Nintendo Realms

By Icel

Chapter 12: The Mind Of Evil


The Space Pirate typed in the code...


The teleporter began to glow and out came an enormous brain attached to a mechanical platform.

Villain Member: Mother Brain
Game: Metroid
Des: Giant brain that's in charge of the Space Pirate army.
Attacks: Lasers, Bombs, Claws, Energy Balls
Weakness: Eye

Suddenly a large eye opened in the middle of the brain. "At last! I am reborn!" the eye scanned the room as it caught sight of the other villains. "You there! Are you the beings who resurrected me?"

Antagessis stepped forward. "I have brought you here for one purpose only. You are going to help us take care of our rivals and we'll help you defeat your rival once and for all," Antagessis said, bowing to please the alien.

"Ah, the bounty hunter! She has interfered with my work for the last time," Mother Brain said. It scared the other villains that this foe could talk without a mouth, but they were glad they had another ally to suit their needs.

"Just how many more villains do we have to wait for?" Bowser said, folding his arms to show how impatient he was growing.

"Two more villains, and our plan shall finally go into action," Antagessis said. he walked over to one of the Space Pirates. "How is our little 'project' coming along?" Antagessis said as his nails tapped on the table.

"Project VL 17Q is 75% complete, sir!" the Space Pirate said, saluting his master.

"Excellent," Antagessis said as he turned around to face the villains.

"Exactly what is project VL 17Q?"
Nightmare asked, a little curious.

"You'll find out soon enough," Antagessis said. He then faced the computer screen and saw the words:

Loading 5%

"Well now, Mario. It seems the closer you are to finding the others, the closer you are too your doom..." Antagessis said.


In a world not too far from Plit lay Jiggyworld. This world was full of marvelous creatures made from Nintendo but another allegiance as well, but they're not important right now. Now, in the middle of Jiggyworld, located far to the north of an area known as Isle Of Hags, lay the new lair of a witch! Now, this witch was different from other witches such as Cackletta. This witch had puzzles that unlocked different worlds. She also had a terrible habit of rhyming. She wore a black suit with black, high heeled boots and long, black hair. She had green skin, a purple scarf, and one eye was larger than the other (I don't know why). The last thing she had was, of course, the witch trademark, the black, pointy hat. Her name was Gruntilda and she was the wickedest witch of the west. She had been defeated twice in the past years by two animals, but I'll talk about them later. She had been recently resurrected by her son, Freddy. Freddy had blue eyes, black, oily hair, and of course the green skin.

Freddy had been practicing his witchcraft lately since he had just become a teenager not too long ago. Since he used most of his magic to resurrect his mother he was now one of the worst spellcasters, but his mom was still willing to teach him. Now Gruntilda was going to do something she hadn't done in a long time. She walked over to her cauldron, Dingpot, she had retrieved and persuaded with money to return. Her long nails tapped on the side of the cauldron as she thought of what she wanted to say.

"I have returned from my great fall. Now, who's the fairest of them all?" Grunty said waiting for a new answer.

Since Dingpot knew Tooty was the wrong answer, he searched for another beautiful girl, hoping it was Grunty for his sake. However, he was given a different image. It was a young human female with blonde hair in a pink dress.

"The fairest is a girl whose eyes would make one's mind twirls. It is Peach, princess of a different world," Dingpot said as he closed his eyes, ready for his beating.

"WHAT?! How can it be?! A princess from another world and not glorious me?" Grunty said as she slammed her fists on Dingpot over and over again.

Freddy heard all the clanging and came into his mother's room. "What's wrong, Mother?" Freddy asked as he practiced juggling a fireball. It was the easiest witchcraft and not even he could perfect it.

"I don't believe it! I've had enough of throwing this fit! Come Freddy, we're going on a trip. Mommy's gonna rip this woman from her face to her hips! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

Grunty cackled as she whistled for her broom. When the broom floated slightly above the ground, Grunty hopped onto it. "Umph!" the broom said but quickly shut its mouth.

Freddy then hopped on. "Road trip!" Freddy said gleefully. Grunty then took off to the skies as she headed for Plit, head held high... Aw crud, now I'm doing it.


