Nintendo Realms

By Icel

Chapter 4: The V-Saber

Mario and Kari continued to follow Kirby until they came across a larger cave with a squid statue on top of it. “I bet this is Squid Cove," Mario said as he observed the statue.

“Poyo! Poyo!" Kirby yelled as he jumped up and down. He began to jump up and down faster. “Poyo! Poyo! Poyo!" Kirby yelled louder.

“What do you think he's trying to-a say?" Mario said as he scratched his 'stache.

“I don't know... but maybe he detects something," Kari said as the wind blew harder.

The trees blew wildly as the clouds began to darken. “Looks like it's-a going to-a storm," Mario said as he looked up at the now dark sky. Suddenly there was a loud gust sound, sort of like a tornado.

As fast as it had begun, the wind and the noise stopped. All was silent. “I don't like where this is going," Kari said, reaching for her DS. Suddenly a black portal appeared in front of them. In it was a dark, shadowy figure. Everyone shielded their eyes as the strong wind blew the sand everywhere. When the wind finally stopped and the portal disappeared, everyone took a better look at what stood before them. It was a wolf, but this one was much larger and it had long claws, red, beady eyes, black fur, and black smoke coming from its back and evaporating into the air.

"Kari... what is-a that thing?" Mario asked as the monster let out a loud howl. Kari immediately took out her DS and pointed it at the creature.

Name: Shade Wolf
Game: Unknown
Des. Large wolf made from shadows
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Shadow Breath, Howl
Weakness: Belly

"That's strange. Apparently this has never been in a Nintendo game before," Kari said, a little cautious.

“So this thing is-a going to be-a tough?" Mario asked as he reached in his pocket for and pulled out a Leaf.

“Yup. Prepare yourself," Kari said as she reached into her pocket.

Kirby walked up to Mario and tugged on his pant leg. Mario looked down and saw Kirby point at the Leaf. Mario took out another Leaf from his pocket and handed it to Kirby. Kirby swallowed it whole. He then turned into Wind Kirby. “Let's go!" Mario said as he used the Leaf to become Raccoon Mario.

The Shade Wolf growled as drool dripped from its lips. It immediately charged at the heroes, claws out and ready to slice. Mario jumped right over the beast as Kirby turned into a tornado and started spinning around the wolf very fast. The wolf was not amused and used its shadow breath to blind Kirby and have him run into a boulder. Kirby slumped to the floor and immediately lost his power as the wolf charged at him with its jaws wide open. Kari took out her blaster and shot the wolf's shoulder. The beast turned its attention to Kari as it pounced directly towards her.

This was what Kari wanted it to do. Quickly Kari pulled what looked like a remote out of her pocket. It had the letters Wii engraved on it. Just before the wolf sunk its sharp claws into Kari, she pushed a button, igniting the remote thing almost like a light saber. The only difference was this saber was purple and in the shape of a V. The blade cut right through the wolf's stomach as it slumped to the floor, dead. Kari turned off the saber, then put the remote back in her pocket.

Mario had been watching the whole time and he was quite shocked. He took off the Raccoon Suit and cautiously approached Kari. The wolf's corpse began to evaporate into the air until it was nothing but dust. “What was that thing you-a used?" Mario asked, a little shocked at the sight of that weapon.

“It's a V-Saber. It's created from the energy source of E3 put into a Wii controller. It's a future weapon for Nintendo and it's very powerful." She reached into her pocket and pulled out another. The only difference was this remote was red. "This one's yours. I'd give it to you now but I was given orders not to until you gather the other heroes," Kari said as she started to put it back in her pocket.

"Wait! Can't I try it-a?" Mario asked as he anxiously waited to try this new weapon.

Kari stalled, then finally spoke. “I guess, but be very careful." She reached into her pocket and pulled out the red Wii controller and carefully placed it in Mario's hands. She stepped back as Mario stared at the handle with awe. “When you’re ready press the button on the side," Kari said as Mario pushed the button. There was a loud zap as the V-shaped laser appeared, only his was red. Mario slowly swung the weapon as he held the blade in his hand like Excalibur. He pressed the button again and the blade disappeared.

Kirby, who had been knocked out all this time, finally awoke. He let out a little groan, then waddled to Kari's side. Mario handed the handle back to Kari “It's-a good weapon," Mario said as Kari took the handle from his palm and stuck it back into her pocket.

