Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 12: K. Rool's Gonna Rob My Brother.

"Yes..." Waluigi said as he talked to his brother on the phone. "Yeah. Uh-huh. We'll be right there, Wario. Yeah. Bye."

"So?" Luigi asked. "What's going on?"

"We're going to Wario's castle," Waluigi said. "He said I can bring you guys, and anyone else we can get, 'cause we'll need reinforcements. Kudgel, call everyone you know. Luigi, do the same. I will, too."

Waluigi slapped himself on the forehead. "Is this seriously it?" he said. He looked at his militia. Here's who it was: The Mighty Arachne, Bumble B. Rumble, Daisy, Lemmy Clone, Iggy, Enguarde, and of course Luigi, Waluigi, and Kudgel.

"Well, we'll make do with what we got," Waluigi said. "Hopefully Wario will have reinforcements as well."

"Yeah, yeah," Iggy said. "When do I get my sack of cash?"

"Later!" Waluigi said. "So here's how it's gonna be: Lemmy Clone, you can ride a giant bee, right?"

"I don't know," the clone said. "Maybe."

"Well, practice! Anyways, Kudgel's a croc, so he'll guide Enguarde in the underwater battle.

"Yes, sir!" Kudgel said.

Enguarde swam around in his tub of water.

"Yeah, well… Luigi, you and the Mighty Arachne attack in the air."

"Oh, it's a dream, don’tcha know?" the Mighty Arachne said.

"Sure," Luigi said. "I'll jump on stuff."

"And that leaves me with Daisy!"

"Don't even think about it," Daisy said. "I'm with Luigi. You'll be with Iggy, got that?"

"Ugh. Fine! So it's all settled. Kudgel, you teach the clone how to ride Bumble over there, got it?"

"I'll do my best." Kudgel said. "But for now, let's go to Wario's!"

"Wee!" Lemmy Clone said, flying Bumble B. Rumble to Wario's house. Everyone was on top, looking for attackers or the Castle.

"Hey, wait!" Luigi yelled. "I see Nimbus Land! Maybe we can pick up some more reinforcements!"

"Good idea!" Waluigi said. "Head a course for Nimbus Land!"

They flew over to it, and yelled through the Nimbus Land Castle, "Hey, King Nimbus!"

"Yes?" Nimbus said.

"We're having a war-thing! Can Mallow come with some soldiers?"

"Umm… Sure," King Nimbus said. "This will be excellent practice!"

The giant Zinger flew over to the Nimbian door, and picked up Mallow and about 20 soldiers.

"Hey, Mallow!" Luigi said, yelling over the wind.

"Hi, Luigi!" Mallow answered.

"Mallow," Waluigi said, "you will fight with Luigi, Mighty Arachne, Daisy, and Lemmy Clone in the air, while your soldiers attack on the ground with Iggy and I! Oh, and hi!"

"Hello, Mr. Nimbus!" Kudgel said, carrying a box with a swordfish mark on the side. "Nice to meet you!"

"Yes, you too!" Mallow said. "You must be the bodyguard?"

"Yes, that's me, Mr. Nimbus." Kudgel said. "I'm leading the water attack with Enguarde!"

"You want some soldiers?" Mallow asked. "I'll give you ten!"

"Okay, Mr. Nimbus!" Kudgel said.

"Wario's Castle ahoy!" Iggy shouted.

There it was. A giant castle of pure gold with a giant "W" on the front.

"Prepare for landing!" Lemmy clone yelled.

The Zinger held up its six legs and landed right in front of the castle.

"Welcome," a voice said, "to Wario Castle!"

"Hello, Brother!" Waluigi said, jumping off of the beast's head as it lowered. "We've got a small army here. Do you have anybody?"

"Seriously, Bro," Wario said, "do you really think that I wouldn't have anybody? Army, assemble!"

