Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 5: The Mirrored Room(s)

"Woah!" Luigi said. "This place is huge!" He gazed at the vast room. It looked like it was made out of mirrors.

"Be careful, guys," Mallow said. "If one of these break, it might cause a chain reaction."

"Don't be so worried," Waluigi started. "All we have to do is exit that door."

"Well, let's go," Luigi said as they walked through the door and entered a room exactly like the last.

"Huh?" Luigi said. "Weren't we just here?"

"I think so," Mallow said. "Let's try the door again." So, they went through the door again, just to find it was exactly the same.

"What?" Luigi said again, startled. "This is crazy!"

"Um, we've got bigger problems then that," Mallow started. "Waluigi's gone!"

"Well, let's go back and find him." Luigi stated. But as they stepped back into the door, the whole room was different. It was all white with four red doors that looked exactly like the ones that Toad, Peach, Luigi, and Mario entered when they threw a potion and entered Subspace. There wasn't a trace of any mirrors.

"Umm..." Luigi said. "Let's take this one," he said, pointing through the left door. They entered it, just to find it was exactly the same as the last room. Then they went through the right. Still the same. The middle. Nothing new. The left. No, oh wait yes! Oh, never mind. The middle again. Nope. The right. Zippo. The left. Hmm. No. The front. No... oh, wait yes! Waluigi was in this room.

"I'm lost!" cried Waluigi.

"So are we," Mallow said.

"Oh?" Waluigi said as he looked over his shoulder. "Guys!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Mallow said. "Unless someone knows the way out of here, nothing's changed."

"I do," said a mysterious voice.

"Wh-What was th-that?" Luigi stuttered.

"Why, it's just me," the voice said again.

"Stop being a coward and show yourself!" Waluigi commanded.

"Why, I'm right in front of you," the voice said again. Then the whole room started flashing green, then blue, then pink, then yellow. Again and again it flashed colors until the floor, the ceiling, and the walls were all mirrors. Then a Duplighost jumped out from the ceiling. It was green with blue hair. The trimming on its "sheet" was pink, and its feet were yellow.

"I am Drainbow, the Duplighost General!" Drainbow screamed. "And if you want to find your way out, you must defeat me in battle!"

Drainbow: 30 HP
Mallow: 10 HP
Waluigi: 10 HP
Luigi: 15 HP

"Bwahaha!" screams Drainbow. "You'll never defeat me!"

"Shows how much you know!" Luigi responds.

Luigi uses Hammer on Drainbow. "Take this!" he screams.
Drainbow: 30 HP
"What?" Luigi says.

Mallow uses Scan on Drainbow.
HP: 30, Defense: 4, Attack: 5
General Drainbow is his name, draining our powers is his game. Although he can only use that when he's at 20 HP. Otherwise he attacks like a normal Duplighost, by floating in the air, then ramming us. Plus he can cast powerful spells like Huge, Weapon Power, Aero, Dodo, Transparency, Defense Up, Transform, and Electrification. Don't ask me how we're gonna beat him when he has such high HP, Defense, and Attack. Who knows?

Waluigi uses Charge Punch. Hopefully you know what happens.

Drainbow uses Weapon Power. A rapier appears in his hand.

Luigi uses Defend.

Mallow uses Defend.

Waluigi unleashes Charge Punch! The rapier flies over to Waluigi's hand, and Drainbow becomes a multicolored Goomba!

"Grr," Drainbow says. "Transform!" He turns into a multicolored Craw. "Nya nya!" he taunts.

"Big deal," Waluigi says. He uses Rapier Attack on Drainbow.
Drainbow: 20 HP
"WHAT?!" he screams. "Ugh, this isn't over! Not by a long shot!"

Drainbow uses Flee. He runs away, dropping a key.


"Hm, what's this?" Mallow said as he picked up the rainbow-colored key. "There's a note attached to it. It
says 'Drainbow, do not let ANYBODY get this key! It leads right to me! Signed, Wart'."

"Wart's Room, maybe?" Luigi asked.

"Hm," Mallow said. "Could be. Let's try it."

Boss 1: Ishnael

"Here we go," Luigi said as he turned the key and the door opened. "Cool! An elevator! Awesome!"

