Wario and Waluigi: The Doom Crystal

By Dark Knight

Previously on Wario and Waluigi: The Doom Crystal...

Wario and Waluigi arrived at the Mushroom Camp set up by Ginopio and his now-dead crew. They fought a battle against an ancient Goomba who had sworn loyalty to no one but the Pharoah. They took goods and have now arrived at the tomb of Pharoh Mushtankuhmen. Now they will be in for the greatest battle of their lives...

Chapter 3: The Unbeatable Battle...

Wario: Heh heh heh... I actually can't believe that we managed to find something in this rotten camp after all!

Waluigi: Come on! To the tomb! We'll go down in history!

Wario and Waluigi head to the tomb when they are suddenly stopped by a Magikoopa.

Magikoopa: Ah, so you are the one who defeated my friend, eh?

Wario: What's it to you? And who are you?!

Magikoopa: Fools! Lord Bowser has sent me out here for the possession of the evil crystal! And I am... KAMEK!!!

Wario: Ok, odd name, let us by!

Waluigi: Careful! That's one of the most powerful Magikoopas on all of Plit!

Waluigi pushes Wario out of the way of an incoming lightning bolt.

Kamek: So you want to fight? SO BE IT!

Waluigi: Use the Spin Bros. attack!

Wario: RIGHT!

Waluigi jumps onto Wario's shoulders and the duo spin-jump into the air and dive at Kamek.


Kamek shoots out a lage purple dome at Waluigi, who is immediately blown up.


Kamek: That was the legendary spell of Ultima, the most powerful spell there is.

Wario: THE ULTIMA?! We don't stand a chance!

Kamek: You know, I could let you join me... Save yourselves and join the Koopa Clan!

Wario: Never!

Wario puts a piece of beef jerky into Waluigi's mouth, who gets up.

Waluigi: L-let's use a new Brothers Attack I just devised. First of all, I jump on your shoulders and we jump and dive at the enemy with my hammer drawn. You can do it too except y-you use boxing gloves.


Wario hops on Waluigi's shoulders and the duo dive at Kamek with the boxing gloves. Kamek is defeated.

Wario: Hey, he left his wand. Let's destroy it.

Wario is shocked when he touches it and throws it at Waluigi, who is burned. The wand shatters.


Wario kicks the wand into some quicksand. Wario and Waluigi then enter the Tomb of Mushtankuhmen.

Wario: Hey, look! The Doom Crystal! It's... flying... Waluigi. You take it and I'll take the sword in the nearby pedestal.

Wario pulls out the sword and suddenly a light surrounds the room. And then a voice is heard...

???: Heh heh heh... At last I am free!

Wario: Huh? Who said that?

???: It is me... The terror of the worst terrors, the thing that will destroy the world... THE DOOM CRYSTAL!

Wario: Woah! Waluigi!

Wario is stunned to see that Waluigi has been knocked out again. He throws another piece of beef jerky into his mouth but it doesn't work.


Doom Crystal: I have placed a spell on him to negate healing...


Wario jumps at the Doom Crystal and slashes with the sword.


The Doom Crystal is shattered.

Wario: Hahaha!

But suddenly the pieces come back together to reform the Doom Crystal...

Wario: No... Is there any way to beat this guy?!

Doom Crystal: Fool! I am immortal! And you are not worth the time. SO LONG! ULTIMA!

The purple dome which almost killed Waluigi is back and red as lava. It knocks out Wario.

Three days later...

???: Wake up, Chosen One...

Wario: Ugh...

Waluigi: He's alive!

Wario opens his eyes to see an ancient warrior and Waluigi standing over him. He seems to be on a cloud above the sky.

Ancient Warrior: Welcome, Chosen One. I am Serenade. You have been knocked out for three days.

Wario: Three days?! Where's the Doom Crystal?

Serenade: He has gone to his Palace of Darkness.

Wario: He's invincible, though. I just can't beat him...

Serenade: There is a way. You see, the Blade of Light you hold has lost its power. In order for you to restore it, you must go to four temples and find the Jewels of Light in order to fix it. Then, you may enter the Palace and defeat the Doom Crystal.

Wario: Big deal. Now let me go home so we can sell the sword.


Serenade charges up power in his hands and releases electricity onto Wario.

Serenade: Thunderhand... Nothing quite like it. Listen, give me the map.

Wario hands over the map and Serenade marks it with a quill and ink.

