Nintendo Realms

By Icel

Chapter 7: Things Are Just Peachy

Luigi placed his hand over the castle doorknob. He slowly opened the door, then looked around. "Hello? Is anybody there?" he said as he stepped into the palace.

The door at the top of the steps opened as Peach stepped out and stood at the top of the stairs. "Is everything all right, Luigi?" Peach asked with a look of concern.

"Not exactly," Luigi said as he tried to think of the nicest way to tell her the news. "Mario left... Plit."

Peach was shocked. " What?! How... is that even possible?" Peach said as she started pulling on her glove.

"Some girl from another world needed Mario's help. Now he's on another planet as we speak," Luigi said as he approached Peach closely.

"So... he'll be gone for a while," Peach said, trying not to cry. She let one tear slide down the side of her cheek.

"Please don't cry, Peach. He's been through worse situations if you ask me," Luigi said, trying to comfort her.

"Yes, but now he's alone without any of us. I'm so scared," Peach said, trying to hold back tears.

"I'm sure he'll be fine. He's Super Mario, after all," Luigi said. " All he needs is our comfort and trust and he'll pull through this."

"I hope you're right. I'm going to tell my father," Peach said as she left the room. Luigi bowed, then left.



"Excellent. Now type in the code word and we'll have our villain, Bowser," Antagessis said as the Space Pirate typed in the code...


Once again the teleporter glowed as a figure wrapped in a large cloak with horns on the suit appeared. Its skin was blue and it had stars glowing around it. Its name was Nightmare, the true villain of Kirby. Nightmare stepped out and looked around.

Villain Member: Nightmare
Game: Kirby
Des: Wizard that first appeared in Kirby's Adventure. Master of stars
Attacks: Teleporting, Shooting Stars, Black Energy, Energy Blasts
Weakness: Star Rod

"At last! I am free from my long slumber. How long has it been?" Nightmare asked as he stretched his long, cloaked arms.

"Years, my friend. Years, and now is a time to rebel. Join us and we shall plot the ULTIMATE revenge," Antagessis stated.

"Very well. I shall join your clan and seek my revenge on the pink filth!" Nightmare said as he glanced at Bowser. " ... And who are you?" Nightmare said with a look of disgust on his face.

"I suggest you watch who you're talking to. I'm Bowser, King of the Koopas," Bowser said, clenching his fists.

"More like King of the Klutzes," Nightmare said with a cold remark.

"Why you long-chinned elder!" Bowser said as he shot a fireball at Nightmare. Suddenly the fireball turned black, then disappeared. Antagessis stood with the fireball in his hand, then extinguished it.

"That's enough, you two. Three more have yet to arrive."


"See? They have already reached the next world," Antagessis said.

Chapter 8: ARGH! Pirates of the Skies

We view a forest-like planet. It is raining hard as the portal spits out our heroes. Kari stands up and takes out her DS. "Apparently we are on planet Tallon IV and the hero is deeper in this forest."

Mario got up and wiped the dirt off his clothes. He then shook the dust off his hat. "This place doesn't look as happy as Kirby's or mine for that matter. It's actually quite dark," Mario said as he observed the tall cliffs in the distance. Mario then saw a spaceship not too far away. "Hey, let'sa go see if anybody lives in there," Mario said, pointing to the spaceship in the distance.

"All right, but keep an eye out for any monsters here. I don't think they'll be nearly as calm as the others," Kari said as she jumped off the hill they were on and headed towards the ship. Mario and Kirby followed as it began to rain real hard.

When they'd almost reached the ship they heard a loud buzzing sound. Coming straight for them were five enormous hornet monsters. "Those bees are huge!" Mario said as the monsters came zooming in on them at full speed.

"Eeya!" Kirby screamed as Kari quickly took out her DS.

Name: War Wasp
Game: Metroid Prime
Des: Giant alien bees that attack in large numbers
Attacks: Sting, Bite
Weakness: Hive

Mario pointed at something hanging from the vines not too far away. "Look! That must be the wasp's hive." Kari quickly spotted the hive and shot at it. This sent seven more wasps after them. "Maybe that-a wasn't such a good idea," Mario said, starting to back away.

