Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 7: Shroomy Island and the attack of the Arachnes

“Lalalala…” hummed an Amanita girl as she threw a net into the ocean to catch Cheep Cheep to eat that night. The end of the net pulled and she tugged on the rope just to find Mallow, Waluigi, and Luigi inside of the net. The girl stared. “Oh, yeah, we’re gonna eat tonight!” she said as she hauled the load to a small village nearby.


“Hey, all,” the girl said as she entered her small cabin. “I found some mighty big Cheep right here! Come on outside, I started up the fire!”

“Yeah, right,” said a boy Amanita. “You couldn’t even catch a Baby Cheep yesterday, and today you caught a Big Bertha?”

“No!” the girl said. “I found a new type of Cheep.”

They all exited outside. The grandfather Amanita eyed the three curiously. He had a small, yet thick staff with him.

“Sorry to break it to you,” he said. “but these aren’t Cheep Cheep.”

“Huh?” the girl said. “Then what are they?”

“Well, they’re travelers. They must have been knocked out by something, and you caught them.” He started poking them with his staff.

“Hey,” Waluigi said as he regained conscousness. “Stop it, that tickles.” He sat up to find the Amanitas surrounding him.

There was an awkward pause. “Um, hi,” the dad Amanita said as he broke the silence.

“Hi,” Waluigi said back. Then he looked at his friends. “Can you wake them up?”

“Of course!” the grandfather Amanita said. “But let me introduce us first. I’m Shamanita. That,” he said, pointing to the parent Amanitas, “is Pamanita, and his wife, Mamanita.”

“Hi!” they both said. “We welcome you to our house, though you can’t exactly fit in it…”

“That,” Shamanita said, pointing to the girl Amanita, “is Annanita.”

“Hey there, Not-Dinner!”

“And he,” Shamanita said, pointing to the boy Amanita, “is Shawnanita.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Shawnanita said.

“So, who are you?” Shamanita asked.

“I’m Waluigi. That,” he said, pointing to Luigi, “is my cousin Luigi, and that,” he pointed to Mallow, “is Mallow Nimbus, Prince of Nimbus Land.”

“Nimbus Land?” Shamanita said as he waddled over to Mallow. “Good Gravy!” He screamed, this waking up Mallow and Luigi. “Mallow?” Shamanita said.

“Huh…” Mallow said, waking up. “Who are you?”

“Oh, you know me! I’m surprised you don’t remember me!”

Mallow thought for a minute. “Frogfucious?” Mallow asked. “Is that you?”

“Yes!” Shamanita said. “But a curse is on the pond, so everyone is an Amanita. Apparently Wart, who Mario told me about, has sent out someone to destroy the island. I have no idea why, though. I didn’t know frogs could be so bad.”

“Well actually, Wart is a Koopa. He was turned into a frog by Bowser so that he could be crowned king. No Koopa, no Koopa King.”

“So Bowser and Wart are brothers?” Mallow asked.

“Yes,” Luigi replied.

“Anyway,” Mallow started, “why did you change your name?”

“Well, not only I was turned into an Amanita,” Frogfucious said, “all of the pond was. When everybody blamed me, I had to get out somehow, so I changed my name to Shamanita, and I traced where the magic
had come from. I ended up here, and this family took me in after I had tried to fight the mighty Arachne and failed.”

“Is there any way we could help?” Luigi asked.

“Sure!” Annanita said. “Beat the mighty Arachne.”

“Now Annanita, be polite,” Mamanita said.

“Oh, yeah!” Annanita said. “PLEASE beat the mighty Arachne.”

“Well, I think that’s a little bi-”

But before Luigi could finish, Shawnanita said, “Okay, so you’ll do it.”

“It’s right through the forest!” Pamanita said. “Just don’t stay in there after dark, or else.”

And before anybody could say anything else, the Amanitas pushed him into the forest.

“So…” Luigi said. “Which way?”

At the same time, they all said different directions.

“Maybe we should split up?” Mallow said.

“Works for me,” Waluigi said. “I’ll go left.”

“I’ll go right,” Mallow said.

“So, I’ll go straight then,” Luigi ended.

They all split up.

“Yes siree, I’ll go straight.”

He walked forward a few steps and then looked around.

“Oh, no…” he said. “I’m lost!!!”

Meanwhile, with Waluigi…

“Wow, I’m bored already,” Waluigi said to himself. “Really bored. REALLY. BORED. Reeeaaaalllll-

WOAH!” While Waluigi was complaining to himself, he’d accidentally fallen into some quicksand.


Meanwhile, with Mallow…

“Wow!” he said to himself. “A cave. Heh heh. Spelunking I will go, spelunking I will go, high ho the dairy-o, spelunking I will go.” As soon as he walked in, he stepped on a dead leaf, and… “AHH!!! MONSTERS!!!”

Back with Luigi…


The same thing basically happened until it became night. Oh, and Waluigi sunk into the quicksand. Also,
Mallow had been knocked out.

“Crud,” Luigi said to himself. “Pamanita told me not to stay in here 'til night, and what did I do? Stayed here 'til night.”

He continued walking through the forest until he found something on the ground.

“What’s this?” Luigi asked himself. It was a small piece of gold sticking out of the ground, though it looked like the rest of it was buried. He pulled it out, just to find it was a golden banana.

“Huh?” Luigi said to himself. There was a flash from the moonlight on the banana and when the flash was gone, a huge building had appeared right in front of Luigi.

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