"Geese, it's just an elevator," Mallow said as he entered the elevator. "We got, like, twenty of these in the

"Yeah. Come on, it's no big deal," Waluigi said as he and Luigi entered.

"He's probably on the highest floor, so let's try there." Mallow then entered the number 59 in the elevator
and they shot up to the top of the building. They walked out of the elevator and up to a giant pair of doors.

"Who gets the honors?" Waluigi said.

There was a silence as Mallow and Luigi looked at Waluigi.

"What?" he said. "Oh, fine. Here goes something." He opened the door and was greeted by Drainbow.

"What are you doing here? Did you fall for my fake note?" Drainbow asked.

"Fake note?" Luigi asked.

"Yeah, fake note! I purposely dropped that key so that I could finish you off! Then Master Wart will give
me a raise! But first, I must defeat you! Gwahaha!" Then he backed up to use a spell and his robe caught on fire via the candle right behind him. It burned off to reveal an older-looking Ishnael.

"Well, crud," he said. "But still the battle commences! Gwahaha!"

Ishnael: 30 HP
Mallow: 10 HP, Waluigi: 10 HP, Luigi: 15 HP

"Gwahaha!" laughs Ishnael. "You really think you can defeat me? Fat chance! I'll beat you in two hits!"

"Yeah right," Mallow says. "You'll never beat us. Right, Luigi?"

"Yeah," Luigi says. "Maybe."

Luigi uses Hammer. "I'll try," he says. Timed hit! 2=2+4 - 3 Defense + 1 damage.
Ishnael: 29 HP

"Is that all you got, intruders?" Ishnael says.

"What?" Waluigi says. "Intruders? All I did was break a priceless vase."

"Yes, the only kind in the whole world," Ishnael states.

Mallow uses Scan
30 HP, 3 Defense, Attack 5
Ishnael, that's him. Kind of a weird name, but... He has high HP, defense, and attack, so watch out. Once he gets down to 10 HP, he'll call Gus and Garf to fight with him. Ouch. He has a weird attack, too. He goes into his shell and then fires a laser out of it that hits everyone except for him. Everyone. And he can still drain our powers when he gets to 20 HP. This is gonna be hard, Luigi, but if you can use Aero on him, he can't attack and his Defense goes down to 0.

Waluigi uses Charge Punch. Yadda yadda yadda.

"Not this time!" Ishnael says.

Ishnael uses Shellaser. He goes into his shell and a bunch of light seeps through the shell and hurts Waluigi, Luigi, and Mallow.
Waluigi: 5 HP - Danger!
Mallow: 5 HP - Danger!
Luigi: 10 HP

"Ow," Waluigi says. "I lost focus."

"My head hurts," Mallow says. "I'll use this." He pulls out a Wing Cap and puts it on Ishnael.

"Woah," Ishnael says as he floats in the air. "Ahh! I can't move!" He flails his arms around and his shell almost falls off of him but he catches it.

"When did you get that?" Waluigi asks.

"When the key fell on your head and Luigi came to help you, I saw a ? Block and that was inside."

Luigi uses Buzzar Breakfast on him and his party. Everyone is healed by 5 HP, healing them completely.

Waluigi tries to use Charge Punch, but...
"FP is gone!" he screams.
Waluigi uses Punch. Attack miss!
Ishnael: 29 HP

Ishnael uses Flail. He flails his arms around and nothing else happens.

Luigi uses Jump. Timed hit! 1x2=2 Damage!
Ishnael: 27 HP

Waluigi uses Pass.

Mallow uses Thunderbolt. Timed hit + Aero = Quadruple Damage! 2 x 2 = 4 x 2 = 8 Damage!!!
Ishnael: 19 HP

"Ugh!" Ishnael screams. "Time to show you my REAL power!"

Ishnael uses Power Drain. He turns dark blue and pink and two white orbs appear in his hands. He puts them together and shoots a beam that drains Waluigi's power, Bob-omb Summon. Ishnael knows Bob-omb Summon for three turns! Ishnael loses Power Drain for three turns! Waluigi loses Bob-omb Summon for three turns!