"Really?" Kari said sarcastically as one of the wasps dove at Mario.

Kirby jumped right in front of Mario and sucked the wasp right into his gullet. He then turned into Needle Kirby. " Now that's the spirit," Mario said, using a Fire Flower. "It's bug squashing time!" Mario said as he ran at the wasps shooting fireballs from his hands. Kirby shot a needle at two wasps, then rolled out of one's stinger. Kari shot at any that came close to her, avoiding the creatures' stingers.

Mario madly jumped over any wasp that dove at him and pelted wasps with fireballs left and right. Eventually one of the hornets caught Mario off-guard and stung him in the back, causing him to lose his power. Kirby then got stung after pelting one with a needle losing his powerup. Soon there were six wasps still ready to attack.

"This can't be good," Mario, said backing away from the wasps.

"We have no choice but to fight now," Kari stated as she readied her gun. She pointed it to one of the wasps, who oddly blew up in guts.

"Wow! Nice-a shot!" Mario complimented.

"I didn't even pull the trigger, Mario," Kari said as she shook her head in confusion. Suddenly another wasp burst into guts.

Mario, Kari, and Kirby looked behind the four remaining wasps and noticed a figure in a spacesuit not far behind the wasps. It shot an energy ball and blew up another wasp. "Who are you?" Kari asked.

"Talk later!" the figure said as four more wasps came out from the hive and noticed the trouble.

"Let's go!" Mario said as he jumped over one of the wasps, grabbed onto its wings, and swung it into the cliff as it burst into guts. Kirby decided to take some rocks from the ground, swallow them, and shoot them at the wasps. Kari continued shooting  any wasps that came close since the V-Saber was only for close range battles. The figure in the jumpsuit soon shot a missile and blew the last wasp and hive up in one shot.

"Wowsas! You're-a awesome!" Mario said, complimenting the figure.

"Why thank you, little guy. Who are you guys?" the character said, accepting the compliment. "It's quite rare some good company arrives here."

Mario stood up and held out his hand. " The name's Mario. Pleasure to meet you." The character shook his hand while Kari folded her arms. She didn't like the looks of this character since it dressed like her and also used a gun.

Kirby walked up to the character. "Hi!" Kirby said with his innocent little face.

"Oh! Who's this little thing?" the character asked as it patted Kirby's head.

"That's Kirby. He doesn't talk that much," Mario said. "And this is Kari," Mario said as Kari nodded. She was a little jealous of this one. "So what's-a your name?" Mario asked.

"I'm Samus. I'm a bounty hunter that's been exploring the galaxy all my life," Samus said. "Tell you what. You guys come on over to my ship and we'll talk more there," Samus said as she pointed at the ship Mario had been going to observe before.

"Let's-a go," Mario said as they followed Samus toward the ship.

Chapter 9: Free For All

Since Bowser had magically vanished from Plit, the Princess Peach and the whole Mushroom Kingdom were up for grabs, and not just one but three specific villains had decided to unite and claim what they'd always wanted. Their base was somewhere in the middle of the desert far south from the Mushroom Kingdom, but now they were in Forever Forest.

The first villain was a short but fat frog with a crown. It had a gold medallion hung around its neck. His name was Wart, evil emperor of Nimbus Land, and it has been a while since his defeat. The second villain was much taller. It was an alien that wore a spacesuit without a helmet, it had purple skin, pointy ears, and a ray gun attached to its side. It's name was Tatanga, the conquerer. The last villain was a green-skinned which whom Mario had defeated not too long ago. Her name was Cackletta. The only difference with Cackletta was that she had a staff with a purple gem on it. This gem created her body like she was never killed in the first place. It was, you could say, her life force.

Now that all three villains had gathered, it was time for them to reveal the ultimate plan they had been plotting for so long.

"I have gathered you all here for a special reason. Both Mario and Bowser have left from the face of Plit. It is now time for us to attack! Without Mario we can take out the Mushroom Kingdom with ease. However, there's still Mario's wretched brother and other heroes left on the face of Plit. But united we can annihilate them!" Cackletta said as she rubbed her precious staff.