It was starting to drizzle as Luigi and the others ran towards Peach's castle. The Chibobos, Beanies, and Shy Guys were using ladders to climb over the wall. One of the Chibobos drove their spear through one of the guard's stomach. Arrows were flying everywhere as Luigi finally arrived at the front door, where a guard stood with his javelin at the ready. "Guard these doors with your life!" the Toad said as Shy Guys, Beanies, and Chibobos rushed towards the castle, well armed. Luigi drew his hammer as Geno turned one of his arms into a mallet. Toadette meanwhile took out one of Tayce T's frying pans.

"Bring out the archers!" the general of Peach's army yelled as he hacked off the head of a Beanie. He then turned around and cut a Shy Guy in half.

At that exact moment a good thirty archers came marching up the steps. They aligned at the wall and began shooting arrows at the enemy. One of the Chibobos kicked a guard over the wall, causing the guard to land right on one of the spears below. Another guard started kicking ladders to prevent more from coming up. He tried to kick another but a Shy Guy grove its knife through the guard's leg hanging on for dear life. The guard took his spear and thrust it into the Shy Guy's mask and the Shyguy fell. Luigi smacked a Chibobo into another's spear as Geno hacked at a Shy Guy. Tayce T. smacked a Beanie with her pan. The Beanie simply whacked Tayce T. across the face with its hammer. Luigi blocked one of the Shy Guy's incoming scimitars. "Where did-a these things get all of these-a weapons?" Luigi asked, trying to hold his ground.

"They robbed the Smith's shop. Killed every last one of them," the guard said as he dispatched another Shy Guy..

Geno shot a lightning blast, sending about seven of the monsters flying in the air. "They're not going through without facing my wrath first, cover me!" Geno said as he transformed into a cannon. Geno shot as many cannonballs as he could. He shot one directly at the middle of a Chibobo, causing it to explode.

It began raining harder as more ladders came from all directions. "Keep guards on all sides! Seperate!" the General commanded as he sliced a Beanie in half.

Tatanga made a hand motion as some Bill Blasters appeared. They began shooting thousands of Bullet Bills at the walls. "Geno! Aima for the cannons!" Luigi called to Geno.

"Turn me," Geno said as Luigi hacked at a Chibobo, then quickly turned Geno towards the Bill Blasters.

One of the Bullet Bills knocked a guard's head clean off. A Shy Guy dipped his sword into one of the lanterns, then drove it through one of the archers. The archer screamed in pain as he soon caught on fire. The Shy Guy then threw the archer on four other archers, catching them on fire too. The general attacked the Shy Guy but the Shy Guy blocked the blow. The two began clashing but the general kept his distance from the flaming weapon. A Chibobo threw its spear. which went into the chest of another guard. "Where's help when we need it?" one of the guards cried as he hacked at a Beanie.

The general continued to block the Shy Guy's moves. He was a little too slow and suffered a massive burning cut on his shoulder. The general then ducked from the Shy Guy's thrust and cut the Shy Guy in half. He then took the flaming sword and ignited some ladders, then kicked them away from the wall. All could hear their cries of pain as the flaming ladders fell. The Bill Blasters began blowing holes into the castle walls. Suddenly bombs fell from the sky and blew up four Bill Blasters. "Look! Up in the sky!" the general called.

Everyone looked up to see Prince Peasley on his cloud and a whole army of Beanbean soldiers riding their own clouds. The clouds landed next to the guards as Peasley stepped off. "Sorry I'm late. Had to pick the right hair solution to fight with." Peasley flicked his golden hair, then drew his rapier. "Men! Let's help these Mushroomers!" the soldiers responded by drawing their own weapons. "Attack!" Peasley said as the Beanbeans began dropping more bombs on the opponent.

Cackletta and the others had been watching from a safe distance. "Why that insolent little... He'll pay for getting into my business," Cackletta said as her staff glowed. Out of it popped a gigantic, black Albatoss. It had yellow eyes, a red beak, and was a bit smaller than a dragon. "I want you to take care of that pest Prince Peasley, Alblacktoss." The monster let out a loud caw, then flew towards the castle.

