Nintendo Realms

By Icel

Chapter 10: Chozo Portal

Back with our heroes, Mario, Kari, and Kirby were still having a chat with Samus in her ship. Mario took out a can of meatballs and started popping them into his mouth. He handed one to Kirby, who swallowed it greedily.

"So let me get this straight. You need all five heroes of Nintendo to stop this evil... and I'm one of them?!" Samus asked, a little surprised.

"Yes, that's correct," Kari said.

"So now that-a we have Samus joining our-a crew, how do wea get out of-a here?" Mario asked.

Kari took out her DS then looked at her map. "Some area to the west of here. Chozo Ruins?" Kari said as she observed the map carefully.

"I know where that place is." Samus said. "When you're all ready, follow me." With that Samus got on the elevator and left the ship. Kari folded her arms, displeased in every way. Mario ate the last meatball, licked his face, then followed Samus out of the ship along with Kirby. Kari scoffed, then left the ship as well.

It was now raining hard on the heroes even though it didn't really bother Kari or Samus. Samus looked around, then spotted a small rock formation in the distance. Samus pointed. "Over there is the entrance to the Chozo Ruins. We'd better hurry." Samus started trotting down the hill as the others followed.

After a while they heard what sounded like a thousand little legs running across the floor. "What is-a that sound?" Mario asked, getting annoyed.

Samus turned around and spotted thousands of bugs crawling after them. "Oh no!" Samus cried as Kari took out her DS.

Name: Armored Beetle
Game: Metroid
Des: Beetles the size of a cat coated with armor that attack in large groups
Attacks: Pinch (only deadly if a lot of them do it)
Weakness: Their face, the only part unarmored

"There's too many of them to stand and fight. Run!" Kari said as she sprinted as fast as she could. Samus was close behind and Mario and Kirby were not far behind them.

The Armored Beetles where gaining as they arrived at a sealed door. Samus quickly blasted it open, then went down the hallway that led to another door. The only difference was that this one was red and could not be blasted open. Samus noticed a small hole right next to the door. She glanced back at her comrades. "I'll be right back," she said as she changed into a morph ball and rolled away.

"She ditched us?!" Kari yelled. She then saw some of the Armored Beetles smacking against the door on the other side.

"They're-a trying toa get in," Mario said as he shot fireballs at them while Kari shot at them too. Kirby in the meantime swallowed a rock nearby and turned into Rock Kirby. He started bashing on the door to seal it shut. They then heard a blast. The door opened and there stood Samus. "Come on," she said. There was no time for questions so Mario and Kari quickly ran through the door as Kirby rolled through. The door shut and the heroes knew that no matter how hard the beetles tried they could not get in.

"What was with you ditching us back there?!" Kari said, a little annoyed.

"I wasn't ditching you guys. The red doors only open from the other side. So I got into my morph ball and unlocked it for you guys."

"Alrighty then! Now, where's the portal, Kari?" Mario asked as he looked at the desert-like area.

"Well, this is without a doubt Chozo Ruins so... the portal isn't too far from here. Follow me," Kari said as she went in the direction the map showed. The others followed.

They soon came to a large room with a giant Chozo statue in the middle. "That's odd..." Kari said.

"What?" Mario asked, a little curious.

"The DS says that to get to the portal we have to go to the next room, but..." Kari glanced around the area. "It looks like a dead end."

Samus also took a glance around. She noticed a slope next to the statue, then spotted a hole in the wall big enough for her morph ball. "I have an idea," Samus said as she got into her morph ball and rolled into the slope.

"She's sure active," Kari said "What are you trying to do?" she asked when she noticed Samus rolling up towards something but then rolling back down.

"Trying... to... reach... the... hole!" Samus said, getting closer each try.

"This looks like a job for Super Mario!" Mario said as he jumped to the slope. He waited until Samus rolled towards him, then he kicked Samus so hard she flew right into the hole like a soccer ball. "Now THAT'S why Super Mario Strikers was made!" Mario gloated.