"It's time I get back at those wretched twerps for feeding me veggies!" Wart said as he punched the palm of his hand.

"Though I really wanted to kick Mario's butt, I guess I'll settle with his brother's," Tatanga said as he folded his arms.

"Now, here's the plan. Tomorrow, we shall leave these woods and infiltrate the Smith's shop in Toad Town. Wart, that's where you come in," Cackletta said, pointing her staff to the giant toad.

"Yes. With the help of Mouser we will take all of the weapons, armor, and machinery we'll need," Wart said with a wicked grin.

"Exactly. Afterwards we shall provoke Luigi by kidnapping Tayce T. and locking her up in the sewers. You did remember to bring the monster, right, Tatanga?" Cackletta said, eyeing the alien general.

"Don't worry, Cackletta, I made sure I brought a monster that would stall Luigi long enough for us to finish the plan,"  Tatanga said, taking a blue sphere out of his pocket and holding it up.

"Excellent. Now with Luigi out of the way, my army of Beanbeans, Wart's army of Shy Guys, and Tatanga's army of Chibobos will kidnap Princess Peach. With her we can lure the king to our lair, and with the help of all our armies we shall rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Eeeyak yak yak yak!" Cackletta laughed wickedly as the other two joined in.

The three villains weren't as alone as they thought. A doll clothed in blue with a blue hat and a yellow scarf with brown boots had been watching the villains from behind a tree the whole time. The doll's name was Geno, and it had worked with Mario before during the battle with Smithy. "This doesn't look good," Geno said, peeking out from behind the tree. "I'm gonna have to warn Luigi about this." He then started to walk off but felt his knees buckle. He fell on his knees in severe pain and let out a scream.

He then fell to the floor gasping for breath. He slowly turned around, then spotted the three villains standing before him. Cackletta lifted her staff and Geno flew towards her. She then showed Geno the palm of her green hand and he stopped, still floating in the air. "Well well, what do we have here?" Cackletta said as she glared into Geno's red eyes.

"Looks like a spy, Cackletta," Wart said. "I say we break him apart the way a little toad does when bored with its toy." He would have continued but Cackletta silenced him with her staff in the other hand.

"Tell me, puppet, what is your name?" she said as she pointed her staff towards Geno's face.

"I'll never tell you... You're nothing but an old hag!" Suddenly a laser flew through the top of his shoulder. He grit his teeth as he spotted Tatanga holding a smoking laser gun.

"That's enough, Tatanga! This might go according to plan after all. I mean, the more heroes we stop, the merrier, right?" Cackletta said with a wicked grin. "I say we save him for supper."


Meanwhile back at Mario's house, Luigi had decided to continue plumbing. Luigi was in the middle of fixing a leak under his own sink when he heard a loud knock on the door. Luigi smacked his head on the sink as he got up and ran towards the door. He swung the door open and saw Parakarry standing in the doorway.

"Top of the morning to ya, Luigi!" Parakarry said as he handed Luigi a pink envelope with a star on it.

"The princess isn't having another party, is she?" Luigi asked as he stared at the envelope with a confused look.

"Not that I know of. Well, see you tomorrow, Luigi," Parakarry said as he flew off into the distance.

Luigi glanced at the letter for a while. He had no idea what was in this letter but his curiousity had won him over already. He quickly ripped open the envelope and pulled out the letter. It read...

Dear Luigi,

I have decided to make one of my famous apple cakes to get over my thoughts of Mario. Could you please pick a few red sweet ones from Forever Forest? I would appreciate it very much.



Luigi was relieved that it wasn't about anything bad happening at her castle. He quickly put on his boots and dashed out of his house. He then dove headfirst into the pipe.


Back with the villains, Geno watched as Cackletta drew a web with her staff. It then came to life. She then tied Geno, who was still unable to move, to the web.

"You witch! You'll never get away with this," Geno yelled as loud as he could, hoping somebody would hear him. The villains laughed as poor Geno struggled to get free. He couldn't cast a spell or anything.

