Cackletta's Return 2: The Birth of Marletta

By Fwipp Deathspeeder

Chapter 4: Fawful's Escape

Along a different corridor...

Luigi: It's hard to find out where-a to go in here! These flashing lights don't help-a much. Wait... what's that-a noise? Someone's coming!

Luigi darts behind a pillar. Morton walks toward Lugi.

Morton: This hallway is empty too! I should go back.

Luigi: Surprise!

Morton: Huh?

Luigi jumps out and zaps Morton with the Thunderhand technique. He falls down, twitching.

Luigi: Shocked you? Ha ha ha! I wonder where the other Koopalings are?

Suddenly lots of yelling voices are heard, followed by a great CRASH! Ludwig runs out of a door next to Luigi.

Ludwig: What now? I cannot concentrate with all these distraction! Luigi! What are you doing here?

Luigi: Ulp! Bye!

Luigi runs toward where the voices are yelling and hides under a table. Ludwig chases him, but stops to talk to Lemmy.

Ludwig: Hey Lemmy! I found Luigi! I was just chasing him!

Lemmy: We have bigger problems to worry about. Look!

It is about then that Luigi and Ludwig notice the huge gaping whole in the ceiling.

Ludwig: What happened?

Lemmy: That freak stole the Clown Car!

Fawful: Bye bye, you Rat-Finks! You all can eat toenail sandwiches for all that I care! Ha, I say to you! You are all stupid, and so I must depart!

Roy: Oh man, we are going to be in SO much trouble when King Dad finds out!

Iggy walks in, still in a daze.

Lemmy: You look bad. What happened?

Iggy: Luigi... he... it... Doomship.

Larry: Great idea! Ludwig and I will work on the secret weapon, while Lemmy, Iggy and Roy chase that idiot! Um... Morton can... Say, where'd he go anyway?

Lemmy: It's not important. He's probably just eating. After him!

So Lemmy, Iggy, and Roy all get on the doomship to chase after Fawful. But, unknown to them, there is a stowaway on board. Meanwhile, Morton is just getting up.

Morton: What... happened? Dark... Luigi... Flash of light... Oh whatever, I'm going to watch TV.

When he arrives at the TV, he is astonished that the lights have returned to normal.

Morton: Hmm... the alarm stopped. Where did the others go? Oh well, they will probably be back soon. Hey! That show is on!

Doopliss (on TV): Wow! Yes, dear audience, you are the first to witness Marletta's destructive powers! This used to be Goomba Village!

Morton: Cool!

Goompa: Why, Mario? I thought we were your friends.

Goombario: That wasn't Mario, Dad! That was... evil...

Doopliss: The suspense! Who knows what Marletta will do next! Oh, get a close up of the flaming veranda. Oh, and the half of the Toad House that still exists.

Camera Guy: No problem. Oh, you there! What do you have to say about this?

Goompapa: The horror!

Morton: This ROCKS!

On the doomship, Luigi creeps among the shadows, and slowly descends into the hold.

Luigi: Yes, I should be safe-a here.

Luigi pulls out his Gameboy Horror and pushes a few buttons.

Luigi: Prof. E. Gadd? I think I need your help.

Somewhere over Lavalava island...

Fawful: Ack! The ship of clowns is difficult to maneuver! Those Koopa fools are still chasing me!

Several cannonballs fly by the clown ship. Some Ravens dodge them and head back down to the island.

Ravens: Caw caw acawcaw!

Lemmy: We're gaining! Keep firing!

Fawful: I will lose them around Mt. Lavalava!

Fawful steers the ship over the volcano.

Iggy: What is he trying to do?

Lemmy: He stopped! I'll steer us closer! He is done for!

As the doomship closes in, the Clown Copter turns over in midair and drops a huge metal sphere, which completely plugs the hole in the mountain.

Iggy: Let's get him! Roy, I want the engines going full speed!

Lemmy: What did he just do?

