Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 10: Shifting Sand Land

"Here we are, inside Peach's Castle," Luigi said.

"Yeah," Waluigi said. "Now we have to get to Shifting Sand Land!"

"Don't worry," Luigi said. "Follow me." He walked down some stairs and into a door. They were in the basement now. They turned left at the picture of the fireball, and were about to jump in the wall when…

"Are you mad?" Waluigi said. "We can't just jump into a wall!"

"Believe me," Luigi said. He jumped into it, and passed through. Mallow did, too. Waluigi didn't.

"Huh?" Luigi said. "We're in Bob-omb Battlefield!"

"How do we get out?" Mallow asked.

"I don't know, but it seems like Cackletta switched around the paintings," Luigi said. "Oh, I have an idea!" he said. They walked up the mountain. No Big Bob-omb.

"Huh?" Luigi said. "No one's here! There's no way to get out!"

"Wait a minute," Mallow said. "Where's Waluigi?"

"I don't know," Luigi said. "He must still be outside the painting!"

"He's our only hope!" Mallow said. "Waluigi!" he yelled.

Waluigi heard Mallow. "What is it?!" he yelled.

"Don't come in!" Mallow yelled back.

"Yeah, right!" Waluigi said. "Like I'd ever jump into a wall!"

"You have to check every other painting for the Shifting Sands!" Luigi yelled. "Cackletta switched them!"

"Okay," Waluigi yelled. "But how?"

"Stick your head in one and see what's inside!" Luigi said.

"Fine!" Waluigi said.

He ran to the right and stuck his head inside the fireball painting. Jolly Roger Bay. He ran into a nearby door and stuck his head inside the black goop. Snowman's Land. He ran upstairs and stuck his head inside the Bob-omb painting. Tall, Tall Mountain. He ran over and stuck his head inside the Jolly Roger Bay Painting. Shifting Sand Land!

"Finally!" Waluigi said as he jumped inside.

Shifting Sand Land was... weird. Instead of the pyramid, there was a giant castle shaped like Cackletta. Instead of the four pillars, there were four statues of Fawful. On all four of them there were different inscriptions. One said "I HAVE FURY!" another said "I WILL BE THE MUSTARD OF YOUR DOOM!" yet another said "I AM BUT A TOADY!" and the last said "Please  to be not smashingness of the buttony button that is of the red." Waluigi saw a small, red button. He smashed it. Out of the dark sky came a giant laser. It shot out of the ground and a warp pipe appeared! Out jumped Luigi and Mallow, ready for anything!

"Guys!" Waluigi said.

"Waluigi!" Luigi said.

"Hey," Mallow said. "Guys, I think we should infiltrate the castle, kay?"

"Kay," Luigi and Waluigi said. They walked up to the door, and walked inside. Surprisingly, it was empty. The only problem was the 52-story stair-climb. But when they got to the top, everything was quiet. All that was there were two eyes, two blood-red eyes in the darkness of the room. Then all of a sudden Waluigi hit the lights, and the three saw that Poppletta was only about as tall as Fawful.

"Grr," Poppletta said. "Fawful, what'd I tell you about installing the lights?"

"Um..." Fawful said, carrying a screwdriver and wearing a hard hat. "Don't do it?"

"Raaarrrrgggh!" Poppletta said. "I revived you for a reason!"

Then, there was a rumbling. A spike appeared on the ceiling above Poppletta. "YO!" a voice said.

The spike fell on top of Poppletta, knocking her out. Then, the spike got up! It was the Spiked Goomba from the Goomba Three!

"Owie," it said. The Goomba fell from the ceiling as well, followed by the Paragoomba!

"So, yo!" Goomba said. "Now we gonna take down da ugly mask!" He looked around. The "ugly mask" Poppletta was lying on the floor, out cold.

"Oh," Goomba said. "Um… Our work here is done, yo!" He jumped out the window, followed by Spiked Goomba, saying "Adios, amigos!" and Paragoomba shouting "Wait, boss! Ya can't fly!"

Mallow looked at Poppletta. A small ghost came out of her.

"Cackletta!" Fawful said. "I will be the one who is of the sucking the you up in the Headgear, O Great Cackletta!" Fawful, Headgear donned, ran over to the ghost and had Headgear suck her up. "I HAVE FURY!" he shouted as he flew out the window.

Meanwhile, a bag in the corner was rumbling around shouting things like "Help!" and  "Get me outta here!" This, unfortunately, woke Popple up.

"Woah," Popple said. "What happened?" He looked around and saw the three. "What are you doing here?" He looked at the bag. Dollar signs appeared in his eyes. "I'll be taking this, see?" Then, all of a sudden, a rapier flew out of the bag and hit Popple out the window.

"Hahahah!" the bag laughed.

Prince Peasley jumped out of the hole and right in front of the three.

"Hello, there!" he said.

"Wait a minute," Mallow said. "You could have jumped out of there at ANY time?"

"Well, I tried that!" Peasley said. "But as soon as I came out of it, they caught me and put me in another one. You'd be surprised at how many bags villains have. Anyways, let's get out of here, shall we?" Then his flying bean-thing came over to him and he hopped on. The other three grabbed on to the sides and they flew out of the picture, into Peach's Castle.

"Now let's get out of here!" Peasley said again as they flew out of the door and into the sky.

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