Meanwhile, Geno was still taking out as many Bill Blasters as he could when Luigi was caught right above the heart by a Chibobo's spear. Luigi knelt down from the pain as the guard hacked at the Chibobo that wounded him. Geno quickly regained puppet form. He shot a blast at a few more monsters, then turned to Luigi. Toadette placed a hand over the wound. "Bring the princess out here!" she said.

"Are you mad? That's why we're guarding the door," the guard said, hacking another Shy Guy in two.

"She's the only user of healing magic at this moment," Toadette said.

The guard blocked an incoming spear with his cutlass. "Ugh! Fine!" the guard said. Toadette slowly opened the door as Geno guarded her from any incoming monsters. The guard shot Toadette a dirty look before heading into the castle.

Prince Peasley, in the meantime, was a very skilled swordsman and drove his rapier into a Shy Guy, then spun around and hacked off a Beanie's arm. The general now was duel-wielding two weapons, his cutlass and the Shy Guy's flaming sword. He quickly ran across the top of the wall, hacking at any monster nearby. He thrust his flaming sword into a Chibobo and threw it over the wall. He got a little overconfident and forgot to block an arrow which flew past his arm, cutting it. The general hacked at another Beanie, then blocked a Shy Guy's attack.

"Peach! Luigi is wounded!" Toadette yelled as she ran towards her chamber.

Peach swung open the door. " What? Luigi's out there?!" Peach asked, showing a lot of worry in her voice. She already was worried about Mario, who was possibly dead, and now she had the thought of losing Luigi going through her mind.

"Come quickly! You can still save him!" Toadette said.

"But, I was given orders to stay here," Peach said, hoping not to disobey Toadsworth's wishes.

Toadworth came out from the chamber. " She may go... but she must come back immediately," Toadsworth said. Peach nodded in gratitude as both she and Toadette ran out the front door.

When she saw Luigi she quickly fed him some Mushrooms. The wound slowly faded away but time was ticking as the monsters saw the princess. Like a dog getting hyper when it sees a treat, the monsters started slashing in every direction to get their hands on Peach. The guard managed to hold them off but he suffered a couple cuts to the arm and bruises to the forehead.

Peasley had just finished gutting a Chibobo when he heard the wind beat louder and louder. He turned around and saw the enormous Alblacktoss.


Chapter 13: Swords and Shields

Mario slowly opened his eyes to see the sun shining in the beautiful blue sky. The breeze felt good on his face as he slowly sat up. He was now in a world more "realistic" than his and Kirby's but not nearly as dark as Samus's. He glanced around the area and saw thousands of trees in the distance. He then spotted his fellow comrades. Kirby had woken up and walked next to Mario, while Samus and Kari were slowly getting up.

"It's a wonderful sight," Mario said to Kari. " Why-a don't you take that-a helmet off and feel the breeze?" Mario said as he lay down and let the sun beat down on him.

"I prefer taking off my helmet in my own home," Kari said as she looked around. "So... this is where our next hero lies?" Kari asked as Samus got up.

"Wow... I never saw the sun so beautiful before," Samus said, blocking it out of her visor.

"Come on, Mario. We have to find the hero, the portal, then get out of here," Kari said as she walked away from the group.

"Aw... What's the hurry?" Mario said as he frowned. He was just getting comfortable.

Mario got up, then heard a loud yell not too far behind. "GET THAT BOY!" Mairo turned around to see where the voice had come from. It was from a soldier in blue armor. There were two of them chasing a boy clad in green with a green cap. The boy was running pretty fast but the guards were catching up.

The boy ran behind Mario as the guards approached the plumber, swords drawn. "Hand over the boy and you won't suffer his same fate," the soldier said, his sword next to Mario's throat.

"What do you want him for? He looks like he did nothing wrong," Kari said as she stepped forth.

"Ah, so there's a whole lot of you. Where did you all come from? I've never seen anything like you in my life," the other soldier said as he pointed his blade toward Kari.

"I don't think that's any of your business," Kari said as she took out the V-Saber's handle.

"Strangers are not welcomed here, by order of Lord Agahnim," the guard said.

"Hey, leave them out of this. It's me you want," the boy said, stepping in front of Mario.