Iggy: It doesn't matter. He is practically in our clutches! He only wasted one of those bowling balls.

Lemmy: But...

Suddenly the pressure from the volcano being plugged is too great, and Mt. Lavalava erupts, sending the metal ball directly through the middle of the doomship. Wood shards fly through the air, as hot magma is shot out of the volcano, setting fire to the rigging. Roy runs up to the deck.

Roy: The engines are failing! We're going down!

Lemmy: We know!

Iggy: Ack! We're falling right out of the sky!

Back in the hold...

Luigi: Oh my-a gosh! What's-a happening?

E. Gadd (on the Gameboy Horror): Readings show that the ship you are on seems to be falling out of the sky.

Luigi: I-a know that. *cough* I'm going to the deck! It's burning up in here!

E. Gadd: You can count on me to teleport your Poltergust 3000 to your house, like you asked. By the way, you seem to be falling into the jungle on Lavalava island.

Luigi: What tipped you-a off? The eruption?

E. Gadd: Oh, and the exit is to your left.

Luigi: Thanks a lot. Luigi over and out!

Luigi climbs onto the deck, as more explosions set the rear of the ship ablaze.

Roy: Is that Luigi? What's he doing here?!

Iggy: No time for that now, we're all going to die!

Lemmy: Abandon ship!

Chapter 5: Crashlanding on Lavalava Island

Meanwhile, at the Yoshi village...

Green Yoshi: Ah, another glorious day. The sun is shining, the Ravens are flying, and the fearsome five are behaving. I don't think anything can ruin today!

Suddenly a huge chunk of flaming wood lands in front of the green Yoshi. Another chunk hits the roof of a house.

Green Yoshi: I spoke too soon! Everybody, PANIC!

Red Yoshi: Wait! Where did that come from?

All the Yoshis look into the sky.

Yellow Yoshi: Oh my gosh, a huge flaming ship! Run for cover!

All the Yoshis run in circles, scream, and try to get everyone to a safe distance. Yep, they're panicking, all right.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's castle...

Morton: I could watch this all day!

Bowser walks in, covered in bandages.

Morton: King Dad? Are you all right?

Bowser: Come on! I'm moving, aren't I? One attack can't stop me! I'm the king, for one thing! So, uh... Where IS everybody?

Morton: Shhh! You're missing the best part!

Bowser: Oh, well I might as well watch too. I can't do much else wrapped up like this, can I?

Doopliss: So there you have it! Marletta has already destroyed one fourth of Toad Town!

Doopliss walks over to a Toad lying on the ground.

Doopliss: So, Mr. Russ. T, how do you feel about the current situation?

Russ. T: Oh... the pain.

Doopliss: Astounding. Hey. what's going on over there?

Marletta: Get out of my way, you puny mortal! Who are you to challenge ME?

???: I am the master of this dojo you see before you. Begone, vile cretin, before I vanquish you. *cough*

Chan: Go, Master!

Lee: Yeah! What he said! We'll just sit this one out.

Marletta raises both arms, and both Chan and Lee are hit by massive lightning bolts. They fall to the ground, motionless.

Marletta: Now you see a bit of my power. Do not trifle with me, old man!

Master: I may be old, but with age comes wisdom. Make your move, evil one!

Marletta: SO BE IT!

Marletta raises both arms again, and dual lightning bolts come down at The Master. He nimbly jumps out of the way into a somersault, and uppercuts Marletta.

Master: You shall not pass!

Marletta: You got lucky, but now I will stop you, once and for all!

Doopliss: The action! A showdown at the Toad Town dojo! Who will win? Stay tuned!

Bowser: Woah, you were right, son! This show rocks!

Morton: You should listen to me more. Beat that geezer!

Doopliss: Marletta just tried to slide into the Master, but he jumped into the air and started to rapidly kick!

Marletta: Chain Lightning!

