The Ancient Gems

By Axemblue4

Chapter 7: The Flashback

The two Mario Brothers followed their dino pal. Eventually, the three got tired. They sat on a rock near the lake.

"So how did you come across this gem anyway?" Luigi asked.

"Oh. About that. Yoshi tell whole story" Yoshi said.


Yoshi was sleeping peacefully in his bed. He was woken up by screaming. Yoshi ran outside to see Roshi, a red Yoshi, getting kidnapped.

"Uh oh. Yoshi better save Roshi"

Yoshi followed the dark figure that was holding Roshi, who was tied up. He followed it up the mountain of the Yellow Switch Palace, to the top. He hid behind a rock once there and saw three more figures mumbling something to the one with Roshi.

Soon, the four started a fire. One took out a book and was saying stuff really loud.

"He who was foolishly kidnapped will be the source. The source of power, he will be. The great one will rise again with his energy. Let lightning strike down onto the foolish one. The foolish one that was kidnapped. His energy will be the great one's energy. The great one will rise. Foolish people will run, terrified. We thank this foolish one and now his energy is the great one's," the figure said, reading from the book.

It started raining. Thunder roared and lighting was everywhere. Roshi was tied onto a poll, sitting over the fire. Lightning struck. Roshi screamed as the electricity entered him, and stole his energy.

"That enough!" Yoshi yelled, coming out from behind the rock.

"Another foolish one comes," said the figure who had kidnapped Roshi.

"You real stupid," said Yoshi.

He had secretly taken a a Yoshi Communicator Device (like a phone, but they don't call it that). Ten Yoshi Police ran up onto the top, screaming (who knows why), and charged the figures.

"Hehehe. These fools will be terrified," said a figure as it was shoved off the mountain. The other three were also shoved off.

Soon, lightning struck the mountain. A terrifiying Koopa stood there.

"Uh... AAAAH!" screamed a policeYoshi.

The ten left, terrified.

"If memory correct, this..." Yoshi began.

The Koopa laughed as he stomped over to Yoshi.

"...Morton," Yoshi finished.

"Wa ha ha ha! You fool! You're going to be sqaushed like a bug!" yelled Bowser's father, Morton.

"Yoshi think not," said Yoshi, with a grin.

He grabbed the book and began to read the reverse spell.

"NO!" screamed Morton.

Morton chased Yoshi as the dino read the words.

"The great one who rose will fall again. His energy will return to the foolish one's body," Yoshi said.

"NOOOOOOOO! You can't be doing this to me! NOOOO-" Morton was struck by lightning. He vanished.

Roshi got hit by lightning again. His energy returned. Yoshi untied him.

"Let hope this never happen again!" said Yoshi.

"Roshi agree with Yoshi. Roshi also thank Yoshi" said Roshi.

"Roshi welcome," said Yoshi.

Yoshi's foot was then grabbed.

"You ain't doing that to me, you fool!" said the figure that had revived Morton. It seems that it had climbed back up. It must not have died.

"Let go!" said Yoshi, just as he was pulled down.

All Yoshi could see as he was falling was Roshi kicking the figure, and then his head hit the ground and he lost consciousness...

Yoshi woke up. He had no idea where he was. He was just on some side of the mountain. He got up and saw a cave ahead of him.

Yoshi entered. There were a few Swoopers flying around. Yoshi made it to a bridge over a dark pit. Yoshi walked across and entered a room. Up high was an emerald. It sparkled. Not even Yoshi's jump could reach it, though. Maybe some other day he would try again...

Yoshi left the cave. He wandered around. He suddenly tripped and began rolling off a cliff. Well, what do you know? The ground wasn't far below. Yoshi found a familiar path and took it down. He passed the lake and made it down to Yoshi Village...


"Interesting story," the two Brothers said at the same time.

"Yup. Everyone like story. We aren't far from cave," Yoshi said.

After a while, they were ready to continue. Yoshi led the way.

Chapter 8: Two Collected, One to Go

"We have two of the three Ancient Gems, King Wart," Baron Guy said to the King of Sub-con.

"Very good. I bet that fool Bowser doesn't even have any!" Wart laughed.

"Our spies have discovered that the Mario Brothers are looking for them," Baron Guy said.

"Pbth. Don't bother with them. They are fools," Wart said.

"What makes you so sure?"

"When we first met..."


"I am the great Wart! Ah ha ha ha!" Wart laughed.

"It's-a me, Mario!" Mario said.

