Nintendo Realms

By Icel

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Prologue: The Prophecy

Nintendo is a place of mystery, adventure, and heroes. In an old issue of Nintendo Power, a section called the Prophecy was written in fine print. This section told that one day the darkness of Nintendo would join forces and try to make the games their own. It said that if this should happen a Nintendo Hero that fought more battles than any of the others would gather all of the Warriors of Nintendo, find the sacred Lamp, and vanquish the darkness once and for all. If this should happen, Nintendo heroes that never heard of each other would have to join forces to bring peace to Nintendo. Years have passed, and Nintendo was filled with heroes... until now.

Chapter 1: Era Of Darknesss

Though Nintendo is a dimension filled with many worlds, it is controlled by one city called E3. Its President, Shigeru Miyamoto, has created many worlds, heroes, and magnificent creatures for Nintendo. If someone or something could overrthrow the president then all of Nintendo would be theirs. The only people that know of E3 are the members of the city themselves. On this very day, the sky had grown dark as the creatures from the worlds of Nintendo turned on E3. The invasion of E3 had been going on for several hours. The Era of Darkness had begun. War had now begun in the city of E3.

In the main core of the city, Nintendo Troopers were fending off strange monsters from different Nintendo worlds. "What are these things?!" one of the troopers said as he took out his Nintendo DS. He turned it on and pointed the DS to one of the creatures. This one had claws, purple scales, and huge green eyes. The DS showed a picture of the creature and a full description.

Name: Space Pirate
Game: Metroid (series)
Attacks: Lasers, Claws
Des: Bug-like monsters that can shoot lasers right out of their claws.

The trooper took out his Nintendo gun and shot at two of the Space Pirates. Bigger monsters came up behind the Space Pirates. They looked like huge cannons but they shot out bullets with hideous faces. The trooper took out his DS and did the same thing as he done with the Space Pirate.

Name: Bill Blaster
Game: Mario (series)
Attacks: Shoots Bullet Bills
Des: Black cannons that can shoot tons of Bullet Bills.

The Bill Blasters shot tons of Bullet Bills, making huge explosions. "It's no use. The prophecy has begun. We're outnumbered and there's no time for backup. Kari, the time has come to send for the hero the prophecy spoke of," the general said as he as he drew a portal on his Pictochat. The portal came to life.

"Go, Kari. Give him the message!" the general said as the newbie jumped into the portal. Soon a huge ship landed as a figure came out. It wore a spacesuit and had horns. " No... Not you!!! AAAAAHH!" the general yelled as the city fell from the attack.

Chapter 2: Plumber of Prophecy

In one of the worlds of Nintendo, known as the Mushroom Kingdom, two famous plumbers were waking from their slumber.

"Mamamia! I haven't-a slept this well since the first time we got here," the red plumber said getting out of bed. He was short but plump and he had a mustache that showed that he was over twenty years of age. He wore red overalls over his blue sweatshirt and had a cap with a red M on it, which he always wore. He was a famous hero that rescued a princess, thwarted a reptile's plans a number of times, and even threw a party once a year. His name was Mario.

He had a younger brother who was a plumber just like he was. His brother was taller but also skinnier than Mario. He wore blue overalls over his green sweatshirt and had a moustache showing he wasn't much younger than Mario. He also wore a green cap with a L on it, and always wore this as well. His name was Luigi. Together, they were known as the Mario Brothers.

It was another beautiful day of plumbing in the Mushroom Kingdom for the Mario Brothers. They had just slipped on their boots when they heard a strange whirring noise. "What-a was that?!" Luigi said as they ran outside to find the source of the strange noise. They saw a strange character lying unconscious on the ground. It wore a black suit and had a huge helmet.

"Mamamia! Let's take it inside!" Mario said.

"I don't know-a, Mario, it looks-a dangerous..." Luigi said in a scared tone.

"Let's-a go!" Mario said as he and his brother dragged the body inside.

That night, Mario and Luigi kept a close eye on the unconscious body. Finally, it started to stir. "Mamamia! It's alive!" Mario said as the body sat up.

"Uhh... Where am I?" the body said in a soft voice.

"You're-a in the Mushroom Kingdom," Luigi said, trying to be polite.

"Who are you?" the figure said to the plumbers.

"Why, it's-a me, Mario!" Mario said with a bright smile.

"I'm-a Luigi," Luigi said.

"Super Mario Brothers!!!" they both said together, putting their arm around each other's neck.

"What's-a your name?" Luigi asked the figure.

"Kari. I'm a member of the Nintendo Troopers," Kari said starting to get out of the bed.

"Why-a are you here?" Mario asked, getting a little curious.

