Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 8: Return to Creepy Castle

Luigi entered the building. It looked almost exactly like a greenhouse, only all of the plants inside were dead. He walked a few steps forward and then heard a voice.

“WoOoOoOoOoOoO!!! GeT oUt Of My GrEeNhOuSe!!! Or YoU wIlL sUfFeR aNd We WiLl ToRmEnT yOuR sOuL fOr AlL eTeRnItY!!!”

Luigi was frozen in fear.

“NoT lEaViNg?! ThEn YoU wIlL sTaY fOr AlL eTeRnItY!!!”

The door to the greenhouse disappeared, and some of the dead plants came alive as plant zombies, and three arms emerged from the ground. The arms came out to reveal three crocodile-like zombies. All of the plants and zombies crawled towards Luigi. He could do nothing but fight.

Luigi: 15 HP
Kremlinghost: 5 HP
Kremlinghost: 5 HP
Kremlinghost: 5 HP
Plantpire: 3 HP
Plantpire: 3 HP

Luigi uses Jump on Kremlinghost.
Luigi: I hope his head doesn’t come off when I hit him.
Luigi hits him and Kremlinghost’s head comes off.
Kremlinghost defeated.

Kremlinghost uses Chomp.
It takes off its head and throws it at Luigi, thus biting him.
Luigi: 14 HP

Kremlinghost uses Chomp.
Luigi: 13 HP

Plantpire uses Sacrifice.
It walks over to Luigi but trips and its head falls off.
Plantpire is out.

Plantpire uses Sacrifice.
You’d think they’d be smarter than that. Plantpire is out.

Luigi uses Multibounce.
Both ????????’s heads come off.
???????? and ???????? defeated.

Next battle Luigi will have 20 HP.

“I’ve gotta get out of here!” Luigi said to himself. He ran to the other end of the Greenhouse to find a gigantic tree trunk with a hole in it.

“Good enough!” Luigi said as he dashed in.

Luigi looked around the hollow tree trunk. It was practically dead. The only thing of any interest was on the ceiling: Waluigi. He was tied up by a rope and was apparently asleep. Luigi noticed a spiral part of the trunk that led to the ceiling. He walked up all the way and fireballed the rope. It burned and Waluigi fell. And fell. And fell. Then he hit the bottom and woke up.

“Woah!” Waluigi said. “Where am I?”

At this time, Luigi made it back down the spiral. “Luigi?” Waluigi asked.

“WoOoOoOoOoO!!!” the voice said again. “So YoU hAvE fReEd YoUr FrIeNd!!! TrY fInDiNg ThE OtHeR oNe!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“W-What was th-that?!” Waluigi asked.

“I don’t know,” Luigi replied as he fried the last piece of rope surrounding Waluigi.

“Well, let’s move on.”

“Woah…” Luigi said as they entered a hallway. “This place is c-creepy…”

“Y-Y-You s-said it.” Waluigi agreed.

They walked down a hallway and saw a door at the end. They stared at the door. It could lead to the basement, the scariest place in all haunted houses.

“You open it,” Luigi said.

“No, you,” Waluigi said.

“No, you,” Luigi said.

“How about you don’t not not open not it?” Waluigi said.

“Um…” Luigi stuttered. “No?”

“HA!” Waluigi shouted. “Now you have to. Quadruple negatives!”

“Crud,” Luigi said. He reached for the doorknob. It made a creaking noise when he turned it. Then he opened the door to find a long row of stairs leading down a creepy-looking hallway. Oh, and I forgot to mention the this whole place was unlit, making it even creepier.

“Let’s um...” Luigi said. “Let’s-s-a- g-go!”

The two went down the stairs. It was very, very, very long. When they finally got to the bottom, they were horrified to see Mallow’s body laying on the ground. There was a red spot on his chest and a red-tipped knife was laying next to him. Waluigi fainted. Luigi went over to Mallow’s corpse and started crying. One of the drops hit Mallow’s face and Mallow’s eyes started blinking.

“Huh?” he said as he got up.

“Huh?” Luigi said.



“WHAT?” Waluigi said as he woke up.

There was an awkward pause.