Serenade: I have marked the places where the Jewels of Light are on your map.

Waluigi: All right, let's get going.

Serenade: Just insert the jewels into the Blade of Light and they will stay. Now, get going.

Serenade transports Wario and Waluigi down to their Wario Car.

Serenade: Brave, but doubtful heroes, I wish you luck...

The Wario Bros. now set out to find the Jewels of Light and restore the Blade of Light to finally shatter the Doom Crystal. But their adventure has only just begun. Will they succeed? Find out on the next part of Wario and Waluigi: The Doom Crystal!

Previously on Wario and Waluigi: The Doom Crystal...

Wario and Waluigi were nearly into the pyramid after stocking up on supplies, when they had to fight Kamek, who was revealed to be there on a mission for Bowser to retrieve the Doom Crystal. He used some of the greatest spells known to humankind, including the greatest spell of them all, Ultima. But even with that the duo managed to defeat him.

Inside the pyramid Wario took the sword and Waluigi tried to take the pyramid. The Doom Crystal was sleeping though, and the sword was sort of a key to awakening the Doom Crystal. Waluigi was knocked out and nearly at death. Wario fought valiantly but failed.

Above the clouds they met up with the mysterious Serenade, who told them what to do to shatter the Doom Crystal and save the world. They need to find the Jewels of Light to restore the power to the sword in order to reduce the Doom Crystal to little shards.

We now continue our story...

Chapter 4: Terrors at Goom Castle

Wario: Hmm, that guy marked one of the symbols on our map near... Goom Town. It seems to be close by.

Waluigi: Hey, while we are here, why not eat?

Wario: Sure! My stomach is roaring more bad words than Toad ever says!

Wario pulls out the pizza and eats the whole thing in one bite, and Waluigi eats the Goom Goom Burger.

Wario: Aah! That hit the spot. Let's head to Goom Town.

Wario and Waluigi hop in the Wario Car and drive off into the sunrise. The scenery is fairly uneventful. They go from a desert to a path through a forest, when suddenly they are faced with a fork in the forest path road.

Wario: Hey, Waluigi, there seems to be a sign. It says "welcome to mooG mooG Wont".

Waluigi: It says "Welcome to Goom Goom Town"! Can't you read?

Wario: Well, I was one of the worst readers in seventh grade.

Wario and Waluigi turn on the path and arrive at Goom Goom Town when suddenly they are stopped by a boulder blocking the path.

Waluigi: Darn! We can't get through unless we get this boulder out of the way.

Wario: Let me try!

Wario punches and slashes at the rock with his gloves and sword, but the rock only gets a scratch from the sword.

Wario: The Blade of Light does work, but it would take a while. It must be because of the lack of power. Waluigi, try using your hammer.

Waluigi effortlessly smashes the rock into little bits.

Wario: Hey, how did you do that?

Waluigi: It's a legendary hammer.

Suddenly a Goomba runs up to the two.

Wario: Get ready to fight!

Goomba: Wait! I'm not your enemy. I had received news of you from a strange armored man and was told to let you in.

Wario: Serenade...

Goomba: Yeah, I think that was who he said he was. Anyway, we are suffering from a problem. There have been thieves around lately, do you think you could help us out?

Wario: Why should I do that?

Goomba: Well, I am the king of Goom Town..

The Goomba somehow picks up a crown and puts it on his head despite having no arms.

King Goomba: And if you do this I will reward you by inviting you to one of the sacred temples that has existed since the beginning of time.

Waluigi: There must be a Jewel of Light inside! We'll do it!

King Goomba: Good. The thieves have all come into my castle, probably to loot the place.

Wario: How many are there?

King Goomba: I estimate about three per room. I just barely escaped.

Wario and Waluigi: Let's go to the castle.

King Goomba: Right!

The three arrive at the castle in no time.

King Goomba: I'll wait out here. May you be successful.

Wario and Waluigi arrive inside the main hall to see two blue Shy Guys stealing portraits and trophies.

Blue Shy Guy 1: Ooh, this picture of Queen Toadstool the Second will fetch a pretty penny!

Blue Shy Guy 2: And this trophy of King Goomba the Fourteenth will bring home a few years of food!


Blue Shy Guy 1: You want to fight?

Blue Shy Guy 2: You made me drop that fine trophy! Shame on you.

Wario: Let's get ready for battle!

Waluigi: Yeah!

Wario dashes at one of the blue Shy Guys and slashes it with his sword.

