Wendy's Betrayal

By HaloYoshi

Chapter 6.6: Waking Up in Teehee Valley

The trio awoke in Teehee Valley’s vast, umm… valleys… Anyway, Mario was the first to come around. He woke up rubbing in his head.

“Ouch,” he mumbled to himself. Looking around for Luigi and Wendy, he found the giant Blooper smashed. Looking, he found Luigi wedged between two rocks. He approached Luigi.

“Mmm… corndogs…” Luigi said in his sleep.

“LUIGI!” yelled Mario. “Dude, wake up.” But no answer came. “Wait… LOOK, LUIGI! IT'S DAISY” Mario yelled. Luigi instantly jumped up.

“Where?” he screamed.

“Hahahah, it worked!” said Mario, laughing crazily. Luigi flushed with anger.

“MAAARIOOOOO!” he yelled like a monkey. Mario just stood there looking at him oddly. Then Luigi continued to pick daisies.

“Ok… then” he finished. Mario then walked over to Wendy. He also found her talking to herself. He listened for a moment.

“Mario… Luigi… Bowser… set… hamburger… up,” she said. Then Luigi came to them. Wendy then got up. Mario was speechless.

“Well, let's go, guys,” Luigi said. Wendy followed.

“What the?” Mario thought. “It is a set up… with HAMBURGERS TOO?” he yelled. “But maybe it was just because she passed out, people do tend to say stuff like that...”

“MARIO! DUDE! Ya comin’?” asked Luigi.

“What? Huh? Oh, yeah!” he said. He ran over to them to continue their journey.

Chapter Umm... I couldn’t think of a number: The Plan

“Muahhha!” Bowser laughed maniacally. His Koopa Kids were laughing also.

“I like ‘the plan’,” said Roy.

“Yeah, it is pretty good,” agreed Bowser. “I can’t wait 'til they get here.”

“Well we’ll go over it one more time,” said Lemmy. Then he threw the drawn out plans onto the table.

Operation: The Plan

Wendy, Mario, and what’s his face come to the castle. Our projectiles should wipe ‘em off. If not we have Roy positioned in front; then Iggy and Lemmy will be 152 yards away from Roy… if they manage to get past Roy. If they still are persistently coming through us I will use Morton’s brawn and hopefully destroy them but yet at all times keep it easy on Wendy. Then if it appears as though they still will make it I, King Koopa, will confront them. Mario and his friends should be weak enough by then.

“Morton, what do you think?” asked Lemmy.

“ERglARp!” he commented.

“I agree,” said Iggy.

“Listen up, Koopas, I’m not sure if this plan will work, but it's our best shot,” Bowser said.

“But we need to turn Wendy back,” said Roy.

“Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too hard,” said Bowser, now eating a hamburger. They all started laughing maniacally again.

Chapter 7.0: The Operation - Stupid chapter that has something to do with the story

“Muahahaha!” laughed a Frost Piranha.

“Our plan is flawless!” commented one of the others.

“That may be, but we still need to be careful,” said another.

“Yeah, they're stronger than we think,” said yet another. Then they all fell asleep right in the midst of starting theire plan. Then one woke up.

“What? Huh?” that one asked warily. “Oh yeah. Wake up, people!” he yelled. Then they all awoke.

“Sorry there… dozed off,” said one.

“Um, sir?” asked another.

“Yeah?” said the Piranha Plant.

“Uh… I had to go to the bathroom and…” he said, pointing to the bathroom.

“Oh for heaven’s sakes!” said the Piranha Plant. “We’ll go over it one more time.

"Listen up, PP’s. Um, that stands for Piranha Plant… Anyways… We will rob a store. Hopefully, nothing will interfere with this. But we will steal some tacos from CJ’s Tacos. So we will go into there at about 12:00 PM, when they will all be gone. As we go in we’ll all spread around the walls and stuff. I’ll station two guards by the door, to be lookouts."

“Thank you, Lieutenant Snip,” said the Piranha Plant.

“Guhuh! That’s all folks!” said Snip.

Chapter 7.3 ¾: Operation Plan (Haha! Got you!) - Back to the story

Msrio, Luigi, and Wendy were walking through the desert place, Mario glaring over at Wendy. He couldn’t just blurt out what he had heard, so he decided to play it cool.

“Well, where are we heading?” asked Luigi.

“Uh...” said Mario, clueless.

“First we are headed to the taco place, but considering we're in Teehee Valley, it might take awhile,” said Luigi.

“TACO PLACE?!” yelled both Wendy and Mario.

“Umm… I’m hungry,” said Luigi.

“Fine,” Mario sighed, “but I have a bad feeling about this.”

They continued along the sands until the ground collapsed in. “Yay!” yelled Mario.

“Yay?! Why yay?” screamed Wendy.

“It’s a delay!” he said.

“Oh,” said Wendy.

“Darn darn darn darn darn darn darn darn!” said Luigi.

Chapter 7.9 ¼: Tilt! Slam! Bamboo!

Mario, Luigi, and Wendy awoke in a completely different place.

“Where are we?” said Wendy warily.

“Umm… I think w'ere in a jungle. And if I’m right, it would be where the Yoshis live,” said Mario.

“WHAT?! BUT THAT’S ALL THE WAY BACK IN MUSHROOM KINGDOM?!” Then Luigi thought for a moment. “Well it's kinda back in MK. AHHHH!!! I’M SO MAD!!! @@@#$%^%&(&^%$%%$%$#@@$#@$!!!” he finished.

“Luigi! Watch your mouth!” said Wendy.

“Oh! Sorry,” apologized Luigi. So the threesome continued on.

“Hey, let's visit the Yoshi clan!” exclaimed Mario.

“Ok,” agreed Wendy and Luigi. So they went into the Yoshi Village. Walking into the village, however, they found nothing…

“Where is everyone?!” asked Wendy.

“I dunno,” said Mario. “Let's go search around the village.”

So they went in search around the village. They were about to give up but a young Koopa came crawling into the door leading from the dangerous parts of the jungle. “Help me!” the Koopa said, panting.

“What happened?” asked Mario.

“Yeah! Where are the Yoshis?‘ said Wendy.

“They got taken!” said the Koopa.

“By who?” asked Mario in return.

“By the Ravens!” he finished. But he wasn’t able to survive whatever had happened to him, and died.

“You know what?” said Luigi sadly.

“What?” mumbled Wendy.

“It's strange, the way things keep happening. It almost seems as if we are in a story.”

“Yeah, it does,” agreed Mario.

“Well, we'd better get going,” said Wendy. So the three went into the jungle to try to find the Ravens.

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