“ZOMBIE!!!” Waluigi screamed as he fainted again.

“Mallow?” Luigi asked. “Are you really a zombie?”

“What?” Mallow said. “No! What gave you that idea?”

He looked at the blood on his chest.

“Oh, that?” Mallow said. “I used that to fend off the zombies. It’s not real. They surprisingly hate red.”

“What about the knife?”

“That’s a stake. How could you get those messed up? It’s for vampires.”

“Oh, well it looked like someone stabbed you in the heart.”

“Yeah, I know. I heard a voice, and with that stuff I made it look like I was dead so he’d pass me by.”

“Oh, come on!” Waluigi said. “You made me faint twice for no reason!”

“Well,” Mallow said, “we should probably get out of here. I hate cellars.”

As soon as the three got out of the cellar, the voice came back.

“WoOoOoOoOoOoO!!!” It said. “WhY dOn’T yOu CoMe AnD dAnCe WiTh Us? ThReE’s A cRoWd, YoU kNoW!!!”

“Dance with us?” Luigi said. “What does that mean?”

“Maybe we have to go to a certain room?” Waluigi said.

“I got it!” Mallow said. “The Ballroom!”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Waluigi said. “I’m a terrible dancer! Plus these ghosts probably have a freaky organ that they play!”

“Waluigi, I don’t think they really meant they want to dance,” Mallow said.

“It doesn’t matter anyways.” Luigi said. “We’re never gonna get anywhere unless we get to the ballroom.”

“Good point,” Mallow said. “Why don’t we just try all of the doors? It may take a while, but it’s perpetual night here. I can tell.”

“Just DON’T split up!” Waluigi said. “That’s how we got into this mess.”

“Right!” Luigi said. “Well, I’ll try this door.” He opened the door and found a little goblin saying “COME HERE!!!”

“AH!!!” Luigi screamed. He slammed close the door.

“Waluigi gets the next one!” Mallow screamed.

“What?” Waluigi said. “But… Fine.” While he was walking toward the next door, a bunch of hands crashed through the door and reached out to grab Waluigi and take him in.
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Waluigi screamed. He ran from the hands and they sunk back into the door and the door seemingly repaired itself.

“Mallow, you’re next,” Luigi said.

“Um…” Mallow said as he turned the knob. Inside was… the ballroom!

“WaHaHaHaHa!!!” they heard the voice once again say.

“What do you want?” Luigi said, rather courageously.

“WhY, wE jUsT wAnT tO dAnCe!!!”

“We?” Luigi asked.

“YeS!!!” The voice said. Then, all of a sudden, a hand burst through the floor.

“EW!” Mallow said.

Then the hand made its way further up until it caught hold of the ground. Then it pushed on the ground and a head came out. It released its other hand from under the floor, too. Then it pushed itself all the way out to reveal a crocodile-like zombie. Then another one emerged. Then another one, and another one, and so on and so forth. Then, they attacked!

Luigi: 20 HP
Mallow: 10 HP
Waluigi: 10 HP
Kremlinghost: 5 HP
Kremlinghost: 5 HP
Kremlinghost: 5 HP
Kremlinghost: 5 HP
Plantpire: 3 HP

Luigi uses Jump on Kremlinghost 1.
Luigi: Here we go again!
He hits Kremlinghost 1 and its head falls off.
Kremlinghost 1 defeated.

Mallow uses Scan on Plantpire.
3 HP, 7 Attack, 0 Defense
That’s a Plantpire, a zombie flower. It is extremely easy to beat, BUT it’s attacks are higher than most baddies. Plus, it only uses its attack 40 percent of the time. The other 60 percent? It uses Sacrifice, a move that kills itself and does nothing to us. Seriously, this guy's a pushover, given its attack.

Waluigi uses Punch on Kremlinghost 2.
He punches it in the chest and it dies! But when he takes his hand out he finds its dead heart in his hand.
He stares at it, and screams.
Waluigi: Frozen!

Mallow uses Scan on Kremlinghost 3.
5 HP, 1 Attack, 0 Defense
These are worthless. Jump on them, their heads fall off. Um, that’s all.

