Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 13: Wart's Castle Ahoy!

"And now," Wario said, walking in front of his army, "I present you with… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"

"Huh?" one of the former Klobbers said. "But we won! Yay!"

"Yeah..." Wario said. "But look what they did to my castle!"

"It looks fine to me..." Kerozene said.

"Are you blind?" Wario said. He walked up to his castle and pointed to a little streak. "See? It's ruined!"

"That's all?" Tatanga said. "Prepare to be vaporized, Human!"

"So, Kudgel," Luigi said, "are you still gonna stick around with us?"

"I'm sorry," Kudgel said, "but no. I think I'll go to that little city over there." He pointed to Diamond City. "It looks rather cozy."

"I understand," Luigi said.

"Luigi, we got the bee ready, don'tcha know?" Mighty Arachne said. "But how are we gonna ride it? Half of our army ran off, don'tcha know?"

"Oh, don't worry about that," Kerozene said, holding out his hand. "Hop on. I'll take you there. First stop…"

"Nimbus Land," Mallow said.

"Okay," Kerozene said. "Hop on!" They all got on his hand as he walked towards the floating city with the remaining army in his hands.

Kerozene lifted his hand up with Mallow, Luigi, and Waluigi on top.

"First stop," Kerozene said, "Nimbus Land."

"Mallow!" King Nimbus said. "We've been waiting. Your mother and I've been talking… and we think that it's best for you to... um... go along with your friends."

"Really?" Mallow said. "You mean it? AWESOME!"

"Cool!" Waluigi said.

"Tubular, dude." Luigi said.

"Next stop," Kerozene said, "Shroomy Island!"


"Last stop," Kerozene again said, "Toad Town docks. Thank you for choosing Sea Kerozene for all your traveling needs!"

"So, Luigi," Mallow said, "where is Wart's Castle?"

"According to the map," Luigi said, "tt should be at… Goomba Village?"

"Huh?" Waluigi said. "It must be broken."

"No," Mallow said. "It's correct."


"Aw, crud." Mallow said. "She lives here!"

"I knew you liked her!" Waluigi said. "Go talk to her!"

"Hey, Goombaria…" Mallow said.

"Yeah?" Goombaria answered. "Hey, you're mister weirdo-dreamer!"

"Yeah..." Mallow stuttered. "Hey, have you seen any giant, misplaced, dark and evil castles around here?"

"Uh, yeah," Goombaria said. "I think I saw one of those to the west of here."

"Yeah.," Mallow said, running back to Luigi and Waluigi. "It's west of here."

As they walked west, they could easily see the gigantic castle sticking out from under the ground.

"Woah…" Mallow said.

"Luigi," Waluigi said, "you do the honors."

Luigi slowly creaked open the door and went inside of the castle.

"This… is… gigantic…" Luigi said as the other two walked in behind him.

The room was different shades of red, purple, and black.

"Definitely evil," Mallow said. "Definitely…"

All of a sudden, a black glob dripped from the ceiling. Then another. And another. Until they formed together to form one beast.

Nintendroid 1.0: 12 HP
Luigi: 20 HP
Waluigi: 15 HP
Mallow: 10 HP

Luigi switches with Mallow!

Mallow uses Scan
Nintendroid 1.0
12 HP, 4 Attack, 1 Defense
Woah. Looks like Wart's been busy. Nintendroids are modeled after creatures across the galaxy. Looks like this is modeled after... a Starman, from Ness' planet. No spikes, so don't worry, though they are known to use PSI powers.

Luigi uses Jump! Timed hit!
2 x 2 damage - 1 defense = 3 damage!
Nintendroid 1.0: 9 HP

Waluigi uses Punch!
Nintendroid 1.0: 8 HP!

Nintendroid 1.0 uses PSI Blast on Luigi! It holds its hands out, then a small orb appears. It then is surrounded by energy, and flings the orb at Luigi.
Luigi: 16 HP

Luigi uses Jump! Timed hit!
Nintendroid 1.0: 6 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder! Super Effective! Pierces Defense!
2 x 2 damage = 4 damage!

