Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 11: The Treaty

"Peasley!" Queen Bean said as she ran over and hugged her son.

"Finally we can sign the treaty!" King Nimbus said as Peasley put down his signature.

"Finally, we can fly our blimps to your land! And Mallow..." King Nimbus said as he looked at his son. "I'm afraid that you will have to stay home."

"What?" Mallow said. "But… I...  and..."

"BUT you have to stay home, I told you to, AND that's final," King Nimbus again said.

"But what about these two?" Mallow asked. "What'll they do without me?"

"Yeah!" Waluigi said. "What will we do without him?"

"I'm sorry, Mallow," King Nimbus said. "But you have to stay home and control the guards. You will have to, no ifs, ands, or buts about it."

"Fine," Mallow said. He walked over to Luigi and gave him a book. "That's my book. It contains all the info you'll need to know about enemies and stuff. I recommend going to Ishnael’s to find out about a new partner. One of his bodyguards, maybe."

"Mallow..." Luigi said, "I will take your advice."

They left the castle and went to the blimps. They took the one to Rogueport. They landed in Rougeport and headed to Ishnael's.

After using the elevator, they talked to Ishnael about Mallow's suggestion.

"So," he said. "You need a new partner. A bodyguard perhaps?"

"Yes," Luigi said. "Hopefully one that can read?"

"Oh, yeah," Ishnael said. "You gotta be literate to work for Ishnael! I got someone perfect! Brains and brawn packed together into the anthropomorphic crocodile that he is. Kudgel! Get in here!"

"Yes, boss." They heard a stomping sound. Then a giant, gray Kremling with a gigantic, spiked club walked into the room.

"What is it, boss?" he said as he looked down at the much smaller Ishnael.

"I want you to go along with them on their little… quest."

"Yeah, our quest to find Mario!" Waluigi said.

"Wait a minute…" Ishnael said. "Mario is missing?"

"Yeah… Didn't we tell you?" Luigi asked.

"No, ya didn't!" Ishnael said. "Go with them already!" he said to Kudgel.

"Yes, boss," Kudgel answered. He stomped towards the two.

"If you want to come with us," Luigi said, "you have to prove your loyalty."

"Yes, new boss," Kudgel said.

"Only then will you earn this!" Luigi said as he held up Mallow's book.

"Yes, new boss," Kudgel said. Luigi could tell that he had no emotion whatsoever.

"Now, your test is..." Luigi started.

"Run on the track that Don Pianta 2 set up."

"Wahahahaha!" Il Piantissimo laughed as he looked at the new arch replacing the wall from before.

"Ready, set... GO!" he said.

Kudgel sped off. He had no problem balancing on the arch, even with his giant club, and the jump at the beginning was cake for him, also. When he got to Zess T's he also had no problems. He easily walked over the rest of the middle of Rogueport, and when he got to the wall, he simply smashed it with his club and walked through. Then at Grifty's former place, he walked along the houses. At Ishnael Inc. he used his club to climb to the top, even not going into the mirrored rooms and completely skipping the balcony. He got the flag, attached it to his mace, and threw it back to Don Pianta's. He was an excellent jumper, so he jumped back there as well, finishing the race.

"Woah!" Luigi said. "I can tell you're fast. But let's see how strong you are without the club. Fight Drainbow."

Kudgel: 20 HP
Drainbow: 30 HP, 4 Defense, 5 Attack

Kudgel uses Stomp-Stun! He jumps into the air and falls back down, creating shockwaves that stun Drainbow and depletes his Defense!

Kudgel uses Stomp-Kick! He jumps into the air and flies down at Drainbow!
Drainbow: 25 HP!

Kudgel uses Bayou! The scenery changes to a swamp! Kudgel's Attack, HP, and Defense all go up!
Kudgel: Attack: 6, HP 25, Defense 2!

Drainbow isn't stunned anymore!
Drainbow uses Color Flash! The background changes many colors, then creates a second background, which falls on Kudgel!
Kudgel: 24 HP!

Kudgel uses Stomp-Stun! Drainbow is stunned, depleting his Defense!

Kudgel uses Stomp-Kick!
Drainbow: 19 HP!

Kudgel uses Stomp-Kick!
Drainbow: 13 HP!

Kudgel uses Upper-Cut Kick! He puts his foot under Drainbow and launches him into the air, then kicks him back down, hard!
Drainbow: 7 HP: Danger!
Kudgel: That can be used on flying enemies, new boss.

Kudgel uses Stomp-Kick! Timed hit!
Drainbow: 0 HP!
Drainbow is out!


"Okay," Luigi said. "You're obviously strong, even without your club. But now let's see if you're smart enough."

"Yes, new boss," Kudgel said.

"Find and read your article in the book," Luigi said, handing over Mallow's Book.

"K.. K.. K.. Aha!" Kudgel said. "Here it is, new boss. Ahem.
20 HP, 5 Attack, 1 Defense
That's Kudgel, a member of the Kremling Krew.
"Actually," Kudgel said, "former member of the Kremling Krew, new boss."
He's big, and gray, and has a giant, spiked club. Kinda repulsive, although his torn, red pants could be in style some day. Anyways, he's pretty beefy-looking without his shirt on, so watch out, especially when he uses the attack Bayou, which changes the background. It makes him stronger and may cause us to slip on our attack. So, watch out.

“Yes, watch out. If I were still a bad guy. I was fed up with K. Rool, new boss. His pirate ship, able to go anywhere in the world. And his magical map of the world that changes when something in the world changes."

"Wait a minute..." Luigi said. "So, it could tell me where, say… Wart's lair was?"

"Yes, new boss."

"..." Luigi said. "I've got to get that map. And call me Luigi, Kudgel. Luigi."

"Aye-aye, Luigi," Kudgel said.

"Hey, Kudgel," Waluigi said. "Do you have any way of knowing where the map is?"

"Well, it's on K. Rool's ship, purple guy," Kudgel said.

"Okay..." Waluigi said. "Do you know where that is? And my name's Waluigi."

"Well, Waluigi, it could be anywhere in the world by now," Kudgel said. "But I may have a pretty good idea."

"Well," Luigi said, "where is it?"

"Before I quit, they said they were going to infiltrate a golden castle with a giant 'W' on it."

Waluigi's eyes widened. "Oohhhhhhhhhh my…" he said. "Oh my. Oh my oh my OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH my…"

"What is it, Waluigi?" Kudgel asked.

"K. Rool's gonna rob my brother!"

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