Samus dropped a bomb into the hole which exploded. The whole place began to shake. "Whwhat'ssss goiiiing on?!" Kari asked as the place shook more violently. The Chozo Statue moved, revealing a new passage.

"YEEEEEEEHAAAAWWW!" Mario yelled, jumping up and down in joy. The place soon turned completely black. "Hey! Who-a turned out thea lights?" Mario asked. A white figure appeared out of thin air. It was no taller than Samus and it looked like a Chozo. Kari took out her DS.

Name: Chozo Ghost
Game: Metroid
Des: Spiritual remains of a Chozo. Guards its territory with its life.
Attacks: Energy balls, Swipe
Weakness: Just hit it... if you can catch it.

Without hesitation the ghost fired a white energy ball at the group. Mario, Kari, and Kirby quickly jumped out of the way as Samus dropped from the hole and turned back into regular Samus. Mario quickly fed Kirby a Fire Flower, turning him into Fire Kirby. Mario then used a Super Feather and became SUPER MARIO (Mario with a cape), then used a Starman to become temporarily invincible. Kari, on the other hand, took out her V-Saber and ignited it. Samus rushed in, blasting the ghost. The ghost disappeared, then appeared behind Samus and swiped at her back. Mario dove at the creature but it disappeared and Mario ended up flying into the wall. The ghost then appeared in the middle of the room and shot three energy balls, each going in a different direction. Kari got hit by one of these as Kirby shot fire at the spiritual foe. The ghost simply shot a blast at Kirby, sending the little puff flying and losing his power. Mario quickly got up and dove after it. He snatched it, then chucked it towards Kirby.

Kirby turned into Fire Kirby again. Mario winked at Kirby, he had a plan. Mario dove at the ghost and swung a punch. The ghost vanished, then appeared behind Mario and swiped at him. Mario didn't lose his power because of the Starman. Kirby on the other hand used this chance and spat fire at the ghost. The ghost was hit but it only did minor damage. It shot another blast at Kirby, who floated right above the shot, then the ghost hid in the shadows. Samus got into her morph ball, when she did this the ghost reappeared and shot blasts at her. Samus rolled away as fast as she could as the ghost continued to shoot blasts. Samus came heading towards Kari, who had her V-Saber at the ready.

Just when it looked like Samus was going to roll into Kari, she quickly veered to the right. The ghost, however, wasn't quick enough and got sliced by the saber. Kari could tell the ghost was almost dead but it hid in the shadows once more. Samus had her gun at the ready. When it appeared all four of the heroes attacked it. However, the ghost had gotten much faster and vanished before any of the blasts hit it, making a huge explosion. The explosion caused the place to light up a little bit, revealing the ghost. Mario quickly kicked the ghost into the wall. The ghost countered the attack by firing another blast that Mario simply jumped over. His star powers soon faded as the ghost shot another blast which hit Mario. Mario lost his cape but jumped out of the way before he got hit by another blast.

Kirby spat fire at the ghost but it disappeared and headed straight for Mario. Mario dove to the side as the ghost went after Kirby. Samus started charging a blast as Kirby fled from the ghost's blasts. One of the blasts hit Kirby and he lost his power. Just when the ghost was about to finish poor Kirby it stalled. The ghost soon evaporated into dust. Kirby turned around and noticed Samus panting. She had fired the final shot. The place lit up again, revealing the path.

"Is everybody all right?" Kari asked.

"Poyo!" Kirby said gleefully.

Kari turned to Mario. "Can I ask you something?" she walked closer to Mario.

"Sure. What's the-a question?" Mario asked.

"Where do you get all of those items?" Kari said.

Mario smiled, then took off his cap. He flipped
the cap over and pulled out a Fire Flower.

"Amazing. I've never seen anything like it," Samus said.

"The Star Spirits cast a spell on it, making it a place to store a plenty of items. Sadly I only have four-a left," Mario said.