Wario pulled out a microphone. "Introducing… the water attackers!" Then, a giant shadow appeared in the water, and the water got hotter, and hotter, until it was practically lava! Out came a giant sword, carried by a red, flaming hand. Then, an arm appeared, and finally a huge, crocodilian head on top of a giant, red, flaming body.

"Including Kerozene!" Wario said. "And his Barrel Bustin' Klobbers and Kabooms!" A bunch of Barrels floated to the surface, and out came crocodiles, some red and some reen.

"Also in the water attackers… Aqualea!"

A mermaid jumped out of the water. She had a pink tail and blue hair.

"In the land army…" A giant row of Shy-Guys on fire-spitting cannons emerged from behind the castle. "The Autobombers!" Wario said. "Led by..." a knight came out. "Carlton!

"And in the Air Academy…" A buzzing noise was heard. "The Battle Beetles!
And..." A spaceship appeared. "Tatanga! But that's not all..." A giant parrot with swirly eyes and  a rainbow-colored Mohawk flew in. "Parrotot!" Wario said as the bird gave a screech. "And that's it  for the army!" Parrotot screeched again as Wario said this. "So who do you-" SCREEEEECH! "-have?" SCRRRRRREEEEEEEEECH!

"Well, I-" SCRRRRREEEEEECH! "-I-" SCRRREEEEEEECH! "-I got…" Waluigi whispered, “in the air, Luigi, Daisy, Mallow, Lemmy Clone, the Mighty Arachne and Bumble B. Rumble."


"Don't mention it," Kerozene said.

"Anyway, on the ground I got Iggy, me, and about ten soldiers, and in the water is Kudgel, Enguarde, and about ten other soldiers." He brought his army out, and Parrotot saw Bumble B. Rumble, then dove at it. But at the last second, Kerozene grabbed Parrotot and tossed it on the ground. All of a sudden, a cannonball came flying and barely missed Carlton.

"The war be startin'!" a voice from behind a submerged rock called.

"Kerozene," Wario said, "attack!"

"Yessir!" Kerozene said, attacking the rock and splitting it in two, revealing Kaptain K. Rool and the new Kremling Krew on their ship.

"Fire the cannonballs!" K. Rool screamed as he sliced his sword in a downwards motion, signaling the cannons. A bunch of big, fat Kremlings came out, holding cannons in their hands, while the normal Kremlings fired the real cannons.

"Klobbers," Kerozene called, "ATTACK!" All of the green-scaled Kremlings floated over to the ship, then climbed up the side and started ramming Kremlings off of the edge!

"Krooks!" K. Rool said. "Destroy them!" A bunch of  Kremlings in brown trench coats came out of the deck and threw hooks at the Klobbers, forcing them into their barrels. The Krooks then packed them into cannons, which they fired back at Kerozene, hurting him and causing Kremlings to fall into the water. They swam back at the ship, attacking the other Kremlings.

"Now," Wario said, "Aqualea, go out there!"

She nodded and swam on part of the broken rock, started singing. The Kremlings fell asleep, and some jumped into the water. Then K. Rool took out his gun and shot at her,
causing her to fall into the water. "Boys are SO cruel!" she said, swimming away.

"Arrgh!" Wario growled. "Kudgel and Enguarde, attack!"

They swam towards the ship, and Kudgel crawled up the top while Enguarde stabbed at the ship.

"Good!" Wario said. "Autobombers, fire!" And they did, shooting at the ship, burning some Kremlings and catching other parts of the ship on fire!

"Arrgh!" K. Rool said. "Krooks, put out that fire!" They ran over and smothered the fires with their trench coats.

"Now Kutlasses," K. Rool started, "attack!" He opened a door and out came a raging flow of small, yellow Kremlings with giant swords riding oversized dragonflies. As soon as they got near the castle, they hopped off and attacked the ground forces, forcing Wario and Waluigi up to the platforms where Luigi and Daisy were.

"Now air forces," Wario said, "ATTACK!"

"Yes," K. Rool started. "Attack! Bring out King Zing!"