"Okay, who cares? You copying me?" Wart asked.

"It's-a me, Mario!" Mario said again.

"And who is this creepy green guy?" Wart asked.

"It's-a me, Luigi!" Luigi said.

"And I am Princess Peach" Peach said.

"I'm Toad! Hi!" Toad said.

"Is there a reason these guys are idiots?" Wart asked.

"I WANT MILK!" Mario yelled.

"I want a milk!" Luigi yelled.

"Milk!" the two said. "WE WANT MILK!" they yelled.

"... It's a problem thay have," Peach said.


"Ha. They are idiots," Wart said.

"They've improved..." Baron Guy said.

"I doubt they have improved much," said Wart.

"They have! They are now, um... intelligent!" Baron Guy said.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Wart said, jumping from his throne.

"It's true," Baron Guy said.

"Well, send some Shy Guys to get that Emerald!" Wart yelled.

"Yes, sir," Baron Guy said.

Chapter 9: Battle on the Bridge

"You know... I just don't like the author being a minion of mine! It's crazy!" Bowser said.

"So what if I changed?" Axemblue4 asked.

"You can do that?" Bowser asked.


Axemblue4 changed into a blue Yoshi: Yoshiblue4.

"Can you become a Koopa?"

"Why, yes!"

And with that he became... Koopablue4, a blue-shelled Koopa.

"Now this looks like it makes sense," Bowser said. "But in that Interview you made..."

"I was given the ability to change what I am later. I can only becoem a few things, though," Koopablue4 said.

"I see," Bowser said.

Meanwhile, Kamek was leading the Koopa Cruiser across the skies of Dinosaur Land. He used his wand like  an intercom and once again mistook the story for a parody of other movies on Earth as well. He eventualy cast a spell on himself to stop it. Anyway...

"We have found no signs of them on the Twin Bridges or Cookie Mountain OR Soda Lake OR Villana Heights! We are now going over the Forest of Illusion. Keep a good eye out! There are illusions and this forest is big!" Kamek yelled over the intercom.

"Yes, sir!" a Koopa said over it.

The amount of time it took to search the Forest of Illusion and Chocolate Island, where they went after that was the same amount of time it took for Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi to get to the cave's entrance. Kamek had just led the Koopa Cruiser over Yoshi's Island when he saw them go inside a cave...

"Land this on the mountain and follow my signal!" Kamek said.

They did, and they were in front of the cave. Inside, Mario and Luigi were in the room where the Emerald could be seen on a ledge up high.

"I can't-a reach that!" Mario said.

"I can..." And with that, Luigi performed a Triple Jump and Scuttled (air-kicked) up and reached the ledge.

"I have it!" Luigi said. He jumped down.

The three left. When they got to the bridge they discovered what looked like an army of Koopas. Kamek was on his broom, above them.

"Attack!" he yelled.

The Koopas ran over to Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi in fury, with their fists up.

"Uh oh!" Yoshi said.

"Attack!" Mario yelled.

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi were fighting through the Koopas. It seemed like their were billions of them. Mario left Yoshi and Luigi to fight and went to confront Kamek.

"Bowser made a deal with us to do this! Does this mean this was a trap?" Mario asked.

"No, but since they have extraordinary powers and could be used to rule the world, I do not trust you," Kamek said.

"The Ancient Gems?" Mario asked.


"So Bowser tricked us?" Mario asked.

"I guess," Kamek said.

Mario Super Jump Punched the Magikoopa, who fell off his broom. Mario took out a Fire Flower and used it to burn Kamek's broom. It was now just a pile of ashes.

"MY BROOM!" Kamek yelled.

He fired the Basic Spell (Triangle, Square, and Circle) at Mario. Mario jumped it and punched Kamek. Kamek fired an icy beam. Mario dodged that, too, and it froze a random Koopa.

Mario punched Kamek hard, causing his glasses to get knocked off.

"My glasses... I can barely see! I need to preform the vision spell..." Kamek said as he stepped on his glasses.

Mario shoved him off the bridge. Kamek fell into the Dark Unknown.

Meanwhile, Luigi and Yoshi had just finished off the rest of the Koopas.

"Bowser tricked us..." Mario said.

"We suspected it," Luigi said.

"I know. We have to get to him- fast. We need to stop by our house first to get the Ruby before he breaks in and steals it," Mario said.

The three left the cave and noticed the Koopa Cruiser on top of the mountain. They climbed all the way up and got in.

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