Doopliss: Wow! A wave of electricity just shot out of Marletta's hands at The Master! Wait... He's getting up!

Morton: This is better than wrestling!

Master: You may be strong, but you lack technique.

Marletta: You are just prolonging your defeat. Resistance is futile.

Camera Guy: Yeah, you'll only see this on one show!

Doopliss: Right, mine!

Back to Lavalava Island...

Iggy: Oh my head...

Iggy walks out of a bush. He is still kind of dizzy from the crash.

Iggy: Woah.

The scene opens before him. All that remains of the doomship is a smoldering pile of wreckage. Suddenly something falls out of a tree and lands in a pool of water. It's Lemmy.

Iggy: Hey Lemmy! Are you okay?

Lemmy: Uh... My head... I guess so. Where's Roy?

Iggy: I dunno. Man, how are we gonna get the Clown Copter back now?

There is a rustling in the bushes.

Lemmy: What was that?

Iggy: I'm going to find out.

Lemmy and Iggy walk to where the sound came from and find Roy stuck in the mouth of a Piranha Plant.

Roy: mmmf MMF!

Lemmy: Ha ha ha! Too bad Larry isn't here, he'd know what to do.

Iggy: Are you kidding me? I've watched Ludwig kill his plants enough to know how! Observe.

Iggy severs the Piranha Plant's stem. It releases Roy, who climbs out.

Roy: Thanks. But I had the situation under control.

Lemmy: Is that why you're covered in saliva?

Roy: Oh be quiet. Come on, we have to find a way to get off this island.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the jungle...

Luigi: Waa... Where am I?

Raven: Caw acaw caw!

Luigi: What the? Why am I so high? And why am I surrounded by small black birds?

Luigi looks around. He appears to be in a rather large nest, high up in a tree. A huge black bird lands beside Luigi.

???: Hi, My name is Raphael the Raven. Are you ok? That was some crash!

Luigi: Um... Sure, I'm fine. But how did I get here?

Raphael: Ah yes. Great work, Ravens! I knew you could fly him here!

Ravens: Caw caw!

Raphael: So, Mr. Lean and Green. Your name wouldn't happen to be Luigi, by any chance?

Luigi: Why yes it is! How did you-a know?

Raphael: I had a vision that a guy named Luigi would fall out of the sky, and needed my help. So uh... Why were you falling anyway?

Luigi: Well, I stowed away on a ship so I could rescue Peach, but the ship crashlanded here. I've got to hurry! How do you get off this island? Could you fly me to Toad Town?

Raphael: Well, I wish I could, but you're not as skinny as you think. There is another way. There is a whale that can take you there quicker than I can. Just go left when you reach the Yoshi village.

Luigi: Great. Thanks, Ravens!

Ravens: Caw caw caw!

Luigi jumps down from the tree.

In another part of the jungle...

Lemmy: Oh great, we're STILL lost.

Iggy: This is Roy's fault. If he had cut the engines, we wouldn't be here.

Roy: Hey, it was you who told me to chase him over the blasted volcano in the first place!

Lemmy: Hey, I think I found a way out!

Lemmy shoves some bushes out of the way, revealing a path.

Bush: Rawr!

Iggy: That bush just roared!

Roy: Nah, you're just crazy.

The bush jumps up and bites Iggy's arm.

Iggy: Ahh! Do you still think I'm crazy.

Roy: Yes.

Lemmy: I think that's an M. Bush... they're quite territorial.

Iggy: Get it off! Get it off!

Roy: Hey look! A Fire Flower! I'll burn the plant off!

Roy scorches the plant, and Iggy's face.

Iggy: Gee, thanks.

The plant runs away. Several loud growls are heard.

Lemmy: Ulp! That didn't sound good!

Roy: What was that?

Iggy: I don't want to know!

Eight M. Bushes jump out from behind the trees.

Roy: Ack! Run!

The Koopalings are chased down the path.

In the Yoshi village...