All of a sudden, a giant hoard of giant dragonflies carried in a gigantic steel cage. Inside was a creature similar to Bumble B. Rumble.

"Release the gates!" K. Rool called.

A bunch of mahogany Kremlings swooped down from ropes and released hatches from the side of the cage, causing the giant Zinger to stumble out of its cage, falling into the

"Wahahaha!" Wario laughed. "Look what happened to your 'Air Forces'!"

"I think my air forces just took out your soldiers!" K. Rool said as the giant Zinger flew out of the ocean and flew up to Bumble B. Rumble. After exchanging a few angry buzzes, Bumble B. Rumble called out thousands upon thousands of Zingers, which all focused on the King, who broke up into more Zingers, which attacked each other. All through this, Lemmy Clone was getting stung.

"Forget this!" Lemmy Clone said, jumping off the side of the behemoth bee.

"Yeah!" Daisy said. "I quit! All this work is making me tired, and I need my beauty sleep!" She jumped off of the platform and landed on the ground, then got on Enguarde and swam off, leaving Kudgel on the ship alone, since Kerozene had been beaten by his own army of barrel-dwelling Kremlings. Swatting off Kremlings with his club, he cried for help. "I know when I'm beaten," he said. "Someone help me!"

"Arggh!" Wario said. He jumped in the water and latched on to the ship. Climbing up, he knocked off the Kremling statue at the front, then jumped on deck, fighting K. Rool directly.

Now's my chance! Luigi thought to himself as he jumped off and onto K. Rool's ship. Kudgel saw this and climbed onto the boat, followed by Waluigi. Sneaking past the distracted guards, they easily slipped into the boat.

"Whew!" Waluigi said. "That was close! We need to get to the very middle so we can blow this thing up!"

"And steal the map!" Luigi said.

"Why are we whispering?" another voice said. Luigi looked around to see Mallow.

"Mallow!" Luigi said.

"I think this belongs to you," Kudgel said, handing Mallow's book to him.

"Yeah!" Luigi said. "Let's have one last adventure, Mallow."

"For old time's sake?" Waluigi said again. "Or, um... Not so old time's sake?"

"Sure," Mallow said. "But what about Kudgel?"

"I'll fend off Kremlings," he said. "You know, with the others."

"Okay then!" Waluigi said. "It's all settled!" Kudgel went back outside, but the sound of the hatch closing caught someone's attention.

"Huh?" it said. A Kremling with a trench coat, much like the ones before, came around a corner and looked straight at the three. "Attack the intruders!" it said.

Krook: 13 HP
Luigi: 20 HP
Waluigi: 15 HP
Mallow: 10 HP

Luigi switches with Mallow.

Mallow uses Scan!
13 HP, 4 Attack, 0 Defense
It's a Krook, an obvious play on the word Crook. They wear big trench coats over their hunched bodies, and throw hooks at us. Weird. I'm not quite sure if they actually cut off
their hands and replaced them with those hooks or just throw them. Oh! And when they throw the hooks, look out for the back swing; they're like boomerangs.

Luigi uses Jump!
Krook: 11 HP!

Waluigi uses Punch!
Waluigi: Adabing-
Waluigi: -AdaBANG!
Krook: 9 HP

Krook uses Hookerang.
He throws his hook and it hits both Luigi and Mallow!
Luigi: 14 HP!
Mallow: 4 HP! Danger!

Luigi uses Hammer! Timed hit! 2 x 2 = 4 Damage!
Krook: 5 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder!
Krook: BlagidiblagidiblagidiblagidiAAAAGGGG!
Krook: 3 HP! Danger!

Waluigi uses Punch! Timed hit! 2 x 2 = 4 Damage!
Krook: 0 HP!
Krook is out!
Krook: Yorgi-shmorgi.


"Woah," Mallow said. "We gotta be more careful!"

"Yeah," Luigi said. "We don't want to attract any more-"

"GUARDS!" Waluigi shouted as a buff, blue Kremling with a camouflage tank top shot towards them.