Nintendroid 1.0: 2 HP! Danger!
Waluigi uses Punch! Timed Hit!
Nintendroid 1.0: BRRRZZZZT!!!!!!
Nintendroid 1.0 defeated!


"Woah," Mallow said, as the creature disappeared into they goopy mess that it appeared from. "I have a feeling that Wart isn't the real enemy here."

"What do you mean?" Luigi asked.

"I REALLY doubt that he's really that smart. And we never really had any proof that he took your brother, only that he convinced the villagers that the Mighty Arachne was evil."

"Good point," Waluigi said. "So whose castle are we in, then?"

"I'm not sure," Mallow said. "But whoever it is must really be a genius."

"So, who could that be?" Waluigi asked.

"Hmm," Luigi said. "It can't be Bowser, Wario, K. Rool, or all those other guys we fought the war with."

"Why not Bowser?" Waluigi asked.

"..." Luigi said. "You REALLY haven't learned anything from those Mario Parties, have you?"

"Guess not," Waluigi said. "Anyway, we need to get going, people."

As they walked to the edge of the room, little did they know that they were being spied upon by… well, remember that "mysterious figure" guy that the boat rental guy and Goombario turned into? Him.

"So, they've figured out that I'm not Wart after all, have they?" he said. "Well, they don't know my true identity yet. Mwahahahahaha!"

So, back with the heroes…

"We need to figure out this guy!" Mallow said.

"Chill out!" Luigi said. "We'll find him out when we get to the top. Final bosses are always at the top."

"Yeah, well first we need to make it up these," Waluigi said, pointing to the stairs behind the door he just opened.

"Let's-a go!" Luigi said, stepping on the first step. Then, another six globs fell. Three of them joined into a monster, as did the other three.

Nintendroid 1.2: 13 HP
Nintendroid 2.0: 14 HP
Luigi: 20 HP
Waluigi: 15 HP
Mallow: 10 HP

Luigi switches with Mallow!

Mallow uses Scan on Nintendroid 1.2.
Nintendroid 1.2
13 HP, 4 Attack, 1 Defense
It's modeled after a Starman. with spikes. The only difference from this and 1.0 is 1 more HP and no jumping. That's about it.

Luigi uses Hammer on Nintendroid 1.2. Timed hit!
Nintendroid 1.2: 10 HP

Waluigi uses Punch on Nintendroid 2.0. Timed Hit!
Nintendroid 2.0: 12 HP

Nintendroid 1.2 uses PSI Blast on Luigi.
Luigi: 16 HP!

Nintendroid 2.0 uses Dark Ball on Mallow! It puts its hands behind itself, then charges up an orb of darkness, which it throws at Mallow.
Mallow: 7 HP!

Luigi uses Hammer on Nintendroid 1.2! Timed Hit!
Nintendroid 1.2: 7 HP!

Mallow uses Scan on Nintendroid 2.0.
Nintendroid 2.0
14 HP, 3 Attack, 2 Defense
This one's modeled after none other than. Mewtwo! Although, its stats aren't as good as you'd think. This is the only Nintendroid without a .2 form. By giving up one Attack point, it raises one Defense point. Clever, because the harder it is to defeat it, the higher the damage. I would expect nothing less from something modeled after Mewtwo.

Waluigi uses Punch on Nintendroid 2.0! Timed Hit!
Nintendroid 2.0: 10 HP!

Nintendroid 1.2 uses PSI Charge!
Ups attack by 1 and heals by 3!
Nintendroid 1.2: 10 HP!

Nintendroid 2.0 uses Disable on Luigi! Luigi can no longer use Hammer!

Mallow: Quick thinking. Now you can't attack the Starman.

Luigi uses Jump on Nintendroid 2.0! Timed Hit!
Nintendroid 2.0: 8 HP!