Luigi uses Jump. Timed hit! 1 x 2= 2 damage!
Ishnael: 17 HP

Waluigi uses Pass.

Mallow uses Thunderbolt Timed hit + Aero = Quadruple damage! 2 x 2 = 4 x 2 = 8 damage!!!
Ishnael: 9 HP Danger!

"This is no good," Ishnael says. "GARF! GUS!"

"Yes, Boss?" two voices say.



Two Craws come in, one with a spellbook and a black FBI jacket, and another who's REALLY beefed up with a torn FBI jacket that won't fit him.

"Garf! Get me down from here!" Ishnael commands.

"Aye-aye, sir!" the Craw with the spellbook says.

Garf uses Dodo on Ishnael. Ishnael falls to the ground with Defense back at 3.

"Now Gus," Ishnael says, "take care of them."

"Right away!" the bulking Craw says.

Gus uses Pound on Waluigi.
Waluigi: 4 HP - Danger
"OWEEE!!!" Waluigi says.

Luigi uses Hammer on Ishnael. Timed hit! 2 x 2 = 4 - 3 Defense = 1 Damage
Ishnael: 8 HP - Danger!

Mallow uses Scan on Garf.
10 HP, 0 Defense, 2 Attack
That's Garf, a Craw who knows magic. I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually him and Gus fused together under that Drainbow sheet.
"How'd you know?!" Garf says.
... Anyway, this guy should be taken out first because he can do almost anything. That includes heal. Actually, maybe Gus should go first, because he's the strongest. Naw, Garf should 'cause he can heal. Maybe Gus, though. It's hard to decide.

Waluigi uses Punch on Garf.
Garf: 8 HP

Gus uses Huge on himself. He grows bigger and stronger.

Ishnael uses Bob-omb Summon. He grabs a Bob-omb out of his shell and throws it on the ground.

Garf uses Clone on himself. He disappears and when he reappears, there are three Garfs!

Luigi uses Hammer on Ishnael. Timed hit!
Ishnael: 7 HP - Danger!

Mallow uses Scan on Gus.
10 HP, 1 Defense,7 Attack
... I still don't know who to take out first. I mean, Gus is super-beefy and hard to beat, but Garf, the mage, is annoying. Anyway, Gus is a toughie. He must have been working out eight times a day.
"12 times a day," Gus says.
Yeah. He's strong, that's all I have to say, but beat Ishnael and they'll both combine to make Drainbow. Ouch. Take out Garf first. I think you should.

Waluigi uses Punch on the middle Garf. It's... real!
Garf: 6 HP

Gus uses Rocky on himself. He turns to stone for a split second and then his defense is up.

Ishnael uses Shellaser. Waluigi blocks, hits Luigi, hits Mallow, hits Garf, negates Gus's effects.
Garf: 1 HP - Peril!!!
Mallow: 5 HP - Danger!
Luigi: 10 HP

Garf uses Freezeezy on Waluigi. Waluigi is frozen!

Bob-omb uses Fuse. Its fuse lights.

Luigi uses Hammer on Ishnael. Timed hit!
Ishnael: 6 HP - Danger!

Mallow uses Thunder.
Gus: 9 HP
Ishnael: 5 HP - Danger!
Garf: 0 HP - Garf is out!
"All this work for nothing!" Garf screams.

Waluigi is Frozen and can't move.

Gus uses Pound on Waluigi. It frees Waluigi, and Gus accidentally hits himself in the head!
Gus: 3 HP - Danger!

Ishnael uses Power Drain. Same thing as last time happens, only he uses it on Mallow. Ishnael can't use Power Drain for 3 turns. Ishnael can use Thunder for 3 turns! Mallow can't use Thunder for 3 turns!

Bob-omb uses Explode on Waluigi.
Waluigi: 0 HP - Waluigi is out!
"Oh, crud," Waluigi says.
Bob-omb is out.

Mallow uses Thunder on Gus.
Gus: 1 HP - Peril!!!

Luigi uses Hammer on Gus.
Gus: 0 HP - Gus is out!
"Ishnael, I quit!" Gus says.

"Crud," Ishnael says.

Ishnael uses Flee. He gets outta there and forfeits.

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