"Attack, men!" it shouted as two small, yellow Kremlings with cutlasses twice their size ran behind him.

Krusha: 15 HP
Kutlass: 12 HP
Kutlass: 12 HP
Luigi: 20 HP
Waluigi: 15 HP
Mallow: 10 HP

Luigi switches with Mallow.

Mallow uses Scan on Krusha.
15 HP, 5 Attack, 2 Defense
Woah. It's huge. And it's Defense is, well… Defensey. Anyway, it's attacks are all physical; so no long-ranged projectiles or anything. But still, it's name is right. Krusha. Ow. Sounds very painful. But these are super-vulnerable to magic.

Luigi uses Jump on Kutlass. Timed Hit!
Kutlass: 8 HP!

Waluigi uses Punch on Kutlass!
Kutlass: 6 HP!

Krusha uses Krush! He lifts his arms into the air, then sends them crashing down, creating a shockwave!
Luigi: 15 HP!
Waluigi dodges!
Mallow dodges!

Kutlass uses Slice! He shoots towards Luigi, cutlasses in the air, then lets 'em fly down into Luigi!
Luigi: 11 HP!

Kutlass uses Slice!
Luigi dodges!

Luigi switches with Mallow.

Mallow uses Scan!
12 HP, 3 Attack, 0 Defense
Those swords may be menacing, but he's actually not the best at fighting.
Kutlass: HEY!!!
Anyway, this is one of the few enemies you can't hammer. They'll swing their swords if you get to close.

Luigi uses Jump on Kutlass! Timed hit!
Kutlass: 2 HP: Danger

Waluigi uses Punch on Kutlass!
Kutlass: 0 HP!
Kutlass is out!
Kutlass gives out a shriek.

Krusha uses Krush!
Misses all three!

Kutlass uses Slice!
Luigi: 8 HP!

Luigi uses Jump on Kutlass. Timed Hit!
Kutlass: 8 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder on Krusha! SUPER-EFFECTIVE!!
Krusha: 2 HP: Danger!

Waluigi uses Punch on Kutlass! Timed Hit!
Kutlass: 4 HP Danger!

Krusha uses Single Krush!
Mallow: 5 HP!

Kutlass uses Double-Blade! He spreads out his blades and runs in the middle of Luigi and Waluigi!
Both dodge!

Luigi uses Jump on Kutlass! Timed Hit!
Kutlass: 0 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder on Krusha! SUPER-EFFECTIVE!
Krusha: 0 HP!
Krusha is out!
Krusha: I'm too handsome!


"Just be quiet," Luigi said, "and no one will hear us."

They snuck over to a nearby door, opened it, and entered.

"Hm…" Luigi said. "It's a little too quiet…"

All of a sudden, a claw flew up from under the ship, creating a hole in it, causing the room to start to fill up with water!

"Crud," Mallow said. He looked around. "Hey! There's a door!" He pointed to a nearby door.

"Well, let's go!" Waluigi said.

"I don't know…" Luigi said. "It could be a trap."


"Fine!" Luigi said. "Let's go!"

They entered the door, just to find three boxes. Each had a different sign on the side: The one on the left a rhino, the one in the middle a snake, and the one on the right a bird.

"What do you think they are?" Waluigi asked.

"They look like Animal Crates!" Mallow said. "If you bust them open, we can ride an animal. Sounds kinda cool."

"I get the snake!" Luigi said.

"I get the rhino!" Waluigi said.

"That leaves me with the parrot," Mallow said. They all busted them open to reveal three of the Animal Buddies: Rambi the Rhino, Rattly the Snake, and Squacks the Parrot.

"Thanks for freeing us!" Squacks said. "We'll give you a ride. Hop on! Oh, and by the way, is there anywhere you want to go?"

"Yeah!" Luigi said. "The Kaptain's Room, and quick!"

