Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 9: To the Princess's Castle! (Finally)

"Sailing, sailing, something something something," Bobbery sang with Mallow. It had been about an hour  since they'd left the island and they could see the Mushroom Kingdom straight ahead. In fact, they were near  the docks, which had been repaired, but the town was still very, very busy. In fact, everyone was in a rush repairing everything!

"Woah," Luigi said as he looked around. "I didn't know Toads could go that fast!"

"Watch it!" Minh T. said as she nearly ran over Luigi. He looked at her run into a nearby flower shop and
then ran out, running into Mallow.

"Ahhh!!!" she screamed, looking at her new flowers on the ground. "Now I  gotta pick these all up!" She did and ran off into her garden, then planted the seeds in the ground,
watered them, and ran back into the store. This time they had moved, though.

"Jeese!" Mallow said. "We need to get out of here!" And so they went to the east, on the path leading to the Koopa Bros. Fortress, but they forgot one thing: Kent C. Koopa.

"Hey, you!" Kent said. "If you wanna pass, then by orders of Master Wart you have to pay 100 coins! Of course, I'll probably keep most of it." Kent was struck by lightning. "I
mean, give it all to Master Wart."

"We can take you!" Waluigi said. Luigi and Mallow looked at him with the stink eye.

"You? Take me?" Kent said. "Yeah right. But, if you want to be dead, that's your decision."

Kent C. Koopa: 50 kabillion HP
Luigi: 20 HP
Mallow: 10 HP
Waluigi 10 HP

Luigi switches with Mallow

Mallow uses Scan.
Kent C. Koopa
50 kabillion HP, 90 kabillion attack, %$(@&%($#&(%^*#&Y defense
I think Waluigi just killed us. This guy, hired by Wart, cannot be beaten. Thanks a lot, Waluigi.

Waluigi uses Charge Punch.

Luigi uses Defend.

Kent C Koopa uses Shell Slice. He goes in his shell and spins around, hitting all three. Penetrates Luigi's Defend.


"Owies," Mallow said as he woke up from his hospital bed. "Ow. What happened?" He looked around to see Luigi and Waluigi still sleeping in their hospital beds. Then a Goomba-Nurse walked in.

"Hello," she said. "I'm nurse Goombaria. Can you, like, tell me what happened?"

"Yeah," Mallow said. "Kent C. Koopa. That's what happened."

"Oh," Goombaria said as she doodled a monkey on a piece of paper. "Yeah. Now I just give it a tail… and… VOILA!" she shouted, waking up Luigi and Waluigi.

"Um, hi guys," Mallow said. Waluigi got a smirk on his face.

Later, after they got out of the hospital…

"Hey, Mallow," Waluigi said, "I think you like that nurse."

Mallow blushed. "I..." Mallow said, "I do not!"

"Woah!" Luigi said. "Look at that!" He pointed to a small, smashed Goomba with a hat who was walking around like the ones in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. It popped back up to reveal Goombario!

"Woah," he said. "My head hurts." He looked at Luigi. "Hey. I know you! You're Mario's brother, Luigi!"

"Yeah!" Luigi said. "And you’re... um…."

"Goombario," Goombario said.

"Yeah, Goombario," Luigi said again. "Anyway, do you know how to beat Kent C. Koopa?"

"Kent?" Goombario asked. "Yeah. Put him to sleep and sneak past him. It's not really beating him, but…"

"Meh," Waluigi said. "It'll do."

"Hey, Goombario," Mallow said. "Do you know if they sell any Music Boxes around here?"

"Yeah, I think they do at the hospital, actually," Goombario answered. He saw them go into the hospital.

"Yes... All part of my plan." Goombario said as he turned back into a mysterious figure.

Mallow walked up to the counter. "Excuse me…" he said. "Do you happen to sell Music Boxes?"

"Why, yes we do," the person at the counter said. She turned around to reveal Goombaria. Mallow was blushing.

"Hey," she said. "You're the one guy who talks in his sleep!" Mallow slapped himself on the forehead. "Man," Goombaria said again. "You have the weirdest dreams!" Mallow blushed. "Anyway, here's your Music Box, straight from Desert Land." Mallow took it and ran out the door, still blushing. Luigi and Waluigi were right behind him. Waluigi was holding in laughter, and as soon as they got outside, he burst out laughing. "I told ya you like her!" Waluigi said. Luigi slapped himself on the forehead.

"I DO NOT!!!" Mallow said.

"Man," Kent C. Koopa said. He was right behind them. "You don't have to be so loud." Mallow was boiling mad. He turned around and punched Kent C. square in the nose. He was stunned. Then Kent toppled over. When he got back up, he started crying. "Mommy!" Kent cried out as he ran off.

Mallow was still mad, though. He looked at Waluigi. "AAAAAHHHHH!" Waluigi said.
"Mommy!" Mallow chased Waluigi, although they were just running around Luigi, who slapped himself on the forehead again.

"Okay," Luigi said. "Are we all happy?"

"Yeah, whatever." Mallow said. He was a little embarrassed because he'd never been that mad before.

"Yeah," Waluigi said.

"Okay," Luigi started. "Then let's move on."

"Wait a minute!" Mallow said. "Weren't we supposed to save someone?"

They all thought.

"Prince Peasley!" they all said in unison.

"Hurry!" Mallow said. "To Peach's Castle!"

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