“It's the only way you can defeat the evil at E3," Kari said. A few moments passed, then Kari finally spoke. “Well, I think we should go into Squid Cove. We have a long journey ahead of us." Kirby agreed as he jumped up and down in excitement.

“All right then. Let's go!" Mario said as the three entered the giant cave.

Chapter 5: Failure to Cooperate

We view the inside of the ruins of E3. The general is tied up to a pole in the middle of a large room. He has a large scar on his right eye and scratches are all over his shirtless chest. The slide doors open as four Space Pirates march towards the general. They then depart as a shadowy figure with horns approaches the general. The figure is very tall and is covered with armor. It wears a leather cape and has black gauntlets.

“I knew you'd be behind this. It's always the project gone wron,." the general said as he looked up at the tall, menacing figure. The figure took a knife from under his glove and put it against the general's throat. “Antagessis! Never again shall Nintendo create an M-rated mascot!" the general threatened.

“Isn't it amazing what happens when one becomes competitive?" Antagessis said as he held the knife closer to his throat. “Now tell me where member number 3 went. She's not in the corpse list or the troop ceremony," the foe said.

“It matters not. When she and Mario find the other heroes you'll..." Before he could finish Antagessis slit his throat. He sheathed the knife back into his glove then turned to the others.

“Failure to Cooperate will not be tolerated in the least with me. It's time to summon the Five Foes Of Nintendo," Antagessis ordered.

One of the Space Pirates nodded and walked towards a computer. It typed in the first word:


The space pirate then hit the enter key.

The teleporter began to glow as a large, turtle-like monster stepped out of the machine. It was very tall with two horns, red hair, and a turtle shell covered in spikes. The computer read its data similar to the DS.

Villain Member: Bowser
Game: Mario (Series)
Des. King of Koopas and Fire-Breathing Tyrant of Mushroom Kingdom
Attacks: Fire Breath, Claws, Shell Spin, Shockwaves
Weakness: Lava/Bombs

“HEY! Where am I?!" Bowser yelled as he stamped his feet. “What's going on here?! As King of Koopas I DEMAND an explanation," the giant reptile said impatiently.

Antagessis walked towards Bowser, not scared in the least. He put one of his dark gauntlets on the king's shoulder. “You see that computer over there?" he said as he pointed one of his long fingers at the machine. “I used that to teleport you here, and I will teleport others as well.

“What do you mean by others?" Bowser growled.

“Why, your time to seek revenge on Mario of course," the sly villain said.

“I get to seek revenge on Mario?" Bowser said, starting to lower his tense shoulders.

"Precisely. All you have to do is help me get rid of my rival and the others as well," Antagessis said in his dark, crispy voice.

“You mentioned the others
before. Who are they?" Bowser said as he folded his arms.

“Why the other villains of Nintendo. They will be brought here as soon as I know their names." Antagessis then let go of Bowser and walked away.

“How will you be able to know their names?" Bowser asked, exposing his curiosity.

Antagessis turned around “When Mario finds one of the heroes, their rival shall appear on that screen." Immediately after he said that something came up on his computer. It read…


"You see? All is going according to pla,." Antagessis said as both he and Bowser looked at the screen.

Chapter 6: Calamari on a Platter

Mario, Kari, and Kirby had been walking inside the cove for a while now. The walls were a dark blue and you could see the reflection of the water ripples on the them. The weather was nice and cool and there were puddles everywhere. “So where-a is this portal's exact location?" Mario asked, a little tired from walking.

"It's right in the middle of this place," Kari said. Suddenly six green things dropped from the ceiling. They looked like anemones with red tentacles and eyes. Mario pulled out his DS and pointed it at the creature.

Name: Glunk
Game: Kirby 64
Des. A yellow-green anemone with red tentacles and eyes
Attacks: Shooting spores
Weakness: Anywhere but the tentacles

Mario tightened his cap as he sprung into action. Kirby immediately followed as he swallowed one of the Glunks. Nothing happened, Kirby didn't change into anything. Soon after one of the anemones shot spores in Kirby's direction. Kirby flew up in the air and dodged the spores. Mario did a slide kick and kicked one of the Glunks into the air. He then punched it with an uppercut, causing it to smash into the ceiling.

“We've got some more company," Kari said as some kellyfish came towards them. She took out her DS and pointed it at these new creatures.