"We'd better find a place to get some more. We have a long journey ahead of us still," Kari said.

"I'll think-a of something," Mario said.

"We'd better get going... the portal is really close," Kari said as she headed towards the path with the others close behind. They opened the door and found a long hallway. There was a door to the right. Samus blasted it open.

The room had a blue portal in the middle of it. "It's a healing room. This should tend our wounds from the battle," Samus said as she stepped into the portal. She was fully healed.

"Amazing!" Kari said as she got healed from the portal also. Mario and Kirby did the same. They soon left the room.

"There's only one thing bad about a healing room, trouble must be close," Samus said, blasting open the next door. They were now in a large room under a dome with a hole in the middle of the roof. You could see the sun from here.

"Isn't it amazing... We've been through so many worlds, yet we still see the same sun. We're not so far from home after all when you think about it," Kari said trying to give Mario some hope about leaving home.

In the middle of the room was a large, purple flower with an acidic steam flowing around it. "It's beautiful..." Kari stated.

Suddenly the flower opened up as a gigantic centipede with two scythe-like arms emerged from the flower. Acidic drool dripped from its mouth. " It's a monster!" Samus said, readying her gun.


Chapter 11: Beasts of the Land and Sea

Geno slowly opened his eyes to see one of the Toads looking down on him. "Huh... Where am I?" Geno asked as he sat up. He felt great, it was almost like he'd never left home or been attacked by Cackletta... Cackletta! She was still on the loose!

"You're safe in the Toad Town Inn. Luigi kindly brought you here. You were in bad shape but we managed to doctor you up. You look good as new," the Toad said as he backed away, trying not to be too close to Geno.

"Luigi?! Where is he?!" Geno said with a very scared look on his face.

"Woah! Calm down! Luigi just went into town. He'll be back," the Toad said, not too sure what the hurry was for.

"I have to talk
to him. Something urgent." Geno jumped out of bed.

"What's the problem?" the Toad asked, a little worried.

"Peach's Castle is going to be invaded!" Geno cried. This surprised the Toad a little too much. "Go and tell the princess!"

With that the Toad was out the door. He hurried towards the palace and burst through the front door. "I NEED TO SPEAK WITH THE PRINCESS!!!" the Toad yelled so loud the place echoed.

"What's the problem?" one of the guards said.

"Trouble! Please, I beg you!" the Toad cried.

From hearing all of this, Princess Peach came out of her room. " What's wrong, citizen?" the princess said, trying to calm the Toad.

"The castle is going to be invaded. I know it's true. Geno told me," the Toad said, trying to catch his breath.

"Geno? What's he doing here?" the princess asked.

"He was attacked and Luigi saved him. Please!" the Toad begged.

"Gather as many troops as you can," Peach said.

"Um... Princess... What if we ask the Beanbean Kingdom to aid us? We're kind of low on numbers and if
a place as large as this is going to be invaded, it's gonna be big," one of the guards suggested.

"Very well. I shall call the Beanbean Kingdom immediately," Peach said as she headed towards her room.


Luigi was simply doing errands for local townspeople. He had just finished giving a little Toad boy his toy Koopa back. He then heard a loud "HELP!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!" It was coming from Tayce T's house.

Luigi ran to the place as fast as he could. He burst open the door. " What's-a wrong?" Luigi asked when he saw Tayce T. crying.

"Toadette... They took Toadette!!!" Tayce T. cried.

"Who took-a Toadette?" Luigi asked.

"A purple monster... in a suit. It came in here and tried to kidnap me. Toadette came and tried to fight him. The monster took her instead and took her to the sewers!!! You have to save her!" Tayce T. said, weeping on his boots.

"Don't worry, Tayce T. I'll bring her back."

With that Luigi left the house and dashed towards the sewers. He dove into the pipe ready to be a hero. Geno, who wasn't far away saw him dive in. "Oh no!" Geno cried as he dashed after him.