Purple Yoshi: Who are you?

Green Yoshi: Why did you come?

Brown Yoshi: What was that crash?

So Luigi is forced to tell his story a second time, which seems to satisfy the Yoshis... for the moment.

Red Yoshi: Um... Did you say Marletta? You're too late to warn them, I think. You can watch it on TV.

As Luigi watches, his expression turns grim, as he watches his once-brother defeat The Master.

Doopliss: Wow! The Master has just been sent flying by a kick! Oh, now Marletta has fireballed him! It's all over!

Marletta: Sorry I can't finish you off. So much of the Mushroom Kingdom to conquer, so little time!

Luigi: Ack! I'll REALLY have to hurry if I hope to rescue Peach in time! Hey... What's that noise?

A loud shriek is heard, as Lemmy, Iggy, and Roy run into Luigi.

Luigi: Oof! Who's that?

Roy: Ack! Run away!

Blue Yoshi: What now?

Suddenly the M. Bushes burst into the clearing.

M. Bushes: ROAR!

Iggy; Ahhhh!

Red Yoshi: All right, Yoshis! Plan D! Ready, Aim, Fire!

Tons of eggs fly through the air toward the M. Bush army. The eggs collide with a sickening SHMUCK as the M. Bushes fall to the ground, one by one.

M. Bushes: Yipe! Yipe! Yipe!

All the M. Bushes crawl back into the jungle.

Luigi: That was close-a! Now then, I must find a whale.

Red Yoshi: Right. Just keep going that way. Say... Who are you guys?

Lemmy: I'm Lemmy, and these are my brothers, Iggy and Roy.

Roy: Wait... that's Luigi! How'd HE survive the crash? Get him!

Luigi: Ulp! No time to talk-a! Bye now!

Luigi runs into the jungle.

Iggy: Don't let him get away! That whale he spoke of might be the only way off this island.

Brown Yoshi: Actually, there IS a quicker way... but you might not like it. This pipe will take you to the sewers. It's really a shortcut to Toad Town. Just try to keep heading north.

Iggy: Oh gross! I hate the sewers!

Roy pushes Iggy in.

Roy: This might be our only chance to get the Clown Copter back. Come on!

Roy jumps in.

Lemmy: *sigh* Thanks, I guess.

Lemmy dives in.

Chapter 6: Race to Toad Town

Meanwhile, Luigi enters a clearing on the far side of the island, and spots a huge blue object floating near the surface.

Luigi: That must be a tuna! I heard Mario once rode on one.

Whale: I'm a whale! So, would you like a ride to Toad Town?

Luigi: Of course! Why else would I-a be here? Please make it as quick as-a possible! This is an emergency!

Meanwhile at Bowser's castle, the TV has just shown Marletta destroying the dojo and a few more persistent Toads.

Bowser: Marletta IS strong, I guess.

Morton: Of course she is. I mean, she beat you.

Bowser: Let's never speak of that again. But what I don't get is why Marletta is going to Peach's castle in the first place.

Morton: Beats me. Maybe she wants to kidnap her like you did.

Bowser: Nah, that can't be. I did that to lure the Mario Brothers, so I could defeat them. Marletta could just destroy them anytime. Hey, what now?

Marletta: Eyah ha ha ha! Who's next?

Merlon: Come, Boos! We mustn't let this monster destroy everything we've worked for!

Marletta: It will do you no good to interfere, wizard. Stand aside.

Merlon: I cannot. Prepare to be stopped!

Meanwhile, at the Toad Town docks...

Whale: Well, we're here. You were right! This place is deserted! What happened? It looks like a cyclone came through here!

Indeed, the situation is getting worse. A flaming pile of rubble is all that remains of the once-great Club 64.

Luigi: Nooo! I must reach Peach's castle! It can't-a be too late! I can't give up hope now!

Somewhere in the Toad Town sewers, the Koopalings are having trouble navigating the intricate network of pipes.