"No, they'll pay for sticking their nose into our work," the guard said.

"I suppose the penalty is death, then?" Kari said as she fingered the handle.

"I guess you'll have to see for yourself!" The soldier swung his sword at Kari, who ignited the V-Saber and thrust it through the soldier's chest after chopping off the blade.

"We need reinforcements!" the other soldier called. Soon eight more soldiers appeared from town, swords drawn. "Kill them! They're here to assassinate Agahnim!" the guard said as he rushed at Mario. Mario did a backflip, then kicked the soldier to the dirt; the guard cursed. One of the green soldiers had an arrow and shot one at Kirby. Kirby swallowed it and turned into Arrow Kirby. Kirby turned into a bow, then shot an arrow back at the soldier, killing him.

The boy drew his sword and shield and started fighting the guards. Samus shot blasts at a guard since the swords did minimal damage to her. One of the guards thrust its sword at the boy but the boy put up his shield just in time and blocked the blow. He then took his sword and hacked the soldier's head off. The boy then took out a boomerang and flung it at three guards. The guards started staggering from the powerful blow. Kirby shot an arrow at another archer and nailed it right in the back. Mario got sliced across the arm but soon kicked the soldier in the gut, then flung him into the air. When the guard fell from the air Mario kicked it into a nearby boulder, smashing its skull. The four other guards began to back away. "We'll tell Agahnim about you! You'll regret ever messing with us!" one of the soldiers said as the four ran away like cowards.

Kari put her saber back in, then turned to the boy. "Why did they chase you?" Kari asked.

"I freed the princess. She was locked in a cell, the ruler killed her father and is now turning Hyrule into chaos," the boy said.

"Hyrule?... I heard Hyrule was much more lush and living. This place is horrible," Kari said.

"Ever since Agahnim became the ruler, Hyrule is nothing but a Dark World," the boy said.

"By the way, what's your name?" Samus asked as she observed the boy.

"Link... I'm Link, and you all are...?" Link asked as he saw all the odd creatures.

"I'm-a Mario and this is-a Kirby!" Mario said, pointing to the pink puff.

"I'm Kari," Kari said as she held out a hand.

"Samus," Samus held out her hand too. Mario and Kirby held out their hands. Link placed his hand over all of theirs. Suddenly his hand began to glow a golden light. It revealed the symbol of three triangles connected together, the Triforce.

"You're the fourth hero!" Kari said, noticing the symbol.

"The what?" Link said with a puzzled look on his face.

The image disappeared from Link's hand. "We'll talk about it later. I'm sure more of those goons will be here," Kari said.

"Follow me. There's a village not far north from here," Link said as he walked north.

"Let's-a go!" Mario said as he and the others followed Link to the village.


Peasley felt the wind beat against his face as he swung his sword at the giant bird. The bird simply floated away about an inch, then came back. Peasley swung his sword again but the bird did the same thing again, it was almost like the bird wasn't even trying to dodge it. The bird then pecked at Peasley, but Peasley rolled out of the way as the bird's beak hit the solid ground. Peasley used this opportunity and sliced the bird's eye. The bird screeched in pain as it slapped Peasley into one of the lanterns with its wing. It then yanked its beak out of the ground. It spotted Peasley and flew towards him. Peasley's sword was at the ready as the monster came closer.

Meanwhile the general was holding back as many monsters as he could. He gouged a Beanie, then slit a Shy Guy's throat. He started fighting on the stairs as Chibobos stabbed him with their spears. The general fought with all his might to hold them back as he cut one in half and started hacking at the other five, blocking their swings in the process. Peach was still healing Luigi, who slowly got up. "Peach?" Luigi asked. Peach smiled, then nodded her head. He shot a fireball at a Beanie that was about to stab her, then slowly sat up. "Go back into-a the castle, Peach. It's not safe out-a here. They-a want you." Peach agreed as Toadette led the princess inside while Luigi, the guard, and Geno held off as many monsters as they could.