It was dark, damp, and smelly in the Toad Town Sewers. Luigi landed on the concrete ground. There before him was a purple figure wearing a suit. He was watching something. It was Toadette! She was chained to a pole ,and not far to the side Luigi saw something else. One of the pipes was smashed, causing water to flow uncontrollably. Luigi called out, "You! What are you-a doing?!" Luigi asked as he clenched his fists.

The figure turned around and faced Luigi. It was holding a small blue orb. "Following orders," the figure said. Then he flicked the orb into the water and warped out of sight.

"Come-a back here!" Luigi yelled. He ran towards Toadette and was about to dive in after her when he heard a scream.

"STOP!!!" Luigi turned around and saw Geno standing there with a serious look on his face. "It's a trap! You're falling into her trap!" Geno warned the plumber.

"What are you talking about?! Toadette is going to drown and you're telling me not to save her?" Geno would have continued but the place began to shake violently. "What's-a going on?" Luigi asked, trying to stay balanced as he noticed the water was bubbling wildly at the surface.

Out of the water burst a gigantic sea horse.


"Dragonzamasu!" Luigi cried as the enormous monster spat a fireball at the little plumber. Luigi retreated into the water.


The giant insect rubbed its fangs together as it eyed Mario and the others. Kari took out her DS.

Name: Flaahgra
Game: Metroid Prime
Des: Gigantic Insect/Plant. Is the source of acidic streams. Highly venomous
Attacks: Swipe, Roots, Hack

Before Kari could read what the weakness was, Mario shoved her away from one of Flaahgra's incoming scythe arms. Kari quickly got up and rolled out of the way as another arm came towards her. Mario took a Yoshi egg out of his cap and it hatched into a baby Yoshi. "Yoshi!" the little baby said as it looked at Mario. Mario  took out another can of meatballs. "Forgive me," Mario said as he stuffed the meatballs into the youngling's mouth, turning it into a full-grown Yoshi. Mario got onto the Yoshi. He then shot a fireball at Flaahgra. "Hey! Over-a here!" Mario yelled as Flaahgra tried to squash him with one of her scythes. "Giddyup!" Mario said as the Yoshi sped up away from the scythe. Mario was soon being chased in a complete circle away from her constantly dropping arms. "Read her-a weakness!" Mario cried, knowing he couldn't outrun her forever. Kari looked at the DS.

Weakness: Lack of Sunlight

"It can't do anything without its sunlight!" Kari yelled as Mario just missed being clipped by another scythe. Mario looked around the area. Kirby in the meantime tried to confuse Flaahgra. He flew up to the insect's face and floated around to block her vision. Flaahgra swiped at him but Kirby floated out of the way. Samus soon spotted some sunbeams pointing to the ceiling. She aimed her gun and fired but nothing happened. Kari tried shooting at it but it still different work. "Try something stronger!" Kari suggested. Samus nodded, then shot a missle at the sunbeam. It tilted down, preventing sunlight from Flaahgra. Flaahgra grew very weak and collapsed onto the ground. Samus spotted a hole and turned into a morph ball, she then rolled into the hole and set off a bomb. Flaahgra screeched in agony as she hid back into the flower.


Luigi swam through the water as fast as he could. He quickly glanced over his shoulder and spotted Dranzamasu hot on his tail. Luigi dove underwater with the monster close behind. Luigi had to think of something or he'd be a meal for sure. He spotted a large opening in the wall and swam towards it as fast as he could. Dragonzamasu shot a fireball at Luigi but he spun to the left and it completely missed him. Luigi was now in a large tunnel filled with small pipes that could kill him if he crashed into them. Though Luigi had to dodge the stacks of pipes Dragonzamasu simply smashed through them because he was so huge. Luigi made a sharp turn, his lungs weere bursting but he had to stay away from the sea monster.

