Wendy's Betrayal

By HaloYoshi

Chapter 6.0: Another Letter from Bowser

Wendy, Mario, and Luigi were walking across the bridge when another disguised koopa came running up to them. “Letter from Bowser, Miss Betrayer,” he said, and then ran off.

Mario suspiciously looked at Wendy. Trying to avoid eye contact, she opened up the letter.

WENDY!!! HAHAHA! Did you really join the Mario Bros?! That’s hilarious... But just because you are one of the Koopalings doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you when we meet up. I heard Ludwig tried to run off and warn you… well I dealt with him… MUAHAHHAH. Oh yeah, your brothers want to say this to you:


Lemmy: Uh, Sis, you're stupid.

Iggy: I agree… to your betrayal.


Morton: DON’T GO TO BED… without brushing your teeth. This is a threat. HAHAHA! Well… You're grounded! When you get back.

- Koopa King

PS. I think I’ll have soup today.

Wendy looked up at Mario, who was looking at her threateningly.

“Look… I’m not going to betray you,” she said.

“So when did Ludwig come to warn you?” he asked.


“WAIT!!!” he yelled. “That’s why I didn’t remember going into the alley after the meeting at the Toad Council!”

“Well I didn’t want you to get suspicious,” she said, “'cause I really did turn, ya know?”

“So? Luigi, what do you think?” he asked. Mario waited a few minutes. “Luigi?” Then he looked behind him and found Luigi picking some flowers.

“What? Huh?” Luigi said, confused.

“Why are you picking flowers?” Mario asked. Then he looked closer. “DAISIES!” he yelled. “And you're supposed to my brother!” He sighed.

“well I thought I might get 'em for Daisy, 'cause I might find her soon… or something.”

“Yeah right!” said Mario. “You’ll never find Daisy. She somewhere in the Waffle Kingdom.”

“Hahahah!” laughed Wendy. “Yeah, I would know.” They looked at her suspiciously. “Well, when I was bad, you see?”

“Oh, ok,” said Luigi.

“Hmm…” said Mario.

“Well, let's get going,” said Wendy.

“Stop picking daisies and get over here, Luigi!” Mario said. Luigi hesitantly got up. They then continued the quest.

Chapter 6.0 ¼: Beanbean Castle

“Hey, look at the hole in the ground!” exclaimed Luigi, looking at a giant hole in the ground. “Mario, you remember that?” asked Luigi.

“Sure do,” he said. “It's from when Wart tried to mess with us,” laughed Mario. “We easily beat him.” They continued across the bridge.

“Uh… Where do we head next”? asked Wendy.

“We need to go to the Bean Council now and tell them about you,” said Mario.

“But why? We already did that in the Mushroom Kingdom.”

“Well we are in a different place, so we need to clear you here,” told Luigi. “Let's head towards the castle, that’s where they will most likely tell us what to do.”

So they went to Beanbean Castle. The outside was really big. All the shops and houses had been repaired since the recent quest to destroy Cackletta.

“WHAT HAVE YOU COME HERE FOR?!” the queen boomed towards Mario.

“Uh… Well I don’t know if you heard but….” Mario tried to think.

“BUT WHAT?!” asked the queen.

“But we need to find a way towards Teehee Valley...” finished Wendy.

“Why?” asked the queen suspiciously.

“Well we are going to my fath-” Then Mario shot a quick glance at her. “Uh… Bowser's castle to stop him,” finished Wendy.

“Well, well, well… Stop with the wells. It’s settled then. I’ll help you but for what in return?” asked the queen.

“Uh… The safety for Mushroom Kingdom?”

“Oh, ok. Come back here at exactly 12:00 PM.”

“Uh, why so late?” asked Mario.

“Because I’m a queen and I said so,” she said.

“Umm… Good enough for me,” Wendy and Mario said.

“You know what’s weird?” said Mario. “We always seem to say the same things.” Wendy just shrugged.

“Enough with the chit chat. Just go away before I change my mind,” the queen said.

“Okie dokie!” said Luigi.

“Umm… Do you have a place to stay?” asked Mario.

“You can stay in the not-so-royal chambers,” said the queen. “My guard will escort you there” The guard then took the trio to the chambers.

“Hahahah… Wwe will torture you with luxury so good that you will… uh… be tortured,” said the guard. Mario elbowed Luigi in the arm.