"Right on it!" Squacks said as Rambi crashed through a wall, revealing a steel door that could only be opened by a switch. Immediately, Rattly jumprf up and onto a platform above, then Luigi pulled a lever which opened the door. They reunited, just to find that beyond the door was a room full off Krushas and Zingers. Quickly, Squacks shot out an array of nuts straight at one of the Zingers, then Rambi and Rattly took care of the rest. But the rest of the room seemed to be a dead end, until Rambi knocked down a nearby wall, revealing yet another room. As soon as they entered, three humongous cannonballs shot through the bottom, creating three giant holes. Rattly jumped, Rambi hopped, and Squacks easily flew over the gaps.

When they entered the next door, it was covered in brambles and sticker brush. Although Squacks could fly over, the others were stranded until more cannonballs ripped out sections of the bramble, making it easier for Rambi and Rattly to hop across. They yet again entered another room, but this one was basically torn apart by cannonballs. No parts were available for Rambi or Rattly to cross.

"Oh, shoot," Squacks said. "What now?" He looked up, then got an idea. "Rattly, can you jump up to the next floor?" Rattly nodded. "I'll meet you up there!" They both flew into
the next floor, then started biting and pecking away at the edges. It quickly fell apart, and created a bridge for Rambi to cross. They again entered a room, but this one was different. It actually WAS the Kaptain's Kwarters! Luigi hopped off of Rattly to pick up the magical map. But right before he did…

"SQUACKS!" screeched a voice. "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" Another black
parrot with red eyes flew from in a window. "I WILL DEFEAT YOU, SQUACKS!" it said, hacking a nut at Squacks. The black parrot looked around. "WHO ARE THESE? NO ONE TOUCHES MASTER K. ROOL'S MAP! NOBODY! FEEL THE WRATH OF SKREECH!"

Skreech: 40 HP
Luigi: 20 HP
Waluigi: 15 HP
Mallow: 10 HP

Luigi switches with Mallow.

Mallow uses Scan.
40 HP, 4 Attack, 0 Defense
That's Skreech, the black and red parrot. What is a captain without his parrot? Well, Skreech is K. Rool's parrot. He's super-fast and apparently has a grudge over Squacks. Hm. Anyway, his attacks include diving at us all and improving his speed. Like it needs improving. He's also super-weak to thunder.

Luigi uses Jump! Timed hit!
Skreech: 36 HP

Waluigi uses Charge Punch!
Waluigi: I haven't got to do THIS for a while!

Skreech uses Dive!
Luigi: 16 HP!
Waluigi dodges!
Mallow dodges!

Luigi uses Jump! Timed hit!
Skreech: 32 HP!

Waluigi releases Charge Punch!
Luigi is healed, and Skreech is hurt by 4!
Luigi: 20 HP!
Skreech: 28 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder! SUPER-EFFECTIVE!
Skreech: YAAH!!! I HATE THUNDER!!!
Skreech: 20 HP!

Skreech uses Speed Up! He darts everywhere and finally comes to a complete
stop, but not before hitting Luigi Mallow, and Waluigi.
Luigi: 18 HP!
Waluigi: 13 HP!
Mallow: 8 HP!

Luigi uses Jump! Timed hit!
Skreech: 16 HP!

Waluigi uses Pass.
Waluigi: I don't wanna waste FP.

Mallow uses Thunder!
Skreech: 8 HP: Danger!

Skreech uses Dive!
All dodge!

Luigi uses Jump! Timed hit!
Skreech: 4 HP Danger!

Waluigi switches with Mallow

Mallow uses Thunder!
Skreech: 0 HP
Skreech is out!


He flew out the window and off into the distance, screaming a faint "JERKS!"

"I'm glad I finally got the map!" Luigi said, thrusting it into the air!

"Luigi!" a voice yelled. "Come here quick!" The six ran back to the deck, just to see K. Rool lying on the ground, defeated. "Good news," Kudgel, the voice, said. "We won!"

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