Not far away he could see the exit. He kicked his legs as fast as he could. Dragonzamasu smashed into one of the stacks, causing one of the pipes to land in his hands. Luigi had finally made it out of the tunnel as he swam towards the surface. Dragonzamasu almost had him when Luigi jumped out of the water and onto the surface. The monster jumped out also and swallowed Luigi whole. "NOOOOOO!!!" Geno cried as the monster went back into the water. Toadette was now neck deep in water as the monster turned around and headed towards her.

Luigi tumbled into the monster's belly. It was pink, gooey, halfway full of water, and of course smelly. He quickly stood up and tried to hang onto the speeding monster. He noticed the small aluminum pipe was stuck in the goo. He reached for it for he knew he was running out of time.


Samus turned back into her human form. "Is it dead?" Kari asked. She was soon answered when Flaahgra shot out of the flower. She knocked the light back to its place, then hissed at the heroes.

"Did you have to ask?" Samus said as she jumped back into action. She shot a missle at another one but it did nothing.

"Maybe you-a have to do two this time?" Mario asked as he remained on the Yoshi for Flaahgra continued what she'd been doing. Kirby flew back and proceeded with his actions also, being a pest. Flaahgra got annoyed very easily and swatted Kirby. This time she hit him as Kirby flew into the wall. She then focused her attention on Mario but not for long. Samus had aimed another missile at the sunbeam. Flaahgra fell, stunned once more.

"Let's finish this!" Samus said.

"Look! There's another hole by me!" Kari yelled to her comrades.

"Me-a too!" Mario said.

"All right then! Let's all blast them with all we got. 1, 2, 3!!!" Samus quickly turned into the morph ball and dashed into the hole. She then left another bomb the same time Kari shot a blast into her hole, and Mario shot a fireball into his. Flaahgra soon caught on fire as she screeched in agony. Soon the whole flower caught on fire. Samus gathered with the other heroes as they watched all of Flaahgra turn into nothing but a large fireball. They heard nothing but her piercing screeches as the fire died out. Flaahgra was nothing but a crisp and Kirby had woken up.

"All right! We did it, guys!" Kari yelled as everyone cheered and jumped for joy. Kari soon spotted a DS symbol on the wall close by. Both she and Mario opened their DS as the symbol glowed. The same happened as last time, Mario and Co. warped into the next world.


In front of Peach's castle lay a large army of Chibobos, Beanies, and Shy Guys. They were led by Cackletta, Wart, and Tatanga. "Take down the castle by any means neccessarry. I want Peach alive!" Cackletta said as the large army stood in front of the castle.

High upon the castle walls, a couple hundred guards readied their bows. "So... it begins..." the general said.


Luigi grabbed the pipe out of the goo. He then focused all of his energy and charged an enormous fireball. Toadette was now completely underwater and Geno had no idea what to do. Luigi released the fireball as it burned the beast's insides. It spat Luigi into the air and he turned around and chucked the pipe right at Dragonzamasu. It landed in its mouth vertically, forcing its mouth to stay open.

"Geno! Now! Use your lightning!" Luigi yelled. Geno now knew what was going on. He fired a lightning bolt and aimed directly for the pipe. Now I'm gonna teach you something, so listen up! Since the pipe was aluminum it was like a lightning rod. You know what happens when lightning hits a rod, don't you? I'll give ya a little hint...


The monster looked like nothing but a ball of light as it screeched in pain. It soon fell into the water and sank to its doom. Luigi gasped for breath but noticed Toadette was still underwater. He dove after her under the waves. He shot the chains with a fireball, breaking them into pieces. He then grabbed Toadette, who was out cold. He then swam towards the surface. He popped out, gasping for breath as he dragged Toadette to shore.

Toadette coughed out the water. " You all right?" Luigi asked. Toadette nodded in response as she tried to catch her breath. He soon heard weapons clashing and guards screaming.

"It has begun! We must hurry, Luigi!" Geno cried.

"Ready for-a what?" Luigi asked, quite confused.

"Peach's Castle is under attack."

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