Luigi swung his hammer at a Chibobo's head, crushing its skull, then turned around and shot a fireball at a Shy Guy. Geno turned his hand into a mallet and started smashing at a Beanie. The Beanie started tearing at Geno's clothing with its knife as Geno smashed its chest. The guard had just been smacked in the shoulder by a mace, but he still held his ground. "Believe it or not, this army can't go on forever! Just fight a little bit longer!" the guard said as he gashed a Chibobo's stomach. Luigi nodded in agreement as he kicked a Beanie in the face, knocking it into a good number of monsters.

Alblacktoss started beating its wings together as it created a powerful gust of wind. Peasley held his ground as he was slowly being pushed off the edge. The monster then flapped its winds so hard, a powerful gust blew Peasley off the castletop. Peasley grabbed onto the side of a brick with all his might. He gripped his sword, trying not to drop it as he slowly pushed himself back up. He panted, then dashed at the monster. The bird saw this and swung one of its talons at Peasley. Peasley sliced one talon but another talon grabbed hold of him. The Alblacktoss pinned Peasley to the ground as it tried crushing him under its weight. Peasley struggled to lift his blade but the monster was incredibly heavy.

The general called out a command as a cutlass sunk into his hip. "Leave the bird to Peasley, take out any other monster that threatens the prince!!!" With that he sliced a Shy Guy in half then turned around and stabbed a Beanie. More Beanbean soldiers threw bombs at the ladders and catapults being set up below. One soldier was tripped by a Beanie, he was stabbed multiple times in the back as he cried for help. One of the archers attempted to shoot an arrow at Alblacktoss but he was spiked in the back by a Chibobo's spear. It was hard to tell who was winning. So many monsters hadn't even climbed the ladders yet, and since Peasley had brought some Beanbeans to help, Peach's Castle wasn't going to fall easily either. Lightning struck one of the lanterns as a large fire ignited all around the ground. Though many fighters on each side perished in the flames, the fight still waged on.

The general ignited his other sword as he started spinning madly with his two flaming swords. He burned many but soon was stalled. He started gasping for breath as blood ran down his lips. "NOOOOOO!!! General Shromnick!" one of the guards said. An arrow had been flung into the general's back. He strained to get up, then continued to cut down more monsters. He had just finished slicing a Chibobo when a spear was flung into his chest, he gasped some more as he coughed blood out of his leaking lungs. Peasley was furious when he saw this and with all his strength, took his blade and sliced the Alblacktoss' talon. The mosnter screeched as it floated away. It cawed in anger as it flew back towards Peasley. Peasley flipped over the monster and landed on its black-feathered back. He then drove his sword into the bird's back. In fury the bird flew away, Peasley still on it. The monster spun and flipped, hoping Peasley would fall off. Peasley gripped onto the handle with all his might as he closed his eyes from all the spinning.

Luigi saw the enormous bird fly away, then saw the general collapse to the ground. "Our-aleader has fallen!" Luigi cried. What could they do now without a general? Rage overtook him as he started bashing incoming monsters like a madman. He almost suffered a stab to the heart but blocked the Beanie's blow and smashed its side. He then shot a fireball and watched as it writhed in pain.

Cackletta, in the meantime, noticed her pet coming closer with Peasley tight on its back. "Alblacktoss, you have done well. May you rest in peace," she spoke. The pain inAlblacktoss' back was too much for him. It headed towards its master but crashedinto the ground. Peasley drew his sword, then flipped off its back, unharmed. Whenthe dust cleared he saw the monster, straining to live. He walked up to the monster and looked into its eyes.

Peasley then lifted his sword and drove it through the beast's skull. As he drew his sword from the dead bird he sat on the ground and panted. He tried to give up but was soon shocked immensely. He collapsed on the ground as Cackletta pointed her staff towards him. She then lifted him off the ground and turned him towards her. "Cack..letta... you're..." Peasley said weakley.

"Yes, thanks to this staff. Now Prince, if you do not call off your troops I will destroy that castle in a matter of seconds with my staff," she said as her staff glowed.

"Why did you sick that army on us in the first place?" Peasley said as he breathed heavy.

"To give you some hope... and to exhaust you, of course," Cackletta said with a grin.

Peasley knew she would do it, too. He took a deep breath, then yelled, "SURRENDERRRRR!!!!" with the last of his energy. His mind went black as he passed out.

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