Iggy: Nope, this one leads to Dry Dry Outpost. Want some Dried Pasta?

Roy punches Iggy in the face.

Iggy: What did I do now?

Roy: You're wasting valuable time! We came down here to get the Clown Copter back, not to eat!

Lemmy: Wait! I think the exit we want is this way!

Back on the surface...

Luigi: Oh-a my gosh! It's Marletta!

Doopliss: The action is heating up! The Boos may be down, but this wizard guy seems to be unharmed!

Merlon: Foolish beast, I foresaw your arrival! I have taken the precaution of enhancing my immunities to fire and lightning! The only way you could defeat me now, is if some sort of two-ton metallic sphere comes crashing onto me from the sky!

Suddenly one of Bowser's immense bowling balls falls out of the sky, crushing Merlon into the ground.

Merlon: Oh cruel fate... Why didn't I foresee THIS?

Doopliss: What a turn of events! Where did that come from? Oh my gosh... it's that Fawful guy in... a clown's head? What will happen next?

Bowser (watching the precedings on TV): WHY DOES THAT TOADIE HAVE MY CLOWN SHIP?!

Morton: Uh... That's a long story.

Bowser: Answer me!

Okay, let's get back to the action.

Marletta: Fawful? What kept you?

Fawful: I had been captured by the Koopas! Why is it that you are heading to the castle of Peach? Do you not have enough fury to takeover already?

Marletta: Ah, ignorant Fawful... Have you not seen those who rebelled against me? They are all loyal to Peach! If she was to fall, they would surely lose hope, and then I would be able to rule without opposition!

Luigi: So that's her plan! I've got to stop-a her! But I can't-a do it alone. Come here, Doopliss!

Doopliss: Hey you! Don't bother me! I've got a show to film!

Luigi: That Camera Guy can do fine on-a-his own! Wouldn't you like-a to be the hero, though?

Doopliss: Hmm... All right, Slick. What's your plan?

Luigi: Well, I'll tell-a you in a bit. First I have to do a few errands at my house.

As Luigi and Doopliss sneak off, the Koopalings finally crawl out of a pipe near where Marletta is.

Iggy: Bleck! I am NEVER going into a sewer ever again!

Roy: There's our Clown Copter! Get them!

Marletta: It's those fools from the battlefield! I have no time for this. Fawful, you take care of this. I cannot be bothered while achieving my ultimate goal!

Fawful: Wait! I need the helping!

Lemmy: Let's take him out!

Fawful's cries are soon muffled as the Koopalings beat the stuffing out of him. As Marletta enters the courtyard, several Toads form a barrier. With a simple wave of her wrist, they are paralyzed in a matter of minutes. She flings the doors open and enters the castle.

Chapter 7: Castle Battle

The room is completely bare, except for two figures standing in the center: Luigi and Toadsworth.

Marletta: Where is Peach?

Toadsworth: Sorry, Marletta, but our princess is in another castle.

Meanwhile, let's check on the Koopalings...

Lemmy: We got the Clown Copter back! Let's head home.

Iggy: If we're lucky, King Dad doesn't know that it's gone!

Roy: Yeah. Hey wait... Did anyone fix the busted roof?

There is silence, until Iggy slaps himself on the forehead.

Iggy: Great, we're still doomed. What now?

Lemmy: We fly back home. It's all we CAN do.

All right, back to the REAL action.

Marletta: How dare you mock ME? I guess I'll just have to tear EVERYTHING apart anyway!

Lightning bolts tear through the roof, igniting the floor.

Luigi: Not if I can-a do anything about it!

Marletta: You can't! But, I might as well finish you off. Your quest ends here!

Marletta spins around, creating a tornado. Luigi dives out of the way. Marletta then tries to stomp Luigi, but he grabs her and throws her into a wall.

Luigi: It's no good! I know all of my brother's-a moves!