Mallow uses Thunderbolt! Critical hit on both! Pierces Defense!
Nintendroid 1.2: 6 HP!
Nintendroid 2.0:  4 HP! Danger!

Waluigi uses Punch on Nintendroid 1.2! Timed Hit!
Nintendroid 1.2: 3 HP! Danger!

Nintendroid 1.2 uses PSI Blast on Waluigi!
Waluigi dodges!

Nintendroid 2.0 uses Dark Ball on Mallow!
Mallow: 4 HP!

Luigi switches with Mallow!

Mallow uses Thunderbolt!
Nintendroid 1.2 and 2.0 are out!
Nintendroid 1.2: KKKKKZZZZT!


"These things just keep getting harder and harder…" Mallow said.

"And weirder," Waluigi said. "But, I've never seen these before..."

"I fought Mewtwo in the Smash Competition," Luigi said, "and won a Starman trophy there."

"I've read about both." Mallow said.

"… Aww…" Waluigi said. "I'm the only one who doesn't know anything."

"Yeah, we know," Luigi said. "Anyway, we gotta get moving." They walked up
the stairs, but it was a short walk.

"Uh oh." Mallow said. "Let's hope that this place won't take as long as I think…"

As they enter the door at the top of the stairs, Luigi looks at the top of the ceiling.

"Um…" Waluigi said. "What are you doing?"

"Checking for black globs," Luigi said. "It's safe, at least it looks safe."

They entered the room, and saw that it was the main computer room.

"Hmm…" Mallow said, walking over to a computer. He started pressing some buttons, then all of a sudden said "Aha! Guys, I found the file that says who this guy is." He opened the file. "Oh. My. Gosh," he said.

"Guys, come here, quick!" They rushed over to the computer to see that the person was… Vuljinn! No, not really. That's all copyrighted and stuff. I think it's spelled wrong, too. But the enemy is… Rudy the Clown. Eww.

"Oh my gosh!" Waluigi said, backing away from the computer. "He was supposed to be good now!"

"I guess the effect wore off..." Mallow said.

"Gosh..." Luigi said. "That's… creepy! And what does he want with Mario, anyway? How did he build those robots? AAGH! Nothing makes sense anymore!"

All of a sudden, the computer screen changed to reveal Rudy's ugly face.

"So you've figured out who I really am, have you?" he said. "It makes no difference. You'll never make it all the way up here. You'll never save your brother, or the world."

"And what makes you think that?" Mallow said.

"Well, my little pet will make sure of it."

"Your pet?" Luigi asked.

"Look behind you, numbskull," Rudy said.

Luigi looked behind him to see two giant praying mantis claws cutting through the floor. Soon enough, the steel was ripped open, and a gigantic plant-monster hybrid appeared.

"So, you thought there was only one, did you, Mallow?" Rudy said. "I've
secretly been growing a new, super-powered one. Flaahgra, attack!"

Flaahgra 2: 50 HP
Luigi: 20 HP
Waluigi: 15 HP
Mallow: 10 HP

Luigi switches with Mallow!

Mallow uses Scan!
Flaahgra 2
50 HP, 2 Defense, 4 Attack
And this is the mini-boss? DAD that's crazy! Anyway, this alien plant thing is from Tallon IV. Or at least Flaahgra 1 was. This thing is… wow. Anyway, its attacks are crazy. Seriousely. It can summon vines or poison us with its scythes or even make vegetation grow to disable an attack. Also it can use attacks that the other Flaahgra 1 couldn't, like energy beams, paralyzing spores, and a defense piercing blow that does 10 damage! This thing's no joke, so take it seriously. Although it probably has a weakness to light. Unlike Flaahgra 1, since it grew up in a dark, dank environment, we need to take away the darkness instead of the light. That should do it!

Luigi uses Hammer! Timed hit!
Flaahgra 2: 48 HP

Waluigi uses Charge Punch.