Blue Shy Guy 2: Arrgh! Take this!

The blue Shy Guy pulls out a mallet and hits Wario over the head.


Waluigi throws his hammer at the blue Shy Guy, who falls over defeated.

Blue Shy Guy 1: My little brother! You'll pay for that, Waluigi!

The remaining blue Shy Guy does a spin kick at Waluigi, which knocks him down onto the ground.

Wario: All right, that does it!

Wario slashes the blue Shy Guy with his sword, and while the blue Shy Guy is down, Wario punches him in the face. The blue Shy Guy is knocked unconscious.

Wario: Yay! I won. Waluigi, get up!

Waluigi wakes up and slowly rises.

Wario: You ok?

Waluigi: I'm just fine. Thanks.

Wario and Waluigi proceed into the next room, where it is black as pitch.

Wario: Woah! It's too dark. The lanterns are out...

Waluigi: You just gave me an idea! Hand me that lantern.

Wario reaches into his suitcase and pulls out the battery powered lantern, turns it on, and hands it to Waluigi. A trio of male Tanoombas are seen taking down weapons from the wall and stashing them into a backpack on the floor.

Tanoomba 1: You've found us! Friends, go ahead and warn the general!

The other Tanoombas run up ahead through a door.

Wario: You take a break, Waluigi. I'll take care of this one.

The Tanoomba jumps into the air and turns into a statue, thus crushing Wario.

Wario: Arrgh! I refuse to lose to a weak little Tanoomba!

Wario jumps into the air and lands on the Tanoomba.

Tanoomba: Woah. How much do you eat again?

The Tanoomba laughs as he turns into Waluigi and smashes Wario over the head with a look-alike hammer.

Wario: Sheesh. How long will it take to destroy this thing?

Wario, while pondering this, jumps and lands on the Tanoomba again.

Tanoomba: I've never seen such power in my life! But, I am so tired...

The Tanoomba falls over.

Wario: Now's my chance!

Wario punches the Tanoomba in the face, defeating him.

Waluigi: Let's go on to the throne room!

Waluigi turns off the lantern when they both are in the throne room and puts it into the suitcase.

Wario: Wait a minute? King Goomba?

King Goomba?: Nope. But how did you like my disguise? And my servants?

Wario: Tell me where the real king is or suffer.

King Goomba?: Up in that cage.

Wario looks up to see a chained King Goomba.

King Goomba?: You've been fooled... I am not King Goomba, but I am...

The imposter takes off his disguise to reveal Iggy Koopa.

Wario: You? The weakest of the Koopa Kids? I will have fun fighting you! But where's those Tanoombas?

Iggy: Since they failed me by not warning me sooner, I have destroyed them.

Wario and Waluigi looks down to see two lifeless Tanoombas.

Wario: Lets get ready for battle. SWORD BROS!

Wario performs a different version of the Bros. Attack Waluigi devised, this time with a sword. A minute later Iggy's glasses are on the floor, smashed into pieces.

Iggy: Argh! You broke my glasses! ROAR!

Iggy tackles Wario and sends him flying into the wall.

Waluigi: You don't think you can get away with that, do you?

Iggy: WHAT?!

Waluigi is smashing Iggy with his hammer repeatedly.

Waluigi: Wario, ge- Oof!

It appears that iggy has punched Waluigi in the nose.

Wario: I'm up! Spin Bros. attack!

Wario hops on Waluigi's shoulders and spins at Iggy, who is defeated.

Wario: Now let's free King Goomba!

Wario throws his sword at the rope holding the cage in midair and it and the sword falls down from the sky. The real King Goomba then walks out of the cage.

King Goomba: Thank you for saving me. After I talked with Serenade, I was captured when he left. I suppose you would like a bed rest?

Wario and Waluigi: Yes please!

King Goomba: I will have Iggy placed in a maximum security prison. Now go on to bed, it's in the room to your right.

Wario and Waluigi go down to the Noble's Quarters and go to sleep.


Doom Crystal: So even though I have the Koopa Clan under my control, the only reason they signed up was to use me for their own desires. Hmph. I will send out a powerful guardian to the Earth Temple.


Wario and Waluigi have fought hard to save King Goomba and all of Goom Town from Iggy Koopa. Tomorrow they shall head for the first temple, but it seems that the Doom Crystal has something special up his sleeve. What is it? Will the Warios succeed? Find out next time on Wario and Waluigi: The Doom Crystal!

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