Cackletta's staff began to glow. "I believe it's dinner time. I'm afraid we'll have to go. Have fun with
Spideraticus!" She then cackled as both she and the other two villains warped away.

Geno was all alone. It was very quiet. All he could hear was the wind blowing in his face, the sound of leaves blowing along the floor, and the sound of the Bzzaps buzzing around the forest. Suddenly he heard a silent hiss and noticed the whole web had been moving. Geno expected the worst. He closed his eyes and started breathing slowly, trying not to panic. Geno slowly lifted his head towards the treetops. He took a deep breath, then opened his eyes.

Not too far above him was a horrible sight. A gigantic, hairy, green and black spider sat at the top, watching its new victim in its web. This was the horrific Spideraticus, and Geno was on her menu. Geno tried to remain calm but the large spider was slowly crawling towards him. All he could do was cry for help and hope that help would arrive.


Luigi was still in Toad Town. He was stocking up since many deadly creatures lived in Forever Forest. He had just left the shop when he heard a loud cry for help. "Thief! Somebody help! Thief!"  Luigi immediately found the source of the cry, Tayce T's house. As he opened the door he spotted a Bandit running towards him with a pan. In a blink of an eye the bandit smashed the pan into Luigi's face and ran out the door.

"Ow, the pain, uh!" Luigi said as he fell to the ground. Tayce T. walked up to him and stuffed a piece of cake into his mouth. Luigi's eyes opened as he licked his chops. He then sat up. "Nothing's better than your cake, Tayce T. I'll be back with your special pan." And with that he ran out the door.

Luigi looked all around Toad Town but couldn't find the Bandit anywhere. Suddenly he heard a yell from Merlon's house and knew what had happened. He quickly ran towards his house but instead of opening the door he kicked it down. "Don't worry, Merlon! Luigi is here to... Hey. Where'd he go?" Luigi said as he looked around and couldn't see any Bandit. He then heard a muffle from beneath the door. He lifted the door and there lay the wounded Bandit. Luigi took the pan out of the Bandit's hand, then bashed it over its head.

Luigi knocked on Tayce T's door and returned her pan. In return Tayce T. gave him her old hammer that she used to use to bonk visitors that weren't polite. Luigi tipped his hat to her, then headed out to Forever Forest.


Meanwhile Spideraticus was almost on top of Geno. He let out one last cry for help as the gigantic spider began covering Geno in webbing. Just before it was about to sink its fangs into Geno a fireball hit Spideraticus right in the eyes. It screeched for a while, then looked at its attacker, Luigi.

"Let him go, you filth," Luigi said softly as he charged up another fireball in his fire form. Spideraticus just gave him a loud hiss. "I said let him go!" Luigi yelled as he hurled another fireball at the large arachnid's face. It soon got annoyed and climbed off of its web. Luigi drew his hammer in a battle stance. He then charged at the spider as it took its two front legs and shoved Luigi, who flew backwards. Luigi did a backflip and landed on his feet, though he lost his fire power. Luigi then swung his hammer at one of Spideraticus's legs and ducked from another.

Luigi almost got hit by one of her legs but he jumped over it and landed on Spideraticus's back. She hissed madly as she charged in different directions trying to get Luigi off her back. Luigi had grabbed onto her hair tightly but still kept a firm grip on his hammer. Spideraticus soon climbed up the tree. Luigi lost his grip and fell on his back. Spideraticus noticed this and jumped on the poor plumber. Now on top of Luigi, the arachnid began covering him with webbing. Luigi took his hammer and with all his might smashed it into Spideraticus's abdomen.

She squealed in pain as Luigi rolled out from under Spideraticus and smashed his hammer into her legs. When Luigi broke the last leg, Spideraticus lay helplessly on the ground. Luigi decided to put the arachnid out of its misery and smashed its head with his hammer. When the spider flinched its last, Luigi rushed to whoever was in in the web. He tore off the webs and realized who it was.

"Geno? What's he doing here? I better take him to my house to get some rest," Luigi said as he took the unconscious doll to his house.

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