Name: Slushy
Game: Kirby 64
Des. A blue and white jellyfish
Attacks: Swings into you, shocks you
Weakness: Water

The Slushy came close as Mario scooped up another Glunk and hurled it at another. Suddenly four more Glunks fell from the ceiling as three more Slushies came floating towards them. One of the Slushies shot an electric blast at Kirby, who rolled to the side. Kirby then swallowed the Slushy and turned into Thunder Kirby. Thunder Kirby starting shocking everything in sight. Kari looked up and noticed more Glunks. She shot at them with her gun to reduce the large numbers while Mario scooped the ones on the ground up and chucked them at others.

After Kirby shocked the last Squishy he decided to keep the power. Kari took out her DS and looked at it. “In that next room is the portal. Everyone ready?" Kari asked as she put the DS back in her pocket. Mario nodded as Kirby jumped up and down. They walked a little further until they were in a large, circular room with a pool of water in the middle. It looked like a large ring floating over the water. The trio of heroes walked on the ring.  Kari pointed to the other end of the room. “Look! That wall has the symbol DS on it. That must be the portal."

Mario jumped up and down alongside Kirby for joy. "Piece of the cake!" Mario said as he started to walk around the ring to the other side.

Suddenly the whole place shook as the waves moved violently. “POYO! POYO!" Kirby said as his little feet began to shake.

Suddenly two giant, red tentacles burst from the center pool. “Oh no!" Mario said as he looked at the size of the tentacles.

“Hmph!" Kirby said as he got into a fighting position.

Suddenly six more tentacles burst from the surface along with an enormous octopus head. “It's huge!" Kari said as she took out her DS. The monster made a loud screech of anger that burned Mario and Kari's ears.

Name: Octogon
Game: Kirby: Right Back At Ya
Des. Giant Red Octopus that used to breathe fire
Attacks: Tentacles, Ink, Summons Slushy
Weakness: Its eyes, but you'll have to take out its tentacles

“This can't be-a good!" Mario said as he stepped back from the beast.

“We're gonna have to fight it. You with me?" Kari said as she took out her gun.

“Okee dokke!" Mario said as he used one of the Frog Suits he had. Octogon swung one of its tentacles at Mario but he hopped over it with ease. Kirby zapped one of Octogon's tentacles but it didn't seem effective. Octogon took another one of its tentacles and slapped Kirby away. Kari started shooting blasts at Octogon's tentacles when they got to close to her.

Octogon soon got real mad and sprayed ink all over the place. Now it was pretty hard to see. Kirby, who wasn't damaged that badly, flew back to his power-up that had floated away. He sucked it in and became Thunder Kirby once more. He attempted to shoot another blast at Octogon's head but Octogon slapped it back at Kirby, shocking the poor little puff and knocking him into the water.

Octogon took this as an advantage. It scooped up the knocked out Kirby with one of its tentacles. Octogon then squeeled in pain as it felt the shot of one of Kari's lasers on one of its tentacles. “Let Kirby go!" Kari yelled as she shot another blast. Octogon was irritated, it attempted to slap Kari away but Mario hopped onto the tentacle and quickly stomped on it.

Octogon tried to shake Mario off but it was no good. It then summoned a lot of Slushies to do it's bidding. Kari started shooting blasts at the Slushies. Mario hopped from one tentacle to another, heading for the one holding Kirby. Kari decided it was time to bust out the V-Saber, but was tripped by one of Octogon's  tentacles. When Mario finally landed on the tentacle holding Kirby he reached into his pocket and pulled out a Fire Flower. He then fed it to Kirby.

Kirby soon woke up and had turned into Fire Kirby. Mario dove off the tentacle and into the water as Kirby began burning the tentacle that held him. Octogon finally let go from pain. Kirby jumped out of the tentacle's grip and burned the other tentacles. Kari was still fending off Slushies when Mario burst from the surface and hopped back onto land. He turned back into regular Mario and watched as Kirby burned Octogon's eyes.

The beast was now blind and started swinging in every direction, trying to squash the heroes. Finally the monster gave up and sank beneath the water, never to pester travelers again.

Kirby panted as he spat out his fire ability, then did a crazy dance to prove his victory. “We did it!" Mario said, giving Kari a high five.

“There's no time to waste. Let's go to the next world," Kari said as she approached the wall with the DS.

She opened her DS and the symbol on the wall began to glow. She drew a portal on her Pictochat as a portal appeared on the wall. “Just three more to go," Kari said as she stepped through the portal. Mario jumped through as Kirby floated through. The portal then vanished, leaving Squid Cove as empty as it was before.

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