his enemy, trying to steal a body. But instead, he felt a major pain in his head, and was sent flying backwards. He struggled to his feet.

"Wait... YOU are the one who can steal bodies?! We found him, boys!" declared the rogue. Doopliss didn't mind the pain, what really bothered him was why he couldn't steal his opponent's body. He didn't have time to think, because all four figures had come forward and knocked him out with a few blunt force attacks. Succeeding the battle, the three lesser rogues started carrying Doopliss away.

"Dad! Noooo..." said Doppel as quietly as he could. He had decided to watch the battle from the bushes, and now saw his father, being taken away. He was filled with hatred towards that one robed figure who'd defeated his father. Doppel just wanted to lash out and attack them, but knew if Doopliss couldn't take them, he would have no chance. A few tears filled his eyes, tears of sadness and hate. Going up to the bell tower, Doppel then decided on something.

"I will rescue you, Father..." concluded Doppel. "But I can't go alone! I gotta find a few buddies who can join me." Heading downstairs, the young doppelganger was prepared to seek out anyone willing to join him. In the middle of the Steeple, he called out, "If any ghosts here wanna help me save my father, please come here NOW!" At first, there was no response. He then let out a deep sigh, and began to trudge off. But before Doppel could go far, someone had come.

"I'll help you." whispered a voice behind him. Filled with hope, Doppel turned around, to find a Boo. He seemed familiar.

"Do I know you?" asked Doppel. The ghost nodded.

"I'm the one who lost my body to you. I know it was rude of me to ram you like that. You didn't deserve it, considering all the stuff I did in the past. So when I saw how sad you got after what happened to Doopliss, I felt bad, for no apparant reason. So, I guess... how do I say this... you're stuck with me." said the Boo. Doppel smiled.

"Well, I need all the help can get. So, should we go now?" asked Doppel.

"No, first we need an even more heroic person's help," responded the Boo.

"Oh, yeah, you're right! We can't take them alone!" Doppel chuckled lightheartedly.

"C'mon! I know a guy! He lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. He set me free out of an accursed box! He can help us, hands down! The guy even saved the world!" claimed the Boo.

"Great! Let's get going!" said Doppel excitedly.

"All right then. And by the way... my name is Boomer," responded the Boo.

And so, the twosome headed out of the dank Steeple into the new twilight.


In a dark room with barely any light, four rogues entered, three carrying Doopliss. They then threw him onto the hard, stone floor, still unconscious. The leader of the group knelt down in front of the shadows.

"My liege... We have brought the body thief," said the leader rogue. The shadows were so dark it was amazing the area within it even existed.

"You have done good work, Kaztran. Once we figure out his abilities, we can learn how we can... no... I shall not reveal the plan to you, yet. That is for me to know," said a raspy voice, coming from the depth of the darkness.

"But... it would work even better if we knew what was happening!" complained Kaztran.

"Enough. I only need you to complete the tasks at hand. Soon. The time will come soon enough," responded the voice, calmly.

"But... Oh fine..." finished Kaztran.

"Go. I wish to be alone. Leave the body thief here," commanded the voice. All four of the rogues obeyed and slowly left the room, wondering what the ultimate goal they were working towards was. When Kaztran and the other three had gone, the creature in the shadows thought to itself.

"Soon... soon..."

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