“Oh yeah… OH NO!” screamed Luigi. Laughing maniacally, the guard slammed the door shut.

“That was interesting,” said Wendy.

They then just slept the whole time because they had nothing better to do. They awoke to find the guard pestering them. “C’mon,” he said.

They followed the guard into the queen's chambers. But this time they found that the prince was in there too.

“Hey, Prince Peasley!” Luigi waved

“Hi, Green Dude,” he said.

“I’M LUIGI!!!” he yelled.

“Yeah, whatever,” Peasley said.

“Hey Peasley!” said Mario.

“Yo Mario!” said Peasley. “I’m gonna escort you to the blimp, dude. Is that ok?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Mario.

“Now get out of my sight!” said the queen. Looking at Mario and Wendy’s puzzled faces, she added, “So I can umm… eat and stuff” The guard escorted them outside, along with Prince Peasley.

“Uh, yo, Mario?” Peasley said.

“Yeah?” asked Mario

“Where are you going again?”

“To Bowser's castle,” he said.

“Why?” he asked.

“'Cause he is trying to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom.”

“Oh, ok,” finished Peasley. They got to the blimp. “Well, here's your ride, dude.”

“Thanks,” they all said.

“Oh yeah,” Peasley said. He then threw them a couple million coins.

“AWESOME!” yelled Wendy.

“But don’t use them here, they won’t be worth much,” said Peasley.

They got on the blimp and headed towards Teehee Valley.

Chapter 6.1 ¾:  The Blimp Ride to Teehee Valley

“She loves me... she loves me not...” chanted luigi. He was picking one of the many daisies he had picked.

“Luigi! Stop picking daisies, it's freaky,” said Mario.

“LOOK!” Wendy yelled, pointing towards a distant figure coming up to their blimp. As it got closer, they could see it was... a giant Blooper.

“Uh, how is a Blooper flying in the air?” asked Mario.

“I dunno,” said Luigi, clueless.

“Who cares? Just fight!” Wendy said. The Blooper came crashing on to the blimp. Luckily they were right above Teehee Valley. Spiraling down, they all flew out in opposite directions. Amazingly the force of the crash made the rocks fall down off some cliffs and they smashed the Blooper. But the force of the crash made all three of them pass out.

Chapter 6.2: Luigi’s Dream

“Bowser!” he yelled.

“Gurgagooga!” Bowser said back.

“What?” asked Luigi.

“Oh! Sorry,” Bowser said. “I had food in my mouth.”

“Umm...” said Luigi.

“Uh… let's get tacos!” said Bowser.

“Ok!” So the two went to their neighborhood taco place.

Chapter 6.3 ½: Mario’s Dream

“Peach!!!” yelled Mario.

“Mario?” she said, looking for him. “Mario!”

“Hello, Peach.”

“Mario!” she said again.

“How are you?” he said.

“Mario!” she said once again.

“Uh, are you ok?” he asked.

“Mario!!!” she said for the 1... 2... 3... 4... 5th time. Then he heard a laugh behind a bush. Looking behind it he found Bowser.

“Bowser!” he yelled.

“Urgarguahah!” Bowse said.

Mario then attacked him by jumping on his head. “HEYAHHHHHHHH!!!” Mario yelled.

“Ouch!” said Bowser. Then Mario stopped all of a sudden.

“I’m hungry,” he said.

“Me too,” agreed Bowser.

“Umm… Let's get tacos!” Mario screamed.

“Ok.” So the two went to the neighborhood taco place.

Chapter 6.4 ¾: Wendy's Dream

She was surrounded by Shy Guys. “King Koopa!” she yelled. He popped out of some brush.

“What?” he said, panting.

“Umm… Attack!!!” she yelled as the Shy Guys towards bowser. They flew at him and started hitting him with their spears.

“Wait!” she yelled. Everyone stopped.

“Wait… I know this,” said Bowser. “Let's get tacos?”

“Yeah!” she said. “But how’d you know?”

“Maybe I’m just smart,” said Bowser.

“Yeah, you are…” Bowser turned around. “Not!” she added quietly.

“What?” asked Bowser, turning back around.

“Uh, nothing…. Let's go get some tacos,” she said.

“Ok.” So they went into their neighborhood taco place.

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