Enemies use Brainless. They Pass.

Luigi switches with Mallow.

Mallow uses Multi-Thunder.
He successfully defeats everything!


He picked up Waluigi and headed out the door, to the top room, and unlocked it.

“So YoU fAiLeD tO hEeD mY wArNiNg?!” the voice said as the three opened the door. Inside was a monster. It was green, had an infected eye, a crown, was obese, crocodile-like, and was wearing a red cape. The strange thing was, it was made of cardboard. Laying next to it was the Mighty Arachne, only it was knocked out.

“FeEl ThE wRaTh Of KARD BOARD K. ROOL!!!” it said.

Boss 2: Kard Board K. Rool

Luigi: 20 HP
Mallow: 10 HP
Waluigi: 10 HP
Kard Board K. Rool: 40 HP

“WrOaR!!” Kard Board K. Rool says.

Luigi uses Hammer on… Waluigi?
Luigi: Wake up, you!
Waluigi: OWW!!! What did you do that for?!
Luigi: Boss fight.

Waluigi uses Bob-omb Summon.
He summons a Bob-omb (surprise, surprise).

Mallow uses Scan on Kard Board K. Rool.
Kard Board K. Rool
40 HP, 3 Attack, 0 Defense
Woah. This guy is weird. He TaLkS lIkE tHiS!!! And he’s pretty annoying, what with his high HP. He attacks us with normal attacks at first, but when his HP gets low enough, he loses an arm! That’s just gross. Then the arm grows a body, another arm, two feet, a tail, and a revolting head with an infected eye. Creeps me out.

KBKR (Kard Board K. Rool) uses Smash on Luigi.
It roars as its fists fly down on Luigi’s head.
Luigi: 17 HP

Luigi uses Hammer on KBKR.
Luigi: Take this!!!
Timed hit! 2 x 2 = 4 damage!

Mallow uses Thunder on KBKR.

Waluigi uses Punch.
Waluigi: Waluigi’s the winner!”

Bob-omb uses Fuse. Its fuse lights.

KBKR: WROOAR!!! YoU’rE sTrOnGeR tHaN I SuSpEcTeD.”
KBKR uses Weapon Power.
A rifle appears in his hands, much like the real K. Rool’s.
KBKR: AhAhAhA!!! “I bE tHe TeRrOr Of ThE sEaS!!!”

Luigi uses Jump on Kard Board Rifle.
Timed Hit! 2 x 2 = 4 – 1 defense = 3 damage.
KBR (Kard Board Rifle): 12 HP

Mallow uses Scan on KBR
Kard Board Rifle
15 HP, 4 Attack, 1 Defense
That’s the Kard Board Rifle. Don’t be fooled by its korny name. Heh heh. Korny. Anyway, its attack is fast and hard to dodge, but the REALLY nasty thing about it is that it gives Kard Board K. Rool a lame pirate accent. Hate it.

KBKR uses activate.
He aims the KBR and turns it on.

KBR uses Shoot.
It shoots a bullet at Waluigi.
Waluigi guards, but still takes minimal damage.
Waluigi: 8 HP

Luigi uses Hammer on KBKR.
Timed hit! 2 x 2 = 4 damage!

Mallow uses Thunder on KBR.
He summons a small cloud and shoots a lightning bolt at it.

Waluigi uses Punch on KBKR.
Waluigi: Take this!
KBKR: 26

Bob-omb uses Explode.
It misses…

KBKR uses activate.
He activates the KBR.

KBR uses Shoot on Luigi.
Luigi: Waah!
Luigi: 13 HP

Luigi uses Jump on KBR.
Timed hit! 2 x 2 = 4 – 1 defense = 3 damage!

Mallow uses Thunder on KBKR.
Mallow: Abra…
Mallow: Kadabra!
Mallow finishes with a grin.

Waluigi uses Punch on KBKR.
Waluigi: Umm… Hiya?

KBKR uses Activate.
Same thing happens.

KBR uses Shoot.
The low HP causes KBKR to aim badly and he shoots nothing.

Luigi uses Hammer on KBKR.
Timed hit: 2 x 2 = 4 damage!