Flaahgra 2 uses Piercing Blow! It heaves one of its scythes into the air, then charges up an attack.

Luigi uses Double Jump on Machine!
Luigi: I hope this works.
It fractures the Machine, which opens up to reveal a messed-up looking Gleamin' Bream. On his second jump, he hits (and flattens) the Gleamin' Bream, which spectacularly lights up the room!
It tries to cover its eyes with its hands, but forgets that one is charged up and accidentally lets the energy loose out on itself!
Flaahgra 2: 38
The Gleamin' Bream floats away, since it had been tested on.
Luigi: Too bad that was the only one in the room!

Waluigi releases Charge Punch! The room gets dark. When it gets light again, nothing has happened except that damage had been dealt to Flaahgra 2. And…
Waluigi: Ha! It's poisoned.
Flaahgra 2: 36 HP -1 poison damage = 35 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder!
Flaahgra: 34 HP!
Mallow: Huh?
All of a sudden, the part where Mallow hit opens up (eww) and spores shoot out. They all surround Mallow, then stick to him. ZZZZAAAAAPPPP!
Mallow paralyzed!

Flaahgra 2 uses Summon! Two other vines come up beside it, then spikes appear on them. They turn blue, then red.

Luigi uses Hammer on Flaahgling.
Flaahgling: 2 HP!

Mallow uses Scan on Flaahgling!
4 HP, 0 Attack, 0 Defense.
I guess you could describe these as a total pain. Not only can you not jump on them, but their only "attack" is healing Flaahgra! And they take two attacks to kill, unless it's timed. But still, there's always two, so one attack won't cut it. But a light attack will, since they are... Flaahgra 2.

Waluigi uses Punch on Flaahgling!
Flaahgling: 0 HP!
Flaahgling out!

Flaahgra 2 uses Piercing Blow!

Flaahgling uses Heal! It turns blue again, and sprays a liquid all over Flaahgra 2, which heals it!
Flaahgra: 38 HP! - 1 poison damage = 37 HP!

Luigi uses Hammer on Flaahgling!
Flaahgling: 2 HP!

Mallow Paralyzed!

Waluigi uses Punch on Flaahgling!
Flaahgling: 0 HP!
Flaahgling out!

Flaahgra releases Piercing Blow on Mallow! Its scythe flashes, then comes soaring down right on Mallow!
Mallow: 0 HP!
Mallow is out!
Mallow: Sorry, guys…

Luigi uses Hammer on Flaahgra 2! Timed hit!
Flaahgra 2: 36 HP!

Waluigi uses Punch on Flaahgra 2! Timed hit!
Flaahgra 2: 34 HP! - 1 poison = 33 HP!

Flaahgra 2 uses Energy Beam! It sucks in a bunch of air, then shoots a giant, red energy beam right at Luigi!
Luigi dodges!

Luigi uses Hammer! Timed hit!
Flaahgra 2: 31 HP!

Waluigi uses Shiny Ray! He pulls out a ray gun, then points it at Flaahgra 2. He fires it, then a bolt of pure light hits it directly in the face!
Flaahgra 2: 21 HP! - 1 poison = 20 HP!
Luigi: Where'd you get that?
Waluigi: Birthday present from Wario. He said it was a fortune, but it was kind of buggy, so I didn't use it ‘til now.
Luigi: Awesome!

Flaahgra 2 uses Retreat! It sinks back into the ground again, after seeing the Shiny Ray.

Mallow and Waluigi level up!
Mallow has 15 HP, Luigi has 25, and Waluigi 20!

"Mallow, are you all right?" Luigi asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Mallow responded.

"Then let's get going!" Waluigi said. "I have a feeling Rudy's close."

"Me too," Mallow said.

"Come on, let's go!" Luigi heroically said.

They entered the stairs up to the next floor, where they saw an elevator!

"Thank goodness," Mallow said, entering the elevator and going to the very top floor.

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