"I am here to send you a message, Mario. E3 is in danger, and you are the chosen one," Kari said.

"I'm-a what?!" Mario said, getting a little nervous.

"According to the prophecy, you must gather the Four Heroes of Nintendo and destroy the evil that is trying to takeover Nintendo," Kari said, starting to show how worried she was.

"Mamamia! As if saving Peach wasn't hard enough!" Mario said.

"Looks like you're off on another adventure, Bro," Luigi said to his bigger brother.

"Okee dokee! I'll-a do it!" Mario said. "But where to first?" he asked in confusion.

"To a world called Dreamland. That is where the first Hero of Nintendo lies. Don't worry, I will aid you on your quest," Kari said getting out of bed. "Take this. It will help you on your journey as well," Kari said, handing Mario a silver item with the word Nintendo written on it.

"What-a is it?" Mario asked as he held the item.

"It's a DS. It is the smartest piece of technology made in E3," Kari said. "The time has come, Mario. You must say farewell to your friends, for you will not see them for a long time," she said, getting out of the bed.

"Goodbye, Mario. Don't forget to write," Luigi said, shaking Mario's hand.

"Farewell, Luigi. I'll see you soon. I promise," Mario said as he and Kari left the house. Luigi waved goodbye from the front porch as his brother vanished. " Tell Peach I said goodbye," Mario's voice rang out from the distance.

"Ready?" Kari said to Mario as she drew a portal on the Pictochat.

"Let's-a go!!!" Mario said as he jumped in the portal. Kari jumped after him. Thus began a quest Mario would never forget.

Chapter 3: Pleasant Dreams In Dreamland

It was beautiful day at the beach in Dreamland. All was peaceful as the seagulls cawed and the waves of the ocean could be heard. However, this peace would not last for long.

The portal appeared as Mario and Kari flew into the sand. "At least I fell into something soft this time," Kari joked as Mario got up and brushed the sand off his shoulders.

"Mamamia! What is this place?" Mario said as he stared into the wide open ocean.

"This is Dreamland, the closest world to the Mushroom Kingdom. The first warrior is close, according to my DS," Kari said as she looked on the radar on her DS.

"Let's-a go!" Mario said as he ran along the beach. Suddenly, four crabs popped out of the sand. They were red with a yellow belly. They were each about the size of a cat.

"Mario! Use the DS to learn about your enemies!" Kari yelled. Mario turned on his DS and pointed it towards the crabs.

Name: Clipper
Game: Kirby 64
Attacks: Clip
Des: Red crabs that hide in the sand. They pop out when offended.
Weakness: Eyes

"That's a new feature. I guess only the chosen ones will know the creature's weakness," Kari said taking out her Nintendo gun.

Mario reached into his pocket and took out a Fire Flower. He then used it, and turned into Fire Mario. "Who wants-a crab legs?" Mario said as he shot out two fireballs. One of the Clippers was burned from the attack, but another one blocked the fireball with its claw, taking little damage. The Clipper snipped Mario, causing him to lose his ability.

"Mamamia!" Mario said as he jumped on the Clipper. He landed on the Clipper's pinchers, which caused him great pain. "OWOWOWOW!!!" Mario cried in agony. Just when Mario had given up hope, a spike flew in and hit the Clipper in the eye, causing it to vanish. Mario looked in the direction the spike had come from. He saw a pink puffy figure wearing a cap with spikes on the top. It quickly shot spikes at the remaining two Clipper's eyes, causing them to vanish as well.

The pink figure spat out the cap and walked towards Mario and Kari. "Poyo!" the figure said, a cute innocent smile on it's face.

"What's it-a saying?" Mario asked, confused by this new creature's language. Kari took out her DS.

Name: Kirby
Game: Kirby (series)
Attacks: Copying by swallowing foe
Des: Legendary Warrior of Dreamland

"According to my DS, this is the warrior of Dreamland. It goes by the name of Kirby. It's kinda cute," Kari said as she waved at Kirby. Kirby smiled and waved back.

"All right! Time to-a go to the-a next world." Mario said with a sigh of relief.

"I'm afraid it's not that easy. I can only warp in the closest spot to the next world. According to my DS, it is in a place called Squid Cove," Kari said, trying to get more info from her DS.

"Mamamia!" Mario said, a little depressed by the response.

Kirby jumped up in excitement. "Poyo! Poyo!" Kirby said as he ran off.

"Let's go follow it. Kirby probably knows this place like the back of his hand- er, wing- er, fin," Kari said a little confused by this creature.

"Let's-a go!!!" Mario said as he and Kari ran off to follow Kirby.

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