“Hey, guys,” Luigi says. “Focus all of your energy on KBKR!”

Mallow uses Thunder on KBKR.
Mallow: Um... I ran out of witty comments and phrases.

Waluigi uses Punc.
Waluigi: Me too!

KBKR: RaAaAaRrGh!!! It’S tImE tO fInIsH tHiS!!!
KBKR uses Mega Ultra Deluxe Powerful Smash!
He lifts his arms into the air, and then… one of them falls off, and he misses horribly. Then, the arm grows a body, and stuff. It turns into: Kard Board K. Rool Klone (KBKRK)!

Luigi switches with Mallow.

Mallow uses Scan on KBKRK.
Kard Board K. Rool Klone
10 HP, 2 Attack, 1 Defense
This must be the weirdest guy ever. Seriously, he was made from an arm! Anyway, this guy’s a wimp with 1 defense. No biggy. We can take him, plus, he talks backwards... siht ekiL. Anyway, just focus on Kard Board K. Rool and we’ll take this guy.

Luigi uses Hammer on KBKR.
Luigi: Whatever you say, Mallow.
Timed Hit! 2 x 2 = 4 Damage!
KBKR: 6 HP - Danger!

Waluigi uses Punch on KBKRK.
Waluigi: Waluigi’s the winner!
Timed hit! 2 x 2 = 4 Damage!
KBKRK: !regnaD - PH 6

KBKR uses Murder.
KBKR: TaKe ThIs, MaTeY!!!”
He flashes colors, then absorbs KBKRK.
!ooooooooooN !oN !oN !you teg ll’I: KRKBK

Luigi: Well, that was pointless.
Luigi uses Hammer.
Timed Hit! 2 x 2 = 4 Damage!

Mallow uses Thunder.

Waluigi uses Punch.
Timed hit! 2 x 2 = 4 Damage!
KBKR: NoOoOoOoOoO!!!
KBKR explodes, sending pieces of Kard Board everywhere. The KBR falls to the ground.
Waluigi: Yes!

The KBR starts to move.

All Three: Huh?

It floats in the air.

Luigi: Guess we have to beat it!
Luigi uses Jump.
Timed Hit!
2 x 2 = 4 Damage – 1 Defense = 3 Damage!

Mallow uses Thunder.
Timed hit! 2 x 2 = 4 Damage – 1 defense = 3 Damage!

Waluigi uses Pass.
Waluigi: I can’t hit it!

KBR uses Shoot.

Luigi uses Jump.
Timed Hit!

Mallow: Take…
Mallow uses Thunder.
Timed Hit!
KBR: 0 HP - Defeated!
Mallow: … That!

Mallow and Waluigi level up!
Next battle, they will have 15 HP!

“Yes!” Luigi yelled. “We did it!”

“For real this time,” Mallow added.

“Finally!” Waluigi said. “We can get out of this place!”

They heard a groaning noise.

“That can’t be good!” Waluigi said, fear in his eyes.

“OOOOOOHHH!” the voice said. They were all scared. “MY HEAD!” the voice said again.

“Huh?” Mallow said.

“It hurts, don’tcha know?” the voice again said. Luigi looked down.

“Oh yeah!” he said. “I forgot about that guy. The Mighty Arachne.”

“Yeah!” it said. “So I wouldn’t mind it if ya untied me.”

After they did, he said, “Aw, thanks! That terrible creature locked me up, don’tcha know?”

“But aren’t you… evil?” Mallow said, looking at the orange, smiling Arachne.

“Oh, no!” it said. “But, let’s get out of here. It gives me the willies, don’tcha know?”

Later, at the Village, Frogfucious had turned back into, well, a frog!

“I’m sorry we misunderstood you, Mr. Arachne,” Frogfucious said.

“Aw, call me Mighty!” the Arachne said. “Anyways, it’s okay. I forgive you.”

“Oh, Luigi,” Shawnanita said. “I found something. It’s in the back.”

“Okay, then,” Luigi said as he went to the back of the house. “Woah!”

“What is it?” Mallow asked.

“It’s the Admiral!”

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