Marletta: Ah, but unfortunately for you, I have moves of my own! Electric Barrage!

Luigi and Toadsworth yelp as the floor is momentarily electrified.

Toadsworth: I'm getting out of here! Sorry, Luigi, but you're on your own!

Toadsworth flees. Marletta blasts Luigi with more electricity, and Luigi falls to the ground.

Marletta: Not so great now, Luigi? Ah, it IS good to see one of the famous Mario Brothers being put in his place!

Luigi: Ur... Now it's-a my turn!

Luigi hits Marletta with his hammer, but it seems to have no effect.

Marletta: Was that a pitiful attempt at an attack? I'm too powerful to be hurt!

Luigi: That's what I'm-a counting on! Now, Doopliss!

Doopliss: Right, Slick! Body Switch!

Both Marletta and Doopliss are engulfed in smoke. When it clears, Marletta is only a shadow.

Marletta: What... What happened?

Doopliss: I've stolen your identity, Slick! Now I'M the unbeatable one! Electric Fireball!

A giant, electrified fireball flies through the air toward Marletta and explodes as it hits its target.

Marletta: Urg... I'm not done yet. EAT HAMMER!

Marletta jumps into the air and smashes Doopliss on the head with the Ultra Hammer, causing massive damage. Or does it?

Doopliss: Ha ha ha! Since you are only a shadow, none of your attacks have any effect on me! Dual Lightning!

Marletta is struck by the full force of her own power.

Marletta: Urg... I cannot lose!

Marletta falls to the ground. But... Cackletta's ghost comes out of Mario's body!

Cackletta: Eyah ha ha! I cannot be defeated! If you are going to use my power against me, I might as well possess YOU!

Doopliss: Ack! Then I'll just give Mario back his body! Since the original subject is gone, you can't get your strength back if you possess me!

Cackletta: I'll just get Luigi then!

Luigi: I was one step ahead of-a you!

As Cackletta's ghost flies toward Luigi, he pulls out the Poltergust 3000 which he had got at his house, and uses it to capture Cackletta!

Camera Guy: I got the whole thing!

Doopliss: Thanks for everything, Luigi! My show's certain to be ahead in the ratings NOW! This is Doopliss, signing off!

Mario: Ug... Where am I? Oh, and why is the castle all burnt?

Luigi: It's a long story, Bro. But it's over now!

Well, let's just have a look at Bowser's castle, shall we?

Bowser: You're telling me that the prisoner escaped AND stole my Clown Copter? That's hard to believe! I'm going to kill you all if I don't get it back!

Lemmy, Iggy, and Roy fly into the room in the Clown Copter.

Iggy: Don't worry, King Dad! We've brought it back!

Roy: I'll just take this freak to the dungeons where he belongs!

Bowser: My Clown Copter! I am SO glad to have you back! Let's celebrate! Where is everyone? Get in here!

Wendy: Larry and Ludwig are gone. They left some time ago speaking of that plan of theirs involving the "secret weapon".

Lemmy: Really? Did they fix the roof first?

Bowser: Wait... Why does the roof need fixing?

Iggy: Ah well... Oh, look at the time... we all have to be somewhere else! Bye!

All the Koopalings escape before Bowser has any chance to utter any objections.

Bowser: Great. Why is it that I have to clean up their messes every time? Oh well. KAMEK! Get in here! There's work to be done!

Back to the Mario Brothers.

Luigi: Yeah, so that's what happened.

Mario: Gosh, Bro, thanks for not giving up on-a me! Say. where did you hide Peach?

Luigi: The one place I knew Marletta wouldn't look! Our house! Oh, here's the pipe!

Mario: So, what are you going to do with the Poltergust 3000 now?

Luigi: The same thing I always-a do. Send it to E. Gadd so he can-a make a painting!

The Mario Brothers jump down the pipe. Little do they know that what awaits them on the other side will be a complete surprise.

Chapter 8: The Secret Weapon Strikes!

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